Saturday, September 8, 2012

Using up the peonies---

I can hardly believe that I have finally made something new.

My old peony wreath was getting very faded and tired so I decided to make a 
new brighter one for the wall.

The peonies are actually left over from last year and have been in the loft of 
the studio for over a year now.

 The peonies didn't dry well this year because of a rain storm that got them 
before I did, so I am glad I had these left over.
I picked the Annabelle hydrangeas in their green stage for this wreath and I 
like how bright and fresh it looks. 


The reflection was a happy surprise.

A couple of leftovers for the coffee table.

Since I have become such a lazy blogger 
I have missed sharing some of the photos I've 
been taking of the roses and other blooms in the garden.

So if you will indulge me,
I have a few to share
more like a whole bunch!

The Fall roses are always brighter and richer in color
than those that bloom in the heat of Summer.
Maybe it's just the slant of the light we have this time of year that makes it so,
but I love it!

-I couldn't help taking photo after photo of them-

The Morden Blush are blooming again.

Their soft pink is perfect with the turquoise bench.

They are pretty special on the bush too.

More roses along the driveway.

The hydrangeas are blooming finally.

I know my year is later than many of your's,
but better late than never I guess   : -)

Casa Blanca lilies in the living room

and in the garden

I also wanted to post some of the photos I have taken in the garden 
the past two weeks. 

hydrangeas, roses and garden phlox

  My little tool bucket hanging on the tree.

Below are some wide shots of the rest of our place
(that I wish Dale would let me make into garden : )

Most of the garden beds are on the other side of this hedge.

After all the work that I have done this Summer in the garden though,
I think he just might be right!

I really have a hard time sitting down at the computer even to check my 
e-mails these days because it has been such a beautiful Summer.
Soon the weather will turn cold and you won't be able to whip me hard enough to go outside,
and my computer will once again become my best friend.

So hopefully it will be 
bye-bye lazy blogger!


Katherine said...

Quality not quantity! And you always deliver on quality.
I cannot believe the flowers in the wreath are a year old. They are so vibrant and pretty.

Julie Marie said...

Sooo beautiful June!... your gardens are still so lovely, and ours are looking rather shabby... (but not chic!)... it has been a dry year and things did not do as well as usual... love your new wreath!... the pink and green looks so pretty together, and I love the photo of your old bucket on the tree... you're right... soon it will be winter and I will be inside alot more too... but before that happens, I hope we both get to enjoy a brilliant Autumn... xoxo Julie Marie

Tania said...

Just breathtaking June. Your garden is such a delight. The wreath is beautiful, I so wish i could grow peonies here. I put one in the fridge this winter and have planted it out in the garden now just to see what happens.
Tania xxx

Diana Seal said...

WOW June, love your pictures, such a beautiful yard! We didn't had a very good growing year around here, hoping for better next year.
Your wreath is amazing!
Have a great weekend!

Heaven's Walk said...

Your gardens and your flowers and your vignettes just leave me speechless, June. They are just incredibly beautiful! If I had a yard that looked like that, I'd be spending all my time out there, too. Amazing! Just amazing!! And I never knew that peonies would dry so beautifully! You've got some talent, girl!

xoxo laurie

Unknown said...

Magical beauty lies within your property June. I was chomping at the bit to see what you had posted ... & it was well worth the wait.

You literally take us away with the gorgeous gardens & florals you have ... TY for sharing each one. Your home decor elegantly brings a rose full bloom. They are full & rich ... can nearly smell the aroma lingering ...

Your country side is spectacular & so scenic. It has to be a joy to just linger in the surroundings, peacefully.
If only mine were as beautiful as yours.

I envy your hydrangeas ... I have a couple of newbies that still have blooms. I have to go to our bedrooms to enjoy the hydrangea beauties Celeste has created on my trays for me to enjoy. Dying to show you my hydrangea bedroom next week.

Went over to your garden blog & it just blows me away ...

Have a lovely week.
Hope you are all enjoying the eve ~
Hugs & love,

Mimi Sue said...

