Monday, September 26, 2011

Outdoor living

One of the pleasures of Summer and Fall here at our house is the 
enjoyment Dale and Landon and I get from our front patio that is covered by a large pergola.
Most of the day this space is shaded by the large trees in the front garden, so it
is a pleasant place to be almost any time of the day.

We use this space every single day. 
This is where we welcome company, eat some of our meals, rest at the end of a busy day
or just sit and watch the grass grow.

Somehow, food just tastes better out here,
the breeze seems more soothing,
 the time passes slower
and life just seems richer.

With Fall coming soon, we will still have many, many days to enjoys this little 
place of solitude.

I bought this turquoise bench last week, and while it will most likely live in the house most of the time,
it sure looks pretty out here.

Yesterday I sewed up some new pillows and loved the bright
pink with the color of the bench. 

I'm on a roll with the pillow making right now and have three more to sew on today.
I love, love, love sewing up pillows.
Never can have too many! 

 Little chippy chair I stole from my mom.

Hi there mom!
(now you now the rest of the story)

 Fall roses in the new basket my sweet neighbor Sarah gave me last week.

I am awful at making photo collages, but here is one I did Sunday.
Took me all day :-)
maybe with more practice I will get the hang of it.
(and then again, maybe not)

It kind of sums up life here in the Summer and Fall.

 Such beautiful days here.
The calendar says it's Fall  but I think we are having the Summer we should have
 had late June and early July.
I'll take it!!!!!


Val said...

Oh! Beautiful! And some of my favorite colors with all the pink, aqua, and green. :) Just beautiful!

butiksofie said...

Dearest June, your pics are again full of beauty and inspirations!!!Love these colors , they match perfect! Hughs from good old Germany:-), Anja

Unknown said...

has Rachael A contacted you yet??
these photos look like they are from one of her books:)

adore you and your world!
xo, Rosemary

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear June,
I cannot think of anything nicer than sitting with you and your family on your front patio. I think the first photograph that I saw when I found your blog was your patio with the view of your beautiful garden and I was enchanted.
Your photographs are beautiful as are your cushions. You have so many talents June.
Our weather hasn't been too good over the past six weeks or so and Autumn is well under way but apparently, this week is going to be in the 80'sF.
Enjoy the rest of the warm weather and spend as many hours as you can on your front porch June. XXXX

Lady Pamela said...

Hi June,
I just wanted to send you some *Hugs* just because I miss you.

GwendolynKay said...

Your patio is divine my dear! I am in love with the turquoise bench!
Blessings and hugs~

Monica said...

How wonderful, June! Aaaah. Calmness, romantic shades of pink, comfy, beautiful cushions and the bench to sit on and relax. I'm savoring the moment after a crazy busy day.Thank you!
Monica xo

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Your pics are beautiful as always. Love that new bench, and the color is to dye for. There is nothing better than having a porch to sit on and watch the grass grow. Enjoy your week.


oldgreymare said...

Good Morning June!

If there just weren't so many miles between us, I would be trotting onto the porch any minute now saying put the kettle on, I brought cookies :D

Fishtail Cottage said...

So glad i stopped by today to see this! It's raining so hard here - no one wants to go outside! Your post is gorgeous! xoxo

Maison Beldecor said...

Hello my dear June,
I cannot imagine that it would be anything nicer than sitting with at your great front patio... and you are so right... you can never can have too many pillows...
Hope you and your familiy will have many sunny days!

Linecas have said...

WOW what a pretty colors. Hearts in my eyes now:)

Greetings from Norway:)

Susi said...

Oh my dear June.. so wonderful picutres.. I love all your photos..
have a very nice week..
Many hugs from Germany..

Claudia said...

Can I come live with you?

Just gorgeous. And you know I have my eye on that aqua bench - If we lived closer, it just might be 'missing' one day!


Katherine said...

June, I love visiting your garden and all of the pretty things you show us. I could steal you away to sew pillows and things for me, I really love the patterns you select on the fabrics and your dishes.
OK, so about the collage - please show another (or several) full size pictures of the image in the bottom right hand corner. Very interesting the table and benches with the covers. I'd love to see more of it. It looks very inviting.

