Saturday, June 26, 2010

Poppies in the garden...

I thought I would show a few pictures today of the poppies that have started to bloom this week in the
garden. I know I've said this a million times already this Spring...but everything is later than usual here in my garden. I have been a bit impatient, but the poppies are worth the wait.
I like to purchase new varieties of poppies as they come out, because the breeders are coming up with
some gorgeous colors in recent years. I have several different colors here in the garden and would love to share some pictures of them with you.

I know that there are many who read my blog, who are not gardeners and don't get as excited about flowers and viewing them as I do about showing them, so I apologize to you now. Isn't it great when we all have such different ideas of beauty. That's what makes it so great here in Blogland.

When I joined up for Where Blogger's Create, I was torn between showing the garden or showing my studio. The garden is truly where I feel I am the most creative (and it is darned sure where I work my pants off). When we got this property in 1998 it had been a horse pasture. Originally it was part of my grandfather's homestead. My grandfather had died in 1967 and my uncle had the property. His son bought it from him a few years ago and decided to divide it and sell off a couple of lots. He built his house on the adjoining lot and I couldn't ask for a better neighbor (or cousin).

My aunts tell me that this section of the property is where the dairy barn used to sit. Must be why everything is so happy.
I had always dreamed of an English garden, and with the blessing of my husband, started to garden obsessively passionately, planting everything I could get my hands on.

As you can see I got my hands on a lot of poppies!!!

I'm just crazy for them...

In every color I can find...

This one is my favorite and the only un-named one that I have.
 It was in a pot marked assorted poppy mix.

I am always so excited to see her bloom.

The snowball viburnum is also in bloom now. Here it is in it's green stage from about ten days ago.

My bushes are still little. They have only been in a couple of years.
I finally bought some for the garden because I would drive by other yards and see them and wish I had a few. Then they would quit blooming and I would forget about them until the next year when I would see them blooming again for someone else, and on and on it went. Did I ever tell you I have short term memory loss...or in this case is it long term?

Here they are as of today! All white and showy!

As I was going through my pics today deciding what to post, I found some from a few weeks ago that
I didn't get to share because a couple of friends dragged me to Farm Chicks with 'em. I'm still on a high after that show!!! It's like I'm on drugs or something, trying to find out where I'm going to get my new (junking) fix!
Anyone living nearby, you just HAVE to go to that show. (First of all, 'cause I want to meet you in person) and because it was just so great! I will let you in on a little out of the way coffee house that makes the best berry scones I've ever eaten in my life. That alone was worth the eleven hour drive.
Okay, that's a lie...but they were sure good!

Anyway...on to the pictures...

I took this photo when the crab apple by the pasture fence was still in bloom and the lilacs had just opened. Oh cannot believe how wonderful it smelled back there. It even over-rode the smell of fresh horse manure!

This pretty lilac was just opening when I snapped this. It's my favorite lilac in the garden.
Beauty of Moscow

This one is a blue lilac and has a heavenly scent.

President Lincoln

Thank you for hanging in with me today and hanging out in the garden.

This is where I love to create the most.


Connie said...

So they grow well in our climate, honey?? I may get some then if I can find them in pinks, purples and whites. They are lovely.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi June, Your garden is gorgeous and I love the flowers. It has been over 101 degrees here in Richmond for the last two weeks. My poor flowers look terrible! The grass isn't looking great either.
Hugs, Sherry

Polly said...

Simply gorgeous! I LOVE poppies!

Between You and Me said...

thanks for stopping gave me a chance to pop over and "meet" you!

I love your blog..and this post is beautiful...

oh, to have a garden like yours!

Anonymous said...

Well I for one LOVE your garden posts :). Beautiful poppies - I just said goodbye to my last bloom this week, it goes by too fast :(

oldgreymare said...

I don't know which amazes me more. Your very pretty green thumb or the fact that you can remember the names of everything planted in your beautiful garden.

I call mine the orange bush, the pink roses, the white roses and the yellow roses, oh and the succulents.

Now, who has memory issues?

What was I just talking about?

: } z

Rust: Vintage Inspired Design said...

Such pretties June...hope you are having a great weekend!

Julie Marie said...

