Thursday, February 17, 2011


You all know how much I love my flowers dried.

I like them dried just as much as like them fresh, and can't ever
toss them when their freshness starts to fade.

Thus...I have them everywhere in my home.

In every single room.

I thought I would share some of them here today.

The flowers below are daffodils

white roses in the studio

 Endless Summer hydrangeas picked a little early for drying well.
But I still love the look.

The Limelight hydrangea before it started turning it's trademark green hue.

In it's early stage it has a lovely pink cast to it. It is difficult to dry in this stage because
hydrangeas dry better if left on the bush awhile.

An Endless Summer blossom hanging in the mudroom.

Ornamental oregano

I often get asked how I dry the flowers I grow, so I thought I would take this
opportunity to explain what works good for me.

I believe that the reason I have good luck drying my garden flowers is
 mainly because I live in a relatively dry climate.
The part of Idaho I live in is 5000 feet above sea level and even though I live in the mountains,
it is still considered high desert.
We get very little rainfall here, and our moisture comes mainly in Winter in the form of snow.
The air is extremely dry here and I have the wrinkles
to prove it!!!

I may have dry brittle hair and skin that could sand wood smooth...
but hey...I can dry pretty flowers!

I rarely hang flowers to dry.
I usually just leave them in their container, in the water, and they dry naturally.

In the next few photos I will show you some of the garden blooms in their dried form first
 and then show you a picture of the same flowers when they were fresh
so you get an idea of how easily they dry here.

 This pot of  hydrangeas now sit in my bathroom.

And this is how they looked when fresh this past Summer sitting on the coffee table.
I'm always surprised to see the many different colors they turn when dry,
 depending on when they are cut.

A bouquet of Bonica roses in the family bath.

The same roses fresh.

Angel Face roses

A little box of mixed garden roses and Annabelle hydrangeas on kitchen table.

The picture below shows them again, but also shows how many bouquets I have all over the
the kitchen and in the mudroom beyond.

I told you I can't throw them out.

Hmmm...this would make an interesting episode for 'Hoarders'.
I haven't seen one yet about women who save every flower they grow.

Same arrangement in living room.

I loved it fresh and I love it dried.

Below is my favorite bouquet of dried roses in the whole house.

I enjoyed this fresh bouquet for days.
 I don't know what it is about this pretty little Bonica rose that makes me love it so much,
 but I do!

All of the arrangements shown in this post were dried sitting in their water.

 When they start the drying process I usually tip the pot and drain the water out,
 because it can have a bad odor about it.
 I find that draining the water out before the flowers are totally dry, keep the flowers intact better.

 All the arrangements are fragile, and I try not to handle them too much.

For Christmas this year I made several different calendars for my children and mother and mother-in-law from the pictures of my favorite 'everlastings'.
What a fun (and time consuming) and expensive)) project to work on for my family.
Next year I hope to find a less expensive program to create them on.
 If any of you may know of one, I would so appreciate any information you could send me. 

For me,
these little bouquets I have shown in this post 
are year-round reminders of the joy I get from tending my garden from year to year.

And I look forward to the 'everlastings' of 2011.


Julie Marie said...

Oooh June, your everlastings are so beautiful!... I love each and every one of them... the peonies might be my favorite... or the hydrangeas, well, they are ALL my favorite!... And your calendars you made are just stunning!... I bet your family loved them!... I too cannot throw out a bloom and dry many like you do... even on our Nature walks, if I find a bloom on the ground, I bring it home and either dry it or press it... they bring me so much happiness too... and like you, even though I live in the mountains of Utah, we are a desert state as well... wouldn't know it this morning though, woke up to six inches of snow!... xoxo Julie Marie PS You should sell those calendars!... I would be the first one to order!

Anne Lorys said...

I can only imagine how heavenly your home smells, June!

I personally would LOVE one of those calendars of yours. How beautiful!!!


Lovey said...

Oh wow June these are all so beautiful! Even dried flowers look beautiful when you touch them! Your hands and heart are gifted!

Seawashed said...