Your garden is so beautiful! Worth all the hard work. I love your wreath! It's in my favorite color combination, green and pink. Mimi

NanaDiana said...

June- I can see why you spend all your time outside in the summer. Your gardens and flowers are so very beautiful. I do have to say that I love seeing some green areas, too. Gorgeous-gorgeous-gorgeous- xo Diana

Diane said...

Your garden and flowers are so lush and beautiful and the wreath is so pretty. A garden is a work of heart and yours surely is too. Diane

Terra said...

The colors in your new wreath are subtle perfection, and ALL of your flowers and bouquets are fabulous.

{oc cottage} said...

yippee! there you are! ashy but there! ;} LOVE the wreath...and by "love" i mean covet!
hang in there...FALL is on it's way! ;}

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ m ^..^

Pink Princess said...

LOVE the new wreath, such beautiful colors. And your roses are awesome, they are my favorites too, together with Hydreangea's :)

Hugs from HOT Thailand.


Debby said...

Beautiful beautiful pictures

{oc cottage} said...

comment addendum...HOLY MOLLY that is THE most gorgeous wreath ever made in the history of all HISTORY! {much drool & swooning going on to the south of you! ;} and if that Dale needs a talking to about your garden just let me know! i am sure EVERYONE will agree with me that we CANNOT get enough of your AWESOME garden!!! ;}

this was a post SO worth waiting for, missy! thx!!


Queenie Believe said...

Your wreath is absolutely beautiful!!
I so enjoy seeing the photos of your lovely flowers and garden. A little slice of heaven.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Hearts Turned said...

Absolutely gorgeous, June! Loved each and every beautiful glad you shared them with us!

I especially love the pink roses against the turquoise bench--one of my favorite color combinations...

I'm such a rose lover, too--I have over 150 buses (almost all David Austen English roses) as well as quite a few heirlooms--and I love them all!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!


Draffin Bears said...

Dear June,

As always, such a delight to come and visit you and your magnificent garden and flowers. I could get lost in all the beauty. I adore your new wreath and the combination of the peonies and the hydrangeas, just perfect.
Glad you are enjoying the beautiful summer days and yes, the computer time can wait until the weather is cooler.

Enjoy the weekend

Faded Charm said...

Oh June, thanks for sharing all your beautiful blooms with us....sigh! Your garden is just heavenly, my friend. How do you keep so much grass green this time of year? Our big lawns are all dead since it's either water the flowers or grass and I choose my blooms anyday, although I don't really like looking at brown grass:-(

Oh well, the rains will be here before you know it and everything will be dripping wet and green again!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend:-)


Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hello dear June, I always enjoy my stroll through your awesome garden which radiates an athmosphere of calmness and peacefulness. Your choice of flowers and colors are right up my alley.
Your peony and hydrangea wreath is very beautiful. Good thing you had some peonies from last year to use for it and the pink looks so fresh, like you had just dried them. I love your rose bouquets too as well as the pretty jars and jugs you put them in.
Enjoy more summer days and have a lovely Sunday, dear friend!
Big hugs to you,

The Polka Dot Closet said...

That wreath is gorgeous!!! You will never have to twist my arm to look at pictures of roses and flowers...Gorgeous!


A Fanciful Life said...

Oh my gosh, June. It's all so gorgeous as usual. I just love the colors in the wreath. Everything looks like it has come straight out of a home magazine - it's breath taking!


suziqu's thread works said...

Just don't know where to start here June - everything is GORGEOUS! but hey I have to ask how do those peonies hold their colour for so long? That wreath looks like from here that it has been made with fresh flowers.
Love all of your sweet and simple rose arrangements in pots and jugs - they blend so beautifully with the turquoise.
Love all the stunning white Phlox - can only imagine the fragrance from these and the blues of the Scabiosa - just Wow!
But mostly to view those long distance shots of your garden June give us a real sense of the beauty contained within - I think Dale has some good advice about extending too!
Thank you sweet woman for sharing all this amazing rose beauty with us. It would not have been quite the same without seeing it all!
Sending you big hugs across the waves as you approach the start of Autumn.
x Suzy

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Oh June,

Your site has to be one of my MOST FAVORITE blogs! I am always constantly inspired whenever I visit and see what you have been up to. I can only aspire to be as creative and talented as you in the garden and with everything else in between! Wishing you a lovely rest of the summer ~ ENJOY the beauty of the season!


