Thursday, July 18, 2013


Some of my roses have almost finished their first round of blooms.
I do have ever-blooming roses in the garden too, but I have to say that
some of my favorites only bloom twice a season.

David Austin's Heritage rose

Colette and Lunar Mist roses


Two of my favorite summer things...
watermelon and roses!

This is the rose Colette as shown above.
This is how it looks on the bush.

I have now planted three total in the garden because I love them so much.

This is my New Dawn. My climber is quite scrawny but the one I have as a bush is
much prettier. They aren't as hardy as they should be for my zone 3/4 garden, but
they have wintered okay so far.

This is looking from the road down into our garden about 10 days ago or so.
This secludes us from the highway and hides most of the garden beds.
I love it when what I call 'the wall of roses' bloom.

I also have many down the driveway, like this Bonica (front) and 
John Cabot (background)

and this is from the other direction on the driveway

Harlow Carr (David Austin rose)
in chamber pot.

I planted 7 different David Austin roses last year (12 total) and was so pleased that all the 
cold-hardy ones I chose made it through the winter.
I am anxious to see how they do in the next few years. It is so nice to have cold-hardy roses 
with a beautiful scent. 

I have posted other views of the roses on my garden blog.

Thank you so much for coming by to smell the roses!


Art and Sand said...

Your roses are beyond beautiful. Roses do not do well in our sandy coastal soil so I have to enjoy them in photos like yours.

I love your spectacular wall of roses.

oldgreymare said...

I wouldn't miss visiting <3

Julie Marie said...

Oh June, I love your Roses!... and your wall of Roses is just stunning!... our Roses have just about pooped out in this heat (me too!)... but will come back for one more show as it cools down again end of Summer... hard to pick a favorite out of all of yours... but I think Colette might be it... and watermelon, yum!... we have been eating alot of that too... even Tessy loves it!... xoxo Julie Marie

Sylvia said...

Your Roses are GORGEOUS, June! And the wall of Roses is simply spectacular! Thank you for giving me a chance to stop and almost smell them... I have always loved the romantic, delicate appeal of your photos! Watermelon and roses? It doesn't get any better than this! Enjoy!

Rosemary and Thyme said...

June I am swooning over everything on this post. Your roses are magnificent. And your photos are amazing. I do love how you paired the roses with the watermelon. Brilliant. How wonderful to be surrounded by such beauty. I have to get a few of those spectacular David Austin roses.

Have a great rest of the week.


Lady of the Woods said...

Hi June! I adore your blog and seeing a new post here, and your flowers are absolutely heavenly! chamber pot?? never saw one so pretty nor thought of them outside of Victorian movies ! LOLOL....I googled them and found some of interest, will update you as to my progress....thank you for posting this, such a joy!

The Charm of Home said...

oh, wow! I love your wall of roses! I have a similar area in my garden but, it isn't as large. Just beautiful!

Low Tide High Style said...

June, you were one of the first people to inspire me to plant roses. It must be so lovely driving past your beautiful gardens, and even more wonderful to walk and linger in them. I have a vase of roses on my desk at the moment, so thank you for encouraging me to plant some!

xo Kat

victorian parlor II said...

Oh my gosh your gardens are gorgeous!!! Thanks for your visit-it was lovely hearing from you:).



Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Such a treat to see your gorgeous roses! I can only imagine the pleasure they give. Love your styling and photos just as much! So glad you shared, June!

Ivy and Elephants said...

June, I love the garden shots, and the Colette with the watermelon on the blue dish, .... just everything!
Your photography is amazing.
Big hugs,

Katherine said...

I love this variety of roses, the fullness looks so romantic. I can't imagine having an entire wall or barrier of roses.
I'm not sure how much of the heat you've been getting, but your garden seems incredibly happy.

So lovely - I'm glad you shared them with us.


Linda Carswell said...

Gorgeous.....GORGEOUS roses. It is always a treat to visit your blog.

Junkchiccottage said...

Oh my you have the special touch with the roses. These are absolutely gorgeous. How pretty.

Madelief said...

Your roses look absolutely beautiful! I planted the Heritage rose last year too. It,s one of my favourits. What a large garden you have. Must be a joy to sit and relax in with all those pretty flowers!

Madelief x

Blondie's Journal said...

I have a hunch that you like roses! :) The wall of flowers is just spectacular. I think my favorite is the Colette. Do you find most of your rose bushes in your area or do you order them from outside sources? I am new to roses and I have 3 bushes and 3 climbers...sadly, I don't have a lot of space or the much needed sun so I try to get varieties that bloom at different times.

Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of your precious roses!!


Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Oh June, sigh, your roses are so very beautiful. I love your rose bushes as well as your rose bouquets. Very dreamy!
Hugs to you,

Monica said...

