Sunday, July 18, 2010

Coming up roses!

I had a great post all ready to post last night, and then the text all disappeared and so now, I am just going to be showing you some pictures of the garden as it has looked this past few days. I had written some things that I think I really needed to write and the 'poof' they were gone.
I kindda of want to kick Blogger somewhere.
 I have had trouble posting the past two posts and commenting on a few blogs.
If you haven't heard from me, it's a Blogger thing I think.
Something is going weird with my e-mail too.
Do you think it could be the user?????

I will be posting 'Living my life in color' soon, because it has been so long since I have posted from the heart and I really needed to write what I wrote last night, but because I don't write my posts beforehand and I tend to just sit down and write what's in my heart, I now have to regroup and get in the 'mood' again.

Here are some views of the garden this week.

The roses have started to bloom and things are a riot of color in the garden.

My John Cabot roses are such treasures in this garden. They work so hard and really make the garden look lovely right now. I had two of these roses last year and then, because I love them so much, went to the nursery last Fall and bought two more. I think this brings me to 48 roses crammed into this garden.

This is a view under one of the arbors.

I have barely come up for air this week. I have had a ton of work to do in this space.
I haven't had time to do much else, but work on a new bed I am planting
and a bed that I am having to redo.
The bed I am reworking is too shady now for the plants that are there, and so as
all gardeners know, the work is a continuous process.

Some of the delphiniums have started to bloom. I love their tall, showy spires.

My Persian Yellow rose is now just finishing it's bloom cycle. It blooms about the same time as many of my peonies and they are all just about finished now. I picked my last peonies a couple of days ago.

This rose is such a lovely color in the garden.

It looks beautiful with everthing else going on out here.

Some of the roses blooming along the driveway. 

The last of the peonies. I took this about a week ago, when the Winnipeg Parks rose started to bloom.

The studio is full of drying peony blooms this week.

They didn't dry as well as I would have liked, (they seem to be more fragile this year)but
they will make a lovely wreath or two.

Of course, I have to show you some of my latest photos of them.

The chamber pot in these pictures was one of my Farm Chicks finds.
One of my favorite finds too!!!

I can't promise that this is the last you will see of my peonies...I took a scad of pictures...enough to get me through the long, cold Winter. may be seeing some of them in about January or February.
I think by then we'll all be ready for some Summer loveliness.


Anonymous said...

Hi June!!!!
Oh My... Your gardens make me swoon!! DOn't ya' love that word??? "swoon"!!
Anywho.....My peonies & roses are done. My bee balm is now a riot of color & my daisies are in full regalia.
Yeah.... My stint at bloggers rehab was a failure so I am back for more blogging!! ROFLMBO!!
Missed ya' sweetie!!
Have a Great week...

Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

Dear June,
wow, your garden is a dream. So many different kinds of roses. It must be wonderful to walk through your garden!
Have a nice week,
Hugs, Yvonne

Julie Marie said...

Hello June... don't you just hate that when you lose your text, or photos or something! I never pre~write mine either, and you are right, sometimes you need to get your thoughts together again... but your post is simply beautiful! Your gardens are gorgeous! I think you are still about a month behind us... many of my flowers are pooping out in this heat (100 degrees today!)... but they will revive themselves as it cools down later on... love your chamber pot from the Farm Chicks! And I never mind seeing your glorious Peonies! Looking forward to your thoughts when you "regroup"... but your heartfelt thoughts are always so lovely and make me smile... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh my June, what a vision of loveliness! I gasped at each photograph, all just stunning! I could never ever tire of looking at beautiful flowers!

I am so happy I found my way to your blog!


Alaina said...

June, sorry to hear about the disapearing words, we all hate when that happens. Your gardens are always so beautiful. So many roses, I have am loving them all.

butiksofie said...

Dear June, your roses are beautiful and your garden looks like a paradies!!!I am very impressed and I always love to visit your beautiful blog! Hughs Anja

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi June,
Your garden should be featured in one of those home and garden magazines!! It's gorgeous!

Your photos are fantastic too.


Unknown said...

...I've been having these "issues" with blogger too! ~ it may just be me not being computer savvy (usually is) but I'm blamin` it on the full moon (25th) HAAHAAAA!!!
I saw your GORGEOUS pink peonies picture yesterday, and it wasn't there :(
but today ~
You have one of the most B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l flower gardens and outdoor living space I have ever seen!!
I'm simply swooning over those pink peonies!! Thank you for reposting, and sharing your garden with us!
xo, Rosemary

Fete et Fleur said...

I'm so sorry June, but I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. I've been ready to kick blogger somewhere too! Your photos are just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing this beauty.


