Sunday, January 24, 2010

My teeny indoor garden...

Oh thank goodness for these little bulbs. I planted them in November and have been patiently waiting for them to bloom. Finally last week, I saw my first glimpse of white. I have always planted narcissus bulbs, but this was my first year to plant the hyacinths indoors.

I always plant my hyacinths outdoors in the bed out my bedroom window and when they bloom in the Spring, at night their scent is so strong that it actually drifts into the room and perfumes the bedroom with the sweetest smells. It's heavenly.

So this Winter I decided to plant them and place them right next to the bed.

I think these should help me dream sweet dreams, don't you think?

I have several of these bulbs scattered around the house. I'm anxious to have them bloom and bring a little bit of Spring into the house.

The days have been full of sunlight here in this part of Idaho this week. When I go outside and see the sunlight glistening on the top of all the snow, it truly takes my breath away. I love the sun-filled days, but the days that are foggy bring a different kind of beautiful. Two weeks ago we had a lot of foggy nights, so in the mornings the frost was so thick on the trees and shrubs, that the garden looked like a magical fairyland.

I would love to take this opportunity to thank all those who come by and take a peek into my life and my home. I think that having a blog is a little like being an editor of a magazine. You hope that what you write and the pictures that you share will be worthwhile to those who read and those who choose to spend their time perusing your publication.
You have all become so dear to me. The messages that you leave me and the encouragement you give is deeply appreciated.
Now I need your input. This post was done in Blogger, but the two previous posts were done in Windows live writer. I would love to know which of the posts you like the best. I don't know what I prefer. I like many things about Live Writer, like larger pictures, and how you can place the pictures exactly where you want them, unlike Blogger, which loads the pictures backwards and the spacing is harder to control. I know this sounds silly, but the two posts I did in Windows LW scared me to death. I guess it's because it's new to me. I don't care about the fact that when you post in LW you don't have a picture that shows up when your post updates on other's blogrolls. I'm not sure how I would like to continue, but if you have any suggestion on how I can make this blog better, I would love to hear about it.
Thank you all for stopping by.

86 comments: said...

Hi June - I wish you would teach me how to plant those lushous bulbs.

Thank you for your comments. I love hearing form you. It always puts a smile on my face.

Primary Children's Hospital - What a place. I'm sorry that you had to be there. After my daughter died my 18 month son was admitted to PCH. He had to have a sist removed from his adams apple and tubes put in his ears. They let me stay with him in his room over night. The helicopter landing pad was right out our window. I heard it take off and land all night. Emergency situations coming and going. It's such a frightful experiance at first, but then you get numb to it.

You are a most remarkable women. Your sweet son must love you a great deal. Love can do amazing things. I've seen babies in new born intensive care die without anyones love, and I've seen babies endure and withstand great trials because they are receiving love.
Have a wonderful week.

Big Hugs

Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

I'm loving your flowers! Gorgeous. I just posted about putting fresh flowers in the house. As a gardener (or a wannabe) I'm just craving my flowers right now. Still under snow here in Iowa. :(

Beautiful flowers, beautiful home.

Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

By the way, your posts that you do in Blogger load a lot faster than the posts in Live writer. However, I only tell you that because I am currently on dialup. Yes, I know... can you believe that?
So that might not be the case for people that aren't still in the dark ages.

Deedee said...

June, these hyacinths are so beautiful! I bet they smell heavenly too. I really enjoyed your post about shopping for jeans-From one 54 year old shorty (my daughter calls me the elf!) to another, I can recommend Lands End-they have some nice cuts in any length you need and in a variety of washes - they are my life-saver!

Pony Girl said...

