Friday, October 28, 2011

A time to rest.

I drove by a neighboring farmer's home the other day and noticed all of his eight
tractors parked in a row. His combines and hay swathers, balers and plows
are all parked neatly in his equipment yard.
This can only mean one thing...
harvest time is over.

My own little harvest is finished here as well.

My mower and yard carts, pruners and clippers
and shovels and hoes are back in the garden shed for another season.

I brought the new turquoise bench in for the Winter and it will stay in the reading room
until next Summer.
Well, maybe not just this room. I have been known to move things around a lot.
Last week Dale's best friend had to come and help move our bedroom back to it's 
post Summer arrangement. He asked "didn't I just come the Spring and help move it here?"
You see, in the Summer, I always move the bed in front of the windows so we can enjoy
having the windows open for the breeze and then move it back before Winter.

I cut all the hydrangeas I wanted to cut before the hard frost came a few nights ago.
I'm so glad I did because it got so cold that all we have now are are crispy,
brown and black hydrangeas.

I have been watching the weather forecasts for over a week now so I could cut the last 
of the flowers
to have in the house for one last hurrah. 

I put bouquets in almost every room in the house.

When I went to IKEA in Draper, Utah, I got these 
woven hanging baskets for the bathroom.
I love them because they hold wash cloths and my makeup and keeps the clutter 
off the counter.
They make pretty cool bouquet holders too!

Roses on a shelf above the tub.

So before the hard frost I thought I would go out and pick one of everything still blooming.

This is the little pail of flowers.
Everything that I knew wasn't going to make it through the 20 degree low we had.

 Those are Landon's toys in the background you see on the floor in the above photo. 
I could have picked them up and shut the doors on the armoire,
 but it looks like this all the time.
If you came to my house and into this room you would be dodging
legos and all kinds of plastic toys on the floor.
This room and the kitchen is where we do most of our hanging out. 
So it is never really picked up.
Landon's preferred toy is a magazine to rip to shreds and so you can 
imagine what the room looks like half the time.  
This is a good day. 

The sweet peas are no more and the roses are now ragged in the garden.
So these blooms are the last of the Summer.

I will be buying my fresh flowers at the market from now on.

They made a lovely centerpiece for the coffee table in the living room.

I can't walk passed them without smiling.

As you can tell, I don't really do any seasonal decorating at my house.
I used to when all the children were home, but now the only only season I decorate for
is Christmas and a little bit for Easter.

I have more than a little bit of 'lazy' in me.

One awesome thing Dale and I did this Fall was go to a Autumn
barn dance that a local rancher holds in his barn every year.

He hires our daughter Kim's band, which plays a lot of country rock and 
opens the barn to anyone and everyone who wants to 
come out and have a great time. 
It is the best time for everyone in town to come together and socialize 
and dance the night away. It usually draws over 200 people.
Dale and I love to dance and I think we danced every dance the first hour of it.
The next day I could hardly walk!

Kim had my daughter Haylee and me come up to sing some songs with her.
We had so much fun!
I can hardly wait for the next one.
But my feet can!


Blessed Serendipity said...

Your home is beautiful and so cozy. Love all your homey touches.


maría cecilia said...

I was just going to sleep cause is late at night but could not do so when I saw a new post from you. I just love having a look at your home indoors, such a wonderful place you have created my dear June!!!
You can´t move because of dancing too much and I because gardening has it´s accidents and I felt down on the hill while watering... jajaja!!! everything hurts in my body.
thanks so much my dear for taking your time and email me, I so love when you do!!!
good night said...

Hy dear June - and before all I would like to thank you for your so kind message you wrote me last time!
And now to your pictures: they are so wonderful and romantic. With these beautiful last flowers, you have really not to make any decoration - they put your living room in a such cosy mood!
And I think, we all here, like to change our interior very often. Variety makes change rich! You are also a Gemini born, aren't you? I am too on 6.6.54. That explains a lot
Wishing you a romantic weekend, I remain cordally, Barbara

Sharing with Sherri said...

