Tuesday, October 19, 2010

White Wednesday...and a lovely new magazine.

It seems to me that the world is spinning at a faster pace than I can keep up with...
so when this happens, therapy for me is to take the camera outside
into my place of repose and capture the beauty that is there for the taking.

A week or so ago, I had cut some of the hydrangeas that were blooming
and put them in a picnic basket to dry naturally. This arrangement will be adorning
the top of my kitchen cabinets for the Winter to remind me Summer will
again come and bring it's blooms with it.

As you can see from the pictures, it was still very green here at the time I cut the hydrangeas.
In a very short time, things have changed and Autumn has painted the garden a myriad
of hues, and everyday is even more beautiful than the day before.
The petunias in the urn behind are still hanging in there with their
gorgeous colors from Summer.

I left many on the bush to see if they would change from their white to the lovely sepia
tones that they do sometimes in the Fall.

I think because they have been so late this year, they won't get their chance.
 Snow is expected here next week.
Last Fall we got our first snow the 6th of October! Even the snow is late.
 (thank goodness)

I love hydrangeas in all their different hues and stages on the bush,
and I cut them to see how each stage will dry.

The longer they are on the bush the better they dry.
But sometimes I want just the right color, so I will cut early.
I don't mind if they shrivel and crinkle up a little.
I can still see the beauty they have to offer.

Boy, do I hope people think that way of me when I get that way.LOL!

The roses are STILL blooming beautifully!
 In the middle of October...

I took the pictures of this 'Morden Snowbeauty' rose yesterday.
The pureness of the white is so striking in the garden right now,
amidst all the Fall colors.

And what goes better with White Wednesday, than a little white dog???

T.T. Rabbit aka Tiny Tim

Among all the green that is still out here in the garden,
you can catch glimpses of Autumn everywhere.
I took many photos yesterday of the colors, and will be posting them
in my next post.
 I better hurry and post however, because it sounds as if I will
have snow photos to post soon!

If it wasn't for the fact that I am in need of a good rest...
I would be kicking and screaming my way into Winter.
But am I tired!!!
The good kind of tired.

To veiw some beautiful whites,
you will find a link to many sites showing theirs off this Wednesday
at Kathleen's Faded Charm.
I am excited to share with you this beautiful magazine
 that the lovely artist Jo-Anne Coletti at
She had asked me if she could do a feature of some of
my style in the garden, home, and studio. 
I was thrilled that she would consider me, since this is a one time magazine on
romantic style that she is creating.
I am so excited to be able to grace it's pages.
Thank you so much Jo-Anne.
I have left a link to her site if you would like to know more about it.
Just the front cover makes me drool.
I can't even imagine what the rest will be like.

Did I already say, 'I am excited'?!!


LiLi M. said...

Ubelievable how many beautiful flowers you still have in your garden!
What exciting news June! No wonder that somebody who is making a magazine on romantic style considers your garden, home and studio, it is all too romantic, drool, drool, drool.....
Please show us some photos when you are in it...
Have a great day over there, I do hope that the snow will keep you waiting for a while!

Blondie's Journal said...

Another beautiful post, chock full of your beautiful flowers. I love dried hydrangeas!! Yours are just lovely and the blooming roses amaze me! What a green thumb you have!!

Snow so soon? I am SO not ready! I thought at least the trees in Michigan would have started to change, but only just a bit. I wonder what snow will do to the green leaves!

Congrats on your upcoming contribution to the new magazine. Can I say I am not surprised??! :-)


Pink Princess said...

As always I love your pictures, and how wonderful to be asked to contribute to a magazine!! Congratulations.

Hugs from Marian

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

How I love Hydrangea's of all colours tho' my favourite has to be blue! I wish my garden wasn't like a wilderness but was full of stunningly beautiful roses like yours!
No wonder you're excited to be in a magazine, wow! how brilliant is that?! But it looks so delightful from the frontspiece and your home is so lovely it's no surprise to the rest of us that you are to be featured June. Much and many congratulations!

