Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Studio shots for White Wednesday...

For this White Wednesday hosted by Kathleen at Faded Charm, I thought that I would
 take you out to my backyard studio.

It has been a slow process getting the new space just how I want it. I need it to be
functional and yet someplace that I want to hang out in to create, which means it must be pretty.

Since it is new to me, I find it hard to put nails into the new walls. But believe me, I will get over it.
(much to Dale's dismay) Are any of you married to one of those men? He sudders when I bring out
the hammer and nails. lol

Soon there will be things that I love hanging all over the place!

But right now, I am giving it much thought as to what will be going back
into the space.

I HAVE to love it, and it MUST inspire and uplift me!

I would love to have a space where I have everything at my fingertips. Everything I need to
 make something pretty. Everything I need to create or sew something to beautify
 my home and my world. 

A cute little photo of my mom.

Oh I love this!
Notice how sweet her little dress is!

Have a Happy Mother's Day...you cute thing!


Lori said...

June, your studio looks so beautiful...it looks like you have wonderful light in there too, so it will be a wonderful place to create...the picture of your mother is absolutely adorable!!!

Connie said...

Ooooooo, how darling your little studio is, honey! I love it. I just wish Love Bunny would let me have the space for one in our backyard, but I doubt he'd give me heat and A/C!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad to see a few pics of your new creative space...I can't wait to see more! Have a very happy and blessed Mother's Day!


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Oh my!
Talk about dreamy, white inspiration... I love it so, could easily get lost in your new studio myself (and wish I could!). I love your architectural pieces, my heart's going pitter patter as I type!

Your mother's photo is beautiful, clearly something to hold close to your heart.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

What an inspirational space for you to work your magic....enjoy!

Julie Marie said...

Hello June, your new studio is looking just beautiful! I would just want to spend all day long out there... the picture of your mama is so adorable... treasure every moment you have with her... I miss my mama so much, especially at Mother's Day... xoxo Julie Marie

Rebecca Nelson said...

I'm lovin' it. Can't wait to see more. Such a reflection of you sweet friend.


Love to you~Rebecca

The French Bear said...

June, this is a truly magical and lovely white space. I see many wonderful creations coming from here, how divine!
Margaret B

The Green Pea said...

June, your new space is beautiful. The picture of your mother is sweet. Thank you for sharing the photos. Happy Mother's Day to you. sandi

Unknown said...

June, your studio is exactly how I imagined it ... soft, serene, sweet, welcoming & full of beauty ... just like you.

Have a great week.
TFN, Hugs in love ~ Marydon

Anne Lorys said...

Your mama is just adorable, June! I see where you get it from. :-)

And your studio?
Perfection. Total, utter perfection.

I hope you have a wonderful White Wednesday!


Olivia said...

Oh sweetie I love all of your lovely photos. I noticed a short little stove in the background. I saw one in my flea market and to my dismay passed it up and then it sold. Are they hard to find do you know...and yes I agree with you on loving an item, but I love to hammer away and then rearrage.

Jane said...

Hi June,
What a wonderful place! It looks like a perfect place to create.

Andrea said...

Ahh, your mom is adorable and your studio is so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!

BailiwickStudio said...

What a wonderful, inspiring little place! ::Jill

Patina said...

Ok June, I knew it was going to be dreamy and it is! Can't wait to see more pictures.
What a sweet picture of your mother. This inspires me to find a picture of my mom and add the creamy roses around it.
Your studio is already inspiring me!

Donna Reyne' said...

Hi June!
I love your new Studio!
There is nothing better to spark those creative thoughts than a beautiful place to bring to life!
I am so jealous...you got your space done in record time!
We just finished the bead board ceiling on our current project!
But I am so happy for you!
Have a Blissful and Wonderful Mother's Day!
Blessings my friend,

koralee said...

What a lovely studio my friend...everything you touch turns into beauty. Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

June what a lovely creative space you have here!! I can imagine all the creating will be going on in here!!! Those corbels are so pretty and what a great way to take a picture focusing on it!

bee blessed

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

June, You turned your studio into a dreamy and inspiring place, perfect to relax or to create. Your mother had been a very cute girl!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Debra@CommonGround said...

June it looks like heaven out there! Can't wait to see it all put together. I know it's gorgeous. How could it not be? Yes, my husband is the same. Because he knows he's the one that will have to drag out the spackling and paint! But that's just part of being a girl. It takes us a while to get it just right. I'm really happy for you having this wonderful space. Enjoy it, and have a wonderful Mother's Day, sweet June!