PS I hope this comment posts. That has been my main problem. I can't leave comments!

{oc cottage} said...

Now I know jealousy is naughty...but I can't seem to help it! Your garden is just this side of Eden! WOW!

m ^..^

Dorthe said...

your garden is a little heaven on earth, so full of the most lovely roses, I love them.
Hugs, Dorthe

Carolyn said...

Hi June,
Wow! Your garden and photography are amazing.your John Cabot roses are doing so well - mine not so much.
I did discover this year that they like the manure better then the mushroom compost.Since you have horses I am guessing that is what you use?
I know what you mean about spending all your time out in the garden-except for the heat of the day that is where you will find me too.
I enjoyed this post so much but also look forward to hearing from your heart!

Take care,

Pondside said...

Too, too beautiful!
I thought that something was going on with you and blogger, because last night you popped up, but when I checked your post, it was an old one. Very odd, the way blogger is behaving.
Your roses and peonies are heavenly, but I know how frustrating it is to be unable to post what you want. Like you, I don't post ahead, but write and hit 'publish', so it is hard to re-write if one is no longer in the same heart/head space.

Victorian1885 said...

Good afternoon June
I have always loved roses and peonies where my second love but my goodness your peonies are making me re-think my favorite! Wonderful to see your garden again..take care.
Wanda said...

Hi June, you are such an amazing gardner. You make it look so easy and the out come is to die for.

Biggest hugs ever,

One Shabby Old House said...

As you needed to write your heart my heart needed this bloggy tour of your garden. Heavenly. Thank you.
Sorry you are having trouble with blogger. That had to be so discouraging.
How do you take such beautiful picture. They are so magazine worthy!

Anonymous said...

Your garden is incredible, June - loved the tour!!!

Connie said...

Your garden is something I always dream about, sweetpea. It is just gorgeous! I'd love to have one like yours but trust me, it's NOT happening. I'll just come up and see yours sometimes.

Use the OLD editor and things aren't as quirky, honey.


sweetpea said...

Hello June! Thanks so much for your comment! I always love to hear from you. And on the subject of love... You have the garden of my dreams! I love it, I adore it, it's perfection! And you can never show me too many peony pics!



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest June,

Blogger is indeed acting up! As I compose a post, my photos are not behaving! But looking at your gorgeous photos, I see you do not have the same problem as I do! I so want to learn to take stunning photos as such and thank you for this delightful tour! I hope your weather is behaving; we had tornadoes last night. Enjoy your week dear one! Anita

cathleen said...

Your garden is totally breathtaking, June!!! John Cabot roses only bloom once for me...but when they do, they are spectacular. In fact, that little picture I showed on my blog from ten years ago...that was my John Cabot rose when he was a baby. Now he is HUGE!!! It really is wonderful to tour your sweet garden.

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

I thought you were playing hide and seek June... but waiting for the post to appear has revealed such beauty.

Susan x

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear June,
Oh how horrible for you to lose your post. I have had the same thing happen to me. After about the fourth time of writing and losing it, it just makes you want to pull your hair out !!!!
So sorry that I've been AWOL but as you know, I've been staying with my sister. I am so behind with my commenting and am finding it so hard to catch up.
.....oh, and I am so envious of your garden. It's beautiful. It reminds me of when I first found your blog over a year ago and I was blown away by your wonderful garden.
I hope to be back on track with my commenting soon. XXXX

Sandi said...

Once again...beautiful, gorgeous, glorious blooms and photos. *SIGH*
I need a gardener if I am ever to have a place that looks this grand. LOL

Carole said...

I know have frustrating loosing a post can be. It's hard to rewrite afterwards and recount what you wanted to say. That's what I love about your writing, it does feel like your having a conversation with just little ol' me! haha

Ok One thing I want to know is how come the rest of the country is in a heat wave and your climate is stuck in perpetual Spring???
Has it started to get warm there?
Ok too many questions and I know your busy and your email doesn't work.
I appreciate all that the work it takes to bring us these beautiful shots of your garden.
speaking of work I'd better get back to mine!
Carole can show pics of your peonies anytime!

Anonymous said...

Hi June,
I've been having a hard time getting your post to come up.. but after the 6th try, I finally got it to work(yay!).
It's always such a pleasure to visit your blog and get a glimpse into your beautiful garden! It always inspires me to keep going...keep planting...someday my garden may be as beautiful as yours. Thank you for continuing to inspire us!
Enjoy all of those fabulous roses! Wow...48 of you prune them all yourself?! I have about 30 and do all the pruning myself. It's a lot of hard work, but well worth it! ;o)
Have a wonderful day,
Hugs ~ Jo

Donna Reyne' said...

