Wednesday, March 16, 2011

White Wednesday...I just needed some pretty...

Oh boy, did I need a shot of something.

I have been living in the grey for too long. Our Winter has
brought very little sun, and a whole lot of grey.

I had to get out of town for awhile.
I had to go where there was no snow.

I had to go looking for light!

My daughter Ember lives in Boise and she was having a birthday,
so I thought..'hey, Boise doesn't have snow...
it may even have some sun...
and it has Ember!

Em took me to some wonderful shops, and we found some great things.

I think I found the light I was seeking.

These are just a sampling of some of what I found.

I bought some of this...
but a lot of it came from Ember's own stash.

She thought I needed it more than she did...
(and because she knows she will find a lot more of it once the yard and estate sales start)

Ember has spools and spools of bias tape and I was able to talk her out of several yards.

need it!

love it!

gotta have it!

She gave me a lot of bling too.

(I know, I was her birthday, but...)

I do try to not take advantage of her goodness too often...
lest she catches!

We went to some antique and vintage shops while I was there as well.

This shop was beautiful!

It was called Warehouse Beautiful

I saw so many things I wanted to bring home for the garden.
She had beautiful iron pieces. I love iron in the garden!

A visit to this shop really helped make my life a little less grey!

This trip to Boise was so wonderful.
I needed a break from my routine. I needed a change.

I needed NO SNOW!
(thank you so much Dale for taking care of everything at home)

Em took me so many great places including my favorite ice cream parlor Goodys.

I also got to go see my mother who lives in Oregon and my sister who lives in Idaho,
but only thirty minutes from where my mom lives.
We had the best visit.

Sadly, it was while there that I heard about the news of Japan's disaster.
All I wanted to do then was to get back to my own home.
It put everything back into perspective for me.
How quickly our lives can change. From happiness to sadness in an instant.

I had to share this with you too.
(and they have white on them)

A few days before I left to go to Boise,I saw this pair of antelope alongside
 the road as I was driving to the bank.
Aren't they beautiful????

I wish they wouldn't stand so near the road.
They are too pretty to be so close to danger.

Another beautiful thing to come into my life before my trip was this package from
Shelley at Sweetpea Home.
Wrapped up so pretty! With a beautiful charm attached.

Shelley has been doing some purging around her house and thought that I would love these
amazing metal letters that spell ROSES.

Oh do I ever love them!!!!

I felt such gratitude that she would think of me to now care for this treasure that
 I knew she enjoyed for so long in her own home.
I decided for now to hang them on a piece of jute
and string them in front of the mirror in the living room.

These are so perfect for my home and I love them!
Thank you so much Shelley!
You know I adore them and you!!!

I want to thank Kathleen at Faded Charm for this opportunity to show all the whites in my world.
and the not-so-whites....


Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Your sign is very nice. I am glad you got to enjoy time with your daughter and family. Sun is wonderful! That is why my husband loves AZ. He went to work today in his convertible! Glad you got back happy and safe!

Deb said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!! Happy Birthday Wishes to your daughter ♥

Vintage Tea Time said...

What a delicious post!! I love it! Such gorgeous things - and beautifully photographed. Glad you had a good break away. The situation in Japan is awful - unimaginable. Abby x

Diane said...

It's starting to get a bit much isn't it! I'm so glad you had a great time with your daughter, that's a wonderful thing about them, they know just what you want (usually because that's what THEY want too!) I can't think about Japan without crying, it's so awful.

I do love your antelope June. Ours take off like a shot if we stop the car so you can never get such beautiful shots of them. Hugs, Diane

Barbara Jean said...

Beautiful post.
Thanks for sharing all your white goodies, and your heart.
I could use some time off too, but not till taxes are done. yuck!

barbara jean

Sandies' Patch said...

Thank you so much for sharing your White Wednesday!
It's cold and damp here but, it didn't stop me doing some tidying up in the garden.
You lucky lady! All those lovely treasures! I certainly enjoyed the 'visit' to the Warehouse...I could see one or two pieces that would look perfectly at home in my home or garden!

Thank you once again,

Sandie xx said...

Another beautiful post. Just what 'I' needed. It is so grey here too. I need the sun. But your sunny post sure helped me. So glad you found some fun and time with your daughter. I love the name Ember:)And the stash you brought!!! Have fun:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

birdie blue said...

such pretty pics! it sounds like a delightful visit with your daughter ember. aren't daughters the best? how cute is that pair of antelope(s)? i'll have to show my gracie when she comes home from school.

spring is on it's way.