Those bulbs are beautiful! I have never thought of "planting" them indoors, what a fabulous idea.
I have never used LiveWriter. I tried once and I think they tried to add a 3rd party toolbar and the last time I had a 3rd party toolbar, I had to call microsoft for help because it completely messed up my computer (keys would skip letters.) I just like Blogger and I am so comfortable with it. I tried to start a new blog last summer, using Wordpress, for my home decor interests. Oh Nelly, it was awful! Like a foreign language to me! :)
I didn't notice a difference in your posts, except the photos on your last post seemed to have a shadow box, maybe that was an option on Livewriter?

Unknown said...

I've been using Live Writer from the beginning. HOwever, it was awhile before I realized all of the other great things you could do, like cropping and water marking. I absolutely love it and wouldn't go any other way. Love your Hyacinths. I should try that next winter. You're right that this is the time of year when we need a little boost. And they do indeed smell so sweet!

Julie Marie said...

Hello June, I too love Hyacinths... yours indoors are blooming ahead of mine...they look beautiful!... I can't wait for mine to open! I also plant Grape Hyacinths in my gardens, I love them too! As for your posts, I myself prefer the look of Blogger... I like the smaller sized photos the best... I wish Blogger made it easier to load photos, I just always make sure I remember to load mine backwards, which seems strange... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

Polly said...

Hi June! Your plants are beautiful! I have always wanted to force bulbs in the winter, but I've been too afraid to try it for some reason! Would you be willing to share any pointers with me? That would be so appreciated!!

I've only used blogger, so I can't really offer any insight on that! I have enjoyed all of your posts and photos, so I would just say to go with whichever product you find easier and most user friendly!! :-)

This post was a nice taste of spring! Thank you!


Rebecca Nelson said...

I love whatever you write in whatever format that is easiest for you to use.

Your words and photos and your graceful ways are so inspiring to me.

Love to you, friend.


wendy said...

Oh, the flowers are awesome. So beautiful. nothing like a little touch of spring in the dead of winter.
and I can just imagine that gorgeous smell

as for how to do your posts, I am not that computer savy,




Andrea said...

Those are heavenly! I love them and I bet they do smell pretty! By the way your package should arrive this week! xo Andrea

Diane said...

Beautiful post, June. I can almost smell the hyacinths clear over here. I really must go out and get some, it's really great that you've been able to watch them open, I like that.

As far as helping you choose I'm afraid I'm useless. Your posts all look wonderful. I do blogger and some of the things I don't like. I've never tried anything else. Diane

Laura said...

Oh June- your hyacinths are beautiful.
Will you give us all the steps to growing them inside?

I use Windows Live Writer, and I like being able to control things more.

I am technologically challenged so I just keep it very basic.


Robin Thomas said...

Hi June. I am a new follower and I want to tell you your bedroom is gorgeous but I also don't want to scare you. Heehee. I considered the Windows Writer but was scared to try. Then I noticed that there is a new editor available on Blogger. It allows for as wanted placement of pics and the hyperlinks don't get weird in compose mode. Go to Settings, and under Basic, scroll to bottom. You will be in Old Editor mode. Click New Editor and save. You can alwasy go back, but you won't. Hope that helps. This is the longest comment I have ever written.

Pondside said...

I love those bulbs - the paperwhites have finished and now we're waiting for the wonderfully smelling hyacinths.
Sorry, but I can't help with your posting quandry.

Jane said...

Hi June,
Your bulbs are absolutely beautiful. And your pictures....I have always loved your pictures. The green on the bloom against the white of your bedroom made for a gorgeous photo.
I have always used blogger so I'm not much help with LW. I went and looked at your post when you used LW and I do like the larger photos. I read Robin's comment above mine and she had some good advice. I did what she wrote about a few months back and it does make posting easier. You can upload all the pictures you want and when you are ready to use one of the pictures while you are posting you just click on the picture you want. It also allows you to choose what size you want the picture. You definitely should try the new editor mode and see what you think.
Have a wonderful week.

Anne Lorys said...

Your Hyacinths are simply lovely!

Well, I do like the images better that you posted using LW. But I'm afraid to like it too much...that'll mean that I'll have to learn how to use it, too! Is it really that daunting at first? I guess that's what's holding me back.

