Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas 2016 at my house

I wasn't able to do very much in the way of decorating for Christmas this year
 because of some health issues, and wasn't able to put together
 a post until now.
Nothing like posting Christmas decorating after January 1st,
but I didn't want to miss sharing what little I did do.

I did the aspen trees from our Fishcreek property again.
Every time we have to work on the fences up there, we end 
up cutting more out of the fence lines.
I hate having them go to waste, 
so they become our Christmas decor!

I kept with the woodland theme on the mantle as well with little 
branches cut from my redleaf roses.

...and made a tree to hang on the wall from leftover aspen branches

the sweet Nativity my oldest daughter made in third grade 

So this was it for us this Christmas, but it was
enough to make things merry and bright around here.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2017!


Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

What a beautiful surprise post. Your display for January is one of the prettiest I've seen for being so creative. Love the branches repurposed. The silver and white are a grand rich looking display. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you the very best for 2017. Seems our "good" health is about the most important thing as we age. Best Wishes on getting to 100% again.

Szara Sowa said...

Happy New Year!

Daniela said...

Darling June,
I'm so sad to read about your health problems, I trust that your Christmas wasn't saddened by them and that you've lived a peaceful time together with your dear ones.

As for working on the fences, we also end up cutting more than needed, alas, and that of using the branches for Christmas decorations is such a lovely idea, thank you for your advice, sweet friend !

Hope your week is off to a nice start, I'm sending hugs and ever much love to you, may the New Year just begun bring many blessings to you and your family,
thinking of you with utmost gratitude, your friendship bless my heart !

Xx Dany

Marrianna said...

Well, gee, why didn't I think of using some of the dead branches from my 1 large Aspen tree. I also have a tree in the back yard that the grasshoppers devoured the first year it was planted. I still keep it as is for some unknown reason. Now I know why! I can cut them and bring them inside, put them in small pots with rock to hold them upright, and then decorate them when the mood hits. I have a white artificial tree with lights and this is the first year that I've put it up. And it is staying up until I get tired of seeing it. I have the lights on an automatic timer so the neighbors can be confused about the time of year.

Sorry to hear that your Holiday decorating got delayed by a health challenge. I hope everything is good now. My Christmas was nice and quiet. I visited my granddaughter in Scottsdale the weekend before Christmas and gave her the presents. Since Flagstaff got a foot of snow on Christmas Eve, I'm glad I went early to see her. I stayed home on Christmas and enjoyed the quiet and the sweet and sappy Hallmark movies.

No snow recently but very cold outside. We might have gotten up to 37 degrees yesterday. The sun came out but we had some wind to keep things lively.

Happy New Year,

sophie said...

un merveilleux décor féerique!
bonne année 2017 avec beaucoup de bonheur

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Absolutely beautiful Hun.
I'm sorry to read you have not been well but hope that the arrival of the New Year will be a new start and you are recovering.
The very best for 2017 and take care my dear...
Susan xx

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Sweet June ~ I hope you are feeling much better now. For being not well, you sure did a simply beautiful Christmas display in your home. I love it.

May 2017 be a wonderful year for you and your family ~ Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

Ivelina said...

This is so amazing, June ... as always! You can make us believe, the magical season is still on. Your pictures are enough to feel the atmosphere filled with Christmas spirit. Your work is so inspirational!
Happy New Year to you - let it be filled with health and joy. I love the little walks in your home and garden and would be happy to join you more often!
Thank you for being there! Your virtual friendship is one of the things I am grateful for 2016 and looking forward to 2017! ♥

Ricki Treleaven said...

June, your home looks like a fairy bower in winter. I adore your Christmas decor! Your aspen trees are dreamy, and the candle clips are so pretty! I hope you and yours have a very healthy and blessed 2017. Happy New Year!!!

Ricki Jill

Junebug said...

You decor as usual is so beautiful and to me peaceful. I hope your or family health issues as gone away! Take care for that dang flu is sure hitting a lot of folks. A little late but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may God Bless you through this new year! Love Sista June!!

toves sammensurium said...

Dear June....I hope you´re fine,don´t like to read about health issues!!!! Sending a hug anyway!!! :)
Love how you´ve decorated,especially those branches on the top...looks magical!! I haven´t been "busy" blogging lately,or instagram for that matter...there hasn´t been enough time! Finally we got some snow after weeks and weeks of storms,rain and wind.Life is so much better with the light from the snow,actually daylight!!!! That inspires!
Lots of hugs!
Tove :)

Bernideen said...