Wendy & Megan Chamberlain said...

All that white lace is so lovely, thank you for sharing.
Great that you had a special time with your daughter and family.
I am also desperate for a bit of sunshine to encourage me to get working in the garden.

Peonies & Magnolias said...

What a great visit you must have had and you sure came home with some beautiful trims. Love those elk. Have a great week.


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

All your finds are so pretty, June, and how wonderful you get to share with your daughter and mom too.

That store looks so beautiful, thank you for sharing this field trip w/us here today.

Glad you were able to get some of the gray out of your life!

I am so thankful to be here safe at home and my prayers go out to all the beautiful people of Japan.

joanne said...

sounds like a wonderful way to chase the white/gray dreary days away. Spending time with my daughter is always the best medicine and doesn't happend enough does it. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures...take care sweet friend.

Shabby soul said...

Darling June, we are lucky when we have some relaxed time to spend with our sons! And your finds are all so cute!
Thank you for your sweet comment: like you I needed some light and sun, here is still rainigng since too many days...
Have a wonderful day

Bente said...

Oh, i love your beautiful pictures from yor trip, and i look forward to see what you are makeing of all the pretty lace you got. We also have plenty snow, but now the sun is warming again. I love the spring when trees and flowers start to grow. Have a nice week.

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Hi June!
What a beautiful white wednesday post! Your photos are making my heart go pitter patter!! you are a wonderful photographer and have such a talent for arranging things!
Thanks for sharing!!!

Victoria said...

Ohhh that was some wonderful eye candy, that shop looks amazing! The gifts you received are lovely!

So so very sad about Japan, they've been on my mind constantly and now it's snowing over if they needed more:(

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi June,
I got so excited to see that you had a new post up that I nearly broke my neck gettin here! LOL.

Everything is so beautiful that I want to read your entire blog over and over again. How sweet of your Em to share all the beautiful laces and bling. And that shop, it's 2die4. Oh, how I'd love to just browse for hours.

I love your photos of the antelope. They are beautiful animals.

Sweet gift from your friend too. I love how you created the banner and hung it over the mirror.

thanks for sharing your beautiful life with us.


Claudia said...

So glad you got away! Sounds like it was the perfect visit

The antelope are so beautiful - I worry about the deer around our house being too close to the road, too. I sometimes try to shoo them back into the woods.

Love the letters - how sweet of Shelley.


Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Looks like you were out and about where the deer and the antelope play...
Beautiful source of light you have shared, all wrapped up in gossamer threads.
Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day and a belated birthday wish to your sweet, generous daughter.
Susan x

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Sweet Junie!

How delightful that you came to visit....and funny too... I was thinking of you while I was drying my hair this morning....and thinking how cute yours is and why does mine need to be so obstinate. :-)

Love you whites.... as always, you always have the best. And, what a great antidote to the gray. It's always pretty gloomy here in the NW, but we really got NO summer last year, so it seems like it's been gray for YEARS. And, it's making me realllly cranky.

My sweet daughter gives me things too.... I won't take everything she wants to give me, but sometimes.......... :-) And, she has such cute things too!

What a delightful surprise the rose letter were. I love them too...and just perfect for little Junie!

Hugs to you dear one....


Carolyn said...

Hi June,

I am glad you had a lovely time visiting family and checking out some great shops.
The antelope are beautiful!

It is so very sad about Japan.

Hope we will soon be out in our gardens again and seeing lots of color but of course your whites are always beautiful.

Take care,


Unknown said...

June, it is so wonderful having you back. Missed you. Glad you had a marvelous time with all of your family, & got to visit some obviously fantastic shops ...

Love all the goodies you found, I can just imagine what you will do with them.
The ROSES letters look perfect on that mirror.

Happy St. Paddy's Day ~


Donna Reyne' said...

I am so glad you got away for a bit and how wonderful to get to spend time with your daughter!
I know how special this time was for you!
It looks like a really fab store and what treasures you brought home!
The banner from Miss Shelley is so cool!
I love the patina and you know how I love black and white with pastels!
Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!
Hugs my friend!

