Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pretty is as pretty does...

One of the reasons I love to garden so much is that you can plant a tiny little start of something

and when the conditions are right it will grow into a plant that year after year  rewards you

 with with beautiful blooms like these.

I am always amazed by the miracle of it all.

In February and March I can look out on the gardens and wonder again, 'how will 
it ever happen'.

How will these plants that disappear under the soil ever find their way back above 

ground to give me such pleasure as this?

The peony is one such plant.

Early in the Spring a mature peony sends up little red shoots that grow into 
a large attractive plant and then blesses the gardener with these 
gorgeous fragrant blossoms. 
So decadent and showy that it can only manage to do it once in a season.

Can you believe that there are actually gardeners out there that think they are too much of a show off
and won't even have them in their garden?

They have to be the gardeners that never cut flowers to bring indoors to enjoy!

Because yes...
the peony can make the garden look a little sad and ragged after a storm.

Their pretty heads drooping and dirty from the soil splashing up on their petals.

But sometimes they can look like this!

In my garden,
when the peonies start to bloom, there is NO chance for them to get droopy and dirty.

I cut them as soon as the bloom starts to open and fill 
container after container of this beautiful flower.

I leave very few on the bush for others to enjoy as they drive by,
but I do leave enough for color in the beds.
I'm stingy that way  : )

Just looking at them sitting so pretty lifts my spirits.

So year after year, as I watch the miracle unfold in the garden again,
I will be waiting for the peony to put on her show and be thankful
again for them and all of my plants that find the strength
to come out of their sleeping and bless this gardener.

I have several of my later peonies that have yet to bloom,
so this will be far from the end of them.

My Auten's Pride is coming on now and they are the most 
fragrant variety I have. 

I love them in the house!

Mom just gave me two of her many crocks
 and I knew exactly what I wanted to use the little one for.

It's actually quite large, but not nearly as large as the other one,

I'm still thinking of how I want to use the big one...
and it won't be for pickles.

I am an awful pickle maker : (

but I can grow things!

Thank you all  so much for letting me show off my flowers from the garden.
You are all so sweet to keep coming back to my blog and being so thoughtful.
I really appreciate you!


Privet and Holly said...

And I really appreciate
YOU, June! Your pics
are always a feast for
the eyes and your love
for your garden and
home comes shining
through. Hope you
are enjoying a wonderful
start to the summer!

xo Suzanne

Katherine said...

June, Your flowers and the images of them are stunning. You have a true talent for showcasing the beauty.

There have been many images on the net lately of peonies {it is the season} - none are as beautiful as yours. I love it when you share your garden and home with us.

debi said...

June, your peonies are stunning! Oh, how I enjoy seeing your beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

I adore peonies and we are lucky enough to have some in our yard. Yours are so beautiful and your pictures are wonderful. Your Mom's crock looks amazing filled with your flowers!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi June: Oh, they are so beautiful. I too, look at the garden every spring and wonder will it ever be as pretty as the last time, but it always is. Although, I'm sad to say, I planted one peony plant about 3 years ago and every spring, it pokes above the ground and starts to grow, but it has not ever shown a bud, and soon it is swallowed up by those pretty, but really miserable, in comparison to the peony, mystery plant who someone said they looked like summer phlox. So that is my sad story but I will continue to enjoy your beautiful garden with you. Thank you June and have a great week..Judy

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said... grandma loved her peonies...except for the ants...!!
And those crocks are wonderful!

maría cecilia said...

Dearest June, you always uplift my spirit with wonders from your garden, be they these gorgeous and lovely peonies (the most beautiful ever!) or any of the beauties you grow is your garden... yes you can grow things... the most beautiful ever!!!!
sending you all my admiration for the beauty you share with us

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post June!!
Peonies are such an amazingly gorgeous flower, their blooms always make me so happy!
God is truly miraculous in his creations!!
Hope you have a wonderful week.

ShabbyESP said...

What beautiful flowers!!!
Thank you for sharing them with us...

