Friday, June 6, 2014

Lilac time in the garden...and a beautiful friendship flag from Deb!

Sharing a few of the lilacs that have bloomed in my garden this year.
My favorite thing about early spring is when the lilacs bloom. 
I have 12 bushes in this garden and can't fit all the photos into one post so I 
thought I would first post about my two favorites.
This particular lilac is a no name. 
I found it at a plant nursery in bloom and it didn't have a 
description tag, but when I saw the bloom and smelled it,
I knew I had to have it.
It is one of the very first to bloom and I love cutting it and bringing the blooms into the house.
They don't last long in a vase but even as they wilt and dry, the scent stays strong.

In the photo below you can see that as it ages on the bush the blooms fade and become even fuller.
They take on a less purple cast and become more lilac in color.  

I wanted to show the single florets of the bloom in a close-up so one could
see the make up of this double lilac bloom.
What an amazing bloom this lilac has!
Here is a photo I took of the different blooms from the ones I have. 
Some of these I have two bushes of.
I think the Glory lilac is very similar to the no-name lilac but it's growth habit is different.
The Glory lilac has passed this one up in size and the lilacs grow mostly at the top of the bush.

My second favorite lilac is the one below called Beauty of Moscow.
I love everything about this one. I love that it is pink and not lilac or purple and I like the
less dense blooms.

Me being the pink lover I am, makes me think one of these is not enough!

I received the loveliest gift from a friend a couple of weeks ago.
Deb of Posted from Home had e-mailed me to tell me about
a couple who have a child with the same syndrome as Landon (Angelman) from her area
that had been featured in her local paper and wondered if I would like the article
to read (and I did) so she kindly sent it. 
In the package was this beautiful friendship flag and lovely card.
Deb is such a talented artist and I love her work. I am so happy to have a piece of her artwork and 
it was so thoughtful of her
to send it to me and I will cherish it Deb!!!
at the bottom of the chain is a little metal heart with a muslin bow
I love details like that!!!
I wanted to post this with my lilacs because the colors are perfect together : ))))
Thank you Deb---I love it...and you!

I want to show more of the lilacs blooming and even though they will be gone by the time I do another post, they are just too pretty to let go of. So soon I will share a couple more favorites.
Hugs from here!!!


Junkchiccottage said...

June your lilacs are just gorgeous. Love every picture. How sweet of Deb to send you this beautiful work of art. How sweet. Have a wonderful week end.

toves sammensurium said...

I've always loved lilacs....the look,the smell.They are beautiful.somehow June,your pictures makes Them Even more beautiful!!!!Thanks for sharing all the beauty!!!!!
Happy weekend,Enjoy!
Tovehugs :)

bobbie said...

I can smell the wonderful scent from here!!

Carolyn said...

Hi June,
I love seeing all your lilacs ~ the Beauty of Moscow is my favorite also.My lilacs are just starting to bloom now~ we have had a beautiful warm sunny week bringing the garden ahead quickly.
I finally found a weeping crabapple tree like I had to have it! Now,I hope I live long enough for it to grow as big and beautiful as yours. Ha!Ha!
I love your beautiful friendship flag from Deb!


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi June,
I love your lilacs. I can just imagine how heavenly they smell.
Love your flag too...what a sweet gift.


Julie Marie said...

Your Lilacs are so beautiful June!... and I love the little picture of them with all of their names, so pretty!... since Lilacs do not dry well, I press alot of mine... that way, they last forever!... sometimes, I will put them in a pretty glass frame and hang it up to remind me of Lilac time in my garden... your friendship flag from Deb is gorgeous!... she is such a talented lady and a dear friend of mine as well... last year, she made me a garden flag for my Prairie garden with the word "Peace" on it... such a treasure, as is Deb... and how kind of her to send you the article too... hoping Landon is doing well, I think of him often... much love, enjoy your beautiful blooms!... xoxo Julie Marie

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

All your lilacs are beautiful, June! I wish blogs had scratch and sniff because I'm sure this post would smell pretty darn good! : ) I would love to get at least one lilac bush in one of the beds around our condo. We are looking to put a small patio in that will cut down on planting space, but I'm hoping I can fit one in somewhere.

Custom Comforts said...

Just beautiful June! I can't even imagine having that many lilac bushes. It must be heavenly when they all bloom. I didn't have any lilac blooms this year. Probably a combination of a heavy pruning I did last summer and the harsh winter we had. I didn't have any wisteria blooms either. Thanks so kindly for sharing your blooms with us.

Deborah said...

Hi June!!!
Oh my had me at lilac!
Gorgeous and beyond!
Love them all and what a beautiful gift Deb gave you!
Lovely and so thoughtful.
Love & hugs!

All my heart,
Deborah xoxoxoox

Pondside said...

Beautiful lilacs, beautiful gift and truly lovely images and writing. Such a balm to visit your posts, June!

Low Tide High Style said...

