Friday, December 31, 2010

Have a Happy New Year!


what a holiday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

My husband, who is a police officer worked Christmas Eve and Christmas,
so we had our family dinner on the 28th.
It was wonderful!
All of our children and grandchildren under one roof again.
Whoo Hoo!
My daughters and I cooked all day, and of course we had
more than we could eat. Much more!
The leftovers are always the best part of the holidays for me.

As you can see from the picture below, we got a wee bit of snow this week.

The wind blew for two days and we finally dug ourselves out yesterday.
There has been such severe Winter weather in so much of the country this week,
and I hope that you all are safe and keeping warm where you live.

I am 'snug as a bug in a rug' tonight, even though the temperature is a -10 degrees
right now.

Tomorrow I will spend the day packing away all the holiday decor for another year.

All the greens are crispy, and the candles spent...
but miraculously all the Christmas balls survived the 2 and 3 year olds!

It doesn't seem possible that we are welcoming a new year already.

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it is 2011.

I don't usually make resolutions. I have lived long enough to know that I just want
the same things from the new year that I wanted from the past one...
The list goes on from here...but these four are the biggies to me.

This is Jackson. He is my granddaughter Maddie's cat.
Maddie and her family moved, and Jackson couldn't go, so he lives here now.
He spends his days in the house and his night's in the studio.

I'm going to be spending a fair amount of time here with Jackson soon.

Christmas night my gallbladder decided to start misbehaving,
 and I do mean misbehaving!
( the attacks hurt like heck)

The doc said I won't be keeping this piece of me.
So now I have to have it yanked. (as I like to call it)
Bad, bad gallbladder.
I think my warranty was up at fifty!

I would have liked to leave with all the parts I came with,
 but I guess that's not gonna happen.

So I will be away from my blog for a while starting Monday.
I do hope to get around to all my friends before that. If I miss you,
I will definitely be around when  I get back!

I can't wait to share a gorgeous gift I received for Christmas.
I will do it when I come back, because it has been a little too gloomy here to photograph it well.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!
Love to you all!


Miss Gracie's House said...

Pure beauty! Your holiday sounds so full of fun and family...Happy New Year to you, dear June...take care of yourself...let them pamper you!

Junebug said...

I can sure think of better ways to start the new year! I'm sure you will feel much better after it is all over. Your pictures are beautiful like usual but doesn't mother nature make some wonder scenes! Jackson was made for your home, his color is purrrrrrrfect!!! Take care dear friend and Happy New Year! June

Patina said...

Wow June! I'm sorry to hear about your gallbladder! You know how to start out the new year with a "bang". (o:
Your photos are beautiful. How fun to have all the kids and grandkids with you this Christmas. It's so fun to be with family.
Take care of yourself my friend! Talk to you when you get back!

Suzanne said...

Oh dear, June!, that is not the way to spend the holiday! :) I hope you are feeling better soon. Your snow is beautiful, lovely photo and Jackson fits right in with your decor. Take care!

Laura said...

You just get well Miss June.
Happy New Year-
I wish I could bring you a pot of soup.

Best wishes,
White Spray Paint

PA said...

Happy New Year! and a speedy recovery from your op - that sofa with Jackson looks like a very comfy place to recuperate :) best wishes, Pam

Paint Me White said...

June, happy New year to you and your family. I always love seeing images of pure white snow. We dont get snow here in this part of Queensland and my children have really only seen it once on vacation. Your home always looks so restful. warm wishes Sandy xx

Vintage Tea Time said...

Beautiful pictures! We've, surprisingly, similar weather (lots of snow) in the UK - but it's mostly gone now. Hope your op goes well and leaves you feeling better.Laughed at you 'warranty running out' - you should have bought the extended warranty! Happy New Year!

Pondside said...

I think it's too late for many of us to get in on the extended warranty! I'll be thinking of you next week - good luck!

Diana`s said...

hey june,happy new year to you and your family,I wish you all the best,and i look forward to see you back at your blog....:0) Diana.denmark

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YOU HAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WHITE WORLD I HAVE SEEN...and your photos are top quality YOU. You have given us all much joy with your heart and hearth this year and I cannot wait to see what everyone has in store!


Draffin Bears said...

Dear sweet June,

Your pictures are just so gorgeous, all the snow is so pretty.
That is so neat that all of your family could gather together to enjoy Christmas together.
So sorry about the gallbladder sweet friend. Hope all will go well and you will soon be back recuperating on the lovely sofa with the pussycat.
Happy new year, dear friend and wishing you much love, joy, and all that makes you happy.
I am so thankful for your beautiful friendship.


suziqu's thread works said...

