Sunday, August 16, 2009

On gardening...

My favorite view in the garden.

A pretty girl on the porch.

Wait, maybe this is my favorite view.

No, no, I'm sure this is the one.

Well, one thing I know for sure,
I love 'Casa Blanca' lilies.

And this rose, oh my!
This little beauty is a Romantica Rose
named 'Guy de Maupassant'.

This lily is a beautiful thing blooming now.

I love this combination.
A pink coneflower paired
with 'Bright Eyes' garden phlox.

One day last week I was thinking about things in my life that enrich it. I was thinking of the time it takes to tend this garden and why it is that I get so much joy from it, and whether or not I have let my life become too absorbed in the care of this little spot of earth. In the heat of summer it is hard to keep everything wet and weeded, pruned and fed, staked and deadheaded. The garden keeps me close to home most of the summer because of this. I don't make as many trips to see my daughters or mother or sister, because I'm worried that the garden will get too dry. (I'm going to type this really quietly so Hubs can't hear, but he doesn't have a clue when a plant is in distress, so I can't always count on him to tend to it while I'm gone). However this is my summer fun and I am willing to make that sacrifice. There are three other seasons of the year for me to get my traveling and visits in. When I run to the post office or C-store for my coke and someone stops me and tells me how lovely they think the garden looks this year or when an old farmer who goes by to check his water lets me know how much he enjoys the blooms, it makes it all worthwhile.

Hubs and I and Landon are breaking away again this week to go on another camping trip. The three of us had so much fun last time and saw such beautiful country that we are excited to do it again this week. I think Tuesday and Wednesday we are heading to the Idaho Nevada border to spend some time discovering this area of Idaho. We have never been there and are looking forward to it.
I think I will miss the white Wednesday post this week and I also need to post about my giveaway wins too! So I will get back to this blog of mine soon.


Paula said...

Dear June,

Your garden is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the lovely photos. I dream of having a garden like yours! I know it is a great deal of work, but worth it! It not only blesses you and your dear ones, but others, too, like the farmer driving by.

I hope you, your hubs and Landon have a wonderful trip exploring a new part of Idaho. I know it will be fun. I look forward to seeing photos and hearing all about it!


Julie Marie said...

Hello June, your gardens are just beautiful... I do not think you would be happy if you gave them up, there is too much "gardener" in you! And I believe you feel the same way I do about them, that they not only bring you beautiful blooms, but peace and quiet and time to think and relax... not to mention home to so many of God's precious little creatures... I hope you and your family have a nice time on your camping trip... I will miss your White Wednesday post, your last one was my very favorite! Julie Marie

Rebecca Nelson said...

Beautiful JunieGirl! Someday SOMEDAY I will have a garden as beautiful as yours. Thank you so much for sharing...

LMK where you end up putting your little heart...I can't wait to see!


Deb said...

What a gorgeous garden June! I can see why you have so many favourite views of it :-)
Have a wonderful camping trip ♥Deb

Brenda said...

This is my first visit to your blog, and I think your garden is lovely; it's worth some sacrifice for all the beauty and satisfaction it gives you and others.

Sharing with Sherri said...

Hi June!

Thanks for stopping by! I always look forward to your visits!

These photos are all sooooo beautiful, and I can practically smell their wonderful fragrance from here!!

The third photo from the top with the statue in it, is especially beautiful!!

I can totally understand why you would worry about leaving your lovely garden in the summer. Besides why would you want to leave paradise anyway!

Hugs, Sherri:)

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

your garden is simply gorgeous!! I love ALL the views... haha. OH, and those roses!! so so beautiful.

have fun on your campin trip...xoxo Heather

Unknown said...

my gosh......your garden is just so so beautiful. I think my favorite view is the pretty girl on the porch, but then again that birdbath in the background of your Casa Blanca lilies .....just so gorgeous. I hear you about the watering. I get nervous if we go somewhere for the weekend.....don't want my babies drying out. I tell you.....gardening...its in our souls..

Draffin Bears said...

Your garden is so wonderful June and what a pleasure it must be walking around and admiring it.
Have a wonderful and safe trip away.


Debra@CommonGround said...

I could get lost in your beautiful garden with a book and an iced tea. Have a safe and fun trip this week!

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Mmmmm....I can almost smell your beautiful flowers! Well, I'm closer than you think because I'm in Idaho visiting/vacationing. Yes, I brought my computer on vacation! Thanks for stopping by my side porch. Rex would more than move over for you. He'd jump into your lap!

Ana~A Petite Cottage said...

