Friday, July 26, 2013

Art to make your heart sing!

You know that feeling when you see something and your heart 
kind-da leaps in your chest?
When a blogging friend of mine first started posting about her new paintings
that is just the feeling I got when I first saw them.
I'm sure many of you know Lana Manis and have seen her book page
angel wings and other beautiful artwork.
I LOVE her paintings and prints!!!!
I don't usually single out my favorite Etsy shops but I really wanted to share (with Lana's permission)
these wonderful, happy paintings and prints.

Lana has always wowed us with her paper creations and I know that many of you have known her work
longer than I have.
Lana and I have known each other since I first started blogging and she has been one of my favorites.
 and just in case some of you aren't familiar with her beautiful wreaths and angel wings I thought I would
post these from her site.
Aren't they glorious???

Lana has a beautiful Etsy, in fact she has two beautiful Etsy shoppes!
You can see more of her bright and cheerful paintings at Lana Manis Designs.
She showcases her other artwork on Simple Joys Paperie
I have always loved Lana's blog where she shares so much of her artful life.
I'm so glad she has decided to share her talent of paining with the world, because 
just seeing them makes me happy!

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