I think I like your dried flowers better than the fresh. It really must be where you live, that high desert, because my flowers do not dry like that. Almost all my roses, doesn't matter what color they are, turn ugly brown. And they smell terrible too. Your calenders look lovely. ox

Diane said...

The calendars I'm sure were so appreciated. How beautiful. Gorgeous shots of your dried flowers, June. Everything in your home is beautiful, living and dead!! That sounded a little wierd but you know what I mean!!

Jane said...

Only you can take such beautiful fresh cut flowers and make them look just as pretty dried. Your pictures are just gorgeous!!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Kate said...

What a gorgeous post, the flowers are just breathtaking!!! June what a gift of beauty to share with all of us. Have a terrific weekend!


maría cecilia said...

Everytime my roses fade I always think of you my dear June... "what do I do with these bunch, to the compost or hang them upside down and finally I hang them knowing that you would let them in ther vases but mine will never dried as beautiful as June´s" and this is true, you are always in my mind when gardening or cutting or making arrangements and yesterday I was just expecting to see more of your dried arrangements... you have made my night and I can go to sleep now in a very happy mood, thanking you so much!!!!!
hugs my dear
p.s. your kitchen is adorable!!!!!

maría cecilia said...

oh, and your pictures are adorable too!!!! as well as the wonderful calendars!!!!!

Farah said...

Hello June... first of all how are you feeling now? I am sure much much better:x... Secondly I am really waiting for your post and it is as beautiful as always yours... I think flowers are flowers either fresh or dried the beauty and happiness they gave you never be finished... fresh flowers are the gift of God and dried flowers are the way to say thanks to God that HE create such beauty and make us capable that we can preserve HIS created beauty... And you did great job in this regard. your Roses are marvelous... very lovely one. Calender is really something very personal very beautiful... June do ever you use your dried flowers to make an arrangement? I dont have such beautiful dried flowers but I have a very beautiful project in some decor magzine..I will scan it and send it to you may be you like it and next time use it for the gifts to your family:)...
Thanks a lot for sharing ... 80% your flowers are my Desktop picture...
Happy Valentine’s Day (be lated )… hope you spare a little bit of your valuable time for me …

Patina said...

Your bouquets are beautiful June, both fresh and living.
Can't wait for Spring! (o:

joanne said...

your boquets are quite lovely, both fresh and dried. I must say the Angel Face are my favorites!! Beautiful calendars too, what a sweet gift for your family...

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh are so right, I love fresh flowers so much but enjoy them just as much dried!!!! Thank you so much for showing us the before and afters.....Isn't it wonderful to enjoy them through all of their stages? I hope you are doing so good sweet June, I'm so sorry I've been away so long :) hugs and love, Dawn

jewels in the garden +: ) said...

June, what beautiful flowers you have. I wish I could grow hydrangeas here, they have always been a favorite of mine.

Unknown said...

They are all so beautiful! If that's hoarding, I want in on it. I almosty bought roses at WalMart the day after Valentines. The pink roses were just a little brown around the edges and I actually thought they looked so vintage and pretty!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

JUNIE!!!!! Oh my gosh... How I love seeing your posies.... The one in the toolbox on your kitchen table is my very favorite....although, I must say, it was sooo hard to choose.

I loved the idea of making calendars for your family. I'm sure they'll enjoy them every single day!

Huggies to you dear one....


Anonymous said...

The calendar idea is really neat June to record your beautiful pictures and garden!

It is very dry here in Colorado too which makes it a great place to dry roses (and faces)- still trying on getting hydrangea to grow here and my peonies are not giving me many blooms either- hopefully this will be the year!

bee blessed

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

OMG, your flowers are absolutely stunning! I love dried flowers too, I think they are so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing such beauty!! Love your calenders too!!!
Blessings~~~ Daphne

All That Jazz said...

The calendar is a great idea! Wow! I love your photos of your flowers. They are beautiful even as they begin to fade away. The roses were my favorite! And the hydrangeas. I had some dried ones from my sister's lovely bushes (blue and lavender) and they got a bit damaged so I tossed them. Now I regret it!
Have a happy weekend!

Junebug said...

