Friday, July 23, 2010

I have some big thanks...

I have some people to thank today.
Some very special people.

The first special person is Karen from My Desert Cottage.

For the past two years Karen has labored tirelessly to
give bloggers a place to share their creative spaces with the world.

She works so hard getting everyone signed up and linked. She sends out e-mails and
prepares special posts to keep us informed of the latest news of the party.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Karen from the bottom of my heart.
What an awesome friend you are!

Another special person I want to thank today is Jo Packham of Where Women Create.
I would like thank her for the hours she must have spent going over
and over the many different studios that were linked to this party.

Can we even imagine what that was like? I am still making my
way through the list...and I will only have to do it once.

I am thankful today that she saw something in my little backyard studio that she liked.
I have still not been able to take it all in. I have never been published in anything, and am
a little nervous about the process. I am sure it will be a learning experience.
Thank you Jo for this honor!!!

The face to face friends that I have shared this with tell me to just sit back
and soak it all in. They are excited for me.
And I have received so many well wishes
from all of you and you are all saying the same thing.

So I think I shall do just that...sit back and enjoy it! 

I have another special friend to thank today.
Debbie from My Shabby Roses had posted about re-purposing her Shabby Chic
window panels when she redid her bedroom recently.
She had made herself the cutest blouse ever!!!out of one of the panels.
She then stated in her post...'now what shall I do with the other two?'

Jokingly, I told her she could always send them to me!
So just guess what Debbie did!

She did!!!
She sent me one of her panels.

I just had to show you how this sweet gesture was packaged.
My gosh Debbie! You went over the top, the way you presented it to me.

How did Debbie know how much I love old keys?
How did she know how much I love tea stained tags?
How did she know I love old clothespins and vintage bias tape and roses?

Just look at the card she made!
Now I know how she knew I loved gardening, but to go and fashion such a
lovely card...this is friendship!

I think this will be me in coming years.
HA! What am I thinking...other than those stylin' garden clothes, it could be now!

And here is the curtain panel that I begged Debbie to send me.
Thank you so much Debbie for your sweet friendship.
And for a wonderful package to make my day.

Now...I can't wait to cut into this!

So today I am thankful for these special women, who have made this a very special week for me.

91 comments: said...

What awesome people you have posted about!!!!!!And congratulations to you. You must be soooo excited to have your studio in print. I can't wait to see it. Keep us posted on it,please:) Have a wonderful weekend!~Debra XXX
Blogger: Capers of the vintage vixens

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, June! Your home, your studio, your gardens, your creations, and most importantly YOU - are an inspiration to all of us.

Julie Marie said...

Oooh June, I was so excited for you when I read that on Karen's blog! Congratulations, you so deserve that! Your home, gardens, life and YOU are just beautiful!!! Love your treasures you received from your friend... I have that same shabby chic cloth shower curtain... you have me thinking about cutting it apart and making something! What will you make out of yours? I can't wait to see! Yes, sit back, relax, sip an iced tea and enjoy what is happening right this moment! I am so very happy for you too! And I am blessed that I was one of your first followers as we started our blogs about the same time, and I love that we share so many of the same hobbies, loves, like gardening, etc... so, with that said, now YOU know where I live in case YOU want to get rid of anything, tee hee hee!!! xoxo Julie Marie PS Please call me next time you are visiting your daughter, I would love to meet both of you, and show you some of my favorite "haunts"... xoxo Julie

Anonymous said...

Congratulations June!! I can't think of a more deserving lady or garden!!
Have a Great Weekend!

Vintage Home said...

...a lovely tribute to your friends...Thanks for sharing!

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Congratulations June ~ The Friendships Gathered in the World of Blogging Are Amazing..... I am so Happy for You ~ EnJoy !

stefanie said...

you are sooooo worthy of this honor!!!! just enjoy it all!!! can't wait to see it in a book, but seriously, looking at your photos on your blog is like looking at a magazine, they are always just gorgeous!!!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

June, I'm so exited for you!!! I adore your studio and it's no surprised at all that they picked you! The curtain panel is gorgeous and the card is so cute!


Ok somehow I missed your last post, hmmmm?? Your gardens are beautiful and since we are on the subject and you had good luck with this I figured I would give it a try, can you package up your garden and send it to me, LOL,oh and can you hand deliver it cause I may need some help since I do not have a green thumb, well its worth a try anyways (; How sweet of her to do that for you, there are such nice people and great friends in blogland!! I think your one of the best by the way. How exciting your little work space is going to be published, I think you need to sit back and enjoy it, it is absolutly perfect so there is nothing to worry about!! Congrats my friend (;

Rebecca Nelson said...

