Sunday, July 7, 2013

I LOVE this flower!

The peonies are now gone for another year.
I am so glad that I was able to enjoy them as much as I have this year.
There are many dried or drying bouquets all over the house right now
(and tons of petals all over the floors :)
for use in wreaths later this winter when I need something a little
summery for the walls.

I am preparing to move some of the plants I have in the garden because of the shade
that has over taken them.
Sometimes peonies are quite fussy about being moved so I have saved more this year
for dying in case the newly transplanted peonies decide to sulk for a couple of years before
setting their blooms again.

I haven't taken any photos of the drying blooms yet, but you all know that I
love them almost as much as I do fresh peonies, so I will most likely be
doing some posts of them in the months to come.

Another whole year must pass before I can see them bloom again,
but because I know they will come once more...I wait.


This urn of peonies have dried so beautifully.
(sorry for those who read this earlier and thought they were already dried.
I meant they have now dried after these photos and I will show them in a future post)
I love that it will probably last for at least a couple of years before fading.

Now for the roses!!!!!

See you soon!


Julie Marie said...

Those are all so beautiful June... love love love Peonies... I also love that floral pillow in the background in one of the photos... glad you are able to dry so many of your blooms as well... I am like you, and love my flowers dried as well as fresh... xoxo Julie Marie

Sandi said...

Gorgeous as always dear June!! I have delicate pink hydrangeas blooming now and love them!! :)

Victorian1885 said...

Swoon... Oh how I love you posts... I can't wait to see your roses! Have a great week ahead my friend!


Anne said...

Ah such beautiful peonies June!Oh how I miss my peony bush!Lovely photos as always <3

Bernideen said...

It is hard to accept this isn't it. As we were driving home today I pointed over to a bush and told my hubby - it will be 1 year before that blooms again. That's hard to believe!

Peonies do dry so pretty and the heads look lovely on top of a dish of potpourri.

Your blog is very lovely!

Two Cottages And Tea said...

So very beautiful! My peonies are just now blooming. Would you please tell me how you dried them? Thank you!

Deborah said...

Oh June they are so lovely!
When is the best time to plant a peony bush? And should it be in full sun?
I love them so much...yours are just gorgeous!
Its so great to have the dried ones though...I don't think I've ever seen them dried.
Oh yes, roses...I cant wait to feast my eyes on yours!
Love to you!

All my heart,
Deborah xoxoxooxoxo

Unknown said...

Oh my gorgeous. That first photo should be on the cover of a magazine. Beautiful as always. Have a great week!

My Little Home and Garden said...

I've been scrolling through admiring your peonies. I love them as well, but have never dried any of mine. I thought the ones in the urn looked fresh! I may have to investigate this idea next spring.


joanne said...

their beauty is intoxicating as I imagine their scent is also. I can't even tell that the ones in the urn are dried, they look perfect. What is your drying secret? Or is your beautiful mountain air! Enjoy these lovely summer days...

NanaDiana said...

Those are just beautiful, June. You have the best peonies. I don't have very good luck moving peonies. Sometimes they don't bloom again...or it takes them forever to "set". xo Diana

Suz said...

Your peonies, and your pictures, are so beautiful! I love them so much. Mine never came up this year. They weren't too good last year either. I think they are very old. I wonder if they need to be replanted. Thanks for all the beauty!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your gorgeous pictures of those beautiful peonies, dear June. Maybe it's a good thing that flowers only bloom for a while each year. I think we wouldn't treasure them as much if they would bloom the whole year round.
Have a happy week!
Hugs to you,

Vicky said...

I share your love for peonies, and their entrancing fragrance .Is there anything more beautiful than a handful of just picked peonies?

debi said...

June, I always enjoy seeing your beautiful flowers. I don't have big, beautiful gardens like you, so I live vicariously through you. lol

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I adore peonies too--your photos are beautiful. I planted a white one this year to go with my pinks :)

Bente said...

Oh my, the peonies are just gorgeous, June. Love how you decorate with them.
Have a great week, dear friend.

Hugs from here

Barbara said...

Besides roses, for me peonies are the the most romantic flower. Your images are gorgeous as usual.


Anna said...

Dear June, I just can not pass from your blog is so lovely ... everything that you show us!
Your peonies are wonderful and I'm curious to see them dried, who knows what a show.
The fact that after moving the plants have to wait at least a couple of years is really true ... maybe that's what my "are angry" and have not bloomed ☺
A warm hug ... I await your roses!

Custom Comforts said...

