Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mornings in the garden and a few studio shots.

I stepped out the front door a few mornings ago and took this shot of the early morning light in the one
of the beds in the garden.

I walked around to the back garden and took a few more
photos of a tiny little garden I have out the side of the studio.

I love these double oriental lilies that are blooming now.
They perfume the entire space.

because they are in shade they last much longer than the Stargazers I have blooming
in many other beds in the garden

garden phlox

Under the pergola out the front door in the mornings is one of my favorite places.
I love to come out and listen to the chatter of the birds and watch much of the activity
going on, like the robins hopping across the lawn searching for their breakfast.

I am going to be rearranging the studio again so I thought I would show a few shots of
it before I tear it all up and redo it.

I love fabric!!!
My love for fabric is the whole reason I have to redo everything in here.
I have to try to fit in another large cabinet to hold more of it  : ))))

and it will have to go here in this corner

a cabinet of laces

I actually love rearranging in here because then I can see and remember everything 
I have that I forgot I had.

It is so hard to get good photos in here because of low light but this gives you an idea of what
it looks like and who knows what it will look like for several days before it gets back to order.

I love my little buggy wheels and this photo is my favorite of my mom
when she was a little girl.

When and if I restore any order and semblance of normalcy I will share photos.
The way I go about things though it could be awhile. 


Susie said...

June, Thank you for your sweet comment on my g.daughter. I love all your beautiful garden photos. You are a fantastic gardener. xoxo,Susie

Vintage Home said...

It all looks delightful to me! Wonderful fabrics...a weakness of mine too!

Shabby Passion said...

June.. with these pics you left me dumbfounded! Oh My.. I can imaging you early in the morning taking your coffee under the pergola and enjouyng the view of these magnificent garden you have! wow wow wow... what else?

Big hug...

Low Tide High Style said...

June, your home is beautiful, both inside and out! And I can't imagine your studio being any lovelier, but I'm sure you'll find a way to accomplish that. I secretly love rearranging closets and rooms too so that I can discover lost and forgotten treasures!

xo Kat

Dorthe said...

Dear June,
I smiled when reading that you redecorate because of bigger staches of fabric, that you want to be there in your beautiful room :-)
I love the photoes from your studio, and all the lovely and sweet things you have there! Like the wheels ,the pink frame, the doilies hanging from a drath, and little tables with gorgeous pieces to enjoy!!
Happy redecorating dear, I hope you shows the "new" studio!!
Hugs from Dorthe

erin's art and gardens said...

everything is simply gorgeous, june! your gardens are so full and garden phlox has been nibbled on by the deer and i have just about given up on it. the deer won, again! those buggy wheels are adorable and creative way to display things. i can not wait to see the transformation of your studio, i am SURE it will be spectacular and inspiring.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I am sure your new set up will be gorgeous! Your flowers are amazing!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear June,

Thank you for showing us around your beautiful garden and your lovely studio. Love your big stash of fabrics, lace and all your pretty treasures.
Have fun with the re-arranging and I look forward to seeing your studio.
Happy weekend

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

June, your little studio is just fantastic. Love everything you have in there and can only imagine that it will look more beautiful when you are finished rearranging. Your garden is more gorgeous each time I see it. You have a love of beauty and it certainly shows..Happy Thursday..Judy

Unknown said...

How beautiful everything is. Your garden is breathtaking. I hope it feels as amazing to you to live in and around all of that beauty and it LOOKS to all of us when we see your gorgeous photos.!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh June, you are just so magical! You have white drapes in your pergola too! We have been enjoying the almost ghostly effect of the white drapes in our enclosed deck, and its added so much charm to our garden. Your collection of fabrics and ribbons is always a delight to view! HUGS! Anita

Rostrose said...

Dearest June,
it blooms so fantastic in your garden! Here it was now so terribly dry and hot (86-104 degrees Fahrenheit) for weeks and weeks - that our garden looks scruffy and there are only a few decorative flowers.
Your studio always looks beautiful - no matter how you are decorating it. I'm thrilled! And my favorite decorations are the old buggy wheels! So cute with the photo of your mom! :o))
Warmest hugs from Austria,
your friend Traude

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh June,
I just cannot get over just how beautiful your garden is ..... that first photograph is glorious. The abundance of flowers and perfect planting ..... and such lovely colour combinations. You must be so pleased with the way it looks...... and, your lillies and phlox are beautiful as well.
..... and, what I wouldn't give to get amongst your fabrics, lace and ribbons !!!! It all looks perfect . XXXX

Deb said...