Hi dear June, I see I'm not the only one up a bit late tonight... but I imagine from what I just read that it's probably about the only time you get a moment to yourself:)... and you could never convince me for one minute that you have a single lazy bone in your body!
I've been pretty busy these past few months, and apologize for not coming by sooner... I hope all is going well in your life. A barn dance sounds like all kinds of fun!
I've never been to one but I can just imagine you there kicking up your heels and having a well deserved great time!
Your home looks like a breath of fresh air as usual I almost forgot how warm and inviting it looks. I hope you had an enjoyable summer tending to your flower garden!
Your centerpiece looks really sweet with all the flowers in different shaped bottles. Simply perfect!!
Now put your feet up and enjoy a cup of tea and a good magazine;)

Big hugs, Sherri:)

oldgreymare said...

i can hear the happiness and contentment as if I were hearing your voice.
Blessings to you my dear friend. <3

Farah said...

Hello June.... I think your home should be name FLOWER HOUSE... so much beautiful colours and now you dried up for the harsh winter season that always remind you for the next coming Spring ... which is only 5 months away ... not very far haan? ...
I can well imagine the happiness you have... its all so lovely...
with love and hugs from

My name is Riet said...

Good morning dear JUne. What a beautiful post you have again. I love all the flowers in your house and you beautifully decorated it all. What fun to go to a socal dance with most of te neighbours . I love to dance too and we used to a lot , also because my DH is an excellent dancer. And you even sang with the band and your daughters. Wow, that must have been awesome.
Have a nice week my friend.

Draffin Bears said...

Dear June,

Loved that you danced the night away and hope that the sore feet have come right now.
How neat also that you could sing with your daughters band.
Also enjoyed seeing the beautiful flowers of the last of the season, until next time.
Thanks for showing us around your home and always lovely to have a peek into your lovely life.

Happy weekend

One Shabby Old House said...

If flowers could sing yours would be a symphony and if they would be expressing their happiness over you saving them from the cold.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi June,
I would love to see more of your home. The large mirror I spy in the background is breathtaking, as is all of your floral arrangements. Your photos are so beautiful.

A barn dance sounds like lots of fun. Mr. Sissie and I love to dance too but it's been awhile. I wonder if my feet could take it!LOL!

Happy Fall!


jill said...

Hi June,thank you for your lovely comments you leave me x your posts are always so pretty and inspiring,love the blue bench,I also move furniture around hubby says he never knows where hes going to sit down or lie down to sleep,its a girl thing I tell him.Love Jill xx

Alaina said...

Your blooms are so beautiful, I think I miss my last chance to cut the last roses and hydrangeas, but that ok, even a frozen rose is beautiful to me. It is funny how polar oposite our homes are at this very moment. Last night I was testing the lighting for tonights party and my children wandered around in awe, they do not get to see the house as it looks moments before the party, in all of it's best spookiness. Honestly though, I will have all of this Halloween packed away within a week to celebrate a little guys birthday and then the wonderment of Christmas. I have heard that snow is possible soon. There is hot coco to be made, new mittens, boots, coats and hats just waiting in anticipation for the first building of a snowman. Have a wonderful weekend and remember, it is not laziness, it is call being content with the way things are.

flowersandhome said...

I enjoyed all your last bouquets you brought inside the house! Such a variety of blooms too! And I love the colours! My attention was especially drawn to the purple flowers, not the clematis but the other light purple ones, soooo pretty! Don't know what they are but I love them.
Your home looks so cosy and beautiful as it is; it doesn't need any other or seasonal decoration I think.
A barn dance with country rock music! Now, that's something we could never have around here! Sounds great! Hope your feet have recovered a bit yet.
Love your turquoise bench too by the way.
A post full of loveliness again, as we are used to when passing by here. Thanks!

time worn interiors said...

Morning June! You pack so many beautiful photos in one post! Of course you know how I feel about all your lovely blooms! But a barn dance as well, and you even sang! I bet that was a blast!

