Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fresh from the market...

It was time to bring a little February into the house

So I went to the market and got me some.

I really love the color in this little bunch of spray
roses. So pink!

They cheered up the living room perfectly.

I love to paint on ceramic and a few years ago I did a little hand-painting on this pitcher.

A few years ago, when I found that I would be home to care for Landon everyday, I decided that I would need something to keep me busy and yet bring in a little money. I had my mother's kiln (she used to own a ceramic shop when I was younger) and I painted ceramics for several years and sold to shops in Boise.
It was a great way to bring in money and stay home with the children. I haven't painted in a very long time, but loved it when I did.

Soon, these little pretties will become...


No matter how much I love the above beautifully dried blooms, I really do love this for February days in my home.
So fresh.

Don't you think it's time to bring a little February home
 for yourself?


Paris Rags Romance said...

Your so talented June, just beautiful! I want to frame that one with the pitcher, ohhh lalala love it!! I still have something to send you, soon as I get my head on straight its in the mail lol luv ya! Kim

Anne Lorys said...

Those are so delicate and lovely!
Pretty enough for a magazine!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said...

sigh, I LOVE pink spray roses!! They are so pretty! I had a few dozen for my wedding bouquet! That pitcher you painted is beautiful June! It makes me feel happy just to look at it :) You are so talented! I love that pillow too :) My hubby always gets me flowers for Valentines day and I cant wait :)

Pink Princess said...

LOVE the pitcher ♥ I often dry my roses, I have several drying now. Will put them in my big jar later and enjoy them again. Those pink ones you have are SO pretty!!

Julie Marie said...

Hi June, I love all of your flowers, fresh and dried... those fresh roses are the prettiest shade of pink! And the little pitcher you painted is precious! You should open an on~line shop... I would be your first customer~ xoxo Julie Marie

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful display....Kathy

Anonymous said...

I perked up when I saw that you had blogged, June!
I would love to bring some February home, but the pennies are tight, so how about I just enjoy yours? They are so very lovely!
And I really enjoyed seeing your ceramic pitcher - you do beautiful work!

Mary H said...

~~Hi June~~
How beautiful your blog page is today!! Love the pretty pink roses.
I welcome February and funny, I just posted a little February blog today too...sadly, this is my first for 2010. Trying to do better!
You always inspire me, dear friend. Love & Hugs, Mary H.

Anonymous said...

Oh June...Your hand painted pitcher so caught my fancy. I think it is absolutely beautiful!! How wonderful you have your Mom's kiln! My daughter has a kiln that she uses for her lampworking glass beads. I have never tried to use it for ceramics.
The pink of those roses is such a beautiful shade......
Have a great rest if the weekend!!

LiLi M. said...

Hi June, I missed you on Wednesday, but this post is so beautiful that I can forgive you ;-)! The pink is unbelievable pink. Your artwork is even better! And the combination is best, either with fresh or with dried flowers. Simply stunning! Please show us more of your art! Enjoy the weekend, hugs LiLi

Lori said...

June your roses are gorgeous...the painting you did on that pitcher is SO are really talented...i wish you would share that part of you with us more...*hint hint*...your pictures are just stunning...i hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!!

Andrea at My Feathered Nest said...

You don't know how happy your blog made me feel. We got another snowstorm last night, just when the other snow had almost melted away. I am so ready for spring. The pink in those roses came straight from God's paintbox. Your hand-painting is gorgeous. I don't have that kind of talent. You are blessed and you are a blessing to me.

Paint Me White said...

Hi June, how are you? Love the pitcher and all those flowers are just beautiful you have inspired me to go out today and pick some. Sandy x

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Like the cheeks of a blushing bride their pink is delicate, petals soft like velvet and perfect for bringing a little February the month of love, into the room. The pitcher they are held in is lovely too.
Susan x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Love the painting you did on the pitcher - wow, you should share more of your work, it's lovely! And I can't believe those dried hydrangeas - amazing. You've inspired me to bring home some February color too :)

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi June, I really enjoyed your post today, and your pitcher is lovely with the pink flowers. To me there is nothing like a little bit of pink mixed in with the whites.