Unknown said...

gorgeous pics as usual. You got great close ups of those great deer! I hear ya on the needing color.....we did hit 50 degrees tho today! Things are looking up!

sweetpea said...

I just love what you did with the letters! So glad you love them, and I love that they now reside in your beautiful home June. I adore that shop, oh my... and I always love to see nature so up close and personal. Prayers for those in Japan. We can't even imagine what they are going through.



the old white house said...

Hi June! Your little getaway sounds perfect, you were able to visit with your special family AND go antiquing! You really found some beautiful treasures, I love the old crochet trim and the seam binding, I was recently gifted some from a friend here in town and let me tell you, I was doing the happy dance! The Warehouse beautiful store looks like a great place to visit... I'm so glad you were able to play, luck you! We all need those special moments to keep our spirits up through the 'snow days', we were blessed with sunshine today and Duane and I took advantage of it and went for a walk. Happy WW! xoxo

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Hi June ~ your weather sounds like our weather down here in Salt Lake...yucky! I am so ready for spring too, but it just doesn't seem to want to arrive. Your trip to Boise made me want to go home to Canada through there instead of through Twin Falls, Missoula, etc. I have an Aunt & Uncle in Boise...maybe I'll have to go and visit them...(*_*) xo





Polly said...

sounds like a lovely weekend with Ember.....what a beautiful name she has! Warehouse Beautiful looks amazing!! and I love the ROSES letters too!

Anonymous said...

Your visit with your family sounds wonderful! I must say I'm a teensy bit jealous at the beautiful linens you have:) My collections is so very tiny but I'm working on it.


P.S. That shop is dreamy!!!

Faded Charm said...

Such beautiful whites you've shared and those shops look like loads of eye candy to me.

Hope all is well and if it makes you feel any better, I'm right there with you in needing some sun about now.

Take care,


Victorian1885 said...

Love Love your whites! I am going to gather my lace and take a picture too! Would it not make a lovely framed picture just of a pile of lace..
I am glad you found some sunshine in your life..we have allot of sunshine but lots of snow yet and although the temps are warming we have a long way to go before any gardening will be taking place.
My Honey & I have a trip to our West coast for a week in April so looking forward to seeing the spring flowers there as they have considerably warmer winters.
I love your Daughter's name! Have a great rest of the week..
Big Hugs,

jewels in the garden +: ) said...

Dear June, how wonderful that you got to spend your daughter's birthday with her. And got to see mom and sister too! You brought some lovely treasures home, good for you! Love the antelope pictures!
Blessings to you,

jewels in the garden +: ) said...

Forgot to say how much I like your new heading. At least I think it's new, hadn't noticed it before : )

Rosy Inspiration said...

There are so many beautiful things here, thanks for sharing them, they are breathtaking.

Anne Lorys said...

Just beautiful images, June!

And my goodness, how I love your "roses" banner from Shelley! She is just the sweetest. :-)

Big hugs,

Angela said...

What a great trip! That store is divine!! Soon we'll be seeing all kinds of lovely pics of flowers and I simply cannot wait. I also was able to get in some sunshine in Phoenix a few weeks ago. Now it's warm in NE and I see and hear the robins who have returned for Spring. God bless

Julie@beingRUBY said...

That certainly is a gorgeous dose of pretty!!! Just what I need too..

I know you need NO SNOW.. but the antelope shots are stunning!!! Just beautiful as are all your other shots.. I would have gone crazy in those stores.. thanks for sharing them with us..

Have a lovely week.. and happy ST Patrick's Day... ciao xxxx Julie

Sharing with Sherri said...

Hi June, Sounds like you had a very nice break and visit with your daughter. Love your lacy photos and those darling antelope!

Were having a raining week here, and I know what you mean... I also can't go for very many days without some sunshine to perk me up. But I will try and count my blessings even through the rain...when the people of Japan are facing such a horrible situation...

Wishing you sunny skies!!
Hugs, Sherri:)

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

O.k., June! You got me drooling :-)! Those laces are so very yummy! Your daughter is such a sweetie to spoil you but you deserve it without question! It sounds like you had a great trip and family reunions.
The antelope are beautiful. We don't have those here but roe deer that often browse in the backyard. I love watching them.
Hopefully the snow will be gone soon in your area and spring will arrive. We didn't have snow since December but mostly gray skies. It's still cold and the only flowers I've seen so far are some snowdrops. I can't wait for spring to come.
Hugs to you,

Pondside said...

