Thursday, November 8, 2012


Do you find that it is difficult for you to post about things in your life after 
a tragedy has happened? Whether in the US or any other country, I am always affected
by the suffering that others are going through? I know all of you are like that too. 
I look around my home and think how lucky I am to even have a house. 
I think of those whose homes are destroyed and the long road they have ahead of them
before they will ever feel 'at home' again.
I can't imagine what it would be like to be without power for the amount of 
time that so many are experiencing at this time of year let alone not even having a house. 
Unfortunately, things like this are happening somewhere
in our world too much, too often. 

Wishing all of the people in the east some peace and hoping
that they are receiving all of the love and help that everyone
is sending their way.

The fall color in the garden has been so beautiful.
I have enjoyed every bit of this season. Even the garden chores!

It's raining here today and so I am sitting here at the computer
hoping to get this post up and visit many of my friends too.
The ground needs the rain and so do I.

This is Edsel.
He is new to the garden.
I wonder if he's hunting mice or birds up here?
I named him for Edsel Ford, the son of Henry Ford II.
Once when I was working at photo processing in Ketchum, Idaho
about 20 years ago Edsel came in with his mother Anne.
Anne (she must have had a second home(or third or forth up here in the valley))
came in regularly for photo processing and she introduced me to him.
He was wearing a grey wool coat and he had a large round face
and big smile. The cat's grey coat made me think of that, so Edsel he was!

He's a feral cat and has a sister and brother here too.
His brother is quite wild, but Lucy and Edsel are so sweet.

This is a view up the driveway toward the road today.
I love how the John Cabot roses color for Autumn. They are planted
here with forsythia and lilacs.

I went out to catch some shots of the horse-play that was going on between
Knightly, Pal and Sunny and decided to post some of them today.
These were taken two days ago.
The day was mild and sunny and they were certainly taking advantage
of the good weather.

Sunny and Pal


Knightly in the lead

Pal is a two year old, and Sunny is six.

Knightly is five.

They were loving their time out today.

Maybe next time the others can come out and play too.

I have to tell you what I saw while driving to Boise one day last summer.
I was going through a little town like the one I live in and I saw a teenage boy
riding his horse along the road and he was texting! No joke. He was!
That is SO small-town Idaho!!!
(I haven't tried that yet, but I plan to : )

Then...just yesterday, I had to drive to Boise (because snow is coming
and I don't drive much once the snow comes) and while I was on the freeway
about 15 miles east of Boise I saw a semi-truck on fire.
I watched the news last night when I got home and they reported that the truck was carrying
a load of tater tots.
So fitting for Idaho, don't you think?


Do you remember my last bucket of summer roses?

I want to show you what they looked like as they dried.

The photo below was about 3 days after I cut them.
They had already started to dry up a little.
(I wish garden roses lasted a little longer after cut, but mine seem to fade pretty fast)

Below is what they looked like after about a week or ten days.

I love how rich the color got as they dried.
They are still standing in water at this point.

The air is very arid here where I live, so your roses may not dry as these have.
(it's about the only good thing about having dry air)
If you live in a moister climate, you would probably have to hang them to dry
so that they would retain their petals.
Even in Boise which is only about 150 miles away from me, the air
is moister and I am not sure they would dry as well.

This is how they look today.
The color will fade over time, but they should continue to look like this
most of the winter if I keep them out of the sunlight.

An Italian magazine, Abitare Country featured my Christmas from last year in their Nov/Dec issue
this month. I have only seen the digital copy and can't read a word of it
but I am very happy with the layout. I have been getting messages from readers and
so far they have been so kind.

I will be around to see what all of you have been doing in your busy, creative lives
over the next several days, thanks to the rainy and snowy weather we are getting here.

I never thought I would say this
let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!


Terra said...

How good to be featured in an Italian magazine. I like your horses romping, the kitty in the tree, and your bucket of roses. The image of the boy riding a horse and texting brings a smile to me.

