Friday, May 4, 2012

blossoms in the garden

I finally have something in the garden to share and I am loving every second spent working
out in it this Spring.

This is my May Day tree. 
It bloomed on the 1st day of May just like is supposed to.
The first time it ever has!

On a normal year it doesn't bloom until later here, but like most of the country, we are having  
unusual seasonal temperatures.

The fragrance of this bloom is so sweet it's intoxicating.


Yesterday was beautiful, but it sprinkled most of the day so 
I was in the studio painting shelves and organizing and enjoying 
the sound of the rain on the tin roof.
It's a wreck in the studio right now and I need to do so much straightening
in it to get inspired to create again.
I was cleaning up and I swear, some of the spiders
were as big as me! maybe I exaggerate a little...but they WERE BIG!

So what else have I been doing lately???

time with daughters and their children over the past two weekends...
always a wonderful time!!! 

a trip to the thrift store in Hailey, which netted me a new iron bed for the screened porch
and four awesome caned back chairs made by Henredon. (so excited to find these)

Which means more painting. 
and  as I have said before...I HATE to paint. 
(I am looking down at my paint splattered hands from painting the clothesline today as I type this!)

(this is my serviceberry tree in bloom)

(cherry trees blooming)

(Centurion crab apple tree starting to bloom)

I love these trees!!!
There are two in the garden and I would have a whole line of them if I had to space.

They will open to the softest pink color you have ever seen.
Reminds me of cotton candy.

This is a photo of the lilacs yesterday before the rain started.

I'm so excited to see they will be blooming in a couple of days!

A few cherry branches brought in to enjoy.

We may have cherries if I can keep the horses and birds from getting them first.

We are supposed to get a hard frost the next two nights so I am holding my breath
that it won't get as cold as predicted.

I took these pictures last Saturday of the forsythia shrubs down the driveway.

I loved being met by this blast of color when turning into our place for the past two weeks.

I am so thrilled about being asked to be in the latest issue of Artful Blogging.

When one gets and e-mail from Jennifer Jackson Taylor and the subject says
Artful Blogging...well, I can tell you that it is an exhilarating feeling to put it mildly.

Thank you so much Stampington and Artful Blogging for this honor!
I am grateful.

Speaking of grateful, I have won to beautiful giveaways lately
and wanted to show them in this post but haven't had the chance to take photos
yet, so I will be back in a few days to share!!!


Connie said...

We're having a lot of rain down here in the Treasure Valley also, sweetpea. We're grateful for it though.

I sure would like to have snared 4 Henredon cane back chairs though. Maybe we need to go up to your area and see what's on sale in the shops!


Anne said...

Your flowers are so beautiful.Our weather has been really crazy.Not as many flowers blooming yet.But soon I hope.
I too hate to paint.But I keep finding projects that lead me to paint LOL.

Privet and Holly said...

It truly IS a magical
time when all the
trees are cloaked in
their finery. Our lilacs
have had their heyday;
I hate to see them go!

Enjoy all of nature's
BIG show, June! I know
that you appreciate each
day, as I do : )

Happy Weekend,
xo Suzanne

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi June: Your flowering trees are just gorgeous. I envy you hearing the rain on your tin roof. Our cottage has so much attic space above that the sound of the rain doesn't come through Sounds like you got some beautiful treasures but I don't envy the painting either..Happy Weekend..Judy

Victorian1885 said...

Hello Dear Friend..
Your trees are gorgeous! I can't wait to see your newly painted pieces in place soon. So glad you have some treasured bonding time with your Girls too. We have had such great warm weather here in Canada too and everything is ahead of schedule in the gardens. Congratulations on being featured again.. your talent & energy amaze me. I am still enjoying turning to a new month in my sweet calendar! Love it!! Have a great weekend..
Love & hugs,

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

It sure is looking like spring in your neck of the woods now June! Hope that frost stays away! Beautiful photos of your flowering trees and lilacs. Enjoy every minute of this gorgeous time of year! :)

Jacqui said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous post, what lovely images, thank you

maría cecilia said...

everything is blooming so beautiful in your garden my dear June, finally you can enjoy again all the sweet blossoms you have so tenderly take care of, what a wonderful moment this is!!!!

is it a magazine or an online place the Artful blogging where you have been featured?? would love to know about it.

lots of joy in your garden my dear

Carolyn said...

