Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break!

Does this little girl look bored to you???

Maddie is on Spring break.

And Maddie came to gram and papa's house because her mom had things to do.

In these pictures she is watching a movie while she waits for me to get out into the studio.
She knows that when we get out there she will be able to talk me out of some of my
'special stuff' and she will pack it home (much to her mother's dismay)
I think my two daughters...with daughters...blame me for all the extra clutter in
their houses.


Isn't that what grandmothers are supposed to do?
Pawn off all the 'special stuff' they no longer want?
That's what my mom did, and her mother before her.

It's tradition I think!

This movie must be boring, because now she's almost asleep!
Can you see her through the door?

We did get some grape hyacinths dug and planted.
I had to scrape the snow back to find them.
And there they were...almost 2" tall under the snow.

I took advantage of the little bit of sun that was coming in today to
get some pictures of the living room.

I haven't shown many broad shots of my home on this blog
(probably because it's too much trouble clearing away my junk
and the stacks of magazines that I have around constantly
 to keep me sane through the Winter) I was saying, I don't take many
full room shots because I love focusing in on the little things in a
 home that make it what it is.

What makes a home a home to me are the personal things we choose to

keep around us. For me it is an old pot that belonged to Dale's grandmother.

The old books my mother collected for years and then passed on to me.

Or the iron garden angel I saved up to buy because at the time I bought it I needed it

to remind me of this promise 

"He shall give His angels charge over thee,
to keep thee in all thy ways.
 They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone"
 Psalms 91:11-12

Or little green shoots from a hyacinth bulb.

I know I keep saying this but...

I am craving Spring weather...and when it doesn't come to my outside world...
(it is snowing outside right now as I type this post) 

 I just have to find a way to bring it into my inside world.

Just a few sprigs of anything will do!

As long as it is green.

And even better if it comes with a little pink attached.

These pretty tulips are from the market, not my garden.

It will be another month, maybe longer before my tulips bloom.

I know you will probably be shocked to find out I won two more awesome giveaways ; ) 

The first giveaway win was a French inspired surprise from Debbie-Texas Daisey
 from the beautiful blog

Debbie also has a beautiful garden blog Behind My Garden Gate.
That is how Debbie and I met. I love garden blogs, and found hers not long after
I started blogging myself.
Debbie takes me to garden centers in Texas that I will
never have the chance to visit in person, and she grows things
in her garden that I can't grow here.
 A trip to her garden is such a pleasure for me.

So do you want to see what I won?

A lovely Eiffel tower necklace and three petit Frency boxes.
The necklace is beautiful!!!!!!

I already have two of the boxes full of stuff in the studio
and one I have in my bedroom to hold those stray things that seem to 
find their way onto my bedside table.
Thank you Debbie...I love everything! 

I also won Lili M's beautiful OWOH giveaway.

She was giving away 12 months worth of hand written, snail mail correspondence.

Can you believe I get a lovely card from Lili for the next 11 months?

This was my first month's handwritten note from dear Lili.
She wrote me a sweet note on the back of one of these beautiful note cards from one of her
favorite Dutch design studios
and then sent an extra one for me to use myself.

and tucked inside the envelope where two bags of Dutch Pickwick tea.

Thank you so much Lili...
it will be wonderful enjoying this giveaway over the next year.

What a brilliant idea this is!

Well in case you are a little curious about what Maddie talked me out of in the studio...

all I can say is...

she left with her arms full!


Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

It's okay was snowing here today too! Spring is NEVER coming to Utah! (*_*) ~Stacy~

Patina said...

Your grand-daughter is just beautiful June! What a fun time you must have with her in your studio. I can see why she loves coming to her grandma's house!

The Feathered Nest said...

Dear sweet June...your home is just as lovely as I imagined it would be!!!! I love seeing little glimpses into your world ~ and your blog posts are always absolutely breathtaking. What a sweet girl to patiently wait for you ~ and even better for her to love your sweet gifts! It's the way it should be....sending you hugs and love, Dawn

Lounging with a Latte said...

What a lovely post. Loved all your photos and the way you captured your granddaughter. How lucky of you to win those treasures too.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi June,

Lovely post from you today June.
Maddie is a sweet little girl and she must enjoy coming to Grandmas for a holiday.
Hope that you have fun working in your studio together.
Sorry that the snow is still about and hope that Spring will come soon.
Love the pink tulips, the grape hyacinths will be nice and well done for the lovely gifts you received.

Happy weekend

mudderbear said...

It looks like you had quite a wonderful day. The gifts and flowers are so lovely. And so is Maddie...awesome blue eyes. You are most deserving of all that sunshine you've been blessed with. Stay happy. And just FYI it still snows here every other day or so and has been quite chilly. Spring always takes her leisurely time to get here, but that's okay.