I've been in such a funk lately that I haven't done much blog reading. But when I see you have a new post it just make my heart skip a beat. I know it will pick my spirts up and this post has made me smile from ear to ear. I think I will be revisitng often to get inspired. I so want Spring so I can have some fresh flowers. I hope to dry lots of peonies this year. Those calendars look fabulous! Thank you for my attitude adjustment!
Love you, June

Angela said...

Hi June! Your home must smell of floral heaven... I just love the shot of your kitchen and the flowers in the toolbox! My ranunculus flowers (from Trader Joes!) dried beautifully. I kept one to press. I also wanted to thank you for your sweet words of encouragement and prayers recently. I am doing fine now. Hugs, Angela

Rostrose said...

Hi dearest June - YOU are the angel who makes me laugh: "I have the wrinkles to prove it!!!" Oh my god :o)) Sometimes I dry flowers, too, but so far I've only dared to dry hydrangeas, lavender and roses. But here we also have an air that causes wrinkles and dry hair, so I could easily venture to dry other flowers ;o)
Great photos again, sweetest - have a good day, yours Traude

{oc cottage} said...

FORGET Susan Branch...I want your calendar!!! {and now I have Hillsongs' "Everlasting" stuck in my head! ;} And puh-leez don't talk to me about dry skin...I could sand the barnacles off a boat with my heels! ACK!

m ^..^

LiLi M. said...

Hi June, What a beautiful post again. It is great to see all those fab everlastings. I love them all and they look great in your house. I love to see the process too from fresh flower bouquets to the everlastings. And thanks for sharing your secrets. That explains why no one actually has dried peonies over here, we have a very humid climate, I think I even live under sea level, but we are protected by those famous dikes.
We have a bit of spring around here. Still cold, though not everybody would consider 10 degrees celsius cold, but very sunny. Our garden is filled with snowdrops at the moment. They seem to shout: patience LiLi, Spring is coming soon!
June, I loved visiting you, have a great weekend! O, I almost forgot to tell you that I adored those calendars! The recipients are lucky, to receive a year of beauty. O and even more because after that they can frame the photos! Hugs LiLi

Een sneller kloppend hart said...

My god, you take gorgeous pictures...I couldn't believe my eyes just now!

Wonderful!! I'll be back soon!

~ Veronique ~

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

They're SO beautiful June, equally so in their fragile pale pastel finery! Your home is gorgeous, I love how your decoration mirrors the colours of your flowers.

Those calendars look delightful, they would sell like 'hot cakes'!

Hugs to you

Vintage Tea Time said...

I'm swooning here with your lovely flower pics - dried and fresh, all so beautiful. Your family and friends must have been thrilled with their calendars - they look gorgeous. Your home and garden are wonderful!!

Deborah said...

I love, love, love drying my flowers..though they are few and far between :)
Love your photos soft and your calendaers are gorgeous..what a great idea!
Ever think of making a mousepad from one of your flower photos?
You'd get to see it everyday or to give as a gift.
I had one made of my fathers motorcycle and he loves it and gets to see it everyday!
Beautiful post..I so enjoyed drooling over your flowers..fresh and dried!
Have a great weekend...

Deborah xo

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

You have had to have taken a photography course or two dearest June, for your images are stunning and exceptionally beautiful....the aroma seems to be able to POP OUT OF THE SCREEN FOR ME!!! SHEESH, every room of your home is scented with LOVE and care....thank you for always sharing the most wonderful photos of your home. YOU were the one to inspire me to get a mirror for our new room. Gothic in style, it is WHITE and fits perfectly on a wall directly opposite the French doors. It will catch the reflection of the garden for us....have a stunning weekend of joy and love. Anita

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

What a beautiful post!!! I dry hydrangea's every year and have them around my home. I live on the east coast where the humidity is at the top of the charts, so drying flower is very hard. I love your roses and will try to do some this summer, humidity pending!!! What a special way to share your beautiful flowers with your family thru the calendar. My daughter makes one for the family with family pictures each year and it is so special. ~~Sherry~~

Claudia said...

