Wednesday, October 12, 2016

abandoned. . . . .or not?

A little over two weeks ago I took a bouquet of garden blooms
'up the creek' to a favorite abandoned house that is on the neighboring
property of where my little Juniebird house (she shed) is.
Years ago when we lived on my husband's grandfather's ranch that
is just north of this house, I would pass it almost daily and
think how awesome it would be to fix it up and live in it someday.
  Well that never happened,
but we did buy the 40 acres that was originally part of grandpa's that ran south of it,
so I have always been able to keep my eye on it over the years.
I had never been in it until the other
day when I decided to trespass a little and crawl through the fence with
my little bouquet and camera
(oh, and yes, a tattered piece of lace for the window)

The interior walls are almost non-existent now and the windows are gone,
but I could see that in it's day this house had a lot of charm.
From every window in the house are beautiful views and I could see
why the builders would have chosen just this spot on their ranch to build it.

Oh I forgot to say I brought up the little chair too,
you know, in case I got tired  :)

This photo I snapped below gives you an idea of it's surroundings
and the mountains just to the north.

As I was gathering things back up, I thought about trying to find a way to the upstairs
because the staircase was totally absent, but as I looked up into the
second story I saw that the house really wasn't abandoned at all.
As you can guess, I gave up any intention of following through with climbing
 up the 2x4 walls and joining this guy in case he had the inclination
to put his talons into my hair and cause me to go screaming out of the door
and through the fence and down the road to my car!!!!

But, it won't be the last photo shoot I do in HIS house!
I just hope next time I go he's out for the day.

I wanted to share just a few of the flowers I have been enjoying from the
garden since I last posted.
This little rose is a favorite of mine and is called Ballerina.
It doesn't get very big in my garden because it has to start over from
the root every year because it isn't zoned for our area. But whatever it's size, I'll
take what blooms it's little canes decide to give me.

I like to pair Morden Blush roses with Limelight hydrangeas.
I covered the top of the mantle with them and I think they
  looks so pretty together.  

Morden Blush roses with Rosanne geranium

My sweetpeas are still blooming! I planted 
4" cups the first of July because I was too late to plant seeds in the spring.
It's nice to have them this late in the season.


An old iron headboard in the grape arbor

This is one of my clematis that grow under the pergola on the way
 to the front door. This is it's second bloom, it's first bloom
is a real show stopper!

There are several trellis in the garden and this pole trellis borders 
our neighbor to the right of us. 
I was trying to create a little secluded place for my dear 
friend Sarah's daughter. 
On the other end of this trellis she has a hammock hanging 
in the trees and this gives her a little more privacy when she 
hangs out in it.

I LOVE my Lambert Closse roses!!!

A picture of my Limelight hydrangeas before they started to turn their 
Autumn hues.

Below is a little outhouse that my daughter bought at a farm auction for me and
we put in the garden for a tool shed.
It's in a very secluded part of the garden and  looks very charming
under the trees. I understand the the normal person wouldn't
have anything like this in their garden...but there's nothing normal
about me or my garden!

The second bloom on the John Cabot rose in September.

Thank you all who read here and I wish you lovely Autumn or Spring
in your parts of the world!

Monday, August 29, 2016

up the creek to the shack in the woods...

Hello friends!
Before we take the drive to the shack (aka: Juniebird House)
I wanted to share a couple arrangements of flowers from my garden.
The garden has struggled a little this year from aphids and spider mites
so I haven't had a lot of flower photos to share with you,
but fall is on the way and the garden always makes a little comeback, so I'm
hoping to have a few to share later.

I haven't had anything much going on that has been blog-worthy so there's been
a lot of silence from me all summer.