A Fanciful Life said...

Hello June,

What a sweetie she is - she look intent in thought as she watches the movie. Well, I am so glad to see more of your beautiful home. I just love all the white and that is so great for taking photos too. As much as I love my butter yellow walls, I'd really love to go all white. Have a black cat makes that a bit difficult though - ha ha!

Have a fabulous weekend,
Sharon :-)

PS I adore the tulips - so glad it's tulip time again!

Paint Me White said...

June, Maddie looks gorgeous and those images you have taken of her could be straight out of a magazine. Your home looks stunning as usual. Have a wonderful weekend. We are having gorgeous weather here in Sunny Australia. Sandy xx

joanne said...

Thanks for the grandma lessons...I will store that in my little head and when Maude is a little bigger I will pull it out and put it to good use!!
Congrats on your winnings...I'm off to check out their lovely blogs. Have a good weekend June...;j

Catherine said...

Hello June,
Maddie is a beautiful little girl. You are lucky to have won two beautiful giveaway! winter is very long where you live, here spring has arrived already and we find it is long!(i have a question, please could you tell me how you clean very old lace, because it's so fragile it is difficult to clean) thank you. Catherine

Pondside said...

First of all, what a sweet granddaughter. Second, I'll file this away in case I ever get lucky enough to have a grandgirlie!
Congratulations on your wins - enjoy!

Anonymous said...

June what a precious grand daughter! I am sure she so enjoys her time with Grandma!

Thank you for sharing some full views of your lovely home. Gosh it is so gorgeous!!
Mine is a train wreck as I am trying to remake some things in my closet to have some "new" clothes for the trip. It's been fun but I am SOOOOO messy!!!

I guess I cannot complain about lack of springtime. All the snow is pretty much melted and I actually found 3 grape hyacinths blooming today! it got down to the mid 20's last night though which is our problem with Spring- gets great days but the nights can get cold! Love what you did bringing those hyacinths into your home!!!

bee blessed

Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

Dear June,
what a cute little girl! She is so beautiful!
And your home take my breathe away!
Wish you a great weekend,
Big Hugs,

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Be still my heart... a post from you is a breath of Spring air.
She is the prettiest little lass and of course I adore her name.(I wonder why eh?)
Soon you shall be strolling about the garden sharing the beautiful photos of all the Nature has blessed you with...
Happy Spring!
Susan x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

lol love it, my parents always bring 'stuff' to my house. My dad can't bare to part with 'stuff' so instead of throwing it he brings it here :-)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

June my dear,

I am literally breathless with my tongue hanging out! FIRST OF ALL, I thought that picture of the little girl was from a magazine. Secondly, your home is OUT OF A MAGAZINE, and thirdly, YOUR HOME IS PERFECT!!! WHAT ON, I better not ask......well, all I can say is that you have designed your home to look like something fit for a movie star!!!! I am so impressed, and your photography..OH MY. I need you to come HERE to take decent photos of my new and beautiful house, but I can't seem to get this kind of LIGHT!!! Wow. THANK YOU DEAREST!!! Anita

Bente said...

Hello June

Your grandaughter is so sweet and you show such beautiful photos from your home. Thank you for sharing.
Here is snowing non stop so i wonder where the spring went.

Hugs from


Monica said...

I feel tremendously happy and inspired today, after reading this cheery post of yours, June!
Thank you! Love all, all, all!!!!!!!!
Monica xo

Monica said...

I feel tremendously happy and inspired today, after reading this cheery post of yours, June!
Thank you! Love all, all, all!!!!!!!!
Monica xo

Connie said...

I adore your home, but you know that of course. When my grandboys visit they always want to go to Boise and Wazoo to play or swim. At least it gets them off of their computers though! happy pink saturday, sweetpea.

Vintage Tea Time said...

Your home is so beautiful (I'm sure I've said that before - but it is!!). And what a sweet grand-daughter - I bet she had such fun with you. Love the giveaway things you won. Enjoy your weekend! Spring will soon be there for you! Abby x

The Rustic Victorian said...

Gosh June, what blessings! Wonderful photo of Maddie, she is a lucky girl to have a Gramie like you. Your home is a wonder, I love the peek, so white and light. How nice the mail was,,I will visit the sites. I will have to go back and look again!
Spring "is" coming.
God Bless!

Polly said...

Your house is just gorgeous June! And that little Maddie is as cute as a button! I'm sure you girls will have a ball on Spring Break!! Love that Eiffel Tower necklace....congrats on your wins!!

Spring, I need it so badly!! Winter just keeps dragging out this year!

Happy weekend!



Anonymous said...