Home and Lifestyle said...

Your wreath and garden are wonderful, I like it so much!!

Happy Sunday! Hugs, Ingrid

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Your wreath is so pretty! Peonies is one of my favorite flowers but I have never tried to dry them. So pretty! Your rose photos are gorgeous too--enjoyed your post!

Bonjade said...

Oh such beauty overhere.....
Makes me me the ultimate summer feeling.

Fine day

Angeline said...

BEAU-TI-FUL!!!!Those dried pionies!May I ask you how you dry these?The pink color stays very well...I dried some this year but the pink color was almost I'm very curious how you dried yours!

greats from Holland!

awal.ny said...

Just so beautiful, love the colors of the roses. Glad you had a great summer. It has been that way here too. It was the first week back to school and the pool is still open because the days are in the 80's. I know it won't last but we are enjoying this beautiful weather, fall is on it's way though, the trees are turning colors and the nights are getting colder. Soon our days will be filled with pumpkins, pies and little ghosts and goblins. Have a wonderful weekend.

Claudia said...

I love that wreath, June. So lovely with the combination of hydrangea and peonies. And every time I see that turquoise bench, I start to drool!


Geli said...

Hallo June, the wreath is very dreamy! I love your blog and your garden is a dream!!! Have a nice sunday, Geli

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh June,

You truly take the most beautiful and Koralee over at Bluebird notes...I envy you both!!!!!

Your peonies, your home, your horses, your property......stunning.


Unknown said...

I love your garden.......just so so beautiful. That wreath is gorgeous! OH........just love when you post garden pics.

Victoria said...

Your garden is so beautiful June! I love the little garden gate through the hedges. It must seem so magical to your grandchildren!

Your wreath is gorgeous!!!

Victorian1885 said...

Hello Dear June
You know how I feel about your photography.... Wow!
The new wreath you have designed is perfect in your lovely home and I can't get enough of the old sealers filled with florals... love the colours together.
The amount of work you must have to put into your gardens must be extensive. Our leaves in the Valley are starting to change and Fall has started in our part of Canada... so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your little part of Heaven with all of us! Take care and enjoy the new week ahead.

Tricia said...

Oh my goodness, June, you are surrounded by beauty...your yard, home,'s all so pretty! Your wreath turned out beautiful. The colors are so bright! I have to tell you too that I'm in love with the shot of the flowers sitting on a little stool with the yellow towel hanging behind them...oh so pretty! I have the same birdbath that you do, the iron one on a stick :)

Terry said...

Gorgeous! Everything is stunning! I have neglected my blog this summer also. You inspired me to get back on track. Thank you!

Have a joyful day,

Unknown said...

such a breath of fresh air! most of my blooms are gone now and the fall mums are bursting. i so miss my beloved pink roses. merci for sharing all of YOUR lovely blooms dear june! ;)

Unknown said...

My first thought: "This must be a glimpse of heaven"! Such beauty. It must be so wonderful to have gardens like yours. Such beauty in your decor. The wreath is beyond beautiful! Lovely escape to view your post.

Take care,

Junebug said...

Hey Miss Lazy, I needed your blog today. My garden is so brown and dry that I needed your fresh beautiful views and flowers. My yard is not use to sixty days without rain. Yes I know, it is Oregon. Your roses are gorgeous and the peony wreath, beautiful!!

Oh to have your talent, I'm still looking for mine(talent), but I'm having fun search and dreaming.

Take care dear one, the other JUNE!

Carolyn said...

Hi June,
I don't blame you a bit for wanting to be outdoors in your beautiful garden. Summers are short here too.

As always beautiful photos-every one of them!

Enjoy the rest of the season.


