Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lavender living...

The lavender is now blooming in the garden.

I wanted to make some lavender shortbread cookies, but having
never made shortbread with lavender before,
I made the mistake of using fresh lavender and instead of mixing it into 
the dough, I added it to the top of the cookies only.

you can't believe how the oil from the fresh lavender smoked up this kitchen!

But, my house never smelled more delicious.
For days!

The cookies were delicious!

Perfect with a bowl of ice cream.

 and speaking of bowls... 

The beautiful bowls were a birthday gift from my sweet face to face friend Sarah.

Such a pretty gift from a lovely friend!
Each bowl is a different neutral color starting with white and 
then to ivory, to cream and to a soft butter yellow.

I LOVE them!

I have been madly harvesting the lavender so I can use it in 
future projects.

I lost about nine of my plants to our cold winter this year, 
but I still had a huge harvest.

The floor of the studio is covered with cut lavender drying and that is just the first crop.
I used to bundle it and then hang it, but I just have too much now to do that with it,
so now I lay it on newspaper and let it dry.

After it dries, the hard work begins.

Taking it off the stem is a job I save for evenings while watching movies.

It's time consuming and  I do a lot of sneezing while doing it.

I have an allergy to one of my favorite plants to grow and craft with.
But I would never let a little thing like that stop me  : )

Thank goodness for Benadryl!


Diane said...

I wouldn't either. Beautiful post June. My lavender is a little behind yours. I always love to look in on your garden and your life. Hope all is going well with you and your family. Blessings, Diane

Julie Marie said...

Oooh I love your lavender June... I used to grow an entire bed of it at our little farm, and dry it as well... now, my allergies get the better of me and even benedryl won't help me with that... and I LOVE the smell so much!... your new bowls are so lovely... and ice cream with one of your cookies sounds good... maybe this is a dumb question, but does the lavender bother your allergies when you eat the cookies?... or have the oils all cooked away?... they are so pretty!... xoxo Julie Marie

Anonymous said...

June did I miss your birthday? Happy belated birthday friend! Love those sweet bowls your friend gifted you with!

Your lavender is gorgeous- I wish I could say as much for ours. WE planted 25 lavender plants this spring for the bees. It looks like only 3 maybe 4 will survive. (hubby keeps watering all those plant wells with just sticks in them - he is the optimist in the family!) It got so extremely hot here and then we had this infestation of some sort of teeny tiny but that just covered the plants. I bought 12 more plants a few days ago as they were over 1/2 off and thought I would try again.
I think I need your green thumb to come plant them for me so they might live!

bee blessed

Patina said...

Oh, I feel your pain June. I sit in my living room with a box of kleenex by my side, it's been my best friend lately. (o:
Your lavender is just beautiful as well as your pictures. And boy, do those cookies look good, I'm going to have to try making them sometime.
Have a great evening.
Big Hugs,

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

How wonderful to have your own lavender fields....I know it must smell heavenly!

summersundays-jw said...

I'm working on a second harvest. It's been a great season for lavender. It apparently loves hot temps. Jan

Unknown said...

I love the smell of lavender. It's one of my favorites. I have tried over and over to grow it here. I never have had any luck. I wonder if it's the humidity?

maría cecilia said...

so sweet of you loving lavenders so much that you don´t mind your allergy!!!... so much to learn from you my dear June... and the cookies, oh! wish I could try them.

To me, lavenders are so pretty but I really don´t like their perfume, even I have tried but unsuccesfuly and still have many bushes at my garden... hoping for someday to be in love with their perfume.

hugs my dear

NanaDiana said...

I wouldn't have known how to proceed with the cookies either! lol I love that they turned out anyway.

Your lavender is so gorgeous. I don't suppose you want to know that MyHero pulled out my great big plant because he thought it was a weed? xo Diana

jewels in the garden +: ) said...

YUMMY June......all of it!!!!

White Lace and Promises said...

Love the aroma of lavender. I used the essential oil in calming my Nursing Home residents. Absolutely adore your bowls. said...

Hi, dear June; I can say, that everybody can make mistakes. But sometimes, exactly these mistakes, are turning into a wonderful experience - like it did with you!!! I can imagine, who lovely was the smelling of your lavendula!
I also cutted my-ones yesterday.
And we have so many roses, that I have put them everywhere in the weekendhouse!
Enjoy your Sunday, dear June, hugs, Barbara

Monica said...

What a delicious scent! I can smell it through the monitor.
The bowls are perfect June, you have such a lovely friend!

Junebug said...

I so love lavender and mine is a little behind this year. I'm so laughing for if I took Benadryl I'd be sound asleep. It knocks me right out!

