Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sweet little violets.

How can one pick just a couple of photos to show of these pretty little
violets when it is the only thing blooming in one's garden??????

I have a lot of these violets in the garden and so yesterday I dug a few up
to bring in the house and take some photos of.
I hope you will enjoy some of the photos I took of them.

Things in the garden are starting to emerge from the ground and the buds on the trees 
are getting fuller by the day. 
I'm getting excited to be outside more and even get into the hard work of 
weeding and dressing the flower beds. I have a couple of plans for the garden but
 I'm trying to hold myself back as far as creating too much more work for myself.
I think I'm at my limit as to what I can do in a day.

While I love to garden, my son's care comes first and then there are all the 
other things I love to do. Last year it became apparent to me that
maybe, just maybe, I was biting off a little more than I should. 

I would like this Summer to be a little calmer so I can spend more time with 
my children and my extended family.
I really want to make another couple of garden beds, I even made out plans over the winter
 but I am going to re-think it.
The wonderful thing about gardening is that there is always next year...and the next...
and the next!

I think I will put the garden plans aside this year and make of list of 
summer activities that don't require garden gloves.

It might include smelling the roses in some of my friend's gardens

and going on a few shopping trips with my daughters :)

and I can't believe I'm saying this,
but I think I even want to go camping more!

WOW...that even surprises me!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who read my blog and
leave such wonderful words for me. I don't think anyone can know what it means to me,
but you enrich my life so much and
I feel your friendship and thoughtfulness
and am so grateful.

many hugs from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


angie said...

ich liebe ihre farben, dekoration und blumen, wow!!! alles liebe von angie aus deutschland

Julie Marie said...

Hello June... I love seeing all of your violets, and I know what you mean, you just cannot have too many of them, nor too many photos of them!... we had 75+ mph east canyon winds the other night along with freezing temps and snow!... my poor little gardens took a real beating... so much so, I about want to give up on them!... but I know I won't... but like you, I want to spend more time this Summer doing all of the other things I love, but still taking care of my gardens... just no more new ones!... my poor Gertrude Jekyll that was so gorgeous last year has not survived this last bout of bad weather I am afraid, so I must replace her... and I want only a few container pots this year (not 98 like I usually do... ok, 98 may be exaggerating a bit, but it seems like 98!)... I think camping sounds like so much fun, I hope you get to do alot of it... think of the treasures you might find out there!... you are always such an inspiration... I am STILL making rose strings!... much love to you, now I am off to Grace Gardens, xoxo Julie Marie

Julie Marie said...

PS Your violets look GORGEOUS by your rose strings!!!...

Draffin Bears said...

Hi June,

Violets are such sweet little flowers, I love them and all your gorgeous photos.
You must be getting excited about getting back into the garden again.
Camping sounds like fun too, especially if the weather is lovely.

Happy weekend

maría cecilia said...

So little, soooo sweet and sooo beautiful my dear June.
Many hugs from me too!!!

wendy said...

Well, if you are THAT desperate to garden, you can come spend some time at my place. (tee,hee)
I can't even imagine YOUR garden needing 'more beds' is just already too gorgeous for words.
We are looking at just putting one part of our yard into grass this year (not the prarie grass)
But, it is good to evaluate what you NEED in life, and what you don't. Family is most important as you said.
Time spent with them is invaluable.

Blondie's Journal said...

Your violets are charming and pretty and I so enjoyed seeing how you've displayed them. Any little bit of color and something "living" in my home is pure happiness to me!

Funny, I've been so busy inside my home lately, that I haven't thought too much about my garden beds. Every spring I tell myself I'm going to plant some care free hydrangeas or peonies along my fence and then crunch time comes along and I'm making pots and adding to the perennials. Thankfully, hubby has taken an interest in gardening over the past few years and that's a huge help.

Keep dreaming though, we can't do it all but it sounds like you have some wonderful ideas for spending your summer!