MJ Ornaments said...

Happy Mother's day to you June! Your studio is gorgeous. Take care, Martha

oldgreymare said...


big sigh...at last..

photos, and aren't they just lovely, isn't the studio just lovely, and you are so lovely.

Happy Mothers day dear friend!


Victorian1885 said...

June it is lovely! So romantic and chic..can't wait to see the finished space. Happy Mother's Day to you on Sunday! Take care..


Karen said...

Awwwww . . . too cute. You will do whatever "comes" to you and will be so coMfortable in i that space -you'll wonder how you ever were without it!
How fun! Keep posting!
:0 Karen

Ann Marie said...

I love old photos! ~ The details are soo fun! What a cute Mother you have..

Your studio.. I will just say I'm going to have to work on "Thou shalt not covet!" lol!

What fun indeed! I hope to have a space of my own just like that when I grow up!
Happy Mothers Day indeed!
Hope it's a lovely one for you!XO

Draffin Bears said...

Hi June,

Love your studio and will be such a beautiful and inspiring place to create.
The photo of your Mother is sweet.
I wish you a very happy Mother's day.


Jeannie B. said...

What a lovely place to just hang out. I would love just sitting in there sipping tea and enjoying the surroundings!

clustres said...

What a wonderful studio! Yes, I am careful at first about putting holes in the walls. And what a beautiful photo of your mother!

Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

The photo of your mother is so beautiful!
Have a nice week
Hugs, Yvonne

Pondside said...

How nice to have a peek at your new studio. It looks like it will fulfill all the roles your require of it - a beautiful space to create, indeed!

butiksofie said...

Hi June, these are beautiful White wednesday pictures....a beautiful place...your studio! Oh I just love your blog!hughs Anja

My name is Riet said...

Oh June, your studio is Beautiful. How wonderful to have all these beautiful things around you just the way you want it. I am sure you will make and design the most wonderful art,
Hugs from Riet

Regina said...

What a wonderful place to be creative !!

Keep on making it your personal paradise and don´t worry: Men seem to have a "wall-hurt-gene". That´s why they live so happily in places that seem naked and cold to us (except the garage, of course, and the bureau-desk.....). My husband sometimes strolls around and moans with inner tears at every wall-whole he can find.

Happy Mother´s day to you !!
In Germany it´s called Muttertag :-)


Monica said...

Oh June, this is awesome!!!!! Please join Karen Valentine for Where Bloggers Create party on June 19th (you can find the link on my sidebar if you want), your studio deserves to be shared!
Love each and every detail of your pictures.
Hugs, and Happy WW!

Atticmag said...

How lovely to have a studio all to yourself. I'll enjoy seeing it as it moves along. Jane F.

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

You have everything you need to inspire in your delicious new hideaway.
And with that sweet picture of your Mom a little special treat to bless the new surroundings.
Did I see a little white painted parlour stove in the background in one of the pics? I have one just like it... kinda warms the heart doesn't it.
And speaking of warming the heart Happy Mother's Day June and may it be filled with the ones you love.
Susan x

Privet and Holly said...

Your post is filed under: SOMEDAY.
Someday I will have a whole room to myself, and not just a small desk. Someday I will have a space to paint any color that pleases ME, alone. Someday I will have a little room that houses all that inspires me in my writing and other creative outlets..... I had to laugh at your husband and him wincing at the hammer and nails. I must be married to his secret twin, as mine as the same aversion! Looking forward to seeing more as your studio continues to blossom.
xx P&H

Scented Sweetpeas said...

I want your studio - it is gorgeous!

The Victorian Parlor said...


I believe you are one of the most talented decorators I know. Your creativity is so beautiful and serene. Even your gardens reflect your artistry (not to mention your photography:). Your are such an inspiration-thank your for sharing with us all!



maría cecilia said...

Dear June, I`m all the time waiting to see the progress of your own paradise, and it`s getting soooo enchanting!!!! soooo beautiful!!!! How nice to have a place of ones own!!!... and your little darling mother, sooo cute!!!
a bunch of hugs my darling,
Maria Cecilia

maría cecilia said...

oh!!! and I wish you a very, very happy mother`s day!!!

LemonyRenee' said...

Every picture of your new space looks like a dreamy shot. You really have a talent. And I always look forward to your posts.