Oh dear June that is not much fun at all to start the New Year like this. I do wish only the best for you in dealing with the GB. Take your time to recover as we out here in blogland have still so much beauty to look at here on your blog.
All good wishes and love,

Pilgrim at Kerjacob said...

Hello to you.
I'm glad your Christmas went and don't worry about losing your gall bladder.
I had mine removed 8 years ago before coming to live in France.
The pains I had before were the worst ever and now wonderfully nothing .
I have kept the stones and intend one day to put them into a mosaic !!

Dorthe said...

Dear June
I wish you a happy, and joyfull new year, and hopes to see you soon here again-- without your gal blatter !no need to keep trouble makers :)

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi June,
I'm so glad that you enjoyed your Christmas with your family. God Bless your husband for protecting us and giving of himself.

I love all of your photos, you are a wonderful photographer. Pretty kitty fits in well with your decor.

Sorry to hear about your gallbladder. Mine did that two years ago at Christmas. It's really not a bad procedure and you will feel better in a few days.

Get well soon.


Yvonne said...

Dear June,

I'll be thinking of you next week, hope you are feeling better real soon !!

I wish you and your family a happy New Year

Warm hugs Yvon

(I really hope to visit you more often in this year, 2010 was a very sad year for us, my father and also my brother passed away, so i have not much energy for all the blogs...sorry)

jade said...

A HAPPY NEW YEAR, my dear June........a wonderful time to you an your family!!!! And thank you so much for your pictures full of beauty and light........i loooove the sweet little cat!!!!!!

Love and warm Hugs, Jade

Julie Marie said...

Hello dear June... so sorry to hear you need to have your gall bladder out... but from what I have heard, it is alot easier on you these days than it used to be... I will am sending happy thoughts your way that you will be home soon and mend quickly!... feeling better than ever to start the new year... love, love love Jackson!... so happy you were able to keep him, he is precious!... can't wait to see your very special Christmas gift... much love to you my friend... xoxo Julie Marie

Tracy said...

June, absolutely lovely is the phrase that comes to mind; sorry if it sounds so inept in describing your home and your beautiful treasures!
I love the white kitty on the hwite sofa...a look of purity as animals are!
I wish you the best of health when your gall bladder gets 'yanked out!' take good care of yourself and you will be in my thoughts and prayers..

Teacup Mosaics said...

Dear June,
Your holiday looked wonderful and happy, thank you for sharing. Take care of yourself after ditching that bad galbladder. Wishing you all my best in 2011, and I THANK you for your visits and friendship in 2010.

Victorian1885 said...

Happy..Healthy..2011 my Friend! You & your blog have brought me such enjoyment this past year and I look forward to seeing the beauty in your life in 2011. You will feel so much better when your Gallbladder is removed..I promise. I wish you a speedy recovery next week.
Big hugs,

Alaina said...

I am glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. Good luck with the surgery and I hope you are feeling well soon.

Lovey said...

Love all your beautiful images My June! I'm glad you had a beautiful Christmas with your family! God is awesome. You know June, I had my Gall Bladder removed July 16, 2010...bye bye Gall Bladder! No worries...K? Easy Breezy .... I know I wanted to keep all my parts too, but...well that one just had to go...smiles. Many hugs for a speedy recovery. You are always in my thoughts and my prayers. You are surrounded by Love and God's Love most of all. Thinking of you and sending you the BIGGEST HUG EVER! Just relax, and sing songs of victory for all the pain will be gone...Love to you...Lovey

Maison Beldecor said...

Dear June,
I wish you and your family a happy, and joyful new year! I'm so sorry to hear about your gallbladder... I keep my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery... take good care of yourself, I'm looking forward to "see" you soon...
Many warm hugs, Bine

Unknown said...

Your photos are so lovely as always. Your surgery will go well....I will pray for a quick recovery......take care! Happy New Year!

The French Bear said...

June, yes, yes, get that nasty old gallbladder removed, you won't believe how much better you will feel!!!!
I am so happy that other then that you have had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.....
This has been a long and stormy year and now I look forward to calm and peace and lots of sharing with my blogging family!!!!
I am a little envious of Jackson that he gets to hang around your lovely studio, I want to be there!!!!
Thank you for being so inspiring and comforting and always making me smile.....
Margaret B

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Such beauty and tranquility here and with Jackson to help you get back to good health there is just a wish for a Happy New Year...
Indulge in the rest you shall need so you may come back to us soon and continue to share the posts we have come to desire.
Sending hope for a fast recovery June.
Susan x

Jane said...