Hi June, Your grandaughter is so gorgeous!! I know you girls are going to have lots of fun!I just love your living room. It is beautiful. Everytime i see those beautiful slipcovers i want them!!


flowersandhome said...

Oh my, this is so weird! I did a post just now about something my grandmother gave me when I stayed over there as a little girl. You can't believe how glad I was to find it back, I didn't even realize I still had it. I'll have to tell her about it first time I see her.
Snow??? Now??? We've had some pretty sunny days recently but the sun is totally absent today and it's cold,brrr, weird how easy one gets used to warmer weather.
LOVE tulips!
Have a great weekend!

Claudia said...


I absolutely love reading your post and seeing your beautiful photos. Maddie is adorable!

I, for one, thank you for the bigger shot of your rooms. I have always loved your decorating style - truly, I think you should be featured in a magazine. If I'm ever out your way, you can bet I am inviting myself over! And then I'm spending hours oohing and aahing over everything

It snowed here this week, too. But there are little shoots coming out of the ground so I have a little bit of hope for spring - please, soon!


Unknown said...

I love your house!! Its so beautiful and inviting. Oh she is a lucky girl to get awesome stuff from grandma! I can't wait to be a grandma and do the same thing. I love your pics of bringing spring inside. I can't wait for pics of your garden in bloom..

The Green Pea said...

Hello Sweet June,
Your granddaughter, is beautiful. Yes, we grammies do seem so clutter their houses with our treasures. Your home is soooo beautiful too. Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you get some more Spring sun soon. Hugs, sandi

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Does she looked bored? Yes, so funny. Love the photos, gorgeous

Shabby soul said...

Darling June, Maddy is the most beautiful flower in your home!
Discover your home is so pleasant, every thing seems so calm and peaceful, as when I see your magnificent garden ...
Have a nice week, my darling

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Your pink tulips look almost identical to my yellow ones in the white pitchers.....I hope it quits snowing by you soon!!!

summersundays-jw said...

My little ones were on spring break this week. My Sage & I dug small ferns & violets out of the yard & made a terrarium. We don't have snow but it's cold & rainy here today & just had hail. Love the photos of your front room & I feel your pain -- I also have a difficult time doing room shots. I also have a shop & in the winter, there's always a project going on in the house. In the summer most of my time is spent in the yard & garden. Can't wait! Have a good weekend! Jan

Trisha said...

I remember being just as bored as Maddie when I had to be stuck inside on my spring break. If I only knew then what I know now, I would have cherished those "boring" times even more since I don't get them anymore! We've been getting lot's of rain, it's making everything green but I want the warmth to come with it! I love the wide shots of your home-so beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


koralee said...

Everything is so pretty in your home..your grandaughter is darling! I could just look at your lovely living room all day long. Happy weekend to you. oxoxxo

Anne Marie said...

I usually correspond with close friends by's so personal...and besides, the paperie you can purchase nowadays are just beautiful! I really like that stationary she sent you June...and yes, what a fantastic idea that is for her to do....

your home looks beautiful...

and I can't help but correlate the yearning for spring with the coming of Easter and the celebration ahead!!
it's only 26* here today - brrrr -

Anne Marie

oldgreymare said...

My dear June Bug, I can feel the yearning you have to get out in that dirt and get your fingernails all crusty. You are closer to heaven there than anywhere else on earth I know.

Spring will come my dear, the rebirth is always promised.

Till then, enjoy your lovely tulips and know that this year's garden will be that much more special due to brevity...or perhaps we will all enjoy a late winter.

We all anxiously await this year's garden "a la June". :D



Debby said...

What a lucky girl Maddie is, but I know you are just as lucky. My mom's greatest joy was having her grandkids spend time with her and they loved going to her house. Something so special about that bond.

Your home is beautiful, out of a your pictures they are so clear. I need a lesson.

Thanks for all your kind words and support of my new blog. I need all the help I can get.

Hang in there, Spring will be there soon ~ we are already heading into summer in South Texas ~ 80 & 90. It will be unbearable soon. Enjoy your cold weather.


Diane said...

It was such fun looking at your beautiful blog this morning. Your little grnddaughter is beautiful. One day she will appreciate your gorgeous home. I feasted my eyes on your shots. Congratulations on your winnings, both of them are amazing. I love the Eiffel tower and lovely French box and the one with the 12 months of mail is just brilliant. What a great idea! Last but not least, thank you for the Bible quote. It's such a beautiful one, isn't it. We're cold and grey here today, too. Blessings, Diane

Anonymous said...

