Sunday, October 9, 2011

Change doesn't always come easy.

It's always curious to me how some years Fall makes itself known all at once and 
other years it creeps in ever so slowly that you hardly see the changes from one day to the next. 

The latter is how Autumn has made it's way here in 2011. 

I still have so many blooms and so much green in the garden, and yet everywhere I look I see it.


Everywhere, change.

I see it in the mornings, and I see it in that special slant of light in the afternoon that
comes only this time of year.

I see it in grasses that grow along the roads here, as they 
take on a deeper amber hue.

I see it in the horses as they start to puff up from the subtle growth in their coats
as they prepare to face the cold that will come sooner than I would like to think about.

I see it in the last flush of roses on the bush. 
The blooms are more vibrant than in the heat of Summer.

Even in my home I see changes as I prepare the house for more time spent indoors.

The throws and quilts and pillows.

I feel the change in me as well.
A sort of discontent that I can't really identify.

Wanting to change my hair, my clothes, my house, my routine,
just about anything to satisfy this something I can't put my finger on.

A yearning for a new adventure, a new perspective, 
 just something out of the ordinary.

Or even just something different to fix for dinner.

and wondering if everyone else feels this way as the season changes.

It happens every year whether the Autumn comes in all at once or just seeps in. 

It always does. 

I'm easily satisfied, so I know it won't take much.

(I'm having my hair done tomorrow, maybe that will do it)


Wendy & Megan Chamberlain said...

Your last roses of summer are exquisite. Amazing how restless autumn can make you feel, I have this need to start finding safe places for my tender plants as our Indian summer has quickly faded and the weather is turning chilly. Frost in the air and my geraniums will not be happy. Lots of late tomatoes to harvest but they are still green so I guess chutney is on the cards. Have a great week and enjoy having your hair done.

Anonymous said...

I always long for change at this time because this is the time when I realize how quickly the year has gone by. When October hits and I know Christmas is right around the corner I feel the need to sort of fix all that has gone undone and is sneaking up on me.
This year my oldest son started high school and for me it was a big reminder of how time flies.


sweetpea said...

I'd give anything to see some fall changes... your roses are stunning as always. and i'm feeling a bit of that need for change as well but can't put my finger on it either. have a fab week my friend.



Draffin Bears said...

Dear June,

Change can be hard to accept at times and once we set our hearts and minds to life's changes, the happier we will be. Your beautiful roses around the home must make you feel happy, just looking at them.
Hope that you have a wonderful week and enjoy the new hair do, I know you will look and feel fabulous.


Beehive Needleworks said...

Upon my word...your lovely roses take my breath away! The Autumn has appeared in our wee corner of the world most clearly...the trees are ablaze, the garden faded, the nights chilly. It is only a matter of time before the frost is here to stay.

Wishing you a splendid week June!


Low Tide High Style said...

I have the same sort of seasonal angst, especially this time of year. I think fall always means that winter is near for me, and that sort of makes me antsy. Spring means summer is coming, and somehow that is a much more comforting season for me.

Your roses are so beautiful, and so is your photography...really stunning! What variety are the roses in the last few shots? I need to plant some of those!

Kat :)

Suzanne said...

I hope you had a beautiful weekend, weatherwise in your part of Idaho. We did, and I love the feeling in the air!
Your roses are gorgeous, as are your photos...magazine/book worthy!
Enjoy your new "do"!

One Shabby Old House said...

Fall is the season I miss the most. All the vibrant colors wait until Dec to start to come out in FL. I always welcome the drive to AL and the old house and the colors of the changing Bradford pear trees along the way. They amaze me. However, I love it all until it's time to rake. lol


awal.ny said...

Your roses are just beautiful. My flowers are looking better at this time of year than in spring too. I am restless too, I already did the hair cut for the year. I wish it would be a little cooler though, I am looking forward to wearing a sweatshirt at night, I love the crisp cool air. Don't tell anyone but I am kind of excited for our first snowfall too. Crazy huh. I hope it passes for you. Enjoy your week.

flowersandhome said...