It looks so sunny there, it's already been very cloudy and gloomy all week here! Yuck! And we have a heavy frost this morning.

Thanks for all the lovely photos! I never get tired of looking at your flowers!


Connie (aka LOU) said...

June - So your home inside is as beautiful as your home outside? (I could live there.) OMG, I loved your photos! Turquoise bench is the best. The splash of color is perfect. Thanks for sharing the last of the sweet pea....I didn't miss one of my favorite smelling flowers. I could comment on a lot of things but I don't want to bore you. I think I'm going to have to go back and view again.

Connie LOU

Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't think there's a bit of lazy in you, girl. :)
Your home & the blooms are so pretty, and it's nice to see Landon's toys about. I always like photos that show real life.
The dance and singing sounds like so much fun! Enjoy your autumn!

the old white house said...

Good morning June! I think I almost always involuntarily hold my breath as i read your posts, the beauty is just incredible. This one is no exception. I love the silver tray of tiny vases for your bouquets. As for toys on the floor, just watch your step around here... between Max's toys and Hannah's nail polish and my creating supplies, oh my, I just tell myself, 'we live here' it works sometimes and then others I hear my mom's voice telling me to 'clean my room'! today is one of those days, when I can't find glue and glitter well that is not a good thing!
Thank you again for the inspiration and beauty!
t. xoxooxoxoxo

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful post, June! I love all your blooms that you have scattered about. I just cut my hydrangea, too. Time to bunker in for Fall. I have been talking about switching our bedroom around for winter too. Maybe I will get that done soon! xo Diana

Julie Marie said...

Oh June, everything looks just so beautiful, and I love that you photo'd Landon's toys out even... making it a real home... not just for display... we also had our first hard frost and the day before I also went into my garden and snipped all my roses to dry... I couldn't bear to think of those precious little petals all cold and frozen... a barn dance sounds like sooo much fun!... I would love to hear you sing as well... I must have missed you in Utah? Did you already visit... I saw your darling bags from Ikea in Draper... wishing you a beautiful, cozy day inside... love to you, xoxo Julie Marie

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Ohhhhh my goodness your pictures are so very beautiful!! I love your home and I love your gorgeous flowers ~
Thank you for sharing such loveliness with us ~


Unknown said...

oh my gosh.....such beautiful flowers. Your house is so warm, inviiting, peaceful and so so beautiful!! I just love when you post pics of your house and flowers....such a wonderful way to start the day!

MJ Ornaments said...

June, your flowers are so happy, and lovely photos as always. Hope you have a great weekend. Take care, Martha

Katherine said...

June, I love the journeys you take all of us on when you share your home and garden. Everything looks so soft and tranquil .... even with a sprinkle of lego.
You decorate every day with the little finishing touches that make a space special and alive.
You need to have your own book.... just saying!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Not only do I can inspiration from your words of reflection, but I always come away with ideas on how to get the most WHITE BEAUTY out of my harp studio, that has many of the same features as your rooms....oh, so LOVELY DEAREST! Anita

Debby said...

Your home is just beautiful. I love it.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

It's so nice to see your beautiful rooms filled with flowers!

Villa König said...

Dear June, your home is so wonderful! A place full of beautiful flowers! It look so light and cozy, I would love to see more. Wish you a happy weekend, hugs Yvonne

Junebug said...

Wow Sista, Love, love your beautiful pictures of your flowers and home. One picture missing and that is you and Dale kicking up your heals! Your barn dance sounds so much fun. I love to dance and I do dance with myself at home. Hummm, any cute single guys at the dance, I'll be right there, ha-ha!!! As our growing season has come to a close I like you will be at the market buying flowers. I must, and I mean I must have flowers. Enjoy your day sweet one! Junebug

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi June, I love that pop of turquoise in the bench and pillow on the couch. Your home is beautiful and the roses and flowers are so very pretty. I just read through your previous post -- your garden looks great and certainly doesn't look small to me. We had a dust storm roll in today :/ Everything is already so drab so that just makes it worse. Hope you are having a great day. best wishes, Tammy

Blondie's Journal said...