Thanks, I love stopping by your blog.


Scented Sweetpeas said...

Loving your cushions and the fabrics you have chosen. Gorgeous photos too and a fab collage, well worth the effort. x

Olive said...

The turquoise bench is too pretty. Making collages builds character or that is what I keep telling myself. It takes me hours to make one too. Your pillows are so sweet and I love the floral prints. Olive

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Oh my, what a pretty post! Some of my favourite colours; aqua, pink, and green! Love your beautiful posies and the cushions! Thank you for sharing and enjoy your day.


Ana said...

Dearest June,
I just can't get over how beautiful your home and garden are. Your patio surely looks like a wonderful place to spend your summer and fall days in. So much beauty and sweetness everywhere...I LOVE IT! Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Have a fantabulous new week.

Much love,

Draffin Bears said...

Oh dear June, your life is so beautiful and pretty.
Your photographs are as always, just gorgeous and I feel as though I am right there with you.
The new turquoise bench with the cushions, and the pretty flowers and your garden are perfection.
Enjoy the rest of your summer and I will think of you and your family having a wonderful time outdoors in all that beauty.


à la parisienne said...


These pictures are so beautiful. I love your new turquoise bench, and I also love the pretty paisley pillow propped on the rusty chair-fun juxtaposition!

About the photo collages, it seems like I read somewhere that there is a free software or Photoshop action that you can download for photo collages. I think all you have to do is put in the images, and it does the word for you. If you don't find it anywhere, maybe I was just dreaming and someone SHOULD invent that:)


Julie Marie said...

Hi June, your beautiful patio looks so peaceful and serene, I would spend all day out there too... love your new turquoise bench and your handmade pillows are the perfect touch, sooo pretty!... your collage looks gorgeous, I don't have a clue how to make one!... enjoy your beautiful weather outdoors with Dale and Landon... xoxo Julie Marie PS Also love the basket your neighbor gave you, how thoughtful!... and the chair you "snatched" from your mom...

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi June,
I love your beautiful bench and the pillows that you made are just heavenly.
The colors are wonderful.

Hope your fall is a lovely one.


Kate said...

Hi June
What a precious piece of heaven on earth. How beautiful it all is and that you shared the photos with us. Hope that you are enjoying this time of year.

Much love

Karen said...

everything sounds perfect to me.
I don't think you should put that bench inside ... leave it out for - hmmmmmm - hang on let me calculate (click, click of calculator keys) ummmmm THREE MORE DAYS - that's about how long it'll take me to get there so I can swipe it.
No wait - better make it 4 I don't think it'll fit in the car - I gotta rent a trailer ...


the old white house said...

OH my June, I can see why you love it out there... what a gorgeous place to be together. That turquoise bench is a perfect addition! and your pillows? I love them all, they're so cheerful and sweet, much like the lady who made them :)
I so love visiting here, t. xoxoox

Junebug said...

I'm in love with your turquoise bench. If it is missing come look at my house. I have a large patio but I want your large pergola. Another thing to add to my wish list. Love, love your pillows and no you can't have too many. My sewing machine needs to get busy, oh wait, that mean I need to get busy. You are my energizer bunny. We give me energy to get thing accomplished. Thank bunny and have a great day, Hugs1

jewels in the garden +: ) said...

Dear June, your world is full of beauty! You make me want to go out and buy a sewing machine and whip up some sweet pillows like yours. I love pillows but store bought ones just don't do it!
Blessings to you,

NanaDiana said...

June - It is just beautiful out in your little piece of Heaven. I think I would live out there too! Your collage turned out great-That is one thing I have not tried yet.although someone did give me, one day..we'll see if I can manage it.

Your pillows are wonderful and I love your choice of fabrics- especially with the turquoise bench! xo Diana

flowersandhome said...

Seems like a lovely place there on the front patio under the pergola. The way you describe it make it sound so pieceful and cosy.
Love the turquoise bench! An the flowery cushions!!! Especially that one in pink tones with the yellow little ruffle, so sweet.
Enjoy your furhter sewing and times on the front patio.

joanne said...

I just love it when summer stretches into fall. Especially this year since summer was quite late on arrival. Love the new bench, the colours are just yummy!