I am loving your garden! Nothig makes me happier than to spend the day in my garden!
If mine looked like yours....I would just move right out there in it!
This next week I am going to be redoing a bed and adding a new one as much work...but there's really no place else I would rather be!
Your roses are fabulous and wow! My peonies were done in June...wish they would last until now!
Have a wonderful week...I will be thinking about you as I work the beds in my garden!
Blessings my dear sweet friend!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi June, Your roses and garden are beautiful. How wonderful to have so many rose bushes.
Hugs, Sherry

Angela said...

Hi June - I'll never get sick of your lovely peonies and flowers. I wish I had some pretty peonies to put in a vase and take some pics to put my blog. You have a spectacular green thumb! I will be interested in your story about how you live your life in color. I find it interesting that you have soothing shabby whites in your home and blasts of lively color in your gardens. Have a lovely weekend - you're a lovely lady! God bless

Diane said...

Hi, June, Computers are so wonderful ------ unless they arent!!! Sorry about your post, at least we know we have that to look forward to. This, however, is a beautiful one. Looking at your garden is like walking in cotton candy and Monet and sugar! You have such beautiful flowers. Is the yellow rose the Persian Yellow? My it's pretty! Your peonies are always a joy - I think that's where the cotton candy comes in! I hope to see some of them in the dead of winter, I'll look forward to that. Hugs, Diane

Vicki said...

Hi, June,
Your gardens are breathtaking!! So very romantic and charming. My garden is really struggling in this dire heat right now but hopefully, some cooler days will be here soon. I never tire of seeing your peonies and roses so keep those photos coming. My computer has been very SLOW the past few days. My high speed internet company says they are having to add more "band width" and not being very tech savvy I am not sure what that means. They say it should be fixed by Wednesday. Have a beautiful week, sweet friend~ Vicki

Anonymous said...

June I cannot fathom having such a garden as yours. I am blessed with my lil ol yard but yours- my - it is every gardeners dream come true!

Thank you for sharing your beauty with us!!

Sorry your having trouble with blogger too! It keeps posting several of my pictures sideways!! My does it have a mind of it's own and I cannot seem to figure out how to convince it otherwise!!

bee blessed

Anne Lorys said...

Oh June!
Your roses and peonies are simply stunning! So very lovely. :-)

Blogger is possessed tonight, I'm convinced of that. I struggled through 2 hours of trying to compose what should have been a 20 minute post. Never fear, I will always head back over to hear what's on your mind!


A Fanciful Life said...

Hi June,

So sorry you lost your post but good for us that you decided to post all those lovely flower photos. May I say that the peony's are my absolute favorite? Those pictures are just gorgeous. You have so many wonderful flowers, it appears you live in a large nursery - lol! Wish I was there to admire each and every one.

Sharon :-)

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi June, It's a shame that your first post got lost! I'm sure it was was beautiful but this one is as well! It's always such a joy to get a tour through your garden. I just wished the computer would have some kind of "scent-transmitting" feature.
Have a great week!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi June,

Your garden is such a delight and we are so lucky to be able to see your gorgeous peonies and roses.
So very sorry that you lost your post, I had seen you and a few others, had new posts in my list, but nothing showed up.

Have a wonderful week, dear friend

Rosie said...

Hey there sweet one ,
Your gardens are truly a masterpiece...Roses are my all time favorite...well and peonies...well and hydrangeas...ya I pretty much adore all those romantic blooms ...just lovely...Rosie

maría cecilia said...

My dear June, the most wonderful garden in the whole world and universe!! all your flowers look sooooo happy with your tender cares.
many hugs

@nne said...

Your garden is a paradise! Hmm, image the sweet perfume of your roses. Hugs, @nne

Unknown said...

be still my heart! Oh.........the beauty! you captured your roses and the light so beautififully!

Unknown said...

be still my heart! Oh.........the beauty! you captured your roses and the light so beautififully!

Rebecca said...

Hey JuneBug
Looks magnificent! Can't imagine the amount of work it takes to keep a garden like that, you must not have back problems. Mine hurts just looking at the work it takes. All so wonderful and your photo's are too.
I lost a whole post recently too, the first one I did on the Fr Flea, all gone even the pictures! I was so frustrated and it seems you loose the mood of what you are writing and it never comes out as good! And I haven't been getting all comments either. Maybe blogger is overloaded now or something. I haave been using different browsers, so I don't think it is that...
Wishing you a wonderful week
Many Blessings to you

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

What a JOY to be able to work in your own garden... I miss being able to create beauty outside the way I would love too, but with what I do have I make the most of it for being renters. Absolutely lovely images as always coming from you.