I HAVE TO SAY: I am speechless! This is so beautiful and you just caused me to miss my Colorado Aspens! You are very talented. Happy New Year.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Oh this is beautiful, June! I'm sorry to hear of your health issues, and hope you are getting better now. Your home looks like a restful place to do that!
I love the way you used branches...the little ones, with the tiny houses on the mantel, stole my heart. And the strings of tiny bells...beautiful! I just took my decorations down yesterday...and now I am inspired for next year! Wishing you a 2017 full of good health, happiness, and blessings! xo

Tamara said...

This is so beautiful, June!
I'm sorry you weren't feeling well during the holidays. I hope you're getting back to yourself. Your aspen trees are sublime. We have aspen trees growing in the mountains here in AZ. They are so pretty in the fall! Thank you for sharing. Your decorations and photos are stunning and it was worth the wait! The nativity that your daughter made is so sweet. Wishing you a happy, healthy 2017 filled with love, joy, peace and creativity~

Tamara xox

Susie said...

June, Honestly this decorating should be in a magazine. Simplistic beauty. I like the little wire trees, they go along perfectly with the branch trees. That wee Nativity is a treasure. Hope all health issues are gone. Blessings to all your family and you June, for a peaceful love filled New Year. xoxo, love, Susie
p.s. always hug Landon for me please.

Mary W said...

Your daughter's nativity set is perfectly displayed and such a delight. Thanks for sharing your pictures as I ALWAYS enjoy them so much.

Debra@CommonGround said...

June, your Christmas winter wonderland is beautiful no matter when you share it. I hope you're better, take care and blessings on 2017!

Bente said...

Dear June. Wish you a happy new year.
I love your tree decoration. It looks beautiful. Next christmas I have to do something like that. Hope you feel better and have wonderful days.
Hugs from here

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

So incredibly gorgeous! All of it. What clever ways to recycle the tree branches. I'm sorry you've had to deal with health issues. Your home is beautiful though.

Anne's Attic - Design said...

Hi June, I was feeling really bad because I have not posted my Christmas post yet. I like you have been dealing with health issues and always will so I have had to really cute back. Priorities right! Your home is so lovely and enchanting it was really worth the wait. I hope you feel better soon. xx Jo

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi June,
Loved seeing some of this on IG with you before the holidays. Lots of fun to follow all of it in this post today. Your Christmas decor was magical and gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year.

Curtains in My Tree said...

You know what they say," It's better late than never"
We don'y mind that it is January, I still have Christmas I would like to show off also.
sorry your under the winter weather, hoping your much better very soon

Your display of sticks and branches LOL is beautifully done ,thanks for sharing

Bella's Rose Cottage said...

I would be thrilled to see Christmas at your place any day.... A magical forest, I swoon at the whimsy!! I have candle cups that clip to branches somewhere and now I am thinking about using them next Christmas... its only 350 something days away lol :-)

lala said...

Oh so very pretty! I love the idea of hanging twinkle lights behind the branches, they make such a nice backdrop. Hope you feel better soon, and are enjoying a happy beginning to the new year.

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

I'm sorry to hear about your health issues, dear June. Hopefully you're fully recovered now. Your Christmas decoration looks just magical. I love those airy branches with the silver ornaments and I also adore your little wire trees. Your wall tree is fabulous too.
Have a healthy, very happy and creative 2017!
Sending hugs and love,

Victorian1885 said...

So good to open my reading list and see your post June...I sure hope this message finds you feeling well.
Your home is always decorated so beautifully and leaves me dreaming of ideas I can replicate for our home.
We are loving Arizona again this winter and surprised who much snow they are getting on Vancouver Island while we are away. It usually does not stay more than a day so this year's weather seems to be odd all over the world.
Take care of yourself my friend...
Sending love from our home to yours...

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

First of all June, I hope that the health issues are all sorted and it wasn't anything too horrible !!
Your home looks beautiful dressed for Christmas ..... it looks like an icy forest.
Wishing you all a wonderful 2017 and I look forward to your coming posts ... I love them. Much love from me !! XXXX

La Vie Quotidienne said...

What else to say but that you are a genius at creating beautiful settings...and then photographing them in equally lovely pictures. This is exquisite, all like a wonderful fairyland holiday.

I hope that you are feeling better and will be 100 percent back and ready for the spring gardening season.

Sylvia said...

Enchanting, dear June, as always! I wish you health, peace and all good things on this New 2017!

chateau chic said...