Hugs Jane

Barbara said...

Snow next week? When your flowers still look so lovely? Amazing, isn't it?

Will look into the magazine. The cover is divine!

Sandi said...

YAY June!! Congrats to you!! I know that magazine will be wonderful.
Love your photos as always. I still say you need to give me photography lessons. If I lived closer...

Rostrose said...

Hi dearest June - sooo pretty ww-whites! Great flower-images and a very sweet Tiny Tim!!! And - oh - what wonderful news! Now I AM EXCITED, TOO!!!!
Warm hugs, Traude

Anonymous said...

Hi June, Your pictures are just stunning!! I'm so happy for you.Your studio, and home is so beautiful it should be in a magazine.Did you say snow!!!


Sheila said...

I absolutely love hydrangeas & yours are gorgeous. I too enjoy your "style". Wish it would fit in my 2 story/colonial house. I've recently found your blog & love it!

Ann Marie said...

I agree! The flowers right now are beautiful and perfect!
~ Although it's sad to know I am going to lose them soon.. I have appreciated each day with them.

~ and I need a break! I need a few months to curl up by the fire and read. :)

How FUN that you are going to be in her beautiful magazine.
Well deserved my friend. :)

Unknown said...

...Gorgeous as usual!!
Congrats to you on being featured in a most romantic way!
Now ALL the seed garden catalogs will be knocking at your door desiring to photograph your secret garden!!
xo, Rosemary

Dorthe said...

I`m not at all surprised that you was asked to be in this one of a kind magazine....your photoes of the garden is soo fantastic beautifull, dear-
how amazing, that you are expecting snow, already........but well I know it can be here before I turn my head--too.
XO, Dorthe

Julie Marie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cathleen said...

Oh my goodness, June, your hydrangeas are heartbreakingly exquisite. That is so neat about being featured in her little magazine. Yes, I think I can tell you are excited!!!!!

koralee said...

Such beauty over here my friend...your images are the best no wonder you are in that lovely magazine..off to check it out!


Claudia said...

I forget how far north you are and the snow can come in October! My roses are blooming one last time and I must say I am thrilled. I have dried hydrangeas around the house because I love them. They are such perfect flowers.

Regards the bird nest - the tree it fell from is far too tall for me to climb up! If I could, I would. They are such dear treasures, aren't they?


Laura said...

Hey Miss June-
I know I say the same things over and over in my comments on your blog, but it is the truth: everything looks beautiful.

I can't imagine snow in October.

What do your roses do when it snows?

White Spray Paint

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Alright June, what a lovely compliment to you.... Congratulation Girl! I am So happy for you and looking forward checking her magazine out. Jo-Anne has been such an inspiration to me for years. Both you women have a wonderful eye for beauty.

Until next time*

Donna Reyne' said...

Hello my sweet friend!
I am lovin'the basket of hydrangeas!
I had to cut mine a week ago so that I could use them for the store's Christmas Angel area!
I hope to get them back! Hah!
I will need to check out this magazine...It is my one true obsession!
Have an awesome rest of the week!
Huge Hugs and Abundant blessings!

birdie blue said...

beautiful pics. love the crisp bright colors of your garden. your hydrangea and roses look amazing. i just signed on as your newest follower. can't wait to come back when i have more time to read through your older posts.


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh June, your garden is still so beautiful....I can't imagine that it might be covered in snow soon.
I adore hydrangeas......I also love them dried. Some people dislike dried flowers but, I still love them. They take on such a beautiful vintage look.
.... oh, and that front cover of the magazine is wonderful. Congratulations on being included but, I would have thought your photographs could grace the pages of many magazines. XXXX

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Everytime you show pictures of your flower garden I can't get over the beauty. No wonder the magazine wants to feature you and your gardens. Congratulations.


Unknown said...

your flowers are always so beautiful june and i can't imagine they are still blooming so late into October. lucky you (and now lucky "Moi" since you are sharing them with me too)!
Congratulations on your debut inThe Feminine Home magazine! How wonderful and how well-deserved! I can't wait for the issue to come out! Happy WW mon amie!