The MOST DESERVING my friend! CONGRATS TO YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER! I'm so happy happy happy for you! I know this is going to be a HUGE Blessing for you!

Whoot Whoot! You go beautiful, beautiful lady!

Love to you~


Unknown said...

G'morn sweet June ~

Not a single other person could be more deserving than you, June. They know a beautiful loving person when they see one ... with a heart the size of the world! Congrats!!!

I love your beautiful gifts ... I, too, am waiting to see what you create with that fabric, it is GORGEOUS!

Have a beautiful weekend.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi June, well, I had missed the news, but girl, you are so deserving of the honor. I told you magazines would be beating down your door. It's all just gorgeous, just like you!
Relax and enjoy the process. Can't wait to see it come to print!

Victorian1885 said...

Good morning June
Well congratulations my friend! You know how I feel about your photos and beautiful enjoy & maybe start working on that coffee table book too? ; )
Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

Special Hugs,

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Congratulations June, I'm so happy that others have come to enjoy the beauty you post on your blog and once your creative space graces the pages of that wonderful magazine the whole world shall know it too.
Susan x

Rosie said...

oh Junebug...congrats on this special honor...I have NEVER seen gardens such as yours and your studio has me green with want...but someday I shall have a REAL stroll through, with a good cuppa in hand and a great bit of chit my dear deserve every kind word...thanks for the respite you provide every time I come to go forth and Rosie

Ana said...

Hi June,
I'm coming in from my visit in your wonderful garden (previous post) I think it gets more beautiful every year...Anyway, congrtulations dear friend. Have a wonderful weekend.

Much love,

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Congratulations June. You have a fabulous studio and I can't wait to see it in print. I know you have to be excited. Enjoy!!! Connie

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I saw that your WWC was exciting for you...congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations June, Your home, your studio, and your blog is all so beautiful. I'm excited for you....Kathy

Anonymous said...

Congratulations June, Your home, your studio, and your blog is all so beautiful. I'm excited for you....Kathy

Anonymous said...

Congratulations June, Your home, your studio, and your blog is all so beautiful. I'm excited for you....Kathy

Anonymous said...

Congratulations June, Your home, your studio, and your blog is all so beautiful. I'm excited for you....Kathy

Anonymous said...

Congratulations June, Your home, your studio, and your blog is all so beautiful. I'm excited for you....Kathy

Anonymous said...

Congratulations June, Your home, your studio, and your blog is all so beautiful. I'm excited for you....Kathy

sweetpea said...

June, I am so thrilled for you! I can't wait to see your awesome studio gracing the pages of WWC. And what a wonderful package you received. Aren't bloggers some of the nicest people around?



Carolyn said...

Hi June,
Congratulations!!! I agree with everyone one here-you deserve it.
Everything you create is beautiful-garden,home,blog friendships etc.
Keep up the good work,


My name is Riet said...

Hi dear June. Congratulations, You deserve every bit of it . What a wonderful gift, it all looks wonderful. Have a great weekend

Faded Charm said...

Congratulations June! Can't wait to see your wonderful new studio in the magazine. Enjoy it!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Congratulations June!! You are so deserving!! You're such an inspiration to all of us bloggers, and now you'll get to reach even more people through the magazine (or is it a book-azine). Enjoy all the fruits of your labor and your passion! :)
Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with us, BTW.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs ~ Jo

Junebug said...

How exciting!! Congratulation! Enjoy every moment for what memories this will create. I can't wait to see the studio in print. Oh no, this might mean I can move in and be your gardener!! Sign! Congrats again and keep us posted of the date!!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi June,
How wonderful you were one of the people selected for WWC. Your studio is beautiful and will be perfect in one of issues of the magazine. I know I will be walking to the local bookstore to pick up that issue for certain.

Your artistic goodies are wonderful too, it's always so nice seeing what items you've won here at your blog. Have a wonderful weekend and I agree with others, savor your good fortune sweet June.

Anne Lorys said...

Congrats on your well deserved honor, June!
Good things come to good people, and you are the absolute best!

Love ya bunches!

Unknown said...

June...I am OVER the moon for you mon amie! What a wonderfully-deserved honor to have your studio published! It is just beautiful and i have so enjoyed seeing it "evolve." I can't wait to grab me a copy and say: " I know her! I know her!" :)

Claudia said...

Dear June,
I was so thrilled when I heard the news about your studio being chosen for WWC! I couldn't be happier - you deserve it, my friend. Your friends are right - sit back and enjoy!


Deb said...

