Thursday, September 16, 2010

No room in the hammock...

The hammock that hangs in our garden gets so much use in the Summer.
 It has finally taken all the abuse it can possibly take, and I couldn't be happier about it.
It is usually filled to over-flowing with grandchildren when my own children visit.
Often you find my husband in it taking a nap under the trees.
Next Spring I will be buying a new one.
The ropes are all frayed and breaking from the use it has gotten over many years of children 
playing together or sisters sitting together, chatting away the hours. 

It is funny how a bunch of rope twisted together on two sturdy pieces of wood
can bring so much pleasure to so many.
So now this beloved hammock will go to our property in the mountains to entertain
the children when we are there.
 It still has another year of mild use in it.(I think)?

The garden blooms are winding down now.
 I took some of these photos about ten days ago while things were
still blooming abundantly.

Geraniums and sweet potato vine growing on the studio wall.

Beautiful echinacea growing alongside 'Bright Eyes' garden phlox and 'Winnipeg Parks' roses.

I love this combination for Fall.

Garden phlox has got to be the quintessential
 'granny garden' flower. It, and hollyhocks.

I don't know of many flowers that bring as much pleasure to me than these.

I know I say that about almost every flower in the garden.

...but they truly are gems in the border.

I adore the smell of the big flowers held high on sturdy stems.

Isn't this pink phlox just like candy????

Another pretty favorite...
 a lovely shade of lilac

I think the lavender one is my favorite though.

And I just wanted to share some of the views around the garden.

And on the porch...

And in the gazebo...

I have enjoyed this Summer so much.
But now it is time to welcome a new season to the garden.

Soon the trees will be turning and the grass will lose it's green.
I will be busy with garden clean-up soon enough.

 it is time to say goodbye and
 beat Dale to the hammock!!!


Trisha said...

We used to have a hammock when I was growing up and I loved to lay in it during my lazy summer days. Makes me really want to get one myself now...maybe next year! Beautiful flowers!


Diane said...

Oh that hammock looks so inviting. What beautiful shots of the hammock and your gorgeous flowers. The smell of the phlox just reminds me of summer, kind of late summer, I love it too. Diane

Diane said...

Oh that hammock looks so inviting. What beautiful shots of the hammock and your gorgeous flowers. The smell of the phlox just reminds me of summer, kind of late summer, I love it too. Diane

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Dear June, in a blog world full of black, orange and fall, your post gave me the little fresh feeling I so needed today...thank you!

Terri said...

I love hammocks too, and your porch setting is so serene and beautiful.
Your flowers are gorgeous, the phlox does look like candy. What gorgeous colors in your garden!
Thank you for showing us all the beauty.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi June,

I love your beautiful hammock and all the sweet pillows on it.
I have never had a hammock and may have to buy one, after spending some time relaxing on our holiday in one.
As usual your photos of your garden are gorgeous ~ I would not be able to pick a favourite flower as they are all so wonderful.

Hope that you have a happy weekend

Pondside said...

Your hammock looks like the perfect place for a nap!
We have a hammock but didn't get around to hanging it this year. I should really start a list now, for all the things I wish to remember for next spring!

Jane said...

Every time I come visit I'm just blown away by the beauty of your home and garden. The hammock was just icing on the cake!!
Your pictures were gorgeous as always!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

June your entire garden is a dream but that hammock...oh that hammock is the cherry on top!

Unknown said...

...I adore the hammock, the flowers, the gazabo, the lace table cloth on the table within the agabo, yep...pretty much everything in your yard I adore!!
Here's to you getting to that lovely hammick first!!
xo, Rosemary

highheeledlife said...

Your garden s lovely!!! The hammock is the star of the garden... we added a couple around our property this summer ... and were amazed how guests just gravittated to them..HHL

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi June, A hammock is wonderful but yours is heavenly because of the lovely blankets and pillows. Your hammock always makes me want to take a nap in it or just lay in there, look up to the trees and listen to the birds singing. What a fantastic place to relax!
Your awesome flower pictures are eye candies as always!
Have a great weekend!
Hugs to you,

Sharing with Sherri said...