Anne Lorys said...

June, your images are always so soothing, I feel calmed and refreshed after taking in all that beauty. :-)

Have a happy week, friend!


Julie Marie said...

Hello June... I left you a comment earlier, but thought I had best delete it... Jo~Anne has graciously asked to use one of my photos in her new magazine too, and I told you which one it was, then thought maybe I was not supposed to say that yet! Congratulations to you! I am sure your photos will be just as stunning as Jo~Anne's beautiful new magazine... I have pre~ordered two already! Your gardens still look sooo beautiful! I hope we don't get snow next week... I am not ready for it! TT looks adorable! BIG doggie kisses TT... xoxo Julie Marie PS My favorite photo in this post (besides TT) is the birdbath full of leaves!

Unknown said...

that is sooo exciting that you will be featured in this magazine! I am so happy for you! I am going to get it. Oh....I hear ya on the therapy with the camera......I don't even know the world is spinning around me when its me, the camera and either a gorgeous flower or something vintage. Thank for the nice comments on my blog....it means so much to me..

Anonymous said...

I love your hydrangeas, June! Your garden is still looking so beautiful! The roses and petunias are just gorgeous!! Your Tiny Tim is a little cutie... and perfect for WW. ;-)
Congratulations on being featured in Jo-Ann's new magazine, June!! How exciting!! You are so, so deserving! You add such beauty to everything you touch and inspire so many of us fellow bloggers... not just with the pictures of your beautiful garden and home, but with your beautiful spirit as well. :)
Have a wonderful week!
Hugs ~ Jo

Carolyn said...

Hi June,
Wow! I am so excited for you to be in this beautiful looking magazine-I just stumbled upon her blog last week-I love the cover!
Once again your photos are so beautiful- I love your style.
I hope we get the magazine here so I can get one.
Your garden will be beautiful with snow also-I remember your pics from last year.

Custom Comforts said...

As usual your post moves and awes me. Such beautiful flowers, such beautiful pictures.
Congratulations on being featured in a magazine! I'm can hardly wait to see your part in it, for I know it will be gorgeous.

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Mary, Mary, quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow? Oops, Of course I Mean June, June Your Flowers are Still in Bloom ! Guess I'm in an Odd Mood (good to be since last week was a MESS!) I happened to be thinking of You today, funny How when I think of June, I think of My Mom {Heaven} & You, both with the Beautiful Name June ~ I always get such a smile when I see Your Beautiful Post, Your Photo Skills are amazing, What type of Camera Do You Use???? I have to take 5 photos to get 1 good one... Have a Great Week

victorian parlor II said...


How beautiful!!! Congrats on being featured in the magazine! Personally I would like to see you have your own magazine-I love all of your decor and gardens-you have such a gift:). I can't believe you might have snow next week! It's still in the 70's here!



wendy said...

Of course you should be featured in a magazine....everything about you is beautiful.

I wish I could transport you up here to walk through y "space" and tell me how to beautify and design my "someday yard".

Diane said...

Congratulations, June, for being selected for the new yummy magazine. Your pictures of your garden are gorgeous. I bet the whites with the fall colors is beautiful. Please tell me what kind of dog is T.T. Rabbit. What a pretty little thing he is. Winter will be here soon and I'm sure my garden isn't going to be ready because it's been so nice for so long. Blessings, Diane

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

please forgive me June for saying this, I hope you understand...

I really hope the world keeps spinning at a fast pace for you. I know. I shouldn't wish that but...


I'm so greedy because I LOVE looking at all of your FABULOUS photos!!!! And if the world suddenly stops spinning quickly for you, then chances are you won't grab that camera of yours and get outside for a breather...and then we won't see all of this garden goodness!!!!!

This is a "good kind of greed"...right?

Seriously woman...when I grow up, I want to be just like you.
I'm a number one June fan.
I'm a June wanna be!
I have NO SHAME in admitting this to the WORLD!