Now, can I move in there? You need a live-in studio maid, don'tcha? Oh, I bet you do . . . think hard. :)

Laura said...

Miss June- plain and simple- you've got the touch. (That's high praise in my family).

You have inspired me to do more with my garden shed. It is open to the elements (no door), and it gets dusty and hot but the other evening before it got dark I put a lamp out there and sat and wrote my list.

Have fun making your nest!


Robin Thomas said...

Oh Junie June. htat pink stool with the black legs...also, everything else. Yuuuum.

Sandi said...

Beautiful studio June! I have a feeling if I ever try to get ahold of you that you will be nowhere to be found. I will tell your hubby...look in her studio!!!! :) Just GORGEOUS!!!

Kim-Fille de Fleur said...

June, Just wonderful! I did not know about the decorative details before and now that I see them they are just perfect. Where did you get them? Do you shop much? I sure do but I have not seen those.
I spent all day in my studio (third garage) yesterday and did lots of stuff for Glitterfest. Before I started I did a little organizing and it made the day go so much better.
I wish you a very happy Mothers day June, Thanks as always for being here!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful, June. I love seeing other peoples' studios - so I'll be joining in the 'Where Bloggers Create Party' - you shoud too! :)
Happy Wednesday to you!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I need to redo my room now! I love your space! I have trouble commiting and filling in the blank walls too. The photos are just lovely ~ thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful June and so much light - very inspiring place I think, can't wait to see what you create in there!

Barbara said...

I love it already, June! Take your time and get it exactly the way you want it. Can't wait to see the finished studio!

I adore the photo of your mother! How sweet is that?

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Awesome studio June. It is so beautiful and can't wait to see it all finished. Love your mother's picture, she is adorable. Have a wonderful week.


Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Oh my goodness, June, I am just swooning over your beautiful photos of your studio space. Sigh. It looks like you're going to have a magical place. All to yourself. p.s. I really think it will be WWC-magazine-worthy too :)

The Charm of Home said...

Very pretty. Love the tribute to your Mother.

Paula said...

Hi sweet June,

Your studio is gorgeous!!! I love the pretty iron scroll work, such a lovely touch! All of the white is so very beautiful!!! I love your shelves and bookcases filled with all those beautiful supplies for your beautiful creations! I love your old dishes and glass jars filled with vintage goodness! The photo of your mom is so precious! Yes, her little dress is very sweet! Thank you for sharing and for the inspiration dear friend! Love, Paula

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Stunning! Anything you add will only make it more beautiful! What a wonderful place to escape, create. Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! :) Tammy

Seawashed said...

Your studio is stunning. I could daydream in there for days. I am creating my studio too...but a bit different...in that I want mine to be mostly bare. I am not hanging things on the wall...except some wire with metal clips(from Ikea) to hang photos, art, paintings from. I love that stool in yours and the dark hardwood floors. And as always your photography is delicate wisps of beauty. They always swoon me. Someday I will need to get a 'real camera'...I only have a canon digital(in turquoise of course, and I love it). I am liking your new blog look too...all the pics in the sidebar of your cottage. ox~ Fairmaiden

Lady Pamela said...

You have your own studio??? Of course you do. What was I thinking :) I can't wait to see all that you can do in your very own space. Are you joining Karen's Where Blogger's Create II? It was so much fun last year.

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Oh would I ever LOVE to have a creative designing place like that! I look forward to seeing more inspirational pictures of it!!!

Sue said...

Your studio AND photos are truly amazing! Happy WW!!
Take care, Sue

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Oh yes, I do know what you mean June - my OH recoils when I hang things on freshly painted walls!!

I enjoyed this little peek into your studio - it looks wonderful.

Happy Mother's Day June!


PS Loved the photos of your gorgeous family in the last post too.

A 2 Z said...


You have a lot of visitors! I'm impressed! I'm a new follower and loved what you did. I also your project with your clawed table. I also have one and I think I would like to paint it white but still keep it as my dinette table. Any idea of the type of paint I should use. Thanks,


GwendolynKay said...

What a lovely and charming studio. Yes I have one of those hubbies who also freaks when I put a nail in the wall.
Thank you for your kind and encouraing words reguarding my bipolar disorder. I am blessed by so many kind bloggers like yourself.

Faded Charm said...

Your studio is looking lovely. What a great place to be inspired in.

I'm really hoping the weather warms up so I can get outside. I'm so far behind in my garden this year.

