Monday, September 28, 2009

The garden today and recent wins...

I took the camera out in the garden today to snap some of

the things that are still blooming.

This beautiful pink rose is 'Bonica' it will bloom

all the way through October here.

This rose is 'Marie Victorin'. I love that it has a

little hint of yellow in it's bloom.

This wonderfully fragrant rose is 'Moxie'.

This is my 'Pink Diamond' hydrangea. It's starting to change

it's lovely fall color.

I don't know why this 'David' phlox is so late to

bloom, but I'm glad that it is.

These are the blooms on the 'Southern Belle' hibiscus.

They are huge!

Pink petunias on the porch.

The sweet peas are blooming their little hearts out still.

I bring in big bouquets of them, and they

make the house smell heavenly.

They are everywhere in the garden, but we are going

to get a hard frost this week, so I must

say goodbye to the pretty things.

Now for my wins!

I won an awesome giveaway over at French Larkspur.

Tracey gave away a $50 gift card to Starbucks

and the newest issue, in English, no less, of

the beautiful Jeanne d'Arc magazine.

This package came wrapped so beautifully. You know the kind

that you hate to open, because it is just too lovely.

Of course I opened it. I was so anxious to get a look at my first

Jeanne d'Arc, that I couldn't help myself.

What an amazing issue this is. Just full

of so much beauty.

Tracey's beautiful shop French Larkspur is stocked with

beautiful Jeanne d'Arc products.

I'm very excited to get to Starbucks and start

gaining those extra pounds that I know

I will by the time I'm done with this gift card.

I also won a wonderful giveaway from the girls at Tales from an O C Cottage.

What a haul I made off with there. The box that arrived

was filled to the brim with the most beautiful things.

I had so much fun unwrapping every package.

Look at that darling card with the bluebirds on it! Notice the

same little birdie salt and pepper shakers I got.

Love them!

It's been so cool to win such great giveaways!

Thanks girls!


Gayle said...

Hi June,
What fun goodies you've received.
Loved your pictures of the gorgeous
flowers in that gorgeous yard of yours.
My favorite is the Hydrangea. Just

Maria said...

Lovely photos from your garden! Roses are so beautiful and all those pink flowers! <3

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Your roses are so beautiful, June. My garden at the back, faces north, so roses don't grow very well out there, but I have a David Austin rose, ccalled St. Swithens (I bought it for my husband as his birthday is on St. Swithens day) and it blooms from April, and is still in flower.
And how lucky have you been, winning those giveaways.Well done and what fabulous goodies. XXXX

My name is Riet said...

You have such beautiful flowers in your garden.My compliments. And I must say you are one lucky girl to win those giveaways.
Have a nice day

LiLi M. said...

Your garden is still a place of delight! Too bad you are going to have frost, but the fact that is will be gone, makes it more enjoyable now; you have to enjoy it, as it is not forever. That is a lesson of life too.
You received such lovely packages. It is so much fun to have such a package in the mail, don't you think? Bloggers are just the most generous persons! Enjoy your gifts, your lovely garden and have a great day!

jade said...

Dear June,
oh love all your lovely flowers - especially the wonderful pink roses, they are soo romantic!!!! And the treasures you´v got are so great - i also love Jeanne d`Arc!!!

Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for your very nice comment, Hugs Jade

Sharing with Sherri said...

Hi sweet June,

I can't believe how many flowers you still have blooming at this time of year thats just wonderful!! The pink petunias are my favorite!!
Oh lucky girl, you won some more goodies too!!
Those glittery starfish are just the cutest!!

Have a nice week! We are finally going to have some cool weather... Yay!!


Boxwood Cottage said...

How lucky you are with all these wins June!
I also enjoy looking through the Jeanne d'Arc living magazines over here in Germany. I'm excited to get my first copy in English this month because ussually it was written in Danish language only and I don't understand a word of it lol
I have to tell you that your garden looks absolutely magnificent! I see we have the same color preferences. How wonderful, that your wihte phlox is still blooming, mine is long gone.
Sending you warmest wishes from Boxwood Cottage in Germany

Lori said...

June, your garden is never stops blooming and being have the prettiest selection of flowers too...i am sorry that you have a frost coming...i know you will be sad to see your blooms go...what wonderful giveaways you won...i have been wanting to see that magazine, it looks so pretty from the peeks i have seen on your goodies from the o c cottage, those salt and pepper shakers are adorable!!!

KeKe said...

Hello June,

Your flowers look heavenly and lucky you-your presents look scrumptious!!

Jane said...

I always enjoy seeing pictures of your garden....the flowers are beautiful!
Congrats on winning those fabulous gifts....lucky girl!!

Unknown said...

Hi June! WOW!! Your garden is just breathtaking! The roses are just stunning. You are so lucky, I would never come in the house if I lived there!

Congratulations on your wonderful wins!!! I am going to check out French Larkspur. I adore Jeanne d' Arc Magazine!! Tales from the OC Cottage has wonderful giveaways. I love the bluebirds :) I just won one from them also! I am excited to get it :)

Have a beautiful week!

Anne said...

Beautiful flowers and beautiful gifts. Enjoy them.

Unknown said...

Hi June! You're just so sweet! Thanks for the mention and I'm so thrilled that you are enjoying your magazine! Your flowers are spectacular! The japanese beetles have eaten all of the blooms off of my rose bushes - I tried teaching my kids how to hand pick them off, but, well, let's just say that they inherited the "squeemish gene" from their mama :)

:) T

Julie Marie said...