June - your dried bouquets are lovely. I have dried hydrangeas but you are inspiring me to dry more of my flowers this spring and summer.

Gorgeous photos, my friend.


Monica said...

Fabulous flowers, home, arrangements, pics, calendars, ...lady!:) Honestly, I never thought of letting the flowers dry in their containers, I use to hang them and they turn out lovely. But noticed that yours had something different... they are more natural and beautiful than mine... And today I understood why!! You let them dry as they are!! I will give this method a try, when I have a home. Thanks for sharing this secret with us!
As for calendars, I always have mine printed professionally, and yep! That is VERY expensive! I also have the 'Calendar' option on iPhoto on my MAC, and tried to print them by myself... but the difference shows off! I continue to have them printed professionally :((
Hope this helps, dear June.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Oh I needed this dose of gorgeousness this morning before heading off to work! I love flowers as much dried as fresh like you do.....I love all your variety and gorgeous colors!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Oh my gosh June ~
Those are so very gorgeous dried and
when they were just picked ~
I LOVE flowers and would love
them all over my home just like
you have ~
Thank you for the beautiful
pictures !!!


☼ Carolina ☼ said...

I love your Blog
c@ from Chile

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi June, No matter if fresh or dried, your flowers are always beautiful, as well as the pictures you take of your lovely bouquets. What a great idea to use them for calendars. These had been wonderful gifts.
Have a great weekend, dear!
Sending hugs and warm wishes

Tracy said...

They are all gorgeous and so daintily arranged. However, that being said, my favorites are the peonies and the Bonica roses...they just look so tender and fragile!
thanks so much for sharing such lovliness :)

Charlene said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!! Your flowers are amazing. Fresh & dried! I LOVE them. My daughter in law makes calendars from the local drug store for Christmas gifts. ???? Price, ease to use??? I don't know a thing but, she takes the photos of the GRANDS & has a calendar made for us each year. You might ask. Have a great weekend. Charlene

The French Bear said...

June, what gorgeous and beautiful have made such wonderful arrangements with them. I love them all, how fabulous would it be to have the photos and see them over and over!!!
Margaret B

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You and I like the same kinds of flowers and I have dried ones too all throughout my home. So, do you have a hydrangea bush? I've tried to grow one but can't seem to. I can grow roses though. Happy Friday!! said...

What an absolutely gorgeos post!!! I have dried flowers every where too. Last year you inspired me (once again) with your gorgeous Peonies and I intend to plant quite a bit of them this year:) Also I will try the Bonica Rose you showed us. If it is that beautiful dried I can only imagine what it looks like in the garden. I love the idea of calendars too. I may have to try that. It sounds like fun:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous flowers and photos June! My favorite is the sweet arrangement in the little blue caddy - beautiful both fresh and dried. We too have the mixed blessings of a super dry environment - thank you for reminding me there is a bright side to it :)

Trisha said...

I wouldn't be able to throw them out either, June! They are just too beautiful. I have tried so many times to grow hydrangeas, but I just can't seem to keep them alive, they always seem to fry in this desert heat! Can't wait for Spring to decide to show up soon! Have a wonderful weekend!


Amanda said...

No wonder you got so many comments, a stunning post. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS June!!! I love your bouquets both fresh and dried! It was fun seeing the different color they took on after drying.
Those calendars are stunning!! What a beautiful Christmas gift, June! They really look like they could be sold in stores EVERYWHERE.
Thanks for bringing such beauty into my life today!
Have a great weekend, my friend!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

So beautiful, June!!! I love dried flowers, especially hydrangeas!!

paperbird said...

How very beautiful June!
Your dried flowers are gorgeous, I can almost smell their beauty.
Your images are nourishing to my soul- I can hardly wait for days of warmth and sunshine. Homegrown tomatoes and flowers spring from the dark earth.
Sounds like heaven don't you think?

Have a beautiful weekend.

Lisa said...

just so beautiful!!! I will take care of the garden this year and remember to photograph them.


KoRa said...

