Friday, May 15, 2009

My Heaven on Earth...

I love this little piece of Heaven. It' s 40 acres of lush green aspens, willows, and alder trees. It's on the back waters of a reservoir about 20 miles from where I live. We pasture our horses here. I love looking out from my little 'shack' and seeing them munch away on the grass with their tails whipping at the flies. We have a building in the trees that we have made into a little hideaway for my husband and I. We don't usually spend time together there very often, because it is not equipped for Landon. Poor Hubs, I have it decorated very girly , but he still enjoys his time alone there. I'll have to go up and take some pictures so I can show you all. We've owned this property for years now and it's always like a dream to me that we were so lucky to get it. It used to be owned by my husband's great aunt. And his grandfather before that. I remember the first time I saw this place. My husband and I were dating and he drove me up this canyon where his grandfather had a large ranch. Several hundred acres. He used to help his grandfather on the ranch in the summers. He then drove me to this place and I was enchanted by it's beauty. It's about a mile and a half from the main ranch and is split in half by a gravel road that goes around the reservoir to the boat docks. A few years later we drove past again and stopped and let the children get out and play awhile. I cannot express in words the feeling I had while walking among the trees. It was an amazing feeling of peace and wonder. It was as if someone was telling me that this would be a refuge for me and that I would have many happy days spent here. I told my husband of the feeling. He thought that we needed to call his cousins and see if they would be willing to sell. By this time my husband's grandfather had died and his grandmother had sold the main ranch. His aunt had also passed away and left this place to her two sons who lived in California. Other family members had approached them about selling, but they were not ready to give it up. When we called them later that evening, his cousin said that he would be interested in selling if his brother was. And he was. All 40 acres for $3,000. So of course we bought it. So now we have the privilege of being the care takers of this wonderful place until we are gone. I have an almost spiritual connection to this place. I really don't know how else to explain it. How is one ever grateful enough for little miracles that come into our lives?


Rebecca Nelson said...

Seeing this beautiful land makes me cry. It does. Living in the city is wonderful...lots of perks...I grew up in the city and the busyness of it brings a weird sort of steady calm. Still...when I see the untouched land through your lens I realize there is so much more than brick and mortar. The earth the way God intended it to be...maybe like it was in the Garden of Eden...lush, loved and lovely.


Unknown said...

Very beautiful! I am anxious to see your little shack. It looks so peaceful and relaxing.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Oh June~

Everytime I visit here, you share something new that just sends joy straight through my heart.

What a beautiful story of the land passed on by for your children to appreciate one day also.

Yes...I'll be waiting for you to post those pictures of the 'hideaway'. My gosh...If I had all that beauty around one would ever see/hear me. I'd be laying in tall grass looking at the blue sky and talking to the horses all day every day. {oh...back to reality girl...sorry I was dreaming!}

Oh yea...I spoke to hubby about the wife deal. He said once he gets rid of me (his fingers were crossed) he is getting a cat. So the offer still stands...can I please be your cleaning lady??? I promise not to go around hubby...promise, cross my heart.

Your world is beautiful June...
Beauty and a live-in angel...what more could one ask for???? You ARE blessed in so many ways which some may never be able to see.

Thanks for your inspiration, I appreciate it so!
everything vintage

Deb said...

Hi June
What a beautiful blog you have! I found you through bella shabby & sat and read through your posts. 40 acres of Aspens, Willows and Alder trees really does sound like "a little piece of Heaven" and I can see why you love it so much. Your "shack" sounds wonderful too and I look forward to seeing photos.
Have a great weekend.

Deedee said...

It really is beautiful, June. How miraculous to have been able to purchase it for a song! Maybe it was always meant for you.

Muggensteekjes said...

Hello dear June,
what a wonderful place this is and so special to you and your husband.I am looking forward to see the pictures of your little hideaway.
This weekend we are at our special place by the sea, I did meet my husband there.We were children at that time and didn't now we once were going to be husband and wife.
Have a nice weekend,

Anonymous said...

Hubs and I have often wondered "city" or "country". For now we of course chose city. But I definatly see the country in our future ahead. If it never happens, we can dream of it. If it does, we'll never forget the appreciation for untapped land. The is quiety serenity that comes over me when I ride through the country. Happens every time no matter what my mood may be. It just calms me.

English Cottage in Georgia said...

How beautiful! AND how fortunate and blessed you were to acquire this piece of God's creation.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Dear June,

This post is magical! You transported me to the very sweetness found among the trees in your special fairytale land. I close my eyes and imagine the sights and sounds and fragrance of nature at play with us as gifted observers. God has blessed you truly . . . enJOY it every chance you get. : D

The Victorian Parlor said...


What a beautiful post. The pictures are truly glorious and I can relate to your feelings about this gift of natural serenity and beauty. I feel this way about our home. It took us ten years to move back to this mystical and truly beautiful place that we live. Our house was purchased as our '3-5 year' house because it was small and met our needs at the time. The first time I ever saw it (halfway through construction) I felt peace. It was surrounded with lovely moss laden oak trees and had a welcoming front porch. The first night we spent in it after closing was pure comfort despite the fact that I was sick with fever and bearly able to stand (and a night on an air mattress:). I can still remember that feeling of pure delight in knowing that I was finally home. That was 9 years ago. We have since come to realize that this lovely little cottage is a gift from God and truly is our home. The trees have grown much larger now and there are flowers all around. We have added on and remodeled. We are thankful for this blessing and feel that we are the caretakers of this place from God. It sounds as if you too have been blessed to care for the natural beauty that God created on your 40 acres:)



Sandi said...