The barn dance sounds like so much fun...I love those sort of things! Just simple, good fun!

I sigh every time I see pictures of your lovely home. The flowers are the icing on the cake! I love the baskets you found, they are precious hanging in your bath. I'd like to find something like them, but things sell out fast at IKEA.

Have a wonderful Saturday, June!


Beehive Needleworks said...

Dear June...Oh my, your home is so very inviting, soft, and gentle. It is indeed a delightful spot to restore my rest for a short bit. Thank you ever so kindly for sharing a peek into your corner of the world.

Wishing you time to dance each and every day...


Wendy & Megan Chamberlain said...

Hi June
Just love the title of your blog, a time to rest is just so right for this time of the year. Love all the pictures of your beautiful, peaceful home and the last flowerings of the season. Thanks for sharing.

Victoria said...

If that's you being lazy then I want to be lazy too!!! I just LOVE the flowers in the little bottles, it looks breathtaking! My husband and I went to Total Wine the other day, they have racks of very small bottles of liquor at the checkout and I fell in love with one of the tiny bottles, it was only $5 so I gave him puppy dog eyes so I could get it:) I have no idea what the heck type of liquor is in there but I guess I'll have to force it down so I can use the little bottle for flowers!

Have a lovely weekend June and thank you for sharing your absolutely stunning home!

Dorthe said...

Dear June, your photoes from home and garden are alwayes so very beautiful, -and today also.
All those fantastic buquets and the colours are all lovely- , and gives no feeling of autumn, but more summer:)
Your home is a wonderful place looking sunny and full og light-and gorgeous things.
Thankyou, for showing.

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Hello June, Love seeing the last of the seasons flowers, I just posted on the last of the Autumn leaves, the wind is starting to blow & the temps drops, so that is what the Leaves are doing too..... Your Home always looks "Picture Perfect" and I am happy to see that you do not decorate for every Holiday... Now that it is Just Me & My Cat, even the Christmas decor is getting less, Elliott (cat) likes to knock all the ornaments off anyway.... Now what is this you say about Dancing & Singing, My, June ~ You are Full of Talents! Have a Wonderful & Blessed Weekend!

Suz said...

Your house is so beautiful. Why bother to decorate! I always feel calm when I see your pictures. They are so beautiful!!! I am lazy, too. I have a couple of Halloween decorations, thanks to swaps and I do a bit of Easter. Christmas is only on the first floor! Lots of lazy!!!

wendy said...

Oh my, all those photos were a treat for the eyes.
I love that you were able to gather the "last of your flowers"
I'd be smiling too, if I got to pass by them throughout the day.
Love the bluebells.

I do a lot less seasonal decorating too since moving up here to Alberta. 1. because my house is just to small to hold much of anything like that
2. because if the grandkids aren't around to have fun with it, what's the point eh. kinda makes me sad.

I love those baskets your found at Ikea. Great idea.

there is a Barn Dance close to where my parents live that they run throughout the summer and fall. It is a blast. We go there at least once in the summer when I am down there (it is 4 hour drive from my place)
kick up your country heels girl, and get ready for the next one.

Kristin_Texas said...

You take the most beautiful photos!


Carolyn said...

Hi June,
I loved seeing all the pretty bouquets you picked and spread around the house.I just picked a little sample of what was blooming in our garden too but you have a few that I don't have.
The barn dance sounds like so much fun and I would love to have heard you sing with your daughters-you are a very talented lady!
Our weather have taken on a cooler tinge too and the clean up in the garden is well under way.
Soak those weary feet!


Diane said...

Your house is just beautiful, just the way everything is June. Don't you love the last flowers bouquets, a little of this and one of that. It's kind of like a very special gift and they always look so pretty. The barn dance sounds like fun and a great way to finish off the summer. Blessings, Diane

A New England Life said...

I'm amazed at how many flowers you still had left in your garden. Unfortunately I lost all my Zinnias 2 nights ago to the frost. I wish I'd picked them. Tonight we're having a heavy, wet snow storm. Hopefully it won't destroy the hydrangeas!