Hello June... your poppies are just beautiful, and well worth the wait! We are about a month ahead of you as mine are all through for the year... my Daylilies are just starting to bloom now... I love your purple flag in the first photo with the poppy... and your lilacs are stunning! I almost did a garden post for Where Bloggers Create too! I think I create better in the garden than in my little atelier! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos... I am always excited to see your gardens... xoxo Julie Marie

☼ Carolina ☼ said...

I love your Blog!
hugs from Chile

Unknown said...

June ~ The poppies are fabulous! I don't have the pale pink or salmon one yet ... mine are still blooming a wee bit. My Mother loved poppies so she got me started using them & iris in the gardens.

I have not seen the Moscow lilac either. Beyond gorgeous!

Your crabapple ... awesome ... I don't have that one.

Your gardens ... ummmmm-um! marvelous!

Our gardens are STRUGGLING in this horrible heat wave we are having ... no rain ... I water daily but they are calling for another week of no rain & high heats. Oy!

There is no place on this earth as peaceful as in my garden, in the early morn, with God ... alone in the quiet & beauty of nature. I've so enjoyed gardening since a very small child.

Have a lovely summers eve, sweet lady.
TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

Diane said...

Your flowers are heavenly, June. You have a knack for picking out the most gorgeous colors imaginable. Those pink poppies are so gorgeous it just makes me want to cry!!!?? Thanks for sharing. Diane

The Green Pea said...

June, your flowers are gorgeous. You have a beautiful studio and garden. I am not sure where I would rather be, inside or outside. Have a great weekend. sandi

Draffin Bears said...

Hi June,

It is such a treat to come and visit your blog and to see all your wonderful flowers blooming there.
I love the colours of the poppies and can just imagine the heavenly fragrance of the lilacs.
Thank you for bringing so much colour and beauty today, especially when it is grey and overcast here.

I hope that you are having a lovely weekend

Anonymous said...

Oh June...please don't stop sharing your garden pictures with us!! I am just as passionate (obsessive~lol) about gardening as you are, and your garden is such a wonderful source of inspiration! So, please...continue to share with us. :)
Everything is stunning!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Hugs ~ Jo :)

koralee said...

I would hang out in your amazingly beautiful garden any day my friend...thank you for the sweet images...I adore your poppies. xoxoxo

Seawashed said...

I can see why you are taken with your poppies. Someday I know I will see your home and gardens in a book or magazine...because they are thAt beautiful.

So you know Sandy Foster? Does she have a blog because I was looking for it but couldn't find one.

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi June, I loved hanging out in your garden with you. My favorite poppies are the pink colored ones. No surprise, I know, lol. I could almost smell the scent of those wonderful lilacs. Both kinds are very beautiful and I love the soft shades. Your garden is an awesome creative space, no doubt about it!
Have a great Sunday!

The French Bear said...

June, I agree with Diane, those poppies are so beautiful it does make me want to cry.... what spectacular flowers!!! They are just so wonderful, as is the rest of your garden!!! No wonder you want to be out there!
Margaret B

Amanda said...

Gorgeous and you have captured an English cottage garden perfectly. Love your choice of plants and the poppies are my favourites.

Anonymous said...

Hi June, your garden is so beautiful. I love all your photos...Kathy

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

The delicate beauty of a poppy petal is equaled by no other flower in the garden. Its soft transparency would compare it to an angel's wings.
Having been found in such abundance in your Laughing With Angels' garden it is most befitting.
Susan x

Natasha Burns said...

June please don't ever apologise for posting pics of your beautiful garden! It is inspiring and uplifting. I adore it and adore seeing photos of your beautiful assorted and unnamed poppies!
Your studio is every bit as adorable. I think anything you touch turns to gold anyway!!! xo

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

You have the most beautiful poppies that I have ever seen, June. I know they can be incredibly difficult to grow - it certainly looks like you have no problem growing these beauties. Everything els in your garden is just delightful too!


June, I could look at your beautiful garden all day long, absolutely gorgeous!! I sure wish I had a green thumb and good weather to go with it but it is so hot here that I kill everything I plant, so I will just admire
your work (;

Carolyn said...

Hi June,
I love all the different poppies you have. I don't have as many as you-I am on the lookout for the pink one now and also the red.
Do they sometimes revert back to orange-I have a number of orange and although they are pretty they don't suit my garden and I know I didn't buy them -intentionally anyway?
I love the snowball pics too.I love them in both green and white.I had a big bush that got wiped out by the viburnum worm-darn.
I always love to see what is going on in your garden!Do you ever visit Georgianna Lane's blog -she is an amazing garden photographer and sweet person too.