This place looks so relaxing June! Gorgeous photos! Have a blessed Sunday!

blushing rose said...

This reminds me so much of where we come from in WA ST. Pa. & Md. are much like this & we still love just hopping in the car for a country drive. We love to meander quietly down country roads in the sun kissed misty morn, just enjoying the serenity of the earth, the birds & Heaven.

Lucky you, beautiful spot ... undaunted by man.

CONGRATS! on your giveaway win. You will love Tammy's creation(s). She is fantastic.
Enjoy. TTFN ~ Marydon

FEDERICA said...

Hello June, that place looks so beautiful and peaceful!
Thank you sooo much for your kind comment on Sweet as a candy, I really appreciate it.
I hope to keep in touch!

Alice W. said...

What a beautiful place! So serene...and what an amazing price. What a lovely blessing to have and feel a connection to the earth...
{Typepad comments aren't working so I am using my old blogger profile}

Piitis said...

Hi June!!!
What a beautiful post and wonderful place.
Beautiful photos!!!
Thanks for your inspiration!

I whis you a nice week!!!

blushing rose said...

TY for the lovely note, June. I appreciate your kind thoughts & prayers very much. TTFN ~ Marydon

Tamerie Shriver Halliday said...

Hi June

I am just stopping by to say hello and to tell you that I have given you an award on my blog.


blushing rose said...

I wish I had known your daughter was here, we'd have certainly entertained her with sights & company ... durn! TY for the lovely comments ... yes, the closing line you profeered would have been appropo.

TTFN ~ Marydon

Caroline said...

Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog June. I have been working with young and old people with developmental disabilities since I was 16. They truly do hold a special place in my heart. I think it has to do with their innocence and honesty that I can truly appreciate.
I love visiting your blog and this post was beautiful. Hubby and I have hopes of moving to the country. I grew up in the country and couldn't wait to leave it when I was a teen. Now I long for it.

Anonymous said...

June- I know just how you feel about your little piece of Heaven! We had 10 acres that was just that to me. We recently purchased 35 acres here in Co and it is raw land- totally untouched with the exception of the road to it and a metal building that was recently built on it a few years ago. Views are awesome and it would be lovely to build someday!

Would you please come over and help me clean if you are still in the zone!Youngest son David is here- will leave Friday- guests arriving Friday till Sunday afternoon - then Sunday evening we will be having 6 members of an impact team stay with us all week . They will be helping put 2 VBS next week (l will be in our back yard the other in a teeny town 50 miles away)= busy couple of weeks!! Talk about no time to be in the cleaning zone!!


The Pink Birdhouse said...

Hi June, wow, what a lovely post, written straight from your heart and soul, and while reading posts like these from you, I never fail to get choked up. You are able to express your inner feelings so perfectly, letting us feel your deepest emotions right along with it! It never fails to be a great feeling!!! I can see why you loved the place right from the beginning. Maybe that little patch of land was just waiting for you. I always believe that certain places, or certain items are just there, meant for one special person, waiting for the connection to be made at some point in time. I am glad that you and this land were able to find each other. It was perhaps your destiny!!!

I am just now getting caught up to all my favorite places in blogger-land, you are one of the first visits, I have missed you. The weekend's events were wonderful, everything falling in to place just perfectly, so our son had a lovely confirmation. The family gathering could not have been more lovely, and my sister's visit altho short was just wonderful. The house is empty without her here now, but the time we had together could not have been sweeter!!! She arrived safely home in NJ late afternoon USA time yesterday.

it is good to be back on the computer! Oh yeah, congratulations, I see that you have won an award over on Tammy's A Stitch in Thyme! Kudos on that!!! ciao, debby

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi June,
What a treasure, having all that land to enjoy. The trees are beautiful and to have horses there, even better. Can easily understand why you're in love with the environment there, seems it's a peaceful walk back in time! Looking forward to seeing your little getaway haven there too.

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

You are Double-y Blessed with...

the material treasure of trees and land...

as well as...

the Wisdom to Recognize & Appreciate your blessings.

Thank you for sharing your happiness and appreciation. Now...we are blessed!


Mandi said...

amazingly divine....what a wonderful place ...somewhere to really get lost in...thanks for is really special... :)

Karen Valentine said...

That would be my heaven on earth too!! The only thing missing for me would be running water. I am a Arizona native and I long for green of all kinds, cool shade and babbling brooks!!! Your blog is just lovely. I have just started my home and garden blog, although I've been playing with my art blog for a few months now. I have really enjoyed browsing through all your lovely photos and heartfelt posts. Thanks for sharing!!!

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Oh June, This is has always been a dream for me to have lots of acres to live on. I love my wild animal life big or small, and always wanted something like this to have a haven for them to live out there lives in peace without any disturbance from people. All my life I have always saved animals from distress situations. I'm one of those nuts that would stop traffic just to save an animal from the cars. I have also done my share in nursing animals to good health.

It is always a joy visiting you- Take care my friend.

Anonymous said...

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