Hello June, wow, you are one lucky girl winning all those beautiful things! I have not won a single giveway! Blogger ladies are so sweet to do those wonderful giveaways... your flowers are still so pretty... we are expecting a drastic change in the weather here in Utah in the next few days too.... as much as I love Autumn, I hate winter, and do hate to see the end of summer now... just hoping our Indian Summer will last a long time, long enough to start thinking Spring again... Bisous... Julie Marie

Sandi said...

Hi June,
I love your flowers! I can't believe you still have all those blooming. We have nothing right now except hydrangeas on the bush. Is that a lantern in your one photo or a light? I LOVE IT! So pretty in your garden!
Love all your goodies too! I would have loved to win that magazine !! Isn't it amazing? I have one of those (don't remember what issue) and I love it!

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Bellissime Rose and amazing gifts. Good way to start the week! Ciao

kelli said...

June, your flowers are looking beautiful as always. Isn't the magazine amazing! I just orderd my first as well from Tracey! I'm so glad I did! Can't wait to sit down with a cup of tea and soak up all those beautiful pages.

Have a lovely day

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Don't you hate to see it all go... your garden is so lovely, but you have something to look forward to in the spring. I love to see everything maturing thru the years, just making everything more luscious for every passing year. I really miss not having my own yard to make it a heavenly place to be in. June you are so fortunate to have such a beautiful garden.

Look at all your beautiful gifts, how exciting to know that you even won. I have won only one thing sense I've been blogging and I truly loved what I have gotten. You must have some lucky streak, have you ever played the Lotto?

Bye for now-

Muggensteekjes said...

Hello dear June,
you are such a lucky girl winning two giveaways,and the things you won are so beautiful.Love the magazine but I never could find it in our shops.And all the presents in the second giveaway look so lovely.I am also loving your garden with so many flowers still in bloom.Especially the hydrangea is amazing.Love the beautiful roses too,and such big flowers.Thank you for sharing,just love it all.
Dear hugs,Ingrid.

Paula said...

Dear sweet June,

Your roses are so beautiful!!!! I can imagine how wonderful they smell! The phlox, hibiscus, petunias and sweet peas are all so pretty!!! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. I am so excited that you won two fabulous giveaways! I know you will enjoy all your pretties so much and your Starbucks, too!

Love and hugs,

Tamerie Shriver Halliday said...

All your flowers are so beautiful. And congratulations on your wins! I just loved those little bird shakers and they look even cuter on the card! Enjoy!

Carole said...

Such blooms in your garden still June. It's wonderful. I have mostly hydrangeas and some fairy roses left. I didn't plant any allysum this year but you should see it growing in the gravel -gorgeous!
You're going to love Jeanne D'Arc Living...I've been wanting to read one page at a time now that I can actually read
Hope you get spared by the frost a little longer!

The Victorian Parlor said...


I just love seeing pictures of your gardens! I can almost smell the flowers:). I think you need to visit me next year and help me to cultivate my gardens so they are as spectacular as yours!



Vicki said...

Hi, June,
Your garden still looks heavenly! I think the roses really love this cooler weather, don't you? Congratulations on your wonderful presents! I enjoyed looking at everything. Those bluebird salt and pepper shakers are so cute! I know you will enjoy all your pretties. Sending warm autumn wishes your way. Vicki

Draffin Bears said...

Dear June,

Your garden is delightful and I can only guess the sweet smell of your pretty roses, { Ummm }
Well done for winning all those beautiful gifts.
Tracey has a lovely blog and I always love to visit her.

Happy week

Anne Lorys said...

Oh my, you have the most lovely garden!
I'm due to to be getting my copy of Jeanne d'Arc soon, too, can't wait!

maria cecilia said...

Hello June, your garden and the giveaway you received are so lovely. Also the white post that I saw just now, lovely too. Everything so, so lovely.
muchos cariños

Heidi said...

Hi June,
Hope it's not to late to leave a comment on your Monday post - wow your garden is so beautiful! Your flowers are so lovely - I especially like the Moxie roses. Love a rose that smells spicy!
Your white Wed. post is really pretty, too! You have so many wonderful things to share with us.
And how lucky are you to win two drawings? I'm having one at Heart and Home, come try your luck there, too, if you like!
Take care, hope to see you soon.
Heidi - Heart and Home

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi June, I'm amazed that your garden has hung in there like it has. All my plants are just so done...but then again you are such a master gardener. Your petunias are still so beautiful, and mine are just "doggy". That first frost is so hard to deal with emotionally. Thanks for coming by and your always sweet comments. I so appreciate you!

Simply Debbie said...

Hello June,
What fun and relaxation it has been catching up on your blog. Your garden is still so gorgeous. I know how sad it is when the frost comes and freeze dries your beautiful flowers.
Ilove the angel so much in your header....beautiful.
Angel Hugs
congrats on your winning a give away.

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

First of all your garden is stunning!!! Now young lady, 2 wins...are you by chance Irish..if not you have the luck of the Irish!!! That magazine looks to die for...enjoy your treats,talk soon!Chrissy

Debra Howard said...

Your pictures are so beautiful. What a pretty garden.

Journal Swag said...

Beautiful bounty, you lucky girl!! Idaho is beautiful! I love your blog.



A Fanciful Life said...

You know how much I love flowers and yours are so pretty! Nothing makes me happier than such lovely flowers!
Sharon :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow double blessed!! Isn't it fun to win such pretties. I love those little bluebirds- what sweet faces they have- I would set them somewhere where when it is cold and nasty outside they will remind you that spring and summer will come once again!