Hi June,
Happy New Year to you and your family! Loved all the whites....from the snow, to your beautiful interior, to your new cat!!
I will be thinking about you next week....take the time you need to recover.
Looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous photos in 2011.

Custom Comforts said...

I for one will miss you, but also will be praying that your surgery goes well and you have an uncomplicated recovery. Your post is beautiful as usual, everything white and pretty, like the winter snow. Sure glad it's not that cold here. We're having a warm spell ~ in the 50's, even overnight.
Best wishes and prayers coming your way.

Caroline said...

Beautiful photography June, your home is gorgeous. I just have to say that I live in northern Ontario, up in Canada and you have more snow than we do...and I'm ok with that!! lol We've had +5 and 6 celsius weather for the last couple of days that everything is melting here.

Also, I love your green curtains, the little pop of color is very pretty. Sorry to hear you'll be having surgery, take care of yourself. We'll all still be here waiting for you when you return.
Hugs and Prayers~

erin's art and gardens said...

such gorgeous images you have shared of your world surrounded by all that lucious snow. sorry about your gall bladder.......

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Happy New Year June, Sorry to hear about your gallbladder, I Know the PAIN it can cause... Wishing you a quick recovery & lots of Resting time with Jackson... Your in My Thoughts & Prayers~ xox

Trisha said...

So glad to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas. I will keep you in my prayers that everything goes well with your surgery. Have a very Happy New Year!!


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Dear June, wishing you all the best as you go in for the yanking tomorrow. :) Wishing you and yours a happy new year and blessings of peace, joy and love the whole year through. Jackson is so lucky to have you as his new mommy. He sure is a pretty kitty and matches his surroundings. Take care! Tammy

Brenda Pruitt said...

I so enjoy your magnificent photos! The cat: so pretty! I'm sorry about the gall bladder. Had mine out in 2000. Happy New Year to you!

sweetpea said...

happy new year june! i have wondered about you and saw this thing about your gallbladder on donna's blog. wishing a safe surgery and a speedy recovery for you. all the best to you in 2011. so glad you had a lovely holiday season.


Sue Jack said...

Such a beautiful, wintery post, June....I loved it! And about that gall bladder....I'm thinking you need to order in some new books from Amazon so they'll be there when you get home. I've had a few operations and it's always the best way to catch up on reading and gather new ideas for decorating.

I wish you well and a speedy recovery, Sweetie! Take care and I look forward to your return....


Victoria said...

How beautiful all that snow looks, makes me want to jump in it!

Good luck with your surgery and get well soon!!! Happy 2011:)

Donna Reyne' said...

I have just returned from my Becca's house and so thrilled to see you have done a post! All is going to be well and I must say...I kind of figured this is what was going on.
I do hope you take it as you are told!
If we are anything alike...this is the hard part!
Love you bunches!

Debra@CommonGround said...

I'm sending up prayers for a quick recovery. This is so common for us "over 40" girls. I know you'll feel much better soon. And Jackson is just yummy, makes me want to bite on those cute pink ears. The love of my life was a white kitty. I still miss her. Each time I see one I get all teary eyed.
Relax and take it easy. (if you can)

Hélène Flont , french illustrator said...


HWIT BLOGG said...

Lovely lovely pictures!!! Happy happy new year to you....
Love from Sweden and T

Tara said...

Happy New Year June! It is always wonderful when the whole family can be together for Christmas. I'm sorry to hear about your gallbladder. I hear it is quite painful. Take care of yourself and AFTER your surgery I hope you have a terrific 2011!

Rita said...

dear June,
so happy to hear you had the mnost wonderful time with your kids and grandkids.
you have been such an inspiration to me dear friend... and can't wait to see what you have in store for us when you get back. wish you a speedy recovery from your op and a fabulous 2011 to you and your family.

ShabbyESP said...

Happy New Year June

I just love all your pictures you shared with us they are all so lovely.

I am sorry to hear about your gall bladder :(
My mother, my brother and 2 of my sisters had theirs removed so far I have been lucky :)
I wish you a speedy recovery and will look forward to you returning to us.

Debby said...

Hi June and Happy New Year. This is just a beautiful, beautiful post.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and inspiring photos, sweet June!! So glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas with your family! :)
I'm so sorry to hear you have to have your GB removed, sweetie. You don't worry about visiting us and just make sure to take care of yourself while you're recovering. We'll be here when you get back... you know we will! :)
Here's to 2011!!

Anonymous said...

p.s. Maddie's cat, Jackson, is soo pretty and looks cozy as could be on your pretty couch. ;-)

Debby said...