Carolyn said...

Hi June,
Congratulations on being featured-I hope they will send you a copy of it as I am sure it is beautiful!
Your bucket of roses is just as pretty now as when it was fresh.
We still have a few garden projects to do so I don't want snow just yet but soon I will look forward to it too.
I would love to see a picture of you riding horseback and texting!

Take care,

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi June. It is so good to hear from you. Your pictures are so pretty and bright against your white pages. Very striking. The horses must have had so much fun. I guess it might be safer texting while driving a horse, than driving a car. I can laugh at the horse but not at the car. The roses are still so pretty, what a bright spot of color when winter comes. We might get snow tonight also, and I'm singing the same song you are..Keep warm and Happy Thursday..Judy

Victorian1885 said...

Hello June
Edsel is a doll! Your horses are magnificent creatures, my only experience with horses is from my childhood visits to my Uncles farm. The last time I rode I think I was around ten years old and I was riding bareback. The poor horse tripped in a gopher hole and I of course ended up on my head on the ground. I woke in the hospital with a severe concussion and a haircut, but that is another story! Darn city folk hey! I really should have tried riding again and maybe should put it on my Bucket list.
Your roses dried beautifully. Congratulations on being featured again my friend.
Take care and have a great rest of the week!

wendy said...

I was excited to see a new post by you. I know it is hard sometimes to see of all the "suffering" in the world, and wishing we could do something about it, and something more tangible to help.
As I sit in my warm little house with all the comforts...feeling humbled for sure.
I love how you dry your roses. We have lots of humidity where I live...all year round basically. Which is weird for Alberta you'd think, but it sure makes a difference.
We have had snow ALL day today. It has been quite pretty actually, and since it wasn't windy, it made it quite lovely. I like walking out amongst falling soft snowflakes.
Hugs to you on this wintery night my friend.

Julie Marie said...

Hi June... oooh, I just loved seeing your horses once more, and how sweet is little Edsel!... love that you are taking care of him and his brother and sister... you won't believe this...but Jack and I had TATER TOTS for dinner TONIGHT with our fish!!!... yep, Ore~Ida!... I hope the driver of the semi was okay... and that they handed out hot tater tots after!... I still love them dipped in catsup!... (doesn't take much to make me happy, huh?)...your dried roses are so pretty!... I gathered up most of the last of mine to dry tonight as we have snow predicted starting later tonight and all weekend with the high Saturday 37 and the low 21... brrr!... winter in the West!... I am like you, and don't travel much once the snow hits... (I can walk to my favorite cookie shop!)... always love when you post... and a BIG congratulations on being featured in Abitare Country... wish I knew where to get a copy?... xoxo Julie Marie

NanaDiana said...

I love Edsel and I love how he came by his name. What a wonderful, newsy post. I love ALL your photos. You do a wonderful job with your photo skills!

Love the boy on the horse texting! I guess there is no law against that...YET~

Have a great night- xo Diana

Debra@CommonGround said...

the photos of the horses are just wonderful, but then all of your photos are amazing! congrats on the Italian magazine. June, have you shared what camera and lens you use? I have serious photo envy. those horse pics just blow me away! stay warm! xoxo

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Yes. I agree with you. It's hard to blog when there is so much that matters so much more going on. But I think that it's one way that we hold each other up through sad times. I think your beautiful dried bouquet is an offering like that. It's so unusual to see beautiful horses too. Dogs and cats get all the publicity. But your photos are simply gorgeous. What a rich home life you have. Thanks for sharing. I feel better now. :0)

summersundays-jw said...

I definitely know how you feel about seeing others go through such pain & suffering. None of us know what tomorrow will bring so guess we just have to be thankful for our blessings today. Your horses are beautiful as are your roses. Wondering how you managed to be chosen by an Italian magazine & how exciting. Your pictures are wonderful. Enjoy the snow! Jan

oldgreymare said...

