Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Homemade Happiness

I finally have a new table for dining.
I have been saving photos of tables for a long, long time to show my son who is a builder,
but when I showed
them to my husband he said, "I can build that"

(and you have to know what I thought---yes, but when?)

                          I was a little stunned when the next day he went to get the lumber for it.

I have been wanting a new table for a long time. One that would 
accommodate the family when they come to visit.
I loved my little iron garden table with the glass top but it didn't allow for enough
room for chairs because of the way the underneath was designed. 

 I am loving the way it turned out!
I painted it and now it's ready for food!

The photos aren't great because we have had clouds, clouds, clouds
and today it is snowing. It is warming up now so it will be rain soon and take 
the snow away. 

My husband is on a roll I tell ya!

I told him I wanted to take the little wall next to the refrigerator
and put plate rails up the entire wall to hold some of my favorite 
plates and when I explained what I wanted he made it happen.
I LOVE it!

I get credit for the cookies!

I thought I would share some things I found while I was out of town
visiting the dentist. I had to reward myself for having a good check up you know!

I love this tiny little plaque and coin purse.
Of course I found lace too! 

I was thrilled to find this piece of tin (or aluminum) can art.
I have seen pieces before, but nothing I really liked.
but this I love.

It's about 8" in diameter.
I would love to try and make something like this someday.


This is what I am starting to look forward too.
It will be amazing to look out the window and see the trees in bloom again.
This was taken in May of last year.

The little violets will bloom again soon too.

Oh yes, and I also found this tiny little doily yesterday,
So I had to show you the extent of my Easter decor this year ---
sad, but true!

and of course...
some cheap peeps

and one non-conformist : )
always has to be one in the crowd!

I hope all of you are enjoying a beautiful Spring no matter the weather!!!


Lara said...

Such a beautiful new table June! Enjoy! The shape of it reminds me of Maria from Dreamy Whites table which I looove! :) Your little Easter decorations are too cute and your spring photos are lovely... I am waiting for the day I can go pick wild violets again, but today it is a high of 19 degrees.. Eek!

Custom Comforts said...

You are so sweet and so funny. I just love reading your posts and chuckling at your cheap peeps. Your hubby did a fantastic job and you must be so proud and happy. I think things always mean more when someone near and dear to us made them for us. A beautiful table to share with family and I love your plate display. I think that is the first time I've seen your kitchen. Show more please :)

Trisha said...

Your table is beautiful...what an awesome job he did! What other kinds of things do you have up your sleeve for him? Happy first day of spring even though it is hard to tell that right now!


Lady of the Woods said...

I love what I can see of the table! there is nothing like a large white wooden table for dining, sewing, crafting, and dining again lol, Love them and sooooo amazing your hubby did it so quick! that IS noteworthy lol....for us all. :D
all your pics are lovely, its nice to be here again. blessings, lady

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

The table and plate racks are perfect June. He's a handy husband.
Love the cheap peeps ... I can remember buying them as a child at the 5&10...
Have a wonderful Easter!
Susan x

sweetvintageofmine said...

Breathtakingly Beautiful~~~ And kudos to the carpenter! LOVE the little chicks! Have a BLESSED week~~~Roxie

Bente said...

What a beautiful table, June. Love it. What a handy man you have there
That blue shutter is gorgeous, just like all the rest of your house. Can almost feel the warmnes (hope it`s the right word) when I visit.

Have a great thursday.


My name is Riet said...

Dear June. Lucky lucky you, to have a husband who can do all that. How I always wanted one who could do it. But no luck. LOL.
I love your table and the platerack is just SUPER.The doily is gorgeous.
I love your spring photo´s. We have still cold weather and we even had snow this morning. Brrrr
Have a nice day my friend.

Julie Marie said...

Hi June, simply beautiful!... Happy First Day of Spring to you!... we are getting rain and snow predicted for Friday... but warm temps so it won't last long... LOVE your new table and plate rails!... now I want Jack to make some for me so I can hang more of my vintage plates up, yours look gorgeous!... (I ate two cookies by the way, they were yummy!)... your vintage finds are all wonderful too, and I know you are like me, anxious to be out in your garden... my Violets have started to bloom already and their scent as I walk past them is so intoxicating!... sending much love to you, xoxo Julie Marie

Val said...

This entire post is just lovely. The table is beautiful. Great work! My dad builds things too, and my mom is always putting him to work on some new request. (I would too if we lived closer.) :) It's such a gift. :)

Enjoy your new table. It looks so fresh, it's magical.

