Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sweet, sweet peas!

The sweet pea.

I always think of little girls when I see the sweet pea bloom.

Don't know why.

Just do.

It is everything sugar and spice,
And all things nice.

What would a cottage garden be without them?

Every Spring I buy a couple of seed packets and plant them anywhere and everywhere.

They do not self seed well here in my climate and I never remember to collect the seed.

So I buy.

Seems like such a small price to pay for 'pretty'.

Don't you agree?

And the 'pretty' will continue all the way through Fall.

They are just SO Cath Kidston-ie too.

The mudroom is getting a shake up and I thought some bright colors
were in order out here. 

It will be a treat to walk in the back door and see this.

At least until the frost gets them.

Have you got your copy of this?
It's Jo-Anne Coletti's latest issue of
The Feminine Home- Where The Heart Is.

Well I know how you can!
It's been all over blogland.

Last year I was lucky enough to have been included in the first issue she did.
She featured my studio and garden in it. It was such an honor.

I am sure this issue is just as lovely as the last one was.
In fact, I KNOW it will be.
Every thing Jo-Anne does is beautiful!!!

To order your own copy click on the link below.
Vintage Rose Collection

I know some of you are included in this beautiful magazine and I will
be looking forward to seeing you in there.

Big hugs from here everyone!


time worn interiors said...

Oh June! I always enjoy seeing pictures of your blooms! And your photos are lovely! Thanks!

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Hi June ~ your sweet peas are delightful! Jo's new book is just as lovely as her last, if not more...take my word for it! (*_*) xo

Unknown said...

...lovely sweet peas!!
but that doesn't suprise me, angels brush by them in YOUR garden, i just know it!!

~ and i just ordered my Feminine Home Magazine this week, I can't wait to be inspired by those beautiful pages!!
xo, Rosemary

Unknown said...

again.....gorgeous flower pics....I just love all your cups to go with your beautiful sweet peas.....Hope you are good as new now!

Janet said...

Love the sweet peas. That's what I called my daughter when she was a baby!!!!

Diane said...

Mmmmmm. Sweet peas. Is there anything more charming. Your pictures are just gorgeous June. Diane said...

Congratulations!!! I am not at all surprised that you are in the newest issue. Your yard and studio are just so beautiful:) Your sweet peas are so pretty. I will have to try seeds next year:) Have a great weekend,
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Sandi said...

Lovely photos of your sweet peas June. I can't imagine all the work you must do on your flower gardens. I would need a full time gardener if I had that much to take care of, but it is all so beautiful!!!!!

Victorian1885 said...

Hello June
Your sweet peas are so pretty. We named one of our "boys" (dog) Sweetpea and I love the looks we get when someone asked the dogs names and I tell them he is a he also looks like a girl compared to his brother P.C. Not sure why I named him that but I love the flower so that could have been why. I will be on the hunt for the magazine now.. thanks for the tip. Enjoy the rest of your summer in the garden and I am hoping you are feeling 100% again!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Well, it is time for summer to start saying goodbye, but like they do out here in Minnesota when guests leave your home, a goodbye can last for a while! That is what summer is doing now. It is at the door, but mingling and speaking sweet memories of a delicious season of rest and fun. I start school in 7 days!!! But look at your garden and its yield. God's nature is reluctant to stop sharing the colors of summer, but soon we will all feel the chill and let us rejoice. SMOKE FOUND A NEW HOME? YEAH! I was worried! REALLY! I love horses and don't ask my why but if they are hurt or are sick, I can't handle it!! I like Lou and Belle!!!

Thank you for a wonderful visit my friend! Enjoy, Anita

jewels in the garden +: ) said...

Your sweet peas next to your sweet canisters and sweet dishes are so soothing to my heart!

I love sweet peas! Remind me of my momma, she used to pick them for me from her garden and wrap them up so I could take them to work with me. I miss her.