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

It is so inviting June.
I do love the colour of that new seat and if I was a neighbour I think that would be my favourite place... in fact you might have to hide it from me.
I hope all is well in your beautiful piece of paradise.
I'm taking a little sabbatical from blogging, plenty of things to sew and knit to keep the hands at work.
Take care my dear... see you again soon.
Susan x

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi June, Such beautiful pictures and I love your new bench. The pillows are also lovely.

MJ Ornaments said...

What an amazing space to have your meals. Beautiful as always June!
Take care,

Carolyn said...

Hi June,
This is such a beautiful post! I love your new bench and pillows.
It is a lovely place to sit and watch the grass grow!
We are getting the same beautiful weather as you-such a blessing!

Take care,

Victorian1885 said...

Hello my Friend! Your new bench is beautiful and will look fab in your home.... I have not tried making the collages yet but you did a great job! I love your basket..pillows and floral displays! If I ever came to visit you would have a hard time getting me to leave your beautiful piece of Heaven! Have a wonderful week and I hope you have many more warm days of sitting on the porch with the sweet men in your life.

Carole said...

You make me wish I had bought all the turquoise blue pieces I saw at Brimfield recently. Darn!
Always feel re-energized after coming for a visit.
ok have to get back to work....I would so rather just live in your blog. If only!


Vintage Home said...

Very Good Job of the collage! You will enjoy the pinnk & blue in my latest blog ...we where @ Filedstone Market...I wish youlived near I know you would have enjoyed it!
Glad you are getting so much use out on your all looks so peaceful & sweet. I am really living the stool covers!
Thinking of you....Colleen

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I'm always in awe of our beautiful garden! It's just stunning.
I love the bench, too. Perfect color!

Diane said...

Your outdoor sanctuary is just lovely and peaceful, June. The little turquoise bench is SO cute! Enjoy every last minute of these fall days, they're so precious! Diane

The Polka Dot Closet said...

It is simply gorgeous and your pictures are ....Picture perfect!


Karena said...

June I adore your pergola and the turquoise bench, a little envious here. So beautiful a place to relax and entertain!


Art by Karena

Candylei said...

You have such a beautiful outdoor living area. I am in awe! I squealed when I saw your vintage plates. I have some of those with the little band of yellow and roses! Keep enjoying the great outdoors.

Lisa said...

Now, the collage may have taken you all day, but geeze, if it were a magazine cover, I'd buy it!
I just found an old faux wicker rocker today...well someone put it out in the garbage! You've given me my inspiration!

hugs June!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

It's always so light and cheery and pretty here! Love your new beauties!

mudderbear said...

It's always so nice to visit you. Everything looks so perfect and you make it sound so easy. You are inspiring me to sew up some looks like such fun and we could really use them. Thanks ^.^)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dearest JUNE!

I spent I don't know how much time last night blogging and I thought I had visited everyone! HERE YOU ARE with this fabulous post that I must have missed! I do not know how you maintain a horse ranch and also manage to have a home that looks like out of a fine magazine! Every corner is so meticulously kept and is so beautiful!

Sending you love today! Anita

Unknown said...

so beautiful as always! I just love how you set the romantic

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Love the color of that bench and the pillows you made are just perfect!!

Wendy & Megan Chamberlain said...

Your porch is amazing, a place of peace and tranquillity and so very pretty. Quite understand why you spend a lot of time out there. Enjoy the summer weather!

Cindy Lou said...

Lovely job on your collage! Good for you! We're learning how to make them too. How fun blog land is. Have an amazing day!

Shabby soul said...

Such a wonderful place! I love all: flowers, tablecloth, pillows ...
If I were your neighbor I'd prepare a sweet cake to share with you (the thing I prefere to cook at all!)
Have a nice day sweet June

Catherine said...

We are having the summer we did not have too, heat and sun in Autumn???
I love your collage and lovely colors. Blessings Catherine

Villa König said...

Dear June,
gorgeous images!!! Love them! Outdoor is simply the best, isn't it? :-))) Lots of love Yvonne

Dorthe said...