I'll race you both to the hammock!!

I would love to lounge there all day enjoying that beautiful garden of paradise you have! sigh...

I don't recall if I have ever seen phlox flowers before, but they are just gorgeous! I always thought that geraniums were the granny flowers!
Learn something new everyday!!

XOXO, Sherri:)

maría cecilia said...

My dearest June, it´s such a pleasure to me when you get us into the garden and show us all the beauty you have created there, truely the most wonderful place in the world!!!!
Did you say a property in the mountains?? I´m already wanting to know it... will you post about it? I would love it so much!!!!
Love and joy to you and your family, my dear June.
maria cecilia

Unknown said...

Dear June,
you have a great blog. It´s fantastic with stunning pictures. I love your home!!!!
I´m happy finding your blog. I will follow....
Hugs Tanja from Germany

Unknown said...

Your home looks like a castle.

P.S. I love your blogname!!!

LiLi M. said...

Your photos of your hammock and garden are romance at its best! I always feel invited whenever I see your photos, like Julia I would love to take a nap there, but I think we would just talk and talk instead. Love your flower photos, a great tribute to summer. Autumn must have guts to enter your garden...I have that same echinacea, we call it summer hats. Have a great weekend June, enjoy the last remnants of summer!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest June, these images are stunning and remain to be impressions of a season standing still in time, but so vivid that I feel as if summer is still hovering over us. Lovely my dear, just lovely. Enjoy a peaceful weekend, Anita

Anonymous said...

Dear June,

wonderful wonderful photos filled with so much soul and a femine touch. Oh, I just love those beautiful candy-phlox. I wonder if you could give me the name of the lavender-coloured ones? They are just divine. I really don`t think my garden is complete untill I have those phlox. I love the smell of phlox in the morning- or eveningdew:o)

I used to havae a hammock too. One lazy summerday I feel asleep and bang...woke up with blue bruises everywhere as the ropes had broken under my weigth:o) :o)

Lots of warm autumngreetings from Denmark,
AUntie GREEN:o)

Unknown said...

one word......fabulous!!!

Julie Marie said...

Hello June... your garden still looks so pretty... mine has kind of pooped out, getting ready for fall... my mums are looking beautiful now and stealing the show...your hammock looks so inviting, I too would run to beat Dale there!... your photos are all just beautiful! I love seeing your gorgeous flowers so close up...and your white lace tablecloth in the last photo is just stunning!... xoxo Julie Marie

Carolyn said...

Hi June,
I love all the beauty you have shared! I was thinking about you yesterday when I was out in the garden,wondering what was blooming in yours. I love phlox it gives the garden a romantic look.
I love the light in your pics too. we have one of those hammocks too that has been repaired but has now rotted so I am due for a new one also.
Thank you for the tour today,


LemonyRenee' said...

Hey! I always tell my husband, "I want an 'old lady garden.'" "Granny Garden" -- did you coin this term?? I am so tickled to see that someone else knows what I mean . . . and I think a big Annabelle hydrangea is another "granny garden" ingredient. said...

Hi June,
Your garden is just so AMAZING! That hammock must be filled with so many beautiful memories of yet another gorgeous summer. The grandkids will always remember it, I'm sure:)I am already thinking of different ideas for my garden for next year. Have you seen the red Phlox? So pretty!
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens


Hi June!! Your hammock looks so cozy and the flowers are
beautiful (;

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

My sweeeeet Junie..

Oh my... I think I'd LIVE on that lovely little bit of heaven. But then, everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING at our house seems so inviting and special.



Peonies & Magnolias said...

More gorgeous flowers, love the phlox, the deer love our phlox. The hammock is perfect, you would be hard pressed to get me out of it. Have a fabulous weekend.


Barbara said...

We used to have a hammock....but it didn't hold a candle to your smashing one with all those comfy pillows and soft colors. I'd love to just lay down on all that comfort and look around your beautiful garden.

Claudia said...

Your hammock looks incredibly inviting. As does everything about your house, June. The garden, the porch - all of it - is lush, warm and inviting.


