Monday, December 1, 2014

getting started

...and so it starts
The last of my family flew out this morning and so out came the Christmas decor.
(We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with everyone of our children and their families.)

 It will take several days of staring at all the containers to get the creative juices flowing though. 
It's a pretty big mess around here,
but I like to take my time.
  Here's a few shots of things as I get them out. 
Thought I would make some little vignettes of some of the things as I decide what to do.


a few new handmade ornaments 







Bloggers-please read
I don't know if this is happening to everyone who has the comment moderation 
option on your blogs, but many of your comments aren't coming to
my e-mail which is where I usually publish and read them from 
and I wouldn't have known about it had I not read it on another blog.
Sure enough, I went to my  settings and to the comments and found that
 several of them were sitting in my 'awaiting moderation' section. I had missed
so many wonderful comments from some of you.
Most of the comments are coming through, but a few are not.
So then I started wondering  if that's why I keep getting a 'failure'  notice
on some of the comments that I'm leaving you who have comment moderation option?
Almost everyone who has it, my message comes back as failed,
but I think they may be sitting in your 'awaiting moderation' as well.
Everyone probably has already figured this out and I'm the 'late comer' to the
party as usual, but just in case you didn't know, I thought I would post it.

~~~~~hugs from here~~~~~

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Summer-like in the house and very Autumn outside the door

I know it still looks like summer in my house, but that's only because
I haven't had any time to change things up this season.
There are no truer words in my world than,
'I'm so far behind I think I'm first'
So my goal this week is to get some new sofa pillows sewn up and
while I think I'm going to skip the whole Autumn decor this year,
I am going to put away the pastel colors and go for some richer
florals and warmer throws than the summer throw on the sofa
in the photo below.
I will be putting the dried peonies away and fill the urn with
hydrangeas instead.



It certainly is Fall-ish outside in the garden.
A pretty stark contrast to what is indoors.

I love, love, love how beautifully everything colored up this fall.
rose hips everywhere
under the birch tree
 The Snowdift crab apple is covered in apples and the birds are going 
to be very happy this winter.





This time of year is so fleeting and I have been enjoying every day
of this beautiful fall weather we have had here in Idaho.
My internet service was down for over a week and it was so strange
not being able to connect. Right after it was restored,
I went to spend a week with my mom, daughter and sister in Boise
and when I visit family I don't connect, so I really have been
out of the loop for a long, long time.
Being a blogger has become a big part of my life, because
 when I go about my days I not only think about my non-blogging friends
and how they are doing, but I also
think and worry about all of my blogging friends.
It really does make the world very small indeed and widens our view
and opens our hearts to each other, and that is what friendship is.

hugs from me.....

Monday, September 29, 2014

off the beaten path---to the shack in the woods

It's been awhile since I've posted about one of my favorite places on earth.
It's a little shack in the woods on some property we own in a canyon
about fifteen miles from our house.
Dale calls it the Juniebird Nest.
Last week Dale and I and Landon went for the day to
 just enjoy the beauty here.
I've been up here a lot in the month of September doing a little
cleaning, reading and relaxing.
I really can't put into words how I feel after a day spent here.
Of course I had to cut flowers from the garden to bring up and set a pretty table outside.

I would love to plant a garden here, but so would the deer, elk and moose 
that travel and live in this area.
I can only imagine the height of the deer fence I would have to put up!
So---no garden I guess.
Late September and October are the perfect time for enjoying this 
It's this time of year that the horseflies and mosquitoes 
diminish and it's a lot more pleasant to be in the woods.

These paths through the trees are well worn from the horses and the wildlife.

I think there is something so romantic about woodland paths.

and a little romantic setting in a clearing

Inside, all is warm and definitely nest-like.

Sometimes all it takes to center me is a trip alone to this special retreat.
Because there is nothing to distract me here, I feel as though I can
fill up my soul again. 

Soon, the aspens will be turning gold and then become bare, 
which brings a whole new dimension to the woods.

I look forward to every season here, even winter.
A couple years ago my daughter and I painted the outside of the shack
a barn red so that it would look beautiful in the snow.
And it does!

 THIS day was perfection!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!!!