Donna Reyne' said...

I have missed you so much! So wonderful to see your precious projects and gorgeous garden shots!
The wreath is divine my friend! I love the peonies and annebelle's together!
So glad you have been enjoying your Summer. I think of you every time I step foot into mine! I agree with Dale on the additional garden already blow my mind with how much you do every season!
Hope all is well and wonderful with your family.
Much love and many hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hi June,
Everything is so beautiful. I love pretty flowers.

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

June, When I saw you had a new post I was so excited. You always inspire me and your photos are the best. I love the combination of peonies and hydrangeas. The colors are so beautiful together. A wreath with both is perfect. I'm glad it's still nice weather for enjoying the tour of your garden.


oldgreymare said...

If my home and surroundings could be like this I might just be able to tolerate, er, love summer <3
Just beautiful June bug. :D

My name is Riet said...

Hi dear June. I am glad to see your post after like it seems a long time. And what a beautiful post. Your flowers and roses are so beautiful along with your garden and what a lot of land you still have, WOW. You can make a whole park on your own bur your Lane is probably right, it would be soooooo much work.
Have a nice week my friend.
Hugs from Riet

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Gorgeous garden tour! I loved seeing all of your beautiful flowers and what an amazing place you have.


Hélène Flont , french illustrator said...

Magnifique et exquise couronne !!! Exquisite wreath, Every photo are so beautiful
✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Teacup Mosaics said...

Dearest June,
Your garden and photos compliment each other so. I am always amazed during th dead of winter and look at the summer past flowers in photos. It is like a giant gift when they return in the spring.
I have never tried drying peonies, yours turned out beautiful. I might have to get some pointers net spring.
Thanks for your visit. My garden and I had so much fun at my annual tea party, more pics soon.
Happy Gardening!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

What a kind thing of you to do June, to read other posts of mine?Bless you, bless you!!! It really means a lot to us all that anyone would take the time to appreciate the work of our heart and mind. You are just wonderful. Anita said...

Well, you just made my evening with all of those gorgeous photos. They should be framed! Just gorgeous! I haven't don't much gardening this year since we opened up our little shop:( BUT next year I will be better organized and do much more in the garden:)
~Debra XXX
Capers of the vintage vixens

Anne said...

Your wreath is so beautiful! I may try making one with some of my dried roses and hydrangeas! Your garden is so pretty!LOVE all of your floral photos!This was such a treat to see today!

Deborah said...

June your blooms are breath-taking!
Oh what a glorious home you have and you just make it so lovely.
I love peonies and hydrangeas together! That wreath is just so pretty!
Thank you for the wonderful visit with you today!
You always bring smiles xo

Deborah xoxoxo

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh my goodness, all of your flowers are breathtaking. Such stunning flowers and pictures. Thanks for stopping by and your gracious comments. I really appreciate it. Hugs, Marty.

Unknown said...

Your gardens amaze me, June! Love every photo! The flowers are so vibrant and healthy. You are such an inspiration to day I want to have a garden like yours :)
I love your wreath, too!
Have a great week!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh your yard(s) look so pretty June! I would want to stay out all day too with all the beautiful flowers and nature! You sure do have a green thumb!

I LOVE your wreath you just made! It is so pretty! Enjoy the rest of your summer my friend!

Thinking of you!

Georgianna said...

Everything is exquisite, dear June, as always. So uplifting and filled with beauty. Your wreath is amazing – I totally failed to dry any peonies this year. :)

And I'm delighted that you enjoyed your beautiful summer days and weren't obligated to sit at the computer. Summer is too precious to not enjoy every second!


Maison Beldecor said...

Absolutely gorgeous, June. The wreath is so great, and your garden picture are so stunning. I hope you will enjoy the rest of the summer, cold winter days comming certainly...
XXX Bine

Rostrose said...

