Saturday, May 22, 2010

My late daffodils...

Yesterday I went out to work in the garden for awhile and saw that all my late blooming daffodils had finally bloomed. Since we were expecting snow for today(didn't get snow,but got a lot of hail), I decided to cut as many as I could for the house before they got too tattered in the snow to enjoy.
I showed a few of my early daffodils a couple of weeks ago, but my favorites
 bloom much later in the Spring.

I don't remember the name of this one, but it is my absolute, hands down favorite.

This is what it looks like before it blooms out fully. I love the green, it's just the perfect
shade of Spring!

I don't know how it's long and slender stems are able to hold up these huge heads.

The daffodils above are very fragrant (but not the kind of fragrant I like).
They smell and look very much like the Paper Whites that we force at Christmas.
Again, I didn't look up it's name before writing my post.

These have a long life in a vase and in the garden.

This is the year that I WILL take the time to divide these, so that next year I
will have them in different parts of the garden.

Another late blooming variety. This particular one has a sweet fragrance that 
I do enjoy. 

My house is looking a lot like sunshine today because of these beauties.

Here is a peek into the garden as it looked as of yesterday.

I want to take this time to let Rose know that my prayers have been with her family. Rose is a dear friend who many of you know through her blog My Bella Rosa. Rose's daughter was in a terrible accident night before last and is in the hospital. She will make a complete recovery, but it will a difficult time for the family.
Please keep Rose and her family in your thoughts and prayers.
A few weeks ago, my son Landon was very sick with a bad infection, and that sweet Rose called me
and e-mailed me often to see how he was feeling and healing. It meant so much to
 me that she would take the time to
to worry about us so. I do have to say that I was worried, very worried, (he is fine now) 
and it just helped to know that she was thinking of us. So Rose, it's my turn to worry about you and
your sweet daughter. I love you sweet friend!


Connie said...

We had lots of rain today over here also, sugar. Hail about 2 weeks ago so large it looked like moth balls covered our yard. Melted quickly though.

Rust: Vintage Inspired Design said...

Hi June,
Your daffs are gorgeous....isn't the weather strange this year? Just back from the garden center with my load of annuals so can't wait to get outside to plant them!

Julie Marie said...

Hi June, your daffodils are just gorgeous! I always tell about my photos on top of the photos, not the bottom, so you were not alone! I still do mine that way... So sorry to hear Landon was ill, hope he is all ok now, and I will say prayers for your friend Rose and her family... today is another rainy day here in Centerville, and the foothills closeby were all covered in snow this morning... this has been one weird Spring! Several warm, sunny days, then tons of rain... the little stream we walk by each day is ready to overflow it's banks... wishing for some sunshine, and your post today brought me some! xoxo Julie Marie

Victorian1885 said...

Good afternoon June
Your Daffodils are so lovely..I only have one type and ours are not blooming yet.. but soon I hope. We have four days of rain coming so everything will be green and lush.
I am glad Landon is doing better..always a worry when Loved ones aren't well. My sons are 30 & 32 and I still worry about them!
Take care and have a great rest of the weekend..


Anonymous said...

Oh June....I have been so caught-up in my cancer treatments I have lost touch with my blogging friends. I hope sweet Landon is all better now!!
I will have my last treatment on this Monday 5/24 & then my life back. Also....I am going to have a giveaway of some of my embroidery & crochet!!
Love You & have missed being in touch......
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Sandi said...

June your daffodils are beautiful! I have never seen so many different kinds. I guess I need to go bulb hunting.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi June,
Your flowers are so pretty and your photos are lovely. So serence and peaceful.

I heard about her daughter's accident and I am praying that she will heal soon.


Claudia said...

Your daffodils are beautiful, June. So glad you didn't get snow!

By the way, I used to label my photos above, too. Then I thought I was doing it the wrong way, so I switched!


Anne Lorys said...

So beautiful, June!
I'm up to my eyeballs here with Texas wildflowers, so gazing upon your lovely blooms is a nice change. :-)


Polly said...

Your daffodils are gorgeous, and your photos are brilliant!



myletterstoemily said...

ooooooh, the green on that daffodil
before it completely bloomed!


Rosie said...

Oh June, I had no idea you were going through this stressful time. So very sorry to hear of your son's illness...and relieved to hear of his recovery. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Rose, but she will most definitely be in my thoughts and prayers.

Those daffs are fabulous. I have always wanted to go crazy with the bulbs...maybe this fall...we'll see. I'm sure you home is over the top with all those happy daffs hanging around.