Thank you June for the sweet memory.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear June,
Another of my most favourite flowers. They smell DIVINE and just make me smile. We have a white, wild sweet pea and a pink one. They are covered in blooms but, the don't have any scent ..... but, I can live with that. I planted annual sweet peas last year but, forgot this year !! It's my age !!
Jo-Anne contacted me to have my home in her magazine but, I don't know how to make my photographs 300 DPI !! I must take my camera into the photographic shop and ask them. Her magazine is so beautiful. I actually used the image of the washing on the line from her last issue in my current post.
Do you know, as I read this post, I could actually smell sweet peas !! Oh, the power of the mind. XXXX

Suzanne said...

Congratulations June!, and what a lovely publication, and your home and gardens are going to be a beautiful addition.

Sweet peas are a favorite of mine too. I love their fragrance and colors. They have reseeded for me each year we've lived here....I thought that was very strange, and the first year didn't realize what they were until I missed pulling one up and it grew! It makes me happy when I see them pop is always a surprise! :)

Jeannie B. said...

Sweet Pea's are wonderful!! So pretty and they smell so fabulous too. I love them too.

Funny to see yours blooming now. Mine have to be sowed in the fall to bloom in the spring. They have been gone for awhile now!! I will enjoy your sweet peas. Thank you.

Alaina said...

Beautiful as ever June. I love the bright colors in your mud room. I have been watering my sister's gardens while she is away on vaccation and she has sweet peas alone one whole side of her house. This is a new home to her and she does not like them, me, well there are not too many plants I don't like, unless they are yellow. Anyway, I was wondering if you think I could transplant them to my yard? Have a wonderful weekend.

myletterstoemily said...

sweet peas look like little girls in swirly
skirts. your photos are glorious and
such a treat.

thank you.

A New England Life said...

I was at someones house that was growing them so I stole a few ; ) They lasted a long time too!

You've inspired me to buy some next year. I just love 'em! And your photos!

oldgreymare said...

I will be checking it out pronto. I know the article will be as lovely as you and your gardens. <3

{oc cottage} said...

Oh, Kae is going to LOVE this! SPs are her very favorite! I am always on the look out for the old Royal Winton Sweet Pea chintz for her! ;}

m ^..^

Anne Lorys said...

Absolutely dreamy, June!
I always love seeing your gorgeous blooms.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Congratulations! Your rooms are in a magazine! I was wondering when that would happen.

Sweet peas~they do remind me of little girls. Maybe that's why I called all my girls sweet pea when they were little.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi June,

Your sweet peas, really are so pretty and they are such lovely flowers.
Reminds me of when I was a little girl we had a trellis that they used to grow up, and I loved all the gorgeous colours.
Congratulations of been featured in the magazine, your flowers, home, photographs are all so beautiful

Have a happy weekend

My name is Riet said...

Sweet peas are gorgeous and so are yours. They are the most little elegant blooms and the smell is so good. I love the photo's of your mud room. THat is some entrance and so pretty.
Yes SEptember is coming soon now. Is it cold that soon in your country?
Hugs from Riet

Barbara said...

Hy, these flowers are also wonderful, I love them! Your photos are always very, very beautiful!
Enjoy weekend in your dream of a garden!
Hugs, Barbara

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

Your photos of the sweet peas capture the beauty of how unique and special the flower is. The different colors are amazing. Can't wait to plant them this fall in our garden in California. Love your site.


Dorthe said...

June, your photoes are so beautiful, and those lovely sweet peas looks like little ballet skirts-they are such graceful flowers.

flowersandhome said...

I absolutely love sweetpeas! Have to sow them in pot thought, they don't grow in our soil in the garden but I love them so much, I sow them in pots. I always have to buy fresh seed again every year too.
Enjoy your wonderful sweetpeas! You made gorgeous pictures of them;

Boxwood Cottage said...

I totally agree with you dear June, every cottage garden needs lovely sweet peas with their wonderful sweeet parfum/scent!Your's are so pretty, love all your pictures and I also enjoyed your peonie posts very much!
Your garden is a true paradise!
xoxo~ Carola

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Hi June, your sweet peas are so beautiful.... and your photos are always amazing! How exciting that you were featured in Jo-Anne's last magazine. I have already ordered the latest issue and can't wait for it to get here! I wanted to thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comments on my last post! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs~~~ Daphne

Scented Sweetpeas said...

I am so sad as my sweetpeas are coming to an end and I do so love them :-( Lovely to see yours all coming into bloom though. x

GwendolynKay said...