Maddie is such a cutie, June! She's lucky to have her grandma to watch her while she's on Spring break... and to go home with her arms full of wonderful goodies... hehe!
I LOVE getting to see glimpses into your beautiful home. It's always so bright and cheerful... and BEAUTIFUL! Love all of the greenery you've brought in with your bulbs and flowers... just gorgeous!
What lovely gifts you won... congrats and enjoy!
Have a wonderful weekend, my friend! Hope some sun comes your way soon. :)

Unknown said...

your maddie is adorable even while looking "bored." very sweet face. i love the full room shots of your home. i too have never posted "full room" views. hmm...maybe i need to think about doing that! yours look sooo lovely! and your spring blooms are coming along nicely despite the late spring. i long to see signs of spring here in N.E. i hope you have a lovely one!

Life* A Blog said...

Awww, I love your blog! So glad I found it :) Your grandbaby is blessed to have such a giving grandmother. I miss both of my grandmothers and all the little special treasures they would gift me when I would visit.

Anonymous said...

Hi June! You've captured some really sweet photos of little Maddie. I've always loved to study my kids' faces when they are watching a movie- they get so absorbed that they are oblivious to me, so I have free reign to take in every little detail of them and their expressions and spontaneous reactions. I bet Miss Maddie adores coming to Gram's beautiful house with so many wonderful treasures - sounds like an ideal spring break to me!

Love your new blog header by the way. And that gorgeous planter. I have a milk glass compote in a similar shape that I was planning to use for growing a small indoor herb do you get drainage in yours or have you put a planter inside the planter that has holes in the bottom?


Victorian1885 said...

Good morning dear June..your sweet Maddie is adorable! I love seeing glimpses into your charming home. You have such an eye for decor and design. (love the lace lampshade) I too am anxious for spring and love the idea of bringing in your bulbs so you can enjoy them. Mine are still until feet of snow so we have been buying flowers and forced bulbs for weeks to try and brighten up home. Have a wonderful weekend.

Junebug said...

June, You did it again! You swooped me up and plopped me right down into your living room. Look around you may just find me living there or at least in spirit. I so love the white with a hint of color splatted around. You can tell you love your special pieces. Do you want to come and redo my living room? Wait, I have to move all the magazines, book and snacks before anyone can come in. Aren't grandchildren fun and what a great way to de-clutter, hee-hee!
Mega Hugs from this June

Unknown said...

Just found your blog and I love it!! Maddie is such a cutie!!! I also love the way you decorate your house... very beautiful and very romantic.
A new follower to your blog from the cold north of Alaska where it's still snowing. Spring is still a dream away!
Chris :o)

Julie Marie said...

Hi June, what a pretty post!... your little granddaughter is adorable, and I am sure you love sharing your special treasures with her as much as she loves receiving them... I too am sooo anxious for Spring!... yesterday we had another HUGE snowstorm, so I spent the day Spring cleaning our bedroom then it looked so pretty and cheery I had to photograph it all!... my gardens are covered in snow... just when I thought Spring had arrived, rats!... your grape hyacinths will be so pretty inside... mine are peeking up through the snow...and I did see my Oriental Poppies are coming up a little... your giveaway wins are beautiful, how fun getting a handwritten card each month!... not sure if I commented last time on how pretty your new header is as well... sending Springtime thoughts your way... xoxo Julie Marie

jewels in the garden +: ) said...

June, I love visiting you! You have a special touch.
You make things beautiful...
your granddaughter is beautiful... and your home is beautiful...
God's angels are obviously all around you.
Blessings, Julie

maría cecilia said...

Dearest June, perhaps little darling Maddie might be the ray of sunshine you are so wanting lately and I do understand the need you have to go outside and start gardening!! She is a beauty!!!
It´s been so nice having the chance to see a bigger picture of your home and believe me I knew it was going to be as beautiful as you show it to us in your outstanding photography, I love this big picture!!! and every little and big detail I can see around.
I red yesterday the last post about you having some break from all the snow that never stops falling at your home and enjoyed the trip to your daughter´s home and the shops you visited... comments option were not working yesterday at your blog my dear so I couldn´t sheer you up from all your sun needs... just be patient and continue taking pictures of your awesome insides while snow will gently melt oustide, I can wait for your wonderful garden!!!
Sending you warm and suny hugs my dear June

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

What a sweet beauty your granddaughter is. And what a treat to see your beautiful rooms. They just transcend! Your photography is wonderful.

Carolyn said...

Hi June,
I loved seeing the bigger picture-you have added so much charm to your home with all your little touches.
I am sure Maddy wasn't bored for long. She is a cutie!

It is cold here today and we also got more snow yesterday.

Take care,

Donna Reyne' said...