Oh, thank you for the explanation of the drying process. My hydrangeas fall apart into many pieces, unfortunately ..: (
Your photos are beautiful, I always come back again to view it me and to see if there are new pictures.
Greetings from East Germany, just on the border with Poland, KoRa

Sorry, its Google-Translation :)

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

The beauty you share with us is everlasting... With the hint of Spring in the air today but the promise of snow tomorrow it is your gorgeous blooms that bring a smile and a sigh.
Enjoy your weekend my dear.
Susan x

Carolyn said...

Hi June,
I love all your dried flowers and your calenders are amazing! I have never done that so I don't know where to get them done cheaper.
You mentioned having your blog made into a book once- I would love to see and hear about that sometime. I know yours would be beautiful!!!

I also noticed you have blue hydrangeas- I have bought a few 'endless summer' but have hardly had a bloom on them and I don't prune until late. Do you cover yours for winter?

Have a lovely weekend!


Lisa said...

June I love them all so much. How lucky you are to have such an amazing garden to keep your habit going strong! My face Re the peonies, they look like nothing I've ever seen, not even real. I like them better dried than fresh, except that you can't smell their wonderful perfume. You should sell those calendars, you'd make a fortune.

Victorian1885 said...

My Goodness June what a beautiful calendar these photos would have made..I would have purchased one in a heart beat if you were selling them! Your Blog is so full of romance and beauty and I thank you for sharing your life with all of us! Take care my friend..

Jacqui said...

Oh, what a beautiful post, thank you for sharing. I love peonies!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh good evening June! You came just as I pressed the PUBLISH button on my next post. I am so tired, so worn that I fear my post shows a determination to be fabulous, but comes short for I really am spent. THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY EVENING WITH SUCH KINDNESS...have a wonderful weekend, Anita

PeregrineBlue said...

dear june: i have finally spent more time on your blog thanks to the high recommendations of my very good friend maria cecilia in chile. she speaks about you all the time, at least to me. i was so touched about your story about your son, therefore the title of your blog. i always admire people who can turn a negative into a positive. i lost a son of five tragically many years ago (christopher) and can understand the pain you must have endured in the process of understanding. my brother also has a daughter with cri du chat and we have witnessed firsthand what a blessing she is to our family, always happy and instilling an inexplicable peace wherever she is. i send you admiration and respect as a human being as well as much love for your blog!, constanza

Pondside said...

How lovely - you really have a knack for drying your flowers - it may be a dry climate, but I think there's some magic involved too.

mudderbear said...

Hi June...What fabulous pictures. I love everyone of them. I am learning so much from you, mostly about not being afraid to hold on to what you love. How wonderful it is that you save your flowers all year long. I also love the peek at your kitchen. It is beautiful too.
sending hugs, Rosalie

mudderbear said...
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The Rustic Victorian said...

I live in a dream when I visit you and your amazing photos. How did you know I needed a flower fix....and a dried flower envy attack.
I hope you are feeling even stronger and healing well.
Take Care!

the old white house said...

Hi June! That is one of the reasons that I planted 4 rose bushes this past summer, I need those beauties around my house too! I have never had very good luck with them though, so here's hoping... Your photos are always so beautiful, and I loved seeing that last shot of you home, gorgeous! Also, the calendars were such a great idea, lucky family! They turned out so pretty! Have a great weekend, Theresa xoxo

Vintage Home said...

I must say my heart skipped a beat when I saw the peonies & roses fresh in the trutch!...They are stunning...wish we had a big garden!...I love dried flowers too...especially tons of them together piled high on top of an armoire!
I always enjoy your pics so much...thanks for sharing!
p.s. Also would it be cheaper to just have the pictures for your calendars done @ Walmart or where ever and glued onto a home made calendar???? you don't have enough to do!...just sayin thats all I've got!

Jill said...

So VERY beautiful!!! My laundry room is full of drieds and I have some here and there but I don't grow roses or hydrangeas. I keep flowers also from bouquets I receive, even dry weeds. I however have never seen dried daffodils...just loved that too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and home with us June! (AWESOME kitchen table!!)

Privet and Holly said...