GORGEOUS garden & studio June!
Love the buggy wheels ♥

Sylvia said...

June, thank you for your visit and kind comment! Your photos of the beauty that surrounds you make me feel peaceful. I collect vintage fabrics, too. I love the fact that vintage fabrics have real life pass before it. Sending you warm wishes for more lovely mornings in your amazing garden!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

My the garden looks spectacular...the phlox and the rubeckias are amazing! The little chair is a wonderful touch.

I have a love affair with fabric too, it is my inspiration for just about everything I do. And don't even get me started on lace. (-:

Have a happy day.

Bernideen said...

Gorgeous garden and studio! Your flowers are fabulous!

Diane said...

Don't you just love the morning light!!! Your garden is beautiful and I'm really intrigued by the double Oriental lilies - beautiful! Diane

BECKY said...

Hi Lovely Friend,
Sigh...your garden just woos me, and so does that beautiful space you have created under the pergola. When we first looked to buy our home in 2005, I didn't realize that it backed up to a main traffic artery. Not one like in a bustling city, but in a small town...still can be quite noisy, though. Sooo...I sit out front, too, and watch the birds flit around, the palm branches waving a sweet morning hello, and the sun peeking it's lovely light through the leaves of the trees. Magical, isn't it? God is so amazing with what He has surrounded us with!

At this late hour, I am so delighted to have stopped by, to spend a few moments seeing what you see! Always a joy!

Hugs to you, sweet June!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hello dear June, I love your lush flower beds. They're such a treat for the eyes. Your sitting area under the pergola is a wonderful space und I can very well understand why you love it so much.
It's great to see your beautiful studio again. Have fun with the rearranging and finding things you had forgotten about ;-).

My name is Riet said...

Dear JUne. Your garden is so beautiful, everything is blooming , such a wonderful sight.And your studio, wow, it is already beautiful and you are going to make it even more. You are right, when you take it all to rearrange you find things you have forgotten about. Have a lovely week my friend.
Hugs from Riet

jewels in the garden +: ) said...

Oh June, I am so full of garden envy.... good. garden. envy! I'm so anxious for summer to be over so I can garden again, not that it would look anything like yours. My two most favorite gardens are yours and Teresa's!
I love your before studio and I know I'll love your after studio!
God bless +: )

Mimi Sue said...

Your garden is so beautiful at this time of year. I've never seen those double lilies before. Do you remember where you got them? They're gorgeous. Love your pergola too. A lovely place to relax when you're finished with your garden. Have a wonderful weekend. Mimi

Unknown said...

Hello June...I've popped across via Jackie@home...your blog is delightful and I LOVE the name of your blog; your son sounds wonderful what a joy!
I love gardens and your photographs here are so colourful I can picture myself on your chair in the first shot with a book and cup of coffee in hand ;-)
Happy Weekend.

Claudia said...

June, I can't tell whether my comment went thought because I got a error code. So I'll do it again! I love your gardens and your studio and I can imagine you moving everything around in that space, stopping to re-acquaint yourself with all your treausures.


Olive said...

Dear June, your studio shows your love of fabric. The pink frame is too too sweet. It will be great fun redoing that space. I love fabric too. I get to play with it some by selling vintage pieces and washing and ironing them makes me happy. I wish I could sew but sadly cannot. Your garden is peaceful and I see the Spirit of God there. Walking through my garden, messy though it is, helps me sort out my thoughts. xo, olive

Sandi said...

Your studio is gorgeous June!! I have been trying to take pics of mine for days, but the lighting is not good at all. The sun just beats in my bedroom window, but not my studio. :( One of these days. lol

Nely said...

Hi my dearest June,
Your garden are pure beauty,looks so peaceful and lovely.I love so much vintage fabrics,your studio looks amazing..
I am really enjoy in your pictures!
Have a nice weekend, many hugs

Edith DUTERTRE said...

un jardin bien vert et fleuri
pour nous tout est sec
j'aime beaucoup la présentation
de vos dentelles et napperons
les images sont très douces
à bientôt
edith (iris) France

Lady Pamela said...

Oh Yes! a cabinet full of laces. I am so much looking forward to seeing that. I can see it in my mind's eye already. It will be interesting to see how close my imagination will be to the real thing.

Geli said...

Dear June!
Thanks for your beautiful photos!
Your garden is really a dream and the pergola ....
I looooooove this place!
I wish you a happy weekend and hope you can enjoy your dreamy garden.
With love,

Anne said...

Have fun playing around changing things.It's always fun to do.I will look forward to the after photos when you are ready to share :-)

Victorian1885 said...