Congratulations June! You deserve all the beautiful things that come your way ♥ I am thrilled for you.

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Congrats on being one of the chosen! Your studio is amazing & you deserve it!

Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

Dear June, I love the photos from your garden, it must be the most georgeous place!!!!
Have a nice weekend,
Hugs, Yvonne

Sandi said...

CONGRATULATIONS June!! No one is more deserving than you my friend!! I have that curtain print in a tablecloth and several napkins that I haven't even used yet. LOL

Alaina said...

June I am so happy for you. I am glad someone else recognized your talents. Your pictures are amazing and I know they saw in them what the rest of us did. You deserve to be published. I can not wait to see more of where you create. What a lovely gift you received. Enjoy the process of it all.

Karen Valentine said...

Dearest June!! Yes!! Soak it all in! You soooo deserve this. I wouldn't be surprised if they include some photos of your amazing garden in there too! Jo is amazing to work with and I'm sure you will find the whole experience wonderful and one you will never forget. Who knows what amazing things are now ahead of you!! I can't wait to see you in print!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Congratulations June! When I heard that you were one of the bloggers chosen by Joe Packman I wasn't surprised. Your creative space is so special and so beautiful. I cannot wait to see you in the magazine.

Also, your sweet friend sent you such a wonderful gift. Aren't bloggers the best people ever!


Anonymous said...

Your post honoring these women is so touching June. It was no surprise when I saw your name among the winners for WWC...your studio is so beautiful that it deserves to grace the pages of a magazine!

Have a great weekend!

chateau de fleurs said...

What wonderful news June! I can't wait to see more of your studio. I remember thinking to myself how I wish i could see more of it when you showed some photos in one of your posts. You have such a beautiful style which comes from your beautiful heart! Congratulations on everything good that happened to you this week, Christie

Pondside said...

What a lovely post - you received such beautiful gifts, but the best gift of all is gratitude. That was very well expressed!

Robin said...

Congratulations! You were my number one pick from the get go! I had never seen your blog until this event. You really touched my heart. Thank you again for sharing your space and your life! You are a blessing to so many! I can't wait to see more! HIgh 5! Hugs ~Robin~

The Green Pea said...

Congratulations! I am so excited for you. This is such good news. I can hardly wait to see it in print. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings, sandi

Diane said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You deserve it, June. It's really going to be fun to watch for that issue and go over your studio with a magnifying glass! Just joking! I just couldn't be happier for you. Diane

Lisa said...

Congrats again! I love your flowers and the fabric! What a great prize you got!
Hugs, lisa

Nancy's Notes said...

Congratulations, you are a star and a well deserved one! Your creations are outstanding and yes, are an inspiration to all of us. Your blog is wonderful.


Jane said...

Just sending my congratulations again. Be prepared to sign my copy for me when the magazine comes out!

Jillayne said...

I am so happy for you June! I remember back at the beginning of Where Bloggers Create when I discovered your blog and loved your room. I thought then it would be a contender and am delighted you are a winner. I will look forward to that issue with great anticipation! I truly hope you enjoy each and every moment of this and that it becomes one of your fondest memories of a happy time, just for you.

Laura said...

Oh June-
all of your wonderful efforts in your home, your gorgeous garden, and in your new studio were honored.
Woo hoo!
I love it when that happens.



Monica said...

Woohoooooooo June!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! You know, when I saw your studio, I thought it deserved to be the winner! I love it and think it is very photogenic ;))
Your garden is a feast for the eyes. Love love love it!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest June,
You have such a kind heart, no wonder you receive such kindness in return. Your photos are absolutely stunning, showing the vibrant spirit of all that you see. I so wish I had a better camera, better photography skills and a better vision of how to showcase the beauty that I see, but my pictures just don't do justice!!!! Everything you show is so attractive.

Have a lovely day my dear, dear blogger! Anita

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear June,
What wonderful and special friends you have made. I think thaat it is so lovely that blogging brings us such special friendships and many kind gestures.
You deserve every last piece of praise you get, June, from your beautiful home to your studio and bountiful garden. You have such a wonderful artistic eye and compose your photographs with such professionalism.
Definitely sit back and enjoy it. Lots of love to you June. XXXX

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Congratulation June, I am so happy for you.... if anybody it would be you. I can't wait to see more of your studio..... How exciting you must feel, I'm getting excited just thinking about it. Doing the Happy Dance for you Girl!
I think it was so nice of you the way you presented your thankfulness to each of these fine ladies for them being so kind and thoughtful of you.

Your the Sweetest*

waterfall said...