Dear June- I think both you and I-deserves a little summer now- as I understand that none of us had any of that ,in real summertime!
So I enjoy,-like you the warn beautifully dayes, we also had foe almost a week-now.
I love your outdoor place, and the turquise bench-with the beautiful coloured pillows inside.
Enjoy, dear.

Jacqui said...

What a beautiful post!! I love the turquoise bench and all your pretty cushions. Thank you for sharing.

wendy said...

for sure....we here also are due a long fall, and September has been quite glorious, warm, and less windy then usual.
I'll tell ya, the wind can really howl here.
What cute and colorful cushions you have sewed up.
I don't even have a sewing machine.

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Everything looks just gorgeous, dear June! It's good for you that I live so far away. If I'd ever get the chance to sit on your patio, you'd have a hard time to get rid of me, LOL. Your new bench is fabulous and your pillows are so pretty!
Enjoy lots of lovely fall days on your patio, dear friend!
Big hugs and warm wishes to you,

LifeStyle Events said...

Seems you have a little place from heaven in your garden....


Old Time Cindy said...

Your photos are always so beautiful. Loving the color of your new bench. Sweet!

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Dear June
There can't be too many places more pleasant than this to spend the end of some Summer days. There is still so much pretty dappled light there on the patio and beautiful shades of turquoise and pinks in the seat and cushions plus the colour of those roses is so strong which is often the case at the end of the season when there seems to be less of them - the colour somehow is more intense.
Enjoy it all while you can - you so deserve this.
Love and hugs,

Donna Reyne' said...

It's just me and late to the afternoon on the patio! It looks wonderful, so inviting! that turquoise bench is calling my name! I love it and the pillows you have been so busy making!
I too spent the day sewing....slipcovers!
You know how much I love you~ so glad to see what's up in the Stocking home! Hugs and kissed my dear sweet friend!

Beverly said...

It all looks beautiful. Enjoy every minute. Listening to the grass grow sounds like something I could love.

And, speaking of love, that gorgeous bench definitely falls into that category.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh darling June,

Koralee is EXACTLY as we all picture her: BRIGHT BEAUTIFUL SMART FUNNY WARM KIND and the perfect blogging friend. What bliss....Anita

Pondside said...

What a lovely late summer you're having. You're right about everything tasting better outside - the fresh air, the blue sky do something wonderful for the appetite.
You're already having such fun with that little bench - what a good buy!

The Scrappy Cottage said...

Love the turquoise bench. What a nice place to sit and read. You have created a very lovely blog. Have a blessed one.

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

It's beautiful, June! Your photos and styling could be a magazine feature! I just want to curl up in those photos with a cup of tea and a good book!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Dear June,
it is always a pleasure to visit you:) Everything looks just gorgeous.Love the bench and your pillows are the perfect touch.
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the patio.

achter de 2linden said...

hello there,
love the pictures! Nice colours! I hope you have some time to sit.... greetings from the Neterlands!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful, June! We have our fingers crossed that this lovely weather will last just a wee bit longer! :)

Barbara said...

I do so love your pinks and whites, June. You are so talented...I used to make lots of pillows. Guess I just got lazy OR I'm kind of happy with the way things are right now. :)

Your collage is lovely. I use a free program called Photoscape that another blogger told me about. Probably cheating, but the collages are practically done for you!
Happy weekend, my dear friend!


Everything is gorgeous! Had to stop by and say hi.
Hope you have a great, warm and sunny weekend!
~ Julie

Simplement ... said...

J'arrive de chez Hélène Flont et découvre votre merveilleux univers ...
Félicitations pour votre délicieux blog !
Belle journée

Anonymous said...

As always my dear friend, a visit to your blog is a delight for the eyes!



first aid cabinets said...

What a gorgeous late summer you enjoying. You are right about everything tasting better outside like the fresh air, the blue sky, vessels, plants with leaves and lots of beautiful things. You are already having such fun with that little bench.

Farah said...

Hi June.. what a beautiful space for a beautiful day ... Just lovely
And your bench is a darling You purchase it with the same colour... very pretty I thought you might paint it... its lovely and so perfect for the place
Visit me if you can

Felicity said...

You know if Captain V ever popped the question I would be asking you if we could have a simple ceremony and reception in your home as it personifies everything lovely in this world.

Happiest of happy days to you Lovely, x