Much love and Joy*

The Green Pea said...

June, that is frustrating to lose your post. It has happened to me a few times too. Your garden is a pleasure to view anytime. You must spend a lot of time working in your beautiful garden. Have a nice week June. Hugs, sandi

Claudia said...

I would like nothing more than to walk through your beautiful gardens, June. Mine are hanging in there, but this relentless heat has really had its effect. The bee balm is done, as are several other flowers. I can tell by looking at my peonies that they didn't all bloom this year - I think the heat was just too much and too early in the year. Ah well.


Debra@CommonGround said...

June, you have such a "gift" to bring forth such beautiful roses. Your garden is such a source of peace, calm, and serenity. I know you work hard at it, but if you only knew how much we all enjoy each and every prcious photo. You just keep getting better and better!
Thank you for always sharing with the rest of us.

Unknown said...

G'morn June ~ I could walk forever thru the beauty of your gardens ... they reflect the presence of you, serene, sweet, peace, joy ...

I know the work you put into your gardens since I, too, have many. You have created a little piece of Heaven, my friend ...

Have a beautiful week.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

The Rustic Victorian said...

Such beautiful flower all! Do you dry them? Do you sell dried roses or flowers?
Blogger does give us all problems, but it is free.
Have a wonderful week!

myletterstoemily said...

you should write a gardening
book, because you have the
best eye for color and shape
i have ever seen.

and i have never heard of
drying peonies. i would have
thought they were too delicate.


sorry about your losing the
post. agony!!!

Rust: Vintage Inspired Design said...

June, your garden is beyond amazing--just like you!! I have the John Cabot rose as well--2 right now and a third is going in this is sooo gorgeous.
Happy day!

My name is Riet said...

Hi dear June. Wow, your garden is like a dream, so beautiful. The flowers the colours all go so well together. I wish I could see it for real.
Have a great week!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Sweet Junie...

Oh my goodness... Your garden just gets better and that possible? Everything is over the top yumminess.... Can you come and do that to the little bitsy yard here at the cottage?


Monica said...

I'm never tired of garden pictures too... your corner of the world is amazing!!!!!!!!!! Love love love each and every shot.
Hugs and thanks for your always kind words to me!

Unknown said...

I just found your blog and spent a long time drinking it all in...tasted delicious!

Holly Loves Art said...

Just the most gorgeous color and angles in these shots. I can almost smell the flowers.

Laura said...

Dear June-
here is my fantasy.
I will SIT in your yard and watch you work and listen to you tell me about how my yard can look like yours!



~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

The blue of the delphinium goes superb with that shade of pink of you lovely roses, June. I fell in love!
Sending lots and lots of Dutch JOY your way for a happy Tuesday. xx

Barbara said...

No June, it's NOT you. Blogger has been really strange for a week or so. I now write my post in notepad so I don't lose it!

I can't get enough of your gorgeous garden. I would sit out there and enjoy for hours on end!

Jill said...

Breathtakingly beautiful! I can smell them now!

Rostrose said...

Oh what a pitty, dearest June, that your text went into the PC-Nirvana! But perhaps it was only necessary for you to write it down and not necessary to share it? Who knows? What ever, don't be sad or angry - your rose-photos are great, wonderful, pretty - and I love them!
Big hugs to you,
:o) Traude

The Victorian Parlor said...


How I have missed seeing the beautiful splendor of your gardens! Wow-everything is gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see more!



Rosie said...

I just stopped by to "smell the roses"....Ahhhhhhh...hope you had a great day...and are enjoying the summer...Smile on...Rosie

paperbird said...

All so very beautiful June, I can almost smell them. Your garden is heavenly for sure.

I have been having the worst time commenting with blogger :-(

Privet and Holly said...

Blogger ~
a love-hate
for certain!
On the bright
side, your
gardens are
magical, June....
What an amazing
place to spend
your time!
xx Suzanne

Leslie said...

Hi June,
I recently discovered your blog. Laura at Rebecca's had told me about you. Your garden is exquisite and your photoraphy is gorgeous. I would love to speak with you and perhaps obtain a little advice on beginning a blog of my own. I also live in the Wood River Valley. Please feel free to contact me at my email address if you have the time or inclination. Thank you so much. Leslie

Gail said...

I agree about blogger, grrrr! Some wierd stuff going on!
I'm so glad I found your blog! And congratulations on winning the WWC magazine spread. Your space is totally your garden as well.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Your gardens are just beautiful. Congrats on winning the WWC contest. I can't wait to see your place in print!!