Congratulations and so nice to see you here this evening <3

Low Tide High Style said...

So good to see a post from you, they are always well worth the wait!


{oc cottage} said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, edsel is sooooo precious!!!! i could eat him up!!! and snow!!!! **sigh** well, i am getting rain right now...i guess that's all i can hope, i'll take it! ;}

❤❤❤ m ^..^

Alina said...

I am in the middle of listening to reports about Sandy Relief...How much people want to help ! It is amazing and uplifting to see this...And yes, You are right, I can't imagine the hardship these people going through.
It absolutely changes my point of view on just about everything...
As usual, it was a treat to visit You here and see your garden and those beautiful pictures !
Hugs from here !

Diane said...

Love catching up with you June. Your creatures are beautiful and you capture them exquisitely. I've tried drying roses like you say and I'm able to keep mine for a long time. I still have roses from last April. Texting on a horse - this is funny. Enjoy that rain. Diane P. S. Congratulations on the magazine featuring your Christmas!!!!!

Katherine said...

Congratulazioni! Great to hear about the feature in Abitare. The Italians have good taste and recognize the outstanding beauty in your home.

I love the pictures of the horses, you've captured their spirit so well. You can see a mischievous look in their eyes in a couple of the photo's, it's so cute.

hugs, K

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Hi June ~ loved this post and especially the pictures of your gorgeous horses! I haven't blogged since August 29th! Yikes! I plan on getting back to it next week. We are taking a road trip this weekend...we are totally CRAZY because it's going to SNOW...but we have to drive my Mom to Missoula so she can meet up with my brother to take her back home to Canada. It was so good to have her here with me for six weeks! Wish us luck on the roads. I think it's going to be brutal! And by the way...I'm looking forward to snow too this year. What's wrong with us?! LOL! xo

Unknown said...

Hi June, congrats for your beautiful post and pictures too!!!
A big hug.
P.S.: I'm sorry but I speak a little English:-(

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning precious JUNE!

WOW, this post is loaded with incredible beauty. Let me tell you that my passion is horses. When I saw your title, I knew. I KNEW I would squeal! Your home is of course, magical. You and JADE from White and Shabby out in Bavaria take the most ethereal photos of your white world and you are the queens of white. YOUR HORSES, OH DEAR, are they kind? Are they sweet? Can you hug their necks and will they let you? AND THAT IS A HOOT about the boy texting on horseback! The juxtaposition of two worlds, par excellence!

Have a super day my dear. Anita

awal.ny said...

Beautiful fall colors. It is fun to watch horses just be themselves, chasing each other like kids. I told my kids the story of the only time their father was on a horse. Friends of my parents gave my mother a retired champion race horse to keep my sister's horse company. The horse was huge and fast. My mother let my husband ride, who has never ridden before. I will never forget how it looked, he flew one way, keys another, wallet another way and cell phone too. I think he was more pride hurt than body hurt. We made sure he was ok but it was such a sight to see. I wish I loved riding as much as my little sister. I only rode with her once in the orchards and I have never laughed so much in my life. Glad I tried it, but not sure if I will ever again.

I hope you are having a wonderful time getting ready for the holidays. I can only imagine how wonderful your home is at Christmas time, I am sure the feature is beautiful. I am with you on the snow, it can come at any time now, just through Christmas of course.

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty autumn at your house, June. Love seeing your horses too!
Fresh roses are beautiful, but the colors that come out when they dry really steal my heart - yours are gorgeous! So nice that you can enjoy them for such a long time.
We're expecting snow this weekend - ready or not, here it comes!
Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

oh that bucket of roses are soo so pretty!

Anne Marie said...

I can't wait to see the article...

and you are right, we have been without power before, but just for 4 days and it was difficult...I am praying for the east coast too

hope you have been well June - and btw, I LOVE the picture of you in that falling down cabin :)

Geli said...