Blessings & Hugs-

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful!I lovee the pillow as well.To sweet.I cant wait til Spring.We had a huge snowstorm last night.I hope thats the last,LOL.

The French Bear said...

I just love the pink roses, how sweet! Your artwork is beautiful...... so soft and delicate. It is a lovely pink time of year!!!
Margaret B

BellaRosa said...

June amor, how beautiful the roses look, I especially love all your dried flowers, I am STILL looking for dried hydrangeas or trying to learn how to dry them :) Your pitcher is beautiful,I hope you show more of your work sometime because you paint beautifully. I used to take ceramic classes but I only got as far as making a tureen sp? and a pitcher that I use for flowers, but nothing as beautiful as yours, mine were made from molds that I just cleaned, prepped to be fired then glazed, but I did try my hand at painting them after they were fired, but not anything like yours :) with mine, I always felt like I was coloring in the pieces, if that makes sense lol Amor, I so love to visit you and see the beauty that you share, it makes these gloomy rainy days so much better :) Besos, Rose

ps.. what is that next to your beautiful pitcher?? I love it, it looks like it holds a bell, maybe? sorry just nosy about your pretty treasures :)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear June,
The paintings that you did on that jug are beautiful. pretty.
....and, of course, I love your dried hydrangeas. I cannot understand why some people don't like them.
I had qiite a few bunches of flowers bought for me for my birthday so, there has been a lot of February brought into my house this week.
Have a lovely Sunday, June. XXXX

Anonymous said...

Oh June this is just what I needed...we've been hit with over a foot of snow and a dose of pink is a the perfect treat to brighten up my day!

Unknown said...

they are beautiful.....I love the color! I love them dried too....and that pillow is really awesome!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

I love the soft romantic look that you have created for us today.
The pink roses against the white ceramic pitcher and tray is just delightful...My kinda style.

I love dried hydrangea flowers too. I am hoping the cold winter here didn't ruin the buds.

Thanks for brightening my day.


Robin Thomas said... pretty. I would say "enjoy" but clearly you already do.

Rebecca said...

Hi June
Love the dried hydrangea also... I brought in baskets of the green anabells and love it when they fade to a pale color. Your ceramic painting is so sweet, I did ceramic painting in the 70s and my mother still has the stuff I gave her...bless her sweet heart. lol

Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

Dear June, what wonderful roses! And so beautiful colour! So fresh!!!
Have a nice sunday, Yvonne

Deb said...

Just gorgeous! And your handpainted pitcher is amazing. How fabulous having your own kiln ♥

sweetpea said...

June, do you just pinch yourself black and blue that you are so talented? I love it all but my favs have always been dried hydrangeas. Your home must be so beautiful in person.



Tara said...

Your photos are stunningly beautiful! You should frame them and sell them! I've got your name down for my giveaway, thanks for joining and Happy Pink Saturday!

Sandi said...

GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS June!! I agree with the previous comment. You should sell them!!!!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love your post, June. I think there was a little message in this one. The phases the roses go through, the phases in your life. The rose stays pretty no matter what phase it is in! Okay...I'll stop making metaphors!

Your pretty pitcher is wonderful. You really have a talent for painting. Have you considered starting up again?

I hope you are having a lovely weekend, sweet lady!!


Diane said...

Very lovely post June. They're all so beautiful - I think I love the dried roses in the beautiful glass the very most. You're a beautiful painter, such sweet delicate flowers. Glad you're back. Diane

Debra@CommonGround said...

The pitcher with your painted roses is just so sweet! And fresh roses sounds wonderful, aaahhhh, the smell is amazing! Have a wonderful weekend!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

My dried hydrangeas are one of my favorite things in the house. I haven't dried any roses for a long long time...this might just be the right time to do it!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Junie!

Oh how perfectly delish! I adore the little pink dish under the roses and your hand painted pitcher....what a beautiful job you did. That greenish hydrangea is over the top! Oh how I wish I had one like it a PeeGee? Is that how that's spelled? I have loads of plants, but none like that. I love the white and green.