Your home is beautiful. Jackson fits right in with the decor.
Good luck on the gall
Bladder. Unless yours is badly diseased it should be okay. When I had mine out the first day wasn't fun.
But after that I was just really sore but no pain. I hope yours goes as well as mine did.

Robin Thomas said...

June, I bet even your sick little gall bladder is pretty.

I think it is so wonderful that you will have it taken out since it is causing you illness, here in the winter. You will be rosy and ready for spring.

Be well, dear June. Thank you for all the support this year.

LiLi M. said...

Oh my dear June, it is always a feast to have you around. I'm always smiling behind my computer when I read one of your messages on my blog or a post on yours. I just wanted to wish you and your lovely family a very happy and healthy New Year filled with joy and laughter but I am so sorry to read about your gallbladder. I had an attack twice and ohhh it hurts so much that one thinks one dies (to tell you the truth it hurts so much that you want to die!). Wishing you a very prosperous recovery! Just take your time for that, we will wait for you and will be happy seeing you returning and it doesn't matter if that is after one or three days more, as long as you take your health seriously. Just take care! We all love a healthy June, just remember that!

Sandi said...

Loving your photos June! Happy New Year!! I am at my son's place and loving his high speed!!

Carolyn said...

Hi June,
Your Christmas sounds lovely except for the gall bladder attack.Two of my
daughters had attacks and then surgery and it seemed like labor pains during the attacks but the surgery went well for them.
I am checking to see if I got the extended warranty!!!
I hope you are feeling better soon and wish you a speedy recovery.
I wish you all the best for 2011.

Take care,


Sharing with Sherri said...

A wee bit of snow indeed!! However, it looks so bright and beautiful like it's a sunny spring day inside your home in these photos, it's hard to belive that there could be all that cold deep snow outside! burrrr!
Sorry to hear that you're having to have gallbladder surgery...
What IS it about turning 50!! Every since I hit that mark too, it's been one problem after another!! Ugh!
I'll keep you in my prayers for a safe surgery and speedy recovery.

Now you and that cute kitty keep yourselves warm okay?!!

I'm sending you some WARM wishes for a happy and healthy New Year ahead, my sweet friend!
Hugs, Sherri:)

Diane said...

First of all, I'm sorry you have to have surgery. But they can do it now so easily, I hope that's the kind they do on you. Please leave just a little note on your blog to let us know how you're doing. Second - Jackson is beautiful and he matches your house. Third - You really did get a lot of snow and blowing, didn't you.
Blessings on your surgery and quick recovery, June. Diane
P. S. Your pictures are glorious.

Diane said...

First of all, I'm sorry you have to have surgery. But they can do it now so easily, I hope that's the kind they do on you. Please leave just a little note on your blog to let us know how you're doing. Second - Jackson is beautiful and he matches your house. Third - You really did get a lot of snow and blowing, didn't you.
Blessings on your surgery and quick recovery, June. Diane
P. S. Your pictures are glorious.

maría cecilia said...

Dear June, sending you my prayers for your completely recovery and lots of happiness to your way and your family for this new year.
... and oh my god, that´s a lot of snow!!!
Your home is always so cozy and lovely and Jackson looks so cute!!
warm hugs and I´ll be waiting for you to come back.
maria cecilia

paperbird said...

i am so sorry june that you will be having surgery but i wish you well and a very quick recovery although what a sweet kitty to snuggle to while you are on the mend- i am so happy he has he has a new home and what a beautiful one! your home always looks stunning.

thank you june for all the beauty that you share, i love my visits her.
sweet blessings to you in this new year.

The Green Pea said...

Hello Dear June, thank you for all of the beautiful photos again. The snow looks so beautiful but 10 degrees, that sounds cold! Happy New Year. May God Bless you with good health. Hugs, sandi

Rosie said...

Ah Junebug...less is MORE, anyway... ;D Good~bye cranky old gallbladder...hello healthy, happy friend. I shall be praying for you dear one, and you will come through with flying colors...I promise :)

Thank you dear heart for this perfect kindred friendship we have shared together. Not only do we share a love of "every" perfect shade of white, but we share the same LOVING Father...and there is nothing more precious than to be sisters in Him...thank you dearest.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear June
Sorry to hear you need your gallbladder yanked!! I know how painful that can be.. not personally but watched my sister suffer for years before they yanked hers!!!

I hope this new year brings you much happiness... and a swift recovery... xxx Julie

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Dear sweet June, I'm so sorry to hear about your gallbladder! That must be really painful. I wish you all the best for the surgery and for 2011 good health and happiness!!!
Jackson is very cute and he matches your interior so very well, LOL! It's wonderful that you took him. So Maddie can at least see him when she and her family visits you.
Get well soon, dear friend!
Hugs to you,

Suz said...