Have a restful weekend my dear friend...Love Rosie

koralee said...

Oh I will be praying for Rosie and her daughter..what a sad thing to have happen.

Your flowers are amazing..I adore the sweet colour.

Hope your weekend is going well. xooxo

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

What a beautifulo garden you must have, spend some extra time in there for me, I can picture it in my mind. So sorry to learn of another accident, thank goodness a full recovery is on the horizon. Blessings, Jane

Diane said...

I'll keep Rose and her daughter in my prayers. So glad your Landon is doing better now.

All of your daffodils are just scrumptious and your photography is too. The first one, the very pale pink, just melts my heart it's so sweet. Diane

Lovey said...

Oh your entire garden must be so beautiful! I love these images. You take the greatest pictures of them June.


Oh! Your lovely flowers made my day! You always take such great pictures! I've missed not "chatting" with is just so sweet, but very exhausting right now. You are always in my thoughts and I check in now and then, but don't alwys comment as my blogging time has had to cut way back. Hope you understand.
My very best to you and hope your son is doing better!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! I love the daylight beaming through the background! Glad to hear your son is better:)

Anonymous said...

Oh...your daffodils are BEAUTIFUL! My hydranges have just bloomed, so I'm loving life.:)
I'm so sorry about your friend's daughter. I'm glad to hear she will make a full recovery, and wish them well on the journey there.
I'm glad to hear your son is doing well now, too. It breaks my heart to hear of other peoples children being hurt or heart goes out to you both.
I hope the rest of your weekend is beautiful. ~ Jo

The French Bear said...

June, your daffodils are so beautiful...I have never seen any like that, wow!! I am praying for Rose's daughter and for your sweet boy, it just seems like so much is happening lately.....pray for healing!!!
Take care Hon,
Margaret B

jade said...

Oh June,
your flowers are sooo wonderful and on every picture i can seee, how much you love them!!!!!! But the most important: i hope so much, that your sweet angel Landon feels really good now (kisses to him).......i´m so often thinking of you and i also give all my lovely wishes to your friend Rose and her family! Have a wonderful weekend,

Hugs Jade

@nne said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, @nne

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi June, your daffodils are very pretty! I love that they have "ruffles". Hopefully you won't get snow again. Two days ago I told hubby that I was in the mood to lay in your gorgeous hammock :-). It would have been too cold out there from what you say about the weather but it's the most beautiful and comfortable hammock I've ever seen and it pops into my mind from time to time.
I've heard about Rose's daugther's accident. I'm so glad that she will fully recover but what pain for the poor girl and worries for her family. Good to hear that your Angel is doing fine now. I'm sorry to hear that you had such worries.
Have a lovely Sunday, dear June!

Pondside said...

I have some of those ruffly daffs that look pink when in full bloom - the are so surprising aren't they? I'm glad you didn't get snow, but that you're enjoying your daffs indoors.

My name is Riet said...

Your daffodils are gorgeous June. I can smell them here in my mind. You were supposed to have snow in May? My goodness, you must live in a cold country but beautiful of course.
Have a nice Sunday

Unknown said...

omg! They are gorgeous....I have never seen such big pretty!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hello, dear June,
I cannot get over how beautiful your daffodils are. I just love the first one, especially just before it comes out. It looks so beautiful with that lovely green tinge. I've never seen daffodils like that before.
I am so sorry to hear about your friend's daughter. I wish her a speedy and full recovery and will be thinking of them all..... also, I wasn't aware that Landon had been poorly. I hope that he is fully recovered now. It must be so difficult for you and frightening.
I think that must have been when I was having computer trouble and missed reading some of your posts.
Hoping that your weather improves. We are having some beautiful weather at the moment. It's hot and sunny ! Lots of love to you June. XXXX

Anonymous said...

Rose, her daughter, and her family are in my prayers.
I am glad that Landon is doing better - we Mamas worry so much, and although mine are grown adults living on their own now, I still worry!!!
I hope your beautiful daffodills brighten your Sunday - they are gorgeous, June!
Sending hugs your way,

Robin Thomas said...

I was thinking to say you have the Midas touch but you have the Touch of June which is lovelier...

Anonymous said...

Did you know....when your daffodils just begin to look like they are ready to stop looking their best in their vase, take them and hang them upside-down in a dry place and they will dry with a beautiful papery, crinkled silk-like texture! And they should also keep their color!
I have some yellow ones that I dried and then slipped into a floral arrangement. There are some photos on my blog.
Let me know if you try it! I think you'll enjoy the results!