The Feathered Nest said...

OMYGOODNESS!!!! June!!! OK...this is the plan...dust off the kiln and PLEASE create some of these beautiful pieces!!!! How GORGEOUS!!! The flowers are so beautiful, and this time of year, we all need to see glimpses of precious blooms ~ but really, June....your work is amazing!!!!! hugs and love, Dawn

{oc cottage} said...

Those roses are perfectly pink! YUM!

m ^..^

Vicki said...

Hi, June,
Those pink roses look so lovely in your sweet pitcher!! I love the way you painted it. I am amazed at how beautiful your dried flowers look, too!! We all need some pretty flowers to brighten up these winter days, don't we? I hope you are having a fun filled weekend! Vicki

Laura said...

Dear June-

Every time I visit your blog, I just sigh in relief.

Your photographs are magazine worthy!

I enjoy visiting so much-


cowgirljlynn said...

Love the pink roses, they are beautiful!

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

Simply lovely.

Connie said...

Honey, those are absolutely stunning. I think I'll buy some when I get home from WA. Over here visiting granddaughter. Miss my home, bed, pillow...ya get the idea! Hah

Draffin Bears said...

Dear June,

I adore your pretty pink roses and what a lovely way to brighten up your weekend. Also I love your handpainted pitcher and dried hydrangeas.
thank you for all the beauty you share and it is a real treat to come and visit you.

Happy weekend

Ann Marie said...

That pink makes my heart happy!
Soo beautiful!

I dry my roses too.. Love them!

I love your painted ceramics!! Would you do furniture too??

JohannaL said...

so beautiful!

Karen said...

Very pretty! I do love the dried hydrangeas. Mine are purple and white . . . I do wish I had some of the green!
WE have had HARD rain for 24 hours now, so I'll be curious to see how everything outside faired. . .
Happy Sunday!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi June, I love all of your fresh and dried flowers! The hydrangeas indeed look like they are fresh. That's amazing! The painting on your pitcher is very pretty and so romantic! Thank you for all those eye-candies!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Unknown said...

Wow how delightful to have discovered this delicious blog! Such beautiful Spring sentiments. I feel better already!

Val said...

spring is coming today thanks yo your gorgeous post,you're very talented.Your blog is so rich and generous!

Brigitta said...

Those roses are gorgeous and so delicate June!! I can understand why you had to bring them home. I'm also very impressed with your little jug. Painting is one of the things that's just not working for me, so I stick to the needle and papercraft.

Have a lovely Sunday


My name is Riet said...

Hi dear June. I love your pink roses and what you do with them when they are not so fresh any more. You have such a wonderful talent for painting and decorating I am in awe every day with you. Have a nice day

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Oh June you are so creative! I love your pitcher that you painted. I just beautiful, and sweet. Like you friend.
You have inspired me so much with your beautiful dried flowers. I planted sever peonies last year...this year roses!! Thank you June as you continue to knock my socks off with your incredible designs!
Blessings and Hugs, Sharon

Lisa said...

Oh June, what a beautiful post. You said it so perfectly, flowers are God's gift at each stage of their lives. I especially love them after they have faded, like the ones in the clear tall bottles. Did all of the hydrangeas come from your garden? Your painted teapot is wonderful, do you know the British artist Caroline Zoob? She paints ceramics as well & your work resembles hers. Lovely. I think I need to go buy some milk now, & flowers! Lisa

Kimberly said...

June, I agree with Dawn...... make more of these beautiful ceramics and share them with us! I love your pictures too it is so wonderful coming here!

Rosy Inspiration said...

You really have an eye for beauty, love the painting you did on the pitcher. Those roses sure do look oh-so-fresh and gorgeous, they are perfect to cheer up any room. Thanks for sharing them with us, enjoyed your post very much.

Miss Gracie's House said...