Blondie's Journal said...

I love turning on my laptop and seeing one of your posts! I'm so happy for you~the table is absolutely lovely! The shelves, too. I really lingered over these pictures. You really have quite a husband there! And I love all the treasures you found out of town...the can thingy is really cool!

I'm really looking forward to spring, your pictures are so wishes for a wonderful garden again this year!


Barbara said...

Oh my, can I borrow your husband :)??? My love has two left hands, but he's doing the best he can on my bathroom redo. He 's lucky that I'm a very patient girl ;)

Love the items you've purchased on your little shopping spree. Your tiny easter decorations are so cute.

While reading your post, I have a big smile on my face, NO... you're not boring at all, you have a great sense of humor my dear friend!

Hugs from Holland,

Junkchiccottage said...

Oh my the table is beautiful. Your Hubby did a great job. I love your plate shelves too. It all looks awesome.

Rebecca said...

Hi June!
Can I borrow your husband for awhile???? Sharing is caring...
Love that table, I know exactly what you mean about the glass garden table but then again my kitchen isn't long enough to accommodate a table to fit my crew. But I still would like a longer thinner table. I saw one with a zinc top with white legs that I have been suffering over.
Hope this finds you well and happy... not too much longer and the lilacs will be out :)

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Hello Dear June,
I see your hubby is the Woodworking Hero this week... I love the table & the plate rack (your plate of cookies look really yummy too!)
I am looking forward to Spring, it is so gray & cold here, I love when the blooms come, I know we can count on You to show us the best from your beautiful gardens....
Stay warm,

Anonymous said...

June, the table and plate rack are just gorgeous!!! Easter is definitely my favorite holiday, however, there will be no decorating this year =( (too many baby showers =) and please save one of those delicious cookies for me!!! Wishing you a beautiful Spring!! Xo, Ashley

Katherine said...

Nothing says love like your favourite guy building you a new table and shelves. It did a wonderful job, they look great.
Those sweet little chicks are just the perfect adornment for the lace.

I'm praying for some sunny warm days too.


Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Bravo! Love the table! The plates on your new rack are so PRETTY displayed like that. Wow! Your beautiful post is as much spring as I need! Gorgeous!

chateau chic said...

Oh June, what a wonderful table to enjoy family gatherings! And the plate rails are so striking with your lovely collection of dishes. Your husband is a good man and what a blessing he must be!
Mary Alice

Dorthe said...

Dear June, you have a wonderful and clever husbond I can tell --your new table looks beautiful, and so does the new shelves for your lovely plates. What a lot of work he did for you, in no time !-Isen`t is great, when we can ask, and not wait for years untill it happens :-)
Oh June, here it also snows every day, and not much sight of warmer dayes, for long no rain here, or green lawns!
I haven`t started with Easter decorations at all yet, but hopefully it comes this week or next!
Hugs from Dorthe

Geli said...

Hello sweet June!
Your husband is so great and I think he loves you so much!
What a wonderful table!
Now you can sit with your family on a really dreamy table!
I wish you a happy week and a lot of sunshine!
And I must say that your last photo is so funny with this little birds!
With love, Geli

Angela said...

Wow, such a talented husband - you lucky duck! Really stunning.

Angela x

Angela said...

Wow, such a talented husband - you lucky duck! Really stunning.

Angela x

oldgreymare said...

Spring Spring GLORIOUS Spring!

A husband who builds....also glorious

Ann Marie said...

LOVE your new table.. and the plate holders he made!

Way to go husband!

Reward that man!

Always lovely here.


Old Time Cindy said...

Ummm....I hate to ask, but can ya loan me your husband? Pretty please? I promise to give him back after a few projects are completed around here. I'll even feed him. ;)
Happy spring and farmhouse hugs,

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Yeah, he did it and a wonderful job at that and with the awesome wall rack.... everything looks beautiful June... you lucky girl. I have to wait for everything or do it myself!

I love all the little treasures you found, especially the coin purse.


Sandi said...

Such a nice table June! We think that we want an island...time will tell. Love your plate rack and finds also!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Oh your hubby did good! Love the plate rack. And that last pictures...that should be a card! Absolutely made me smile!

Anne said...

June your table is lovely! And I adore your plate rack too!
Oh I wish I could tell you I am enjoying a beautiful spring day but it is 22 and I am sitting here next to the fireplace with a blanket on :-(. It still feels and looks like winter around here.


suziqu's thread works said...

