Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A little of this, that, and the other for White Wednesday.

Well, I'm afraid you're in for another long post here today, because I have a lovely giveaway win I want to share,
and finish showing you the last of the pictures from Farm Chicks.
But before I do that, I wanted to show you how a couple of the girls are doing.
I chose to show you two that come the closest to fitting in with the White Wednesday theme
for today.

Do you remember them when they were just teeny, and I brought them into the house
for a little portrait sitting? (and they pooped all over everything)

Well...this is Rossie and Harriette now!
Rossie is the one on the left in both photos, and Harriette on the right.

I have to tell ya...Harriette is and always has been my favorite!
I know...I'm a bad  'chick mama'. But she is! She has the 
sweetest temperament AND she is the prettiest.

I will have to show you the other girls another time, but I just had to brag today
 about these two sweet peeps.
Now for the amazing giveaway I won from dearest Cindy at Stitches-N-Stuff.
When this came, it was wrapped so beautifully, and I just knew that it would be special.
You see, Cindy sent me a beautiful gift before and I know what her handiwork is like.

She is an amazing artist with a sewing machine. You can't even imagine what was waiting
 for me wrapped in white tulle and ribbons.

Look at all this beauty...

A wonderful verse about charity folded up and tucked in a tin with lovely white and
creamy buttons.

Wait till you see the beautiful angel soap dish...
you see, angels are very special to me and Cindy knows this!

Now for the handiwork itself.
A beautiful bag sewn up in all my favorite shades of creams and white!

A close-up of this lovely piece of Cindy's heart.

Cindy, I want to thank you for this lovely gift and for being my friend.
I LOVE it ALL and will enjoy my bag as I take it everywhere this Summer
when I go to the flea and farmer's markets.

From farm chick chickens to Farm Chicks the show...
Here are the last of the views I saw when I was at this wonderful event.

Oh I can hardly wait till next year!

I am joining Kathleen at Faded Charm for White Wednesday.

Because I am totally out of whites at the moment, I have decided to
to only post for White Wednesday about once a month. I have enjoyed this so much and
it was hard for me to make the decision to do so. I think this will work best for me this Summer and
I hope to be back to regular white posting in the Fall...
because I LOVE white!!!!


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi June,
Your not so small chicks are still darling! Brings back memories of being chick mom when my daughter was in kindergarten (there were lots of chicks). I would love to have a few now if we lived out in the country, mentioned it to my hubby a few times but no response as of yet ;)
Ooh, thanks for the Farm Chicks photos, they are fab. I want that dresser. The photo of the lady at the blue counter is great, she's darling. Happy WW sweetie!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Think I'm going to try to go to FC next year, perhaps I'll see you there!

joanne said...

all our little 'chicks' grow up too fast don't they! How sweet and cute, I had no idea I could fall in love with chickens...oh my. Thanks for sharing all your lovely gifts and whites, see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi June,
It's always such a pleasure to see your White Wednesday posts. I LOVE all your white goodies! The peeps are adorable...as little chicks and big chicks! :)
What a lovely gift you received...some beautiful craftsmanship!
Have a good night,
Hugs ~ Jo :-)

Muggensteekjes said...

Hello dear June,
your little chicks did grow so hard, but still adorable. Also enjoyed every photo of the Farm Chicks. The gifts you did receive are really beautiful and oooh June youre creative space in youre last entry was heavenly.
Have a lovely sunny day,
Hugs, Ingrid.

My name is Riet said...

OH June, your chicks are gorgeous. What a lovely family.I love your white posts. And you were the lucky winner again of all those beautiful goodies. What a wonderful give away.
Have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Riet

maría cecilia said...

Lovely gift you received, my dear June, and so wonderfully wrapped, I love tul!!! Today I have bought my first tuls ever and exactly for the same purpose, wrapping presents!!!
and your chickens are adorable, and yes,Harriette is a little bit more cute, isn´t she?
Hope you could bought all you were in love with from this incredible fair, so many things that I would love to have!!
Many hugs,
maria cecilia

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi June,
I love your chickies. They are so cute. Lovely photos too.

You received some really sweet gifts, what an honor. Also sure wish I could have been there for Farm Chicks. Ooh, such lovely stuff.


Robyn said...

OHHHHH your chicks! LOVE THEM! Soooo sweet! I could just kiss their little beaks! Your package is lovely and I adore your angel soap dish, how lovely! Great WW goodness! ;-)

Unknown said...

oh those chicks are soooo so cute!oh your pics are so fabulous....it looks like so much fun and looks like I could have spent alot of money! LOL!