I love this sweet (pea) post! Your blog is so lovely and charming!


victorian parlor II said...

The sweet peas are gorgeous!!! I always enjoy seeing the beauty from your garden:).



Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Sweetpeas are so feminine and I adore them. Such a delicate never-to-be-forgotten fragrance too. I wish wish they would grow in my garden, but it's just too shady and the soil too sandy I think.
The photographs you've posted are you have a 'mud room'! I can't see a speck of mud anywhere June!!;)))

XX Hugs to you for the week-end,

Junebug said...

Hey Sweat Peas yourself, I am going to have to enjoy your sweat peas this year. Remember my girls(hens) break-in. Well they also eat all my sweat pea starts. A few stragglers survived but they haven't bloom. Love the touch of color in all your pictures! So from a Junebug to an adorable Sweat Pea June, have a great day!

cathleen said...

Hi June! Just inhaling the beauty of your photos today and sighing with contentedness. As always, your blog is a breath of fresh air.

Susi said...

OHhh June.. my dear.. Congratulation :O)) I am very happy..
your picturs are very very beautiful..
Kisses and big hugs.

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

They are indeed beautiful. I'm not sure if yours are a similar variety to mine but it is the fragrance of them that bestills my heart...
Love your backporch goodies too!
Have a great weekend June.
Susan x

Julie Marie said...

Hi June, your sweet peas are just gorgeous, and I love all of your pretty china and Cath Kidson items you have them displayed with... thanks for your get~well wishes for me... xoxo Julie Marie

Carolyn said...

Hi June,
I love your sweet peas and your beautiful Cath Kitson dishes. I planted sweet peas this year but they didn't grow-sadly.

Enjoy your weekend.

p.s. I always love your Grace Garden posts too.

Faded Charm said...

Your sweet peas truly are "sweet". They remind me of a vintage farmhouse with them scattered here and there around it.

Enjoy your weekend,


Weisser Traum said...

oh soooo treumhaft deine bilder.
wir haben seid dieser woche wieder sommer. soooo schön.
aufs buch freu ich mich schon sehr.
wünsche dir einen traumhaft schönen sommertag.
sei lieb gegrüsst daniela

mudderbear said...

June, I was so happy to see you at my blogspot. Thank you for being a friend. I love the sweetpeas pictures. Don't they smell so good?! I remember them first of all in my life by my mama's house.
The Feminine Home has piqued my interest. Thanks for the tip. I'll see you again soon. justmeRosalie

Cassy said...

I truly love those sweet peas! The color and the petals are so adorable.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Lovey said...

So very beautiful...dainty...

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Oh I adore sweetpeas June. Their lovely fragrance is permeating my little garden and cottage at this very moment!

Your spotty crockery is lovely!

Have a wonderful weekend.


PS I'm off to read about Idado now:-)

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Sorry! That should of course read IDAHO!!


Suz said...

They are soooo pretty! I don't know if I have ever seen one that is real. Many things do not grow well in Minnesota and I am only a flower-lover in the last year or so (about the same time I fell in love with Cath Kidston!). Your pictures are so charming and make me smile!
Big hugs,

Carole said...

Sweet peas for a sweet girl. It looks wonderful with your Cath collection. Maybe I should plant some next year. I always love seeing the ones that grow wild along the road.


Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi June, I love sweet peas since I was a little girl. They are so pretty.
I enjoyed seeing pictures of your valley. Your area is beautiful and looks so very peaceful.
Have a wonderful Sunday :-)!
Hugs to you,

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Your sweet peas are so delightful, June! They look so wonderful with your Cath Kidston. I planted a bunch in our city backyard but they for some reason have not done well at all - I've only had a handful of blooms :(

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Having such a pretty welcome might make you want to change the name of your mudroom!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Garter Mademoiselle said...

Hi June, before I even read the first sentence or looked at the first photo, I thought to myself, "Sweet Peas"?? Is June going to post about her sweet granddaughters or show us gorgous pictures of flowers! I always have and always will associate Sweet peas with little girls too. So I was thrilled when i read that you do also! The photos are gorgous! I wish they came with built in scent, I would have loved to smell their sweetness as well. Your new canisters are lovely. Those pretty colors and floral designs would brighten up any corner of a room.