Marla said...

June, I am drooling over your poppies!!! Love them, in so many beautiful colors. Are you in the NW area of the country? Don't see poppies in Florida much. Marla

Debra@CommonGround said...

Love the poppies, they're so fragile looking, almost like fine paper. Love their little heads before they bloom. Very interesting to hear the history of your place, and what a place for a garden, the cow barn. Forever fertilized!!!
have a wonderful day, dear June!

LemonyRenee' said...

Just beautiful, June. Thanks for sharing it all.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize how much I would miss the garden plants I grew in lower elevations (that won't grow here), so your garden tour was a complete joy for me to see. Thank you, June!!!

Karen said...

June - I can almost smell them.
Love the pink ones! And they come back year after year huh?
I am SO GOING TO FARM CHICKS next year. My friend Joy & I have it all planned! WHOO HOO!!!! We should get a group together to meet up for lunch one day! How fun would that be?
Thank you for such a nice and peaceful post. It's been so hectic around here of late, it was just nice to stroll along for a while.
Hugs! karen

A Fanciful Life said...

Hi June,

Well, thank you for visiting my tea party yesterday. I'm worn out from going to so many and I haven't even finished yet! Your poppies are SO beautiful. Here in California, all I ever see are the orange ones which are the state flower. I didn't even know they came in other colors! I looooove the pink ones! You've done a fabulous job with your garden and home, you should be very proud.
Happy Sunday to you!
Sharon :-)

LiLi M. said...

Ah those poppies are gorgeous! I have some seed somewhere, I remember it when I see the poppies blossoming, I suffer from the same lack of memory! Too bad that we cannot smell your garden over here, though it would be very difficult to leave I presume! I love your garden photos June, never enough for me! Have a happy and sunny week and enjoy the beautiful things in life!

Claudia said...

Hi June,

I never get tired of seeing flowers from your gorgeous garden! I am (literally) counting the days until I can get back to my garden. It is overgrown, I'm sure, and I will love every minute of getting it back under control.

Your photos are beautiful!


My name is Riet said...

Oh my JUne, your poppies are beautiful and I have never seen so many different colours. Didn't know poppies were in those colours.Your photo's are as always fabulous and I can see you have a hughe beautiful garden. I love seeing flower pictures and I know almost everybody does too.So keeo showing them please.
Hugs from Riet

Ann Marie said...

How can anyone ever tire of looking at your Garden pictures? I must say.. you have your own little Garden of Eden don't you?

One day... I will get through all of my weeds and design one that makes me happy just like you have.

Your poppies are all so unique and beautiful.. and each one is it's own eye-candy.

Hope you spend LOTS of time out there playing in the garden! :)

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi June,
Thanks for the wonderful tour of your amazing garden. Everything looks so healthy and fresh. I can just imagaine the aroma of the flowers. Heavenly.


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Oh June,
What beautiful photos of all your flowers. The poppies are lovely but the lilacs are my romantic favorite. I agree with the hard work that goes on in the garden and the therapy it provides too! Love all your spaces, outdoors, indoor studio (atelier), you name it!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Your blog is for you, you should post everything you like... even if it's fleurs every single day ;)

Lori said...

June, i don't know about anyone else...but i just love to see your garden posts...your garden is like a little piece of heaven on always have something pretty blooming...and i love how you put your plants together, everything compliments it's neighbor...your poppy are SO gorgeous!!! all the different colors are really stunning...keep the garden pictures coming June, they make me very happy:)

myletterstoemily said...

you have the most beautiful garden
i have ever seen.

those poppies!!!!! so exquisitely
beautiful and papery thing.

i always leave here with a big smile
on my face, because i love beauty

Robin said...

Love all the colors of Poppies! They remind of crepe paper! I love to garden and loved seeing your beautiful flowers! ~Robin~

shabbyfufu said...

I for one am so glad that you chose to share your garden June! We just don't have any of those sort of flowers down here in So. Florida, so I am always in awe when I see garden beauty such as yours.....xo, Janet

1 Funky Woman said...

I would love to really hang with you in your garden, it's absolutely gorgeous! I love Poppies, they have the neatest paper like petals. Thanks for sharing all your beauty!