Hello June! What a beautiful post.... I' m happy to hear from you. Your Etsel is really sweet and very beautiful and your home! Oh my god- what a dreamy lovely place to live! I love horses and you have so many of them! Congratulation with the magazine! I have always a smile on my face when I look at your wonderful photos... Best wishes June!

Debbie said...

Hi June! How awesome about the magazine! I'm sure everyone loves your photos.
The weather here has been pretty cold, and rainy.
I'm not ready for the white stuff quite yet.
I read your previous posts while I was here. I enjoyed seeing the pics of you with your longer are such a cutie, girl!!!
Hope your weekend is enjoyable.

stefanie said...

i LOVE all these photos!!!!! and its always good to be thankful!!!

Koren said...

Hi June,
This isn't a day that goes by that I don't see the struggles, heartache, trajedy or suffering that many are going thru. Seems like there is a lot! Just last night we had a young man show up for a Gas/Electricity Plan, he is from Manitoba and while I was busy cooking supper I was still paying attention to all he was explaining. Later in bed I felt my heart ache as I thought of him and how I had wished I had shared a little more of my faith with him. I believe this is what we are all looking for.

We have already had snow here in northern Ontario, we are a Zone 2/3, not much and getting mild weather also and up to 11 degrees with rain on Sunday it will melt all the snow, most likely. The snow we got was because of Sandy!

It must be so nice in the Country with the horses and the peace and quiet and the mountains. It is so beautiful where you are....

I see your Studio in the background of the photos. I'd like to ask you how you heat your studio in the winter if you use it? That is one thing I'd like to do with my little garden cottage is have it heated!

ROSES, wish I had some in my garden, so envious of yours.... Wishing you a wonderful upcoming season of Blessings and lots of company from family and friends. And, as we celebrate the birth of Christ, we can rest in His Peace & Joy!


My name is Riet said...

Hi dear June. What a wonderful post. I love the beautiful cat Edsel, gorgeous, and the happy horses. They are having fun chasing each other . Your dried roses look as good as the fresh ones. Nice that they keep their color . And then you are featured in an Italian magazine, WOW, I hope we can see it when you get the magazine.
I suppose winter is coming soon in your country. I can see you will be prepared.
Yes all over the world we read and see what is happening on the eastcoast of the USA.
So sad and devastating. . WE all keep them in our thoughts every day.
WEll , my friend, I am going to visit your other blog.
Have a nice week.
Hugs from Riet

farmhouse-story said...

so much beauty in this post, june! love edsel, the horses, and the beautiful roses:) and congrats on your feature--how wonderful! do have a great weekend:)

Queenie Believe said...

Congratulations on being published in teh French magazine! That is very exciting. You and you family have created a loving and beautiful world and your photos definitely reflect it.
Thoughts and prayers continue to ascend for the victims of Sandy.
Enjoy your beautiful autum colors.
Always, Queeine

Ann Marie said...

Edsel is darling!!!

Oh how quaint everything looks.. and I love your new profile picture. You look so different.. if I would have seen you in real life.. I don't think I would have recongnized you.

You are beautiful.. just like your home... and garden.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello my dear Sweet June,
Oh the colours of your Autumnal images are to die for! I love how you have captured the gorgeous colours of the Forsythia and lilac as well as the raindrops at the end of the berries - each and every detail is so beautifully captured!

And when every single leaf has fallen and been blown away by the wind there still remaining in the white enamel bucket will sit the deep richness of the roses and peonies.
You are so very lucky to have such a dry atmosphere for their drying!
To me they are and will remain stunning!

What happy horses, Knightly, Pal and Sunny running free enjoying the last of the warm days before Winter sets in.

I am so very pleased for you June that you have been published again in Italian magazine - no wonder at all! Congratulations my dear friend
you so deserve to be!