Dearest June
Happy Spring to you dear friend! Well I hope it is almost upon you.
I see another little dream has been fulfilled in your life with that gorgeous table - you have been well blessed by your gorgeous man again!
Where would we be without them???
I can see many uses for this as well as the family gathering around it. The plate rack is such a neat idea and displays your china so beautifully too.
I so love your little finds like the pretty framed image and lace purse - what a sweetie that is!
It doesn't take much to raise our spirits after these little ordeals does it?
I just wish I was one of those little chickens standing on that plate so that I could see up close and personal all the beauty that surrounds you inside not to mention the outside too.
Sending you much love and some Autumal hugs all the way from here,

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi June,
I get so excited when I see you have a new post. You always amaze me with your pretty home, flowers and lovely photos.
The table your husband has made is so wonderful and looks perfect in your home. Love the place's 2die4!

Hugs and Happy Spring.


Carolyn said...

Hi June,
I love your new table and plate rack. Our plates look so pretty in it.I love the color of the door too.
We had a bit of a snowstorm this morning and apparently another one coming on Friday.I think spring is going to be quite a bit later then last year for us but I know it is coming eventually.
Take care,
p.s. Great photos as always!

jill said...

Hi June,we are having the same weather as you,snow one day rain another,wish it would go away and let the sunshine I cannot wait to get up on a morning and open windows and doors and let the fresh air in.I love your table and plate rack they look lovely,and your little buys are so pretty even the little chicks.Hope you are well,Love Jill xx

farmhouse-story said...

you gotta love a handy guy:) your table and shelves are just lovely, june:) the florals are gorgeous, and the chicks--too cute! happy spring! said...

HELLO MISS JUNE, so fun to be here right now. So glad that your still up and running. I need some pushing to get connected with my blog again.

Your so sweet and I love your finds. I have smelt spring twice, so I know it's comming. Here's a cute blog to check out for easter eggs.


Susan EvelynAndRose said...

What a fabulous table June! Oh how I would love to hear those words from my husband - "I can build that". Your hubby did a terrific job, and you've already set the table so prettily. I love how the plate rails turned out, too. Those cookies must be really good!
And wow, a dentist trip doesn't usually end up so pleasantly. Beautiful finds!

Unknown said...

Wow. Does he hire out? Lol! Noah I love your finds. I don't know if we could shop together.... We would run for the same things. Lol! I love that metal piece. So cool. I am itching for spring too and getting out to take photos! Happy Easter.

maría cecilia said...

wow!! no words to express how much I love your new dining table, and all of the decor you made, and the light blue door on the back, everything looks sooooo gorgeous my dear June!!
Such a joy to visit your wonderful world my dear!!
sending many hugs your way soon to bee spring

Patina said...

Yeah for your husband! The table looks great June. I love getting projects done. And those cookies look pretty darn good too. ;)

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

June, I love your new table. Your husband did a fantastic job on it. You always need one more seat at the table and your new plate rail is perfect for that spot. It looks like you found some wonderful treasures too! Lucky girl! I'm in love with your little chicks, so cute. I have to get some. Thanks for always stopping by with your inspiring comments.


NanaDiana said...

Could you send your hubby here for a week or so? Tell him I am a good cook and bake everyday! C'mon- surely you can spare him for a FEW days!
AMAZING table and it looks beautiful and so does the PLATE RACK. Wow- I am impressed- xo Diana

Diane said...

What a guy!!! He deserves an extra cookie!
I'm glad you got the table and plate holder you wanted. Tables are so important, don't you think? Families are built around tables. Good to hear from you and I love your cute little chicks (even the nonconformist!) Blessings, Diane

Robin Johnson said...

Your new table is looking oh so wonderful! Hubby is very talented. Your built in plate rack on the other hand is making me downright green with envy. I love, love, love it. Hope hubby got to eat the pan of cookies all by himself. LOL.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I recognise those cute little bunnies from Fred Meyers. I went back today to get some and they were gone. Darn it--I'm always a day ate and a dollar short :) I love your new table! Tell your husband all of us bloggers are jealous. Enjoy!

Carina said...

oh June, a big hug to you for showing us those beautiful things and make us smile. Congratulations to your No. One carpenter - can you send himover to me please, I need yet some more book cases!!!!
Stay happy and keep us smiling. Carina xx

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi June, The table is just beautiful. Your hubby did a fantastic job, as well with that plate board. He's a keeper.
You certainly deserved a shopping trip for being a good girl and visiting the dentist. Great finds! The lace is so lovely of course and that can art piece is really cool.
Hopefully it will get warmer soon and your trees start to bloom.
Hugs to you and your furry babies,

Mimi Sue said...