Your woodland theme Christmas decor is absolutely delightful and glorious, June. I adore how you've created so much whimsy and glamor with your sparkly trees. Your home is so beautiful and fresh and inviting no matter what the season.
Happy New Year,
Mary Alice

Cheryl said...

It's ✨gorgeous!✨

Katherine said...

I hope your health issues are resolving and that you are being kind to yourself and resting. It's never too late to share all the prettiness from your home. It looks so soft and tranquil - hard to imagine that there was likely grandchildren and family running around all this white beauty.
I pinned the picture from your decorations last year - the shot of the branches all lit up with white (boy - I'm great at describing this aren't I), it is the most pinned item on my entire Pinterest account. It doesn't surprised me at all - everything you put together is gorgeous.

Be well.

roughterrain crane said...

Happy new year!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Coming to your site ALWAYS makes my heart skip a beat...so love your style and talents. HOPE you are feeling better by now, if it's you that was ill.
Speaking of skipping a beat, I had a midsized heart attack at the end of Sept. and ended up with Afib and Congestive Heart Failure, which they insterted a Catheter and stent....and about six new meds ...along with the already 6 or so meds I am taking for Fibro.
But it's not over yet, Jan 5th I was diagnosed with breast cancer ...one breast only THANK YOU LORD !!!
Don't know what the TYPE of cancer is yet, tests due back later mid next week. The wait is so unverving, they KNOW it is cancer however, and I am sure it will be operated on soon. NOT looking forward to that.
They did a Caradioversion on my heart in early December, and my Afib is under control now. So that is good news.
I will keep my blog posted when I find out about the newest report.

Love to you, Rose

Frk Hall said...

Dear June
A very happy new year to you and your family.
I'm sad to hear you have been seek, and I hope you are well again.
I just love to visit your blog l, and love your beautiful pictures. You can feel Christmas in every little corner, in your room.
Your daughter is very creative too.

I wish you a lovely day
Blessings from me

Anonymous said...

Super cute! I love all of it :)!


Anonymous said...

Super cute! I love all of it :)!

(from Switzerland)

Rebecca said...

Just a reflection of you... beautiful. I hope you are good.
Love you

john said...

Lovely decorations ! Wishing you a wonderful 2017 !
Gail x

Hos Villa Fryd/ Charlotte Neve Grün said...

Happy new year June for you and your family.
So nice your made it.
Lovely photos.

A wonderful 2017 to you

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

June, Your home is so magical! I love how you decorated for Christmas. The aspen trees are so special with their ornaments. I'm hoping you're feeling better now. Have a wonderful 2017!
Hugs, Jody ♥

Barbara said...

June...I miss you too! Love your holiday decorations, you are always so clever. I sincerely hope your health problems are behind you and I wish you and yours all the best in this new year!
Hugs Barbara
(Going to look for you on Instagram. I use it too and will be ending my blogging days in a couple months after a long 10 year run!)

Draffin Bears said...

Dear June,

Hope your year is off to a wonderful start and wishing you all the very best for 2017.
I love all your sweet decorating - everything is gorgeous from the cute little sheep, nativity set and your decorated cones and the aspen trees.
Sorry to hear you've been unwell - look after your sweet self and hope you are feeling better.
Love and hugs and best wishes to you and your family.

Anna said...

Entrare nel tuo blog meraviglioso mi fa sempre sognare,dovrei farti visita più spesso:-)
Le tue decorazioni sono stupende,adoro tutto quanto ma mi sono innamorata di quei ciondoli vintage appesi a semplici rami..stupendi!
Spero tu ora stia meglio...un abbraccio cara June♥

Rostrose said...

Dearest June,
I'm glad you visited me again - I had missed you very much. Too bad that you are now more on Instagram. There I am never, because the numerous "media places" are already too much for me - Facebook, Google+, Blog ... that's enough for me ...

Your Christmas photos are enchanting - so light and airy - a dreamy silver-white decoration that fits throughout the whole winter.

Lots of hugs, my dear -

Anonymous said...

I was perfectly healthy . My home was a sad shambles after seeing yours. God Bless you

Jill said...

I just love your style of decorating!

Tonita said...

I really like your Aspen branch Christmas tree. It is beautiful and would work perfectly in a tiny home with little space to decorate a tree. Thanks for the amazing inspiration.

Teddee Grace said...

Just discovered your blog. I am intrigued by the ornaments in the white cornucopia as well as the Just Nest ribbon. Did you make the ornaments and do you have a source for the ribbon?