Hello my sweet friend!
We are expecting snow again this evening!
Right now it is 26 degrees and I ache all over!
I LOVE your home! I love the touches of aqua and the rose prints and the slipcovered furniture! It's my idea of heaven! (I am not surprised...I love all that you do!)
I too long for warmer days...and time to spend out in my little garden!
I have run out of forced bulbs and I am now picking up bouquets at the market too! We just don't have pink tulips! But anything blooming helps!
And on a final note....YOU are the luckiest person I know! Or perhaps just super blessed!
I know that I am blessed just to have you for my friend!
Much love and big Hugs,

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

June, she is a little dollbaby. I just know you are lovin having her with you.

Thanks for making our lives more beautiful through your lovely blog.
I love seeing your home and reading your posts, you inspire me to see all the beauty around me.

I love how you use softeness and rustiness to create such an inviting home. Thanks for welcoming us inside.


Angela said...

What a sweet grandma you are! I have an aunt that gives me great stuff, too! I'm loving the broad shots of your home - like a white washed indoor secret garden. Your photography always makes my heart glad. Congrats on the snail mail, too! Fun! God bless!

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Hi June ~ It is Bitter cold here in Michigan, we had 2 days in the 50's & 60's last week, but that was Just a Tease! quickly back to the cold, sleet, snow & ice.... I want the mild warmth of the Sun. Your Grandaughter is adorable, I know what you mean about them taking "Treasures" Home, My daughter just grins & bears it, I think things are quickly lost or tossed once they get home, but they are Outta Here! I have a Sweet story that You will EnJoy, My middle Grand is Emersyn, Emersyn June to be exact, I think I told you before that My Mom's name was June. well, Emersyn is going to be 4 at the end of May & she is just now getting to really know the connection of Her Name & Her Great Grandma (My Mom passed the year before My Daughter had kids) Eme June will tell you that her name is Eme June, and that she is named after Her Grt. Grandma, then you ask her What Her Grt. Grandma's name was & she will tell You, Juner ~ I think she has it confused when a Boy is named after the Dad, Junior! so we Love Our Eme June & Her Great Grandma, Juner Marie.... Wishing You Warm Breezes, Sweet Sunshine & Many Blooms in Your Garden.

Simply Me said...

I so know that look!!! I have 4 children. What a beautiful home you have I love it... Just found your blog...very beautiful !!!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Maddie is such a sweet girl, June! I can imagine that she has lots of fun playing in your studio and I'm not amazed that she likes your special stuff so much. I would try to talk you out of that to take it home too :-).
Hopefully spring will come to your area soon. You really had more than enough snow this winter season.
Your home looks already springlike though. Maybe you should stand outside your house and look through the windows into your living room, instead of being inside and looking at the snow outdoors, LOL.
You've won some lovely prizes. The box and the necklace are beautiful. LiLi's OWOH gift was such a nice idea. The first mail you've received is so pretty and knowing that there are 11 more to come must keep you in anticipation. What fun!
Have a wonderful Sunday, dear friend!
Warm wishes and hugs to you,

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh June, your visit and kind words always lift me up. And this post of YOURS, the beauty will never fade from your talents to capture moments of light. SO BEAUTIFUL, these images BELONG IN A MAGAZINE!!!! YOUR BLOG IS LIKE A MAGAZINE!...."June's World"....I love it!

Happy day dearest, Anita

the old white house said...

Hi June! I remember going into my Mammy's sewing room and feeling like it was a huge treasure chest! She always let me leave with something and my mom probably cringed, but I loved it! I just think your home is positively beautiful, it looks like a post in a favorite magazine.
I need some spring here too, I have never thought of digging up some bulbs through the snow and bringing them indoors ~ Thanks! Last week when we got a teaser from spring, I saw a few things poking through the ground, YAY!!
Last thing, I love the idea Lili had for the giveaway, everyone loves getting mail, not just bills :)

Happy Sunday! xoxo

Laura said...

everything is always so beautiful, yet Real on your blog.
that is because you are that way.

She is a precious baby doll.
I could just picture the two of you playing together.

And your gardening.
I need lessons!

As things thaw for you, can you describe what you do when?

White Spray Paint

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Beautiful Maddie looks like a princess!!

Your home looks just gorgeous June! Your photos are unbelievable! I always leave here inspired by the beauty you share and the way you share them!

Looks like a new camera is definitely going on my wish list!

☼ Carolina ☼ said...

very nice!!
hugs from Chile

Linda said...

I am so happy to have found you June. I love your blog. It is like reading a Romantic Home Magazine. Love it! ( I became a follower)

What a beautiful Granddaughter.

One Question...Does your home have a "man cave" place for your honey? Ot is he comfortable with all the beautiful romantic decorating?

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

La Petite Gallery said...

I saw the name of your blog and had to come. This is my first visit. I can tell you right now I love Maddie. She is beautiful.

yvonne God Bless!

Julie Marie said...