Mother-daughter time is so precious. I'm glad you got a bit of sunshine and a little pampering of the spirit. It sounds like a special visit for you!

One Shabby Old House said...

So happy that you had such a wonderful visit with your family. They really are our sunshine aren't they? How special too that your daughter shares your passions. You are blessed my friend.
And ya know.....if you ever need a really sunny visit, come on down to FL. You would literally glow for days!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest June,

Wow. The beauty you seek and that you find is perfectly enchanting. Those angels' wings, the décor, the ribbon, the pearls, all so lovely. In this time of great distress, those of us everywhere need a dose of beauty. Those antelope are so stunning. WHAT FUZZY BUMS THEY HAVE!!!! Thank you for this repose, I so need it too. Love Anita

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Oh what beautiful treasure you got, and how nice to get to visit with your daughter, and go to Antique shops, one of my favorite things to do! June your photos are so beautiful. Love the pictures of the antelope too, their gorgeous!
hugs~~~ Daphne

time worn interiors said...

Wow June, looks like you girls had a great time! And I know what you mean about a break from the cold and gray! I will be so happy to be in Texas where I'm sure it will be warm. You would love it in the spring cause all the blue bonnets are up and they are lovely fields of lavender colors! You can even smell sweet scents as you drive down the road! Have a great weekend!

Dorthe said...

Oh dear June,-
what a wonderfull trip to your daughter you have had.
What a giving dear soul,she is- I love your treasures, and the beautifull shops you visited while there.
I can so follow you wanting to go away from all the snow-here it is rayning now- a bit closer to spring :)
I wish you a lovely week-end dear June.

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Dear June, What a delightful name your daughter has! I've never come across Ember before.
How right you were to go toward the sunshine and the light, we in the Northern towns know JUST what you mean about that grey...
All those lovely things that your daughter shared with you, how happy she must be to be able 'to give back' to her wonderful Mummy!

You did so well to capture the Antelope, especially the first photograph where she is looking at you. Look at how adorably beautiful their faces are, and look at the length of those eyelashes!!! I do hope they don't stray onto the road though.

The gorgeous pink tulips in your header cheered me up straight away!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time, June! So nice to see family and find so many pretties! :)

My son & daughter-in-law live in Yokohama, so my heart is in Japan.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi June,
your daughter must be a real sweetheart to take you to such beautiful shops.Sounds like you had a wonderful time.Your new banner is very pretty.Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hello June!

Thank you for sharing a bit of your little getaway with us! Your pictures are full of such beauty! I am also loving your just made me smile!

Anne Marie said...

that shop looks awesome...great display, but great stuff! what DID you buy from there if anything? (I'll kick myself if you told us in the post)

I love the name Emily, but husband likes something else...darn...because I like when you say "Em"....I always like a little nickname for the kids...

Thank you so much June for putting up my sale on your sidebar - so nice of you -

Anne Marie
a.k.a. overdue BIG mama :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh June, thank you for your visit and ever so wonderful compliments. I just want to write. Simple. I am not experienced in it, but my goal is to just speak what is in the heart. Have a fabulous day, Anita

Julie Marie said...

Hi June, first off, I love your new header for Spring, so pretty!... and your finds from your daughter are just gorgeous... those two antelope are too sweet, I do hope they listen to you and stay out of the road!... lovely gifts from your friend... isn't it fun to send and receive surprise gifts from bloggers!... also, wishing you a Happy St. Patrick's Day!... xoxo Julie Marie

My name is Riet said...

Hi dear June. I can see you had a wonderful time with your daughter and family. And what new white treasures you got and what a sweetheart Ember is, must be just like her mom. Lucky you.
Love all your new whites the lace and all.
Hugs from Riet

Carole said...

Oh my that was what I needed too. What a beauty ride that was. I think the two of us would have a hard time shopping together. We'd be pulling things out of each others hands:) haha No I'm a lady I would never do that. I would just sneak it out of your bag when you weren't looking:)just kidding.

Like you said we should be grateful for all that we have. We are blessed beyond what we really need.
Love ya,

Rostrose said...