So lovely to look at your photos. Glad you kept it real in the background too. A house is meant to be lived in : )


Robin Thomas said...

I am not shallow enough to love you because your house is pretty. I mean, I hope not...

But I feel love for you when I see your pictures because I see a joy, not just stole, but an intense sense of love for life in your pictures and home.

So that is why I love you.

Lisa said...

Just love this! Makes me take a deep relaxing breath! But your posts always do! But you've reminded me...have to clean up the yard and put away my hoes and pots!

Be well,

Anonymous said...

It's always a breath of fresh air to get a look at the pretty blooms from your garden, June. :)
Glad to hear you had such a fun time at the barn dance!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Candylei said...

Sooooo beautiful! We haven't had a frost yet and then it snowed all day here today! Your white rooms are drop dead gorgeous and your flowers take the cake in their assorted vases!

Cindy said...

Omg, your photos are gorgeous! Wow....
Is your house really that pretty??? It looks amazing, even with the toys. And the huge bunch of hydrangeas in the white boxy thing are incredible. What are those white single petaled flowers in your bouquet, are they a rose? I'm speechless with how pretty everything looks...


jewels in the garden +: ) said...

Dear June, you can sing too??? How I wish I could sing, well I can but only in front of my husband because it's pretty awful. He just smiles at me!!!

Well we are finally getting some nice weather here in az and as you put away your pruners and clippers
and shovels and hoes, I am finally taking mine out!

Thank you for the compliment on my home. I would trade with you in a heartbeat! I absolutely love your style!

Hugs and blessings,

ps... I am loving your turquoise bench and the baskets. and I like that you left Landon's toys out, they added to your warm comfy inviting home : )

Celestial Charms said...

Hi June,
I'm always so inspired by the look and feel of your posts. Your photographs leave me breathless. Such beautiful splashes of color, amongst the calmest of whites. Your words are calming too! Have a wonderful week!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hello my dear June, When I see all your beautiful summer flowers, I can hardly believe that it's almost November. Your home looks so cheery and I don't miss any fall decoration at all. I see we both have a thing for cute little bottles :-).

The Autumn barn dance sounds so wonderful. Even though country music has gotten a bit more popular over the last years in Germany, it's still not a big thing. I remember exactly when I fell in love with it. Many years ago during a vacation in FL, we heard Tim McGraw's "My Next Thirty Years" playing in the radio. I bought the CD right away and a lot more of that genre had been added over the years. I often create in silence but when I hear music while sewing etc., then it's Country.
Have a wonderful Sunday, dear friend!
Big hugs to you,

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest June,

Thank you for answering my question about the sidebar pictures; you were the one who taught me I could STRETCH my page to get the main pictures larger, and I love it! I never want to change templates!!!

Have a fantastic day out on the ranch! Anita

Barbara said...

Ikea's hanging baskets are adorable, June. I can think of lots of ways to use them too. I adore your bouquet of roses. I have/had some lovely bouquets for the Garden Club last week; don't know why I didn't take photos of them. Of course, I didn't pick them myself because, sadly, I don't have a garden anymore. I have a collection of Juliska glasses, all sizes, that I like to put individual flower stalks in, so I LOVED your arrangement on the coffee table.
The barn dance sounds like such fun! And how lovely your daughter Kim provides the entertainment.
Have a lovely Sunday, June!

Deborah said...

I love looking at your beautiful home June. Your flower arrangements are so delicate and gorgeous!
And a barn dance?!
Oh that must have been so much fun!!!
Your hydrangeas are so lovely..Im so enjoying mine too, from my Mommas garden.
Have a great week!!

Deborah xoxo

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi sweeeetest Junie...

LOVE everything about your home.......the posies, the colors, and the clutter made by a son you adore...What more could it be to be called H.O.M.E.?

Glad you hit the floor dancin'... My dancing days are long past. I'm still trying to hang onto walking. :-)

Huggies to you!