What pretty bowls! I have swore off ice cream for I need to attend ice cream anonymous. I can not eat one bite or even one bowl.

Here's to enjoying our summer Sister!!

The other June!!

nelly said...

Страхотна публикация!!! Толкова хубава и голяма реколта лавандула, обичам я. И бисквитите... изглеждат много вкусни и сладки чак усещам аромата им. Благодаря ти за тази лавандулена феерия в която ни пренасяш.
Поздрави и хубава нова седмица от мен.

Barbara said...

Hi June,

I love the scent of lavender and I can imagine your house smelled delicious for days.

Oh... how I would enjoyed your cookies with ice cream served in those beautiful bowls. So I imagined me visiting you and enjoy those treats together.


chateau chic said...

Your lavender is beautiful, June! And those shortbread cookies look delish.
Mary Alice

the old white house said...

Good Morning June! Hannah and I want to make lavender cookies and lavender lemonade. I have 2 plants myself but want to start a whole garden of it. Since I use it so often like you do, I think I need my own source of the goodness! Thanks for the tips on how to or (not to) use the lavender in your cookies, I'll pass it on to Hannah, she is actually our resident baker over here! Your post about summer is so gorgeous, plus your love of summer makes me want to move to the country again and enjoy the sweet sounds of quiet with a mix of the tractor. Have a fabulous day and thank you once again for beautiful inspiration! t.xoxoox

paola said...

I absolutely love the colours of your post! And I can smell the scent of among my favourite flowers :)
Have a nice Sunday!

Polly said...

soooo pretty and those cookies are like artwork...........they look so yummy too! it's always beautiful here!

Deborah said...

HI June! Oh everything about this post is so beautiful! The lavender looks heavenly and those shortbread scrumptious. :)
I love shortbread but always wait until Christmas to make them...why is that? You've inspired me to take that "once-a-year" action out of the box and make it anytime! Thank you! Lol
As for those bowls...they are so so so cute! June I have a "thing" for bowls and I love these too! The neutral colours are gorgeous...what a sweet friend to think of you that way, and how nice that she knows your tastes so well.
The photos that you've captured here are as always, "breath-taking"! I have to tell you..I planed lavender a few years ago, but I believe a few of the plants returned the following year and then nothing after that. ?? Maybe too cold of a winter?
Anyways, enjoy the lavender..cant wait to see how you use your
Love & hugs to you sweet friend xo

Much love,
Deborah xoxo

My name is Riet said...

HI deaR JUne. I never heard of lavender cookies but I can imagine what it would be like. I love lavender and its smell. Love your photo's and the bowls. What a lovely gift.
Hugs from Riet

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Yummy! I do have lavender in the yard but not sure if it's the right one to cook with, so last weekend in Old Town I purchased a bag of lavender ready to use for tea and baking. Thank you for motivating me on trying a recipe June. I will bake this week.
Love Love your bowls. I do have 2 similar bowls and they are my boys favorite ones. Happy Sunday to you June. Ciao Rita

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Lolling around in lavender! I could get into that, sneezes and all! How heavenly!

Anonymous said...

How perfectly gorgeous, June! I started two munstead lavender plants this year and I cannot wait to be able to enjoy the blooms!
~ Zuzu

Angela said...

Oh my goodness, you are funny. And talented. Wish I could grow lavendar in zone 5, but have never had any luck. Ironically, I was just considering my good fortune yesterday while watering the garden as my husband was stuck inside with severe allergies. I can't even bring bouquets inside. He hates tending gardens so is not saddened by that part of it (though it is debilitating), but I would be soooooooo sad if I couldn't get right in the middle of the garden every day. I love your blog and your projects. You have a lot of talent and creativity and beauty.

Pondside said...

It's my favourite scent - I can just imagine how your house and studio must smell!

Carolyn said...

Hi June,
I love lavender and lavender shortbread cookies. I love the photo of the lavender growing in your garden. I haven't had as much luck with it as you so now I will have to try another variety maybe.
Your home would smell wonderful!


Katherine said...

Kudo's to your friend - the bowls are wonderful.
I like lavender, it always seems so romantic.

stefanie said...

oh, all the photos are so beautiful!

Olive said...