Hello, dearest "lazy blogger" June! ;o)))
Your wreath is gorgeous - I love the color combination of peonies and hydrangeas! And then even in the lovely white room, reflected in the wonderful mirror! Aaaaah, this is holiday for the eyes!
In your large, beautiful garden you will probably be able to make frequently eye vacations - it offers plenty of space for it! And it really looks more like summer than here (I think, in Austria it's already autumn...)
I hope even if you have seldom been on the PC during the last weeks, you have seen my post in which I told (among others) about your previous post? If not - you can find it here:
Many of my blog friends told me then, how beautiful your blog is! (And they are right!)
Warm Monday-Rusty-Rose-hugs,

Lidy@Frenchgardenhouse said...

June, what a treat to see your heavenly flowers. Our garden here in California is coming to an end, as it's been so very hot lately, but still a few roses are hanging on. But oh....those Peonies of yours! How I wish we could grow those here. Your place is truly magical, made more so by you.

Every photo is a peaceful lovely gift to my eyes,

bless you, Lidy

Apple Blossom Barn said...

Oh My how stunningly gorgeous and my 2 favourites Annabelle Hydrangea and peonies. What a treat such beautiful photos I just love visiting your blog
it is so fresh and light filled with amazing blooms.... heavenly....

best wishes


The Spanish Dahlia said...

Hi June~

What can I say!!! Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!!! You have an amazing home and gardens! Your pictures are such a sight for sore eyes, or not... Your peony and hydragea wreath is BREATHTAKING and I wish you could sell those because I would be first in line to buy one!
Have a wonderful day,

~ Stephanie

Dorthe said...

OH my dear June, you are so blessed with that wonderful place you can call home.
And those beautiful roses blooming fantastic all over in your garde, with all the many other stunning ones. I so love roses, and try to do the best every year, but this year we had so many roe dears eating from them every time they had bulps -grrrr
now they have a netting over them...not really lovely!!
Your pinkies are so gorgeous, and the wreath you made looks amazing in your room. TRULY BEAUTIFUL POST.
Hugs and love, Dorthe

Olive said...

Dear June, your Lilies are so lovely and have delighted me today on a day filled with challenges. Your garden being later is a wonder for me. Mine is overgrown and in need of much work that is not going to happen unless I hire some minions. much love, Olive

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

You have created a most beautiful garden in that gorgeous setting. Thanks so much for giving us a peek at all those lovely blossoms! :)

Vintage Home said...

...J U S T S T U N N I N G !

Cindy said...

Oh my goodness gracious... your wreath is heavenly, as is your garden... sigh... it is just wonderful. I love that wide expanse of fresh cut grass and sun too. It's completely wonderful. Looks like you have it all, an incredible garden filled with roses and flowers, and a velvety meadow filled with delicious sun and fresh cut grass... wow


Holly Loves Art said...

I know I can always visit here for lots of gorgeous pictures of posies. I just love the pink flowers with the aqua container. My favorite color combination! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you're having a wonderful day.

Bente said...

Oh my, what a beautiful wreath, and your garden, wow, I can`t find the english word good enough to describe it. I`m glad you had a beautiful summer. Here has been so bad. Cold and rain almost all the summer. Hope it`s better next year.


Shabby soul said...

Breathless! Darling June your photos take my breath away, really!
Love that incredible wreath (but I understood? is it dry??), your glorious garden, that colors you put together...
A real beauty!

Cindy said...

What a feast for the eyes! So BEAUTIUFL!! I bet your home smells heavenly. I want to walk barefoot on your lush, green lawn!

Marrianna said...

Oh, June, your photos of your flowers are fantastic. And your property with all the green grass and flowering hedges are lovely. I love seeing how people live and their natural environment, even if I don't do that kind of sharing on my blog. I think it is wonderful that you are such a prolific photographer.

I read your article in ARTFUL BLOGGING and have been meaning to visit your blog. But you know how time flies when you are having fun. Today, I followed the link in Sharon's blog, A FANCIFUL LIFE, and am very glad I did.

Keep up the great work.