Sandi said...

Hi June,
Your chickies are gorgeous!! Are they just going to be pets? So so cute!!

Love your farm chicks pictures too! So many amazing goodies. I think if I ever attended I would just stand there with my mouth hanging open and not be able to move!! lol.

Your giveaway win is lovely as well!
Happy WW!

Julie Marie said...

Hi June, oooh Rossie and Harriette are just adorable, I love them! Farm Chicks looks like soo much fun, I want to go next year! I love the great assortment of things, something for everyone it looks like...I had better start saving my money for that right now! Oh yes, I am drying one Foxglove... so far, so good, I will let you know how it turns out! xoxo Julie Marie

Laura said...

Hey June-
That looks like it was a great trip!
Now to your chickens.

Did you build a coop, or have you always had one?

Your nosy friend,

Polly said...

June, your pictures are always so beautiful! Those sweet little chicks!! I really want to go to the Farm Chicks next year!!



The French Bear said...

June, you never disappoint me...your photos are fabulous. The sweet little chicks, I wish I could have chickens, the ones that lay the blue eggs!!! Next year I hope to go to FC, seems like everyone is there, how fun is that!!!
Your gift is so beautiful, from the white dish to the romantic bag, hand made with love, what a nice friend Cindy is! How great to get parcels all wrapped up in interesting and gorgeous goodness, I love it!!!
Margaret B

Kathy said...

Wow! So many wonderful things to look at. Truly wish I could have some chickens! My neighbor does and so does my father-in-law - so I am afforded some wonderful fresh eggs.
Would have loved to stroll through the places in your pictures! Thanks

www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

OOOHHHHH I LOVE your post today! So many lovely photos to enjoy over and over;) And your grown up chics are really pretty:)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

Patina said...

Those little peeps grow up so fast! They are very pretty girls, it sounds like you are enjoying them.
I heard Farm Chicks was pretty amazing this year. From everyones pictures it looks like it was. Glad you had such a good time!

Unknown said...

your peeps are sweet june!

the farm chicks show looks like "heaven" to me! Wish i lived closer...

and the giveaway you won is dreamy..sigh-worthy...sigh.

will miss you every wednesday but i know you'll stop in....

Ana said...

Hi June,
Happy White Wednesday. Lovely whites like always my friend...Oh and I must say that Harriette and Rossie have grown up to be very lovely young chickens :-) They're too cute. And what lovely gifts Cindy has sent you. She is trully a sweet and kind soul...and very crafty. Enjoy. Have a wonderful day.

Hugs and Kisses,

Sue Jack said...

The chicks are darling! My grandmother had chickens when I was little and I remember gathering eggs with her in the small hen house. I also remember her letting me hold the darling little dears when they were not but four inches tall.
I have to share this, too:
One Easter my mother bought my sister and I each a dyed chick...mine was purple and my sister's was green. (My brother got a duck!) Now keep in mind that I was 10 and my sister was 5....
While my sister was carry her chick, she fell on it...and I could tell it was hurt because it couldn't walk! My mother worked for a doctor at the time in our small town, so we walked to the doctor's office carrying that baby chick...about 10 blocks away. When we got there, the doctor felt so bad for my sister that he took the little chick and put a splint (a broken pencil!) on its broken leg. The little guy hobbled around for days, but did actually heal! Soon they were grown up and we had to give them to our friends who lived on a farm and raised chickens for their eggs. I'll never forget how hard she cried though when she fell on that little guy....tears were just flowing down her cheeks at the thought of having harmed her baby.
Thank you for reminding me of that sweet memory!

LemonyRenee' said...

Lovely as usual. Sweet chicks! And I need to get to that market next time, wow! I would LOVE that green chippy dresser.

oldgreymare said...

Aw, poor Rossie.

He is going to need a chick shrink, peep psychiatrist?
I'll love the bad boy, don't I always? ( NOW THAT's a story)


Fabulous photos as always my dear. I won't keep you, know you're dying to be back out in your garden. : } What a special prize package Cindy made just for you.


MJ Ornaments said...

Oooo love everything, it's like a treasure chest. I sure love white too June. ;) Take care, Martha
p.s. your package is in the mail!

LiLi M. said...

Ah those chickens are so lucky to live close to you! I love all your photos of the farm chicken market, too bad that it is too far away but through your photos I can pretend I was there. Sorry to hear that you are temporarily quiting with White Wednesday, but I can understand. Summertime means more time outside, more family time, at least to me. I'm having a blog break too, starting July, as my family and I start our holidays and start to travel then. Blogging is fun, but I am looking forward to spend some time with my family again. Have a great week. We are having lovely weather over here, I do hope you have beautiful summer weather too and that you have the time to enjoy it, hugs LiLi.