I can't decide which has the most appeal to me! The delicious photos of your garden, or what the garden itself must be like!...
I am very glad that you are you and that you share!
I have a friend listed in 'where bloggers create!'

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

WOW...what a sincere and heartwarming post that was...just lovely!! Hope you are keeping well my sweet friend! x0

Anne Marie said...

you totally deserve it! I can't wait to see more and more posts of what you do - your smile radiates blogland dear June!!

Anne Marie

Draffin Bears said...

What a lovely week you have had, June dear ~ congratulations on all the gorgeous gifts you got.
The pink rose fabric is sweet and do show us what you make with it.
We are lucky to have such inspiring and wonderful friends here in Blogland.
thank you for sharing your gorgeous garden with us and I am so excited that you and your fabulous home and garden are going to be featured.

Happy weekend

Anonymous said...

Congrats June, an honor well deserved for sure!

I love all your garden posts but the pictures in this one just are soooo beautiful! I'm alwyas a sucker for pinks and purples together :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dear one,

Thank you for gracing my comments page. Your words as well give comfort and a smile, knowing that my efforts to share are appreciated! Yes, Nancy is my wonderful husband's sister and there is such talent in that family! Nancy is my dear one, and she got me started in blogging! I am so thankful.

I hope you are going to enjoy a sweet and beautiful Sunday with your loved ones.

Mille bisous, Anita

Privet and Holly said...

Sweet June, I am
not surprised one
bit by all of the
very positive things
that are coming
your way, as that
is what you project
through your blog
and in your always
lovely comments:
positivity. I truly
believe it's like
a boomerang and comes
right back to you!
Sometimes in spades!
Do enjoy it all,
and congratulations : )!
Big hugs,
xx Suzanne

Karen said...

YAY! I agree with everything you said. Karen is awesome - Jo is just such a special person. I so enjoyed spending the weekend with her in Savannah. She can be a real hoot! And her laugh . . . you'll know it when you hear it - :)
Congratulations again!
Isn't blogging grand? The generosity of everyone just renders me speechless sometimes.
Have a great week! Keep us posted of your exciting times ahead! :)

Anonymous said...

So beautiful, June. There is such peacefulness on your blog!

Barbara said...

It never ceases to amaze me, June, how generous bloggers are. How sweet to get all those lovely things! I can't wait to see what you do with the adorable pink rose fabric. I know I'll love it...I love everything you do.
You deserve the faithful followers you have. It's always such fun to visit you and see what you're doing. I may have a food blog, but I love decorating, fabrics and always am looking for new ideas! Thank you June!

Vicki said...

June, congratulations on being published in "Where Women Create", such a blessing for you and us. Everything you touch is beautiful and your wonderful studio is no exception. You have been blessed with many wonderful friends, and I hope to be counted in there, too. Your friendship has been a blessing to me, sweet friend!! Have a beautiful week, and I look to hear more about your wonderful achievement~ Love and hugs to you~ Vicki

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi June, Congratulations on being published. You so deserve it. Your blog is such an inspiration for me and so many others. I love your garden photos.
Hugs, Sherry

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

How exciting for you June! You have such an inspiring blog that we all love to visit.
I can't believe the card your friend sent you...just beautiful!
Have a great night.

Romeo said...

You, your studio and your gardens are all top notch!!!! You are so deserving of this award - ConCATulations!!!!! Will certainly be looking forward to seeing your studio on the pages of my favorite magazine!!!!


Romeo and "her"

Georgianna said...

Very beautiful garden photos, June – I would so love to see it in person! Wonderful package and gifts. And congratulations on having your studio chosen! I simply adore it. So very well deserved – I'm thrilled for you! xo

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi June, gorgeous photos. And your studio was beyond wonderful so no wonder you are receiving such an honor. Well-deserved without a doubt. Best wishes for the week ahead, Tammy

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Dear June, how absolutely wonderful. Not only do you get to enjoy your beautiful, serene and romantic studio space, but now we'll all get to enjoy it in print as well. We'll be able to look at the pictures over and over and be inspired by the beauty. p.s. I hope you enjoy the curtains (I have the same ones)

Rosie said...

Oh Dearest,
I am so honored, that you would "sneak" away to my little house for a cuppa. I totally know how you feel. My days are so "JaMmEd" full of "to do's", I am so in need of a little mindless, girl talk...but too tired to enjoy it to it's fullest...I am sad to say, I don't see even a wee bit of respite in the near future...cest la vie...I really miss my "Peeps" LOVE when you pop by...don't ever stop, my little Junebug...Smile on Rosie

Victorian1885 said...