Either way, blogger or LW, it all looks just beautiful. :-)


Connie said...

June, I'll have to get some for my house. My friend got me an amaryllis and it's growing taller but still hasn't bloomed, honey. What could I be doing wrong. It stands about 18" now but not a bloom. I keep it moist but Love Bunny tries to "drown" it!
I'm definitely getting some hyacinth bulbs for a large pretty pink bowl though.....

Connie said...

Ooooh, darn, I just read your last paragraph. Email me and I can set you straight about the photos being larger, sugar. My address is on my sidebar. You don't have to use Live Writer for larger photos to appear on your blog. I can definitely help there, chick.

Sandra said...

What a great idea to grow the flowes indoors. I've never tried that. I love those hyacinths. Very pretty.
I use Livewriter and like it. I can add a watermark to my photos and I can size the pictures any size I want. I really like it.

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi June, I love your sweet indoor flowers! I think I have never seen that kind of hyacints before. Very pretty!
I see that Robin already had recommended the new Blogger editor. It really makes it a lot easier to place the pictures. You can download them in whatever order and then place them where you want them. I had changed the editor about 2 weeks ago and I'm very happy with it.

Anonymous said...

Those are so pretty indoors.My motherinlaw used to have hers indoors in the winter as well.I should try that sometime.It looks like spring...Happy New week!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh, I love your hyacinths, June and they should be at their best for White Wednesday !! ....your bedroom looks gorgeous too.
Regarding your blog, I can't see much difference between the posts so I'd go with the one that you're most comfortable with.
I've noticed that lots of the blogs that I follow are changing their format but, I rather like the Blogger standard one. I think that when you start messing around with it and add something here and something else there is starts looking fussy . I'm sticking with mine as it is, although I'm sure that whatever you do , it will look wonderful. XXXX

Pussycats and Angels said...

Beautiful bulbs...Beautiful post... Beautiful YOU... what more can I say.
Blessings to you June
Julie xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi June!!
I love your bulbs!! What a refreshing vision for you!!
I use blogger as I have gotten used to the way the photos load. ((I am not a quick study for a new program.... I don't like new)) LOL!!
Have a wonderful day!!

The French Bear said...

June, I love the little hyacinth bulbs, I am growing the paper whites, but their scent is not that pleasant and I get all stuffed up, but they look pretty!!!
I love the scent of hyacinth, reminds me of Spring!!
I love your photos no matter which screen. They always look so nice. Blogger is hard to use but once you get the hang of it, it's not bad. I have heard others that love WL.
Have a great week!!!
Margaret B

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

When the gloomy days of January seem like they shall never end, just leave it to a treasured blogger to brighten the spirit and share the beauty found within her lovely home.
Your flowers are gorgeous and soon their heavenly scent shall fill the room and you indeed will be in a fairyland of dreams.
I prefer the smaller more intimate photos on your blogger post... it creates a sense of distance drawing you inwards to share. The others though beautiful have a tendency to be right before you and depending on the size of the screen it could be overwhelming.
Besides I adore the idea of more room for your words both amusing and uplifting as well.
Have a great week my dear and if possible could you bottle some of that wonderful scent and send it this way.
Susan x

Caroline said...

June I love your photos, so beautiful as always. I have never tried planting bulbs indoors. I should though because our Spring takes forever to arrive here in Canada!

KeKe said...

Beautiful pictures June, as always~You make me want to garden this morning...But I won't. lol

Have you tried Bloggers "new" version of posting? It too ha the larger pictures. It seems to be okay, but yet, I keep going back to the older version.
I haven't tried WP yet~

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

These little bulbs are just the sweetest! I sure wish I had a green thumb. Somebody asked me if I was going to start a garden at our new country house. HA! Yeah right. Only in my dreams.