Congrats on the magazine girl...you are Miss Romantic Home, Garden, Shack, Porch, Gazebo, Hammock, Kitchens & Baths, Studio, EVERYTHING!!!!!

Have I told you lately how much I love you?
I hope you can come down South and I'd find you at Homestead. The heck with the Hicks-Bolton people...I want YOUR autograph! :)))

(do you think everyone gets the picture of how much I admire you?)

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

I can't tell you how thrilled I would be if I were you as well...to think... to be featured in a magazine....and a one of a kind magazine..so in reality a VERY SPECIAL ISSUE at that.

CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!! Dear one.

Love your photo's so much.


Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hi June! Oh, that magazine cover has me drooling, too! How wonderful that you will be in it! Your gorgeous white flowers are amazing and your doggy is adorable!

Victorian1885 said...

My dear friend June..
I am very excited for you! Your garden is still lovely and as always your photos take my breathe away..we are all looking forward to seeing you featured in the new magazine. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Jane said...

Congratulations on being featured in the magazine. Your studio, home, and garden are beautiful and deserve to be highlighted. Loved the pictures of the last summer flowers....just beautiful.

Debra@CommonGround said...

June, so hard to imagine that your hydrangeas bloom until snow. Mine stopped blooming weeks ago, and started drying on the bush. Such different climates even tho you are so much further north. Your garden is beautiful all thru the year. I always love to see what you have blooming and what you are doing.
lots of love,

Unknown said...

Your garden still looks amazing. I love hydrangeas. I planted on bush here this summer but I think it just got too hot here for the poor little thing. I'll try again next year. Your little dog is just too cute. I bet he loves exploring your beautiful yard. Can't wait to check out the link and yes, the cover does look amazing.

Junebug said...

Okay, I am so impressed! First you post beautiful pictures, your garden is to die for, you are published in magazines, throw wonderful tea parties that create beautiful memories and have a shack & studio that is out of this world. Then you take the time to read every blog comment and comment back! Plain and simple you are Super Women with the biggest heart!

Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

Dear June,
the hydrangeas in the basket looks so beautiful!
I enjoy your pictures every time I'm on your blog!
Have a wonderful wednesday,

Sharing with Sherri said...

Hi there my dear friend, These shots are just so incredible!! The shot of the white hydrangeas absolutely takes my breath away! What a talented lady you are!!! They look so snowy already, I do hope they survive the real snow that's in the forcast...
Congrats also on your magazine feature! Wow, that IS exciting!

Love and hugs, Sherri:)

joanne said...

Congratulations June, I can't wait to see this magazine. I'm headed over there to check it out now and then I'm going to get my hydrangeas into a big basket for the winter. Thanks for the great idea...love ya.

jade said...

My dear June,
thank you soooo much for this wonderful pictures full of sunshine and Congrats to be in such a romantic magazine....you can be so proud of you!!!!!!! Have a wonderful week and kisses to your sweet little Tim (Sheila would love him too ;)),

Hugs Jade

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh JUne! EVERYTHING IS PERFECT CHEZ TOI, as usual my dear! Congratulations on this achievement. Your photos are extraordinary. I will have to ONE DAY learn to take pictures! The white dog, is he yours? PERFECTION!!! Anita

Linda said...

Just stopping by via Blondie and thought I'd leave a comment. Hope you don't mind.

Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous, each one prettier than the next! The older I get, the more I've become a lover of flowers and just nature in general. I'm continually amazed by God's artwork!

Rebecca said...

I agree-it is going too fast-anything we can do to slow it down and enjoy the moment-and picture taking is a great idea!

One Shabby Old House said...

It certainly does not surprise me to find you in a magazine. Congratulations. Your garden is such a source of enjoyment for us all.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

It is very chilly here this morning and your beautiful photos have warmed me right up! So excited to hear that you are in Jo-Anne's new book!! She is a doll and so are you!!

Robin Thomas said...

Congratulations June. you are so amazing...Those hydrangeas... sigh...