2014 and 2015 were very rough years with our sweet boy Landon.
(for those who haven't read here before, Landon was born with Angelman Syndrome)
We were so worried about him and we had some decisions to make concerning
his seizure medications. He was always sick and having so many seizures
a day that it was affecting every aspect of our lives.
We changed neurologists to one that was
closer and she talked to us about adjusting his meds and adding a new
drug to the many he was already taking. Adding yet another drug to the several
he was on for his condition was hard decision for us. We worried if it would help
or make things even worse than they were.
The seizure med he is on and has been through most of his life was not
doing the job anymore. Being on it for so many years had caused his
platelet count to become seriously low at 56 and a suppressed immune system,
so a decision had to be made and quick.
We made the change and the past seven months have been so much better.
We are hoping that his immune system and platelet count will continue to improve
and our sweet Landon won't catch as many viruses.
When he gets sick, he gets real sick!
I really wanted to explain why the blog has suffered and why I haven't
been good at keeping up with any of you.
I find Instagram to be so much easier to post just one pic every other day or so,
but I still love blogging too, just have had no time to do it.
I haven't been keeping up with
so many things around here, and now I have a lot of hope that
things are going to be great.

An Annabelle hydrangea bloom and a few deep blue scabiosa.

do you remember that I have this little shack in the woods on some property
we have in the mountains?
I have posted about it here before, and one other time. I didn't bother
looking up the link for that one because the photos are horrible quality. It's a difficult little
place to photograph because of it's teeny size and poor lighting.

I liked the way I had it decorated, but I was in for a change since
it was decorated in neutrals the same as my home.
I felt like a little more color to the decor was in order for the little shack!
It is painted barn red on the outside so it stands out better in the winter
with all the snow we get up here.
First I painted the walls a bright white
so the colors would really pop, and then kept most of the yard sale
furniture I already had up there. I don't decorate up there with
anything 'cool' because this is miles from town and anyone could
break in and take anything they wanted.
My husband brought the bed home
from the landfill years ago when they still allowed people to do that, and
everything else is yard sale and thrift store stuff. Things have come and gone
and made their way into my house or studio and now I have left the space a little less
cluttered than it has been in the past.

I haven't put any curtains up yet and still looking for some that will work here and let
me have a little privacy when I come to stay.
I have only stayed here overnight once this year, and my husband and
Landon were in the camper nearby. 
I didn't like the fact that the windows were bare and always felt like someone 
was looking in. It could have been one of our horses ( I think I already told that story 
in one of the posts I wrote about the shack)
but I still still didn't want someone or something watching me sleep, so
I pulled that little curtain I have hanging by the bed and played solitaire on my phone
until I fell asleep.

Thank you to all that follow and read here! 
sending hugs to all of you!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

A plethora of pinks

The peonies came and went and I already miss their pretty flouncy blooms!

They are such show-offs that I can't help but give them a lot of
time in front of the camera.

They were everywhere!
I savored them, I hoarded them, I photographed them
and then finally when I had my full of them,
I sold some of them.

reflection in the mirror across the room

white peonies in the background are Duchesse de Neumours (very fragrant)
pink peonies Sarah Bernhardt (my favorite pink)

I can't remember the name of this pink peony, but it is a lovely one too,
a little deeper pink than Sarah

I need to look up the name of this one.
I love that it has this hint of yellow in the outer petals.

a pink that's blooming now in the garden is this pretty Strawberry foxglove
I love this foxglove, because it is perennial and not biannual.
The biannual don't work out here because I seem to always
pull up the new seedlings when doing my first weeding and
so I never see them again.

I also have an apricot and a yellow variety of the perennial foxglove.

My little grandson made this birdhouse for me as a cub scout project
and I love it!  I noticed while taking this photo that it has residents this year.
Last year. no birds--could it have been the paint fumes???,
because Ellis (the carpenter) and Maddie (the carpenter's cousin)
used a whole quart of white paint on it : ) of course most of it was on them
and the ground))
It's my favorite birdhouse in the garden!

Out by the pasture fence we have a rose growing that I planted
a few years ago called John Davis (one of the hardy Canadian roses).
I LOVE this rose!
The perfect pink, and I love it's rambling nature.
It grows along the pole fence between the clothesline and pasture.

The old gate hanging here came from an elderly man's front walk that used to live here
in town and when he passed away, a friend who had been care taking his place
asked if I wanted the old gate before everything was torn down.
Of course I did!
I love these old gates.

Thanks to everyone who reads here!
Blogging is such a joy for me and the people I've connected with
are truly a gift!