Dear June I would love to join you on your pergola and gaze at your beautiful gardens....
I can't wait to see your changes to the studio! It is such a creative, romantic looking space.
Our summer here is hot and dry too, I hope the fires in your area are soon under control.
Have a great weekend my friend.

Silvina Soave said...

Un jardín de ensueño y precioso el porche!!
Saludos desde Argentina.

farmhouse-story said...

your first garden picture is amazing, june! and your pergola spot looks very pretty:) LOVE your studio!

Edith DUTERTRE said...

merci pour le petit mot sur mon blog
c'est super agréable les commentaires
à plus
edith (iris)

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh June, what a wonder your garden is, do you have many butterfly's, of course you do! I know you will love the reorganizing, play really,,, if you don't stop and start creating I will be surprised. So much inspiration in your studio. The pergola is a dream, it would be hard to leave and get to the day.
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Åååå for en nydelig hage,du har det sååå flott overalt. :))
Klem Mette.

Monica said...

Well, by now you should know I love your gardens and your studio!! :)
They will both inspire me when in the new house, in just three weeks from now. I can't believe that! I will have a beautiful studio once again, and will start furnishing and decorating it immediately!
Now I have to check your older posts about your gorgeous working space...
Sending hugs and love,
Monica xoxo

Julie Marie said...

Sooo beautiful June... when I clicked on this post several days ago, it said it was not found... so glad I stopped back!... your flowers are all still gorgeous... ours are pooped out as we head into Autumn... some of my Roses are still pretty and of course my giant sunflowers... I love your studio and the photo of your mama as a little girl is precious!... can't wait to see the changes you make (but I think it's beautiful just the way it is!)... xoxo Julie Marie

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

June, What a beautiful garden you have. So magical!
Your studio looks like a wonderful place to create in. I can't wait to see how you'll change it. You have such great ideas! So inspiring! Happy Saturday!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

What a gorgeous garden and studio, yep, my big downfall is fabric...And lace. Enjoy your redo!


Mimi Sue said...

Yes, we were at Bear Lake, Idaho! We drove up to Paris, Idaho too but didn't go look at the Tabernacle but we should have! I hear it's been renovated and it's wonderful. We have a soft spot in our hearts for the old buildings since our ward meets in the Kaysville Tabernacle. It is such a treasure! If you're ever down this way let me know and I'll give you a tour. Mimi

Tricia said...

Your garden is so spectacular, as is your studio! I share your love of fabric. I buy pieces and stuff them away in my cabinet for photos, but never really make anything with them. Hope you're having a happy weekend. xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Friend! I am wondering if your beautiful house and gardens are safe from the fire - I cannot remember exactly where you live in Idaho and have been thinking and saying prayers for those involved in that fire. We had a big one near us just the first of July and know how scary that can be.

Now we just are trying to keep the bears that have come down because of the fire out of the bee yard!

bee blessed

Bente said...

Oh June,your garden is amazing, and that outdoor space is so very beautiful. Your home is fantastic, indoor and outdoor.

Wish you a wonderful new week, dear June.

Hugs from here

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Your garden is so gorgeous! what an amazing place to be part of. I also love your beautiful home...if I am not mistaken you have a lovely studio area that is one my favorites by far.
Thank you for the kind words on my blog!


debi said...

ha ha ha! I know exactly what you mean about rearranging the studio and being reminded of what you have in there. It's the same way for me, and it's always so fun to make those discoveries!!

Nella Miller said...

Dear June, I just planted some lilies a few years ago, and finally this summer they were beautiful, I planted white Madonna..they look great in light shade.....their scent is incredible...your garden is like your studio, a tapestry of beautiful things...I am attempting to change an upstairs bedroom into a studio also, maybe this fall it will be organized !! You have given me inspiration,,,N.xo

Betsy said...

beautiful lillies, mine have disapeared for some reason. Love your studio and I would love to have one just like yours, so very nice.

Wendy & Megan Chamberlain said...

Dear June
Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments. So glad your husband got to enjoy the meteor shower. I was so happy that I finally managed to get to see it, the weather here is rather unpredictable.
Your garden is so beautiful, a place to sit and daydream. The garden phlox are very pretty, I so enjoy their wonderful fragrance.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello dearest June
Oh what a sight stepping out from your front door into all this amazing growth of perennial love with your amazing pink oriental lillies and phlox too.
I see you enjoying moments of complete serenity as you sit out under your pergola and soak in all the fragrances and bird sound surrounding you there.