Enjoy your week!!!

Suzann ~xoxo~

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi June, Thank you for beautifying my morning with your gorgeous pictures! The peonies are very lovely and the staging of them together with your turquoise bench and in your home is just fabulous.
Have a wonderful week :-)!
Hugs to you,

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Such a luxury of beauty and gorgeous bouquets! I'd pick them all too!

Anonymous said...

June I cannot imagine someone not planting peonies in their garden because they are too much of a show off!! Love those flowers- I had a few more blooms then last year on mine- maybe 10- what is the average amount of flowers on a bush do you know?

My 25 lavender plants are getting eaten up by little tiny bugs- hundreds on each plant! It has been extremely hot and windy and the gardens just cannot perform with such extremes. 100 degrees here today!!

bee blessed

Candylei said...

Peonies are the best! Especially yours! I wondered where you found the crock pot. I bet your Mom loves gardening too. Glad you are enjoying such beauty around your home and taking time to share it with us.

pballard said...

What a beautiful post to read right before bed... Makes me want to go buy a fresh bouquet of flowers. I have no green thumb at all. Given the chance I would kill a cactus I am sure.. Have a great week.. Thanks for inspiring me!!

Georgianna said...

Oh, my, dear June – you lift OUR spirits with your gorgeous photos and amazing, glorious flowers! I'm sighing over each image, just knowing how fragrant those bouquets are. I simply must plant more peonies this year! You are so wise to bring them in and enjoy them. Love this post!! hugs and happy new week.

xo said...

Hi, dear June!
I was already waiting for your wonderful peonies, which I have seen here in your blog, last year!
They are so beautiful. Unfortunately we haven't any in our small garden, so I admire very much yours!!!
Your pictures are always so pretty!
As you handle with your peonies, I do with our roses, but I am still waiting for their blossom, it won't be long!
Have a great start to this new summer week and enjoy life, as I do!
Hugs, Barbara

j adore said...

was für zauberhafte Bilder.))ich kann sie duften.)))
und die Farben ob Blumen oder Bank soooo wunderschöööööööN.))

GGLG Tanja

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear June,
You have the greenest of fingers and your peonies are a credit to your hard work in the garden. They are beautiful and to have them in such abundance is fantastic. I'm afraid that they don't like my garden very much. We have a few very old plants that were probably planted in Victorian times and they give me a couple of blooms but not enough to pick. ..... never mind, I have other lovely plants in my garden. I cannot believe that there are gardeners that won't have them in their garden.....they need to walk around your garden and your home to see what beauties they are !!!! They are one of my favourite flowers.
Sorry that I have been absent for a while. My computer finally gave up on me and I am now getting to grips with my shiny new MacBook Pro !!
Hope that you and your family are all well and that you are enjoying the Summer and your beautiful garden. .....P.S..... I love the old iron gate. You are so good at putting things together. Much love. XXXX

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello Dear June
Well what an amazing display of peonies!
There are not many roses and flowers that are more showey than these - and Oh! the colours are absolutely gorgeous.
I am so fond of the paler colours and they look amazing all bunched together like that. Just perfect for that turquoise bench and equally beautiful in those gorgeous white crocks from your mother.
Enjoy the blessings and fragrance they give you June - just stunning!
Big hugs and love,

flowersandhome said...

'If the conditions are right', that's so very well said June! Unfortunately the conditions in our garden are not that good for many plants, especially sunlovers and, well, most plants that are known as 'easy plants' actually. Plants have to love to stand in wet soil and in shadow to do well here, but after 13 years, I did discover such plants, most of them blooming in spring though and most of them always talked about as being 'difficult'. Not here ;-)

But I LOVE peonies and those just won't bloom here. It's not the soil I think, it's just not enough sun. I am thinking of putting them in a container and try that. I have many plants in containers already due to the conditions in the garden we just can't ignore. I've tried so many different plants. Sometimes it was so very frustrating when it didn't work out again with a plant and you start asking yourself what on earth you're doing wrong but it's those 'conditions'. A gardener has to listen and adapt to the soil, the light, the weather,.... I've learned all that in those years.