The cookies are sublime. I cannot grow your lavender in this inferno but I do grow English lavender on the deck and can make cookies with it. Have fun with the drying. Ever tried Zyrtec instead of Benedryl? It is a very good for outdoor allergies and I take it every day-the generic kind. xoxo, Olive

Unknown said...

the smell of sweet lab=vender in bloom is beyond heavenly. i can almost imagine how your home is filled with its dreamy scent when you work and cook(?) with it. ah...lovely! I always like to keep a small dish of it by my bedside and, in my guest room, whenever I have a guest. It makes for sweet dreaming!! happy day to you dear June! I hope to see you on the 14th at The Where Bloggers Create party! Your studio is divine!! ;)

Cinderell@'s wereld said...

:) lovely

Anne said...

It must smell heavenly.I may have to try this sounds delicious too.I just love lavender.Just not enough of it around here.I may have to order some online.

elena nuez said...

simply wonderful!!!

a big hello from Spain,

Jacqui said...

What a lovely post! I can smell the cookies and the lavender while I read it!

Debbie said...

Lavender is my favorite too!
I went back and read your previous posts. I agree with you...summer is slipping away so fast.
Michigan has such a short season, and I'm afraid it's already half over.
I just went to the greenhouse today for more roses. I can't seem to get enough of them.
Does it seem you are enjoying this summer more than most for some reason?

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

Yes, I also rely heavily on the blessings of Benadryl - especially this season of the year! Your lavender looks lovely. I got my first heather plant this year, but am wanting more lavender in future so I can dry and save stores of it.

Alaina said...

You are so funny June, you work with lavender and you are allergic. Beautiful pictures, my lavender did not turn out as long stalked as yours so I am planning on leaving them on the plant. As much as the rest of my flower gardens are not enjoying the heat and no rain, the lavender is getting huge. I am thinking I need to add more lavender to my gardens. I hope you are having a wonderful summer puttering around the gardens.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi June,

I know how wonderful the fragrance of lavender must be at your place.
Isn't it such a beautiful and versatile plant. I love it too.
Your cookies look delicious and love your sweet bowls.
Congratulations on winning Traude's giveaway, have just visited her and saw you were one of the lucky winners.

Happy new week

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh, I bet your house smells fabulous, not only from the cookies , but the drying lavender. I am green with envy I would give anything to be able to grow it, but it is to humid here in Florida...You're a lucky girl!


Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hello my dear June, oh, the scent of lavendar ... very yummy. I can imagine how wonderful your kitchen must have smelled. I'm sorry about your allergie. It's especially sad being allergic to something you love so much.
The bowls are very pretty. What a wonderful gift.
Have a happy week :-)!
Hugs to you,

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

HA starts about March here..and ends about Nov. if we are lucky...that is Southeast TEXAS for you !
But YOUR flowers "know" they only have so much precious time to grow and they are so much more hearty and beautiful than ours here...the sun will kill ours in about 18 hours, if I don't get them in.
So I have to come to blogs like yours to really enjoy the beauty.
Which you have in ABUNDANCE in your garden dear one.


Rozmeen said...

Hi June,

How are you?

Love these pictures ..hmm I can allmost smell the lavendel :-)
We just came back from France.

Do you have vacation plans?

Wishing you a lovely day.
xoxo Rozmeen

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Living with lavender is essential for me. The perfume stays in my home for years since I have bunches of it everywhere! Oh how beautiful are your images my dear! MUCH LOVE TO YOU THIS DAY! Anita

Vicki said...

Hi, June, my friend,
I know your home must smell heavenly and how I would love to join you for a cookie and bowl of ice cream! Your kind friend gave you some lovely bowls, just your style, too. I hope you have the best of weeks ahead! Sending love and hugs to you~ Vicki

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Oh, I can smell that heavenly scent now...the cookies look yummy, too. How blessed you are to have such a lavender harvest - sneezes and all!
Beautiful photos as always, June. :)

Carole said...

What a great way to spend time in front of the television. You know I've never asked you what zone are you in? Just wonder which lavender works there.


wendy said...

I absolutely ADORE lavendar. I wonder if it will grow here in Alberta??? I had some in my yard in Utah.
Never heard of putting it on cookies??
and those bowls.......LOVE THEM. Perfect for you (and if I ever find any, perfect for moi)

Unknown said...

Oh, my they look so deelish, June. And your lovely birthday bowls ... with ice cream ... yum! I'll bring the lemonade.

I can't be near lavender at all, but I can picture you sneezing away but not giving up on your favorite hobby, culling the seeds.
Come see the fabulous fabrics that we got in ... the best is the french chic grain bags ... everyone is soooo into them now.

Have a beautiful eve my friend
Hugs & love,

Jennifer said...

These look so wonderful and your photography is lovely!
Thanks or such a beautiful post.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hello June!
Those bowls are just so you think you could fill one with some ice cream and a cookie for my breakfast?!