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hello June,
Love these wonderful photos of your sweet violets! So beautiful!

bobbie said...

Hi, June ~ waving from over in Eagle. Your violets are so lovely ~ how can something so small be so beautiful?!
Peace ~

Diane said...

Your little violets look gorgeous in your home. I'm sure your garden will be beautiful whatever you do. You're an inspiration. Diane

chateau chic said...

It's always such a treat to see a new post from you, June! I never tire of your beautiful photos which are always so lovely. Sounds like you have good plans and priorities for the upcoming summer months.
Mary Alice

summersundays-jw said...

I work almost every day on my garden. If I didn't love it so much, I couldn't do it....such hard work but so gratifying. I'm at a point in my life where I can give it as much time as my strength allows. Your violets are beautiful! Jan

20 North Ora said...

Simple little violets bring so much joy! You are right, the gardens and flowers will always be there waiting on you. Sadly, the children will grow up and have their own lives. So enjoy them while you can to the fullest!


BECKY said...

I looked in my sidebar and saw a new post and inside I yipped, let out a big YAY,and headed right over!

Your violets are simply charming, and so is that absolutely scrumptious pillow! Did you make that?

I adore the violets in the challis!
Just gorgeous, and so unexpected!! Love how you think, sweet June.

Ok...must you go camping...or glamping? Tent or RV?
I love to camp, but hubby did enough of it in the military, and isn't a fan, so I go camping when I visit my sis. There is nothing like camping to sooth the soul, and get back in touch with simple pleasures {except maybe the beach!}

Hugs to you!
Hope your weekend is just lovely!

NanaDiana said...

Those are my very favorite little spring flowers. I love sweet violets and lilac bushes. Your pictures are as amazing as always, June. Blessings to you and your family- xo Diana

Bernideen said...

We could still have snow this week. I did see just the shoots coming up for the violets here and there! Enjoy!

Debra@CommonGround said...

your photos are always so beautiful, and none prettier than when you capture your flowers. I don't know how you maintain your gardens. I know you must love them. I'm done after an hour of watering! sending hugs!

Junebug said...

Sweet, sweet photos! Wow, are we really alike. This past month I've put together a drawing of my yard. I started to add new projects and had to rethink this. I'm thinking I want to play a little more this year. So it will be maintaining what I have and maybe finishing one unfinished project. Guess What, I'm going camping next weekend. Yep, the first of the year!! Blessing!! June

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hey, June. It is so pretty to see all your little violet vignettes. You set my up for that phrase, didn't you? It feels so good for spring to finally be here. That's why I have so many plants that come back year after year, there really isn't much work attached other than watering. We put in a sprinkler system a few years ago, but I miss watering by hand. It gives time to think and that's not really work..Happy Weekend..Judy

Things and Thoughts said...

Your tiny violet flowers are so tender and cheerful like the photos you took of them dear June. I understand all you say about priorities in life, of course family's care come first...
This blog corner is precious for all of us and if you thank us for stopping by , we thank you for sharing your kind thoughts and lovely things with us.
Have a nice Sunday !

June G. said...

I was so happy to see I had an email from you! I enjoyed seeing your sweet little violetsand all the pictures! Spring is such a short season here (central Ca) I try to spend time each day gardening. Just in the last few years (I'm also 57) I've come to realize that time is passing much faster than it ever did and each day is a true gift. Enjoy your camping trip and time spent with your son. Shopping with your girls, now that's fun! I have two daughters and we love our annual shopping trip to the coast and now there's two little granddaughters to include!


LandHausLeben said...

So beautiful photos! ♥
Best wishes, Carmen

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Violets are one of Mother Nature's little secrets... their delicate beauty is one of the first to arrive after the Spring bulbs, some have a delicate fragrance and for me the chance to make my first jelly of the season, yummy violet jelly.
What ever plans you make for this year may they be filled with fun and most of all love...
Susan x

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Beautiful photos of your sweet violets.

