Thursday, October 17, 2013

Autumn roses and garden

The roses are almost all done blooming except a few stray blooms here and there.
The roses below are Bonica and they are actually still blooming quite abundantly.
I am pretty sure by morning however, they won't be looking too pretty since
our overnight temps will be in the twenties.
I wanted to share some of the last of the roses I have cut for the house and
a few photos of the garden this fall.
I think I will let the roses and garden do the talking in this post since it is
almost 11 PM and by this time of the day I don't have very much to say.
I sure hope that I will soon get back into the hang of posting something
of substance and have a little more time to do it.

I can't believe I am saying this, but I am almost looking forward to the
quiet days of winter!!!

 here they are after sitting in the vase a few days

This photo was taken two days ago and they are still covering
much of the bush under the oaks.

The Double Delight has one lone bloom left on it.

Limelight hydrangea

Snowdrift crab apples

See you soon!!!

---Hugs from here---


Vicky said...

Incredible beautiful autumn roses! Your garden is absolutely beautiful and I love your autumn vignettes.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear June,
Your roses are SO pretty ...... I love the smaller ones { I love all if them ! } and, you have so many blooming in your garden still. We have about 8 growing over our rusty iron arch/gate, that's all !! But, there is still quite a lot of colour in our garden.... Japanese anenomes { they grow like weeds in our garden }, hydrangeas, cyclamen and, the trees are just turning here...... Autumn is such a pretty season.
It sounds as if you are really busy June ..... I hope that you are finding a little bit of time for yourself ?!! We went to London on Sunday for ' Tea at Claridges ' ..... very posh !! It was a Christmas present from last year and I had only just got around to booking it !!!! Tea in the afternoon is a very British thing and all of the big hotels do it and it's getting more and more popular. It started in the 1800's by the Duchess of Bedford who used to get hungry in the afternoons and had sandwiches and tea brought up to her bedroom. You get Champagne, little sandwiches { we had a second plate of those !! } scones, clotted cream and a selection of tiny little cakes plus the tea of course { you can choose from 40 different teas ! } Sorry, I've rambled on as usual !!
Enjoy the Autumn June. Much love. XXXX

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I find it sad to see all the roses and flowers leaving us for the year. My flowers have really been hanging on though--and I guess I should be thankful for that. :) Your photography is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love your garden and your roses !! Thank you for these lovely photos. Have a great weekend - Hugs, Christine

Home and Lifestyle said...

Wonderful roses, wonderful pictures!!

Sending hugs, Ingrid

Saskia said...

So pretty! We struggle to grow roses in subtropical Queensland (they get fungus like you wouldn't believe) so I'll just get my rose fix from your pretty pictures.

Beehive Needleworks said...

Soft, simple, serene...such a lovely way to begin my day...dreamy photographs, and a message of tranquility. Thank you most kindly for sharing the beauty of your enchanted world June!
Sending hugs your way ...
Judy xo

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

It's amazing to me that even in the waning period of life, you can capture such breathtaking essence. LOVELY WORK MY DEAR! Anita

My name is Riet said...

And hugs from here too my dear friend.
Your photo's are always such a delight to see and admire, your garden in fall is still beautiful.
Next Monday we are going to Florida for two weeks, such a shame Idaho is still far away. :)))
Hugs from Riet

Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous as always.....thanks for the gorgeousness this morning.....

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Autumn is upon us for sure! The seasons somehow create a fresh outlook for us... new things, a change of scenery, a change of decor, a change of wardrobe, a change in the air. I love the seasons and the different faces they have.

Enjoy your autumn!
Blessings, Edie Marie

Carolyn said...

Hi June,
I absolutely love those first 2 pics although they are are lovely.
We have had a hard frost a couple of nights lately so our garden is looking like it is time to do our fall cleanup.Like you I am looking forward to some quiet time snuggled indoors when the garden is set for winter.
Take care,

time worn interiors said...

Always lovely flowers on your blog and I enjoy every one.

Haven't blogged much in a long time, going through some changes here and I'm trying to find myself again! Hope to be visiting more in the future.


summersundays-jw said...

Beautiful! Think we're all ready for a long winter's nap. Jan

Junebug said...

Ahhh, the roses of Fall! I have a small bouquet sitting by my computer. I may get one more before the frost sets in. I really need to get out in the garden and as they say "put it to rest for the winter". Yes, the quiet day, just don't make them to gray!! Hugs!!

Bernideen said...