What fun bringing in a new cupboard to
house all your pretty fabrics and laces too. I've realized though the more I accumulate in my studio the harder it now is to rearrange. It becomes a question of what to eliminate next - that is always so hard for me!
Everything looks so gorgeous and love the precious photo of your mother as a child - one to treasure. My mum's photo sits on my desk or close on a shelf.

Sending big rose hugs as the days become shorter and a little cooler.
Enjoy all the beauty as it still lasts.

Villa König said...

Hi dear June, oh I love to see your garden photos. Such a wonderful place. And your studio looks gorgeous. I love fabrics too and can't get enough of them :-) Thanks for sharing these wonderful views inside your studio! Hugs Yvonne

MJ Ornaments said...

Hi June!
You have the prettiest everything! And an amazing ability to make the coolest displays. Love it al!!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh honey if I walked out my front door and saw your gardens I would know I was in heaven. OH my gosh your home, gardens and studio are all to die for. Just gorgeous and as lovely as you are my friend

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh my goodness, June! I can't even imagine looking out my windows and seeing all of that beauty! Amazing! God truly blessed you with a green thumb. :) If you lived closer, I'd hire you to redesign my gardens. You are sooo talented! And that patio space is just so sweet! Have fun rearranging your studio. I have plans on doing that this winter, because I need more space for my fabrics, too! :)

xoxo laurie

Val said...

The pink double lilies are new to me. I love them. Lovely patio too. It makes me want to take a nap, even though it'd be a shame to have my eyes shut around such beauty!

Unknown said...

Det er et vidunderligt bed du har. Godt skudt i morgenlyset. Jeg kan også godt lide alt det fine linned
du har.
Venlig Hilsen
JetteMajken said...

Hello my friend. I would love to come and visit you sometime when your garden looks just like this.

big hugs,

Lisa said...

I love your pergola...I love everything you do.
hope all is well out there.
as always you give me motivation.


Ivy and Elephants said...

June, your garden is magnificent! I love the double lilies, I'd never seen these before. I could sit under your pergola all day! Lovely.

My Little Home and Garden said...

With my rather dry and bedraggled garden, it is lovely to see your beautiful one. The porch is stunning and I can imagine you must enjoy "playing" in your studio with all the lovely items located there.

I hope you have a pleasant weekend.


Art and Sand said...

Oh, my!

That quilt on the wicker sofa is such lovely colors.

doilies hanging as a banner . . .
little wheels hanging with lovelies . . .
soft colors of fabric . . .
baskets with ribbons . . .

I am in L O V E with everything.

Rosemary and Thyme said...

What a beautiful and relaxing garden. Your images are spectacular. I love your fabrics. The colors and patterns are very lovely. I often myself looking for extra space and re-arranging things around for my growing collections. I guess I am not the only one.

Have a Happy Sunday.

Deborah said...

Heavenly! Your garden is dreamy and so is your studio.
So must love it in there...and out there!
Enjoy! I'd love to sit where you sit and chat with you in the morning beautiful ;)

All my heart,

helen tilston said...

Hello June

Your garden is glorious and what a delightful place to have morning coffee. The selection of fabrics in your studio invites creativity. As you new follower I look forward to knowing your blog and look forward to a visit from you


Shabby soul said...

You know, darling June, when I need serenity I walk across the ocean and come to visit your virtual home. I can loose my eyes for so much time looking your stunning garden... Hope you are fine and have a wonderful end of summer!
your pale blue color has been an inspitarion for my bedroom's ladder =) Hugs

Jennifer said...

Hi June, Your garden is simply amazing. I love all the vignettes of your studio as well. Everything is so pretty!

wendy said...

I NEVER get tired of taking a "stroll" through your garden. We are in the virgin stages of our yard, and getting it landscaped. I say YARD kinda loosely, as when you live in the country, It takes some different definitions I think. Different contructing. Whew, what a job, and looking at yours I can see it has come with years of love and experience.

The Feathered Nest said...

June, your home...your studio...your gardens are all absolutely heavenly to me!!! I love the soothing feel of it all ~ but you are that kind of person I feel like, relaxed, caring and it shows in all that you touch. I'm so sorry I've been gone for awhile, I've missed you! hugs and love, Dawn

Anonymous said...

Your garden is heaven on earth and your photography is true art!


angie said...

der garten ist herrlich!!! soooo viel schöne blumen und die katze ist so süß!!! auch ihre dekoration ist wunderbar, ich liebe die farben!!! alles liebe von angie aus deutshland

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

I just adore your studio, June and could imagine getting 'lost' in here. All those fabrics and so little time! :)