Hello again June... I just had to come back for another look at your beautiful home... I too love that you showed a bigger glimpse into your rooms... what do you call your decorating style? I think Fifi should have shown your home in Romantic Prairie Style... that's what your beautiful place reminds me of... I love that you add color here and there along with your whites... those blue curtains look so pretty in that one shot... and the flowery pillows and tulips are so cheery!... yours is my dream home... cozy, comfy looking, warm and inviting... plus your fabulous gardens, and your precious pets... don't mind me... I'm going to linger a bit longer... xoxo Julie Marie

Alaina said...

I am glad you had some quality time with your grand daughter. Every peak into you home is always welcome. I too am just waiting to get into the gardens. Soon I am told, but I will believe it when I see it. Have a wonderful week.

Alaina said...

I am glad you had some quality time with your grand daughter. Every peak into you home is always welcome. I too am just waiting to get into the gardens. Soon I am told, but I will believe it when I see it. Have a wonderful week.

Tracy said...

Your grand-daughter is absolutely all of the things in your home; spring is definitely in your vacinity :) If it is like here in NC, it probably will not stay..bummer...

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Your home is beautiful! I feel your pain, too. I don't know if we're ever going to get some nice weather, and I just want to look out the window and see some lilacs.

Maddie is a doll. How could you not send her home with an armload!?

Rosy Inspiration said...

I think your stunning pillow on your white sofa is enough to bring Spring on, haha! Love the look of your living room, simply beautiful. Also love all those shots with your granddaughter in them. Congratulations on your wins, you lucky duck, I never win anything.

Lisa said...

Oh June, you write the, most heartfelt blogs! When you speak, and show us a photo, it's as though we are right there, in your home!

Thank you,
Oh, and your little one spending time with you, wasn't bored, she was comfortable.

Be well,

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Your granddaughter is so adorable and your living room is so very pretty, June! I love the curtains and the pillow and the architectural piece and the old gate... o.k. I guess I love it all! haha!

Vintage Home said...

Seriously we are waiting for sun here!..My husband goes back tomorrow after 2 weeks of spring break (he is a special needs teacher )..and we got very little done outside!..So we are waiting for SUN!
Great necklace & wonderful treasure holders!...I am glad you got to have your granddaughter over & glad you got away for a few days!
Thanks for the sweet glimpse into your home.
Hoping to see the sun this week...

butiksofie said...

Hi June, this little one is such a cutie!!!And I LOVE you pics, these flowers are gorgeous! Hughs Anja

☼ Carolina ☼ said...

Thanks forvisit me!!
Is a honor for me
I am your fan
kisses from Chile

kelli said...

Hello June,
Congrats on winning the giveaways.
I love that you said you have stacks of magazines laying all over. Me too. I wonder what my family thinks--they never say anything. I just love my magazines.
Beautiful photos of your sweet granddaughter.
have a beautiful week

Peonies & Magnolias said...

I hope spring arrives for you sooner than later although it seems to be taking forever doesn't it.

Your granddaughter is so beautiful and I think it is great you can send treasures home with her. I can't wait to share with my granddaughter also.

Your flowers are beautiful as always. I hope you have a wonderful week.


Ana said...

Oh June,
I loved looking at full pictures of your beautiful home. You just take the best pictures. Your home is just dreamy...I do hope the weather changes soon for you my dear friend. Have a wonderful new week.

Much love,

karen said...

I struggle with my faith now. I may have told you that I lost my oldest son in a freak accident. (he was almost 18) So, many of the verses in the bible lost their meaning. I mean after all, just what did God mean when he said "I know the plans I have for you. Not to harm you..." huh? Just what did he mean? So when my favorite verse said "For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all ways" I was dismayed when Ryan died. Then I studied it closer. "IN ALL WAYS" wow. In ALL ways. Which can only mean to me that his angel was with him. The entire time.

I (still) love that verse the best.
I struggle with many others.
Thanks for posting my favorite.
no new posting this week on weirdbird. I've been outta town.
lator gator.

Sharing with Sherri said...

Hi there June,
Your granddaughter looks like such a little sweetie, I'm sure the two of you will have a wonderful visit together! We finally got some sunshine here today! Glad your getting some too! Your home is already looking so fresh and Springy!

Have a nice week!
Hugs, Sherri:)

Rebecca said...

What a sweet gramma you are! I spent the last 2 days with 3 of my grandchildren but with 2 boys and a girl they just wanted to terrorize the girl! We managed to bake cookies with the help of my daughter and the most exciting moment is when we caught a little door mouse that was on the attic stairs. He now lives on the kitchen table in a aquarium :) Today I am headed for the studio... I need it.
Your home is so lovely and I smell what your stepping in... about spring, our highs all week were in the 30s.
Blessings this week my dear friend

Rust: Vintage Inspired Design said...