Have a lovely Week ~ FlowerLady

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Thank YOU June for making it over to my blog when you are able. It really means a lot to me that anyone would want to read my words. Oh how I love your vignettes, and my favorite is the one with the lone silver cup with the fuzzy background. GORGEOUS. Have a super day my dear, Anita

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Exquisite. I love violets and their fragrance is amazing, especially in such petite flowers. Your summer plans sound wonderful, I hope it is a time that you fully enjoy.

Nely said...

Hallo my dear June..
Your little violet are so lovely,your photos always make my smile,you are so inspirating to me:)
Enjoy my dear friend in spring beauty!
Many hugs

Smycken och Smulor said...

Magic photos! Thank you. / Marie-Louise

{oc cottage} said...

well, if it's not attended to every moment it might turn into a "pretty-ish kind of wilderness" as jane austen wrote in P & P...and how cool would that be...cuz you never might just find darcy waiting in there in the summer of '14!
{i need help, don't i?!! ok, maybe just a donut...ok, help AND a donut...and another viewing of P & P! ;}

m ^..^

the old white house said...

Good Morning June! Your photos are always so beautiful! I know what you mean about knowing our limits... I think I am going to turn my front garden into a wild flower garden/ english garden so that maybe it will look like I keep it up! We do need to take the time to stop and smell the roses that we plant. Thank you so much for your lovely comment this morning, you are always so encouraging. xoxo Have a fabulous week! love, t.xoxoxo

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Love seeing your beautiful little violets, June. I so much enjoy your vignettes and photography talent. Really joyful and breathtaking. And yes, there is only so much time in a day. And with a big family one's heart is always pulled in so many directions. Life becomes so much fuller when nice weather returns. Hugs back!

Madelief said...

That little March violet looks enchanting! You are right to take things at leisure. I think you enjoy things more when you do :-)

Have a lovely new week!

Madelief x

Fete et Fleur said...

I love how you have adjusted your plans for the year coming. There is nothing in this world more important than the ones we love. Nurturing those relationships will blossom far more beautiful blessings in your life. Besides your garden is already so very lovley. There is always next year. Have a lovely time June.


Nella Miller said...

Hi June, it is so nice to see a post from you, we are all so preoccupied it seems at this time of year...gardens, making plans, fulfilling our obligations...I agree with you about taking stock and rethinking what is really are so wise! I am still trying to get back to normal after the move in, just trying to remember it will all be here, to do at my own pace....your post is so lovely as always, and truly indicative of it's author in every way...N.xo

Dorthe said...

Dear June,
I too love the tiny violets, so fragile to see, but anyway being able to grow, even in the sand in front of my shop, where it only gets a tiny minimum of water!----
I think you are wise to take a summer without too much planned gardening! sometimes we should allowe ourselves to relax with our family, and friends!!
Hugs and love,Dorthe

Victoria said...

Your little Violets are gorgeous June! It must be so wonderful to have a garden, I'd be out there all day I imagine! I've been working on our little lanai, trying to get things to grow out Morning Glory started blooming this weekend so yay me:)

I think camping sounds like a blast, I've actually had a bee in my bonnet to do that too:) Sounds like a great summer plan!

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

I love my gardens, but I hear you...more hubby time this summer. Our trip to the Oregon Coast is already booked...and yes, it's a camping trip which we LOVE to do! xoxo

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Dear June, these beautiful photos of your violets are just delightful to those of us still craving signs of spring. And I think you're on to a great idea - taking it easier this spring & summer. It's a good idea to stop and smell the roses instead of slaving for them, right? I'm sure all of your existing garden beds will give you much pleasure, as well as fun plans with your family.
And thank YOU for being such a wonderful blogging friend to so many of us!!
xo, Susan

Katherine said...

June, we all so deserve to have great weather to play in the garden. I feel sorry for the bulbs and flowers that are attempting to announce their arrival - poor little things.
The violets in the silver chalice is so beautiful - it made me scroll back for another look.