Hi June,
Such beautiful photos of your garden. You are ahead of us by a couple of weeks.I hope you don't get that hard frost.
Congratulations on the Artful Blogging feature-you are very deserving!
I was wondering how your garden was coming along as I was working in mine.I would love to find one of those Centurion Crabapples - they look so pretty.
Enjoy all that beauty!


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

As always June, your garden is showing how beautiful it is, only slightly earlier this year.....I think that the weather throughout most of the world is topsy turvy. It has been raining here for about a fortnight and, we still have our central heating on!!
Your photographs are wonderful have such a talent with a camera as well as being a gifted gardener and someone who can do beautiful things with fabric.
Wishing you a lovely weekend and please take more photographs of the lilac and blossom in bloom. XXXX

Unknown said...

your blooms are ever so lovley dear june! ours are just beginning to azaleas are almots in full bloom. yea! congrats on your artful blogging piece...i can't wait to read it! ;)

Julie Marie said...

Hi June, as always your photos are just stunning!... congratulations on being featured in Artful Blogging!!! I can't wait to get one... our Spring has been like a normal one this year too for the first time in ages... so we are ahead of last year by a long ways... your trees are all so pretty!... can't wait to see what all you paint, and also your giveaway wins!... enjoy these enchanted Spring days, xoxo Julie Marie

Heaven's Walk said...

Congratulations, June!! I just knew that your photos would be in a magazine someday, sweetie!!! They're always so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous garden with us today. I think we have some May Day trees in our woods. We can smell them a good 500 yards away! :)

xoxo laurie

Kate said...

Oh June,
How lovely every photo is!!! I love the inspiration its so beautiful. Congrats on another well deserved publication!

Love & hugs

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I can smell them from so gorgeous! CONGRATS!!!! So so happy for you!!!!!

jewels in the garden +: ) said...

Beautiful June! Your garden is starting to burst into spring colors! My spring will be ending soon so I will be looking forward to seeing all your garden pictures. Congratulations on your wins and magazine features!
Blessings, Julie

wendy said...

Well of COURSE you are an artful blogger.
I love all the blossoms on your trees. Our May day trees (If I had any) probably wouldn'b bloom until the middle of June.
The Lilac trees are BARELY starting to bud. We have had chilly temps and lots of wind.
I sure do miss all the flowering bushes and trees from when I lived in Utah.
Do I sound "bitter"........gosh, I guess I sorta am. Living in Alberta is a test of my endurance for sure.
So.........I sure do enjoy looking at your gardens etc.

Diane said...

Congratulations for the wonderful honor of being chosen for Artful Blogging. Your trees are so pretty June. I think we might be a little bit ahead of you here. Diane

pballard said...

Hi there. I am a follower of yours and would love to have you follow mine. I have been winning lately too. Congrats and have a beautiful weekend.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi June,

Always a special treat to come and visit you and see what is blooming in your garden. Love everything, dear friend and the beautiful photos you have shown.
Congratulations on having a feature in Artful blogging and for winning the giveaways.
Please send some of your rain - I had to buy water yesterday.

Happy weekend

Snooks said...

All that color in those blooms. The crab apple blossoms are a favorite. The forsythia bush is beautiful. Congrats on being in the Artful Blogger issue. Very exciting indeed!!!!

@ 3Beeze Homestead

j adore said...

ich liebe den Mai, wo alles blüht¨!!! wunderschöne Bilder.))

liebste Grüsse

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Your blooms are so very beautiful, June. We've had nothing but white skies this past week because of all the dust in the air. It's quite depressing. All the plants are just wilting from the heat and dust. Hard for anything to really bloom, including me. :/ Congrats on your Artful Blogging feature -- it truly is a joy to stop by and see your gorgeous little corner of the world. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

Dorthe said...

Hi dear June-
how I enjoy this post ,sitting with my morning cup of tea, looking at your stunning garden photoes. Nothing is as far here yet, and I can only dream of seing the beauty in some weeks here! In the meantime sweet June thanks for the morning joy-and congratulations on being in Artful Blogging that is so deserved- it is alwayes pure beauty visiting your blog!
Is it the number on the street,or the coming number, I want to order it!
Congratulations on winning giveawayes also, blogland are really filled with the most wonderful people-like you.
Hugs and love,Dorthe

Felicity said...

Bliss, bliss and more bliss.

As ever, you had me sighing with pure delight with every new blossom reveal.

Happy day my gorgeous friend and thank you for sharing your slice of paradise so generously.

suziqu's thread works said...