I know exactly what you mean. And is it my imagination or is it only us women having that feeling? My husband doesn't seem to want to change a thing ever ;-)
You're showing us some beautiful blooms here! Your garden must still be filled with colour although it's autumn.
Have a great week and a great hairdo tomorrow ;-)

Shabby soul said...

Your rose are so reach and colorful!
Here in Italy where I live it's impossible now find some beauty like this, summer is too heat and every rose fade so quickly.
I love autumn, and this strange sensation it always gives to me, like you: desire to change, but every thing last as always, also...
Dreamy pictures. Hugs my sweet lady!

Unknown said...

oh we are so in sync mon amie....I too have been feeling that "yearning for change!" it comes at the same time every year...autumn! and I have been searching for an answer since it has arrived. hmmm..maybe i should call my hair dresser?? ;)

Victorian1885 said...

Hello Dear Friend
Autumn is one of my favourite Season's and I always feel the need to change the decor for a cozier feeling. I have the need to nest this time of year and get ready to cozy up in front of the fireplace.... read some good books and bake for some reason.. (I usually don't have the urge lol ). Getting more massages and pedicures etc seem to be more important to me this time of year and I am not sure why but I enjoy them more than any other time.
I love the sealers you have used as your vases..
Enjoy your visit to the salon tomorrow!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Oh June, your photos really set me in an even better mood! OUR FALL IS NOT VERY PRETTY THIS YEAR due to HOT temperatures! The leaves have fallen, but everything is brown, and not the usual bright reds and yellows and orange. CHANGE....oh yes, that is for sure. Oh this is a beautiful post! Anita

Kristin_Texas said...

Fall avoids my neck of the woods, but at least the triple digit temps are a thing of the past by now. (At least I hope. Lol!) I can't imagine what it'd be like to see fall colors in person.

Those are BEAUTIFUL pictures you posted, by the way. All of your pictures are lovely. (And I love your horses names, too, especially "Belle" and "Knightly").


NanaDiana said...

First of all-lovely pictures...your roses are beautiful. We are just about done blooming here though.

And..I, too, always feel restless this time of year...maybe because I know that winter is coming and I will soon be inside most of the time, maybe because I realize I have reached another Autumn in the autumn of my life. Not sure WHY- but I DO feel it-that urge to do something different-while still wanting to hold onto what I have always done. It's a strange life sometimes!;>) xo Diana

Diane said...

Maybe. I hadn't noticed except that I feel like I need to have EVERYTHING done before snow flies. It's not going to happen but I feel a sense of urgency. Your pictures are so pretty June. You have an amazing eye for beauty. Blessings, Diane

My name is Riet said...

Hi dear June. Your roses are still so beautiful and toyr pictures of them are gorgeous. .I lik e the colors of fall but I hate the days getting shorter and it getting dark earlier every day. We are back from our holidays in Spain and France but I have still lots of photo´s to last me for a few more weeks.
Have a wonderful week my friend.
Hugs from Riet

The Green Pea said...

June, I feel the same way. When I see the coats of the horses getting longer I know that Fall is here. I get a nesting feeling. Painting and redecorating for the Holidays. Making soups and pies. I love the Spring and Fall seasons. Have a nice week June.

Celestial Charms said...

Hi June,
Your roses are devine! Yes, tis true about Fall creeping in, and with it a general yearning for change. I get a little extra energy, as the summers here in Texas are brutal and the autumnal cooling breathes a new life into me. ;) Have a wonderful week ahead!

Paint Me White said...

June these images are just breathtaking. Sandy x

{oc cottage} said...

If I lived where the season changed...maybe I could join in this conversation! ;} All I know it that I have some PINNING to do...yowzaa!

m ^..^

Debby said...


In South Texas we have two season, warm and hot!! Neither is conducive to the beautiful garden that you grow. I have to live thru your pictures, and they are amazing!