OK - but seriously, camping?! At least promise yourself you will go 'glamping' - up scale, more comfort, addition of some of the prettier things life offers. I did a post on the whole glamping idea and after researching it, I know it's likely the only way I'd rough it.


Geli said...

Hello dear June!
I love your beautiful photos of the violets!!!
They are so dreamy!
Spring is here!
I wish you a happy week!
With love, Geli

Olive said...

Hi June, your first lovely violets are sweet. You could truly photograph a paper bag and it would be pretty. I had my first yellow iris bloom this morning and that makes me happy. I understand about making family a priority because I get lost in my garden too. hugs lovey, olive

Custom Comforts said...

Your violets are so sweet and lovely. They are not blooming here yet. I cannot believe your flowers are ahead of ours. We just have daffodils and forsythia blooming. And I also cannot believe you aren't going to garden this year. I just can't imagine you not in the garden, it seems unnatural. The older I get, the more it's the only place I want to be.


LifeStyle Events said...

It is always a treat to come over to your blog and just enjoy your beautiful pictures and read your wonderful stories. I thank you for sharing and give you a big hug:))))

debi said...

Oh June, your pretty photos are always such a treat for the eyes! And your little violets are so sweet.
I hope you have a wonderful, calm, restful summer surrounded by the ones you love. And while my old, tired body has trouble sleeping on the ground, I do love camping...that sounds so fun! Hugs, Debi

Robin Johnson said...

Your photos and flowers are just so pretty. I'm longing to get into the garden too. Nothing blooming in mind yet - it's still under snow.

I have a problem with letting my garden take over too much time also. I think it goes hand in hand with gardening, it's like a time warp. But I enjoy it so very much it's hard to complain too much about it.

Geli said...

Dear June!
I wish you a lovely week full of sunshine and laughter!
With love, Geli

Susan Shull said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos! You are so wise to be realistic with your time. That is so hard, isn't it? We only have so many hours in a day and I need to learn to be more intentional about spending them. You are a sweetie!

LandHausLeben said...

Love June!
Many thanks for the kind words on my blog! I was very happy about it! I am delighted every time you show your pictures!
Much love and all the love, Carmen

Cindy said...

Those little violets are so precious, they don't even look real. I love violets. I always used to pick a bouquet of them for my mother every spring. I remember she taught me to always try to pick the stems so that they were long... There is something so happy and cheerful about seeing them pop up every spring.
And, yeah, i sure know what you mean about biting off more than we can chew. There are too many wonderful ideas and things we could all do, but if we're so busy fretting about getting it all done to enjoy what's happening around us, what is the point!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Can I go camping too! And now you've given me an idea of what to do with all the dried roses I have. have a super day...

Thuis Thuis said...

Hello, June.
I love your beautiful photo's, the are so tender.
It's a joy to see, and I hope you will find joy with your children, and your garden.

Art and Sand said...

I only have a few lilacs scattered across the garden that are beginning to bloom.

Each of your pictures is so pretty and soothing.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Your summer plans sound wonderful June, especially more camping!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos ~ wishing you a great day!

Ann Marie said...

Amen to all you have written and expressed in your heart!

There is always next year!

I just adore you June! ♥

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures they are so fine and wonderful

Beehive Needleworks said...

Tho' we are still waiting for spring violets to come out from hiding on our patch, I have the great pleasure of enjoying those from YOUR gardens! I sincerely thank you for that joy!
I must agree...there are times when one must rearrange best laid plans, and trade them for exciting opportunities and delights. I wish you and your loved ones the best of each and every day dearest.
Sending love your way...
Judy x

jewels in the garden +: ) said...

I keep telling myself my garden is high maintenance, especially living in the desert, and I need to back off, but then there I go again! It's addicting! Love your violets June and thank you for admiring my humble garden!
Love and blessings,

Tricia said...

