Monday, June 15, 2009

Poppies...and other garden blooms...

'Beauty of Livermoor' poppy

a late blooming lilac

'Princess Victoria Louise' poppy

iris, salvia, and poppy

poppies and my neighbors house peeking through the trees

I like the pop of red in the garden

a lovely iris blooming now

pink poppy and lady's mantle

What a difference a week makes. I can't believe all the color starting to show up in the beds. So different from last week when all there was was green. The rain has not stopped and it is starting to look like a jungle out here. I have got to mow the grass, but it is so wet and hard to get through. Surely it will stop soon. Anyway, I love it when this time comes around. I love my poppies. I have so many of them in this garden, and I'm sure I will definitely acquire more. I have my favorites, but to me they are all beautiful. Their papery petals are such a contrast to their hairy, coarse stems and leaves. The poppies in my garden are all perennials. I haven't tried any of the annual poppies, but I'm sure I would love them. I still have many more to bloom, as they are just now getting started. My favorite one to date is 'Watermelon' and it is yet to bloom. There is one starting to open in a bed by the drive, that looks like it is going to be a stunner and it is as tall as my shoulders. I can't wait to see that one in full bloom. Boy, do I love this time of year.


Anonymous said...

Love those poppies. hard to grow/split?? I want to have a little bit of everything in our ever expanding beds. I can't wait til they become established like yours have. The soft pale pinks one are to die for Ms. June. Just beautiful. keep updating so we can watch your garden grow. :)

Rebecca Nelson said...

I'm loving all the colors. I'm lousy at growing things. :( :( :( I can make things but can't grow things. Isn't that the PITS? :( :( :(

Will you come to my house and help me plant and learn how to make things LIVE? You can stay and eat for FREE and your Angelman, too! :)

Say yes! :) Amen

xoRebecca PS: This was a prayer! :)

Pink Princess said...

Adore poppies too, esp the pink ones. I have some as well and every year they grow better and more abundant.


Piitis said...

Hei June!
Your flowers are faboulos!!
I'm loving all the colors:))

Have a nice and sunny day!!!


Anonymous said...

I Love your Poppies!! I only have the orange/red ones. Seeing yours makes me want to get more colors... I think that will go on my "2 do list".
Your post was Beautiful!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! your garden is so lovely......I have to get some of those pink poppies.....they are just too wonderful!

Veronica said...

It's all so, so beautiful and I am green with envy at the sight of all these luscious flowers! Enjoy every single precious moment and every single precious flower my friend! With hugs and love to you, Vxx

Muggensteekjes said...

Hello dear June,
those poppies look gorgieus,love the colors in your garden.Hope the rain will soon stop and you can enjoy it while sitting in the sun.
Hugs, Ingrid.

Sandi said...

LOVE the pink poppies!! You have a lot of flowers and they just look gorgeous!!
Have a wonderful day!

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Your flowers are gorgeous and I love those poppies. I'm going to have to try them again.


Carolyn said...

Hi June,
Your garden is coming along beautifully. I love your poppies =I am looking forward to the watermelon one as I don't have it. Do you buy your plants locally or send away for some?
I hope your rain stops soon.
Take care,

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello June
I have enjoyed catching up with your posts. The poppies are fantastic! What stunning garden you have! I have really enjoyed looking at the photos. The choice of colours too...
Isabelle x

Bernideen said...

I could learn alot from you on gardening!

Unknown said...

I have some poppies in too June and I sure do hope they turn out as breth-taking as yours!Simply beautiful- both your lovely garden and your photos. I can feel your happiness from here!!!
Oh how I'd love to see your garden in person!
Happy days,Angela.

The Victorian Parlor said...


Your gardens are absolutely beautiful! The poppies are amazing! These pictures should be in a magazine:).



Sandi said...