Happy Fall, enjoy your season, it will change before you know it


Rebecca said...

Hi June!
Fall coming fast here... all of a sudden the trees are full of color, but the days have been warm. It has been a beautiful week but I have that urge to get things ready for winter. So much to do, so little time.
Blessings to you

Katherine said...

It must be something in the air. I truly want to run away right now. It's nothing in particular, just the need to get off of the merry-go-round and have some 'me' time.

I new 'do' is a good start, enjoy the pampering and change. I generally end up purchasing new bra's and panties when I'm feeling down ..... not the plain bra's, no, no, no. You have to get the 'wow, I never thought I'd ever buy this colour or pattern' type. said...

Hi June - wonderful words of change and wonderful pictures too!
What would we be or do without these changes?! I think, we have a great chance, to have these changes...we are really lucky, to have 4 seasons in our countries...that makes our life so wonderful. The nature is changing every time and so, we like also to change something each of these times.
So: cheers to the changes!
Have a wonderful time...Barbara

joanne said...

I get a little restless as the seasons change but none more so than in Autumn. I think it is the heading into winter, less light, less colour, less time outside that makes me that way. As with you, it always passes but even in knowing that I seem to be taken back by it every time. Then again, maybe it's the dinner thing!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

You took such gorgeous pictures again, June! They really should be in a book or calendar.
We didn't have a real summer this year and September was much nicer than July and August. I never mind the change to fall, especially in hot summers. I only wish it would be spring afterwards and not winter.
Have a wonderful week!
Big hugs,
PS: Thank you that you would let me stay for days and days on your patio :-)

maría cecilia said...

So wonderful roses, dear June, so pretty and beautiful post all in light as the change keeps going on and on making us flow in its rythms... hope your hairdo it´s all you need to find "that something" you are feeling these days. Meanwhile I´m here waiting for my roses to open very, very soon, before I was expecting them this year that has its "something" in this lovely spring of us.
hugs my dear

Pondside said...

Ah June, you've put it just so exactly right. Every year at this time I want to change something - last year it was my hair, but usually it's the house. I get 'nesty' for home, wish to spend more time here - bake, polish, rearrange. Your home is such a reflection of the joy you take in where you are - I love to come here to read your posts.

Susi said...

Ohhh what lovely post my dear..
I love this pink roses soooo much..
Wonderful images...
Kisses have a nice day..
Susi from Germany

Seawashed said...

Your photos are so so beautiful. Your roses breathtaking. I am embracing is my favorite time of year in Northern California.

Simplement ... said...

J'aime tes images idéales d'un automne romantique ...
Très belle journée

Rostrose said...

Dearest June, I love your "summer-goes-autumn"-photos! Yes, I can feel the change and some kind of desire, too. It's always the same and I know the feeling since a long time. It's a good feeling if you allow yourself to follow: If you are yearning for a change, just do it! Buy a new dress or try a new hairstyle or try to go to a place where you have never been and always wanted to go... Cook a new kind of dinner, climb on a table and dance - and if someone is asking you "Why" just say "Why not?" :o)
Warm Austrian hugs from Traude (who is climbing on a table right now ;o))

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

It's really funny June as, I HATE change but, I really look forward to the changing seasons ! I think that they all hold something special and Autumn is no exception. We can now have open fires, light the candles, eat comfort food , watch the leaves turning and, I can wear my boots, jackets and coats !
As usual, your garden has given you so much beauty to bring inside. Maybe it's beacause you have such a stunning garden, it makes you a little sad that all of the flowers will soon be gone and that it will be many months before it comes back into life again.
My glass is ALWAYS half full....brimming over in fact, and I always try to look for the positives .
I'm sure that your trip to the hairdressers will help and, on the way, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape around you.
I know that you will feel fine in a day or two. Try to enjoy the darker evenings and all that they bring. Lots of love June. XXXX

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi June,
Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts and photos n changing of the season.
You are so right. There is restlessness that one cannot put their finger on. I always have the urge to change up decor, bake bread and cookies and spend more time at home. Must be natures way for sure.

