Tuesday, September 9, 2014

views around the garden in August

Would you like to take a little garden tour with me?
The gardening season is winding down here and I am so far behind in
sharing photos of what was blooming when.
-----but this post is full of the garden in August.
above and below is an un-named rose in my garden

the clematis Josephine

Bombshell and Limelight hydrangeas 

crab apples in foreground and Bombshell hydrangea in pot in background

drifts of echinacea in a bed at the back of our property

White Swan echinacea

 double oriental lily

the same lily after a little fading in the sun
pots and planters around the garden

Comtesse de Bouchaud clematis

the same rose as before---I just love it so much I had to post another photo of it :-)))

a lovely jumbled mess!

Gardenview Scarlett monarda and Comtesse de Bouchaud

a struggling clematis on the gazebo----it's pretty, but a skinny little thing.
That's what happens in too much shade. I could move it, but I kind of like
it's sparse look here.


David phlox
Edsel the Garden Cat

I'm so glad you could join me in the garden today.
...and so is Edsel!


angie said...

ooooh, wie süß ist ihre katze!!!!!
danke für die wunderschönen bilder, ich habe den gartenrundgang sehr genossen!!!
ihre echinaccea ist soooo toll, ich mag besonders die weiße!!! und auch ihre hortensien blühen prächtig!!! der alte küchenherd ist eine tolle dekoration, so einzigartig!!! alles liebe von angie aus deutschland

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Thank you so much for the lovely tour. That un-named rose is just beautiful.
I think Kittie approves of its surroundings.
Surely though now that it is September some of your beautiful blooms have waned a bit?
Susan x

Junebug said...

I am more then thrilled to join you and Edsel in the garden. I also love that unnamed rose, oh so pretty! Limelight is on my list for next year!! My flowers are fading as Fall is in the air. I do have chrysanthemums that are full of buds. There is hope for more color. Enjoy this last of the summer and welcome the color of Fall. Too my favorite sista, June!!

Trisha said...

You have the most beautiful garden, June! I want to come over and have tea, set and relax and smell all the lovely flowers!


Kristin_Texas said...

I'm in love with the hydrangea and echinacea. I can't even imagine being surrounded by so many pretty flowers. Everything looks so incredibly beautiful. Sigh...

Faded Charm said...

Thank you for the tour of your beautiful gardens...so lovely and I'm sure you enjoy every minute of it:-)


NanaDiana said...

Oh-June! I am just getting back from a busy, hectic summer break.

My heart beats just a bit faster when I open it and see pictures of your garden. That unnamed rose is beautiful-whatever it is. It looks like a real old-fashioned rose. My gramma had a huge bush that grew up on the northwest side of her house and it had glorious blooms like that with an almost spicy scent. It had a LOT of thorns...as my hands can still attest to, I bet.

Your gardens are just lovely-I bet you just look around sometime and smile to see it all laid out before you.

Hope you had a good day and hugs for your angel-boy Landon. xo Diana

ps. Edsel looks like the "bluies" that same gramma always had. Their coats felt like velvet. Sissy has a cat that reminds me of Edsel, too. When you get tired of that darn old cat- why don't you let me know? I'll pick him up. pps. I have made the same offer to Sissy, too, and she has basically ignored me!;>)

sarah said...

Such a magnificent garden!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous June ….. I just LOVE your garden….. every last bit of it. I only put my Limelight hydrangea in this year and it's been glorious and, it's still going strong. I have to say though, I have started to cut things down now and am gradually putting the garden to bed for the Winter. Thanks for all of your beautiful photographs of your garden this year …. you are an inspiration June. XXXX

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

You have a beautiful garden, June! I love that you have both shade and sun here. At our old house, we had quite a bit of sun, but some trees were maturing and were helping to bring us some shady spots just before we moved. It only took 21 years!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Your gardens speak of your hearts tenderness and nurturing. I always feel contentment and peace with each of your postings. I thank you for all the summers glorious flowers you have shared.

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh June you said a tour through your garden, I am sure you were mistaken....did you not mean to say a tour through your personal private park?

It's divine, richly divine....I adore the little pieces of salvage that decorate your garden beds, rusty crusty old trellises that lend a helping hand to the climbers, post of charm, old vintage antique wood stove acting as a potting bench and of course Edsel the cat. I wouldn't be much of a garden with out a grey cat to roam it.