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful and peaceful post. Ok so I've got phlox and hollyhock on my list to add to the garden next year -I will think of you when I {hopefully} see them bloom :)

Debby said...

Hi June, what an amazing beatiful place. Your pics are gorgeous, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

After following your posts about your garden this year, I see why you love it so very much, June! It's beautiful, and such a joyous place to spend time with your loved ones!

Seawashed said...

So so enchanting. Your gardens would be a perfect location for a film or magazine photo shoot.

Anonymous said...

Hi June, Your hammock looks so gorgeous with all those beautiful pillows piled up. Your flowers are beautiful....Kathy

Unknown said...

Åh wow, you got a really nice blogg! Hugs from Petra

Dorthe said...

How cosy it looks with all the beautifull pillows, relaxing there among all the wonderfull flowers, must be a bliss.--So pretty photoes

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

June, Your photos are just beautiful and what a gorgeous yard you have. We just bought a hammock and stored it until next spring. Looking forward to using it.
Hugs, Sherry

Anonymous said...

June your pictures are always so very lovely! I have always wanted a hammock. I don't know why I haven't gotten one yet but will have to put it on my list!

Your flowers are still so beautiful. I dug up all my iris and day lillies
- my yard looks terrible!! It's been in this dug up not divided yet condition for about 2 weeks as I can't seem to get to it.

Tomorrow is peach salsa canning day-I do have priorities you know!!

bee blessed

Laura said...

I have wanted a hammock for so long- we have lots of trees but there aren't 2 close enough together.

Maybe I need a post?


Carole said...

ok shhhhh I'm picturing myself ssswwwinnnngggg baaacck and forth.
Now why don't I have one????

I spotted a macleaya cordata in the garden. We used to have one in the display garden but no one ever wanted to buy them. I thought they were so cool and big....but figures the plants I like never
hope you won the hammock time!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear June
That hammock is calling my name.. it would be perfect here today and we are finally getting some warm pleasant days.. although not as beautiful surroundings as your gorgeous garden and home... Your photos today are so delightful and teasing!! Can't wait to see some of your mountain home too...

Thanks for you kind comments on my posts... xxx Julie

Rosie said...

Oh my Darling June Bug...
You are so right...We are kindreds that were separated at birth...LOL...I too adore YOU! After strolling through your garden again today, I too, have a love affair with each and every flower you posted...your posies are really quite splendid...mine are sadly lacking at this time of the year and I fear they have gone to sleep now, until spring refreshes them once again.
Have the most rest filled weekend on that fluffy, dreamy, hammock...she is truly lovely dearest...xoxo...Rosie

Lisa said...

Awesome, all of it! Like a page out of Romantic Homes. I used to dream of coming to visit you & staying in the studio outside while Jodie slept in the cottage. I changed my mind. Now I want you to come here & help me plant my spring garden. I did fhlox this year & got maybe one bloom. Pitiful. I won't have a beautiful guest suite for you tho. You'll have to sleep with Lily & her 15 dolls. She's a good cuddler tho! LOL Have a great weekend friend. Lisa


Oh so beautiful to see all these flowers... yes, summer ist going to leave us soon and fall is coming out. But I love the fall...
My roses are blooming so rich at the moment. I think they will last the whole october maybe november.
Hope you are fine, hugs & kisses, Mira!

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi June,

I know a lot of bloggers are doing the fall look, but coming here seeing this was so refreshing seeing all the pastels colors just lifts me up. You did a wonderful job capturing the beauty in your yard especially the hammock. I could actually pass out in one of those very easily! hehe

I'm actually doing my sister's landscaping buying beautiful perennials and all kinds of stuff. Looking forward next year of how lovely it's going to be and for the years to follow since I can't splurge in my own yard it might as well be hers.

Catch ya later... sending Big Hugs* said...

AWEEEEEEEE! The life. I enjoyed my visit today walking through your flowers. Love the hamick. It's been a crazy summer and I'm happy to see fall.

I'm going to post the results of my garden this year - tomorrow.