Ahhh so much beauty to see and feel when I come to visit here both from your heart and from your garden June.

Your May Tree is so pendulous and full of beauty! Is this related to the Verbena? We have the May Bush in our garden and, although with tiny white flowers, looks very different.
Your Crab Apples are pure delight and so full of the most divine fragrance and splendour when at their peak. We have several here also.

I would dearly love to walk around with you in your gorgeous Spring garden to share all the beauty with you but instead I will carry your heart with me as I sweep up the fallen red Grapevine leaves here in our Autumn garden.

I see you painting your new found purchases in between preparing garden beds and watching things pop - like your divine Lilac!

Will you post some of the pages published in Artful Blogging when it is released. We don't get that here.
There are so many wonderful Stampington issues to purchase.

Thank you for sharing your house and garden dearest friend and for visiting and leaving such a beautiful comment.
So great in sharing special times with your daughters too!

Sending much love and many big hugs across the waves!

My name is Riet said...

Hello dear June. Wow, your photo's are always so beautiful, don't know how you do it.:))) I love the crabapple blooms and they are just as lovely when they get that softer pink. Hope we can see that too.
Over here we had just one warm day and now it is so cold again with lots of rain every day. Hopefully summer will be beautiful . We can't have a whole year of rain.
Have a great week.
Hugs from Riet

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ohhhh June, it is no surprise that you would be asked to be in this wonderful magazine! My goal is to get in there and in Where Women Create. Tell me, do you need to be DISCOVERED or did you approach them?

Your photos are fabulous as always; I have no photos of my own but only my art. Oh well, once school is out, I must prepare myself to show something so I can at least try! I was interviewed however, by a local magazine that will feature my story about how I got started through blogging and Etsy..that's a start!!

Have a fun day in your lovely gardens!!! Anita

Olive said...

Hi June, I adore forsythia and it holds sweet memories for me. I love that you thrift and you found a bed and four chairs. That is wonderful except for the painting. I am not a painter either. Would rather dig in the dirt any day. I am delighted you are in ARTFUL BLOGGING as yours is the prettiest blog I visit. Have a blessed weekend. Olive said...

Hi June - it's a long time, since we have heard from you!
And now, you show us such beautiful flower pictures! I love them and I love Spring too, very much!
And congratulations that you have been chosen for the magazine! It is normal, you have such a wonderful home!
Enjoy Spring and your beautiful garden and horses, and I hope really, that YOU will be the first to be able to eat the cherries ;-))) Hugs, Barbara

Villa König said...

Oh June your photos are always so amazing, I love the little view into your garden with your wonderful trees!!! The may day tree looks gorgeous with all his little blloms. Wish you a wonderful weekend. Lots of Love Yvonne

the old white house said...

You make me want to just stroll through your yard with you... plus get myself one of those crab apple trees! Thank you for sharing the name with us, I didn't know exactly which kind I wanted until now :) I still haven't done much in the way of gardening over here, I have been helping in my Dad's gardens first and have been really enjoying transplanting and weeding over there. I too have had a couple of pretty busy weeks. So hopefully this week will slow down enough to see some progress outside! Thanks as always for the beautiful inspiration June! Your photos are just gorgeous and Congratulations on your feature in Artful Blogging... it is so well deserved! t.xoxooxo

Anonymous said...

June your Spring is lovely as usual! I feel like I should have put my veggie garden in weeks ago with how warm it is getting here. Spring came early here also which is just fine with me!

See I told you- that place of yours will soon be in magazine after magazine! How fun and I am so happy for you friend!

I have 1 week to get things ready at the house - I leave Mother's day to go to NM for a week and do have to get my garden in, 500 newsletters out, plus get the house ready for a blogging friend and hubby who are coming the day after I return! I am praying that God will work out all the details and just let me relax( which is a big job for HIm believe me!) I am helping a friend with her son's wedding while I am down in NM so have a bunch of prep stuff to do with that also. I keep reminding myself that this is part of the abundant life He brings us and am thankful I am so blessed!

Enjoy all those beautiful blossom friend!

bee blessed

Rostrose said...