You should be
selling your
calendars every
fall on your
side bar, June!
Beautiful anyway
you slice 'em ~
fresh, dried
or somewhere
in between. I
can feel the love
in each image : )!!
xx Suzanne

awal.ny said...

June your flowers are beautiful fresh or dried thank you for sharing. I am in much need of spring and your flowers helped.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi June, I don't think it is only the weather that allows your fresh blooms to become everlastings! It must be the talent of the gardener too. I've never seen anyone with so many beautiful dried arrangements that weren't bought from a store. Gorgeous! Nothing I try to dry ever looks worth keeping in the end. :/ Hope you are having a great day. Best wishes, Tammy

Carole said...

Looking at this post June I could write you a book but.... I'll spare you:) I used to dry so many flowers it got out of control but often the problem was the humidity. The roses often would rot before they even had to chance to dry. Now that we have a/c I may retry it again.
Now how come when I let my flowers die in the vase they look nothing like yours??? just kidding you don't have to answer that.

Thanks for all the I can keep them in my mind as I go clean the mess in the greenhouse! ugg!

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello June
I'm just drooling at your images. I was so inspired that today I thought I had better pick my hydrgangeas too as the time is right and as Summer is ending the colours are changing and what a delight I picked two large bunches and arranged them in large vessels and then I picked a bunch of Bonica roses and I thought I would see if they dry like yours - Yours look absolutely magnificent!
I think your really dry climate must have a huge influence also.

And then I blogged about them and linked you in my blog so people could come over to have a look at yours too.
I bet you can't wait for Spring???!!!
Your photography is just outstanding let me tell you!
Big Hugs, Suzy
(From one Rose and Garden Lover to another).

victorian parlor II said...

I'm not sure what is more beautiful-the actual flowers or the calendars! What a wonderful gift! I never thought about the humidity factor when drying flowers. We are in a very humid climate which probably does affect my dried flowers:).



Anonymous said...

June, absolutely beautiful photos!
I have also dried daffodils. It was simply by accident...Ileft them in a vase and they started to dry on their own so I removed them and hung them upside-down to finish the process. They look like crinkled silk! Lovely!

Barbara said...

I simply love your before and after photos, June. I've done roses and hydrangeas, but it never occurred to me to do daffodils and peonies! What a pleasure it is to have them all over the house, reminding you that spring is not far off!
My dried flowers have never been as exquisite as have such talent in the garden AND a decorative eye on how to use everything to best advantage. I love your home. So charming.
(And no, I don't mind if you don't like lemon, we all have something. I don't like chocolate much. :) )

Ann Marie said...

Dried Flowers hoarding? lol!!!
I have to dump mine. I keep them around until they are too dusty.. and then chuck them.
I tried vaccuuming them once.. and it ruined the flower. :(
Do you do anything to keep dust and cobwebs away?

All of the photos are lovely! :)

Ann Marie said...

Oh and PS:
We live in the very same climate!
You want dry? WE'VE GOT IT!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi June,

You share so much beauty here with your flowers both fresh and dried.
Absolutely gorgeous and you are the Queen of flowers.
Thanks for sharing how you dry them, I normally hang my roses upside down but next time I will try in the vase.
The calenders are beautiful and all your family must have been thrilled.
Thanks for showing us.

Happy week

Annette said...

Your flowers are so beautiful. I've been out of town for a few days and it has been snowing the entire time. This was such a pretty post to come home to. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos!
Hugs, Annette

LizlovesVintage said...

Hi June,
I love all the beautiful flowers! Your Blog looks amazing. Wish I came over sooner. Have a great week!
xx Liz

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning gorgeous friend! Well dearest, we got dumped on with 10 more inches of snow yesterday!!!! I HAD JUST STARTED SEEING GRASS AGAIN with the major thaw we had last week! I even started to see our rabbits come out for a nibble of juicy wet grass! Now they have to resort to eating our cotoneaster bush until it is just a think stick!!! We shall make it, I KNOW IT!!! For us, May is the month of seeing promise! I LOVE MINNESOTA, it strengthens your faith! teeheeee!!! LOVE TO YOU! Anita

Maison Beldecor said...