Hi June,
If I lived near you I would always be the first to volunteer to tend to your garden while you where away...I know I would probably spend hours just admiring it all. Wishing you a fun and safe trip.


Muggensteekjes said...

Hello dear June,
ooh how I've missed you June and I also missed some beautiful posts,lovely white wednesdays, a sweet little white dog,a beautiful daughter who sings in a band(maybe I can find her on you tube??),and your garden.....everything looks so wonderful.I have been reading it all but I think I will read it again and take it all in.I was so happy to hear from you and will have to miss you again for some weeks but than I will be back and visit you some more.The hydrangeas are from my garden and I love them from spring till autumn,beautiful colors.
Have a lovely camping trip with your family and see you soon,
hugs, Ingrid xx.

LiLi M. said...

Your garden is so lovely! It certainly is worth a little sacrifice. Oh those Guy de Maupassant roses, to die for! Have you read his short stories? If not I recommend them! I love the rusty girl statue too. I can imagine that people are so enjoying this heavenly spot and as you said it makes it all worth it. Have a great time camping and enjoy yourselves. Too bad we cannot water your garden while you are gone. I am sure that it would have been my pleasure. Thanks for dropping by at my place and giving me such lovely compliments about the shoes, sorry they still want to live with me ;-)!

joanne said...

Have a great time camping and exploring...I can't wait to hear what you find! As always your garden is absolutely gorgeous and it is a delight to come here and see it..;p

Unknown said...

Hi June,
your garden is just heaven on deliciously beautiful. I can see why you want to stay and tend it during the summer. I'm sure your family doesn't mind an absent Mum when they think of how happy you are pottering in your garden.What a lovely place for them to come to.
Happy camping and exploring. Sounds like fun!
A big smile to you from sunny Queensland,

Anonymous said...

I think that gardening is so very rewarding. For me, my gardens are an extention of my home. The flowers & statuary is, in a way, what I have inside.
I just love your gardens...... Thank you for the peek!!
Have a great time camping & exploring.

Carolyn said...

They are all such beautiful views that I couldn't pick one favorite either.
I love the bright eyes and coneflower combo.I have never seen those white iron statues before or you could bet hey would be gracing my garden too!

Have fun camping with hubs and Landon.


Sandi said...

Oh June your gardens are wonderful!! If I had gardens like those I would never leave home either.
I have always been a homebody. Two days away is enough for me and I am itching to get back home.
Have fun on your camping trip!!

Lori said...

June, your garden views are always stunning!!! have a lot of fun on your camping trip!!!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

I know, I know...I couldn't decide which view I loved the most either...I loved them all. Such a hard decision for me to wake up to on a Monday morning! ;)
I am so happy to hear that Landon is THE great outdoorsman, aka "the camping man"!!! I think it's wonderful that ya'll can take some little mini trips and enjoy different sceneries. You know, like go out and smell the 'other' roses??!! Although I have to tell you...there are probably none out there that are prettier and smell better than yours!!!
I hope ya'll have a wonderful time and I'll be here, tapping my fingers and waiting to hear all about it!!!! Be safe~
everything vintage

Jane said...

Your garden is beautiful. I don't have a green thumb and don't do much in the yard but I appreciate beautiful gardens and the time and effort they take. Yours is stunning!

Paula said...

Hi June!

I just had to pop back over and tell you that I know T.T. Rabbit and Pearl would be great poodle friends!!! I can just picture the two of them running through your beautiful garden... chasing things and playing!

Thank you for all the sweet comments you leave for me. I am always so happy to see you visited! It means a lot to me, too!!!


Deedee said...

June, it is always a joy to look in at your blooms and your pretty white world. I, for one am glad you tend your your gardens with such love and then share them with everyone in your photos.

Patina said...

June, just think of it this way. This is your little piece of God's world that He gave you to tend. And you are doing a fabulous job.

I really do want your garden, of course all the land you have is pretty nice too.

Have a wonderful time camping! said...

I closed my sewing room down the first of June so I could put in a new garden in my front yard. The first of July I was ask to make the 4th of July quilt for Liberty-so I opened my sewing room again. Many things in my garden haven't made it. 2 rotodentrums, 2 yellow bushes, 1 japenese mable tree, day lillies and pansies. Put I've made 4 quilts, summer cloths for my granddaughter, bags and pillows and bookmarks and table cloths and napkins for Etsy.

I adore your blog, it's what I wish I was.

Your beautiful. Thank you for filling my week with softness. Have so much fun in Idaho.