I so would love to sit in your garden a chat about nothing's, look through our inspiring magazines while taking in all it offers :)

What a beautiful PARK you have, ooop's s I mean what a beautiful GARDEN you have. :)

Till next posting.


Carolyn said...

Hi June,
It is all so delightful! Always enjoy a tour around your garden and love your photography too.

Enjoy these last days of summer.

Lady of the Woods said...

Everything everyone said above :D I adore your gardens and feel so privileged to see them, thank you for loving it, taking such artistic photos and posting for us.

shabbyfufu said...

Heaven on earth June! I'd sure love to spend a day in your garden with you...stunning photos! xo

Rosemary and Thyme said...

What a great tour of your gorgeous garden. So many pretty flowers. The perfect spot for an afternoon tea. My favorite was seeing your pretty kittie taking a nap.

Wishing you a wonderful week.


Julie Marie said...

So beautiful June!... your gardens are still flourishing, while mine has pretty much put on her final show... we are in the 70's now and I am loving it!... lots of colors changing for the Season as well... your white echinacea is stunning (love the bee on one too!)... and that rose... oooooh... have your dried any of those?... they remind me of my David Austin Princess Anne... and of course Edsel makes me smile!... much love, xoxo Julie Marie

Victorian1885 said...

Hello June
Your garden is still as gorgeous as ever.... those roses are breathtaking!
I can imagine Edsel spends many hours sunning himself among the pretty flowers.
Enjoy the last weeks of summer in the garden.

bobbie said...

Love the name Edsel!! Your garden, as always, is enchanting ~ thanks so much for the tour!
Did you make it to the big estate sale out your way this last weekend? it looked like it was going to be a good one!
Hugs ~

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh what a beautiful walk through your garden. Love that first rose. The color is fabulous. That photo with the clematis on the railing with that tree in the background. ---- G o r g e o u s !!!!

Unknown said...

This was a lovely tour. And Edsel looks like he is a gardenlover too. I wish both you and Edsel a happy day in your beautiful garden.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

What a joy and pleasure to take a walk through your garden. Everything looks so pretty. That rose is indeed a treasure, you should try taking some cuttings and then pick out a wonderful name for it...maybe Angels Delight.

Love the photo of Edsel, he looks very content.

Vicky said...

IYou have a wonderful garden and a lot of flowers , is truly spectacular! Thanks for sharing.
Have a nice day, hugs

Geli said...

Dear June!
Your garden is such a paradis!!!!!
I am dreaming for such a long time to have a bigger garden ( not so big like yours that' s impossible here)
and now we have this chance.
And I hope he will get a little dreamy like your garden.
Edsel is soooo cute!
I hope you are well and your family also dear June!
Happy September!
With love,

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Beautiful photos! I usually keep my garden looking pretty but this year everything has not done well with the heat. The grass is totally dead as I gave up on it about a month ago. Missing my green grass!

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Your garden is exquisite as always June. Everything is just so beautiful. I bet you are sad that summer is winding down. I know I am. Thanks for visiting my blog today! Hugs! xo

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello Dear June,
I am so glad to be here at last going on this wonderful tour with you. I have missed my visits here but hopefully now I am back to blogging again!

I absolutely love your style of gardening, your beautiful rambling "mess" - looks so much like ours here.
Love your gorgeous roses, clematis, phlox, hydrangeas and those friendly bergamot flowers. I have not seen them in any other gardens but ours.
And your sea of Echinaceas including those special white ones look so
I wish I was Edsel for a while laying on a bench taking in all the amazing fragrances.

Your devoted hours spent so lovingly here have truly paid off. I know only too well the work that goes on to achieve all of this absolute beauty. You have really excelled yourselves!
You live in a Gardener's Paradise!!!
Sending much love across the miles.

Betty said...

Your garden looks so lovely. I have neglected mine this year to redo our kitchen, but next year I will be taking care of it more.