Oh my June, who knew there were so many varieties of lilacs! Yours are gorgeous and I will blame you if I end up buying some of these different varieties! :) What a lovely gift your friend sent as well.

Enjoy those lilacs for me, and thank you for the gorgeous pictures as always.

xo Kat

Linda said...

The lilacs remind me of my son's favorite climbing tree. So beautiful! And aren't blog friends the best? Our grandmothers would have never believed that we could be so close to friends we have never even seen. Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

Blondie's Journal said...

Your lilacs are just so lovely, June. I can only imagine the scent they fill your rooms with. I'm creating a new flower bed and have thought of them...not sure what will work best for my area and soil. Maybe a handful of luck? Ha!

It was so thoughtful of Deb to send you the article...bloggers thinking of's great. And she is a talented artist. It's a treat I'm sure that she sent along a little gift from her heart.

Hope summer is going well for you (is it summer yet? Feels like it!)


Draffin Bears said...

Dear June,

Your lilacs are very pretty and you have so many gorgeous varieties and shades.
The friendship flag from Deb is such a lovely thoughtful gift.
Happy weekend dear friend and sending hugs

NanaDiana said...

June- Those are so gorgeous. You take such gorgeous pictures and display them so beautifully.

Lilacs are my very favorite flower in the world-followed closely by peonies and roses...but lilacs just touch all my senses somehow. You have SO many kinds! I have this one that I wish could be identified. I was told it was a French lilac but it is a deed medium color and the blooms are very dense-heavily scented and about 16 to 17" long. I have never seen blooms this big on a lilac before.

That is a wonderful flag and what a sweet story behind it. Aren't other bloggers amazing in the way(s) they think about other bloggers? What a great gift from Deb.

Have a wonderful weekend and, as always, give Landon a Nana hug from me! xo Diana

Art and Sand said...

I need to check to see if I can grow lilacs in my climate.

Your flowers and photos are wonderful.

Ulla said...

Amazing flair and beautiful lilacs! I love them so much!
Have a sunny weekend, Olga.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good gracious, these are stunning in your photography, June! We are now enjoying our lilacs, and to walk in the neighborhood is to take in the sweet perfume! How the whites and gentle lavender colors blend in so nicely!

Many hugs and warm wishes for a beautiful garden day. Anita

Monica said...

Dear June,
I love lilacs, and even if I don't have childhood memories of them (as I grew up in the city) as soon as I had a garden, I planted a white one. My Mom gave it to me as gift, and it grew and grew... I feel a bit sad sometimes thinking I had to leave it behind... but I have taken photos of it, and sooner than I can imagine, I know I'll have another one... or maybe more!
Lots of love to you,
your photo of the different varieties inspired me a sketchbook page! :)
Monica xoxo

Monica said...

P.S. Deb is such a lovely friend, how beautiful that you own one of her flags!

Home and Lifestyle said...

As always, I am very suprised by the wonderful flowers in your garden. The colors are stunning and your pictures a gift. Thanks for sharing, dear June.

Wish you a wonderful weekend. Sending hugs from Holland!

Xxx Ingrid

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

What a treat to have so many different varieties! They are all so very beautiful, June! I love seeing the closeups too. :)
My grandparents had a lilac hedge to block off the alley from their little home ~ whenever I see lilacs, I think of them.
Enjoy your weekend!

Unknown said...

simply stunning.... and my favorite bloom! sigh....

chateau chic said...

Your lilacs are breathtaking, June!! I love all the different colors you have blooming. Your home must be infused with the sweetest aroma! Your photos are stunning as always. Love, Love, Love!!!
Mary Alice

Unknown said...

Beautiful lilacs you have-love the colors !!!!!! Lilac is one of my fav smells ! And what sweet gift you have !!! Enjoy your weekend!xoxo

Miss Kim said...

Such glorious photos-- I can almost smell them from here :)

Geli said...

Dear June!
What a beauty! I love lilacs and YOU have so many trees in different colors!!!
I love them all!
And what a beautiful gift of your friend!!!!
I hope you and your family are all well andI wish you a dreamy weekend!
With love,

Madelief said...

Your lilacs look beautiful June! Oh to have twelve bushes in your garden. What a delight....and the must be heavenly!

What a sweet gift you received!

Wishing you a Happy weekend,

Madelief x

Victoria said...

Oh my goodness, all those Lilacs!!! They are stunning! I can just imagine how lovely they smell. What a wonderful friend to send you that article and the little flag, so cute! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend June:)

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Another exquisite post...the lilacs are spectacular and made even lovelier by your amazing photos.

How wonderful they must smell! What a special time to be in your garden.

Lilasesazuis said...

Amo lilases!!

Suas fotos são lindas!



Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

I share your love for lilacs, dear June. The tiny blossoms are so sweet and the smell is enchanting. I adore all the shades. The white wall wicker basket is very pretty and looks so gorgeous filled with the lilacs. Enjoy Deb's beautiful gift.
Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend!
Hugs to you,

Anne said...