Before I published my first post, I tried creating a couple draft posts in Blogger. It frustrated me to no end. I hated how you had to load the photos and I couldn't get spacing between paragraphs, which drove me nuts. Then I read about WLW, tried it, loved it and I've never looked back. I just like all the options WLW gives for fonts and photos. Their "help" pages are useless but that's another story.

Personally, I don't see any significant difference between the Blogger & WLW posts here. If you hadn't mentioned it, I would have never picked up on it so I guess you should use the one that you prefer. (But I do always like bigger pictures, but not huge.)

I do think once you get accustomed to WLW you will love it but I did read Blogger has a new version that is suppose to be more user friendly so you might want to try that too.

Claudia said...

I use Blogger - as for loading photos, they don't load backward for me. I just load one - go to HTML, cut the code for the photo and paste it where I want to in the post. It takes about 2 seconds and is very easy. I don't have any problem with spacing. I agree with Connie, there are ways to make your photos bigger without Live Writer. It depends on your template. I started making my larger recently and all it involves is changing a code within the Photo HTML. It works for me and now I just do it without thinking. I'd be happy to send you the link on how to enlarge your photos if you'd like.

Love the flowers!

Ann Marie said...

I want to smell those flowers.
Note for the end of the year:
Plant bulbs.

I'm sure I wouldn't mind winter as much as I have if I had some blooming flowers.. Maybe I need something fresh to liven things up here!

It doesn't matter to me which you choose to blog with.. I just hope you keep at it!

Happy Monday! XO

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Buongiorno June, the Giacinti are yummy! Love, as always your peeks, I may need to take your photography classes. I see you have few (a lot) comments on what and how to blog, I will leave it to them, I still have problems with anything I try to post. Now I am use to load the peeks backward, when I name my photos on my picture file I number them the way they need to show on the post. Have a great MONDAY, Ciao Rita

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hi June, to be honest, we don't care where you post, as long as you keep doing it! We absolutely love your posts and your pictures are just soooooo inspiring!!!! The bulbs are not exception, just perfectly beautiful!

GwendolynKay said...

I love your sweet flowers. And it looks like they are in a lovely room! I think I prefer then blogspot post pictures. Just something about them...
Blessings always!

Anonymous said...

Hello June,

Well, let's see. How to make this blog better. I used to be a Software Quality Assurance Engineer and I tested website applications for a living. We used Pass/Fail, but I'm going to go beyond that.

Here are my thoughts. Your photographs are some of the best I've seen. Hands down. Your photographs in this post took my breath away. Stunning! Pass!

Your writting is like we are best friends and you are sharing very special thoughts. Pass!

The overall look of your blog is clean and refreshing. Not cluttered or difficult to find things. Pass!

HONESTLY, I don't know why you are thanking us for visiting. It is such a delight to visit you!
When it comes to getting used to new software, everyone feels uncomfortable. I'd say just do what makes you happiest - we will continue to visit whenever you post something new, feeling like we are the lucky ones!

Hugs! And thank you for today's beautiful post - just lovely.

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Hi June...I can not tell you how much I love this post,I just love bulbs of any sort and yours are so pretty!!! I keep hearing about this Live writer but know nothing about it and being so computer dumb I would be afraid to check it out!! I for one love your blog!!! X0X0

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Hi June, your hyacinths are so beautiful and I'll bet their perfume is awesome. I hope you have a wonderful week.


Deb said...

Your bedroom is so pretty June & I can just imagine how wonderful the hyacinth smell.
Being completely computer challenged, I don't know what Live Writer is :-) and had no idea you could go between Blogger and Windows live writer to post so I can't add any feed back on your questions. All your posts/pics are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

June I have yet to see any corner of your home that isn't just achingly beautiful. And I've never tried indoor bulbs but you have definitely motivated me to change that!