Marrianna in Flagstaff, AZ (where it is high and dry most of the time)

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Dear June, How beautiful is your wreath!! I was astonished at how bright the colours have stayed after drying! Anything I have attempted always look beautiful but really faded. I always enjoy all your photographs I come over again and again so that I can take a walk through your stunning gardens. All those fires nearby you mentioned, I hope they have settled now?
Looking at the photo of the larger view of the lawn I can compare the difference in the green-green of your grass with the fields beyond they look so parched.

Sending hugs as always dear June,
Jane XOX

Unknown said...

Just lovely..
Flowers galore and a beautiful wreath.
Thank you for sharing,

jewels in the garden +: ) said...

Dear June, you may have been a lazy blogger but you are definitely not a lazy gardener! What beauty you have to show for all your hard work. Enjoyable work I might add. And the wreath! Good thing I don't live close by or you may find it missing : )
Love and blessings friend!
Julie said...

Hi my cute friend. I love that your season is later. It means that we can still enjoy beautiful flowers.. I always enjoy being with you. I'm ready to begin showing of my new "Autum Cottage". New house, new camera, new connection, new computer and new instruction of down loading just waiting for me to pay attention. Soon!!!!!!!

Big Hugs

Laser Tysons Corner VA said...

Interesting post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting. said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comments on the magazine:) It was fun to do and even more exciting to see it in print!
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

20 North Ora said...

Your wreath turned out just beautiful - as are all of your pictures. Just so pretty!!


Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

June ~ we're so much alike! I just hate being indoors in the summer. My web site and blog really suffer! Your wreath is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful roses are really "popping" right now too! Enjoy these last few days of summer. I hope you have a lovely fall! xo

Christmas-etc... said...

Oh June...
I always feel as if I have stepped into a nicer, sweeter time when I visit with you here! Thanks so much for sharing! I love that reflection in the mirror - isn't it amazing how sometimes "mistakes" end up being some of our greatest work?

Debbie said...

The wreath is breath-taking, June! I love how soft the colors are.
You take such lovely pictures of your glorious wonder you stay outside all summer. It's like Heaven on earth!

Trisha said...

Oh June! You always have the most beautiful flowers and your pictures make me wish they were scratch and sniff! I am so in love with that wreath too!


Carole said...

Oh June you are certainly not lazy. I wonder how you find the time to blog at all with all the gardens you have. I have been the lazy blogger and it's taken me 5 days from first seeing this post to come and comment. Seeing your photos gives me the jump I need to keep pushing on. As you know so much to do. I love your wreath. I started drying some of our blue ones and may attempt a wreath.


Angela said...

As always... lovely lovely LOVELY! So glad you enjoyed your summer. I just love turquoise and pink! Blessings!

Patty @ That's So Pretty said...

Just found your beautiful blog, I am now following ....

Sandi said...

Your flowers and your photography are gorgeous as always June! I am in awe!

chateau de fleurs said...

hi June, once again your photos take my breath away! I love your dried wreath very sweet as well as all the photos of your home and garden! We have had tempuratures between 90 and 110 for the past 2 weeks and even my roses are starting to burn up, I hope it returns to our normal 75-80 degrees outside very soon!Thanks for stopping by I always love hearing from you! XO, christie

Kathy said...

absolutely beautiful!!!

wendy said...

How did I miss this post???

I loved seeing the yard at a distance, giving me a perspective of the layout.
That's lots of lawn to mow (tee,hee) Hopefully you have a riding mower.

LOVED the gate...the wood posts and the old gate attached. Very cool.
I just love everything you do

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

What a sweet escape your blog is! Love it so much.

Charlene said...

Your wreathe is stunning!!! And I love all your flowers!!! Thank you for sharing!

Your yard is HUGE! I love the photos of the red barn. You are such a lucky girl. Lazy... I don't think so just busy. Me tooooooooooo where does time go? But, I do miss my blogging buddies! HUGS!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

June, I have been a WAY BEYOND LAZY blogger .......but just had to tell you how lovely your images always.
I spotted part of a mantel in one of the first few images..and not sure I have ever seen the WHOLE thing before...could you email me an image of the full mantel..I would love to see it...looks so say nothing of all your other lovelies and your amazing flowers.


