Friday, October 9, 2015

the garden's last hurrah

It may be some of the garden's last blooms, but certainly not it's last hurrah.
The garden is just starting to turn it's fall colors, so I
thought I had better post these photos I took in the garden about two weeks ago.
For the most part, the roses are done and the phlox have finished, and
the only thing left blooming are the hydrangeas.
I guess there are a few lavender out blooming, but with everything turning
their beautiful fall colors, I seem to look past the blooms to the loveliness
of the leaves on the shrubs and the ones covering the grass.
I did however, want to post these photos of my banged up rusty bucket
of blooms.

I also will be posting more roses on the porch that I took the day after
these were taken, but it will have to be the next post, because
this one is already packed with photos.

When I was done with the blooms in the house,
I took them out to the perfect drying rack in the garden.
We have had perfect days for drying flowers outside and this orchard ladder
sits under the birch trees and keeps the blooms from fading in the sun.

I love the House Hybrids scabiosa that are blooming
sporadically in the beds still.
one of my favorite plants to have in the beds

one of the varieties of phlox that bloom late

Thank you all for your visits and the wonderful comments you leave.
I love sharing the 'garden goodness' with you all.

~~~sending hugs~~~

Thursday, September 10, 2015

A change is coming...

You can feel it in the air.
Beautiful Autumn is on it's way bringing with it the last flush of roses.

Along with the roses come the late blooming phlox that I love so much.

The hydrangeas are all over the garden and look so pretty in white 
with all the green around them.
Soon they will turn to their autumn hue, which is lovely too, but I really 
love them in the stage they are in right now.

Fall roses are the best!


One couldn't ask for deeper richer color that comes with the cooler weather.

Sending you all roses today along with the hugs!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

rose love

roses-----I love 'em

can't seem to get enough of 'em

I always seem to take and share too many photos for one post, but it's just so hard not to

 so here are some of the bouquets I've been enjoying lately

even when they are sitting in front of a very dirty kitchen window

Colette rose in a pitcher in the living room

especially when paired with a pot of Limelight hydrangeas

the rose bushes themselves have been badly chewed on by a lot of bugs this year,
so they look pretty sad by the end of summer
but they still produce enough blooms for beautiful bouquets

a little messy abandon going on in this part of the garden

but I kind of like messy!