Wonderwonderful photos, dearest June - and I really would like to live in the Warehouse Beautiful !!! :o) Oh, and the antilopes - sooo pretty animals!
Thank you so much for your nice words on my blog, too, and for your birthday-congrats to my daugther!
Warm hugs to you, Love, Traude

LizlovesVintage said...

Great metal letters! Yes, can't wait till the yard sales start in Ny. I love your new banner! Happy St. Pat's Day!
xx Liz

paperbird said...

The next time my hubby asks if I want to go to Boise- there will be NO hesitation! What a wonderful shop- thank you June for sharing the beauty. You found some wonderful treasures! i do know whagt you mean when you say you needed some sunshine- these winter days in Utah have been SO very grey and dreary.
Here's to a little sunshine!

I thought of you the other day when I went to Details
Have a beautiful weekend.

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Hi June, I am so Happy to be able to log in at My Cousins & try to do alittle catching up.... I Miss being on the internet, at least I have been able to post a few meek posts from My Daughter's but look forward to being back to a Normal state! Love all Your whites, glad to hear of your Snowless trip, finally all the snow is melted here, we actually hit 68 degrees today, still lots more time to snow or ice here, but I See Promise!
Miss ya & hope to be back soon

Privet and Holly said...

June, it sounds
like this trip
was exactly the
tonic that your
spirit needed!!
Loved all of your
whites, especially
the antelope ~ my
oh my!! Your girl
sounds like a gem;
just like her mom!
xx Suzanne

All That Jazz said...

June, that shop looks awesome!! I could get some ideas there for our space. I'm glad you had fun in Boisie with Ember. I have never been to Idaho! We had a sunny day today and I really needed it! :-)
I love the antelope, they are strikingly beautiful!
Have a happy weekend sweet friend!

Jane said...

Hi June,
I'm so glad you were able to take this trip. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with family and some great shopping time too!
Spring will be here soon and the snow will be a distant memory!!

A Fanciful Life said...

Hello June,
What a wonderful trip! I think I could stay in those stores all day long. I love of all that stuff - I used to have people tell me that me home reminded them of a store as I would have all of those items out that just made me happy. So glad you had a chance to visit with your mom and sister and to get away from some snow! Love the antelopes and I worry too when I see animals too close to the roads. I just want to save them all.

Happy weekend to you,
Sharon :-)

bobbie said...

OMGosh!!! As soon as we can sell our house here, we'll be moving to Eagle (just outside NW Boise ~ I MUST look this place up pronto!!!
TFS, and I'm glad you're feeling better!

Farah said...

Hi June ...

So beautiful treasure you have now...A wonderful post, lovely and soft like you are always... And yes visits on shops like this make you more energetic and slow down the thinking's of grays...
... How life changed in seconds June... we cant predict a second in advanced and planned a life... but this life and it is going on ... just think a little about it...I wanted that if you please pay a visit to me at
And share your sentiments and feelings for all those who suffered in Japan’s massive distraction…

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Pretty, pretty! You found such beautiful things.
WHERE is Warehouse Beautiful?? I want to go there!

Tracy said...

So glad you were able to get away and have some light into your life in a plethora of ways...I know it will be srping there sooner or later; hang in there.
...there is such lovliness in our world, regardless of the tragedy. I have to remind myself of that!

Villa König said...

Oh how wonderful! So many beautiful things!!! Love it! Hugs Yvonne

wendy said...

How nice that you were able to get away...get rid of some of the grey in your surroundings and your mood.
I am itching to get away too...hubby threatens to hide the keys, so I don't take off without him.
We have so much mud around my place right now that it is driving me crazy. BOY do we have a lot of yard work to take care of. And of course our dog Lucy wants to play in every mud puddle she sees....and there are plenty.
I love going through antique/thrift stores and finding "treasures"
but, at least I don't have to go to far to find a TREASURE in YOU
glad you had a good visit with loved ones.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi June,

So happy that you were able to go and visit your daughter and some of your family.
What a special time you must have had and love all the beautiful things you came home with. The antelopes are lovely and don't they blend in with the snow.
Also love the beautiful rose banner and the sweet charm.

Hope all is well with you and wishing you a lovely weekend

Valrie said...

Tonight I really need a laugh with angels! This is a beautiful post. Those deer are moving a poem within...

Happy Pink Saturday!


Georgianna said...