Diane said...

All that scrumptiousness(is that a word?)left me weak! Love it all, I could just live there - at least for a while. Love your peeps, too. What wonderful chickens they are. Hugs, Diane

Deb said...

Those little chicks are just precious! Wonderful White Wednesday photos from the Farm chicks show ~ and your parcel from Cindy is gorgeous.

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Your chicks sure grow up fast don't they and still so pretty. What a lovely present to get from Cindy, all is gorgeous. Love your pics from the farm chic show also. Have a great day.


Brenda Pruitt said...

I just recently found your blog, but have to say I look forward to your beautiful posts and photos. And you never disappoint! I so love your chicks, and wish I could have some. And the gift you received: priceless indeed! You're lucky to have such a sweet and giving friend.

Jane said...

Thanks for posting more pictures of the chicks. They have really grown!
Farm Chicks looks like an amazing sale. I will just have to live vicariously through you and enjoy the event through your pictures.
Have a wonderful week.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi June,

I loved seeing your grown up chicks and they are darling.
Reminds me of when I was a wee girl and we had chickens - I had a photo of a little yellow chickie perched on my head.
The photos of the Farm chicks are amazing and that must have been the best place to visit.
Congratulations on winning such a lovely gift ~ everything is beautiful.

Happy white Wednesday!

Lori said...

June, what a pretty post...your photos are always SO lovely...your girls got so big...bad girls though, pooping all over everything...LOL...i loved seeing your encore pictures of farm chicks...i wish i could go with you next year...or meet you there anyway!!!

bikim said...

gorgeous post June! and soooo many wonderful things!

Rebecca said...

Sweet chickies! How lucky you are to win such wonderful treasures! Happy White Wednesday!

Back Porch Blessings,

Carole said...

You just slay me with your photos...you know that don't you? I haven't always commented but I never miss a post.
Love your chicks and hey I think we all have our favorites it's OK!
Lovely bag I'm sure you'll get tons of compliments where
ever you go!

Unknown said...

G'eve sweet June ~ I had a lot of catching up to do with you ... you sure did have a grand time at the Farm Chicks, didn't you! That makes me so happy for you.

Your studio is absolutely my favorite of them all ... & I love the cabinet your son made ... what I so enjoy is the soft warmth that draws one to your decor, surrounded by the gentle touches of beauty ... it says so much of you, June.

Your little chicks are really grown up ... I love the white one with the soft touches of color, also.

I don't know if you saw my write on June 8th I believe of the little 'visitor' we had ... it was very exciting.

So glad you are back & up ... missed you a lot.

Have a beautiful summers eve.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

wendy said...

OK, I totally want that chest of drawers.
You have amazing photography, how do you do that.
The chicks..are cute.
We just bought 2 more horses and I am excited about that.
I know summer is hard to stay on top of everything cause.....well things are just busy and we need to be outside.
love your blog

Pondside said...

What fun - maybe next year...........

Rosie said...

Oh my dear little June~Bug...
how ever did you choose the treasures you did with so much FABULOUS stuff to choose from...Oh how I would love to join you next year...
I shall miss your gorgeous posts, but totally understand as I too am cutting back, life is just to crazy right now...
Off for a few days of rest and relaxation...fishing with my dearest...{there is no internet in "no mans land"...hmmmm...can you say..."WITHDRAWAL"...yikes...I'll stop by when I come home...Have a good week...love Rosie

A Fanciful Life said...

Hi June,
Oh, where did the babies go? I love baby animals bug alas, they must grow up. Well, they are two handsome girls now, how lucky you are. Your photos of Farm Chicks are fab. I"m afraid if I went I'd have to remortgage my house as how can one resist all those wonderful things?!
Sharon :-)

Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

Dear June, your little chicks are so cute!
And so many wonderful things!!!!!
Have a nice day,
Hugs, Yvonne

jade said...

My dear June,
oh, how sweet - kisses to Rossie and Harriette ;))....they are soooo lovely!!!! And thank you so much for sharing all those beautiful treasures!!!! Have a wonderful summertime,

Hugs Jade

Rostrose said...

Oh June! Your sweet chicks Rossie and Harriette - they are really grown up! And when I saw the second photo I first thought: They look like eagles! (Don't they? Look at their eyes - full of pride & power!)
The giveaway you won is a pure treasure - I love it, and I can understand that you love the angel-soap-dish! So pretty!!!
Well, sweetheart, and the photos of "Farm Chicks the show" are great - like pics of a glossy magazine! I can see that youz had a good time there!!!