Cindy said...

I love this post! The colors of the lavender, bowls and cookies are so beautiful together! I have a small bucket with lavender this year. I was thrilled when I got a handful of blooming lavender! I can just imagine how wonderful your yard and studio smells!
xo Cindy

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Well how lovely those biscuits look! And who lets an allergy to something you love stop anything, its a trial but worth every sneeze I'm sure.
I've got some of those little bowls too!! Pink, blue, green and cream, they are delicious aren't they? I always use them to put the pistachio nuts in when my little grand-daughter arrives, she loves'em!

Big hugs dear June XOX

Koren said...

Lavender is so beautiful! I can picture in my mind your studio floor just covered in Lavender. You should take a photo...
That's really too bad that you lost so many plants, it's funny cause I haven't lost mine, but perhaps the 5' of snow gives them protection from the -35 to -40 degrees weather.
As usual I love your photos you really know how to put them together and you have so many beautiful things.


FrauHummel said...

Oooohhhhh.... i can smell this wonderful scent...!! I also love lavender, but unfortunatly, my lavender in the garden is sick, i think. Maybe too much rain this summer? I dont know. But i like your photos and i will come back to your lovely blog!
Wish you golden hours,
kind regards

Bumpkin Hill said...

your home must smell heavenly! I used to make little lavendar bags for the clothes drawers as gifts for my Mum and Granny. It is raining so much here that I am not getting out in the garden as much as I would like. Just about to leave for a trip back to the UK and hope to visit some gardens and take lots of photos :) x

victorian parlor II said...

How wonderful!!! I can smell the lavender and fresh baked cookies as I read this:).



Rostrose said...

My dearest June, I'm sooo sorry that I didn't write you yet: This week (hmm, first I wrote "this weak", and I think, thats some kind of truth, because that's what I am feeling this week ;o)) was really "heavy stuff"! Much work at home and in the office, lost 2 teeth and so on...
Thank you for writing me your address - and thank you for all your sweet words!!! ♥♥♥♥ I hope I can manage it to bring the giveaway-parcels tomorrow to the post-office!!!
♥♥♥♥ Your lavender-photos are so pretty, June, and your cookies-story was absolutely nice & funny to read! What a good luck that they nevertheless tasted really delicious!!!
♥♥♥♥ Warm hugs, my dear!!!

Anne said...

June your cookies look scrumptious. I think I can smell the lavender from here.

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh your lavender cookies sound heavenly! Love this pretty post! xox

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

So beautiful! And your cookies look so pretty. I bet they were good with a bowl of ice cream. And those bowls! Wow! They are gorgeous, too. Your photos are always so peaceful and lovely! Wishing you a great day. Tammy

Lovey said...

Beautiful post!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I can never get lavender to grow! Yours is beautiful~and the cookies look delicious.

The Spanish Dahlia said...

Hi June~
Found you on Maria Cecelia's lovely blog. Your lavender is so beautiful. Your pictures are absolutely amazing! I just recently bought some Hidcote lavender to add to my garden in the front yard, can't wait to see what it will look like in a couple years! Hopefully as beautiful as yours!
~ Stephanie

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

A girl can never have too much lavender....allergies or no allergies!!! Love your pretty photos June. As always your blog and photos bring me happiness.


Claudia said...

Thank goodness for Benadryl indeed! I don't know what I'd do without it. Your lavender is beautiful, your cookies look delicious and your photos are gorgeous.


Reading Tea Leaves said...

Dear June,

Your cookies look very good indeed. I LOVE shortbread!

Despite all the rain here in the UK my lavender is looking superb ... I love their scent as you brush past them .... However my sister has a lavender allergy too and couldn't stop sneezing when she came to visit the other day!

Thank you for your lovely comment to my last post. I have at long last had time to pop on another!


Sandi said...

Those cookies look amazing June!! I can almost taste them from here. :)
Gorgeous photography also!

Anonymous said...
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A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

I am sooo completely envious of your gorgeous lavender! I love that plant sooo much, I would love to learn how to grow it too!!! Though I'm not quite sure it can grow well where I live. So for now, I'll enjoy looking at all the beauty on your blog. :) I love to use lavender oils and scents for my home too!!! Have a great day!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

June, I was going through your posts and catching up with you and saw this one. OMG, I've been looking for a shortbread/lavendar cookie recipe, would you mind sharing yours. They looked really good. I got my lavendar from a local lavendar farm and did you know you can't use just any kind of lavendar for baking, it has to be a certain type because of the campo in them? I learned that at that farm. Anyways, hope you are well and thanks, Theresa