Anne Lorys said...

June, your home is exquisite as always. Delicate touches abound, it's such a beautiful, homey place.

I've really missed visiting you, I've been a bit of a hermit these past weeks.

My love to sweet Landon!


Unknown said...

oh dear June...i am quite sure you do not need one more reader telling you how very lovely your flowers are OR just how gorgeous your photos are publication worthy...but please, let me just say...they sooooo are!!!
again, kissed by the angels:)
xo, Rosemary

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Dear June,

Your photos are outstanding, and getting little peeks inside your home is always a big treat. I want you to know I come here often always checking out your beautiful posts, I may not comment like I use to and that is because it takes sooo long to get anywhere with my internet services.

Take Care and sending warm HUgs to a very special lady.

Ann Marie said...

I live close to Ikea!
I don't shop there much.. and think it's funny kinda that you found something in there.. :)

LOVE all of your beautiful photos.. and your cute new Turqouise bench. It looks very happy in your home.. toys and all..

mudderbear said...

What a wonderful time you've had. It all sounds so peaceful and serene. i like the new hanging baskets. They remind me of some I crocheted once using a very large crochet hook...maybe I'll make some more to use in a similer way as yours.

Mary @ Sea Quilts said...

There is not one picture in this post that did not make me drool.


Unknown said...

Sweet June, you home is perfection ... toys et al! A beautiful lived in castle filled with love.

Your florals are always eye candy. You have a very special touch for displaying them so beautifully throughout your home, in such unique ways. Love the hanging baskets, clever idea.

Your reflects the elegance, serenity & beauty of you, June ...

Glad you had a lovely time at the barn dance. What a fun time that would be.

BOO-T-ful Halloween wishes
Hugs & love,

Garter Mademoiselle said...

You have the most gorgous decorations in your home! And the most unique ideas, who would ever come up with the fab idea of putting flowers into knit hats and hanging them from hooks on the walls. Love it! Love love love your all white livingroom. It is so cozy and inviting! As for that barn dance and all the dancing you and hubby did, I am pea green with envy. My better half is not much of a dancer, and even if he was, my knees no longer allow me to dance. Ahh, how I used to love it!! The kids still remember me dancing around the kitchen and livingroom while I cooked or dusted, cuz music would get my feet going no matter what. A lovely lovely post. June, wishing you and yours a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN. hugs, Debby

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Hey there June!
Remember me? I'm not just the 62nd commenter...I'm here to tell you that I'm sooooo lonesome and it did me such good to take the time and sit here...catching up with you since MAY! Yes May! The last post I read was about your dandelion...the sweetest flower (Landon). In the midst of my misfortune, I did not realize you went through surgery yourself. I'm so sorry you didn't hear from me. I wish I would have been there for you! I miss our little "offline" chats and dreaming of getting my butt to Idaho!!! I so enjoyed reading (& seeing) about your beautiful land...the valleys...the scenery. It's everything I imagined! Now I know where you get your inspiration!!! :)))
Loved reading about your "sisters getaway" and seeing the kids (& Trigger) enjoy family day. Gosh have NO idea how much I needed to sit here this evening and read your blog...your life...YOU are such an inspiration to me. I totally and stopped "life" and smelled the flowers, even if it was only the last flowers before winter. I'm so happy I made it in time! ;)
Congrats to Dale for his retirement...I hope that you two will be able to sit back and relax together and enjoy life 24/7!!!
I know this is long, but all in all, I just want to say "thank you" for giving me a place that I can always come to, to stop...and smell the flowers...and smile of course!
Love you June!!!!

Lisa said...

Dear June,
It seems like only yesterday I was counting the days till your first official garden post of the year! Now your already putting it away. You had quite a harvest this year. All the beautiful peonies, hydrangeas & other Latin sounding things I can't remember but admired!
Hey about the living room, didn't notice Landon's toys but did skip a beat over the arch frame around the door! Which farmer gave you that??? It's amazing. Laughed at your explanation of chaos in your house. I just posted a picture with a close up of my kitchen floor. I wasn't thinking right!
What a cool husband Dale is & what nice town that still does the 'simple old fashioned' things.
Love ya June!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Everything is so much more beautiful from your perspective. The barn dance sounds like a wonderful time, I would love to have been a part of that! Thank you for sharing your life and garden with us, it brightens all of us who come here! xoxo

Privet and Holly said...

