Sunday, July 19, 2015

in the garden

Sharing a few photos I took weeks ago in the garden. 
It's not because I haven't got more current ones, it's just that I didn't 
want to miss out on some of the earlier blooms.

This is a little bouquet of scabiosa, lady's mantle and roses I took
to display in the gazebo along with a little iron crib made up 
and some peonies.


In front of the studio is an old cast iron wood stove planted in foxglove,
Foxglove are just one of those flowers that say cottage to me.
They are so difficult to grow here because I'm not in the right zone for them,
so I always treat them as an annual plant in my garden.
I buy larger plants every spring and plant them up in pots.

I love walking up our front walk to the door and have these beauties
to greet me.
Delphinium are also tricky to grow here. Sometimes they winter over
and sometimes they don't.
it's to the nursery I go---again!
They are just too pretty not to have in the beds.

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer or winter wherever
it is in the world you live.
Thank you so much for following along here
and allowing me into your lives and you into mine.

~sending hugs your way~

Monday, June 22, 2015

from soft pastels to bright red blooms

You only thought you had seen the last of this bucket of peonies, right?
You probably remember the bucket from the lilac post too.
I picked it up not long ago for the purpose of gathering flowers from the garden
in and then transfer them to vases,
but they never seem to make it into the vases.
I can be a very lazy stylist when it comes to photographing anything.

Here are more of the lilac photos I took this spring when they were in bloom.
The last of the lilacs finished blooming a little over ten days or so.
I have lots of different varieties, and that extends my bloom time some.

I always say I wish they bloomed all summer, but then wonder if
they would mean as much to me if they did.
I'll take them when I can get them...along with the peonies.

The lupine and iris are beautiful this year. 
These deep purple iris are just finishing up this week. 
I love how tall this one is.
It stands to almost my shoulders and makes 
quite a statement in the beds.
It was given to me by a professor from Idaho State 
University when he and I served together on the governor's  
state board for children with disabilities. 
In his time away from instructing, his
hobby was breeding lilacs and this is one his. 


 ~and now for the bright red part~
I have many favorite poppies in my garden, but this one below
has got to be at the top of the poppy list. 
It's name is Beauty of Livermoor and has amazing height for a poppy,
 and while it doesn't hold it's color long, it is gorgeous while it does.

It's difficult to establish in my garden for some reason, but once it does
it's a show-off!
 In one spot in my garden it reaches 5'. In others, it stands about 4 1/2'
So cool!

Every day there's something special out there to take a photo of 
or cut and bring into the house.
As you can guess...there's very little house cleaning getting down around here.

hugs from here

Saturday, June 13, 2015

peonies already??? really???

This garden in the mountain west seems to be about 3 weeks ahead 
of a normal year.  I've never had peonies by the middle of June!

but---I'll take 'em!

 a pretty reflection in the the mirror on the pine cabinet


My peonies usually bloom around the 4th of July or so. 
Last year, I had to move several to sunnier spots in the garden
and didn't expect many blooms this year, but I was able to 
pick a couple of large buckets of them to photograph.
I will share a few more photos of them in the next post along with 
more of the lilacs photos I haven't gotten posted yet.
(yes, I still have more lilacs)
Everyday I get out in the garden a take photos of what's blooming,
but never seem to get a post done. I always think I will get on top of things,
and never seem to, but I may just surprise myself (and you) and get another 
post done soon.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!!!!