I also read through the previous post and saw all the fantastic photos of Idaho and where you live. Oh my, it is absolutely fantastic!! Such wide open spaces. Nothing quite like that in NJ, and definitely nothing quite as wide open and wild as that here in Germany, where everything is much smaller and more compact, and seems to be tamed into cultured submission (which has its beauty too!). this is a rather hilly country in most parts, except up north closer to the sea where it is all flat, but there are many hills and mountains. And oddly enough many towns, just like there in Idaho, carry the name of "valley". There is Ess Valley, Ruhr Valley, Nette Valley, just for a couple that are right near us. Considering the fact that where I live is relatively flat, I wondered where they got such fanciful names for those towns. :-) It was a lovely post, June and I thoroughly enjoyed going on the sight seeing tour of your home. I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday and enjoying some of the last days of August.
hugs, Debby

Villa König said...

Dear June, the flowers look so beautiful, especially in the little cup of Cath K. Hugs Yvonne

paris marine said...

So pretty Jane, what month did you plant the seeds. I will have to plant some next spring.

Victoria said...

Your Sweet Pea's are so beautiful June! I love all your Cath K stuff, it's so bright and cheery.

Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog and for your kind words about my headboard, it means a lot:)

Farah said...

Lovely shots June... you are master in photography its a lovely post

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Your sweet peas are so very sweet indeed. Everything is rather drab here right now. Nothing will bloom until temperatures are cooler torwards the end of the year. I bought some seed bombs from Anthropologie last year and have neve done anything with them. They are wildflowers from California -- I thought our climate might be more like CA, but then I see where some places there have such mild temps all year long. I guess I will just put one in a pot later on and see if anything happens. :) Have a great week. Tammy

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I love sweet peas and they smell wonderful, thank you for the gorgeous pictures!


Privet and Holly said...

June, congrats
on being included
in this gorgeous
book! And I'm
wondering about the
best exposure for
sweet peas? We had
them {self-sowed}
many years ago in
Illinois, but I would
need to plant each
year here in MN. I
can't remember if they
like morning or
afternoon sun?? Your
room is going to be
soooo sweet!
xx Suzanne

Catherine said...

I love sweet peas, their colours and their sweet perfume.They are the flowers i like best.Blessings catherine

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Your sweet peas are beautiful. I tried for years to get them to grow, then they grew where I didn't want them and now they grow where ever they want and I enjoy then. haha

Have a great week.


Ana said...

What a pretty and sweet little flower. Is there anything you can't grow? :-) You definitely have a golden, green thumb my dear friend. Absoultely beautiful pictures.

Hugs and Kisses,

MJ Ornaments said...

Gorgeous sweet peas June, I love them! Hope you're doing well.
Take care,

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Sweet 'lil Junie... :-)

Oh what happy pictures. I don't know why I can't grow sweet peas, but just can't. I've tried many times.... love yours though, they're just so darn happy, aren't they? And, of course Cath Kidston! Wooooohoooo.... gosh, I love her stuff.

Have a great week sweet chickie!


La Vie Quotidienne said...

I love Sweet Peas, they are spring flowers here and as soon as it gets warm they are, sadly gone. You are lucky to have them last so long. They are so charming and the scent is glorious!

It was so nice of you to visit me and leave such a nice comment on my new drapes. Have a wonderful day!

Cindy Albert said...

Oh I am so jealous of your garden. It is breathtaking. I am a devote of Alexandra Stoddard and in every book she has ever written she talks about the importance of flowers in our lives.

You are so blessed! Thank you for sharing such beauty.

Rebecca Nelson said...

My second favorite flower in all the world is the Sweet Pea. I just love her name, too!

About the bed...seriously thinking about hiring someone else to paint it for me! :) Taking the lazy way out for a change! :)

Thanks for visiting me sweet friend.


lifespassion said...

I adore sweet peas, but can't grow them worth a darn. Out of about 6 years, they grew once. My grandmother always grew them and I have fond memories, yet they continue to torment me every spring! These are beautiful and I love your Kidston stuff!!