It is so blissful being able to share and appreciate this shared beauty we have together. Thank you sweetie for leaving such a beautiful comment on your little garden tour.
I've missed you too!
Wishing you many vibrant Autumnal hugs and much love,

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh June, thank you SO MUCH for coming to visit me AND to tell me about your horses! I am passionate about them, and have been really, since I was old enough to know what they were !! I would draw them for hours and dream of having one. I wanted a polo pony on a stick, all my childhood but never had one. A broom had to suffice! teeheee

Now that I see your darling equines, I just squeal. How fabulous to know how they operate, and that they are gentle BUT, one must earn their trust. What a gift from God that your husband has, to handle a 1200 lb beast and receive such gentle love in return. Ahhhh....give them a rub on their velvety noses for me!

Enjoy a peaceful day! Anita

Anonymous said...

Love all the photo`s and the horses,they are gorgeous!! greetings Musje.

Anne said...

Congratulations June on being featured! Your roses are so beautiful even when they are drying.How lovely they will look in the winter months!

Claudia said...

The horses are so beautiful, June! Just glorious. As are the roses and your gardens.


Bente said...

Dear June. Beautiful fall colors.
Just love your horses. They are so pretty. You live in a fantastic place, my friend.
Your roses looks gorgeous even dried. My roses also use to dry up in the vase. Then I keep them until they are so dusty that I have to change them.

Wish you a beautiful sunday.

Hugs from me

Ana said...

Hi Ms. June,
What beautiful pictures...Your photography and posts always delight my eyes, heart and soul. You are surrounded by so much beauty all year around and it is such a blessing that you so kindly share it with us :-) Thank you. Oh and love your new profile picture...loving your longer hair. Wishing you a wonderful weekend my dear friend.

Much love,

Mimi Sue said...

Such pretty pictures June! It's been a lovely fall here in northern Utah but we've had snow for the last two days so looks like winter has arrived. We have pretty dry air here too. I've dried hydrangeas in a vase. Love the color they fade to. Mimi

Barbara said...

Hi June - your horses are so beautiful, would love see playing them!!!
And you know what, I did exactly the same with the last blooming roses from the garden - but they remained about 10 days very beautiful. And now I hanged them up in the bathroom and they kept their wonderful color until now.
Thanks also for your lovely comment yesterday!
Sending you warm greetings from Switzerland, hug Barbara

Nell said...

Grâce à la revue "Maison romantique", je découvre votre univers et j'adore

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hi June!
Edsel looks like he find the perfect spot ~ I love that photo!
It must be so wonderful to watch the horses playing around. I think I am going to put a visit to a ranch on my bucket list!
I laughed out loud when you said the boy was texting on his horse, I'm sure we'll see that in a movie some day!
Happy Sunday!

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Dear June, hello how wonderful is that first snowfall of the year! And what a lovely reminder Edsel is of that meeting, his coat does look thick and such a beautiful colour. We have a feral cat that visits us too, he comes daily in through our cat-flap to be fed and sometimes stays on one of the chairs if we're lucky. He's all black, completely even his pads and a wonderful sleek black coat, he's friendly but he does tend to hiss a good bit, I think through fear. So we treat him with a little more respect and don't pet him too much.
Oh...the horses! how lucky you are to have horses! I longed for my own as a girl and would enter all the competitions I could find to win mum and dad must have been holding their breath in case I won. We had no money and lived in a built-up area with a tiny garden. Pal, Sunny and Knightly look pleased to be allowed out!
So, now I understand why my died roses don't hold their colour like yours. Of course Lancashire is a very damp area, which was why it was the cotton weaving capital of the north of England.

Best love June, I am thinking of you in the snowflakes.
x Jane

Draffin Bears said...

Hi June,

Lovely post dear friend, all the gorgeous photos make me ooh and aawe at all the beauty you share.
Yes, so many sad things happening all around the world and do hope that the needy, can receive love and care.
Your horses are amazing and could Edsel be more darling sitting up the tree?
The roses look just as beautiful dried as when first cut.
Kudos and big congratulations for being featured in Abitare Country, how thrilling and well deserved.
Enjoy the snow and the new week.