So happy I can enjoy the pictures of your beautiful peonies. I went to the market last friday and hoped to finally find some peonies but still there weren't any. I have the idea there won't be any at all this year. But I see them all over the internet which is the next best thing of course ;-)

have a lovely week,

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi June! Your peonies are so big and beautiful! I would love to have any kind of bloom in my balcony garden. I thought that most flowering plants needed to be cut in order for them to do even better the next season. It is amazing how things are able to come back after harsh weather, whether it be heat or cold or storm. Wishing you a wonderful week. Tammy

Anonymous said...

Your peonies are gorgeous,I have them also in my garden and I cut them to,the smell,so nice,the pictures you made are beautiful,have a nice week,greetings Musje.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

LOVE it all. White, aqua, lavender?? You have cornered the market on fantastic my dear. HAPPY DAY! Anita

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Morning June! x

Oooh! I love love love Peonies!!
I have some on my table right now, and I'm thrilled every time I walk into the conservatory and get a drift of their wonderful perfume.
And then..... I get to come over to your blogs and see TONS OF 'EM!!!!
What could be more perfect?

How anyone could possible not adore them is totally beyond my understanding.
Love and big big hugs dear June, I'm SO glad and honoured that you count me as one of your friends x

XOX Jane

blushing rose said...

I am in a hue piece of heaven every time I visit your gardens, June. Spectacular, awesome, amazing ... fragrant scents fill the air nearly. I wish I could cut & bring in my flowers, allergies ... so I have to be content to walk every morn thru them in the morning mist, to enjoy as I have my chats with God.

I am trying to fill my gardens in to be as lush as yours ... it truly is amazing how the flowers come from beneath the earth they have been nestled in, to see that first sign of 'life' to burst forth with more elegant blooms.

You are one amazing lady, June. Love the crock.

Have a beautiful day ~
Hugs & love,

Jane said...

The flowers are beautiful and your photos are stunning!!

Unknown said...

Such beautiful flowers! Your photos are lovely! Thanks for sharing.

Anne said...

June those peonies are just beautiful. I love how you have them displayed. Very nice.

koralee said...

Your blooms are lovely. I have been waiting ...waiting ....waiting for my bush to pop open. I am afraid they will not this year... beautiful big buds but they will just not I am going to cut some and see what happens...Hugs to you dear one...may your Monday be amazing. xoxo

Anonymous said...

They are beauties! I cannot grow them here, but LOVE coming by to admire yours, June. :)
Hope you have a great week!

Villa König said...

Your images are always so amazing. You are so talented!!! Lots of love Yvonne

Bente said...

Hi June. Your Peonies are gorgeous. So beautiful photos. You know how I try to make a beautiful garden, but I think that I will be old, grey and have no teeths before that happens. (smile). But I do have your photos to look at, so that`s ok.

Hugs from me

Peonies & Magnolias said...

We all appreciate you so much more! Your beautiful pics and gardens are glorious. Our peonies are long gone and seeing yours is a treat. We are now in the long hot summer mode and it is miserable. I already long for cool weather again. haha Have a great week.


Barbara said...

They are the Queen of flowers... and oh so beautiful!


My name is Riet said...

HI dear June. Two beautiful posts I saw jusr now. The lilacs are so pretty and your peonies are so beautiful. You make the most wonderful vases with flowers and that's what flowers are for, to give you joy don;t you think. Youw photo's are pieces of art.
Hugs from Riet

Vintage Home said...

What a delight to see these stunning flowers....I am very blessed to see these here, as we have a tiny garden & I have to buy my peonies after my sweet bushes finish their show! But i grown to cut...having flowers from the garden is a true gift to our home! Thanks for always sharing and inspiring...your home & garden are wonderful!

Beehive Needleworks said...