Enjoy your week and think warm thoughts.


Debby said...

WOW!!!! AMazing studio, everything is so pretty.

jade said...

Oh June, what a lovely place - your studio is amazing.....you must be a lucky girl to have such a place for dreaming and working!!!!!! Have a wonderful mothers day and enjoy the weekend with your family,

Hugs Jade

PS:Your mothers picture is so sweet!!!!!

Dumpster Decorators said...

Such a lovely place to create. Inspiration must be everywhere.


My dear June, your place where you create is a dreamland for girls! Amazing, love every single picture, hugs & kisses, Mira!

www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

OOH I love your studio. I understand what you mean about having everything at your fingertips. I have most of the things in my studio out in the open as opposed to being put inside of boxes. My 'things' inspire me:) Every time Don comes into visit me he just looks around and "says how do you work in here. You need a bigger place but if you had one you would just fill it up." lol I just laugh because now I know I don't have to share my space with him;)Have fun with it:)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Oh June how I envy you. To have a little backyard studio as lovely as yours would be a dream come true for me.
Your photos are so beautiful and your picture of your Mom is so precious.
Lovely, lovely post.


sweetpea said...

magical place...



Deb said...

Your Studio is absolutely gorgeous June & I love all the little trinkets & treasures you have especially the photo of your Mum ♥

Diane said...

Yes, June, your mother was a darling little girl. You will get your little cottage just the way you want it with so many of the things you love. In the meantime just take your time with it. Nails in the walls - I know that arguement. So I don't argue, things just appear that weren't there before.

Here's a story about that. I was making up a cute tool box for my daughter's birthday. He saw me putting a hammer in it "Oh, no, nails in the walls." he said. "It's not even your walls" I told him!!!!!

Carolyn said...

Hi June,

Your studio is looking very pretty already! I love the iron scrolls and the photo of your Mom is so nice to have.


{oc cottage} said...

Dreamy!!! And though I know it's wrong...I am SO jealous!! ;} Now go make beauty!!

m ^..^

Tara said...

It looks so beautiful! Inspiration always comes so much more easily when you love your surroundings. It looks so very peaceful there and the light is glorious. I hope you have a very Happy Mother's Day June!

Kateyed said...

That's beautiful. I keep coming to your blog and lurking and loving it. I am a former school psychologist who got very sick and had to quit but I love to hear about your son.

My daughter and I just started a blog a short time ago and would love to have you visit. She actually created it for me as a gift :-). Our address is...


It really isn't all about our jewelry...that's just the name we had to settle for!


The Rustic Victorian said...

Ohmygosh! Spectacular sneek peek, this studio will be a total photo op.....WWC needs to know. So is this is what heaven is like...I think so.
Something Wonderous is Happening

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi June
Your photos and studio are gorgeous!!! beautiful.. how wonderful it would be to have a dedicated space for creating,, especially one this lovely,,,

the photo of your mum is so sweet.. have a great Mother's Day.. xx Julie

@nne said...

Thanks you for sharing these beautiful pictures, @nne

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

Lovely June! Thank you for sharing this special place with us...it's so inspiring.
P.S. Oh, and yes, I too am married to one of "those" type of men...but I think he's gotten used to me after 27 years (and I to his peccadillo's ;)!

Ana said...

Oh my goodness June, your studio looks wonderful. What an awesome place to be creative in. One could not help but be inspired when surrounded by all those beautiful things...Enjoy your new space my friend...Oh, And I just saw the picture of Ella helping her daddy with the car...Ahhhhh! So adorable. Wishing you a wonderfully blessed Mother's Day on Sunday.

Much love to you,


paperbird said...

June your studio is gorgeous- I love the soft lovely colors. What a pretty place to create. Yes I am married to one of those-he just shakes his head at me :)

Lenore said...

June, I love your studio space...wish mine looked half as lovely as yours. Thanks for the peek.
Your Mom's photo is darling!

Rosie said...

Oh June... this is so dreamy...You will surely be creating in this paradise...Smile on Rosie

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

You are soooo sweet! Thanks for your precious comment!

As always the images on your site are stunning! It looks like you are creating an amazing space...I love it!


Kate said...

Well that backyard studio is breathtaking. Just beautiful you lucky and blessed girl Can't wait to see more of the beauty that you place in there.