Unknown said...

Congrats on your magazine feature. You deserve it more than anyone. Love the gorgeous roses as they will be beautiful all winter ... ours do not hold up like yours. What magnificent captures of the horses ... love the motion you captured.

Cute story about Edsel & his sib's.

The N East is suffering because of the politicians & politics, unfortunately. They always seem to know how to do photo ops, but not take care of the citizens that put them in their positions. Tragic loss of lives, also.

Have missed you terribly. Do hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving celebration with your family. Blessings be showered upon you, sweet friend. For you I am grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving June ~
Hugs of love,

Olive said...

Hi June, I missed this post because I was traveling from my old house to the yellow house. I love the grey cat up in the tree. My old tabby cat pretty much bosses me around. How thrilling to be in an Italian magazine. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, Olive

Olive said...

To prevent my missing any of your lovely blogs again I subscribed by email. You are now one of two blogs I do that with my friend. Emails kind of make me an extra brand of crazy.

chateau chic said...

Wonderful reflections, June, along with your beautiful photos. And congratulations on your magazine feature! Not surprised, though, because your home is so lovely.
Mary Alice

Lisa said...

I love your posts. My father in law lost his home on the water in Long Island, we were on the phone with him til...the cell service went. Yes he stayed not thinking it was different from any other storm. But he is safe.
I do love your roses, fresh or fading they are sweet.
I have been away from blogging to long.

my very best,

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Congratulations on being featured, that is so great. Your roses are gorgeous even faded, I do love them. Really like the pic of Edsel, our cat Velvet likes to climb and park also. I hope you have a wonderful week.


Tricia said...

My goodness, it is so beautiful in your area! I'm surprised you still have that much fall color. I want to come and visit you and look at all your beautiful gardens and ride horses and pet the cat too...I love cats. Your photos are always so gorgeous! I could look at your blog for hours. xo

Nella Miller said...

June, your world is magic....roses, horses and all the beauty you create there.....leave me in awe! I know we all feel sadness when others are hurting, imagine having a home in shambles or no home at all? We must count our blessings always, I hope you are enjoying some downtime before our holidays are upon us, hugs, N.xo

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Flaming tater tots and texting on horseback!! That is too funny!
I love those photos of your horses. And Edsel has the most pensive expression on his face! It made me laugh.

Georgianna said...

Every visit here is pure delight, June! Love your horses, roses, garden and all of it! You make an art form out of life, my friend.


– g

Leslie said...

Thank you, June, for another lovely, thoughtful, creative post. Congratulations on the publication of your photos in the Italian magazine. You are very gifted and it is wonderful to see your work appreciated and shared. Edsel ~ what a handsome and quite elegant cat. He looks wiser and more self assured than most humans. I am always touched by the joy you find in your home, your garden and your love of this amazing part of Idaho. xo ~ Leslie

Cindy said...

Oh how i love your posts. Your stories are so charming, and i feel like i just left my desk at work for a little while, and watched horses frolic, and spied on a beautiful feral cat, and saw roses blooming and fading and drying, and heard a funny story about texting and riding a horse... and trucks on fire with tater tots... thanks for the little moment of escape, it was awesome...


bobbie said...

I laughed out loud at the Tater-Tot truck fire too! Only in Idaho...

One of these, when you come to town, I'll take you to my favorite shop ~ Enchanted Objects ~ you will love their old, tatty stuff! Next spring?

Hugs ~

bobbie said...

PS ~ Congratulations on the Italian magazine!!!

Candylei said...

Congratulations! Exciting. I spy a nice chippy white door in one of the horse photos. Your horses are gorgeous and your roses in all stages. We only have a few trees left with fall color. Sandy took most of them with her and swirled them around somewhere.

myletterstoemily said...

i had to look up 'feral cat', because i hadn't
seen that term in such a long time. very

your dried roses are glorious, but i have
to admit i was drooling over the bucket!