Hi my Itsy Bitsy Spider ;o)
Wonderful blossoms are in your garden - here in Austria, the plants are one step ahead (shame!) ... The forsythia-bloom has already faded, apple and pear as well, at the lilacs are just some few cones beautiful. Spring is always too fast over for me! I keep my fingers crossed that the upcoming cold will make no big problems!
Congratulations on your feature in Artful Blogging - you've deserved it so much, my dear!
Have a wonderful weekend - I'm looking forward to your next post when you show your giveaway-prices (I've won, too - jippieeeee! :o))
Warm hugs, Traude

Anne Lorys said...

June, I was so thrilled when I saw you in Artful Blogging that I actully let out a squeal!!!

I can't think of anyone more talented or more deserving, my friend!


Junebug said...

There's my beautiful June! I love Spring time when all the blooms and color are in the yard. It makes me want to plant more and we both know that mean more work. But I'm working on a whole new area and just waiting for the temps to hit the fifties this morning before I go outside.

Congrats on Artful Blogger, I will have to find a copy. You know I have my collection of friend June publications! See that give me bragging right!

Can't wait to see your new finds all painted up. We both know I also hate painting. And spiders, eeeek!!

Take care dear one and maybe someday we can share a cup of tea and visit and giggle. Your friend June from far, far away!

Ann Marie said...

Your blossoms are beautiful!!!

I was taking note of the trees.. so when we plant some.. I know what blossoms to seek for! ♥

Have fun cleaning up for platime in the studio. I can deal with Spiders.. it's snakes that would keep me away... for good. haha

Enjoy all of your outdoor eye candy!

Congrats on another feature!

Much deserved.. Much deserved..

Anonymous said...

Another gorgeous post, June!!! I'm sure you're loving the early arrival of all your beautiful flowers! :)
Hope your weekend is full of joy!

jill said...

Hi June,beautiful photos as always,I do hope you dont get the cold spell you said about.It is very cold here in North yorkshire England today,I keep looking at the calender just to remind me which month we are in,it feels like march not may.Thank you for your kind comment on my blog I am now feeling a lot better.Love and hugs Jill xxx

flowersandhome said...

Wonderful blooms you share here! Thanks! Just what I needed on this rainy day, although you make even rain sound not so dreary, the way you describe it. Maybe I should just start painting as well ;-)

Patty in Oz said...

Your photos are awesome!! Thank you for brighting my Saturday.

Have a blessed day too!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi June,
It must be heavenly to stroll through your gardens and take in all of these lovely blooms for real. I love the photos and I can just imagine how lovely your surroundings are.
Congratulations on being featured. You so deserve it.

Sissie said...

My camera is fixed they say. Now maybe I can post. I'm so excited for you, I'll need to buy that magizine. All of the pictures hadn't posted so I'm going back to look at them.

Big Hugs

Rosine said...

Beautiful pictures,
beautiful spring!

Lovely greetings
Rosine ♥♥♥

Katherine said...

Congratulations. You are a talented photographer and gardener.... and well, you have an incredible eye for styling. This is an honour well deserved.
I look forward to reading all your posts in the upcoming season when your garden is brimming.

Pondside said...

The cherry trees seem to be even more beautiful this year than ever before. The lilacs aren't out yet, and I wait for them eagerly - their perfume makes them my favourite spring blossoms.
Congratulations on being featured in Artful blogger!

Lovey said...

Breathtaking...sending you hugs!

awal.ny said...

June your flowers are beautiful as ever. I hope you are enjoying some good weather for the preplanting season; meaning WEEDING. I have already been stocking up on some new plants for the gardens, they are in the safety of the garage until the last frost of the season. Happy Spring.

Christmas-etc... said...

Dear June,
So nice to visit with you and your beautiful garden again!! I love your May Day tree! Amazing that it bloomed for you this year and on May Day!
Hope all is well with you - it sounds like it is for which I am so glad!

Maison Beldecor said...

Hello dear June,
first... Congratulations on being featured in Artful Blogging!
Once again I'm overwhelmed from your beautiful blossoms... Your garden must be a paradise. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your garden will overcome the frosty nights.
Lovely greetings,

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Congratulations! Artful Blogging is such a great magazine.
Your trees are gorgeous! said...

Hi again June - thanks so much for your lovely comment! I love to hear from you, you are so sweet!
And I have to wait until the end of JUNE, until my lovely daughter Sofia will come back!
I am so impatient!!!
Have a wonderful time and sweet greetings from Switzerland, Barbara

Rosine said...

Dear June, I love your blog too. Beautiful flowers everywhere. I'll be back and I find you again in the www I have put to your readers.

I hope you come soon again to me ♥


Shabby soul said...