Anonymous said...

Those daffodils are so pretty - I love the ruffliness of them! So glad to hear that Landon is better, that must have been a very stressful time. Hope you are both able to get out and enjoy some Spring now!

Paula said...

Hi sweet June,
Your daffodils are gorgeous! I enjoyed all of your beautiful photos… and in your previous post too! Your garden looks beautiful, so glad you are having sunshine! I am so sorry to hear about your sweet friend's daughter. They will be in my prayers. I am also sorry to hear Landon was so sick! Thank the Lord he is doing better!!! Bless your heart June! I would have been very worried too! I hope you have a beautiful week ahead! Love, Paula

Deb said...

Hi June
Such beautiful images from your gorgeous garden! Sorry to hear that sweet Landon was ill - hope he is feeling much better. I will definitely keep Rose & her family in my prayers ♥

blushing rose said...

Ohh, June ... I didn't know about Landon, I am so glad that he is doing better. Prayers will lift that Landon stays well ... & for you.

Ppraying for Rose's daughter, & all that were involved in that horrible accident.

When you 'remember' what the names are of these exquisite daffodils are, I'd LOVE to know ... they are awesome & I don't have them.

Have a beautiful week, sweet friend.

Hugs of love, Marydon

Suzanne said...

Your daffs are gorgeous...I'll have to look for this variety for next year. We just have the basic yellow ones!
I'll be praying for Rose and her family.

Susan said...

very nice it!

Cinnamonstitch said...

Oh my favorites, Daffadils :)
They always look like they are smiling. Thank you for sharing your lovelies,
COme by and join me sometime

Barbara said...

I don't think I've ever seen a pale peach daffodil like that one, June. It's magnificent! I love your garden photos. I get so jealous and sometimes wish I was still living farther north this time of year! And then I drive down the street and see our lovely royal poincianas in bloom.

I'll say a prayer for your friend Rose's daughter. Keep us posted.

Becca said...

Lovely photos, lovely blog...glad I found you.

Lori said...

hmmmm, well i label from the top makes more sense to say what you are showing and then...bam...there it is...but either way is fine really...your daffodils are totally gorgeous...i love that first one looks like a peachy color on my monitor, and so beautiful!!! i had read about Rose's daughter on Dawn's blog, and i am already praying...

wendy said...

Your daffoldils are gorgeous. It is my goal/dream to one day have a country garden and surroundings as lovely as yours. You are surrounded by beauty.

and of course I'll say a little prayer for your friend. WHERE would we be without the strength of each other and the Lord.

Rosie said...

Oh June,
I do so love a little visit from you my friend...but knowing that I may be caught on google earth working in my garden, with my "ugly hat" on, is a bit troublesome. OK I shall just keep my nose to the grindstone...Love Rosie

Vicki said...

Hello, dear friend,
I must say those are the most beautiful daffodils I have ever seen. I did not realize they came in so many different varieties. They are filling your home with sunshine and our hearts as well. I will remember Rose and her daughter in my prayers. Life is so very fragile. I am glad your Landon is doing better. Have a beautiful week, June. Vicki

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

June, your Daffodils are gorgeous, and good thing you got them into the house to enjoy. We lived further north for 20-some years and I used to do the same thing since we could easily have snow any day in May.

I didn't realize that about putting the script below the pictures. I'm sure I've confused alot of readers over the past year LOL!

I send my thoughts and prayers to your friend, Rose and her daughter~ Life has a way of letting us know how fragile and precious it is. So glad she's going to make a full recovery.
Have a great week~ xxVicki

Muggensteekjes said...

Hello June,
ooh your daffodils look so gorgieus, I can almost smell them over here. The colors are just perfect. I am happy to read that your son is doing well again and I hope your friends daughter is also okay.
Have a lovely and hopefully a sunny week, hugs Ingrid.

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Beautiful daffodils June - I really like the doubles with their frilly petticoats!

Whilst you unfortunately have hail teeming down, we've been basking in unseasonal temps of up to 30c (set to cool down tomorrow) and my southwest facing garden has been wilting in the heat! I've been watering all weekend ... ! Far too hot for me too.

So glad that Landon is now doing fine but I'm really sorry to hear about your friend's daughter - I wish her a full and speedy recovery.

x said...