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh Sweet June, what a wonderful healing garden you have shared. Such a nice tour first thing this morning. Such amazing photos.
The mums are exploding here in Northern Alabama, they are such performers. We have had a mild summer compared to all that I have seen since we moved here. The wild jasmine has bloomed, and it was spectacular climbing over the shed.
Thank you for a lovely visit to your bit of Heaven. I hope all is well with you and your family. By the way, how are your horses?
Blessings in your day!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I LOVE EDSEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June, even my garden is looking great at this time of slowing down....today will be our first cooler day of September, and I love this time of year. However, I'm back at school trying to stay abreast with my students' needs and teaching, and now thoughts of outdoor play have to be put away. Your garden however, helps me to linger just a little while longer.

Have a lovely day sweet June! Anita

Things and Thoughts said...

This garden doesn't exist June! It's paradise on earth!What a lovely garden tour was that....And your old vintage items and pots give it a unique charme!It's the perfect place to relax and feel happy. Wish you can enjoy endless moments of joy there!
Love, Olympia

Home and Lifestyle said...

Thanks for your garden tour, your garden is wonderful. Our garden is not big (you can see some pictures in one of my latest posts), but I like it so much to work in it and to enjoy the wonderful flowers.

Warm wishes, Ingrid

farmhouse-story said...

thanks for the sweet tour, june:) your blooms are beautiful! and edsel-love his name-is my favorite pic:) have a great day!

Mary W said...

I feel like I have just walked in your garden. Love the pictures of the green grass and trees. You even captured a sweet bee working the White Swan! Thanks for the stroll thru.

Junkchiccottage said...

So beautiful June. Your garden is truly a sanctuary. I see your kitty agrees. Perfect place for a sweet nap.

Dorthe said...

Dear June,
your garden is like a little wonderful park, Filled with all kind of beautiful plants and busches,.
The Echinacea, in pink and white are beautiful,and that rose ,just stunning- here autumn also knocks the door , but today was a beautiful weather, and I just had a walk between the rain showers...everything smelled so lovely !
Hope you are all well, dear,

Pondside said...

How beautiful it all is, June! Each flower, each plant stars in its own way - the mark of a really lovely garden.
What do you do in fall to ready your beds for next year? Do you top dress with something special?

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Your gardens are beautiful...and Edsel has the best seat...

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi June. Oh, I just know if I could sit 2 minutes in your garden I would be the happiest I've ever been. It is all so beautiful and I have been enjoying all your posts but, for some reason, it wouldn't allow me to comment, until today. Hope it is right now because I have to tell you how beautiful it all is..Happy Wednesday..Judy

Janneke said...

Beautiful garden with beautiful plants and a lovely cat!

chateau chic said...

Your garden is breathtaking!!! I never tire of touring it. What you call a "mess" is so beautiful to me! It's such a wonderful slice of heaven here on earth!!
Mary Alice

My name is Riet said...

Hi Dear JUne.
Your garden is so beautiful and i lovede to walk around with you. It is so rich and coloriful.
Doesn,t time fly. We are Well in september already.christmas is coming soon.;)))
Hugs from riet

Katherine said...

I love the colour and variety that you have woven throughout the garden.
The skinny little clematis is pretty and obviously happy in the spot by the look of her blooms.

Anytime you want to share the garden is good with me - so tranquil.


Half-heard in the Stillness said...

June, I was so pleased to see your name in my email box this morning. Oh how lovely your garden is! I loved the first rose. It's especially gorgeous, my favourite! Blooming lovely.

It was great to be able to get to the wedding, the rain held off and it was a bit chilly but everyone was warmed by the love in the air!

Hugs my dear friend I wish I was nearer.
Jane x

Tania said...

Hello June, Your gardens are just devine, I love the colour of the clematis on the porch, so pretty.
It nice to see wide views of your garden to, and it was lovely of you to stop by my blog and thank you for your kind words for my dad, sorry to hear your mum is not well, do hope she is feeling better soon.

Diane said...

Your garden is so pretty, June. This morning mine looked like a bomb went off in the backyard - wet winter snow. But yours is still pretty so I can enjoy that. Diane

Deb said...

Wish I was joining you & Edsel in your absolutely dreamy garden!
Have a wonderful weekend xo

Jennifer said...

You have such a beautiful garden June. All your pictures sparkle with sunshine and flowers.

Seawashed said...

Your photos are so clear....better than a magazine. I have always admired your gardens and home life. You are surrounded by all the simple beauties of life. It is so much work to cultivate such beauty. Gardens like yours just don't happen. And most people that have such grand gardens as yours have gardeners. Beautiful work dear friend. You are an amazing gardener. xxo

Linda said...