I think you will be so much happier without it. I had mine taken out about ten years ago and haven't missed it for a minute. What I did miss was all the hi-tech things they were doing to take them out...a full incision for me. I was about a month too early. Do hope you will be able to had lap surgery but I will be keeping you in my prayers whatever it is!

time worn interiors said...

A WEE bit of snow! lol! Wow! That's a ton of snow! And the temps are below zero! Makes me cold just to think about it! Glad you are staying warm!

Christmas is the best time for gathering up the family, one of my favorite parts! Glad you had a great one!

And don't talk about warranties being up at 50! I'm turning 50 on my birthday in Feb., don't want to hear about parts going bad! LOL!

Get well soon, we don't want to miss out on your blog post my friend! Have a great Sunday!


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

So happy your holiday was filled with family and fun!

I'll be thinking of you this week and hope you are back posting more beauty and inspiration real soon!


Claudia said...

Happy New Year, dear June! I will be thinking of you as you have your surgery - please take care, my friend. And that beautiful kitty will surely give you some cuddles to speed your healing.


the old white house said...

Happy New Year June! Your post is beautiful as always, you bring so much beauty and inspiration to us all!
Your time with your family sounds perfect, I'm sure there were smiles all the way around. I'm sending a prayer to you so that you get through the yanking with flying colors! Take care and get well soon, Theresa xoxo

Anonymous said...

I had to have mine yanked at 38, your warranty must have been better than mine :). Sending you love and prayers for a safe and speedy recovery!

How in the world do you manage to make pictures of wilting greens look so darn beautiful??! I never read your posts just once, I go back and soak in all the lovely visual nourishment your photos provide each and every time. Thank you for so much inspiration, humor, and your sweet friendship over the past year - you are a treasure Miss Junie Bird ♥

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Sending you very big hugs to carry you safely through the gallbladder surgery dear June. My Son-in-Law had the same trouble last year, it's very painful I know,he's fighting fit again now tho'. Been troubled with tummy problems myself this Christmas funnily enough, been wondering if it could be a gallbladder thing. Thinking of you!

Wow!! The snow looks more like alot to me!! No wonder Jackson spends his time in the house..he'd disappear! ;))

Hoping that your well on you're way to recovery by the time you read all these comments Dearest June.
We're all right behind you sending you love.

x Jane

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Oh June, I am so sorry to hear about your gallbladder, I hope everything goes perfectly well for you. I'll be praying for you girlie..

Your photos are always a delight to see, and you know I always enjoy looking at your home... it is so lovely June. By the way you can have all that snow.... I'm definitely not into winter anymore.

I am so glad you were able to keep the cat. We had a stray here, and while my sister was here it was a struggle to have this cat while it lasted..... I have eleven birds so it was hectic... I kept it in the garage most of the time, but there were times we had it in house. The cat would stay for awhile then off it went to explore and would always come back. Well about two days ago I haven't seen it since.

Happy New Year June... I do hope your year is Grand!

Much love & hugs to you*

Mitchells Sun Valley said...

You've made your very own Celestial home ... how beautifully perfect for you! I sacraficed my gall bladder a few years back & never missed it even one moment! So, not to worry, you'll feel much better without it. Stay blessed in the new year. You'll have my friendship & devotion forever. Sande

Deb said...

Happy New Year June!
Wishing you a speedy recovery ♥
Jackson is adorable ~ looking forward to seeing lots of photos of him ☺

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear June,
I'm so sorry to hear that you have a very naughty gall-bladder!! I'm sure that you will be better without it though and I hope all goes well. I will be thinking of you.
It sounds as if you had a lovely Christmas with all of your family around ou.
Wiahing you and your family a wonderful 2011 filled with joy, happiness and many special moments., Thank you too for all of your lovely comments and support throughout 2010. Here's to another year of blogging friendship. With much love. XXXX

flowersandhome said...

All the best to you! You have a winderful blog, I love the beautiful pictures you take and I hope everything goes well and we'll be able to greet you here again soon!
Take care of yourself and I wish you a good recovery.
Best wishes for 2011.

A Fanciful Life said...

Hello June,

Oh, the white cat on the white cat is such a great idea! Unfortunately for my furniture, the black and grey kitties do not match! Well, I think I'll keep them anyhow - ha ha! So sorry about your gall bladder, not a great way to start the year but at least you'll be feeling much better afterwards. Your snow scene is beautiful - picture perfect as always.

Much love,
Sharon :-)

A Fanciful Life said...