I love your flowers but most of all, your heart.
Hugs to you,
Monica x

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh June,
Your roses are a picture, as always, and your 'wall of roses', magnificent. Our David Austin rose ' St. Swithun's' had to be cut down a lot when we had the house painted this year .... just as it was coming into bloom !!!! Never mind, it will probably look better next year and it does throw out buds throughout the year.
We got back from Croatia a week ago only to have the most wonderful heatwave here in the UK. Temperatures in the 30C's and it doesn't show any signs of letting up either.
Enjoy your beautiful garden June and keep showing us the fruits of your labours !! Much love and thanks for your lovely comment over at mine. XXXX

Unknown said...

Pure heaven again...OMG!! Those roses coming down your driveway! What a gorgeous sight. I love love love pictures of your garden.....keep them coming!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

MY GOODNESS am I happy here!

Watermelon and roses? INDEED! Oh June, how fun it is to play with photos, to move around objects in the home to try to come to the perfect vignette and you certainly achieve that! I on the other hand, do not..or cannot!!!!

Thank you for the uplifting moments of beauty. Anita

the old white house said...

Hi June! I only dream of being able to grow roses as beautiful as yours... alas, my thumb is not quite green enough! I hope that you are having a lovely summer! love, t.xoxo

Peonies & Magnolias said...

They are all so beautiful and I love that wall of roses, it is gorgeous. Isn't it a shame our flowers can't bloom all spring through fall, that would be just too wonderful for words. haha

Have a great weekend.


Geli said...

Dear June!
I loooooove your rose garden so much ...
So much beauty everywhere ...
And the Austin roses are so feerique .....
And dear June don' t fear the winter - they will survive in your garden!
I have the Golden Celebration for 10 years now and here the winters are sooooo cold and long!
I wish you a wonderful weekend with the scent of your dreamy roses!
With love,

Dorthe said...

Dearest June, your wall of roses are stunning, and so are all the other roses in your garden!! All so heawy and full looking, so beautiful in all kind of rosa shades!!
Here the first blooming has also almost faded away, and I hope for a next round soon again!!They are really the most beautiful flowers ,I think!!
Happy ,happy weekend in your summer lovely garden, my dear!!
Hugs and love,Dorthe

Unknown said...


My name is Riet said...

Your roses are so beautiful Dear June and your Gateway is the most beautiful I ever saw. Your garden must be like a beautiful park
Hug's from Riet

NanaDiana said...

June- I know there are many beautiful gardens in blogland but I have to say that I think you have some of the most beautiful gardens I have EVER seen. Your roses are just amazing. That is one thing you miss when you move as much as we have-you never see the full fruition of your plants and labor. The last couple of houses I have done bare bones gardens because I knew we would move. Your gardens fill me with longing-I can almost smell the scent of a hot summer day in your "secret" garden- xo Diana

summersundays-jw said...

So, how many accidents have there been in front of your house???? What a beautiful sight. Jan

Patina said...

So pretty June! Your gardens, your roses, everything.
Hope you're doing well!

Laura said...

Oh wow June, your wall of roses is just spectacular! and i think if i was living in your street i would probably be walking by ; a lot!!! I adore all of your David Austens too, Isnt it amazing how much pleasure comes from such simple beauty?... from nature?... Thats what I adore most about flowers, that they are all natural gems, gifts for us to enjoy..
Have a truly lovely weekend ! best wishes, Lauraxxxxx

Draffin Bears said...

Hi June,

Two of my favourite things too, roses and watermelon - speaks of summer.
Your David Austin roses are so very beautiful ~ Colette and Lunar mist are so dreamy and look just like a ballerinas tutu.

Happy weekend, dear friend

debi said...

June, I just get lost in your dreamy photos. It is always such a treat to visit your blog and see your beautiful home, and flowers. Hugs, Debi

Catherine said...

Thank you for your visit. I Love you garden, I love roses. Such beautiful flowers!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hello June!
Your wall of roses just took my breath away, so lovely!

Pondside said...

Like everyone else, I am dumbstruck by The Wall of Roses! How spectacular!
I was glad to see an Explorer Rose in your collection - the Cabot. They must do very well in your cold winters. When we lived in the east I had Explorer Roses exclusively, and always had good luck with them.

wendy said...

I think maybe you don't remember this....but you were probably the GARDENER in the Garden of Eden.
Just saying.

Unknown said...

Beautiful as always June! Thanks so much for visiting. We do love our color. It makes me think of a garden in a way! Have a happy rest of the summer.

Jacqui said...

Oh, how I love your roses, and your peonies (previously) What gorgeous pictures, thanks for sharing

erin's art and gardens said...

oh how beautiful...i especially love the "wall of roses"!

Nely said...

My dearest June,
Ohh what a beautifiul roses you have,pure garden of Eden!
I love roses so much,romantic and dreamy flower.
I am enjoy in your photos,thanks for sharing!
Many hugs my friend!

Bente said...