Oh, I do need some! Beautiful roses and beautiful platter:) (it was Mom's and looks much better here than at SH)...just read your comment over at fiona's...good for you...I wondered *how* you were able to keep up and why couldn't I? THANKS for being so honest:) Have a great Sunday!
PS I'm still thinkin' on the barn sale...every year I go through the process...should I do this? It is a tremendous amount of work...I sell lots but not sure it's worth the toll it takes on the about being out of balance! I'll let you know when I decide...

Carolyn said...

Hi June,
Thank you for sharing all the beauty in your home-I love all the photos.Your pretty pink bouquet is lovely but so is that big bouquet of dried hydrangeas.Mine do not look that good-what is your secret?
Are you tempted by the new garden cataloques-I really enjoy looking at Gardenimport(Canadian) online to see what is new.What is your favorite garden website to browse.
Take care,

Barbara said...

Spectacular, June. I love the way you start with fresh and they continue on in one form or another, equally dazzling.
There's just something about pink, isn't there? Not just for Valentines Day either.
Love your blog!

jade said...

My dearest June,
your pink roses are soooo beautiful - i loooove them!! It makes my day so much brighter!!!! Have a wonderful week,

Hugs Jade

Carole said...

You're so creative it doesn't surprise me that you've done ceramics too. Is there anything you don't do well? haha
Your photos keep getting better and better!

Julie said...

Hi June,
They are BEAUTIFUL!!! My favorite are the Hydrangea's!!!

A Fanciful Life said...

June, what a pretty pitcher. How fun it must be to paint the little flowers on it. I like how your flowers become so much more in so many ways.
Sharon :-)

koralee said...

Ok....thats to buy myself pink roses tomorrow..these a amazingly beautiful. Thanks for this lovely post. xoxoxo Happy week to you.

Muggensteekjes said...

Hello dear June,
what a lovely post,the pink flowers are so gorgeous,they give me a spring feeling.And you are very talented June, those little flowers you have painted are so beautiful. And then the hydrangea's, LOVE! them and they have dried up so pretty.
Have a lovely week and thank you for giving me a spring feeling in february,hugs Ingrid.

Maison Beldecor said...

June, you have bought sooo beautiful roses, they look so magnificent with your painted ceramics, that really looks like spring...
Have a wonderful week
Warm Hugs

Maria | Vintage Simple said...

Yes, I've been bringing home fresh flowers lately... They're a sure way to brighten up the house on these cold winter days. Your roses are just lovely - the perfect way to welcome February in.


GwendolynKay said...

This is such a beautiful post. My eyes are soaking up all the beauty in the flowers. I would love to put a link to this post on my sidebar.. so all can enjoy the beauty of this post... with your permission of course. Let me know.

Alice W. said...

June, your roses are so beautiful! I absolutely love that first image...

Makes me want to go out and get myself some blooms ;)

Moments of Grace said...

I am always amazed at the fact that every time I visit your blog, it is just what I needed. Your roses and painted pitcher are absolutely lovely. Is there another color combo that speaks to us more than pink and white?
I do so enjoy your posts. Please keep them coming. You have no idea how you bless me.
Blessings to you today, sweet friend.

In Grace,

Monica said...

Hello June!
Today I treated myself to a bunch of roses of the very same pink! Glorious, they make me happy!
What a lovely post, I love dried flowers too, especially roses, peonies, hydrangeas and lavender.
Have a great week,

le ciel flamand said...

These roses are just beautiful! I can't throw them away even and I keep my dried up flowers just like you do.
Greetings, Annelies

Ana said...

Hi June,
The pink roses are the sweetest pink I've ever seen. Love how you've displayed them and love your hand-painted pitcher. You are one talented, sweet lady. I am just head over heels for your photography. You're very good with the camera too. Gorgeous!

Much love to you,

Anne Marie said...

I see we both love roses :) and those look really beautiful!

oh man, do I want some sunshine! and roses now :)

beautiful pictures this Monday afternoon.......

Deedee said...

June - Your painted pitcher is lovely. Thank you for all the heavenly pink flowers-both dried and fresh. Your blog has given me an early Valentine's day!

The Pink Birdhouse said...