Hello dear June,
your everlasting flowers are sooo beautiful! I'm so overwhelmed from your post... I also have some dried roses or hydrangeas in our house, but not so much as you, wonderful, thanks for sharing and giving much useful tips for drying. We have constantly rain the hole year round, so I have to watch that I cut the flowers at the right time...
Warmest hugs, Bine

The Tin Rabbit said...

As beautiful dried as fresh..I've always heard a gentle heart makes a garden grow~you must have the most gentle heart of all~ have a beautiful day June..

Peonies & Magnolias said...

As always your flowers are gorgeous, fresh or dried and I thoroughly enjoy your pictures. What a fabulous idea for the calendars for them to enjoy your beauty. Have a great week.


Sea Angels said...

I love your fresh dried flowers June ... I never thought of them quite like that before, but it makes very pretty sense.
Hugs Lynn xx

tinemor said...

I love youre blogg!!
Hugs and kisses

LiLi M. said...

Hi June!
I am so happy to tell you that you have won my OWOH give away; a card from me in your postbox every month till february 2012! Please send me your address:
lilim at upcmail dot nl. that is if you like it of course!

MJ Ornaments said...

How beautiful June, you keep summer all year long this way. I use a Mac, and they have a program to make calendars, but not sure of the cost. Your calendars are really gorgeous. XO Martha

Ana said...

I love your flowers June...They are gorgeous both fresh and dry. You can tell how much love goes into their care...Have a wonderful day my dear friend.

Hugs and Kisses,

Deb said...

What a stunning post June! Your dried flowers are absolutely gorgeous as are the mini calendars you created ~ a beautiful gift.

Zita said...

Your flowers are lush and beautiful, even when dried, June. SO gorgeous! I can't remember if you've ever posted about your favourite roses or not. This year I'm planning to get more roses for our city garden and was wondering which ones are your favourites :)

Rebecca said...

Hi June
Your lovely blooms are so beautiful to see, especially this time of year. I think they are wonderful in your home, and still smell heavenly

Seawashed said...


Thank you so much for your lovely words on my needing a break...actually needed balance so that I can 'remain true' to all areas of life. Every single word you wrote encouraged and confirmed that I am on the right path. It was helpful to hear from someone who had struggled with it too. Returning to simplicity, even in blogging, is like de-cluttering in that the busy-ness of life stacks up slowly until all of a sudden it is overflowing and I have to do something about it. Hopefully I am beginning on a path that will keep me living simple, quiet, giving, and caring with balance, peace, and delight. Thank you for your personal encouragement and most of all your friendship. You are one of the bloggers that I hope hubby and I can visit one day when we are able to travel more in our wee vintage camper. If we were passing thru Boise I hope you might be able to come visit us at a coffee shop or something. Wouldn't that be fun?! Come by my blog and visit once a week...I'm still here. ox

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Yes indeed you should sell those images to HALLMARK and let them make calendars from them...
Negotiate for a HUGE commission on the sale if the calendars tho !!!

Your photography just is so very impressive...ALWAYS !!

June, Do you mostly use the white or off white or LIGHT colored flowers to dry ? ...Mine all seem to dry so dark...but it is VERY HUMID here in Texas, not sure if that has anything to do with it or not.

Do you just leave them in the water until the water evaporates
completly ?
Do you spray them with anything afterwards to help preserve them?

With Love,

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

OPPPS.........just read how you empty the water when they start to dry..sorry.

How does your garden grow so very LUSH with so little rain ?


Rosie said...

Oh June, these are all so very pretty, but my favorite are those fluffy peonies...fresh or dried. Peonies just make me swoon...Oh where, oh where is the spring? Did a "spring post" the other day, to encourage the SNOWED the very next day. ...hmmm....where did I go wrong? :)




butiksofie said...

Your dried beauties are sooo beautiful!! I love your pics so much! Hughs Anja

koralee said...

Oh my friend...these are sooo beautiful...I didn't realized dried flowers were so lovely... but then you arrange them so do have that magic touch my friend.

Hugs for a lovely evening...xoxo

wendy said...