I think I need a pedicure!!!


The Vintage Farmhouse said...

So many beautiful flowers! ♥

Claudia said...

Your photos are beautiful, June. I always feel a little melancholy in the fall. I love its beauty, but I have an awareness of change, of winter coming, or cold and snow. I can't always put my finger on what it is but it lingers for a while - I've just learned to go with it.


victorian parlor II said...


I am enjoying the slow change of fall. I love the golden glow of the sun and the slightly cooler breezes that whisper through the trees. I too have been redecorating with pillows, draperies, and throws. Our temperatures have dropped into the 70's lately so fall is definately here:). I love your beautiful flowers!



Junebug said...

Roses are gorgeous! I have to agree with you, I'm as restless as fall leaves blowing in the wind. I settle down for a bit and then a breeze comes along and I'm up swirling around. I've decorated for Fall but it hasn't provided calm. I want to paint my whole house, rearrange furniture and this is suppose to be nesting time. Let me know if you find a cure!!! Hugs!! Junebug

Fete et Fleur said...

Dear June!

It's all so beautiful! Summer is still having its last hurrah in your garden as fall, "enters in on little cat feet." The quote is from a favorite poem. Those roses are so amazing.


chateau de fleurs said...

How absolutely beautiful June!!! Your photos and writeing are so special, XO Christie

Cindy said...

Hey Sweet lady, that was so well said.
Your roses are breathtaking. I love the way the roses go crazy right before the first frost. It's such a treat.
It is kind of all mixed up emotionally this time of year, with roses bursting forth, and then the leaves changing on the trees, and everything turning yellow and gold and transitioning into the colder months.


The Scrappy Cottage said...

Your flowers are such a delight to see, so beautiful. I hope you hair appointment went well for you. I think it must just be the time of year. I have this restless feeling about me. Changing up everything. My husband calls it my getting ready to nest for the winter time. Well good to know others go through the same thing. Have a good one.~~Cherrie~~

Vintage Home said...

Fall brings bundled thoughts.....
Your post even in your wonderings is inspirational.
We just celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving...two days of unbelievably beautiful sunshine..33 family members, feasting and THANKS!

Dorthe said...

Dear June,
a most beautiful post- the roses and your thoughts also.
I kind of feel the same, as a bit of sadnes- even I so love the autumn- but I think -for me it is that when autumn comes, christmas is around the corner, and then a new year- and lately I think my years flyes away-just like that..and gone they are-- so this time of year alwayes make me think-:what happened ,where have it gone??
Hugs and love-Dorthe

j adore said...

ganz ganz bezaubernd ist es bei dir und was für wunderschöne Bilder.)))

schön das ich dich gefunden hab.....

GGLG Tanja

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hi June...Autumn teased us here for a few days but Indian Summer came for quite a long visit over the holiday weekend. Having to close up our trailer while all my flowers were looking so beautiful was quite sad. But I am so thankful for another beautiful season and look forward to next!

Jacqui said...

A beautiful post! Gorgeous images and the words resonate!! Thank you...

jewels in the garden +: ) said...

Dear June, I so welcomed your post today as I am feeling that emptiness when company leaves. Your pictures and thoughts "hug" me! : )
I am so so bad with change...I don't like it. I like to live in my comfy little world. Not good.
BUT, I do like the change in weather! I am glad to see summer over because our summers are so hot and I can finally open windows and doors and feel the breeze and listen to the outdoor sounds.
We don't have the beautiful fall colors though but I will be headed to NC later this week and will be able to experience a true fall season, for a week at least!
Blessings dear friend,

LizlovesVintage said...

This just made my day!!! It's been a rough one. Thanks sweets!
xxx Liz

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Beautiful post. I love Fall, and it's creeping up on us here in Texas too, it's such a welcoming change from the terrible heat we have had this summer. I can't wait to pull the sweaters out and change things up a bit! Always love you beautiful photos June!
hugs~~~ Daphne

mudderbear said...