Darling June your garden is a Paradise for our eyes, and I can't wait to see it all blooming!!
Here in Italy we had a so bad times, an unusual cold and a lot of rain almost every day... So I really couldn't enjoy our garden yet. And I have to reproduce a lot of plants for our NEW (soon comung) garden!!
But our grass are as green as in England! =D
Many many congratulations for being on Artful Blogging, I wish we had it also here in Italy!!! Your blog is stunning! Hugs from me my darling friend

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning beautiful June! Oh how I love the colors you display from your header to each photo. THANK YOU for visiting me and I wish you a HAPPY Mother's Day next Sunday!!! Anita

One Shabby Old House said...

What beauty! Oh June, who wouldn't love waking up each morning to such discovery! I wish I lived closer. I would paint your furniture for you. I actually really enjoy it. I love seeing the transformation. Of course good music in the background playing is a must!

Debbie said...

I enjoyed strolling through your post today, June. Your Spring blooms are lovely.
How exciting to be chosen for a magazine article! I'm sure it will be awesome!!
Have a great week.

lalalulapilula said...

bellisimas imágenes. gracias por compartirlas. que tengas una linda y florida semana,
cuidate. Lula :O)

Unknown said...

The most AWESOME part of spring is the variety of regions within this world to bring us blossoms, when ours are gone ... yours are magnificent as expected, sweet June.

Congrats on your wins ... such fun to receive beautiful giveaways. Stay tune for our big one this week, celebrating 51 FAB years, despite the roller coaster ride.

I have over 50 lilacs, ahhh the aroma filling the air ... last year only ONE single bloom on one bush. This year NA-DA on any bush. Sigh, I was quite sad.

I never did find those roses but a gal made me some that will suffice. So anxious to share my newly done room with you. So hope you will enjoy it. I am not a decorator like you, but it is pretty, I think.

There is always such a peace & joy to visit you, my precious friend. On even the dullest day of my life you bring a warmth & smile to me.

Have a beautiful week ~
Hugs & love,

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Hi June,

Gosh, your garden is just breathtaking!!! How do you do it?!?! I am such the novice! I scroll through your pages showing my husband just how beautiful your blooms and trees are! I can only wish to have a fraction of that gorgeousness in my own garden one day. :) The inspiration on your page is just endless!!! I am in awe of all the beauty - I really am!!! Here's wishing you a most lovely week!


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hello June!
As I listen to the birds chirping outside my window and looking at your beautiful photos, it's almost like I am walking around your home! Your photos really make me feel like I am there!
Take care and have a wonderful week!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Junie!!!!!!! So thrilled for you.... you blog is so delish. Artful Blogger must be so excited to have you, Can't wait to see you inside those pages.

Green with usual. Your blooms are always.


Barbara said...

Your blooms are so beautiful, June. The crab apple blooms are such a vivid color. But lilacs have always been my favorite. We used to have so many bushes in our yard...all colors.
And I'd have forsythia all over the house. That summery yellow always made me feel warm weather was on the way! Spirits perked up! :)
Have a lovely week, June!

Donna Reyne' said...

Hello dear June!
I am about to head outside...I'm waiting for the dew to lift a bit first...and decided to see if any of my friends had posted recently... while I wait
June has been in the garden!
I love to see how Spring has sprung in your part of the world! It's so gorgeous! I really need to plant more Spring blooming trees...Yours just make me smile!
I do hope you didn't get a hard freeze! We had a few late freezes here but I ran around and covered everything with blankets and paint tarps! :)
So excited about your article in Artful Blogging! I will have to get a copy...between you and Rebecca...I seem to be buying more magazines than usual!
I hope you have a wonderful day!
Enjoying your beautiful blooms!
Hugs and much love

Bumpkin Hill said...

Beautiful as ever, we are having weather more like winter than spring here so it was extra special to enjoy your blossoms. Hugs, catherine x

Ana said...

Oh Ms. June,
I can hear it or should I say, read it in your words. The joy and excitment that Spring in your garden brings to your heart. Oh to be bless with such a wonderful green thumb and such an awesome love for gardening. You inspire me my dear friend.

Love ya,

Cindy said...

God, i love coming here... I can just feel how it feels there right now looking at these gorgeous photos. Love the flowering trees... i've tried to capture them in a painting, and it is so hard to get them just right. Is that a little pink birdhouse i see in the distance in one of the photos!? I think i was just inspired to paint one of my bird houses pink! Your garden is like a little piece of heaven, and congratulations on being in Artful Blogging, it is no surprise to me that you would be featured!


victorian parlor II said...