Love your new table. It'll be great when the family is all together. Your hubby is a keeper! That plate rack is adorable too. I'm trying to find a wall that I can copy that great idea. Mimi

Shabby soul said...

The table is beautiful, so simple and wide, right the one I desire since a long time for my kitchen (and soon I will have the right space for it!) You know... my little son come in the kitchen to eat cookies, my daughter and friends to make their school duties, me cooking something... Kitchen is the heart of the house (at least mine!! ah ah)and a wide table is necessary =)
Love that wonderful shutter too, and your photos are stunning and bright, as always darling friend, despite the weather!
Hugs Silvia

Anna said...

I would also like to change the table but my husband says it's okay that .... ahhh, I have to make him read this post, maybe I will become good and quick to make do as tuot .. hahaha!
A wonder everything, from the table to the wall panel buying flowers ... it's a pleasure to come and see you!
Good spring!

sophie said...

Superbe idée pour tes assiettes! et de jolies trouvailles! le printemps arrive doucement mais surement!
merci pour toutes ces belles photos qui donnent bonne humeur!
belle journée

Nely said...

Hi my dear June,
The table is so beautiful,your husband have golden hands,great job.
I have too my wood carpenter,my hubby,I pay him with so good my food hehe:))

Beautiful post like always,
I send to you many hugs

Rozmeen said...

Hi June,

Love your new table. And the decoration is so SPRING :-) and thats exeactly what we need. Thanks for these beautiful pics.

xoxo Rozmeen

primrosesattic said...

Can send your husband here! i have lots of jobs. He has made you a beautiful table, I love that your painted it.

Beehive Needleworks said...

Dearest June...Such a splendid post! I love your new, handmade-by-your-Mister treasures! They shall be cherished heirlooms surely...with hugs and kisses tucked within.
Happy Springtime to you and your lovely family...
Judy xox

Lisa said...

Hi Sweet June,
I think your Husband & my Husband need to get together & start a business! I adore your table & the plate holder. I can just imagine your brood gathered around the table at Thanksgiving.
Love your finds too. I have a couple pieces of tin art myself. I saw some really neat frames and things at Anthropologie that were made of cardboard but done like your tin art. Then spray painted gold. It was quite impressive. I'm going to try one.

Deb said...

Not only is your table & plate rail gorgeous but having it made by hand just for you makes it all the more special!
Happy Spring ♥

Vintage Home said...

Crazy for your table....sweet sweet man to make it for you!
I shall post one day the one we had made for our daughter! similar to yours!
Your plate rack is my have inspired me!
Love your Easter decor just the right touch!

Anne Marie said...

a great looking table June...and I too am so ready for's nearly 14* here! have a blessed Easter in case I don't comment before.
Anne Marie

Olive said...

Your husband surprised you with speed and a gorgeous table. I am really loving the plate rack too. I like the idea of a non-conformist peep. We all need to have a little of that in us from time to time. Wishing you a blessed and Happy Easter, Olive

Claudia said...

Love your new table, June! So perfect for your family. And the plate racks are inspired. As always, love seeing photos of your beautiful home.


Villa König said...

To see your wonderful pictures makes me happy. Here we got now snow...since two days it is snowing without a break...where is the spring? Hugs Yvonne

Victoria said...

Wow, way to go hubby! Looks like he's been on a roll:) I love your new table and the built in plate rack is fabulous! If it makes you feel any better, you have more Easter decor out than I do:) I love Easter but with the boys being all grown up now, it's hard to get motivated to decorate for it these days!

Thank you for sharing your loveliness with us June:)

Junebug said...

I want your table!! It is exactly what I've been looking for and can't find. You are one lucky gal with that hubby making it for you!! Maybe I will put that on my list of future husband requirement. Don't worry I won't hold my breath on that!!

Then the added plate shelves, swoon!! You go girls with all you new hubby creations!!! HUGS!!!

Things and Thoughts said...

Amazing photos and so inspiring ! Thank you!

Rostrose said...

My dearest June, if I wouldn't already have Mr. Rusty Rose, I would ask for the hand of your husband! ;o))
He did a really VERY VERY good job with the table and the "plate-wall" (WOWOWOW!!!) And I love all those sweet things you found!!!
Thank you so much for your sweet words on my blog! I miss the west, too :o)) But I think it weel need some time till I can visit your wonderful country again. There are so many other countries, too ... and so many other things to do ... (sigh! ;o))
Last week we were very busy with some furniture removals in the new flat of our daughter and her birthday and so on... And soon I will make a cure again for my shoulder... That's the reason why I will just write two more posts and then will make a blog-pause...
But I'll be back :o))
Warm hugs to you (and to the little non-conformist ;o)), Traude

Draffin Bears said...