The roses are pretty either way and lovely photos!

Victorian1885 said...

June your roses are so dreamy in the vases...
I am not surprised you are looking forward to a break in the Winter months. I can't imagine the hours you put into your beautiful garden.
We are further into the Fall weather here in Canada and we are enjoying the beauty of the changing leaves in the Valley.
Reading your new post has been a great start to my day so thank you! Take care my Blogging friend!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Such wonderful photos...I love the faded charm of your garden; I think of the garden in fall as an elegant older lady; full of her own beauty. I have never planted Bonica roses but I have always wanted one, maybe this year.

Victoria said...

Oh my goodness June...your photo's take my breath away! The double delight rose is exquisite and I'm in love with your gorgeous little book! Thank you for sharing so much beauty with us:)

Bente said...

Hi dear June. I can`t believe you still have so many pretty roses in your garden. It`s weeks since I had roses in my garden. Today it was a bit snow in the air, so soon the winter is here.

Have a beautiful weekend

Big hug from here

Debbie said...

The roses look absolutely gorgeous, June! That is what I will miss during the long winter months...the fresh scent of just cut flowers brought inside.
I leave a lot of the seed heads for the birds until late in the fall. Then I cut them.
I hope you have a fun weekend.

Sylvia said...

BEAUTIFUL, June! Your phots speak louder than words ...

Sylvia said...

BEAUTIFUL , June! Your photos speak louder than words ...

maría cecilia said...

Always a great pleasure and blessing to have a view of your garden and home my dear friend. Love every detail of what you have so beautifully created.
sending love from here

chateau chic said...

You always create the most beautiful vignettes with your lovely roses!! You even make the dried up flowers look pretty!
I'm one of those weird people who is always ready for winter, however, I don't think ours last as long as yours.
Mary Alice

Things and Thoughts said...

Oh June, your photos are fabulous and the highlights of you autumnal garden capture our eyes!
Thank you for sharing and have a happy week end!

Vicki said...

Hi, June, my dear friend,
Your garden is always a delight no matter the season. It is bittersweet when the roses start to fade, but we always know there is the promise of spring just around the corner. Sending my love to you~ Vicki

Katherine said...

Putting the garden to bed in the fall always makes me sad. You have managed to make the fall garden look so pretty - and I'm not surprised.

Thanks for sharing the beauty.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

These are wonderful portraits of the end of a season, June. I enjoyed each one, and love the mood you have created.

joanne said...

even your Fall gardens are glorious! Is the rose your favourite? They are so beautiful in every stage of life.

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Your pictures are beautiful, dear June. It's great that some flowers in your garden still bloom and bring you joy. I love those gorgeous rusty letters. What a great find!
Have a wonderful fall weekend!

Geli said...

Dear June!
I love your garden!
He is so romantic and full of roses and flowers like I love!
I had last week the first snow (not normal ) but now the Indian Summer is here.
And I' m in the nature enjoying the wonderful light!
I wish you a happy sunny time dear June!
With love,

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

JUNE! Hello my sweet and beautiful soul! Thank you for coming to visit tonight! It is indeed a lovely and cool evening, topped off with that light from the moon. I bet your gorgeous garden just sparkles at this time of year! Sending you back warm and fond hugs for a lovely Sunday! Anita

farmhouse-story said...

your end of season snapshots can be your words, june:) and i really love those rusty rose letters! enjoy your sunday!

Diane said...

Your pictures are beautiful and so is the end of your garden. All I have left are some poor little pansies - it's dropped down below freezing several times lately. Blessings, June, Diane

Draffin Bears said...

Dear June,

As always your roses and photos are beautiful. Great to see your Autumn garden and getting ready for its sleep period, you have captured it so well.
Wishing you a happy weekend

Heaven's Walk said...

I adore roses in my house, in every room possible --- and even though they start to wilt, they are still beautiful to me. So your fading roses in the pitcher truly caught my eye, June. There's just some sort of peacefulness about them, isn't there? Hugs to you!

xoxo laurie

Anne said...

Beautiful photos of your dreamy roses.Yes I agree I am looking forward to a little cold weather.My sinuses have been awful.I am getting a headache daily because of the mold in the air.

Dorthe said...

Dear June,
Oh yes they are beautiful, and it is such a joy having those last roses bloom in our gardens, isen`t it!!
I have a few left on the busches,too and love to watch them out and inside... only as you write, the very quickly fade away inside !!
I love the crap apples you have ,too so beautiful, now where most all other plants turns brown!!
A wonderful post from your lovely fall garden, dear.
Hugs, Dorthe

Donna Reyne' said...