Your have the prettiest peonies in the country and your photos are gorgeous. I too love peonies and they come and go so quickly. Seems like the prettiest flowers always do. I get frustrated with my peonies because they always flop over, especially after a rain and then their beautiful faces are in the dirt and they are done for.
Do you stake yours?

Betty said...

I also love peonies. I have them alongside my home. We had so much rain that they did not bloom as much as they have in the past, but I still enjoyed them.

awal.ny said...

Thank you June for your lovely comments on my gardens. It is fun to see how they will change from year to year. I too have some plants that will be moved next year due to too much shade, but that is the fun of gardening. Your pictures are just beautiful, I love the chair ones and that urn is wonderful. I forgot to dry my peonies this year, although mine always end up looking brown. How do you keep yours looking so nice?

sophie said...

Quelle merveilleuses fleurs!
de vrais pompons!
tes bouquets sont superbes

Home and Lifestyle said...

It looks beautiful, it's a wonderful flower!!

Hugs, Ingrid

Junebug said...

So, so lovely!!! Mine have not dried very pretty this year, so I will wait til next year. Crazy busy this summer and don't have near the garden work done. Oh well, I still enjoy my flowers even if there is a weed or two! I hope you are enjoying you summer!!Hugs!

Sylvia said...

Beautiful peonies! I think that perhaps we cherish these flowers as much for their impermanence as for their beauty. The lesson we take from the short life of peaonies is to live into whatever the here and now has to offer, to notice it and not take it for granted... I guess...Thank you for the delicate photos!

Jennifer said...

Your peonies are just gorgeous! I love the distressed white urn as well. I have never tried to dry my peonies and am curious as to how you dry yours.

Unknown said...

You make beautiful turn into sheer elegance, June. So love peonies, also. Now awaiting the blossoms of my hydrangeas ... got a couple of pretty ones blooming now. I'd be happy with flowers surrounding me year round.
Hope all is well with you & the family ... have missed you, trying to get blogging done more often

Read my post of yesterday ~

Big hugs,

Unknown said...

Oh my peonies are such beautiful flowers. I wish I had a garden like yours. So I can relax even in stressful days.
Everytging in your is so great. Such a good place to stay.

My name is Riet said...

Your peonies are so beautiful in their vases and in your garden dear June.I would love to see them dried too.
Hugs from Riet

Cindy said...

Your peonies are luscious... the soft pink and the white are so pretty together. It is a treat waiting for each new batch of flowers to come out and bloom each year... and even find some i had forgotten about showing their little flowery heads! I am also trying to fight off the shade overgrowing my yard! Seems like these days i'm pruning back more than planting!


Victoria said...

Your Peonies are so gorgeous June! I'm sure they look just as lovely dried. I dry all my roses now (store bought booooo!) and I love the way they look!

Dorthe said...

Oh my sweet June, you live in a Paradise garden... so filled with your favorite blooms, and busches... those are stunning, and I hope for you, you will have succes in moving some of them to other places in your garden!! I have tried myself, and am happy that one I got from my mother survived the moove !!! But other did not like it!!
Your pictures are filled with lovelyness and adorable creamy coloured peonies- I love the one with your beautiful flowered pillow !!
Hugs and love from Dorthe

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Absolutely Gorgeous! Good luck with moving them, mine are always very sulky when moved. Have a wonderful week.


Terry said...

So pretty! I must get some peonies for my yard. Next year I suppose.


Blessed Serendipity said...

These flowers are so gorgeous and so are your photos. The blooms look so pretty and delicate. Thank you for sharing them.


Olive said...

June, the peonies are so so splendid. I have been having great difficulty drying my hydrangeas this year. Maybe because we have had too much rain. xo, olive

Heaven's Walk said...

I can never decide which I love more....peonies or roses, June! :) I'm anxious to see how your dried peonies turn out. I've never tried drying them. Your photos, as usual, are just stunning...and I'm missing my peonies now, too. :) Glad that the roses and clematis are taking over!

xoxo laurie

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Thank you so much for getting back to me about your peonies. I think you are right and my area where I live is too humid. I'm going to give it a try anyway, placing them in different places inside and in my hen house retreat. Thanks again!

wendy said...

For sure they are such a gorgeous flower. I don't have any as of yet, but would like to dig some out of my mom's yard and plant them. said they are fussy about being moved??
I'll have to research it I guess.

Katherine said...

If someone wasn't a lover of peonies before they read your post, they likely are now. These are real stunners - so pretty.

I'm always in awe of how you present your precious blooms. It's beautiful.

Mimi Sue said...