Dear June,

What a wonderful table and plate rack your husband made ... he is so very talented and you must be thrilled.
Your house and garden should be featured in a glossy magazine.
Love your sweet chickie Easter decorations and the lovely violets.
Sending hugs and hope you are enjoying the week


Marrianna said...

The table is beautiful, June, as are the photos of the budding/flowering tree taken last May. Here in Flagstaff, AZ, it seems to be a fairly normal 1st day of Spring - sunshine and breezy. But we've gotten heavy snow on April 1st so I'm not holding my breath. I got some gladiola bulbs to try bulb forcing inside and then later plant them in my natural/wildflower abundance front yard planter. I'm not much of a gardener so wildflowers that are naturalized are my style.

I also loved the outsider peep in your Easter decorations. I don't have any. Maybe I'll buy an Easter Lily to celebrate. Great photos as usual. Happy Easter.

wendy said...

Is your husband for rent????? (tee,hee) The table is fab and I LOVE that plate holder wall. I don't have room for anything like that here at my place, but I still want it.
Glad to see you go "all out" with your Easter decoratiing.
I am also anxiously awaiting a small sign of spring. It is cold and blowing snow here. Groan

Boxwood Cottage said...

Great finds dear June!
Wow your husband is a great builder too! Your table looks beautiful and I also love that spring blue door you have in the background. These plate racks look fabulous too! Yes I know that you are waiting for Spring now as impatiant as I do. It is really unsusual for us to have such a long Winter with so much frost and snow. It's still freezing strongly at night and snowing every 2 days. At least for next week the weather forecast promised us more sun and blue skies, but still freezing cold nights so no chance for flowers yet *sigh*
Happy Spring wishes to you!
xoxo~ Carola

Gwen said...

Your husband did a wonderful job...! LOL I always thing the same ("yes but when?") when my husband says he's going to do something... I love the pictures xxx

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi June. Your new table is beautiful, your sweet hubby outdid himself. And I really like the dish shelves. How pretty it looks with them all displayed like that. I bought those same little peeps. How could anyone resist them peering up out of their box. Take me home!!Happy Thursday..Judy

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! Both the table and plate rack are so very beautiful! And I don't know what you are talking about with the photographs not being so great - they are gorgeous, June!!!
Hope you have a lovely day, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Love those beautiful crispy whites!! I found your blog from a comment you made to Debra,at Common Ground. I clicked on your name (same as mine) to find your blog, I'm so glad I did! Hope that doesn't make me a stalker! I'm thinking I have something to contribute on a blog just haven't "jumped in" yet.

Have a nice weekend,

Peonies & Magnolias said...

What a wonderful roll your husband is on. I love the table and the plate racks. You scored some great finds after the dentist didn't you, love that little purse. We are having snow flurries every 3 or 4 days right now and thank goodness that is all, the cold is more than enough on it's own. Have a great weekend.


June said...

To June G,...I am so glad you found me and I am so glad to meet you! I don't meet too many Junes these days.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear June,
Your husband is a star ..... not only a beautiful table but plate rails too. They are gorgeous ..... he is one clever man...... and, your cookies are right up there too.....they look so delicious.
Your dining room looks wonderful June ..... I'm sure that there will be some very happy family meals at that table and the room will be full of the sounds of children, grandchildren and grown-ups enjoying a delicious spread !!
.....and,many thanks for your lovely comment today ....... it's always so good to see a comment from you.
Here's to the coming Spring June ...... then we can get out there in the garden.
Much love. XXXX

Ivy and Elephants said...

Give the man a prize! Your table is just perfect, and you explained what you wanted and he did it!!!! Love the plate rack, what a great use of space.
Fabulous! He's a keeper!

Lady Pamela said...

I just love when my men get inspired. I am fortunate that I have both my Dad and my DH who are great with making things.
I was trying to see your dining chair covers in the photo. I was wondering how you managed to cover all the different styles. Please share if you have the time. I am thinking about getting some different chairs.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Hello June,
Beautiful table and that plate rack is outstanding...he is for sure a real keeper:)


RuthSMac. said...