Rebecca said...

COngratulations on being picked for the WWC mag!!!!
Your studio is fabulous and I am so happy you are going to be in the magazine.
Love to you

Jane said...

I just read Karen's post about the winning studios for the WBC party...congratulations on being selected!! It is no surprise that you will be featured. Your studio space was absolutely amazing with all of the beautiful white touches that are so you!
I am very happy for you and look forward to reading all about your studio in the upcoming issue.

Sandy said...

Gorgeous gardens! Congrats on winning the publication in Where Women Create! Your studio is so deserving and I can't wait to see it in print!

Anonymous said...

I had to come buy when I had read that you were one of the winners in the Where Women Create contest!!! How Fun June!!! Congratulations!!

I had a feeling this was going to happen when I saw that post of your lovely work place!!

Ok now that you have yours all pretty and organized can you come help me with mine so I can enter next year??

bee blessed

oldgreymare said...

My dear sweet friend...

congratulations...and no you don't have to respond to this one!!!
we already did the back/forth thing.

I am so happy for you, and hey, I do know what it feels like! hehe

take a deep breath and just enjoy...

much love,


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! Your garden is so amazing. I just got back from wyoming and so enjoyed the gardens there. Such a joy to live some place where things grow with so little effort compared to what we have to do here. With the humidity and heat, it just is almost impossible. Thanks so much for sharing all of the beauty.

wendy said...

I will love to see your peonies in January and February ---when everything is bleak and dark and cold and dreary.

You must spend hours and hours in your garden. I would love to take a walk through it all with you.

Georgianna said...

Dreamy, marvelous photos, June. Your garden is truly heavenly and an inspiration. I do know what you mean about Blogger - I lost all the text of a post the other day just as I was publishing and had to rewrite it. And sometimes, as you say, one has to be in the right mood. I hope you get it back soon! Have a lovely day. xo – g

Vintage Home said...

...Thanks for sharing ...your computer disaster was my visual delight! the blooms...I have a tiny rose garden but oh it brings a big smile to my heart when they are in bloom on the kitchen table!..I have featured them in my TableTop love love flowers!...Thanks so much !

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Honestly, you have the most gorgeous garden I have ever seen, June. I could never tire of looking at photos of your incredible labor of love.

kluless said...

Simply stunning garden and I just read the news - contratulations on the Where Bloggers Create win!!!!

Vintage Home said... its not our barn!...we do the work for everyone board!...maybe one day!

Vintage Home said... its not our barn!...we do the work for everyone board!...maybe one day!

Marie Arden said...

Oh how I wished I lived next door and could peek over the fence at all the pretty flowers!
I love peonies also.
Bless you for all the lovely things you do!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear June
So sorry it has taken me so long to get here.. the move was exhausting and now my internet connection is useless.. only when it feels like it...

Well your garden is absolutely sublime... and keeping me going here as we are in the middle of winter... Love all this colour and all your beautiful roses..

You know I had a similar problem with losing text... I hope you saved the draft.. it turned out my text has just changed colour.. not gone.. just the same colour as the background... was there still space in the post where the text 'used to be'? if so.. you might find the text just changed to white... try highlighting the area to see if it is still there..and then change the text colour to one you can see.. [anyway that was my issue.. tedious but resolved]... Good luck with it.. xxx Julie

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi June,
thanks so much for sharing your
beautiful flowers - I can smell the roses.Mmmmhhh!Sorry your text vanished, that happens to me a lot lately too.Have a wonderful weekend.

Reginas Cottage said...

hi june,
wow!!!!! your garden and photos are
amazing.i love roses and peonies,too
your john cabot rose looks wonderful
also the peonias.i like your garden style very looks very romantic and charming!!!
have a nice summertime,
hugs regina

Rosie said...

Hey there sweetie,
How goes it, my dear? Are you locked away in your beautiful studio creating both day and night?
....sending a kiss and a hug...Rosie

Julie Marie said...

Hi June, I am leaving you a comment rather than sending you an email this time... YES! When someone hacked into my email, it sent them to me as well... DO NOT open them! Or it will infect your whole computer! What I did was DELETE them all, then clear the cookies, then I changed my password and have not had any trouble since... but it sent rotten emails to ALL of the people in my contacts list! BE SURE not to open any of them! And change your password! Don't know how these CREEPS are doing this! Hope that fixes yours... you may want to do a little quick post so your blogger friends in your contact list know not to open them for now, and tell them to DELETE them! xoxo Julie Marie