Dear June, Thank you for sharing your wonderful getaway to visit your loved ones and expand your treasure trove of goodies – they are all beautiful and your photos as always make each item delectable! How marvelous is that rose banner? Very! Every one of your posts is a holiday in itself.

Thinking of all the positive things in life and sending love and strngth to Japan. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. hugs, – g

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey I loved reading about your visit with Ember and a belated Happy Birthday to her. I can see why you felt better with all the sweet things you two managed to get into and you to bring home. lol
Yes what happened in Japan makes us stop and appreciate everything we take for granted.
I hate it has been a while since I have been here because I always love you and your site.
Take care honey and enjoy your weekend
Love ya

Sandi said...

Hi June,
So thrilled to be able to view your gorgeous post today. It is just stunning, but then that is no surprise to me. :)

Love the shop you went to. I sure wish they had places like that around here.

Sounds like you made out like a bandit on your daughter's birthday. I have often said that I think our kids should shower US with gifts on their birthdays as they would not be here if not for us. LOL Just kidding.

Love all your goodies!!

Barbara said...

Oh June, you certainly hit the jackpot when you went looking for light! One beautiful thing after another. So utterly charming.
Spring just can't be too far off!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

Sandies' Patch said...

Hi June, thanks for popping over to my blog and for your lovely comment.
I hope you don't mind my asking, but, what is 'Angelman Syndrome?
I'm a registered Nurse, so am 'nosey' about this!
As for having 6 kids, you have a good figure after all that hard work LOL!

Sandie xx

mudderbear said...

Isn't it wonderful what a little bit of shopping can do for you? Laces and Bling...........
It's good to see you back here, and it's so nice that you could take such a nice trip. I just spent two days in St George. The pool beneath our room's window was always full of kids splashing and yelling. Salt Lake isn't quite to Spring weather yet, but it is trying. There are a few flowers coming up.

mudderbear said...

The antelope pictures are could I forget to mention them.? They are such beautiful animals and you really got some good shots.

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Looks like you had a great trip lady! I love the angel wings! Hugs, Janna

Lisa said...

Thank you for the brought all of us some light! It was a good trip for you, memories, Good times! Your photos are beautiful!

my best, and be well,

Tara said...

What gorgeous frippery and do dads! I love it all! Seriously, I want to move into that shop. It's magnificent!

Thanks so much for your sweet comments on our Jazz booth. You have such excellent taste, any compliment from you is welcome. have a beautiful Sunday June!

Hugs, Sares aka Tara

Shabbygal said...

Oh June I'm so glad I caught your comment on Koralees blog because I couldn't remember your blog. I have missed your beautiful blog! Those were some beautiful pretties you got from your daughter! Going to press follow so I don't lose you again! Traci

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you June,
And back at you girl with your talents.
Love eveything you inspire over here.
We look like we could merge our looks into one great idea :)

Have an inspiring week!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

June honey I had to come by and tell you how grateful I am to you for the sweet comment you left me about my writing.
You know how much I admire you so your note made me feel really good and of course honey if I ever get blessed enough to get my writing published I will of course send you a signed copy.
Know that I appreciate you and love you

karen said...

Oh June!What a beautiful posing!! And I love your new header! The pink (tulips?) are so pretty and spring like! I'm glad you kept your garden angel... he is beautiful. The beauty of a blog is you get to go "THERE". I mean yeah, in pictures, but I still feel like I went "there" with you.
Thank you for showing me "Faded Charm" I would never had seen a store like that!
If you get a minute, stop by weirdbird and look at the new breed of horses I found! A young girl came into Starbucks and told me about this web site. They're amazing!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

God morning June dear,

Your visits chez moi area always a welcome treat, and I thank you for your kind words that trickle in for me to read! WE HAD A BIT OF SNOW ON SATURDAY TOO!!!! But it melted away come the afternoon. Our mounds of snow drifts are now history, and I am hoping that NEXT MONTH we start to see some green!! Have a lovely week my sweet June! Anita

Fete et Fleur said...

I'm so glad you had this pick me up trip. It is pouring sunshine through our windows today. I'm sending you warm and sunshiny thougts.


Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hi June

Belated Happy birthday to your daughter. I love your finds, especially the bling...
Isabelle x


Hi June, I love Boise too, and the shops there! I'll have to hit this new one on my next visit. Both of our daughters are there now. It has been a very gray winter; here I have to have a lamp on all day; it is so dark;
but the sun shines a lot in Boise.
Sounds like you had a wonderful trip with your daughter and now have so many new/old treasures.
Have a great week!
~ Julie

Lounging with a Latte said...