The Victorian Parlor said...

To have gardening skills is a gift and it shows in the beauty of your flowers. I think that beautiful gardens bless everybody who see them. Perhaps it is just what someone needs to brighten their day and put a smile on their face. How wonderful to enjoy your gardening and to bless all who see your gardens too:).

Have fun on your camping trip!



Vicki said...

Your garden is lovely! That Romantica Rose is breathtaking. The phlox and purple coneflowers are two of my favorites, too. I am the same way about leaving my garden for too long in the summer. You all enjoy your camping trip. It is always good to get away for a few days. Vicki

Rebecca said...

Hi June
Your garden is just gorgeous and I know you put in many hours...mine is half the size and the roses are a lot of work but well worth it. This year tho my garden is gone...just can't do it so I know it breaks my heart to see it so awful but I can do only so much.
I hope you three have a wonderful time together and have a safe trip

Gayle said...

Hi June,
I don't blame you for a minute.
I wouldn't want to leave whether it
was for the maintenance or the beauty!
Have fun with your family.

Petit Coterie said...

Your garden is beautiful, I'm sure it is a lot of work but how wonderful to look out at all those gorgeous flowers. I would love to wake up to that. Have a wonderful trip!

xo, Michelle

Anonymous said...

June I am so like you with rather staying close to home in the summer because of my love of gardening. Of course this summer I stayed but the garden really needs - well- to become a garden! With being here just our second summer it is still in the planning- dirt everywhere- what are we going to do with this place mode!!

So glad you are getting away again!! Have fun-

love those pictures- wish I were close enough to come see it in person!!!


Teacup Mosaics said...

Your garden show your dedication and loving care. I totally understand the "garden attachment syndrome" plus this time of year is our most beautiful so I don't feel the need to travel but come January off I go.
Have a wonderful trip with your boys, I can't wait to hear about your adventure.
Be safe!

Unknown said...

I know that I certainly enjoy every single picture that you post of your beautiful garden! Those roses are pure perfection. Hope you have a fun camping trip. It's something I never thought that I would enjoy until year before last. We had a lot of fun. In the cool mountains, of course!

Reginas Cottage said...

Hi June
thank you so much for your loveley commenton my blog.Your garden is wonderful.Oh.... and this wonderful romantik rose is a dream.
Have fun with your family!!!!

Carole said...

I think even without the compliments you receive you would still tend to your garden like you do.(but it is nicde to hear). It is in you to be a nurturering loving person. I know how hard it is to leave someone else to tend to things while you're gone. We stay close to home too so being able to get away for a few days recently and be with friends was like heaven!!!
Enjoy yourself on your trip!!!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Beautiful gardens, like beautiful lives, do not happen accidentally. It takes care and good hard work. Your gardens are as lovely as your life. Thanks so much for sharing. : D

Anne said...

Your garden is just beautiful. I wish I was a good gardener. Like you mentioned, it takes so much finesse that you can really appreciate peoples beautiful gardens. Like I can appreciate yours here in blogland. =)I bet it's gorgeous in person.

jen said...

That garden is beyond gorgeous!!

Have a great time camping!


Weißer Vintagezauber said...

Darling June,
you put so much love and trouble in your garden. But the enrichment and reward for it....... you have a small Pardies on earth.
It greets you completely warmly,

Unknown said...

It shows that you spend a lot of time tending to your looks AMAZING! Mine has fizzled out a bit due to neglect this year. The great thing about gardening is that there is always next year! Thanks so very much June for the kind words you left for me the other day. We are working through our grief and such sincere kindness from others is truly a gift from God - thank you!!!

:) T

The Pink Birdhouse said...

June! HI!! So glad to hear that you are getting away with hubby and Landon for a few days, and camping!! Just my thing! I wish you could come here to our campground. We could show you guys a good time, point out some nice places in the area. Hope that you are having fun right now. Loved your garden post, those pink roses are fabulous and the lilies. Oh my. Gorgous. I was also reading your post about the festival and saw the pictures of your daughter. I was so thrilled to see her, it just makes me feel as if I "know" you a bit better by seeing pictures of your daughter. How wonderful. I think it is just great too, that she had nothing against you posting those pictures. I have not yet gotten my kids to agree to pics of them here. :-) Anyway, sounds like life is treating you really good right now. I am thrilled to hear that. I hope that your summer is going along wonderfully. It feels good to be back on blogger after my rather long siesta break from posting and visiting everyone. I hope that with school now back in session, the hours will be more my own. ciao dear friend, Debby