I love your new table, June! Hubby built me one a few months ago too. I feel so bless with my partner in life like you are. They really deserve a prize!

have nice weekend.

Madelief said...

Such a beautiful post! Your new table looks absolutely fabulous! A huge compliment to your husband.

Have a lovely weekend,

Madelief x

Faded Charm said...

Beautiful new table and plate rails. They both look perfect in your home and you are a lucky girl, since we've all heard those word before and thought the very same though..haha. So glad you didn't have to wait long.

Hope it warms up for you soon and you can get outside. I can't wait!

Enjoy your weekend.


BECKY said...

Hi June! What a fabulous table and hubby! And that wall of plates??? Just so lovely! I love your light drenched photos, too...doesn't seem like a cloudy day there at all! I look so forward to seeing your fresh flowers displayed on your lovely new table! Sigh...

Hugs and blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi June,

What a lovely post, ideas, photos and the creative pose of th cheap peeps! Thanks for sharing! Blessings!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

OMGoodness...I'd still be in shock if Jim made the table that quickly!!

The table and plate rack are just wonderful and the way you photographed them are just breath taking! Off to pin!

Nika Vintage said...

Maravilloso June!!!
Es una gozada visitar tu blog!
Tus imagenes estan llenas de encanto romantico!
Muchos besos!

Pondside said...

Your husband is stellar! I'll be saving the photo of the plate rack wall to show to The Great Dane.
Soon we'll move from wintry-spring to spring-spring and we'll all see some of those apple blossoms and violets.

Maison Beldecor said...

Hi dear June,

oh, the table is so wonderful and the cup board is so amazing!!! Your hubby is an exelent builder.
Wishing you and your familiy great Easter days and lovely hours at the new table

Susan Shull said...

Love your table and pop of color from the turquoise shutter. Good job, hubs! The plate rack is perfect too. Happy Easter, June!

Unknown said...

Your hubby did a fab job on that white table! Cute bunnies and chick, and the laces you found are beautiful.

Sophia said...

Hello June,

You have a very talented husband! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter.....


angie said...

ich liebe ihre dekoration und die wundervollen farben!!! alles liebe und frohe ostern wünscht angie aus deutschland

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

June, Thinking of you and wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!


Sherry Williams said...

Hi has been a while since I have been in contact with you. We were once great Flickr pals. I just let life get in the way(so many grandddaughters and so little time!lol} but decided to visit blogs this morning. Your blog still amazes me with the touches of true beauty that is your life.
You are such a delight!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Happy Easter dear June. How wonderful to have the men in your life make you great things, you are indeed blessed in so many ways. I so enjoyed your lovely photos of your lovely surroundings. The last post of your favorite things was beautiful too.
Lovely,lovely day my friend,


Oh I Love your Home so much... Dear June, I wish you a blessed and happy easter, hugs&kisses, Mira!

Victorian1885 said...

Happy Easter June & Family! Your new table is perfect in your home and the new shelves look great with your sweet plates! Take care..


Rita said...

Happy Easter to you and your family, dear June!
greetings from rainy Italy

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh you darling, lucky gal! I LOVE your table June! Hubby did a great job on it along with the sweet shelf to hold your pretty plates! I know what you mean that they can make it but when...giggle, giggle!

Love ya,

Linda said...

Hello again June,
What wonderful treasures you have! I adore that blue you use - what paint is it? It's so tranquil...I have never painted anything in my house blue but am loving everything you have touched with it and am feeling inspired! lol
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Cindy said...

I totally missed this post!
YAY! your husband made you that amazing table, and those awesome shelves! That is so great! And you didn't have to wait forever! The plates look adorable on the wall like that. And your tin can art piece is completely amazing! I didn't know people did stuff with tin cans like that. It is really very beautiful! I laughed at your Easter decor with one little doillie two bunnies and a chick... and that one photo with the crabapple blossoms looks like a painting waiting to happen!


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow! Your husband is on a roll. The table and the plate rail are both fantastic. Congrats! I think your photos are just perfect. So bright and airy and the aqua shutter really is so very pretty. Sweet doily and cute, cute, cute little peeps. :) Best wishes, Tammy

the old white house said...

WOW lucky you to have Dale to make the fabulousness that comes to your brain! i love your table and it's exactly what i need, maybe Dale can come to MI. for a bit? Duane is not so handy :( Plus your new plate hanger is awesome too, did i tell you how lucky you are? Happy Spring! love,t.xoxo

Unknown said...

New follower.. luv your blog. Beautiful table... enjoy.
Cheers, Gee