Lisa said...

Wow June,
I don't know what to comment on first. Published!! Yippee! I love Jo-Anns style. I have an original painting of hers in my bedroom. It was a big splurge for me at the time. I can't wait to see it. Have you been in Artful Blogging yet? I think your a nature for that mag. The hydrangias are lovely. Do you save the brown ones after they dry on the vine? I love those. Hope your having a wonderful week friend. Lisa

Deb said...

Good Morning June
Your garden looks amazing this late in the Season! The only thing blooming in the garden are the Cosmos :-)
Congratulations on your wonderful & exciting news! Such a gorgeous magazine cover ♥

The French Bear said...

Miss June, your garden is just a wonder of beauty!!!! I am always thrilled to see your photos, I did pre order my copy of Jo Anne's book......I am so excited, can't wait to see your photos!!!!!
How absolutely wonderful for you, what an exciting time, no wonder you feel like everything is going too fast! Hopefully things slow down without the white stuff too soon!
Margaret B

Ana said...

Hi June,
"You had me at Hydrangeas". Absolutely love, love, love, love them. Yours are gorgeous! Oooo, and congratulations are in order...Will definitely have to go over and find out some more about the magazine. Love the cover too. Have a wonderful day sweet friend.

Hugs and Kisses,

Everlasting Blooms said...

You have a beautiful garden!! I wish I could walk through it and take my own pictures! Thank you for sharing it with us!

~ The gals at Everlasting Blooms

My name is Riet said...

Hi dear JUne. Your garden must be so beautiful in every month of the year and so are your photo's. Of course you are excited about you in the magazine. I anm going to have a look on line as soon I have finished this letter. I love love your white hydrangeas. They still look gorgeous and they also will do that once they are dried.
Have a great week,
Hugs from Riet

Joy Jones said...

BEAUTIFUL photographs! Enjoyed my first visit to your lovely blog. Congrat's for being included in Jo-Annes special magazine too! ~ xo Joy

Draffin Bears said...

Hi June,

How very exciting that your beautiful flowers are going to grace the pages of a wonderful magazine. I am so happy for you.
I love your hydrangeas and roses and how fabulous that you still have these in the garden and yet, the leaves are falling from the trees.
Enjoy the rest, before the snow.


Unknown said...

G'eve sweet June ~
Of all the ladies in bloggyville, it is NO surprise that you were chosen to 'shine' in this magazine ... so deserving for you. You have the most peaceful, elegant presentations in your pictures of your gardens, home &

Will be checking out this magazine now ... have so missed you but I know you are in your garden as much as am I.

Have a lovely eve ~
TTFN ~ Hugs of love, Marydon

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest June,

You are really so kind to come on over and check out my previous posts! How kind is that?!

Yes, that is me with my dear harp; I love it so. It is my dream instrument, and only Ruben, my husband would make that dream come true. My daddy was a piano teacher and wanted me to follow in his footsteps, but would lift the top of his piano and do GLISSANDOS across the strings! Harps were and are very expensive, so my dad was not able to get me one. The miracle is that I taught myself only 10 years ago to play. The concept is the same as the piano, so no trouble. It is just a matter of learning how to use your fingers! STAYING YOUNG: LEARN SOMETHING DIFFICULT! Bless you and your dear son.....Anita

Brenda Pruitt said...

Honey, you take the best photos in Blogland! Every time I want to ooh and aah, I come right over here and proceed to drool.

cindy-stitches-n-stuff.blogspot.com said...

Hi my friend, I am in the car going home from San Jose California with my hubby. I'm using the WiFi and the lap top to look at White Wednesday. I've been doing it for about 2 1/2 hours. I am finally to your blog, my power is going to run out and I want to get your comment done.

Summer has been so short. We need to do an exchange this winter, to make it exciting. What do ya say?

big hugs

Anonymous said...