You know June, I haven't visited your blog in awhile (just too overwhelmed with life stuff), but another post led me here today and I must tell you that your blog is so perfectly lovely, enchanting and like no other. What an amazing talent you have for decorating, creating, photographing, and inspiring others. I must remember to visit often!
Thank you my blogging friend for sharing your wonderful gifts with us all!

MaygreenFairies said...

Wow!!! What a stunning blog you have, so glad I found you, and oh my.. what a pretty grand-daughter and such wonderful photos of your home, thank you for sharing them! I look forward to my next visit. Mandy x

Dorthe said...

Dear June,
such lovely photoes from your home-and such a sweet grand daughter, you have- did she find some treasure in your studio :) I bet she did.
I love your Tour Eiffel neclace and it must be pure joy, recievibg a beautifull card, every month,in a year.

Melissa said...

Your blog, home and talent are beyond any word could describe.

I stand amazed at your incredible gift of words and decorating talent.

I once met someone named Ember in Boise. She owned a store I think was called the Painted Chair. It was years ago. I wonder if it could be your daughter.

May we have spring soon in Idaho.


wendy said...

What a lovely little grand daughter. I bet she enjoys spending time with her grandma...and leaving with"treasures".
I always love coming here to see what lovely things you'll show us that make me happy and feel warm all over.
I loved that quote from Psalms. YES. I wonder about angels, I wonder if my Matt is watching over me a little , somehow, maybe,...cause I blunder a lot and need him.
The snow is melting here today, and wow holy yard is one big mud bog, so that's why I NEED to come here for YOUR BEAUTY.

Sew-Sumptuous said...

I am sure your grand-daughter loves coming to visit you. The photos of your home are gorgeous. Cath x

Jane said...

I'm awed every time I come visit. Your home, your photos, your writing...they are all beautiful. And now that I've seen a photo of Maddie, yep, she's beautiful too! I have a hard time believing there is ever clutter in your home :)
Spring will be here soon and I will enjoy seeing your gorgeous outdoors again.

Reading Tea Leaves said...

A delightful post June. It may be snowing outside but you would never guess from your light, bright and summery home! I bet its still beautiful even with clutter!

Never fear,you will soon be outside enjoying the warm sunshine and tending your beloved garden:)

Congratulations on yet more lovely wins - how do you do it!!


Barbara said...

I doubt Maddie's bored, June, just patiently waiting for you as she knows she'll be getting some treasures to take home. Yes, it's definitely tradition!

How lovely to win two giveaways!! I adore your new prizes! said...

Oh June, your Maddie is adorable:) Your post today is just full of gorgeousness. I love your home - it's beautiful. It looks like it is such a happy place to live. Your personality comes through for sure. We are supposed to get a foot of snow on Friday. My yard is clean now just waiting for flowers but they will have to wait a bit longer.
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

sevencherubs said...

June, your home is so divine! I love the white theme and every little detail you have displayed around your rooms. What a feast for the eyes and a lovely place for the spirit to reside. How cute is your grand-daughter, Maddie and what an awesome grandmother you are sending her home with treasures to always remember. I love your thoughts on tradition and that you are passing it on. I am sure she loved her visit and went home with her heart and arms full. Gorgeous in more ways than one! Naomi x

My name is Riet said...

Hi dear June. What a beautiful granddaughter you have and I can see she is dreaming away. So lovely. I love your pink tulips.Did I tell you tulips are my favorite flowers. They tell me spring is coming. You still have snow? Oh my goodness, that must be a long winter. And oh my, two more give away wins. You are so lucky and your gifts are wonderful.
I love your new header too.
Thank you for your compliments on my photo. Two more down I sit there with DH. LOL.
Lots of hugs.

Mary said...

OMG, just browsing through your blog ~ what kind of camera do you use? Every shot is just so beautiful, especially the flowers :) I am getting really tired of the so-so results of my Canon Power Shot; liked the Nikon I had before that much better!

It's been a lovely visit!


Diana`s said...

dear june :0)..thank you for your visit.I was trying writing some words for you yesterday but my english was not with me!!But i love the picture of your grand daughter.she really makes my smile.have a nice sunday..hugs from Diana..Denmark

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh, every time I come here, I feel like I am floating....thank you dearest for coming to kick off your shoes with us as I go to the beach all month long to celebrate our birthdays!!!!!

Much love to you, Anita

Monica said...

Just popped in to tell you my first tree peony is blooooming!!!!!! Can you believe that?? I have transplanted 5 plants from my garden before moving, and they now reside on my Mother's balcony.
It's pink yumminess ;))
Sending hugs,

Jill said...

That giveaway is a GREAT idea! I also love what I call "through the window" or "through the door" photographs...the ones of your granddaughter are precious!

Fete et Fleur said...