I love Autumn. It feels refreshing and invigorating. The best holidays are not far away. You have described it well.

Sandi said...

I feel it too June and you are quite right! Can't put my finger on it either. Beautiful photos with the last of your flowers. I still have summer white phlox blooming!!

Ana said...

Oh my goodness June, you have put into words what I have been feeling too. I think it's the dramatic change from the spring and summer seasons to the fall and winter seasons that just stirs the desire for change in me :-) Enjoy your "YOU" time. Have a wonderful day.

Much love,

Terri Gordon said...

Oh what a beautiful post, I always know I am going to see beautiful flowers, but oh my, these are just beautiful! I love to visit your beautiful blog, you really make my day. Have a wonderful day today, you have made mine. Hugs, Terri

Olive said...

June, your images are especially cheerful to me today as it is raining and I sat in an exam room at the doctor's for three hours. At this time of year I make soup, stews, wild rice and mushroom casserole and such. Good comfort food. I need to be working in my flower garden but I am not feeling that. hugs♥O

Mary @ Sea Quilts said...

That's me and it happens with EVERY season. I like change. I like to mix things up.

I REALLY like the flowers in those beautiful aqua jars.


Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

There is always such soothing beauty on your blog! The blue jars are just luscious with your gorgeous flowers. I hate to be this way, but I'm looking forward to a new summer! haha! So nice to have a visit with you!

Lisa said...

Enchanting, that's how I feel about this post. It's beautiful, and I do understand the change that seasons bring to us. I know the change will happen again, around the Holidays! And I always look forward to winter.
and yes, having your hair done, will pick you up!
again I thank you for your wonderful words.

hugs, Lisa

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I do get restless this time of year.I always have the urge to just pack up the back of an old Toyota and take off. And I don't even have an old Toyota! I hope the hair appointment does the trick for you.

Your roses are beautiful!

Reading Tea Leaves said...

I know exactly how you feel June, I'm always struck by a kind of melancholy as autumn approaches. But it passes.

Hope the new hair cut will do the trick!

Your roses are simply beautiful.


Carolyn said...

Hi June,
I can definitely relate!I always want to move things around in the house or paint things when fall hits and I move back indoors.My curly/fuzzy hair is always a bone of contention with me so no change there!
Your roses are very pretty-we had ice in the birdbath this morning.

Thank you for your prayers for Lucas and our family-it is heartwarming to know so many people will pray for him.
Take care,

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

You just uplifted our rainy, grey day. The pink peonies are little rays of sunshine to me!
Have a joyful midweek, June xx

Donna Reyne' said...

Hello dear one! I love, love love this post!
Your words~perfectly convey my feelings of late!
Maybe that's why I struggle so right now!
Everything looks fabulous as always!
(Would love to see what you did with you hair!) I too have been thinking about making a change!
Much love and big hugs~

Robin Thomas said...

I just kinda licked my screen.

Is that wrong?

justrite storage cabinets said...

With this technique you can keep flowers for so many days. Keep any flowers with full of water in yard, it will throw good smell through out the day.

Barbara said...

Oh those peonies! My favorites, June.
Believe it or not, we do have seasons in Florida too...not as noticeable, but as I drove out of the garage yesterday two trees had dropped their leaves all over the driveway. So odd looking when everything else is still so green. You have to look carefully, but fall is here too.

Betty Jo said...

Beautifully expressed June! I feel the same way. One day I'm satisfied with everyday things, then the fall air hits me and I want to run to a mountain top and act like I'm Maria from the Sound of Music! Your photos are incredible, so don't ever change sharing those!!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Dear June! I just can't believe you're still having such an array of gorgeous blooms this time of year! Funny how our bodies and emotions are linked to the seasonal changes. I always feel energized and ready to "nest" for the winter.
Loved your last post, I have one of those rooms too. to be full of "crap" it looks pretty darn good! xoxo said...