You are a little farther behind us weatherwise since our peonies have stopped blooming 3 weeks ago. Now the roses are almost done too. Looking forward to seeing your roses though. Mimi

Edith DUTERTRE said...

je ne savais pas que l'on pouvait
faire sécher des pivoines??
pour les déplacer cela ne devrais
pas poser de problème
on dit que c'est une plante qui
épuise la terre là ou elle se
et qu'il faut des fois les mettre
ailleurs !
bonne journée
edith(iris) France

flowersandhome said...

Such a beautiful flower. Can't wait to see the dried bouquets. I hope the move of plants goes smoothly and you won't have to wait too many years(hopefully none at all!) for fresh flowers to cut.

lala said...

Absolutely beautiful! I also dry my peonies to have lovely blooms all year long. This year, due to the overabundance of blooms, I cut & wrapped many buds and put them in the fridge to save for Aug. & Sept. when I have family visiting. I am experimenting with this, but they should bloom when placed in a vase of warm water. I am excited to think that I may actually see my lovely peonies again in a couple of months!

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

And they are SO worth the waiting! June, your peonies are just breathtaking. You have such a beautiful abundance of them and you display them in perfect bouquets. I am just sighing over all these delightful photos. Thank you for sharing your love of gardening and the bounty it brings.
Thanks also for giving me that tip about making sure the peony's roots are more exposed. I hope to have better luck next year.
Looking forward to seeing your roses...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning beautiful one! I have been away from the computer for a week, visiting family. It is lovely to be back to my morning routine here and to see your white world. Thank you for the lift! Anita

Gardener's Gaze said...

Simply, Stunning. Thank you June for Sharing...K..

jewels in the garden +: ) said...

June, thank you for stopping by. It's been awhile for me. I am in love with your peonies♥ One of many flowers I can't grow here, so I am enjoying yours, thank you for sharing! Looking at your pictures is so calming to my soul... God's creations are amazing! And He uses you to tend to His creation. What a blessing +: )
Love ya, Julie

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Everytime I visit your lovely site I wish that I lived where I could grow these gorgeous flowers.
I can't imagine having such beauties to enjoy but to say goodbye to for a year would be hard.
Your pictures are amazing. I loved my visit here today.

One Shabby Old House said...

If we had their blooms all year long I think we would take for granted this beautiful flower. They are certainly a special delight and you are so lucky to be able to grow them.

Vintage Home said...

oh they are truly one of Gods greatest treats for our senses.
We are not blessed with a great deal of sun in our garden but we can buy them near by! There is a stunning peony farm near by!
A FARM FOR PEONIES...that is what I call good farming!

Rozmeen said...

I love them too.. I am buying them every week for the last 3 weeks. Today also going for more ..up to the flowershop.. Its the colour..the smell..we just love peonies dont we :-)

Big big kiss,

Low Tide High Style said...

June, I don't know how you manage to make peonies even more beautiful than they actually are, but you do! And I moved a peony from my parent's yard in December a few years ago when we sold their home. It bloomed that following spring,and was even more gorgeous this spring, so here's hoping yours will cooperate too!

xo Kat

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh my dear June
My heart just skips a beat every time I view your divine peonies fresh or dried.
I have to pinch myself to make sure that I'm not in a beautiful deep dream!
Your photography is simply breathtaking
dear friend,
Much love,

victorian parlor II said...

As always your blog is a breath of fresh air and beauty!



RuthSMac. said...

Im in love with your peonies, I wish I could grow them here in Texas, but they are really delicate, I tried once.

I heart your garden!


Beehive Needleworks said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your peonies! They cause be to recall my childhood home...Mama's gardens filled to overflowing with peonies of all colours.
Your rooms must be dreamy with the fragrance of all of your bouquets...and bunches to last into the snowy months...heaven surely!
Wishing you much joy dear June...
Judy x

Alina said...

Beautiful flowers...They look like whipped cream :)
Hugs from here Dear !

Rebecca said...

Hi Sweet
Popped over to see if you were on the Where Blogger Create tour but found your beautiful peonies instead... love them myself.
I have been MIA again... but I enjoy your posts so much, I hope all is well in your world. Don't know when I will get out to the PNW again, Jody moved this year to Mn.

Geli said...

Dear June!
I looooove your peonies in these wonderful colors ...
And I think you really enjoyed them the whole time when they bloomed ...
I like the seasons and their typical plants they have ...
I wish you a very happy sunny summer in your dreamy garden!
With love,

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

Dear June, How glorious your peonies are. I love how pretty each color is and how you capture that with your camera. So inspirational. Next time I see some peonies I will certainly try and dry them. To have them in the house all year would be heaven! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!


Bernideen said...

Very, very beautiful!!!