We had snow the last day of summer last year!! It hasn't made its appearance yet this year for which I am grateful! We are leaving for a few days to pick up those clothing racks for our clothing pantry finally and I still need to get my bees all settled in for winter when I get back. I am hoping and praying the snow and cold will stay away a bit longer!

lovely photos June!

bee blessed

Privet and Holly said...

excited, June ~
on being asked to
be in something
that looks amazingly
beautiful and romantic!
Yes, I can say
confidently that THIS
autumn has been the
nicest and most lovely
in ten years, here...
and many of my bloomers
are also hanging on,
bless their little petals!
Popping over now, to
check out the magazine...
Happy White Wednesday : ) !
xx Suzanne

Rosy Inspiration said...

Congratulations on being featured, I think your style is beautiful. I've enjoyed reading back a few posts (goes to show how long I haven't been here), your garden is gorgeous, I'm sure it would look superb in all the Fall colours too.

Carole said...

First congratulations on being in the magazine. What a great thrill and hopefully soon in WWC though I know Z doesn't know yet when that'll be. Your garden is still so lovely and it's hard to believe that snow will be falling but I have heard parts of Ct have had some already. It's been a strange year for sure.
Hope you take lots of photos before the snow flies!
Carole aka Crazy Auntie

Kate said...

How exciting about you being in the magazine!!! Congrats I can't wait to see the photos. Everything in your garden is such a beauty. Just like you. Happy WW


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey what a beautiful post. Love love your flowers.
You have every reason to be excited! I would be beside myself.
She picked the prefect person so do articles for her magazine. Smart lady
Love ya

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear June
I'm not surprised you would be featured in a magazine.. how gardens, decor and photography are always sublime and a pleasure to view.. another pleasure to view is that gorgeous cover page for the magazine.. just love the feel of that image.. must check it out..

Love all your flora today.. and Tiny Tim.. such a cutie... Have a fab week xxx Julie

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Morning June!
Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for posting your words on my blog, I'm so glad to know you!
My word, you'll be kept busy for a while now....70 comments for you up to now ;)))))))

Much hugs

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

I'm excited for you too, June! Congratulations, dear girlfriend!!! You could easily fill a whole magzine or book with all the gorgeous pictures of your home and garden.
The white hydrangeas are beautiful and it's great that there are still some of the lovely roses blooming. The weather forecast this morning said that there could be a few snowflakes today over here too. YIKES! I'm glad that this didn't happen so far. Right now the sun is shining :-).
Have a wonderful Thursday!

Unknown said...

Oh June nobody does outdoor photography like you do...of course it helps that you have the most beautiful garden of anyone I know!!! I have been cutting and bringing in the hydrangea leaves lately as I love how they change colors as well as the blooms!

Big hugs ~

:) T

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

I cannot believe your garden,amazing! That is exciting news about the magazine,and you so deserve to be featured in it!! Talk soon,Chrissy

Peonies & Magnolias said...

How exciting to be include in her magazine. Looks to be wonderful. Your flowers are as always - gorgeous. Have a great week.


butiksofie said...

Dearest June, incredible!Your garden is still full of many many blowing flowers!!!Looks so great! Unbelievable!!!
The basket you show on the first two pics is sooo beautiful! I wish I would have one like this!
many Hughs, Anja

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you, June! I know this will be gorgeous!!!
We have had snow twice now, with warm, sunny days in between.
Wishing you a very lovely afternoon,

Seawashed said...

Your garden, your flowers are as beautiful as ever. So I was visiting Rene at Miss Gracie's and she got a new camera and mentioned you...that you use a point and shoot? is that correct? do you capture all this loveliness with just a digital camera?

Congrats on the magazine...you deserve it.

Georgianna said...

First of all, congratulations, June, on the magazine article. I can't wait to see it! Your photos here are pure magic. I adore hydrangeas in all stages and especially love the softness of them in the basket. I dry lots of hydrangea blooms each year to decorate the house through winter and also don't mind if some shrivel up. The colors are amazing! Love all your roses, too! Ours are still going and I'm happy to say we are NOT having snow next week. It's been warm and sunny. Thank you for a very lovely post and I wish you a beautiful weekend. xo – g

Fernanda Eick said...