Oh my, this is sooo fantastic, June. Your roses is gorgeous. It`s almost too much beauty for me, remember here in Norway I have never seen a garden like this. I suppose the reason is the clima here.(smile)Too cold and rainy summers.

Wish you a wonderful new week.

Hugs from here

Debbie said...

It must be glorious to walk through your gardens, June. Not only the sights, but the fragrances, as well.
Your wall of roses is breathtaking.
You must LOVE summer!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good evening beautiful June! Now I think your idea of giving a smile is one of the best gifts anyone can give. See? The best things in life ARE free! How I love this post....

LOVE! Anita

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Hi June! I love your roses especially that view you have along your garden boundary it's fabulous!!

Hugs dearest,

Lana Manis said...

These are breath-taking! Do they smell as wonderful as they look? I especially love the watermelon and roses photos!

Mimi Sue said...

Your wall of roses is so gorgeous! The David Austen roses almost look like peonies. I planted one last year and it did pretty well this year but I hope next year it is spectacular. Mimi

Olive said...

Hi June, I read this post the minute it hit my email on my phone I am not tech savvy enough to comment there though. I have just gotten to my lap top. Joe and I have been cutting back our jungle like shrubs because of the rain. I love love the New Dawn and David Austin roses. Here one must order David Austin roses in January to get the warranty so I am going to order some this year. Your images are the most splendid in all of the internet. I am glad you mark them as I see them on tumblr frequently. God Bless and have a terrific week, Olive

Seawashed said...

So beautiful. The heritage and Colette take my breath away. I visited your garden blog too and oh how much I love seeing your trellis with sheers blowing in the breeze. You have cultivated a heavenly sanctuary.

A New England Life said...

Roses! I need more roses! Especially New Dawn. That one seems to be a winner for most people. Thank you for the wonderful images, June : )


Victorian1885 said...

Dear June
Your "wall of roses" is so gorgeous! Roses are the one thing I miss not having a yard...but glad I can enjoy them in your lovely gardens!
The chamber pot is a perfect compliment to your David Austin roses. Have a great weekend ahead my friend!

Anna said...

I am enchanted in front of these beautiful roses .... I Have only two flowering but it's probably because of the heat that is abnormal in Italy .... I will simply admire your ... that smells delicious ...
A hug dear June

Rostrose said...

Dearest June,
what a splendor of roses! They bloom in your garden in the most beautiful colors and they have flourished even your dream house. How wonderful it must smell! And anyway it is a feast for the eyes!
Lots of hugs from here,

Annie said...

June, your garden encourages and inspires me. We have many of the same roses. Colette and Lunar Mist are two of my favorites, too. My poor Lunar Mist didn't get planted the year I bought her, and she lay all winter in her little broken nursery pot with very little soil around the roots, under several feet of snow. I didn't get her planted right away the following year. I almost threw the poor little thing out - there wasn't much left of her, but when I got her in the ground, she just exploded into growth and bloom. I apologize to her every time I pass by.

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

GORGEOUS! I adore your roses both in bloom and on display in your amazing home, June. I can't get over what a green thumb you have. Those Colette roses are especially pretty. They remind me of peonies. Oh what I would give for a wall of roses like yours! You must enjoy your garden so much. :)
Oh, and thanks for sharing about Lana's cheerful paintings, too. What a talent!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Glorious, beautiful, amazing...there just aren't enough word to say how wonderful this is!

awal.ny said...

Your roses are just beautiful June. With that many in bloom you can not even tell when you cut a bunch to bring in the house. The wall of roses must be amazing to see. Have a wonderful weekend. Alaina

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hello June!
Happy Birthday, a bit late I know, I hope it was a find day. The roses are so wonderful, such abundance! God is good.

Joy Hall said...

Lovely soft and delicate roses. The Heritage roses are my favorite! I would LOVE to have these growing in my yard!

Lady of the Woods said...

and !!! I have come here 3 times to update you on the progress of the chamber pot query as I said I would in my first comment, and EVERY time got derailed by the beauty here and got lost in it and completely forgot to comment, but will not forget now....yes, I found one, a beautiful set with accessories in mint condition and an extra one I bought 'by mistake' but a happy one! and so wanted to say I posted about it too and referenced back to this post here. So there, I forced myself NOT to look at your beautiful photos and kept my memory from going mushy from the beauty here and updated you :D:D:D! thanks for visiting.

Art and Sand said...

I wanted to let you know that I mentioned you and put a link to your blog and to this post in my post today.

Val said...

Lovely. ♥ It reminds me of the quote that "Pink roses speak to me of all gentleness." Just lovely.

Villa König said...

WOW! Your photos are always gorgeous! I love your wonderful roses!!!! Hugs Yvonne

Vicky said...

Oh June , I adore your blog. I love your roses and your photos are amazing.! It is always a treat to visit your blog.