June, I just love seeing your
world through your lens.
Your flowers are just amazing,
as are YOU! I have single
flowers still scattered here
and there in my yard, but
I know the end is near, so
I've been savoring these little
end of season gifts!
xx Suzanne

Ana said...

Oh June,
It's hard to believe that blankets of white snow will soon be covering your beautiful garden...Where did the time go? It is just zipping on by too fast. Your pictures are absolutely lovely, as always. Hope you are doing well my sweet friend. Sending you a great big hug.

Much love,

PA said...

just beautiful :)

Tiziana said...

Lovely blog!
I found browsing the blog blog today, and are enchanted by your beautiful photos!
I immediately put the link among my favorites and I will follow you often.
I love the turquoise of your bench, along with hydrangeas give a touch so bright in your reading room, you just want to sit there with you!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi dear June,
what a beautiful post and such a treat for the eyes!Love the idea with the hanging baskets.
Thank you for sharing.
Have a lovely week.

Alina said...

I am mesmerized by Your blog and pictures !!!!!!
I am so glad i have found You...
I'm staying,I want to see more "Of You"...
Best wishes !

Custom Comforts said...

What a beautiful post ~ so soft and sweet before winter. It's hard to believe its that cold there already. It'll be awhile here thank goodness. Your house looks so charming and inviting, I just want to come and sit down and rest. You have such a gift with making everything look so precious.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello sweet June
Thank you for your kind comment on my journals! I am late in replying but it's all go here in my garden now in Australia and the roses are blooming gorgeously everywhere. I shall have to post about them soon.
You may have had to say goodbye to your roses for a few months but Oh you have the most gorgeous photos to remind you of their divine beauty.
It is a complete joy visiting here June,
Love and hugs,

Trisha said...

Your pictures of your home never cease to amaze me June! I just want to come spend the weekend lounging on your perfect white couches and fluffy pillows all the while smelling your wonderful flowers! Seems like heaven on earth to me! Hope you are enjoying this cool weather...snow isn't far off!


Ivy and Elephants said...

Your home and gardens are always so beautiful and inviting. I love how you bring a breath of fresh air into each room with those gorgeous blooms.

Victorian1885 said...

Hello Dear June
Oh I love visiting your piece of Heaven! The bench looks wonderful in your home..
I have never been to a barn dance and can imagine you had a great time! Enjoy the rest of your week!


Rostrose said...

Hi sweetest June - I think your house looks like a springtime-house, it's so light-bright-airy-flowerful with all the soft-ice-cream-colors! I love it - and I didn't know that IKEA has such wonderful bouquet holders :o) - WOW!
I send warmest hugs to you,

Mitchells Sun Valley said...

Hydrangeas in Carey?? You do have a green thumb! I see you've mastered roses, too! NewsFlash-my experience with roses in PHX is that they do NOT bloom when the thermometer is over 100 degrees!! Not a bloom all summer, and now blossoms galore! You talents are amazing---you should be doing magazine layouts---your blog is so refreshing! I love it!

Georgianna said...

Oooh, every one of your posts is a feast and a delight, dear June. I love everything you create and want to just jump into the photos of your home.

That turquoise bench is marvelous, and with that floral pillow - just an invigorating pop of color.

Between your home, and having just visited the incredible Maria Cecília's home in person, I am looking around here determined to make a LOT of changes. :) Maybe I should have you ladies come and stay for awhile!

My big purchase this week is going to be a new range – we finally got gas to the house so we are looking forward to that so much. Then I think it's time for some antiquing!

big hug, dear. xoxo

Laura said...

Oh Dear June-
You are such a blessing to us all.