Dearest June...Oh I envy your grand bouquets of peonies! Sadly, our Springtime blooms vanished long ago. But, if truth be told, I did keep a great bowl of petals to dry...(selfishly) I shall cling to the garden well into the time when the snow is expected to arrive.
Thank you once again for sharing your lovely gardens...they give such joy to the average, work-a-day.
Ever fondly,

Unknown said...

Happy, happy, happy! Pinks, white and aquamarine are such a GORGEOUS combo, and I absolutely love your flowers. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos! Sandy at

Dorthe said...

Hello dear June,-
I am in love with your peonies, -they will not easy grow here, so I will look me satiesfied through your wonderful pictures. Thay are stunning in all their glory, and the most wonderful colours- how fantastic ,to be able to cut such a beautiful, and huge bouquet!
Hugs and love,Dorthe

A New England Life said...

Now that's exactly what I should do, pick them! Instead I let them all be ruined by the rain this spring. Such a disappointment to watch them die. I'm reliving their beauty through your images, June : )

Trisha said...

I miss my peonies so much...I must replant and start all over again! I am glad that all of your flowers are bringing you so much beauty and happiness sweet friend!


Susie said...

June, I love peonies. They just don't take the wind and rain well. But I have to say you always show us a beautiful big bunch of them :):):) Smiles, Susie

Teacup Mosaics said...

I love peonies, I like you am amazed every year when they return. I missed my peonies this year because of my late return home. So thank you for sharing yours, I never tire of them.
Happy Gardening!

jill said...

Oh one of the plants I love most they are just beautiful such a big flower but very delicate.I have not seen the yellow ones before .Your mums crocks look like they where made for them.My garden isnt really big enough for such a big plant but I have been thinking of having on in a big pot may have to mention it when my birthday comes along.Take care of your self June ,love Jill xx

Wendy & Megan Chamberlain said...

June your peonies are exquisite. So thrilled to see you sharing my favourite flower. I have only a couple of peony plants which I grow in pots, sadly I made the mistake this year of topping them up with fresh compost and they have grown beautiful leaves and no flowers! A learning curve, I should not have covered the 'crown' so hopefully next year .............

Cindy said...

Wow, it would never even occur to me that someone would think peonies were too much of a show off to be in the garden. I think they're fabulous! Yours look so so pretty. I'm curious which one is the late bloomer and the most fragrant? And girl, you sure can make things grow... your flowers always look so happy!


Debby said...

If you could see the sad little Peonies that I buy every year at the market during the few times that they are available each year you would laugh and tell me I am wasting my money. When I would go to NY to visit my son I would always purchase them for my hotel room. Next to hydrangeas they are my all time favorite. You are a lucky girl and your photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing!


Miss Gracie's House said...

I LOVE the pop of pink with the very happy...just like you:)

Victorian1885 said...

Hello June
Your Peonies look fabulous in your new crocks! I also love the colour of your bench... You sure can grow things!
Have a great rest of the week on friend!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Yes sweet June, you can grow things! Especially beautiful peonies! Your post lifted my spirits as always! Have a nice day my friend! xox

Olive said...

June, they are a splendid sight which I have never seen in person. Your images are as close as I get. Thank you for taking such striking photos. I bought a large pickle crock recently and a sweet older lady said I could make a lot of pickles. I replied I could but I had a prettier plan by far...wink. blessings, olive

Pondside said...

I haven't been able to get peonies to grow in my garden. This afternoon my daughter's MIL gave me an enormous bouquet of pink and white peonies and I feel RICH in blossoms! The big, blowzy blooms make me think of pretty girls in hoop skirts and layers of ruffled crinolines - I can't get enough of them!

Snooks said...

Love the peonies. They are so beautiful. I think my favorite is of the bunch laying on the turquoise bench. They look like folds in a delicate piece of lace fabric. the colors are so soft creamy. I love how they fill up the crock on the table. Perfection. Great pictures June.

@ 3Beeze Homestead

Just Me Again said...