Hi June,
Me again! lol
I was wondering where you are located in Idaho. My nephew is a youth pastor at a church in Idaho. He is in the Nampa area.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

June, I am SOOO in love with your poppies, especiall that gorgous pink one in the last picture. I am so in awe of the lovelies in your garden!! You really do have a green thumb my friend. We have poppies here, but the wild kind and they line the roads everywhere at this time of year. They are so gorgous!! I tried to capture them several times on camera, but hubby wasn*'t too pleased about having to slow the car down on the highway so that I could snap a picture of the hillside covered in red poppies! So I tried to get a close up of some right here in the field next to the house, and of course I had to choose a windy day for photo taking and the flowers would not stay still enough for me to get a clear sharp picture of them. So, try try again, and I will one day when the wind is not blowing and the flowers are looking camera-worthy. Lovely post, and your pictures once again are just breath taking. I never knew that poppies came in so many shades!! I think I have fallen in love with those pink ones. :-) hugs from here, Debby

Anonymous said...

Oh my June those pink poppies are absolutely gorgeous!!!! Do you know what the name of them are? I have never grown poppies- bought a few when I was in NM at Lowes or such but they never made it. Do they grow from seed ok or do you have to have plants?

Hey maybe we can do a trade! Pink iris for your pink poppy!! Wouldnt it be fun to get all us gardners together for a swap of sorts - that just might be a good idea- will have to think about that some more!

Enjoy your day in your garden!



Hi June,
oh yes, I meant horror movies :0)
Never thought that you like to watch them too.
I love your garden. I hope one day my own garden will look like yours. So beautiful poppies! My favorites are the pink sooo pretty. You really haven't read the twilight saga??? I also never thought, that I would fall in love with that "teenage-books" but now here I am, so totaly in love with that story! Please, try to read it, you surely will be delighted! I promise, you will fall in love with Edward, don't worry, in fact he is not 17 he is over 100 years old ;0) hugs, blessings & kisses all over the big ocean between us, Mira!

lorhen82 said...

Please come see me...I have something for you today! ~Lori

FrenchGardenHouse said...

How beautiful it all looks. The poppies, so gorgeous! Your garden is a delight. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

blushing rose said...

June ~ I am writing to each replier to my post today ~

Occasionally my friends that won't create their own blog are now sending me a few beautiful articles/passages/writings that they would love to see posted ... I always TY them at the bottom of my post. I would have written this post had I thought of it, the words are not unlike my own & the thoughts are much like mine. I post these because they are so worthy of all to read & enjoy the words & thoughts.

I just don't want to mislead anyone, but more particulary take credit when credit isn't due. My TY to the sender is at the end of the post when they aren't my direct thoughts & words.

I TY so much for visiting & am very happy you enjoyed the post. Have a beautiful day. TTFN ~Marydon

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hi June! Your flowers are wonderful but those red poppies are spectacular! You have a lovely garden and blog...
Take care, Laura

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi June,
It's all beautiful. I especially love all the pale colors. I bought a flat of poppies and I thought they looked like they were going to be white but they were bright orange, a beautiful orange though - so clean and crisp. How nice they get so tall. If I had your garden, I wouldn't get anything done, I would daydream looking at all the beautiful flowers.

I am so glad you're going to be a part of the blog party with your work area. You are not alone, you should see what a mess I've got here on my hands. I figure I can do it since I have over a month (professional procrastinator here ;) Happy night!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Your garden is amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

I love poppies! Especially fields of them...there is one about 15 minutes from here and it is a dream to drive by and see them all peeking out. Beautiful flowers!

Rumour has it said...

I do enjoy as well all the flowers of your beautiful garden! We don´t have a garden for the moment (later we will) and I so much love flowers and colours.
Have a nice day, I´ll be back again,

Carole said...

Hi June,
I've never been to your site before but so happy to have come by and seen your garden in it's full glory. I love that you know all the names of your poppies and other plants. That's a sign of a true gardener. Your poppies are gorgeous and I planned this year to plant more with the ones we have left over. Though I don't have many left.
See you again soon,

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I so love the flowers.. so beautiful..

candy said...

Sooo pretty :)

manila property said...

i just wanted to smell them all

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They are all pretty..

cathleen said...

Oh my goodness....beautiful, beautiful, did I say beautiful photos...your garden is lovely!!!!