Hi Jane,
Love your garden, m'dear. I especially like the limelight hydrangeas, the double lilies, that sweet green stove and Edsel! You have created such a beautiful world.
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Jannibele said...

Oh my, what a beautiful garden with so many gorgeous flowers in bloom. I love coneflowers! Have a nice weekend.

Bente said...

Hi June, your garden is so very beautiful. A truly relaxing place. Love all the different flowers and colors.

I also have to thank you for your sweet words on my blog.

Hugs from here

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Oh I'm so glad I finally got a chance to visit over here! Your garden is just thriving beautifully. Your shots are wonderful as usual. The only thing better would be to stroll through in person. That would be so lovely. Your garden surely brings you tremendous joy. I'm so glad you share it with us!

Cindy said...

So very beautiful June. Your flowers all look so fresh, especially for this time of year. I can only imagine how much time you must spend in the garden tending to them.
Love your elderberry bush. Do you make elderberry pie? My Mom makes the best. A favorite of all my sisters.

Vintage Home said...

Of course the unnamed Rose is my favorite! I dont think I will forget the name BOMBSHELL... it really does introduce the explosion of delight that flower gives!
Thanks for sharing!

Leslie said...

Thank you for the tour, June. Your photos make me happy. I love your passion and appreciation for the beauty you create. xo ~ Leslie

Madelief said...

When I was having at look at some older blog posts, I realised I missed this beautiful post of your garden completely. Glad I noticed in the end!

Your garden still looks enchanting June. All those colours! A joy to look at!

Wishing you a happy weekend!

Madelief x

Sylvia said...

Dear June, I am more than happy I finally got a chance to visit over here! Your garden is marvelous! It's a real labour of love! Thank you for sharing it and thank you for your wonderful words on my blog. Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

Sylvia said...

Dear June, I am more than happy I finally got a chance to visit over here - your beautiful blog. The garden is marvellous! It's a labour of love! Thank you for the delightful tour and for your wonderful words on my blog. Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Oh what fun it would be to go for a romp in your lovely garden with Edsel.
The great trees to climb, bushes to hide in, and flowers to sniff!
Ahhh, ... pure joy! Lovely.
Big hugs,

Draffin Bears said...

Dear June,

Thank you for taking us on a tour of your wonderful garden. It is just like a park dear friend and must be such a lot of work caring and tending for it. Edsel is a sweetie and looks very relaxed.
Happy weekend

sweetvintageofmine said...

Mornin' June, I believe you have one of the most beautiful gardens I've ever laid my eyes on~~~I love that antique stove on your porch?? You can "see" everything in your garden..not overdone...and I love that. Blessings~~~have a beautiful weekend in the Lord~~~Roxie

Olive said...

Hi June, here I am days and days late. I have been away taking care of my husband. Your garden is the prettiest one I have ever laid eyes on. I do love clematis. I only recently started a few in my garden. I know how much joy those blooms bring to you. May fall bring you equal amounts of joy, Olive

Debbie said...

What a wonderful garden tour you took us on, June! so many beautiful things to see. I like it when the roses seem to perk back up this time of year, don't you? Bringing them inside for one last bit of summer to savor.
Thank you for sharing your labor of love with the rest of us, dear June.

HWIT BLOGG said...

You really make my day June! I got your lovely and kind comment and suddenly my day felt so much better...thank you!
Beautiful pictures on your blog from a beautiful garden...
Take care!
Love Titti

victorian parlor II said...

As always, I enjoyed my stroll through your gorgeous gardens!



Connie said...

I am in ahhhhhh of your garden. (A little jealous, too!) Thank you for sharing the beauty.

Shabby soul said...

I'm going to save each of your garden photo June, to take inspirations! It's so strange to me: even red color (which I don't use ne-ver) is marvelous in your spaces!! =)
Hugs darling!

an angel at my table said...

Thank you for a breathtaking garden tour!!! I loved all the clematis that you showed especially that one that was on the patio! I would love to see all the glory in real life!!! Thank you so much for sharing your garden with us. Your lovely Josephine clematis looks a lot like Clematis viticella 'Purpurea Plena Elegans'. All the best from Mari