I truly, deeply love your blog posts and pictures! Peonies totally MELT my heart! :)

J. Wecker Frisch said...

Hi June - It's been too long since I treated myself with a visit to your garden delights. Love the peonies but especially enjoyed the poppies on your (other) garden blog . . . that I just discovered!

I like your philosophy of cutting to enjoy inside, before blossoms get droopy or dirty. I think I will do the same with my pink hydrangea bushes which are loaded this year.

Good to see your pretties!

christine said...

ah june... i just love your garden, it always makes me smile. i don't often leave a comment, but i was talking with my grandaughter yesterday about her wedding which will be in 6 months... we were discussing flowers for her bouquet, she loves the look of roses,but wanted something a little different. we settled on silk peonies.. the next blog that i read was yours... so i am taking this as a confirmation of our choice !!! they are so lovely.. thank you xx

Debbie said...

I have to go out and dead head my peonies this it was refreshing to see your beautiful flowers today, June.
It's always such a pleasure to visit your lovely blog.

Victoria said...

Your flowers are almost as beautiful as you June! The photo's are so breathtaking, you could make greeting cards out of them:)

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! I could have bouquet after bouquet of those beauties. Peonies are one of my favorites. One of the things I regret after selling my Mother's house, is not digging up her peony bushes and trying to transplant them.

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

The blooms are a confection of delight, as are you June for sharing such beauty with us!
Susan x

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I could never tire of looking at your beautiful pictures June!

chateau de fleurs said...

What beautiful flowers your peonies are and I also loved your lovely pillows. Lovely things from your lovely heart! thanks for sharing them all! XO Christie

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Just breathtaking June! Your peonies are filled with beauty. Now I'm sad that I didn't cut more of mine before they got dirty & droopy. :(
They are fleeting, but boy don't they pack a punch?
I just love your blog & home (and garden)!

Charlene said...

June, Thank you for stopping by to visit today. Your peonies are stunning!!! I always love the peonies at Trader Joe's when I'm in California (San Luis Obispo) because it's toooooooooooooooooo hot here in Texas for these fragile beauties. So, thank you for sharing yours. ENJOY THEM! I DID!!! Have a great week!

Rostrose said...

You are right, dearest June - it's a miracle!
And your peonies are indoors and outdoors wonderful prinzess-girls!
I had to google, what "crocks" are - aaaaaah, now I know a new word in English! :o)) - they are a really pretty gift - and perfect for your prinzess-peonies!!!
Warm hugs my dear! Traude

Barbara Jean said...

LOVE the color of that bench. and what a pretty setting for your flowers.

have a blessed day
thanks for visiting me
barbara jean

Sandi said...

Your peonies are beautiful June and you have every right to be stingy. lol.

Carolyn said...

Hi June,
I don't know which I love the most the beautiful garden bench or your peonies! My peonies are coming on so fast I can't keep up to them.

Thank you so much for your kind words. It is funny because I study your garden just as closely and am always so impressed! The roses you asked about are therese Bugnet. They could use a pruning-that is why they are so tall I think.I love how they put out suckers that I move all around the garden. It is a good bloomer and does repeat but does not hold up well in a bouquet.
I wish you lived closer-think of the garden chats we could have and the plants we could exchange!!!

Enjoy your summer in the garden.

Take care,

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh, June....after seeing your gorgeous peonies - I miss mine so much! My fav flower of the garden next to my roses. I sure wish that they'd bloom all summer long, don't you? When mine were blooming, every room here at Heaven's Walk was filled with their big, blowsy, ruffly, fragrance. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos, my friend! :)

xoxo laurie

Maison Beldecor said...

Hello dear June,
I'm speachless... about so many gorgeous peonies, you lucky one. It's funny, my hubby recently said the same, after the winter the garden look so sad, can't imagine as it could be so pretty again, but now, in June... it is the most prettiest time of the year.
Wishing you wonderful hours in your amazing garden!

Tricia said...

You're flowers and your photos are always so beautiful...such a feast for the eyes! If had had a garden filled with peonies, I'd be just like you...they'd all be in my house. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

Always love your photos. You inspire me! Thanks for stopping by with your wonderful comments!


Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Just gorgeous! I love peonies. I wish mine would start blooming again. I moved them and they've been stingy ever since.
I love the crocks, too.

Julie Marie said...

Hello June... love your gorgeous Peonies... I cannot even imagine a gardener who would not want them in their garden and home... they must be "for show" only gardeners who want everything just so... and I am not one of those kinds of gardeners either!... they look so lovely on your blue bench and on the darling vintage crock your mama gave you... I too LOVE old crocks, and can't wait to see what you do with the big one... I DO make a pretty mean pickle if I say so myself!... but not in my crocks!... always love seeing what's blooming up your way... thanks for generously showing them to us... xoxo Julie Marie

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

My very favorite flower. Is it possible that you make them even prettier! Just such a lovely visit!

Vicki said...

June, I can't imagine anyone not wanting these beauties in their garden. I bought some at the market a few weeks ago and brought them home as a tribute to you, sweet lady. I didn't realize they would have such a sweet smell, too. I hope you have a beautiful weekend full of family and flowers and sunshine and everything you love! Vicki

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hi June,
I so love cut flowers, after all I am inside mostly and I want to appreciate them fully. Your peonies are just wonderful. I am glad you cut without guilt. Your lilacs are exceptional, I can just smell them from here.
We were 106 degrees today, a good time to cut and bring any blooms in.
God Bless

Draffin Bears said...

Hi June,

You must have such a green thumb, your peonies are the best I have seen.
Loved seeing your gorgeous blooms on what is a grey and overcast day here.
Thanks for sharing all this beauty with us.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend and spending some special time in your garden.
Carolyn said...

Hello my dear friend, your flowers and your charm warm my heart. We will be moving this month and when I settle I will be blogging.

Big Hugs
cindy g

Bumpkin Hill said...

oooooo a visit to your blog never ceases to lift my spirits and whisk me away to a magical garden! They are just the most beautiful flowers, what a treat to fill your home with flowers that you have grown yourself. I was just thinking the same thing today as I looked out at a mallow that I had grown from a cutting and is now in full bloom! Catherine x

Bumpkin Hill said...

oooooo a visit to your blog never ceases to lift my spirits and whisk me away to a magical garden! They are just the most beautiful flowers, what a treat to fill your home with flowers that you have grown yourself. I was just thinking the same thing today as I looked out at a mallow that I had grown from a cutting and is now in full bloom! Catherine x

Vanessa said...

What a gorgeous blog and garden you have. It's so inspiring.

Angela said...

Gorgeous peonies! How great they look so good - ours bloomed too quickly and I haven't seen many this summer. It's been sweltering for the last few weeks I'm afraid all my pretty flowers have almost died off! At least I have pretty pics to look at on your blog. Blessings!

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

Oh my, I could not LIVE without my peonies! Nothing more breathtaking than a bouquet fresh from the garden. However, here in these parts, they did not do well this year. Only one or two bloomed and then wilted. Not the usual display at all. Thanks for sharing yours June!

federica said...

Lovely colours, lovely flowers, lovely photos :) F.

Rostrose said...

Thank you so much for your always so sweet words, dearest June! I'm happy that you liked the Danube-Cruise. You said that you do have some beautiful places to visit in your Country - and I think that's very true! By the way: We will come to USA next October and see some of these beautiful places (in California, Utah, Arizona and Nevada :o) YEAH!!! :o))
Well, and now it's time to say SURPRISE, SURPRISE - please visit my newest post... :o)))) and you will seeeee :o)))))
Hugs from Austria, my dear!
And lots of hearts and flowers:
✿ܓܓ✿ܓ✿ܓ✿ ♥♥♥♥ ܓܓ✿ܓ✿ܓ
PS: Happy 4th of July!!!!!!

Bernideen said...

Everything on your blog is so beautiful!

Maruxanascimento @ said...

Absolutamente maravilloso tu blog.
Muchas felicidades
Un saludo.