Hello June,

Oh, the white cat on the white cat is such a great idea! Unfortunately for my furniture, the black and grey kitties do not match! Well, I think I'll keep them anyhow - ha ha! So sorry about your gall bladder, not a great way to start the year but at least you'll be feeling much better afterwards. Your snow scene is beautiful - picture perfect as always.

Much love,
Sharon :-)

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

June, come back soon in blogland. Take care of your self and have a fast recovery. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

koralee said...

Such beauty...and I do love your sweet white kitty...adorable!

Sending you oodles of blessings for 2011 my sweet and talented friend. xoxo

Anne Lorys said...

Girl, I will keep you in prayer for a speedy and pain free recovery!

Much love,

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Oh June, firstly I'm sorry to be so late with this comment - no doubt you are in the hospital now - ouch!! I wish you the speediest of recoveries and hope you are back to your usual happy self as soon as ever possible.

So glad to hear your Christmas was wonderful with the family all around. And just look at all that snow!!

Jackson is so cute but looks a tad camera-shy - hope he settles in very soon:-)

It just leaves me to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year, may 2011 bring you much joy, happiness and good health, dearest friend.


Unknown said...

Sweet June, as we have shared in our emails this past week ... God speed & prayers lifting for you today. I have walked in your shoes, may it all go well with His guiding hands.

Your home is as luscious as ever in the exquisite whites ...

Love you, my friend ~
Hugs, Marydon

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Sweet June I sure got a laugh at reading this description of loosing the body part. haha Not funny that you are going through this at all because I know that they are very painful when wanting out of your body but the way you told it was priceless.
You take care of yourself and know that I will be praying your back on here entertaining all of us.
Wow no broken ornaments. Girl it was just me and the cat this year and I broke some of my favorites. Go figure that one out. Can't even blame the grandkids.
June your home is so lovely just like you and the snow picture is breathtaking. I could not do snow right now. haha
or the minus 10 for sure
Happy New Year
Love ya

Carole said...

Poor thing hope the Yank goes smoothly. Too bad you had to go thru all that pain.
I'm also sad that I won't get to see more of your Christmas decorations. You could show them all year long and I'd still be asking for more. Just as I'm getting my decorations up everyone else is putting theirs away...haha oh well.

Happy New Year sweets!


The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh June,,I am sorry you had the GB pain. God will heal you fast. I will pray for your quick healing. What a magical winter photos. Congratulatins are in order for being apart of Jo-Anne Coletti's magbook. I is simply the living end. This is what they read in heaven isn't it? It is wonderful to see your beautiful photos. Soon you will be digging in the sweet earth and breathing the florals that God graced the planet with. I know you will recieve many blessings in this new year, and I look forward to reading all about it here.
Love and hugs,

Farah said...

Hi June, first of all I am really sorry that I visit you a bit late because I was damn busy with my guest, today I have a little time to come and see the latest and read about your naughty gall bladder... Oh you are in my prayers now, wish you a very fast and absolute recovery and want to see your beautiful photography, your sweet tone of telling things softly and lovingly...
Its so beautiful post pure and spiritual like ... beauty of white comes so powerfully in it ... so lovely... and yes about Jackson, such a darling kitty, is he sad for Maddie? my kitty start crying if someone is not at home for a day or two...
Wish you a healthy recovery quickly... love for you

One Shabby Old House said...

You are in my prayers today my friend. God speed in your recovery!

Barbara said...

Sounds like you had a lovely family Christmas, June. And snow...which I adore at the first falling, but am not too crazy about from then on. :)
So sorry to hear you must start out the New Year having your gall bladder removed! I wish you a speedy recovery!

Barbara said...

Sounds like you had a lovely family Christmas, June. And snow...which I adore at the first falling, but am not too crazy about from then on. :)
So sorry to hear you must start out the New Year having your gall bladder removed! I wish you a speedy recovery!

Chronicles of Dolliedaydream said...

A very Happy New Year to you June -Have a fantastic 2011! Your little Jackson looks like our Poppie's twin :-)

wendy said...

Oh man...not the dreaded gall bladder. Nasty gall bladder.
I keep thinking, If the doc's took my gall bladder, my appendix, tonsils, I donate a kidney, ...that it could help with my weight loss goal???????

My resolution.word for the new year is HOPE. I am just hoping for a good 2011. I need it. I am hoping for it. and the same for you.

Angela said...

Hi sweet Jean! I'm just now getting to reading this post and want to wish you a fast recovery after your surgery. I had my gallbladder out & was SO glad to get rid of it. I got so sick beforehand & really wished I planned my surgery sooner.
My brother is also a police officer & my family was blessed to have him both Christmas Eve & Christmas day (his bday too)!
God bless, Happy New Year and hope to see you SOON my dear!!