Big hugs

Lovey said...

Just one day in your Garden...would erase all the pains I feel myself experiencing lately. Trying to fill voids...just not working yet. Just one day of resting in beautiful peace would wipe it all away...
hugs my friend...truly beautiful.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

June, your Phlox is just so beautiful! It's inspired us to be sure to plant some for next spring. Don't know why we haven't put it in our garden until now, there are so very many pretty colors. xo Lidy

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest June,

AND ONLY YOU, articulated so beautifully, my thought pattern and analogy from my know, I was literally telling the story as it happened, purposely in THE PRESENT TENSE to capture each moment in that time frame. It was a true moment of a miracle, but I LOVE HOW YOU SUMMED UP THE JOURNEY by saying I was going down into THE UNKNOWN, WHERE IT IS FRIGHTENING. Although I knew it SUBconsciously, I didn't have that at the front of my brain as I was writing, but your comment made me agree that this was an example of FAITH...going into the dark, deep unknown in fear, but when we do it in love, service and faith, we emerge with some sort of miracle; perhaps not ALWAYS what we were looking for as in the case of the envelopes, but we come up changed. THank you for visiting and for your kindness!

Mille bisous, Anita

Jacqui said...

I so enjoyed this post. How beautiful! The hammock is lovely and the cushions/pillows are stunning!

Een sneller kloppend hart said...

I am totaly stunned by your gardenpictures...the Geraniums are so beautiful and those pink Phloxes!! Great, I only have white ones, hope to have pink ones next year! :)

Regards from Holland

~ Veronique ~

Anonymous said...

OK June... you just caused major inspiration overload!! My jaw is hanging open, eyes searching left and right and up and down, and flower names being stored in the back of my mind (where's a pen and paper when you need one?!).
What can I say... GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING... thank you!
Hugs ~ Jo :)

Georgianna said...

Dear June, I can imagine having wonderful dreams and daydreams in that gorgeous hammock of yours. No wonder it is so popular with your family. We really want to have one but I haven't yet figured out which trees will work as most are far apart.

Your beautiful photos, as always, transport me to a timeless and happy place filled with golden light. I adore the phlox with the echinacea. I haven't had much luck with either as I have a lot of shade and use our sunny spots for my roses, but perhaps I can get more old fashioned plants in next year. Thank you as always for such inspiration – you make it look so effortless! xo

Suzanne said...

We used to have a hammock when I was growing up....I should think about one here for us. Thank you for the stroll through the late summer garden.
Your echinacea are still beautiful, mine have turned and need to be cut back. You have such a lovely garden.
Happy Fall! :)

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your garden must be straight from heaven, June. It's absolutely gorgeous, every season!
Have a happy week. xx

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

I hate goodbyes June! (sniff sniff)
I know that saying goodbye to your beautiful blooms for the winter will only give way to even MORE beautiful blooms this spring's hard to walk away from that comfy hammock indeed! ;))))

Can you really run faster than Dale? You GO girl! :))))

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear June,
Your garden is so beautiful. I love every corner of it..
I love the photos of the hammock....they look very similar to the images in Cabbages and Roses. So beautiful.If only that hammock could talk !!
Sorry that I'm a bit late with my comment June....I'm so behind !! XXXX

Privet and Holly said...

Very little sleep
last night, for me,
and I could just
collapse in that
dear little hammock
and close my eyes
and smell all of
those sweet flowers
xx Suzanne
PS: Gorgeous pics!!!

Vicki said...

June, I have always admired that wonderful hammock. Love the way you have embellished it with those sweet pillows. I am glad you will be getting another for more years of enjoyment for your family. I, too, love garden phlox. It is such a happy flower and smells heavenly. Of course, like you, I rarely find a flower that I don't love. I guess that is what makes us gardeners. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and garden. Have a happy week, sweet friend! love and hugs~ Vicki

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi June,
I just love your garden and your home. You make everything so lovely and I don't believe there is a flower that you cannot grow in abundance. How wonderful to be so gifted.


b said...