Have a wonderful Mother's day xoxo


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Drooooooling......Oh SWEET Junie....what a fabulous place. What I wouldn't give for a sweet little studio.... My back yard is about the size of a postage stamp, so that won't be happening anytime soon....I love yours so much.. You lucky girlie you!


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi June,
your new studio looks beautiful - what a magical place.Love the pic of your mom.
Happy Mother' Day

Lisa said...

You are a tease girl! I'm trying to zoom in on those pics & see what is on the shelf in the back. I know it's piles of awesome linen, or cloth of some sort. At least I could see the jars of jewels. Love the juxtaposition of jewels in a jam jar! Of course you know I'm insane about you dried up petals, just the perfect shade for your room. Now please June, for me, your friend, fellow Bolton stalker. How bout some close ups? Do we have to wait for WBC? How bout a little b-day present of shot of those bookcases.
Have a wonderful Mother's Day June, if I don't see you sooner.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Do you remember me?

I'll give you a hint...I'm your number one fan.

Ring a bell?

If you've forgotten who I am, I understand...my bad for not visiting in a while.

But I do have a good excuse...I've been jet setting all over the place.

Do you forgive me?

sniff sniff

I beg of you June (hugging your feet)...pa-leeze forgive me for my absence! ;)

Seriously girl, I've missed visiting you. I really needed to come here and rest for a while. So I hope you don't mind but as I was chillin' in your new creative nest, I just felt so much at home...so much at peace!

So therefore, I hope you don't mind but I've picked up some change of address cards, filled them out with my new address (of your creative nest) and I'll be putting them in the mail to my closest friends and relatives.
There is no need to make room in there as all I really need is my cot and a pillow which I will throw in the back of my Suburban and be on my way shortly.

I promise I'll never bother you while you are watching your 7000 daffodils bloom. oh wait...I meant 700. oh wait...no...200 bulbs bloom ;)

And, I hope to see little Ella again...she's so cute with her arms folded, laying under the truck watching. I new her and I had a special bond (fixing automobiles).

So, be waiting for me...I'm coming. I can't give you an exact date I will arrive. My Suburban stops at every junk, yard, garage sale and every flea market so it may take me a while.

It's so nice to be back here June...I'm back home ;)

ps...don't open any of my mail...just leave it on your (my) desk til I get there ;)))

Alina said...

Happy Mother's Day June! Love your new creative space xx

Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio said...


I'm crazy about your little studio!

More more more!

PS -
I may not comment all the time, but know that I read you all the time.


Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

Alaina said...

June, I think your studio is a wonderful place to be creative and feel special. Thank you for your comments on my Mother's Day tablescape. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's day with your family.

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

Oh June. How fabulous you surround yourself with all those wonderful things!!

Oh yes, I am married to one of those men. I have my own little tool box and sneak using it whenever I can, LOL.

Have a wonderful Mother's day, hope they all know what a wonderful treasure they have. Jane

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Oh June, I am so thrilled for you! What a lovely, lovely studio!! God Bless you as you make it your own special place.
Thinking of you,

Creazioni Nadia said...

ciao June mi piacciono tanto gli oggetti che hai fotografato, mi piacerebbe davvero vederli di presenza e chissà che non avvenga veramente. Thank you so much for your post in my blog. It's great to have someone who believes in my work ( I don''t know if my english is right!). Bye

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Beautiful, June. Happy Mother's Day. xo Lidy

kelli said...

oh June, your space is beyond amazing, it is just the place I pictured for you. I love it. And the photo of your Mom is a beuatiful treasure. I'm wishing you a beautiful happy Mother's Day.

xo Kelli

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

You gave us a great sneak peek! It looks dreamy. Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

Melanie said...

Oh June!!! Your studio is so dreamy!!!!! I cannot imagine ever wanting to leave!!

Happy Mother's Day to you, dear lady!;-)


Elizabeth said...

One word....

Rosie said...

Well dear girl...enjoy your day tomorrow...have a joyous mothers day...sending a hug and a kiss...Rosie

J. Wecker Frisch said...

Happy Mother's Day June!

Lovey said...

Happy Mother's Day June!!!!!

Teacup Mosaics said...

Dearest June, The creations that will come from that beautiful studio will be WONDERFUL! I can't wait to see them. Such a lovely studio, I can understand the need for it to be "just right". Wishing you a WOnderful Mothers Day!
Looking forward to more pics, I must say you are a bit of a tease.

Maison Beldecor said...