Oh My! Your beautiful home brought tears to my eyes. It is truly a haven! Your gorgeous little grandaughter looked like she was out of a clothing magazine. Hope you're getting plenty of sun.


Privet and Holly said...

I was just about to
sow some wheatgrass seeds
in a couple of cute
containers and I thought
of you....and here I am.
Your Maddie is gorgeous
and I'm sure she adores
her time with you!! I
LOVE the giveaway idea
and may have to pinch it
for my one year blog
anniversary, which is
creeping up, soon : )!!
Big hugs from MN,
xx Suzanne

Vintage Rose Collection said...

June, Thank you for your nice comment, Im so glad you liked everything. Its one of my favorite magazines..
Now, on another note, I am doing an encore of The Feminine Home, and Im so in love with your pretty white home..I featured your gardens now I would love to show off the inside.. Your thoughts??

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi dear June
What a gorgeous girl your granddaughter is.. such a sweetie!!! and your home!! please.. I love everything in it.. especially that sofa!! I want and need it!! hahaha.. love those pink and white ?? bannister legs? in background.. terrific idea!!'

Have a lovely week.. ciao xxxx Julie

SeelenSachen ♥ said...

your pics are BEAUTIFUL!!!

greetings from austria!

Rostrose said...

My dearest June, where shall I start? * Congrats to the wonderful prices you've won! * Thanks for you pretty home & spring images! Great!!! And cozy!!!* And your little grand-daughter ist so pretty!!! Well, and the movie must have been veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring............................
uuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah (now I fell asleep ;o))
Warm April-Hugs from Rusty Rose to June!!!
xxx Traude

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi June! I hope things are warming up a bit for you over there. Or are you getting some of those crazy thunderstorms that are raging across the country right now? I love your OWOH win from Lili -- what an awesome gift. To receive a handwritten note for a whole year ... now that is a gift that keeps giving. Have a fabulous rest of the week. Tammy

Candy said...

I remember digging through my Granny's sewing room, Oh! what I would give to do it one more time. Precious moments and memories.
And for the fabulous win...WOW! I know you are going to be flipping at least once a month now.
Thanks for coming by and sending me out with sweet thoughts.
Hugs & Blessings ;-)
Your home is as lovely as your gardens.

Farah said...

Hello Dear June .... I am late here to say you hello, but I am on vacation with my Mom in another city...
I love the way she is waiting for you, I can imagine very well that how much inquisitiveness one has for those things... I still want things like this from my mother and grand mother... its such precious moments...
Your home ..... its the most romantic home with a touch of softness and delicacy ... its lovely I have no doubt in it...

Unknown said...

ANY shot you show us June is pure delight!!! Your home is truly one of the loveliest ones out there!!! And your grandaughter is a real cutie :))

Hugs ~

:) T

Holly Loves Art said...

I loved reading this post. Maddie is just too adorable! Don't you remember those days of being "bored" as a kid? My mom always had the answer! "Go play" she would say. Thanks for sharing all these lovely pictures. I'm always inspired when I see everything that you do.

Bumpkin Hill said...

How precious Maddie is, she must have a wonderful time looking through all your treasures. Your home is just breathtaking. Every visit to your blog feels like I get a breath of fresh air, thank you! Catherine x

Solveig said...

I just love your blog and the stunning pictures of your lovely home! Maddie is an adorable girl - I'm sure she makes her grandmother very happy;o)
Lovely treasures you have won! Congratulation!
I just have to look at these pictures one more time;o))Have a wonderful day!
Hugs Solveig


Your photos are just so stunning. I love looking at them. Your granddaughter is precious. Your living room is so pretty; love that touch of spring with that pillow on the sofa.
Congrats on winning more giveaways.
Love that card idea!
It has been hailing here today; but I know spring is near.
Hope your week is wonderful!
~ Julie


p.s. What shops did you hit in Boise? We go there about every other month since our granddaughter and kids live there.
~ Julie

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

Dear June, your photos are lovely (as always) I can almost smell your roses! I love garden blogs and am off to visit Behind My Garden Gate! Take care my friend, spring is almost here!
Love and good thoughts to you!
x0x said...

Don't grand daughters just love our studios? They think its all special stuff out there!

Suzanne said...

Awww, Maddie is adorable. I bet she can "talk" you into giving her a lot of things! :)
Congratulations on winning such lovely giveaway gifts! That is a clever idea to giveaway a year of handwritten notes!

paperbird said...

sweet june your little maddie is a doll and your home is gorgeous. i love the pretty colors that are tucked here and there with your beautiful whites. i love each sweet glimpse into your home and i am inspired by the beauty.
today i am filling the house with roses, tulips and hydrangea from the market. i will think of you and your beautiful photographs as i decorate my own home.