I don't know anything about Live Writer but I can tell you that personally I enjoy seeing your photos larger, they are so beautiful and I can see more detail in them that way. But then I'm a very visual person...I spend way more time soaking in photos than text...and I know that everyone is different. Frankly I think you should do what YOU like best, because as you say, writing a blog is much like being the editor of a magazine which can be hard work! Find the best combination of ease of use and pretty presentation for June, one that won't leave you frustrated and unmotivated to post. You have such elegant taste that no matter what you choose, it will be beautiful.

Flores La Plaza said...

Preciosos! Que bonitas fotos!

vanilla143 said...

Do you buy new bulbs each year? I just adore spring flowers! And to have them bedside... to see in the morning what a joy! And I think which ever you choose to blog with should be the one you are most comfortable with because there is nothing like frustration to stunt your actions/writing.

The Victorian Parlor said...


Honestly-I would go with the format that is most comfortable for you to use. Your pictures and prose are always so delightful and inspiring that I never noticed a difference in the format. I must say that your blog really is like a magazine-your pictures and decorating style look like they belong in a magazine and I garner as much inspiration from them as I do when perusing publications on decor and gardening. As for the hyacinths-I agree that they have the most divine fragrance-I love their sweet perfume in early spring.


Kim (aka the crazy woman emailing from work because the computer Grinch still resides at home-lol:).

Rust: Vintage Inspired Design said...

June.....lucky you...your bulbs actually grew and bloomed....I am not having much luck with my indoor ones this year!!! Okay,,,that has to be the MOST beautiful bedroom I have ever layed eyes on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy day!

Faded Charm said...

Oh June, you are getting me in the mood for Spring. These look beautiful in your bedroom. We also have a couple glimpses of the sun around here and I love it!!

Enjoy your week.


Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

Dear June, what a wonderful bed you have!!!!!
And so beautiful photos!!!!
Lovely regards, Yvonne

Paula said...

Dearest June,

Your Hyacinths are gorgeous, and so is your home!!! I enjoy your lovely blog so much, you do a wonderful job!!!

I have white and pink Hyacinths blooming in my dining room and they smell heavenly. I love the idea of having them in the bedroom. So glad you are enjoying them throughout your home and a bit of sunshine too! Spring will be here before you know it, and you will be back in your incredible garden. I look forward to seeing all your photos, for I get so much inspiration from you.


Alina said...

Another lovely post, as usual :0) Your love for white is changing my opinion (I have a tendency to associate white with "sterile and cold") but you manage to make such a "blank" color into something warm and wonderful--xxxx

Unknown said...

G'day sweet June ~ Love the white hyacinths in your white decor! They will lift you away thru the sweet lingering fragrance that fills the air.

June, you can do anything, & it would be right! I can't picture you doing otherwise ...

Have a beautiful day. Hugs, Marydon

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rostrose said...

Thats pure wonderful spring!!! :o)
I also want to thank you for your nice comment to Baden near Vienna!
This week I will start my health treatment.
Before leaving Bloggetonia for a wile I feel I must say "see you soon" to you!
And maybe you've got the time and the good mind to go in for my draw. Would make me happy :o)
Hugs, Traude

Vicki said...

Hi, June,
I bet your bedroom must smell heavenly! Your hyacinths are wonderful and how great to bring some springtime indoors! I think we gardeners live for spring, don't you? Although I am sure the snow brings a beauty of its own. June, I can't really help you on the technology side, but I think your blog is wonderful and you always having interesting pictures to show and things to say. Enjoy your Monday and the rest of the week, dear friend! Vicki

Unknown said...

I love bulbs!! I wish I had some this winter but dont. Having live flowers in the house really lifts my spirits! Yours are so pretty :)
I think you should do your blog posts in any way that makes you feel comfortable. Regardless, your posts are always beautiful :)

Carolyn said...

Hi June,
As always your pics are beautiful!I love the little peek at your bedroom too-the curtains look so pretty.I love your hyacinths too.
Computer talk is usually over my head but my son set it up so I email my pictures to an address he set up for me so they go in the order I put them in the tray and I just email them to my blog.I don't know if this helps or not.
I sure do love coming to visit you so keep up the good work!


Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi June, Your hyacinths are pretty and from what I can see of your bedroom, it looks very lovely indeed- very sweet, but you are such a tease. Come on lets really get a good view of your bedroom. I see touches of aqua in there and I really like that.

Ok, now for your blog- first of all Your Blog is Great, but I can understand why you would want big or little pictures. For me I like versatility so that is why I have my blog set up the way I have it. The only thing I have a problem rearranging pictures on my sidebar. If you like my blog, just email me and I could set you up with what I did to mine.

Sending Warm Hugs-

Lori said...

your bedroom looks absolutely gorgeous June...and your bulbs are the perfect little addition in white...i can almost smell them from about the blogger vs: the windows thing...i do see that your windows posts have a little larger picture size...i have actually been wanting to try the windows thing, but i have yet to download it...i like the bit about putting the pics where they go...i post via blogger...i upload all of my pics first...then scroll down a wee bit to start my writing...and drag the pics up as i need them...i space after a pic too before i add new text to try to keep the spacing right...the windows thing seems to be a lot easier...

LiLi M. said...

Hi June! I just love your sweet indoor garden. Your photos are adorable, as always. It feels like I say the same things here over and over again, but I do mean it! I have compared the last three posts and I have to tell you that I love everything you do. I think you should go on with whatever is convenient to you. I only use blogger and as I have a Mac computer I cannot use Windows live writer, so only a poor advise from me, I'm affraid.
June, I want to thank you for your get well wishes. I think I am definetely on the mend now. If you have a severe cold you have to suffer for a few weeks, unfortunately. This winter I felt like my grandmother, who always thought she was going to die young. Eventually she died at the age of 77 in 1971, after she celebrated her wedding anniversary every 5 years, as she was affraid not to live by the next one. So she started celebrating 20 years big, and so on till 55!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi June! Your bulbs are looking lovely. What a perfectly wonderful idea to have them growing near your bed. For me, the wonderful smell in the world in Jasmine. I buy a new one every spring and bury my nose in it every time I walk by.

As far as the last 3 posts. I couldn't tell the difference so I guess you should go with whichever seems to work best for you. I have a mac so I don't have that choice. Have a wonderful week sweetie and as always I enjoyed having you visit my blog!

My Desert Cottage

maría cecilia said...

Dear June, beautiful white blooms for your home and spirit, and so wonderful perfume to cheer up everyday, to inhale deeply into your heart and memory the great scent of hycints.
I think you should use whatever format you feel comfortable with. I went back to see the posts you did with LW and don´t see any difference except for the sizes. I use the new editor from blogger and it fits me perfect. Whatever you choose would not make any difference in your amazing blog!!!
Muchos cariños,
Maria Cecilia said...

I just need to say that I LOVE!!!!your blog. So beautiful and fun. Your wonderful personality really shows through and I am glad that I found it.
Now, those hyacinths are gorgeous! I have never planted them indoors but will definitly try it. I have some Paper Whites on my island waiting to be planted right now. And planting them in the bedroom is a great idea. Thanks:)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

Gerushia's New World said...

June: First of all, let me say that no matter what blog server you use, your photos are always gorgeous. That being said, I am partial to blogspot because it's simple. What you, June, create on the blank page is through your own creative talent. I doubt that it matters who you choose to use. Your posts are always going to be delicious. I think you should go where you are comfortable! But...that's just me, as I am a sucker for familiarity.

Gerushia's New World

susan said...

June-I am envious. The bulbs I force blooned have come and gone! I have never done hyacinths! I am hooked on Live Writer! I think it is 10 times easier and both sets of pictures are great!

Sandi said...

Hi June,
These photos are breathtakingly beautiful! You really should be a professional photographer!!! :)

This is the first year I have tried bulbs inside and my paper whites are so tall!!!! I love them. I will be adding pix of them soon hopefully. I would love to try the hyacinths too.