I always love looking at your pretty photos, June! You have such a wonderful way of styling things. I'm wishing that I could get out in the garden too, but it's been such a crazy spring just keeps snowing and snowing! Although after a few days in the garden I'll probably be thinking like you...wondering about activities that don't require gardening gloves :)

Lara said...

Late to leaving you a comment.. I've been unplugged for a few days. :) Oh heavens, you have shared my beloved violet! Viola odorata is my most favorite spring flower!!! Your pics are so pretty, June... bright, white, and magical with the pretty purple from the violets; just gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend!

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Love that photo of the violets in the silver cup! You are so right about gardening taking up time. To cut down on gardening work I've been adding more perennials that are native to our area.

Alina said...

Your posts are so lovely and so beautiful ,no wonder you have so many friends visiting ! It is pure enjoyment to be here with You. Violets are absolutely fantastic !!!
Warm thoughts sending your way ...

Mimi Sue said...

I love little violets too. I don't mind them growing in the lawn. It's such a cottage look to me. Beautiful pictures. Mimi

vitadrömmarobusigabarn said...

Beautiful blog you have
Lovely pictures!!!

Unknown said...

Omg!! its amazing!! All the things!!! Conglatulations

Angela said...

Hello! I've been thinking of you and your lovely flowers that you'll be tending to very soon. We've had a lot of rain here in Nebraska (and some cold snaps too) and I'm trying to remain positive that all that will make the GREEN I've missed all winter - return again! I bought a garden mag this evening for some inspiration to plant some flowers this year. No drought I hope! God bless

suziqu's thread works said...

My Dear June
They may be tiny these violets but oh so precious, in fact, everything we grow is when we account for all the loving hours we devote to these loved plants.
It is so very hard to pull back the reins when there is so much more potential for expansion of garden beds but I always ask myself these days - "am I going to be able to care for them in another 5-10 years?" And these days I know the answer.
I guess we learn that we are lucky to be able to enjoy the beauty we see around us without creating more.
I think you are showing much wisdom with your gardening thoughts dear friend.
There is a time for everything under heaven!!! Even time to smell the roses without feeling the need to cut or prune!
Sending you much love and hugs!

trishie said...

These photos are absolutely gorgeous!

Mary W said...

I visit your blog every few weeks to catch up on your beautiful pictures and words. I always know it will be uplifting and thank you so much for the time you spend doing this. Feels like visiting an old friend even though I don't know you at all. Sure is nice to have one place I can count on to visit and be happier and more at peace having visited!

June said...

Thank you so much Mary W. for letting me know you stop here. I am happy to meet you and to know that you enjoy my blog and ramblings. It means so much that you would take the time to brighten my day!
many hugs,

Jacqui said...

Hi June, what a precious post. I so know what you mean about leaving things til next year. Look after yourself it is so important.

Pondside said...

I think you have the idea, June! Sometimes it's necessary to sit back and smell the flowers, appreciate the blooms in someone else's garden and to indulge yourself with one lovely pot full of colour that can be moved around so that it is always in your sight line. It sounds like you've got some great ideas for summer fun - go for it!

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Dearest June how wonderful.... you have violets!
They are such delicate lovely little flowers and I have seen so little of them in my life. Living in a town almost all of that time you simply don't see them. I once used to park my car in the driveway of a kindly neighbour lady who lived alone and didn't drive, she was glad of me to use the space as it made her home look more lived in and hopefully less likely to be burgled. And there nestling amongst the grass grew violets, the very first I'd seen for many years. When my Grandma died, I sent a tiny bunch of violets for her funeral, they were her favourite flowers.

'Whenever a March-wind sighs
He sets the jewel-print of your feet
In violets blue as your eyes.'


Much hugs dear June!
Xx Jane xx

Anonymous said...

you have blessed me for sure....
I have never seen a hyacinth in real life....and know only plastic