I can't even grasp the beauty you capture in your photographs.

And the dance!
How much fun!

Love to you as you burrow down for the winter.

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Rosie said...

Your home is so beautiful dearest, there is no need to do seasonal embellishments.
To see toys L O V I N G L Y sprawled out over the living room floor is a happy site. My one regret as a mom, would be spending too much time "picking up" that lego, rather than sitting down in amongst the clutter and playing with my son. I will NOT make that mistake when I am blessed with grandchildren.
Hugs for a great week...Rosie

Vintage Home said...

HI....I too am enjoying the last few blooms of the garden....your home looks so warm and cozy...we are getting some frost it looks like winter is on its way!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

The dance sounds like a great time! I'm glad you didn't put everything away for the photos~it doesn't detract one bit from the beauty of your home or the flowers.

I'm still in love with that bench.

maría cecilia said...

I just had to see your beautiful world again my dear June!!! Hope you post soon because I´m missing you soooo much.
lots of hugs

Sheila said...

I love seeing your home! The flowers on the table are so artfully arranging and inspiring. Thanks!

Betty Jo said...

OMGosh! I adore those woven baskets. IKEA here I come!! The barn dance sounds like such fun. How about some photos from the dance? June your photos are always breathtaking and I enjoy them so very much. ♥

Lovey said...

Hi my June...beautiful post and images...
Going through but thinking of you...Hugs Lovey

Rostrose said...

Hi dear,

thanks for your sweet comment! You told me you will try to make rose-petal-syrup - so I searched for a receipe. Here it is (but I dont know how to convert the units of measurement - gram and mililiter... sorry! I hope you can find a way - and I hope you can understand my translation!):

80 gr fresh rose petals, 500 gr organic cane sugar, 2 organic lemons, 700 ml of water

Mash the hand-picked rose petals with the juice of the lemons, water and the sugar in a blender. Let the rose petal syrup stand for 24 hours in a closed glass. The next day boil it (without the glass ;o)), filter it, boil it again and pour into a sealable bottle (size as required). Close immediately hot, so that a vacuum occurs.

Bon appetit!!! :o)

xxxo Traude

Kristin_Texas said...

I LOVE that turquoise bench. What a beautiful color.

Your home is so beautiful. If I lived there, I'd never get anything done from staring at all the pretty's all day. :p


Anonymous said...

Oh those flowers are divine! I wish I had a garden half as beautiful as yours!

xo, Abby

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Dear June, Oh how I do wish I did live near to you! We would have such fun I just know it! I read your lovely comments this morning, it's so LOVELY to wake up to so many kind thoughts winging their way across the ocean.

June I just love your home,! I adore flowers too even tho' my garden is a wilderness alas, I'm lucky enough to have a husband who buys me flowers all the time, so I always have a bowl of 'gorgeousness' to enjoy. But I SOOOO enjoy visiting your blog and gazing upon your exquisite flowers!!

Thank you for the love and I shall think of you now every time I play cards. x o x Jane

Tarnished Lace said...

June ~ I've visited this post several times. It is so beautiful. As always, thank you for sharing your style, perspective, garden and home. Love, Leslie

Tracy said...

Wow, June, so many beautiful lovely displays in your home...I'm in awe.
I'm so glad that my book brought you joy and laughter; isn't that what life is about really?
thank you for letting me know...

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Everything looks so beautiful June! But please don't tell me went to the Ikea store in Draper?! You naughty girl! I am about 5 minutes from that store in Riverton! We should have met up with each other! Grrrrrr! LOL! xo

Apple Blossom Barn said...

Hello from Ireland, I love your home and your outlook on life both are beautiful, it is so summery even though we are heading into winter, you are an inspiration.

Best wishes


Lovey said...

So very beautiful June! Makes me want to just come on over for a day or two...a week...smiles. Love yah!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Lovely post June, such sweet arangements! We had a hard freeze, then 70 again, leaves everywhere. The hanging baskets will be too fun, so much potential. I do wish you had a video of your dancing and singing,,sounds like fun.