Loving all that lace and bling that you brought back. Glad you had a nice time away and hope your days turn from grey into something brighter.

koralee said...

I so love coming by to visit you...your posts are always so beautiful. To think you live in this world everyday...pure JOY. Lovely whites and creams.

Sending you some Tuesday hugs my sweet friend. xoxoxo

Ana said...

Oh my Ms. June, so much prettiness! Love all your treasures. How wonderful that you and your daughter share the same love of pretty, blingy, lacey, sweet things...So glad you had a chance to visit with your daughter, mother and sister. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

Much love,

Junebug said...

I'm so far behind on reading my favorite blogs. You would think I am still on vacation! I absolutely love all the lace. What wonderful projects your imagination can come up with. I can see some wonderful posts coming! One thing I keep forgetting to ask - Are you going to Farm Chicks this year? I am, but only on Saturday for we have to head home early on Sunday. One day is better then none!!! Hugs!!! June

Bumpkin Hill said...

What a beautiful trip you had and special times with your family, love all that bias and lace :) Gosh, all that snow still, luckily Spring has started to arrive here with the daffodils out in my garden, you can see them over on my Blog if it helps to brighten your days a bit more :) Hugs, Catherine x

Jewellery Bijou said...

Your blog is realy great!

The Feathered Nest said...

My goodness sweet June, what a gorgeous post!!!! So many beautiful things for me to drool over...I'm so glad you were able to visit with your daughter and family lately! I hope you are doing so good dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

Lisa said...

What a beautiful post. Sounds like the best trip, just what the doctor ordered! That shop is amazing, I spotted quite a few things I would have left with. How wonderful that Ember has the same taste & shares with you. I'm praying the Dora phase will wear off & one day Lily will love white as much as she does purple! I know you meant about wanting to get home to your loved ones when you heard of the disaster. Things like that make my blood run cold. I just want to grab my kids & squeeze them tight. Lastly, that Shelley. I love her so. What a sweetie & she knew the way to your heart. Have a great week June.

butiksofie said...

Dear June, hope you are fine!!!Your pics are always so breathtaking!! Many hughs Anja

Unknown said... THIS is where you have been ~
laying under a beautiful pile of LACE!!!!!

That's it!
I'm coming over there ~ I need me some time off, laying under that pile too:) LOL
xo, Rosemary

Robyn said...

Sweetie, this post is so gorgeous, like peering into a delightful jewel box with all kind of goodies I love! I'm so glad you have a nice visit! ....oh and that bias tape, SIGH!!!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

So many light and bright pretty things! All that white goodness would definitely make me feel more cheerful! The vintage treasures your dear daughter gave you are so beautiful! What a sweetheart she is!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hi June!
It was so nice to see your note this morning. I am glad you had a sun,family,lace,ribbon, and bling getaway. I love the metal letters and dried roses. I too weep and pray for Japan. We have much to be thankfull for.
Your photos are beautiful June. The sun will be back, the snow will melt...start getting in shape for the yardwork ahead, your sweet earth misses you and the sun too.

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh, I love the new banner!


Barbara Jean said...

I just want to thank you for such a lovely post. Pure joy to see it all.

barbara jean

Barbara Jean said...

PS Where in Oregon does you Mom live?
I am in Eugene.

barbara jean

Melissa said...

I just found your blog.

It is truly gorgeous. Filled with charm and elegance.

By the way, I live in Boise.

Sunbonnet Cottage

Karen said...

Hi there Miss June.
I have missed blogging while away for 2 weeks and knew I had to run over here to visit you quick to see what you are up to.
SCORE! how nice to visit such a gorgeous shop for inspiration and what a nice friend you have to SHARE WITH YOU! We all need friends like that! YAY! Bling is good!

When we drove to Sturgis So Dakota 2 summers ago, the antelope were bounding right along the side of the road. MADE ME SO NERVOUS! There was no way we would've been able to stop the motorhome if one decided to leap out in front of us. YIKES! Luckily - everyone stayed on their respective sides of the road.

Well, I just wanted to pop in and say hi.

"HI!" and hugs! Karen