Saturday, May 9, 2015

time in the garden

It's felt so good to get out in the garden for another year.
So much work goes into a garden in the spring, so I 
haven't even had time to do any kind of blogging or FB. (not that I ever do FB :)
I think FB is so much easier than blogging, so I really should))
It's hard to make myself even come in to eat when I get going out there.
I decided I had better post something before I let too much 
more time pass or I'll get so far behind that I won't 
be able to catch up. Not to mention that I know how many beautiful
posts of your's that I have been missing.
It's so hard to work everything in that I want to do, but especially when
the garden requires a lot of time right now, but it has been so good 
for my soul to work out here. 

The crab apple trees are in bloom now and things have just suddenly started
popping out of the ground in the past 2 weeks.
It's finally starting to look like a garden instead of a bunch of dry sticks
coming out of the ground. It always looks such a mess after winter
and in early spring. You start to wonder if it will ever look good again and
then suddenly it starts to burst forth.

I love it when the flowering trees are all blooming and wish
 it could last longer than it does. My sisters and I had a get together
last weekend and it was the first time one of them had ever been here
while the trees were blooming. I'm glad she got to see them.

I wanted to show you this Brandywine crab apple tree in the stage below.
I call it my gum ball tree because when the blooms first start, 
they remind me of them. They are big!
You'll notice it more in a photo later in the post 
of more of the tree, as I was about a day late getting the photos of it.

They then turn into the prettiest bloom, much like a tiny rose.

You can really see the little pink balls better in this photo and the photo above.
I love seeing it through the branches of the white flowering tree.
The tulips are all blooming now too. I love this one below particularly.

It's definitely my favorite!

It's getting a little late in the afternoon so maybe, just maybe, 
I will spend some time in the hammock.
See you soon to share some of the other trees in bloom.

sending hugs to you all!!!


Christine said...

so beautiful...and the tulips are breathless...

Anonymous said...



Susie said...

June, Your garden is pretty as ever. I love the bird cage hanging by your hammock. I am wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day filled with love, xoxo,Susie

Michele said...

Absolutely lovely, June!

Happy Mother's Day to you, ma'am!

Kristin_Texas said...

The tree is gorgeous! I wish we could grow those around here. I've always loved them.

I was pretty happy, and for the first time, about how our gardens were faring this spring until... deer. We planted 3 new trees, which were doing beautifully, and a week later the deer have eaten them all. (Last year it was the grasshoppers). We just have sticks in the yard now.

I miss having a pretty garden so much, and yours is perfection. You must feel so lucky!

Angela said...

Lovely. I know exactly what you mean about the short window for flowering trees. They line my street and yard in all shades of red, pink, and white and I always wish my mom and sis could see it in all its glory.

DD's Cottage said...

I so love when I can see your photos and posts-thanks!

Ivy and Elephants said...

June, it's so lovely! I'd spend all my days in that hammock. Your property is a little slice of heaven. Happy Mother's Day!

Blondie's Journal said...

I truly look forward to your spring posts, June! You really have the prettiest blooms then and I'm so glad your sisters got to see them. I really like flowering trees, I'm looking for some for my backyard that can have a bit of shade. Your "gumball" tree is insane!! :)

Happy spring/summer! :)

Jane xxx

Junkchiccottage said...

Just gorgeous. Happy Mother's Day.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

So beautiful. I know exactly how you feel...gardens are a lot of work but they also bring so much joy, satisfaction, and are very restorative. I spent today in my garden too, came in scratched from the roses and completely exhausted but filled with contentment.

Happy Mother's Day.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Gorgeous June! My crabapple is finished blooming, but it was beautiful. I too love the buds as much as the blooms. Your hammock would definitely be calling my name. lol! I had a lovely crochet one at my previous home, but don't have one here, (yet). Happy Mothers Day!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear June,

Loved seeing your beautiful garden blooming again and the pretty pink tulips and the crab apple tree.
Thanks for showing us all the beauty
Happy Mothers day

Różana Pracownia Wandy said...

kwitnące drzewa to najpiękniejszy widok w maju pozdrawiam serdecznie

Molly said...

Your pictures are absolutly beautiful! Have a wonderful Sunday!
Lovely hugs

sarah said...