My friend June: You are so tender with the care and love you give to your gardens and home and family. It's great to call you my friend.

I understand - change- I love change, change keeps me going, change keeps me growing, I can't live without change, every day. I want to move forward every day, if I'm not moving forward, I'm moving backward.

If I had those flowers to look at though, I wouldn't want them to change at all.

The hair cut will work, here's something else. Why don't you come to Utah. You could stay with me!.

big hugs
cindy g

Cindy Lou said...

You should come into to town to visit and shop! Darlene is back! Already. Same location just new product. Pure fun. Lovely post as usual! said...

I hope you find the change that makes you happy. Getting my hair done always makes me happy;) There is always so much change around here that sometimes I wish it would just slow down a bit. Always so much to do. But thankfully I do stop long enough to enjoy it. It would be wrong not to. I am enjoying every bit of this wonderful life that has been given to me. It is way to short isn't it? Have fun getting your hair done:) Hey maybe a new outfit would help too;)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Jill said...

Fall brings so many emotions to me too...some of it is a desire for change. Some just uneasiness, some excitement. It's odd for sure. I hope your hair "do" helped!

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Dear June, those exquisite roses are such beauties, I adore the pastel shades, and the pink, oh I feel as though you have just thrust a bunch into my hands! I know, I know change is a constant in our lives which is an contradiction in itself, but it throws a spanner in our works for good or bad. But spanners can be good for undoing things, loosening something so that everything runs smoothly for a while longer I'm thinking.

(Both my girls are hairdressers, wish you were going to visit my eldest's Salon, we could share gossip and coffee and laughter there!)

Hugs dear friend,
Jane x

☼ Carolina ☼ said...

....*☆.@@ ☆*'

wendy said...

I can't believe you still have those gorgeous roses in your garden to put in the house.
We haven't a blooming anything around here now.
in fact...there was a skim of ice on the horse trough this morning.
I feel very unsettled as I see fall slip away
wanting "something" but not quite sure what that is
"something" that will help me get through the winter and still feel alive.

Anonymous said...

There is a feeling that comes with the season changes. Excitement... anticipation... joy... it's all good!
Wishing you a lovely weekend, June!

Farah said...

June you truly express the exact feeling ... I too don't know but wanting some changes in my routine ... changing of season really effect so much on moods and behavior ...
Like always a beautiful post which describes at least my inner too...
And flowers are beautiful I never imagine so beautiful and healthy roses at this time of year... very lovely ...

Visit me if you can

Garter Mademoiselle said...

Your post put into words everything that I feel at this time of year, as well as every time that the season't change, but especially in the fall. I too can never pinpoint the feeling or the cause of it, but I feel the need for something different, something out of the ordinary in my days. It never happens, and as you say, it eventually passes, but it is there all the same. I have never heard anyone else put that feeling into words, so was just thrilled to read your post, June. Thank you for saying it, as I am sure that we are not alone in feeling this way. big hugs from afar. I am not around as much as I used to be or as much as I would like to be, but am still there, always at the edges!! ~Debby

Rosie said...

Oh June your white world sprinkled with soft, tender colours takes my breath away. It has been so long since I have come to sit on your front porch, but it was just what I sit down with a good cup of tea and gaze around at all you have been blessed with...ahhh...then go get your hair done...and smile again...HUGS Rosie

Unknown said...

I'll take that 'crap' room any time June! It is gorgeous,peaceful & welcoming.

Your florals continue to bring me such joy, & I am sure you are enjoying every last brilliant color. Like you, they radiate such beauty & joy.

I pre-posted a few blogs as I am having a terrible time seeing, some days are worse than others. I so welcome surgery on Weds. I have not been commenting much because of this ... 2nd surgery is maybe 2 weeks later so hopefully by end of Nov. I can see clearly once again.

Have a beautiful week, my precious friend. I love you~
Marydon said...

It's me again. I wanted to e-mail you but don't have you address.