Lots of soft summer-breeze-hugs to you,
Traude :o)

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi June, The girls are grown up but still cute! Do they lay eggs already?
Congratulations on the beautiful gifts you have won!
I'm drooling here again over the Farm Chicks pictures. There are so many pretty things to discover. Thank you for taking us with you to this wonderful event!

Barbara said...

Wow! Your chicks are no longer chicks! Gorgeous Henrietta!

I would give anything to be able to join you on Farm Chicks experience, June! I saw so many things I would love to have...that chair for one and that dresser!

Have a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...

Um...you're out of whites? Check your top drawer missy hehe.

Such lovely photos, especially of the peep girls. So glad you had fun at the show, it looks to have been fabulous from the pictures!

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Hey June~ seems like forever that I have been able to sit back & enjoy all of W.W. (I know it's Thursday) but better late than never..... The Chickies are Adorable ~ Farm Chicks, I'm Jealous! Now off to see Your Creative Space (Yes, 450 Studio's are alot to see) stop by if you get a chance....
Have a Wonderful Summer~

Debra@CommonGround said...

Great photos of both Farm Chicks, your girls are so cute. I know what you mean about bad pet-mama. One of my kitties is my total favorite, ooooh, I just can't help it!
I'm lovin' that pillow with the script on it. It's just amazing!
I know it must have been a wonderful trip!

Privet and Holly said...

June, your chicks are
so lovely!!!
I don't know if I told
you before, but my parents
live in Washington State...
{I'm in Minnesota}
and I'm hoping to go out
for Farm Chicks, next year.
I wonder where you are???
What a wonderful opportunity
that you had to attend,
this year! Maybe I'll see
you out there, next year : )
xx Suzanne

Anonymous said...

More sweet gorgeousness!!! Sigh. You know, I'm going to have to purchase a fainting couch so I have somewhere soft to land when I visit your blog, June. :) Your photos are dreamy!

Which brings me to... You are probably asked this all the time, so forgive me if you've answered it before, but could you please share a little about your camera with us? I'm still using a 10-year-old digital and hope (OhMyDoIEverHope) to purchase a new camera next year. It's a dream of mine to be able to share beautiful photos on my blog. I don't know that I could ever have your kind of talent, but a better camera would certainly help a girl like me! :)

Have yourself a wonderful day!!!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I don't know what Zuzu is talking about. Her photos are beautiful! How can you not take beautiful photos when you live in gorgeous surroundings? And my dear June, I don't think you could ever run out of whites to show off. Your chicks are sweet. And Farm Chicks was filled with so many wonderful treasures. Love the gifts you received from Cindy. That bag is fabulous and useful. Have a great summer! :) Tammy

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

I can't believe how big the chicks are...time flies;)!

As always the images you have shown are gorgeous...I love it all!


Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI June
Well you even may little chick look dreaming... Hard to say what I enjoyed most on this post.. all the gorgeous whites.... the little chicks .. or that fabulous giveaway you won.... beautiful.. lucky girl... and I expect quite timely as a little birie [or little chick] told me you just had a birthday... Hope it was wonderful and the year ahead filled with joy and happiness.. xxx Julie

Vicki said...

Hi, June, your little chicks have grown up. I know you are enjoying raising them. If I ever lived in the country, I would have a big old Texas Longhorn to gaze at every day. You received some beautiful items from your friend. I especially loved the angel soap dish, so romantic and sweet. I hope you have had a terrific Friday and wishing you the best of weekends. Sending lots of love and hugs your way~ Vicki

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

It's funny, June, no matter what you photograph, it's always beautiful! A wonderful post! p.s. can't get enough of those Farm Chicks photos

Suzanne said...

Harriete and Rossie and getting so big! :) They are both very lovely ladies. Thanks for sharing more photos of your Farm Chicks trip!

Lisa Johnson said...

Hey June,

Just got back from vacation and am getting caught up on blogs. So lovely meeting you at FC's. Your photos are gorgeous and of course I love the ones you took of my goodies. Hope to see you again there next year!



The Rustic Victorian said...

Your potots are incredible June! I adore your girls. Does your hen house have curtians? How lovely they are.

Country Girl said...

You have a good eye. I love the photos in this post. Your very first one of the chickens could be a framed print. Perfect.
Beautiful place you have here.

paperbird said...

I love your chicken girls. Your photographs are always so lovely.