Hi June, I am so happy to see your flowers and it's cool that you brought them in the house. Their very beautiful. I woke up to a big heavy snow storm. Our neighbor city got 4", we've only gotten 1". I'm hoping it will stop soon and melt.

I'm working on your prize today so I will be thinking of you. Enjoy your day.

Big Hugs

CIELO said...

Your garden is looking beautiful dear June... maybe we will have a warm sunny spring after all ;)

ps: I label things from the top too, I guess it makes more sense to me too, although like you say a lot of bloggers prefer to do so under the image... how interesting! ;)

Is so good to see you, may you have a lovely day and rest of week


maría cecilia said...

Sooo wonderful, sooooo beautiful my dear June!!!
And so sorry to hear about Rose`s daughter... I will now have her in my daily prayers.

Would you please teach me how to force daffodils?
Many hugs and joy to you,
Maria Cecilia

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Such divine daffodils from your garden, June. I'm so glad Landon is alright (will be thinking of sweet Rose and her family + prayers).

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Your daffodils are gorgeous, ours are long gone now. So glad to hear Landon is better and my prayers are with Rose and her family.


cathleen said...

Your daffodils are quite spectacular, June. I've never seen any like them. You take excellent photos!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi June,

I adore your pretty flowers and ruffly daffodils and your garden must be wonderful and bring you so much pleasure for all your work.
So sorry to hear about sweet Rose's daughter ~ she is such a beautiful Lady and will go and visit her soon.
Also I hope that Landon is feeling better now.
Have a beautiful week

Anonymous said...

OMG! the side bar with your gardne shots are stunning. I want to live there!!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear June
What gorgeous blooms you have my dear!! blooming gorgeous!! haha.. that Daffodil prior to blooming is just marvelous .. so pretty.. as are all these beauties..

Sorry to hear about your friend Rose's daughter.. what a difficult & frightening time... I will certainly keep her in my thoughts... Glad to hear your son is well now...

thanks for you lovely comments.. and have a wonderful day.. full of blooms and sunshine!! xx Julie

Laura said...

Hey June-
I am so sorry about your friend's daughter, and I am so glad to hear about your son' recovery.

Your garden looks lovely.

I can't wait to see more photos.


Rosie said...

Hey June, thanks for the visit, hoping your day was restful and your ready to take on the week. Sending you a Rosie

Maison Beldecor said...

Dear June,
your daffodils are gorgeous... I like the soft tones very much.

I'm so sorry to hear about Rose's daughter.... but glad to hear that "your angle" is well now.

Warm Hugs,

Kim-Fille de Fleur said...

Oh June, I had no idea about what had happened to Rose's daughter. She was going to come to Glitterfest and we were to finally meet. Now I know why she was not able to come! Wow I will keep her in my prayers and send her an e-mail too. Glad to hear Landon is well, next time let us know and we will pray!
I love your garden and miss mine so much. Thanks for sharing the great pictures so I can enjoy it from my computer.
Thanks for stopping by yesterday, It made me happy to see you stopped by, I love your visits and I love coming by here too!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi June,
Your daffodils are beautiful. Love all the pale colors, just wish I could smell their scent through the computer!
I am happy to hear that Landon is fine now and that you've got such a sweet friend in Rose. I will go over and let her know I shall keep her and her daughter in my prayers.

Cassie Shella said...

Your blog is beautiful. I will be back to visit often. Have a Blessed week.

Rosie said...

Hey June,
You are so dear to pop in for a wee visit...Hoping you had a fine Tuesday. Weather here is still quite cool...Will it ever warm up?...I'm a mite anxious to do a little sittin' in the sun...My roses are starting to pop...Yippee...I'll show you when they do...Smile on Rosie

Natasha Burns said...

Oh June, could you come fly out to me and bring your green thumbs with you? Your daffodils are all my very favourite varieties! I can almost smell them through the screen! Love love love springtime daffodils, they're so fresh and happy.

LOL about writing above/below the photo. I can never decide. I always wrote then showed the photo - so that people knew what they were looking at by the time they saw it. Then, like you, I saw that everyone did it the other way. So, depending on what mood I am in that day, I'll write above, below or wherever, lol!

Thanks for letting us know about Rose - I didn't realise. I'll be thinking of her

Anonymous said...

Hi, love your site, and your garden.

I like the way you write too.


Valerie, Ireland

sanjeet said...

Your daffodils are beautiful, June. So glad you didn't get snow!
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Unknown said...

have never seen so many different kinds. I guess I need to go bulb hunting.
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