Your daughter has moved further south and further west. Actually it's closer to me. I live at 2256 W Hobbs Drive South Jordan Utah. If you google the name of the town they have moved too, and look at the map. They are straight west of South Jordan (me) if you could go through the mountain. So I'd have to go around it. It's not much of a drive. I'm so sorry you can't come. Just be sure and let me know when your coming.

big hugs
cindy g

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

My Dear June I have the same feeling.....I started baking and making soups but the problem is it's been HOT in Cali still but I love to change my routine in the Fall too. Your post is beautiful as EVER. Ciao Rita

GwendolynKay said...

Hello June,
Your flowers are gorgeous! Yes, I am feeling the need for changes also. Wanting to redo some rooms, change my hair and makeup and such. I do this with every season. I think changes are good for us... Keeps things fresh.

@nne said...

thanks for sharing your wonderful flowers! loeve, @nne

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh June what a fantastic post! And to think that there are so many of us feeling the same thing. I mirror your feelings and can't shake them for the time being. Need some changes too! Maybe simplify my life in many areas.

I am sure as you said it may not take much! LOL! I am sure your hair~do will be the fix you need!

Love your blog and all that you bring to it!

Love you June!

Shabby soul said...

Darling June, I'm sorry I didn't find your e-mail address so I write (again) here...
Thank you sooo much for apreciating my home, it means a lot to me. It's a little nest, and I'm trying to make it cute as I can but, moreover, filled with love.
Hugs my sweet lady

Linda said...

Glorious Day, June!

I always so enjoy my time here. I could totally relate to the thoughts you so eloquently expressed in this comforting post. And, your rose photos are WOW! I looove, too, your photo of sweet little Ashes in your sidebar - I have big time cat love! LOL

Wishing you and yours a beautiful day,

Linda at Beautiful Ideas


I know what you mean June, I try to hold on to summer so hard and this year, we had a wonderful Indian summer, but now, the first night below freezing is behind us and the leaves have fallen, so I guess the inevitable is upon us. I don't mind so much if it weren't that from Halloween to New Year's goes by so dang fast. I find that depressing...I'd like to relish in that time a bit more. Oh well, such is life. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your heartfelt thoughts about what you would take. I thought it was an interesting bit of food for thought.


Privet and Holly said...

Oh, I bet you look great
with your new 'do! I
totally understand how
you feel. Part of it is
knowing how my routine
is going to change once
there is snow on the ground....
and it stays here for a long
long, long time. No more
easy breezy throw on flip
flops and out the door with
Gracie's leash snapped on.
No, it will be bundling and
boots for me and a sweater
for her. I'm fluffing the nest
in anticipation. I really like
a change of season; it's good
to shake things up!
xx Suzanne
PS: Your roses and all your
pics are just heavenly.

Beverly said...

Gorgeous post, June. It does make you think.

Life is all about change, isn't it? You just wait a minute and there it is.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Dear June
Well I really tried to read every word but kept being pulled back to your glorious shots of these pink roses.. so beautiful..

I usually feel excitement with spring and summer.. but autumn leaves me a little anxious. I think it is the change to shorter days... less daylight and autumn is really just a little bleak here.. no glorious 'fall colours' but perhaps that's just where I live.. away from the city i'm sure it holds more beauty..

Have a wonderful weekend.. thanks so much for your kind comments.. ciao xxx Julie

Ivy and Elephants said...

You always have the most gorgeous blooms and wonderful words of inspiration.

Felicity said...

Every time I visit your glorious space I inhale deeply.
It's a result of the fabulous combination of your glorious images and your thoughtfilled words.

Thank you for all the beauty that you share so generously, I hope that you enjoy the weekend ahead and your creativity springs forth,

Kristin_Texas said...

Breathtaking, glorious, beautiful.....

All your pictures are too lovely. I just want to step inside them! ;o)


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Dear June,
your last roses are simply beautiful!!Thanks for sharing them.Have a wonderful day.