Absolutely gorgeous June! You have the most beautiful lilacs I have ever seen! What is the secret? I have one that I planted a few years ago and does not produce very many blooms.This year I just planted a new one so we will see how it goes.Is there a variety that is easier to grow?Thanks for all of your lovely photos <3

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Oh June....the pictures are just beautiful. My four "farm lilacs" are now past their bloom, I miss them so!
I once traveled to the Lilac Festival on Mackinaw Island in Michigan, staying on the island at the Lilac Tree Inn....your pictures took me back to those charming memories.

deb said...

Your lilacs are stunning as are your photos of them! Our lilac bush is in front of our kitchen window ~ I open up the windows first thing in the morning & the scent just fills the kitchen is heavenly. The blooms are all but finished now. Next , it will be the peony which are almost ready to open.
So happy you like your flag ... created & sent with much love. It looks right at home in your beautiful studio xoxo

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

You have so many wonderful varieties, June! What a thrill they must give you outside your door. Enchanting photos as usual.

Mimi Sue said...

Gorgeous lilacs! Love the scent and have one planted right outside our office window. Would love to see your garden in person one day. Mimi

Cindy said...

Good Lord Almighty those are just too wonderful to even believe. Your yard must smell like heaven when they are blooming. I love the photo showing the different varieties. Just wow...


Katherine said...

Lilacs are so romantic. I'm not sure if was that my Grandmother had them in her garden - but they always remind me of her. And that is a wonderful thing.

sending you hugs

The Rustic Victorian said...

What a wonderful post June. I love the photo with the variety named. I too can smell them, always my favorite. I got 2 lilacs started this year, the tag says Saugeana Chinese Lilac. I don't see many in the SE, but they are doing good, maybe blooms will come next year. I got them in honor of Mother, she adored Lilacs....good memories...

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

What a beautiful present from your friend! Your lilacs are simply divine too...isn't it amazing how many varieties there are! So gorgeous June! xo

erin's art and gardens said...

Hi June! All of your lilacs are so beautiful, I don!t think I can choose a favorite, but those pinkish ones are so soft and pretty...I think I can smell their heady fragrance from here. How nice of your friend to send you such a special gift.
Blessings from Tennessee,

Victorian1885 said...

Hello Dear June
What wonderful images of your lilacs!
One of our favourite places we have lived over the years had a horseshoe shaped hedge of different types of lilacs surrounding the home. I loved opening the windows and embracing the heavenly scents.
Thank you for sharing your glorious garden...

HWIT BLOGG said...

So lovely...those lilacs, they are so beautiful and so are your pictures!
Warm hug,

Donna Reyne' said...

Your Lilacs are gorgeous!
I love the different varieties you have...I am really wanting a white one...yes, the angel white but I waited too late this year to purchase one....maybe next year!
I have missed visiting with you and promise to do better.
Take care my friend and enjoy the Summer!

Burlap Luxe said...

Beautiful visit here tonight :)
My parents home is full of Lilacs of all sorts, my favorite is the Beauty of Moscow, I love it's old world faded colour in its blooms. I love how vintage this colour is and the palest of the flowers.

The sweet flag from Deb is perfect with the lilacs colours, and so sweet of her to show you how much she cares. As for your son it's always comforting to read, or meet someone who has a child with this same debilitating syndrome...(angelman)
It's a way to connect even if there is not a meeting of sorts or a conversation, you just know that the other party so understands your life.

You my dear have been blessed with so much unique beauty in your life!
Keep inspiring us with all the beauty all around you :)

See you soon.

Debra Howard said...

Oh such lovely lilacs! I enjoy some that peek over my fence from the neighbors yard. I'm hoping to plant some as soon as the drought here in Texas is over. Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi June!
Your lilacs look beautiful! I love their scent! I was thinking of planting some in my yard this year. The artwork piece that your friend sent you was very sweet and creative. Thanks for sharing! You have a very lovely blog!

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

June, I always love seeing your beautiful photographed flowers . You capture them in just the right light. Your lilacs are so breathtaking. I wish I could grow them here in Southern California, but for now I'll enjoy looking at them in your gorgeous garden. Love the thoughtful gift from Deb. She's so creative!

Rosemary and Thyme said...

Oh how I miss having lilacs in my garden. They have now faded until next spring. You have photographed them beautifully June. I can almost smell them from here my sweet friend. Thanks so much for visiting me. I love reading your lovely comments. They give me great joy.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


Tania said...

I just love Lilacs June and up until recently couldnt enjoy them because of were we lived. I now live in a much cooler part of Australia (Tasmania) and can now soak them up when spring comes around. Yours are just gorgeous and I to love the pink one the best.
Love Tania xx

White Lace and Promises said...

I'm with you. The Beauty of Moscow is my favorite and I love the jar it's it. Such a pretty post.

Unknown said...

Sweet Story and Beautiful photos of your glorious lilacs!!!! I wish that they would grow where I live!!!! Thank you!!! I found you on pinterest....