Lisa said...

Oh June,
The gallbladder?! I had the same problem & I'm here to tell you the surgery will change your life. I've unfortunately had a few abdominal surgeries, none 'cured' me except the gallbladder. So it'll be worth it.
Hope your laying up in bed now reading some good mags, perhaps some old Victoria's with Bolton features.
Your winter wonderland looks amazing, seems like I was just gazing at your beautiful roses. Now there covered in a lovely blanket of snow. Well get well friend. Happy New Year to you!'

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Happy new year, June.

How wonderful you have Jackson now. I can't imagine leaving an animal behind, so great you're giving love to him now. We had a bird named Jackson (after Jackson Browne), I've always loved that name!

All the best to you for 2011.

Peonies & Magnolias said...

How wonderful to have all your family home for the holidays. All your snow is so beautiful especially since it was at your house. We got a little on Christmas Day which was more than enough for us.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hope you have a speedy recovery. Can't wait till you are back.


MJ Ornaments said...

Sending you loads of good wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery June. :) And just think you'll be able to cozy up with Jackson when you're on the mend. Take care, Martha

Deserae said...

I just discovered your blog....what a gorgeous home you have....really stunning! Sorry to hear you have to have your gall bladder removed! I will say a little prayer for you that you make a speedy recovery :o) Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!!!!!

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Thinking of you today and hoping you are on the road to recovery...
Susan x

Christmas-etc... said...

Oh no... bad gullbladder, bad!! I agree about the parts in our bodies...:( But I'm missing my appendix and a sliver dollar size part of my skull so... I guess we can handle it (sometimes we have no choice!)! I hope you are much much better soon! It will be a relief not to have that worry of when it will act up again. It will be gone, no more problems!
What a beautiful cat Jackson is. I think you are very lucky to have him!
Many blessings dear June!
Write when you can!

All That Jazz said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear about the gallbladder! The surgery will go well! I know a couple of co-workers who had to have it and it wasn't that bad. Just a little recovery time since you can't lift for a couple weeks. I love your photos as always....are those curtains in the 3rd and 5th photos green (they look green on my computer, LOL?) I LOVE them! I just did a post about my love of green.
Give Jackson a kitty hug and best wishes for a speedy recovery!
xo ~michelle~

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Dear Sweet June,
wishing you a most wonderful New Year - may it be filled with all of your heart's desire. Lots of chippy, rusty, shabby and white. Love, peace and joy.
p.s. the photos of your home are so wonderful!

whimages said...

June I'm wishing you happy healing vibes and saying a little prayer for a quick recovery! You photos are lovely! GET WELL SOON ;-)

Unknown said...

Hey June! Suzan sent me from OLD GREY MARE. I sure hope you are doing well. Get well soon!
Sure do love your home, just gorgeous. I'm joining, so I can follow along and keep up with how you are recovering :)
Becky C

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Hey Sweet Lady ~ I Hope you are recovering Nicely.... Minus one Mean Old GB! (I know the pain) Hope your taking it very easy & will be Back to Blogging real Quick! Miss Ya, Thinking of Ya & in My Prayers.... xox

Blondie's Journal said...

I just heard the news about your surgery...I'm so sorry you had to go through this. You are a strong lady. Feel better soon.

I so enjoyed all the lovely pictures of your home. It should snow more often there so we can get glimpses inside! lol! {hope it doesn't hurt when you laugh...not that I am funny}.

Take care, my sweet friend.


Anonymous said...

Hi June, I'm late posting but I've not been blogging too much as of late. Your pics are amazing...of course. I'll be thinking of you while your mending.



marcia said...

This is my first visit and thanks to Suzan I'm glad I stopped by! Your photos are beautiful and I just love that white cat on your sofa!

You have a kindred spirit in me...age..six children although my 2 youngest are 12 and 14 then up to 33. and new years resolutions.

I hear yopu need to rest and recover so I'm sending well wished that you do just that.

happy day!

Rebecca said...

Hey June,
I hope you are feeling better by now and eating well. So sorry you had to go through all that.
Wishing you a speedy recovery...
I am on the road, held up in a motel in the middle of MO headed for home. I have been MIA for the past week on a road trip.
Many Blessings

Ann Marie said...

Oh my word.. I am 109 comments?
That means your a blog celebrity. :)

I'm glad I popped over to comment.. so I could peek at all of your fun things..

The kitty fits right in with all of the white. Love it.

I am sorry about the GB.. but I had mine out 2 years ago.. and it's heaven not to have stomach aches!!!

I'm guessing it's out by now.. so I wish you a speedy recovery!