Anne said...

June your wreath turned out so pretty. I love it. And your blooms are looking lovely as ever.

Emma said...

wowww your yard is soooooo beautiful!!!I love all the flowers:)
hugs ~Emma~

achter de 2linden said...

i love your photo's! so nice with all the flowers! greetings from the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

I love coming to visit your blog. You have the most wonderful garden. Everything in your garden shows how much love and care you give them. I live in south Louisiana, a transplant from NE Ohio. I love the long growing season down here, but there are so many plants that I grew up with than cannot make it down here. Your gardens are filled with all the dear flowers that I miss. I wish you could attach scents to your lovely pictures. I do so miss the fragrance of Peonies, Lilacs and Lilies of the Valley. Thank you so much for taking such beautiful photographs. They make my heart sing and put a smile on my face. I love all your old treasures that make up your vignettes, your old emamel ware and china. But my favorite piece is the lovely old stool that was lovingly held together with the twisted wires. I just love it... Thank you so much for sharing your lovely gardens. I will even enjoy seeing snow. We do not get any down here. Well, a little ever 10 years or so.... Hugs!!

Rebecca said...

Hey June
Just a quick hello and to say how beautiful your yard is... love love love the wreath
Wishing you a beautiful weekend

Lisa said...

I could look at your photo shots all day. They relax me. Can you hear me sighing again.

many hugs, June,

Custom Comforts said...

I've been a lazy blogger too this summer visiting only once a week or even less. I always feel like I've missed so much, but sometimes life has to be lived in person instead of at a computer screen.
LOVE your wreath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't say enough how gorgeous it is? Can you tell how you dry your peonies? I know how to dry the hydrangea, but I'd like to give it a try for next year. Your photos are magnificent and I especially enjoyed seeing the sweeping views of your yard and mountains in the background.

Unknown said...

Just beautiful..that wreath is stunning and all your pics are fab. How did you get the peonies to dry like that? I have peonies but they always fall apart.

Kindredly, Lynnie

Nella Miller said...

Dear June, I guess we are both lazy !! I have finally made it here and have been absent far too has been a whirlwind summer! I so adore your roses...perfection! Your lovely property must keep you pretty occupied, and yes, we love to garden, but it takes a great deal of time and then squeeze in everything else, right? So enjoyed my visit here never disappoints! Take care, hugs, N.xo

Anonymous said...

Summer is such a difficult time to blog consistently. Your photos & garden, as always, are such a joy to see, June!
Wishing you a lovely autumn!

koralee said...

Happy Fall my friend...your photos are soooo stunning! Pink and x 100!

Angie B. said...

Dear June,

I love your Blog!
Your pictures are a balm for my soul!

Best regards, Angie

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Dear June, I know exactly what you mean. Summertime is definitely not conducive to sitting in front of the computer, and my, haven't you been a busy girl!! Your garden looks simply beautiful and I LOVE the peony wreaths.

I think we will all look forward to blogging more as the seasons turn - and we tuck away memories of another lovely summer.


Pondside said...

I'm so glad that I've come by - even if rather late to the party! Your photos are so very lovely. The peony and hydrangea wreaths are gorgeous. I tried to save some of my hydrangea blossoms but failed completely. Next year I will be asking you how you do it!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

June honey there is not too many days that go by without me thinking of you and your beautiful flowers. I so often wish that if only I could grow peonies here where I live. There just has to be a way to do it. lol
Your wreath is gorgeous and amazing that the flowers have been picked so long ago.
I laughed so hard about your comment about winter. I too might be a better blogger in a month or so but right now I have too many outside chores.
Have a wonderful week sweet friend. I adore you and your beautiful gardens.

Marcie TheRusticVictorian said...

My goodness June, what a wonderful post, the garden is spectacular! The wreath is genius! Lovely, lovely post!

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

Oh June...I have to make one more comment that I too am a lazy blogger...isn't a challenge to balance the ethers with the real's my opinion the real world must win or the ethers have no soul to them (so to speak)! :)