Hi Sweet June!
I just left you a comment but it didn't seem to go through!
So, here we go again :)
I love the last of the season roses! Such a pretty color palette.
I am heading out now to pick my limelights, we too are getting chilly at night and might even have snow by Wednesday!
I had to laugh, I too am looking forward to some down time that Winter brings! Who would have thought!
Hugs to you and always are in my thoughts and prayers~always
love to you

Hélène Flont , french illustrator said...

Love your photos dear June. You have a wonderful talent!!! ‿ ◕✿

NanaDiana said...

I always feel like I have entered a place surrounded by enchanted gardens when I visit your blog. Your roses are beautiful and even more so because of your photography skills! Love this post-
Nothing is left blooming here-except for mums. xo Diana

Low Tide High Style said...

Your garden is lovely anytime of year June...enjoy those last few blooms!

xo Kat

Ivy and Elephants said...

I hate to see them go, too. But your gorgeous photos help us feel a bit of sunshine a beauty no matter the season. Beautiful!
Big hugs,

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Hello darling June!

It's been awhile since I've visited and posted {with going back to school and all}, but I have a free moment and wanted to see what some of my favorite bloggers are up to.

You never cease to amaze me with your inspiring photos. They are always breathtaking. Your blog has really been my muse in creating my own garden. Thank you for your ongoing inspiration.

I can't believe it's in the 20's there at is still pretty warm during the days, so our roses bloom til winter. Of course, they don't look as lovely as yours. Love that shade of pink there!

Anyway, wishing you a lovely week!


Rozmeen said...

Hi June,

It has been a long time..sorry I am so behind.. but had to visit you.. everytime I visit your blog my heart just lightens up.. its magical.. as I have so much only Whites right now after visited your blog this morning want a pop off pink again.

Thank for your inspiration allways.

Rabbit Hill ~ Handmades by Jenn Tavoletti said...

Your roses are so beautiful! Enjoy the last of your pretty flowers and never feel guilty about some down time. I think winter is a gift to gardeners...a time to rest, a time to plan, and a time to be inspired. Plus snow covers everything so we don't think about what needs to be done until we're ready and recharged!! Have a great week. ~ Jenn :)

Ann Marie said...

Your photos are like a glimpse of Heaven to me! Love, LOVE, your Roses! ♥

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

You make everything look beautiful...because you are beautiful...inside and out! So nice to visit here again.:)

Rebecca said...

Hi Sweetheart
Love the roses... mine are done and gone. Nice to see some here. Loved the photos of the dried up ones too. I Hope things are well with you, miss seeing all your lovely photos, will take some time to go back through the summer here...
Blessings today!

Boxwood Cottage said...

Yes dear June every season has it's good sites to look forward to also the quiet time of Winter. Your flower arrangements are always pure eye candy! Your Bonica still looks very pretty. Here too btw although I didn't get around to post about the fall garden yet. We had a wonderful warm and sunny Autumn day yesterday with a very warm night too, almost summery and if the leaves wouldn't fall all the time I could have believed it's still Summer. Well now there's still a lot of work to do in the garden before the first frost. Hedges to cut, leaves to rake and I bought lot's of new spring bulbs, especially two big bags of new Allium bulbs which are beggging me to plant them - hopefully this coming weekend.
Sending you happy Fall garden wishes!
xoxo~ Carola

Nely said...

Adorable autumn roses,we have the same type of rose,enjoys in your flowers..
Many hugs my friend!

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Dear June,
I'm thrilled to be able to be online today, just sitting & catching up!
I always know when I come to your blog, it will be filled with Beauty... Makes me miss the everyday blogging even more~
Happy Fall with Blessing sent your way,

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so beautiful June!! I always love your beautiful photos!!
Hope your doing well!!

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Your flowers are just breathtaking! I love the little pendant with the word "Flower." So cute! Even the dead coneflowers are pretty!

One Shabby Old House said...

No matter what time of year I can always find beauty here!

One Shabby Old House said...

No matter what time of year I can always find beauty here.

Cindy said...

Ahhhh, the sweet roses. They are tough as nails and will bloom right into the first frost. Mine have a pretty big bloom in October. Your yard is amazing, and so are your photography skills! I love how you appreciate the flowers even when they are dried. The coneflowers look really neat still dry on the stem like that