Thank you for lifting my soul today with all this beauty. It is gray, windy, cold and -15 here, but looking at these beautiful flowers gives me HOPE.....that spring will be here....One Day????

I love to dry flowers too. They just make me smile.

Unknown said...

My precious friend, these are the most lovely before & now pictures I've ever seen.. You do have exquisite flowers ... I shall hopefully one day walk in your gardens with you to enjoy the blessings of your tender care.

Your note was very sweet the other day, June ... it made me feel better. This is not an easy road right now ... you are truly a very sweet & appreciated friend. Thank you for your love.

Hugegrs of love ~

Georgianna said...

How romantic and beautiful and nature-infused your lovely home is with all the dried bouquets, June. Pure charm and nostalgia! I'm a fanatic for dried flowers, too, and have hydrangeas everywhere around the house. I don't have Bonica but may give it a try. And your calendars are truly works of art. xo – g

jade said...

What a wonderful idea, my dear June, your home is so full of beauty and romance and full of summer!!! You´r the Queen of flowers!!!! Have a wonderful week,

Hugs Jade

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hi June...your photos are so beautiful! Your blog is a lovely place for me to sit, relax and recuperate!! Thank you, thank you!

Sandi said...

Hi June,
Finally I am at my sons so your blog came up for me. I was so disappointed when it wouldn't at home. LOVE your dried flowers. I am telling you, mine do not dry like that. They all turn brown. BEAUTIFUL calendars also. You could sell those!!

Christmas-etc... said...

Oh my June...
This was just so special!! You have such a lovely home - and the flowers add such tranquility to each room. But I think that most of that tranquility must come from your sweet soul...
I live in a warm, dry climate too and often dry flowers...I always wondered if I was wrong to just let the water run out. But because the flowers looked so pretty, I just let them run their course (and also...sorry to admit but I'm a bit lazy about tending them...). Now that I know that you do it too...well, thanks!! I do feel better about experimenting now!
I love too how you know the names of all the flowers...And the fresh arrangement next to the dried arrangement...just spectacular!
Your calenders too look just lovely... what a giving gift!
Blessings to you in your 5,000 feet high home!

A Fanciful Life said...

Swooning once again... isn't it wonderful that you can always have flowers in your house? Fresh or dried, your flowers are all so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Sharon :-)

Gypsea Nurse said...

June~ I cannot get over how beautiful your pics are!
So so dreamy!! I have to ask... what do you do to make your photos come out that amazing!
Teach me! :)
have a wonderful weekend!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Sweet June,

I wept when I read your comment. I think of myself as a simple person, simple of intellect and abilities. It blesses my heart that even though I have degrees and certificates and I yet find myself so basic of heart, that I can speak to someone and give them joy. Thank you so much for your kind words. In the final analysis, kindness and all the fruits of the spirit rule over all the knowledge of the world.

Blessings to you dear lady, Anita

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

June, Your flowers and photographs are so beautiful! I remember the photos of your gorgeous garden last year and I look forward to seeing it again soon.

Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

Dearest June,
thank you so much for your lovely words to my daughter´s birthday!
I´m so glad about it!
Wish you a wonderful new week,
Big Hugs,

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

June...I have no words to describe the beauty of this post.....I am breathless!!! x0

Lara said...

If you can fall in love with a blog post... this would be it.. for me! Words can not describe the beauty of these photos.. sigh!

Evα ♡ said...

your blog is very beautiful ! i love your photos*

Janien Dial said...

Yesterday my daughter called me to my computer announcing she had found my "twin"! I am amazed at your talent in all things and the love of your home and family. Your blog and pics are like sitting down with Romatic Homes, moments I treasure. We have more in common than anyone I have ever known and I have just gleaned this from what I have read so far. We moved to Maine 10 years ago and I have never been happier in my life. I create and sell on Etsy so if you have a minute check out my handpainted signs such as " Save Room in Your Garden for Angels to Dance" and other creations! I look forward to spending every spare moment reading, catching up and being inspired by your beautiful words and photos. Thank you for all that you share. Janien

Anonymous said...

I am in love with your pictures! I especially like the picture with books. May I pin it on pinterest?