Dear June,
happy mother day to you! The picture of your mom is soooo cute. I think you can be a very very lucky girl with those amazing studio for your own, it looks beautiful, with the old ornaments, wow...
Have a great week with lots of sun!
Warm hugs bine

Rostrose said...

Dearest June! I hope you had a wonderful mother's day!!! Your mum was such a sweet litte girl - and I love these old pretty photos! Oh, and your room - YOUR room - WOW! It's a paradise in white, I think.
I wish you a wonderful wonderful new week! Big hugs, Traude

wendy said...

I think you new studio is AWESOME and looks so bright and cheery and totally a place to "inspire and create"
I'd just like a place to "be"
I don't create
we keep talking about getting a green house to putter in as we both love plants, flowers.
silly though, cause the deer eat everything and the moose, and on and on

Vicki said...

June, I know you will make your new work space into a beautiful creative place. It already looks wonderful to me. The scrolly pieces are so pretty. I look forward to seeing the lovely things you will create there. That picture of your mother is so sweet, and I am sure it will give you lots of inspiration. I am sure your family has blessed you with a wonderful Mother's Day, and I know they love having you for their momma. Love to you~ Vicki

Holly Loves Art said...

Happy Mother's Day June. I hope you had a marvelous weekend.

Rosie said...

happy monday dear girl...and wishing you much laughter in the week ahead
...smile on...Rosie

Rosie said...

ahhhh June...thank you for your sweet visit...how goes the beautiful, new work room...you must be so inspired each time you enter the door...lucky girl...sweet dreams...Rosie

Unknown said...

Hi June! Where Women Create is going to want to come and shoot this beautiful new studio of yours!!! WOW! I'm so happy that you have such a gorgeous place to be creative and enjoy yourself!!! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day too!

Hugs ~

:) T

Diane Mars said...

Hope you had a Wonderful Mothers Day! Stop On Over I'm having a Virtual Baby Shower for my daughter Breezy, games and prizes, would love to see you there! Let's Get This Party Started!! Hugs, Diane

Rosie said...

Good morning dear girl,
I feel so honored that you would pop over to my little world for a wee peek...sending wonderful wishes for this pretty Wednesday before us...love Rosie

Natasha Burns said...

June your studio looks amazing! If I were there, I'd set up a sleeping bag and just live in there, every minute of the day. I'd tell everyone to go do their own thing, feed themselves etc. they can find me in your studio if they need me :)

Stacey said...

Your studio looks beautiful!! I am sure you will spend plenty of time making gorgeous things in there!

I have one of those husbands who doesn't like it when he sees me with nails. I do put plenty of holes in the walls with them!

Ginger said...

I'm way down here at the end, but I have to tell you, your studio is to die for, I know you will have beautiful creations coming out of that inspiring piece of heaven. Congrats.


Rita said...

My dearest June,
your studio is amazing. so full of light and marvelous architectural details. wish I had a place just like that to create and make all my decorating dreams come true.
maybe one day!
the photo of your mom is so darling and yes, that little dress is so cute.
p.s. congrats on your awards. the more i get to know you thru your posts the more i believe they are more than well deserved!

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Bellissimo studio June! one of these days I am coming over. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

Rebecca said...

Hi June
Well I knew your new studio would be fabulous, I just can't wait to see all of it. But I am sure you are saving it for the Where Bloggers Create tour and I don't blame you, we will just have to wait.
Hope you had a lovely mothers day,
many blessings

Rosie said...

.......Hey Sweet June.....
.........Guess what?......
.........tomorrow is......
.........F*R*I*D*A*Y !....
.......Rosie's smiling....

Rella said...

I just 'found' you through blog hopping and I am so glad I did. your blog is precious and I have added you to my Daily Distraction.

xox Rella

Fete et Fleur said...

Oh My! Just GORGEOUS!! I would never want to leave this space. I don't have a creative space of my own, as space in our home is ata premium. I do have a sweet little cabinet all my own. When I open the doors, it's magical place to me. I love it!


Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Junie, I am so happy for you to have a darling place like this to create and just to hang out. Girl I think you'll be doing a lot of changes in time to come, and I think your doing a wonderful job making it your own showing the beauty that lies within but also showing the inspiration of beautiful things to inspire oneself and others as well.


Rose Garden Romantic said...

June, your studio space is so pretty! It leaves me wanting to see more! Your mama sure was a cute little girl!

Claudia said...

You're teasing us, June! This studio looks like it is going to be stunning! Not at all a surprise; you have such great style.