And as far as choosing which format to use...I didn't even notice a difference!! That is how amazing your photos are!! Keep it up girl!!

cathleen said...

June...after experiencing a bit of stress today, your beautiful hyacinths have totally brightened my mood. I imagined myself being about to get a slight whiff of those beauties. Instant aromatherapy via computer screen image. Thanks sweetheart!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear June,

I love your hyacinths ~ I have only grown blue and pink, but I am going to have to do white, as they are so pretty.
I have grown them in glass vases too and it is neat to see all the root system.

Your posts are always beautiful and they both look great to me.
I would say do whatever is easiest for you.

Happy week, dear friend

French-Kissed said...

I have been away too long...enjoyed getting caught up and seeing all the beautiful flowers in your home. Your posts are always wonderful, but I do love the larger photos in your experimental posts. ~jermaine~

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi June! Your indoor blooms are gorgeous! How ever do you get them to bloom in those small pots and in a vase? I don't know much about bulbs so just can't imagine that I would be successful with it at all. As for your posts, no matter where or how you do it, they are beautiful! You are a lovely soul and your home reflects your charming personality. Blogger doesn't post backwards if you start with adding the five photos from the bottom up. I've figured that part out. You can have small, medium or large photos. Personally, when some blogs post such large photos, takes forever to load on this end and just takes up way too much space. I'd rather see a medium-sized closup photo rather than a honking photo that takes up the whole screen. I've had to play with the blogger functions to learn how to edit my posts -- and it is a process. Your posts are always beautiful and your photos are just like any in those fancy magazines. You have a fantastically wonderful and blessed day. :) Tammy

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi June! Your indoor blooms are gorgeous! How ever do you get them to bloom in those small pots and in a vase? I don't know much about bulbs so just can't imagine that I would be successful with it at all. As for your posts, no matter where or how you do it, they are beautiful! You are a lovely soul and your home reflects your charming personality. Blogger doesn't post backwards if you start with adding the five photos from the bottom up. I've figured that part out. You can have small, medium or large photos. Personally, when some blogs post such large photos, takes forever to load on this end and just takes up way too much space. I'd rather see a medium-sized closup photo rather than a honking photo that takes up the whole screen. I've had to play with the blogger functions to learn how to edit my posts -- and it is a process. Your posts are always beautiful and your photos are just like any in those fancy magazines. You have a fantastically wonderful and blessed day. :) Tammy

Lisa said...

Hi June,
I'm #69 & I see by the earlier comments your question may be answered. I will add my 2 cents anyway, I've never used livewriter. But...I find blogger really easy, especially since the new editor download. I am satisfied with the size & look of my pics. As for placing them, it's a breeze. The only draw back is they took spell check away with it. You may have noticed, I'm a rotten speller! LOL If you haven't downloaded the improved editor try it first.
And you hit it dead on with the 'editor' comment. I am happy a couple of people visit me, but now I struggle with keeping them entertained! Lisa

Polly said...

Hi June! Thanks for offering to help me learn how to force bulbs inside! Here's a couple questions for you:

1. Do I need to use a certain kind of container?
2. How much dirt?
3. How often do you water them?

Thanks so much!! I have some tulip bulbs in the garage that I thought I would start off with!


Barbara said...

Your hyacinths look wonderful. I love the different containers you used and this post should push alot of us into growing inside. I have done it with paper whites and amarylis, but never hyacinths.

I use blogger and get extremely annoyed from time to time-mostly with photos. Sometimes they won't even allow me to load. I have to log out and log back in. But I am happy with the end results. One time I loaded a post and half of it disappeared! I guess your decision will depend on what makes you more comfortable. I had no trouble loading either. And like the photo quality equally.

Unknown said...

Hi June! I see some others mentioned to you about switching to the new editor mode...I did this a few weeks ago and LOVE long as the parameters of your blog page allow for larger pictures (that's the only catch, I had to have the person who designed my blog widen the post section and shrink the sidebar section to accommodate the X-Lg photos).