June, you never fail to surprise me with all your talents. Love that pillow done with a photo of your own flowers! I would never have thought to do something like that, but with printers in homes now and printer-fabrics available, it would be easy to do. I would love to make a couple of pillows with the chicks on them, for my daughers room!! You have ispired me. Well, and then there is the fact that you used to paint on ceramic and sell your lovely art work. I was already admiring that pitcher before you said anything about it being hand done, it is just beautiful!! You are sooo talented, in so many ways, not the least of them being the great mom that you are! Enjoy those pink roses, i love the color!! I will have to make sure that hubby dear gets me some this weekend to spruce up my own house. hugs from here, Debby

Rie said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! You are a really good photographer. I'm still figuring the technical aspects out... but think I will never learn. Thanks for leaving a sweet comment on my blog. I too, enjoy seeing other moms of many enjoying the things I do. Can't wait to read more of your blog!

Unknown said...

Is there no end to your talents June??!!! Simply stunning! Just so beautiful!!!

Hugs ~

:) T

Pearls Of Zelma said...

I Love your Photos - so beautiful !

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi June! You are so very talented. The painted pitcher is just lovely. The flowers divine. How do you get the roses to dry and keep their color? Maybe it is the red ones that don't turn out so nicely. I tried some recently but they just look dead, not nice and pretty like your's. I love, love, love hydrangeas and your's are so beautiful. Always so nice to visit and see all your gorgeous photos. Have a blessed day! :) Tammy

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by again June. You always have the sweetest, kindest things to say and it just makes my day! I just LOVE these pictures of the roses from your garden. they are stunning! We are expecting quite a storm here on the East Coast and it will be a while before i see MY beloved pink roses in bloom! Thanks for bringing a little "spring" into my day. Warmest regards, ~*~*~*~michelle~*~*~*~

wendy said...

Ohhh, envy envy. I love them. I love the pitcher --and the platter that it is sitting on. I love pink!!

I did NOT know that hydrangeas would dry.

I keep the flowers usually after they have dried as well. I think that looks cool.
I still have in a vase, dried, the roses my friend gave me for my birthday in September. In my kitchen window nook. I love to see them.

Ann said...

Hi June,
What a great idea! Your photos are just gorgeous! I love the dried flowers. You've inspired me to bring something pink and February into my home. It will certainly brighten up these snowy winter days we are having!

All the best,

Ann said...

Thank you so much for your visit. I've been busy the last few weeks and I'm afraid I haven't been blog visiting very well. I'm so glad I read you comment and came over here. You have such a delicut way. I use to love to do ceramics. I love that you have a Kiln and that you made money out of it. Your painting on that pitcure is beautiful.

Shopko had my storage baskets in pink. Is there a shopko by you?

Thank you for you continued friendship. Your a doll!

Valentine Hugs

Peonies & Magnolias said...

I can finally post comments again.

You are so talented and I love your painted flowers. There is nothing like fresh flowers in the house during winter is there, they are beautiful.


Natasha Burns said...

Wow your hydrangeas really turned out beautifully! I tried drying some once and they didn't turn out so nice, I'm going to have to try again when they are in season down here. Loving your amazing roses too :)

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Hyne, Yes, Yes and YES..the very nice time I see some roses that "talk" to me..I WILL buy them.
I have passed so many up over the years..and will no longer do brings us such JOY does it not to have them around ?
I may try some different colors too.

You have imspired me !


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

FORGIVE ME...I had my fingers in the wrong spot..when I typed your name JUNE !!!

I wish this thing had spell check.

I'm so sorry, Rose

Journal Swag said...

I love the dried flowers! I have them all over here and I just can't throw any away.


Darlene said...

Hi there,

You have a very beautiful blog, thank you so much for sharing all this beauty with us!
I am new to the blogging world but I am always so pleased to find great sites like this one!

God bless you

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

Be still my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW, my friend. LOVE it all ~ Perfection, thanks so much. February, March, April, all year long!!!Blessings, Jane

Anonymous said...

June congratulations on being featured at Crescendoh!! Wow we are sure to see you in a magazine anyday now!!

Love those little roses- they have some at Walmart like that. $5 - such a great way to brighten up space!

bee blessed