Such very pretty pictures :-)

One Shabby Old House said...

How I love it when your garden comes to life! That tree is beautiful! Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day and a good manicure as I am sure the beauty of that garden of yours comes with a little dirt under the fingernails.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Thank you dear June for taking time to create this lovely post. It was a real joy seeing your trees in bloom and to see the lovely tulip also. You live in a bit of paradise right here on earth.

Happy Mother's Day ~ FlowerLady

Krissu said...

So beautiful! Thanks.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi June,
Once again your photos are beautiful and so is your garden.
I'd love to lounge in that pretty hammock and day dream away.

Also, Happy Mother's Day to you.


Diane said...

Happy Mother's Day, June. Your garden is looking so beautiful and I love the little opening buds. Your description of the garden in early spring made me giggle - my feelings exactly. So good to read a post from you. Have a wonderful day. Diane

Marrianna said...

The blooms on your trees are lovely. I so enjoy your garden and your photography on your blog. I'm not so great at blogging regularly, either, but I just did a short post yesterday. I'm not much for working in a garden so when the flowers start blooming, it is all due to the wonderful gifts of wildflowers that continually reseed themselves. Except for the iris. I'm waiting for some blooms. I had blooms on one of my trees but the freezes we have been getting at night take care of the blooms.

Happy Mothers Day, June. Thank you for sharing your garden.


Sandi said...

Love this time of year June! Beautiful photos!!

Junebug said...

So so pretty! Now I want you to tell me how long you lounged in the hammock before you thought of something else that "needed" to be done?? Love you!! Sista June

Victorian1885 said...

Happy Mother's Day June! Your gardens are are beautiful as I remember from last Spring.
The apple blossoms are exquisite...

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Your garden looks like a enchantment of floral beauty. I can see why you nurture and enjoy your grounds so much. My Mom and Dad had a crap apple tree like your gorgeous tree, I loved each and every stage it went through in its giving of flowers.
Happy Mother's Day,

Debra@CommonGround said...

so lovely...those little blooms do look like tiny roses. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Mary W said...

You so deserve the hammock time! Looks like you might get that rest by taking all these beautiful pictures to share. I get to imagine how it would feel to lay there drinking in the smells and absorbing those wonderful colors. I am blessed to enjoy your garden virtually.

summersundays-jw said...

So beautiful! This has been such a beautiful spring in southwest Missouri & looks like yours is much the same. Did you ever think of Instagram? We could enjoy your photos & it takes so little time. Have a wonderful Mother's Day. Jan

Dorthe said...

Oh June, your garden always makes me so wish I could be there seing it in real, so beautiful, and filled with stunning trees,busches, and flowers.
I`m sure you have hours of hard work, to have such a stunning garden, and the trees you show today, is especially lovely, for me, as out trees here, mostly only have white or very soft rosa flowers, not those amazing colours the two shown here have. Also you master a wonderful photo tecknic- always giving us the most gorgeous picture to see. Thank you my dear friend, and Happy Mothers Day, to you June.

Vicky said...

Just lovely June !!! Happy Mother's Day!

Home and Lifestyle said...

I love seeing these wonderful pictures of your garden, June. For me spring is one of the most beautiful seasons, when everything in the garden come into bloom.

Hope you enjoy a wonderful and happy Mother's Day!

Warm wishes, Ingrid

Carolyn said...

Happy to hear you are enjoying time in the garden again.....always love seeing your beautiful pics!
We are still at the brown stick phase here as it was a long winter and a slow start to spring but we are getting there and I am enjoying getting the cleanup done and seeing all the promise of good things to come.
Happy Mother's Day!

Trisha said...

I want to come lay in that hammock and be surrounded by all of your lovely flowering trees! So happy that Spring is finally here!


My name is Riet said...

Hi dear June. Your garden is as every year so beautiful. So. Colorful and wonderful. You are the best.
Hugs from Riet

Bente said...

Hi dear June. Your garden is gorgeous. I just love the tree with the tiny "roses". It takes my breath away. Wish I had more time for the garden, but when I come home from work, I have no power left. I need someone like you to make my garden like yours lol. Think I just have to look at your beautiful photos and dream.
Big hug from cold Norway

Anne's Attic - Design said...