Lisa said...

Argh! I'm so jealous! I've been trying to grow sweet peas for years, and have no luck! But your photos, make me weep! Maybe it's just my land. Thanks for sharing such beauty, I needed it right now!

Lisa said...

Hi my friend Miss June. Your gardens make me feel so wonderful just looking at them. Please come and help me with mine.

Thank you for telling us about the magizine. I did not know another one was coming. I have the first one. It will be fun to get the next one. I clicked on and ordered it. Thanks again.

big hugs

Deedee said...

Sweet peas have always really appealed to me too, June. They do resemble tiny bright sun dresses, I think. Gorgeous photos as always!

sevencherubs said...

Adorable pictures and how exciting that you were included in such a lovely magazine. You house and garden are so special and lovely to see that someone else felt the same way and wanted to feature you. So love dropping by to be uplifted in my house of craziness. N x

kelli said...

I love to visit your blog, June.
Sweet peas are some of my favorite blooms. I wish I had a green thumb like yours. Such lovely photos.
xo Kelli

Holly Loves Art said...

Oh I adore Sweet Peas. I have always called my favorite friends Sweet Peas too... and I'm not even Southern! Just love all your pretty pictures of this delicate flower. Hope you're having a GREAT week!

Angela said...

Hi Sweet Pea! I haven't stopped by in awhile and wanted to say hi! You know, I've never seen an actual sweet pea - they're pretty! I hope you are healing up and enjoying the rest of your summer! Hugs!

Miss Gracie's House said...

I LOVE the bright colors...those polka dot bowls are just darling!
It was good to see ember the other day...she looked great! And she said you were doing well? Healing, and all. And that your trip to IKEA was successful :)
Beauty found here, as always!

Anonymous said...

I have always loved sweet peas! In New Mexico I would plant them in the fall for early spring blooms. I keep forgetting to plant them since moving to Colorado- I still have fall as the time in my head! When do you plant the seeds where you are June?

Oh June I am so very happy for your published article! God is so very sweet the way he blesses us in such wonderful and often unexpected ways!

bee blessed

maria cecilia said...

Hi dearest June, I have never missed a post of you and I have came in a rush to inhale all the beauty you share but didn´t had the time to write to you, like now. Well my dear, what can I say more than I have already said!!!
Your daylilies in your Grace Gardens blog are such a beauty and you have them in such a variety of colours, gosh!!! and your sweet peas are lovely and mine do self seed and I do collect the seeds, perhaps your climate doesn´t allow you to do this as you say you will soon have the "killing" frost, god! it sounds so sad for your wonderful garden....

And the "little" valley you live in a a beautiful place to live in, isn´t it... I know you love it the most.

Will your daughter come to chile soon??

sending you all my admiration and love

Bumpkin Hill said...

you can never have enough sweet peas, I love mine how they ramble through my garden and just keep flowering. Love the colours of yours, I need to grow more next year... note to self :) Hugs, Catherine x

Suz said...

Everything is so beautiful. I alway feel like I am entering a different land when I come here. I love your wreaths. We have some hydrangeas, finally. They are my favorite and hard to grow in Minnesota but we found a Minnesota variety and I am so pleased.I showed Jud your wreath and he said, "then we could take the egg one down." Yes, it's true :-( I love what your sewing. Beautiful! Most of all I love your twins sleeping on the bed. Precious.
Big hugs,

The Rustic Victorian said...

I do love the sweet peas, beautiful photos.


Connie (aka LOU) said...

June -
I could look at your garden pictures all day! The Sweet Peas were a favorite of my mom's and she grew them from seed every year in her greenhouse. She would always pick me a bouquet before work and send them with me to put on my desk. Fragrance was heavenly. They became one of my favorites too and I so miss her and the Sweet Peas. In your garden blog, I love the Casa Blanca too. Gorgeous! Even your day lilly with the ruffled edges is gorgeous. Like I said, I could look at your garden pictures all day long.
Connie (akaLOU)

first responder first aid kit said...

They smell divine and just make me smile. We have a white, wild sweet pea and a pink one. They are covered in blooms but, the don't have any scent. I planted annual sweet peas last year but, forgot this year.