Olá June!
Descobri seu blog por acaso e fiquei encantada. Realmente você é muito abençoada por viver em um lugar tão lindo.
Que DEus a abençoe sempre.
Grande abraço.
Fernanda - atelier tapera urbana

MJ Ornaments said...

Well June, I'm not surprised you'll be in a beautiful magazine soon, because every time I come to your blog I feel like it is a magazine! Your garden is pretty as ever, and it's interesting your roses are still blooming. When do you expect snow?
Take care,

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Your pictures are absolutely stunning ..what a dream world you have surrounding you a little piece of heaven here on earth with one of God's angels sent to you from above ..

Your blog is just beautiful !!!

Blessings ..Sara

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi June, your flowers and garden are so beautiful. I wonder now how the weather is for you. We are still quite warm over here. Hard to believe October is just about over and we are still having temps at about 100 degrees. Ugh!Congrats on being part of A Feminine Home. Your home is just that. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh Junie!

You are PER-FECT for that magazine.... Your home and GARDENS....even the "shed".... done to perfection. I CANNOT wait for this magazine.... I'm going to pop on over to check on it.

Ahhh..... your posies are ALWAYS breathtaking. I wish you lived closer so I could tour your beautiful gardens in person. You do an amazing job. I picked some of my hydrangeas to dry....I think it may have been a bit early....they were white and turned a yummy green, but the did shrivel up a little bit.

Thanks for coming to visit.... I'll did out a little kid photo and post it one of these days.... :-) I swear my Mum must have stock in the starch company. Add some lace and maybe some flowers? DEEEE.LISSSSSSSSSSSSSH.

Big hugs dear girlie!


Betty Jo said...

OMgosh June! Your gorgeous photos just make time stand still for me! I so love seeing your beautiful creations. How wonderful that you will be in this incredible magazine! Perfect choice. I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing more about it. ♥

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Dearest June, thank you so much for your kind and understanding words. I am truly touched. I'm feeling better by the day and the de-cluttering continues. Today I sorted out my wardrobes and took lots of unwanted clothes to Oxfam! Very therapeutic. I will be thinking of you on November 3rd.

Many congratulations on the magazine article, but it's no surprise they want to feature your home and garden - they are both so beautiful!


time worn interiors said...

You have the most beautiful flowers in the world! I love your garden!

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

OMG, I love all of your beautiful photo's... Congrats on being in the magazine, how exciting!!! I wanted to thank you for visiting today and for your sweet comment~~ I loved reading it!!! I'm off to look around you blog a bit!!! Blessings~~~ Daphne

Lovey said...

You deserve nothing but the best! To be featured everywhere! Congratulations my dear friend! I love the colors in your garden and you too!


Oh, your gardens are just beautiful! Love your hydrangeas. My roses are still blooming too; it is amazing; but it's raining this week.
Have a great week!
~ Julie

paperbird said...

June your garden is still looking AMAZINGLY beautiful for this time of yea- lucky you. I can totally understand why you are tired- I know how much work it takes to keep a garden looking so gorgeous. The Wasatch have frosted peaks in my corner of the world I'm sure it's on its way to you.

Take care lovely lady.

Vintage Home said...

..It is so exciting for you to be in the book..well deserved ...stunning cover..please let us know more!...Your Bonica rose is stunning I think I will look into that for my rose (very humble) garden.....I too am still getting roses for the house..it amazes me that I can usually get them into late Novemger...when we married 23 years ago we could have used the roses from our garden (very tiny wedding!
Oh my your pictures are gorgeous....Thank you so much for sharing!

myletterstoemily said...

how wonderful for you, but it's no
surprise to us! you are amazing!!

i couldn't believe how beautiful your
snowball are. mine bloomed months


Rosie said...

oh Junebug...
No wonder Jo~anne asked for your input, you would perfect for this gorgeous little collection of beauty.
...SWEET DREAMS dear one...oxox...~R~