June your garden is so beautiful. I truly understand about not wanting to start once you get started. Gardening brings so close to our Heavenly Father it's as though I hear him talk to me when I am on my hands and knees out in his beauty. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Jo

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh June.....your garden photos always make me stop and sigh. Always so beautiful, so serene, so heavenly. Our crabapple trees are amazing this season, and its such a delight to see the peonies and sage and roses pushing up through the soil. I've been busy spreading 10 yards of mulch throughout my gardens, and now that my annuals are all planted...I can concentrate on designing our new screened in porch. Such an exciting time of year! :)

xoxo laurie

Pondside said...

Happy Mothers' Day to you June!
Your flowering trees are gorgeous, especially the one with the 'gum ball' blossoms! I hope that you get out into your garden as much as your heart desires in May, and that rain and sunshine in equal and 'just enough' portions bless it.

chateau chic said...

Your gardens are so spectacular, June!! I'd have a hard time coming inside too. The hammock looks so dreamy hanging among your beautiful flowering trees.
Mary Alice

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Just delicious! You have some extraordinary plantings. Photos are gorgeous of course! Makes me happy!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello sweet June!

You are sure in the "bloom" there in Idaho! Your trees, flowers and whole garden is breath~taking! Besides working in the garden, I would be staying outside all day too! Yes, no doubt gardening is good for the soul indeed. Glad you had some sister time too! Have a beautiful day my sweet friend!

Maryjane xox

Things and Thoughts said...

Relaxing in a heavenly place, this is how your garden looks like...A hammock in the middle of blooming trees and open green space, so peaceful, so beautiful!The cage,the flowers, everything is perfect.
May you are always be surrounded by beauty dearest June!
Hugs, Olympia

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Such lovely spring photos, June...makes me want to go out and work in the garden...

Pomponetti said...

So wonderful pictures!! ♥♥


HWIT BLOGG said...

I love relaxing in the garden, listen to the birds and just taking it easy! Beautiful pictures from your beautiful garden...
Have a fantastic week, take care!

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling: so much garden, so little time...Everything is blooming now, it's the most buzy time in a garden. But nature will reward us with the most beautiful flowers to share!
Like your garden is showing us already!!
Hugs, Peetje

Unknown said...

So so pretty. I can smell them. Just gorgeous.

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

June, Your garden is gorgeous!! Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Your photos are so beautiful! I have been enjoying some time in the gardens too. My problem is I love to spend time picking flowers for the house and hate spending time weeding. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's day!

john said...

Not sure what the last tree is ? with the white flowers ....beautiful images not surprised you want to be outside amongst such loveliness !
Gail xx

deb said...

your beautiful garden and that hammock !! I think I'd be very happy in that very spot all Summer long :-) Love your crab apple tree ~ so pretty and your tulips. have a wonderful day xo

Rostrose said...

Dearest June,
it's always a pleasure for me to visit you and to see your wonderful garden. The bloom of your crab apple trees and tulips is like a Magic Garden Show - I'm sure your sister was enchanted! (I am, too!)
Lots of hugs, my dear and you don't need to have a bad conscience because of not reading all of our posts - none of us has the time to blog the whole day and night long ;o))
XOX, Traude

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hello dear June, Your pictures are breathtakingly beautiful. It must be wonderful to take a nap in your hammock or to just day-dream for a while looking up into the pretty crabapple tree. Your garden is such a serene place. I love flowering trees as much as you do. They are so cheerful, aren't they?
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your gorgeous garden :)!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Everything is so beautiful. It is truly amazing how all that can die back during winter and still burst forth so brilliantly come Spring. Enjoy!

susan said...

Absolutely beautiful photos. Love the pinks, whites and greens. And the hammock - I'd never get anything done with a hammock like that!

Rosemary and Thyme said...

Hello June,

Your garden is incredible. I can see why you would want to spend all your time enjoying it. Especially after putting so much love and effort into it.

Looking at your amazing photos always brings me great joy. I hope you had a lovely Mother's day.


HECHO A MANO said...

Hi June. Nice post and wonderful photos. My favourites flowers are peonias and lilacs. I love it. Thanks so much for shearing it.

Faythe said...

Absolutely beautiful