Yes.. I have sold at Home Again for 1 1/2 years.. and I love it. I shop there too. :)

Funny that you have shopped there.. as I have taken a few chippy pieces of furniture in.. and thought " June would love this!" Ha!!

If you EVER do come down this way.. I would give you some stuff.. and my neighbor has the patio set.. so who knows.. maybe one day???

Hope your recovery is speedy my friend.. XO

Georgianna said...

Dear June, I'm sorry I'm so behind here – I hope that you are doing fine and feeling great and enjoying some quality time with Jackson on the couch! Your holiday photos are beautiful and I'm really happy you had the entire family all together – what a blessing! hugs – g

Rostrose said...

Hi sweetest June -
Thank you soo much for all your kind words and wishes! And for the pretty images you show us - all those wonderful whites: The landscape, your home, the beautiful cat Jackson! How sad that you have to leave this place now for a while and have to go to hospital! I am with you, and I hope it will not be too troublesome to say good bye to your bad, bad gallbladder...
I wish you and your loved ones the very very best for the New Year - and that your get, what you want:
Hope to read good news of you very soon! Many hugs! Traude

My name is Riet said...

Hello dear June. I am sorry I missed this post but life has been busy lately and I am just tired of allthose last months. Sorry to hear about your galbladder. Are you feeling a bit better now? I know it hurts a lot. I love the lovely cat. What a beauty and she goes beautifully with your white couch. It is good you could take care of her, must feel good for your granddaughter.
Love and hugs from Riet

Pooch Purple Reign said...

hello from prince edward island canada. i noticed in your profile that you like the anne of green gables books.... i live about 15 minutes from annes house in cavendish.
i have popped over from suzans blog to wish you well and a speedy recovery.
beautiful photos and i love jackson!!

Privet and Holly said...

Happy New Year, June!
I hope that you are feeling
better by the time you
read this. I was down with
the flu for ten days, so
just emerging and back to
visit my blog friends. I
just wanted to pop over and
thank you for your inspiring
words and pictures. I always
leave your blog with a smile.
Big hugs and my dearest wishes
for a very happy 2011!
xx Suzanne

Curtains In My Tree said...

Well I want to add my Get Well message also.

I read over from the Old Grey Mare you were under the weather. Well you are in a good area to recover since you can't get out and about anyway.

Hurry up now and get better

Pearl Maple said...

Happy New Year
Hope that gall bladder is quickly resolved for you. I am on the waiting list because I am not sick enough but really they should see me crying when it is acting up to know.

Gorgeous seasonal posts all over your blog have brightened my day. said...

Hello my friend, thanks for your visit. I'm so sorry your sick. I've had several people have that surgery. You'll be so much better afterwords, you'll never miss that piece of your body. My blessing's go with you and all those that will help you.

So great to have all your family together. When are you going to come visit your family here in the Salt Lake Valley?

Big Hugs

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Just now catching up with your news...hope you are HEALING well and you are being pampered to the MAX.
Take care dear one, praying for your quick recovery.

You are so loved and missed.


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Happy New Year Darling! I will be thinking and praying for a quick, successful and Painless surgery for you! God Bless Sweetheart.

time worn interiors said...

Hello June! Hope this comment finds you healing with great speed! We miss you!

Ana said...

Oh dear June,
I didn't realize it had been so long since I've been over to visit. The holidays can get a bit hectic and I haven't been able to come I began the new year working with my sister for a couple of weeks...I'm sorry, there is no excuse for not dropping by to say hello. I am sad that I didn't find out about your surgery until now, but am very, very, very happy that all went well and that you are back home and feeling better. Please know that you are a very special friend to me. I know that we may not now eachother in person but you are one of the first people I met in Blogland and you have always been sweet and kind to me and for that my dear friend you will always be in my heart. Praying that you are 100% back to your wonderful self soon. Please take care.

All my love,

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Dear Sweet June,
oh dear, I realize that for some reason I completely forgot to wish you a speedy recovery from your surgery. Hope you're all better soon :)

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Sweet Junie!

I had no idea you were having surgery. I'm so happy to hear you made it through and are on the recovery side of business.... I had mine yanked too... a number of years ago....and yep........those attacks.... PAINFUL. At least now you'll be having no more of those!

Loved ALL of these pix and the ones from the latest post as always. What a lovely gift you sweet pillow is. WOW! How could that have been any more perfect? Over the top wonderful and yummy....and the perfect gift for you sweet chickie!

Thanks for coming and for your sweet words..... I thought my brain might explode trying to accomplish that feat...but finally...I'm up and runnin'...

Big Get Well Huggies Dear One...