Hi. Your site is absolutely gorgeous. Yes, I'm a blog lurker looking to start a blog. Could you please tell me what camera and photoediting program you use? Thank you. Kind regards ... Felicity

karen said...

I hope that when the grass loses it's green and the summer ends, you will continue your photos of your garden in it's winter clothes...

Fete et Fleur said...

A hammock is one of the greatest joys of summer. Yours looks like a cloud of pure bliss.

I always feel like I've seen a bit of heaven when I visit you, June. Your sensibilities on making a house a home touch my heart. I look forward to seeing your home as it makes it transition into fall.


Unknown said...

G'eve sweet June ~
Oy! We gave our hammock to our son ... the kid-lings love it! It never looked as elegant as yours tho ...

Your decor in your home & gazebo are so serene, elegant & inviting ... the florals are divine.

June, you just make me so happy when I visit you. You are so beautiful!
Thank you for being you.

Have a beautiful week.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Rebecca Nelson said...

Your garden is amazing. I'm speechless...

Thank you for visiting sweet friend~ Your comments made me smile BIG!


Unknown said...

Your garden is always so beautiful. I enjoy your photos so much. You must have the perfect climate for growing. Although I know you spend hours and hours in your beautiful yard! I can't wait to see what autumn brings!

Maison Beldecor said...

Dear June,
your garden photos are always breathtaking... the hammock fits so good in to your garden soooo romantic and cosy... enjoy the last days of summer. I think in fall there is much to do for you, but I love the scent of fall when working in the garden....
Warm hugs, Bine

Vintage Home said...


Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

Dear June,
I love the photos from your garden.
You are a lucky girl to have a big and beautiful garden!
Our garden is small and we haven´t enough trees to have a hammcock!
Have a great wednesday,
Big Hugs, Yvonne

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Your hammock looks like a most wonderful place to hang out in your garden. How utterly delightful, June! Oh, and your gazebo is simply wonderful too!

Ruthann @Home Is Where Your Story Begins said...

What a beautiful blog. So glad I found you. Looking forward to getting to know you.

Brenda Pruitt said...

Your photos are astonishingly beautiful. I'd love to know what camera you use. I shall peruse your sight and see if I can find out.

J. Wecker Frisch said...

Hi June - One of these days, I'm going to need your gardening tips. Your garden looks like a great place to relax in the hammock.

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

June, I can smell those beautiful and fragrant phlox all the way from Iowa! I love your wonderful paradise! Blessings Friend, Sharon

Connie in Hartwood said...

How beautifully you have captured the feeling of late summer! I love the photos of the geraniums and sweet potato vine.

paperbird said...

June I love all the beauty that you share from your garden. It is probably the prettiest garden I have visited- I can only imagine how pretty it is in real life. I love your hammock- it looks so very cozy. After the trampoline died this summer I promised myself I would buy a hammock but I have yet to do it. Thanks for the inspiration!

kelli said...

I'm so glad I was able to see a beautiful summer garden through you. Our summer here in Maryland has been so dry and very brown. I look forward to the new season--fall is my very favorite. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos as always. have a lovely day June.

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi June,
Your garden is like something out of a beautiful movie set or perhaps Masterpiece Theatre. I truly think it's the prettiest I've seen and probably the best loved by its gardener for certain!

I want to take a moment to thank you for your kind comment about my sweet cat, Gigi. I can't say how much your words mean to me while I'm missing her in my heart.
Animal people are the best and you're certainly one of them with a big heart ~ thank you.

flower delivery philippines said...

Oh! Those beautiful flowers caught my attention. It seems you have a great flower gardens. How I wish I could also have a healthy garden like yours. Keep it up!


Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Hello, I just came over via 'Miss Maddie's' I just wanted to say I think your home and your garden is sooo beautiful!

Kirsty Girl said...

Wow that shack is amazingly beautiful! And of course so is Molly! :D

shabbyfufu said...

Oh in every photo that you posted! I would LOVE to be there to see it all in person. xo, Janet

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

I think your home is surrounded with love I can almost feel it from these enchanted garden and...'hammock' pictures!