Your hyacinths are so lovely...and your bedroom is breath taking!!! Gorgeous!

Hugs ~

:) T

Tara said...

Such pretty freshness! I never would have thought you could do this with this kind of flower. Your photos are beautiful as is your home, and girl I am seriously coveting your snow! We haven't had much here in Washington State yet. It's usually hit or miss.

About the Livewriter, I have heard people brag about it, but it scares me too! It seems complicated. I think your posts are beautiful either way, so I would just do what's easier for you. Thank you for coming by to visit me today, my visit here was spectacular!

Monica said...

Hi June,
what a lovely home and lovely whites! Hyacinths are among my favorite flowers for their intense scent.
I like Blogger, it's not bad, and you can control the format, spaces, fonts, even make photos larger. I think you should use the one which is more comfortable to you. Personally, I prefer something good which I know how to use, so my blogging is swifter (as life's hectic and I need to be able to post quickly).
Glad Simple Abundance is a faithful companion to you too! I understand what you said, it happened the very same to me!
Monica x.

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi June, I didn't get a chance to read all the other comments, but about 3-4 months ago, blogger gave us an opportunity to "update", and I did. When I did the photos are much easier to load and place. No more "backwards" loading. Much easier, and you can manuever them wherever you want. Check your settings on the dashboard. Not sure exactly where, but you can make the switch.
The bulbs are gorgeous and makes me want to try them out.
big hugs,

Carole said...

Hyacinth are my favorite bulb for their smell! though I get a little crazy when they don't grow straight. You can run a wire thru the middle to stop that...but you have to do it early.
About WL I've heard of it but have never tried it. I had someone better then me technically fix it so my pictures come out might be that editor thing some of the other gals mentioned.

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Love these, I need to give them a try. I think you did a great job with both post. It's a great wonder that I can post at all... I am so bad with this computer. You have a great blog, do what you feel comfortable with. thanks

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Your indoor garden is gorgeous, June. I also have white hyacinths in my living room and they are wonderful when they are blooming in bathrooms and powder rooms. p.s. I think I prefer the set-up of your previous post, but use whatever is easier and better for you, is what I say.

Anne said...

What beautiful blooms. And your home is so lovely. You do have a beautiful blog.

{oc cottage} said...

How funny! Do we all have Spring fever, or what with this itch to rearrange and tweak our blogs!!! I am a total computer weenie & know waaaay too little about this whole blogging thing...honestly, I just get lost in your pictures and I really have no idea how they are spaced! ;} Don't stress, your blog is scrumptious!

m ^..^

BellaRosa said...

June amor, just beautiful...Your a wonderful gardener..I can smell them from here :) By the way..I forgot to tell you..I loved you singing happy birthday to me...You have a beautiful voice...I bet your neighbors loved it too :) I heard about live writer but too chicken to try it..I mean look how long it has taken me to kinda get Blogger :) Hmm how do I get the new blogger editor??? Might try that won't ruin your existing posts if you make a mistake? See chicken...I am always so afraid I am going to mess up my blog and have to run calling poor Dawn in the middle of the night like I usually do to fix my booboos lol did you know that is what she calls me?? I guess now I know why lol Besos, Rose

ps..your bedroom looks so beautifully a bed & breakfast inn, and it smells wonderful to boot :)

Seawashed said...

Loveliness. I planted paper whites for the first time last year. Next year I want to try more bulbs and these will have to one of them! They are so pretty. AND your bedroom looks like a Rachel Ashwell room. All the little glimpses of your home make my heart melt. You live in a beautiful place. The colors, the softness, the whites swoon me.

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Oh I so wish I could smell those hyacinths....
they are my favorite spring flower!
I bet your home smells wonderful!

Any tricks to growing them indoors?

Hugz, Dolly

Anonymous said...

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