As always your gardens are absolutely gorgeous!!! I hope all is well with you:).



Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

June your pictures are so gorgeous!!!
Congratulations on being in Artful Blogging!!

Farah said...

Your cherry blossoms are looking so refreshing June, they are such a beauty and here now it is hot hot summer so it looks so soothing... Perfect photography perfect scenes ...
With love

Peonies & Magnolias said...

I love your cherry blossoms and even better the cherries that come later. Spring is such a wonderful time of year isn't it. All your other blossoms are beautiful too. Congrats on being in Artful Blogging. Hope you have a great rest of the week.


Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi June!! I just found your article in Artful Blogging, just amazing! And oh how I love looking at your beautiful blossoms thru the eye of your camera lens. so pretty June! Thanks so much for sharing all the lovliness of your corner of the world, xoxo

Victoria said...

Your blooming tree's are gorgeous! It must be so nice to have that space to go outside and garden in:)

Thank you for the well wishes with our move, only 9 days to go then we hit the open road!!!

Lana Manis said...

Oh June... your photos are always so lovely! I could sit and look through your blog posts all day long. :)

I wish I had a service berry tree. Reading about yours reminded me that my Grandpa Voiles (who passed away when I was a little girl in the 70s) used to make a "sarvis" berry pie. That's how he pronounced it and it wasn't until I was grown that I realized it was actually service berries!

I'm sure your porch will be so lovely when you get the bed settled in its new home. I'm looking forward to photos!

Have a blessed day. :)

Georgianna said...

Hello, dear June! Your garden photos never fail to get me sighing deeply. Everything is so beautiful! I'm thrilled for your feature in Artful Blogging - so richly deserved.

Wishing you a most lovely weekend ahead, dear.


– g

Candylei said...

Congratulations!!! When something is good you want to show and tell it! Your beautiful photography and your love of gardening makes us happy!

Tricia said...

Oh June, your flowers and photos are so pretty! What a wonderful garden you have. My crab apple tree has bloomed, now I'm just waiting on the lilacs...I love those! Congratulations on your Artful Blogging article. I'm so happy for you :)

Ivy and Elephants said...

Hi June,
Congratulations on the magazine feature! I'll have to look for the issue when it comes out. I'm so happy for you!
What lovely pics with everything blooming. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

WWW so cute pics:) thank you so much for sweet words on my blog. Its a shame you dont have twitter or FB though.

I hope you come back and visit me soon, I have more swedish inspiration for you:)

LOVE Maria at

farmhouse-story said...

your photography is so amazing, june! a big congrats on the publication:)

Nella Miller said...

Dear June, your beautiful photos make me long for more colour! So lovely! And being featured in Artful Bogging, no surprise....and so deserving! Enjoy the gifts from your hard work, June....sending you much affection this Mother's Day.

Nancy's Notes said...

Beautiful post! Flowers are gorgeous!

Suz said...

Such a well deserved honor. I can't wait to see it! This is so beautiful. I remember when I asked you if you were a are :-)

Wendy & Megan Chamberlain said...

Hi June
Have not been blog hopping for some time for many reasons. Thrilled to see all the beautiful pictures of flowers on your blog, spring is definitely a time of new beginnings. I have been busy working in the garden, planting out beans and tomatoes! Spring is well and truly over here with spring bulbs and flowering shrubs past their prime. We have a hosepipe ban in our part of the UK. Heavy rains have flooded some parts and eased the water restrictions but we still have not had sufficient rain to replenish the ground water levels. Will be thinking of hardier plants this season.
Congratulations on your Artful Blogging submission, well deserved. I love visiting your blog.

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Wow June!! Brilliant to be included in 'Artful Blogging'!!
I'm not really surprised as your blog is just SO gorgeous!

x Jane

Teacup Mosaics said...

Oh June! Your world is blooming beautiful, I am still in Florida and missing all the wonder of spring. Circumstances are such I can't return to celebrate spring time. Congrats on Artful Blogging, your blog has always been one of my favorites.
Take care! Kelley

Mary C. Nasser said...

So many beautiful photos!

Congratulations on being published in Artful Blogging!
Your article inspired me, especially the way that everything you see can be a potential blog post to you!

Wishing you all the best!