Hello again June
I have emailed you for your shipping address as You WON the 4 white vintage napkins in my giveaway! Congratulations my friend! Have a great week..


red ticking said...

i love your blog and am thrilled to learn about others who you treasure and will be sure to visit them...
blessings to you... xo pam

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

June, Your Garden is just ONE of my envies about your studio and home.
But it's a good envy... as I SO appreciate your dedication to your and to your home.
CONGRATULATIONS on your being choosen for "WHERE WOMAN CREATE"...what a WELL DESERVED honor.
Glad it was YOU and some other talented ladies that were selected...
You work so hard and are so consistant in your endevor for excellence.


Kateyed said...

Congratulations.Your blog is lovely and you are so deserving. I actually made it through the list...whew...poor Jo Packham!


Paris Rags Romance said...

You truly are the best blogger I know, I can learn a lot from you! I dont leave many comments but I always manage to stop and take a peek into your world quietly, sigh at the beauty of your most beautiful photos and heartfelt penmenship. Luv ya!! Kimberly

jade said...

Its wonderful to have so lovely friends, dear June.......its such a great gift!!!!! And your pictures are wonderful too..........i enjoy them sooo much!!!!! Have a very fine week,

Hugs Jade

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Do enJOY all your positive treasures and thoughts, sweet June. It shows from your post, as always! xx

Lisa said...

Oh June, how could you ever, EVER doubt your brilliance?? I often talk to mutual friends about you and marvel. How do you do it all? Your home and garden is my most favorite in all blog land. You are a loving caring person & above all an amazing Mother to such a beautiful boy. And sweet wifey too! As if that isn't enough you photograph it all so perfectly that I can smell the crab apples and feel the green grass under my feet. Now everyone will know what your blog friends already do (all 1000 of them) that your a star!! Congrats on your success, can't wait to see that issue. Your friend, Lisa

Rosie said...

Mornin' Girlfriend,
Am off to have a little "white paint therapy" in my, my sweet pup, and a paintbrush in hand...Does it get any better?...well... maybe if you were to pop over and fine a comfy chair and add a little girly chit chat to the mix...have a lovely day dearest Rosie

shabbyfufu said...

Yay! Oh such wonderful news and I am thrilled for you. Kudos June! xo, Janet

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear June
I do believe congratulations are in order... sorry I'm so late but I have had no internet!! arrggh...

Well dear June.. I think Zuzu said it best... You certainly inspire us all.. and support us all with your visits and generous comments...

Well.. sit back and enjoy!!! you deserve it!! xxx Julie
PS .. just LOVE that gift and wrapping... lucky girl!!

Rita said...

Congratulations dear June!
I'm so excited for you so sit back and enjoy your moment of glory. your home, studio and last but not least your garden are truly wonderful and I'm not surprised a bit that your studio has been chosen to be put on paper.
Also, so sweet of you to thank the marvelous bloggy friends you have. you deserve being surrounded by such special people.

Gerushia's New World said...

I've been away from the blogging world for awhile. So, I'm just getting caught up. What a fabulous post this is. Sometimes it's hard to believe just how important and special these online friendships can become. They are REAL! I don't know what I would do without my online arty pals! Thank you for sharing all your good news and you beautiful photos.

Gerushia's New World

P.S. Just a side note ~ I'm having an art give-away on my blog this week! If you have a spare moment, stop by if you like!

Rostrose said...

Dearest June, what a wonderful posting again - full of love and friendship - and full of wonderful breathtaking garden-photos and pictures of the pretty things you got from Debbie! I wish you a happy weekend! Hugs from Austria - Traude
PS: Perhaps you want to join my blog-birthday-give-away next weekend? You would make me very happy!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Dear sweet June, please forgive me for taking so long to respond to your wonderful news!!! I can't think of ANYONE that I'd rather see in an issue of Where Women Create than you and your beautiful new studio!!!! I will make a bee line to the book store for this issue, girl ~ they should also have a magazine "Where Women Garden"....hon, you would be in the FIRST ISSUE!!! Have a great weekend sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

maría cecilia said...

Did I miss something??!! oh my dear June, I had to read the comments to understand that you are going to be featured in a magazine, which one, my god!!! it`s going to be the best featured ever, you so deserve to be in pages that I know everyone treasures as I do. Please, please have many when it`s published and then I´ll send you the money for you to deliver it to me, would you??? I have to show all my friends who you are, my darling, and how you have created the sweetes home and garden in the world!!!!
hugs hugs hugs

Char said...

I don't know why anyone would choose to be in front of the computor when they could be in your lovely garden. It's just beautiful, all the variety and colors. Stunning! Congratulations, Char