Anonymous said...

June -

What a fun story behind sweet Edsel's name! He is definitely a beautiful kitty!

Congratulation on being published again!! How very fun- so glad your lovely home can be enjoyed by so many in this way!!!

Love the pictures of your pretty horses. We have had such drought and hay prices are up so high that many here in Colorado are selling off their horses and much of their cattle. So sad. Some of our friends continue to find horses,llamas and alpacas dumped off on their land thinking they can afford to take care of them, which of course is not the case. would love to just rescue all these babies if I could.

bee blessed

Lana Manis said...

The cat, the horses, the drying roses... it's all beautiful, June! No wonder the magazine featured you! :)

I'm looking for snow, too. I don't like that it makes the roads slick (and we have lots of curvy roads here in the hills of TN), and I don't like how it interferes with people getting to work and the outdoors workers like my carpenter husband, but I love the beauty and quietness of a snowfall out in the country.

Have a lovely day, dear June! :)

Dorthe said...

Congratulations dear June ,on being featured.
Yes I also have been feeling almost bad about having so much(home warmth -light -food) and so many lost their everything to the storm!
June your garden and the horses...Oh my what wonderful photoes, and the roses- it is amazing they grow old that beautifully.

Ivy and Elephants said...

Hi June,
Congratulations on your feature, your home is so gorgeous you deserve to be featured! Sorry to go missing, but I had some computer issues, but all is well now.
Your horses are so beautiful! It must be fabulous to ride whenever you like. I grew up on a farm and miss the peace and tranquility.
Thanks for sharing your piece of heaven with us.

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

Beautiful blog and very elegant pictures. You got some lovely stuffs here.
Thanks for sharing.
Hope to see you on my blog:)

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh my sweet and dear Junie...

I so agree with you about the people in New York and New Jersey who are still hurting. I just cannot imagine being more than three weeks with no power/heat... and sometimes with nowhere to go. It is simply heartbreaking.. I have prayed and prayed for those folks. I just couldn't go without hot water. I am ALWAYS wiping something up or cleaning or doing laundry.... that's why my hands look like 102. I pray that they'll be "at home" again soon.

I LOVED seeing the pix of your horses.. They are MAGNIFICENT! And, you got such great shots of them. My BFF is a horsey gal too..

The roses are just stunning. I think it's too moist here for them to dry nicely. Humidity is the name of the game in Western Washington.

Big hugs to you dear chickie...


Lady of the Woods said...

those roses dried well! they look like dripping jeweled flowers in the last pic, I love it! I have to hang mine, very moist air here. Thank you for visiting me and commenting :D I love this blog. hugs, lady

Betty@SouthernGrace said...

Newest follower to your beautiful blog. So happy to find you. Thrilled to see those beautiful horse pics :) I hope you'll visit me too.

Fete et Fleur said...

Dear June,

Everything is like a dream in this post. Whenever I visit your lovely spot, I come away with all kinds of romantic ideas. Thanks so much for visiting me and keeping up with the craziness in my life. Hopefully things will settle down even more after Thanksgiving.

Big hugs,

Emma said...

Your Horses are amazing:) i love your wonderful pictures<3

Debra Howard said...

Hello June, this was a beautiful post as usual. I don't think I have told you before but I absolutely love your photos. They are beautiful! Loved reading about your garden and all your critters. Can't wait to see your holiday decorations this year too.

Seawashed said...

June I haven't been visiting blogs for so long and I had to catch up on all your beauty. You always leave me speechless and full of hope...yes, hope...that is what your beauty does for me. Thank you for sharing your life and heart with us. Love to you and yours this Christmas season. Be sure to let us know if you text while riding your horse! lol

Amir jamil said...
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Samad Shahid said...
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