Laura said...

Dear June-
I am hyperventilating!
I want your yard.
I need tutoring-
Will you write more on how you put in your beds?
I need more plants! I need more flowers!
I love it.
You are amazing!
I know I am gushing, but this really floats my boat.


Unknown said...

oh my gosh......those peach and pink ones are 2 die 4!!! I love looking at your garden pics!

Fete et Fleur said...

June, your garden is a paradise! I love every time you post about it. Thank you for sharing the beauty with us.


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

ONG these are the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. I love love this post.
I guess it is to hot in Texas because the only poppies I can enjoy or from a florist.
You garden is absolutely beautiful

Unknown said...

I love poppies. Your pics. are just beautiful. Unlike you, everything here is blooming early. It is miserable hot and humid and not much of anything likes it. Not to be negative or anything...but I HATE the weather here.
since last winter, we've had a blizzard, assorted tornadoes, hail the size of baseballs, torrential floods, heat and humidity, Even earth quakes in some parts of the state. What a great place, huh? What zone are you in? I would love to be able to garden and grow things like sweet peas in the spring. I think they are so beautiful. And lobelia. Did I spell that correctly? It is so beautiful and delicate. Anywho...I love love your garden!!

Unknown said...

I love poppies. Your pics. are just beautiful. Unlike you, everything here is blooming early. It is miserable hot and humid and not much of anything likes it. Not to be negative or anything...but I HATE the weather here.
since last winter, we've had a blizzard, assorted tornadoes, hail the size of baseballs, torrential floods, heat and humidity, Even earth quakes in some parts of the state. What a great place, huh? What zone are you in? I would love to be able to garden and grow things like sweet peas in the spring. I think they are so beautiful. And lobelia. Did I spell that correctly? It is so beautiful and delicate. Anywho...I love love your garden!!

Pondside said...

I love poppies too! I especially love the ruffled ones - I once had a lot of those. I saw them in a ditch and made a note of where they were so that I could go back when they'd gone to seed. I enjoyed those poppies so much!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI June
You know I am not a gardener.. yet love flowers.. and love your flower shots... and poppies are a favourite of mine.. the happy flower I think!!

Being winter this way.. it is wonderful to see all this glorious nature and sunshine and beautiful poppies to brighten my day...

Have a lovely week.. xxx Julie

Wendy & Megan Chamberlain said...

What a wonderful garden, all those beautiful colourful poppies. I am sure you work hard but the results are so worth while, a place to feed your soul.

mudderbear said...

I love all your pictures of flowers, and that the poppy petals look so much like crinkled paper. I am not a gardner..although I really believe I should be.... and that is what makes your shared photography so enjoyable. thank you for sharing.

maría cecilia said...

Dear June, when I first met your blog last year about June, July I was very happy to see the gorgeous garden you have created, then open my blog and start commenting... but when winter came over you and I saw all the huge amount of snow you had I right knew what a great gardener you where to have created such a miracle year after year, and everytime soooo beautiful and lovingly taken care of. I don`t have words to express how I admire your talent and love for gardening.
Big hugs,
maria cecilia
p.s. and what a great photographer you are!!!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely blog you have, June! Those poppies are so inspirational, growing on the former dairy barn area is to their liking for sure. It is easily apparent that gardening is your passion. :-)

cathleen said...

I love visiting your garden, June, and I am totally in awe of your poppies. I know what you mean about is definitely a passion and it never ends. It's where I am the happiest.

Jen Kershner said...

I love your flowers and gardens! Thank you so much for sharing them. I don't really have any flowers at our new house and I miss the ones at my old house more than I imagined I would.

Reading Tea Leaves said...

It is ALWAYS such a pleasure visiting your garden June - your poppies are stunning, I love the pale pink ones especially.

What an interesting history to your home, it must be nice to know your neighbours so well!!

I look forward to more wonderful posts of your garden... happy summer days.


The Tattered Cottage said...

Hi June -
I am so envious of your gorgeous garden. We just moved to an old farmhouse and there is not one flower, bush, nothing at all in my yard. Just grass and a few trees. Most people would be happy with a blank slate. I don't know where to start. I think I will have to steal you for a day to help me figure out where to begin.
I know what you mean about "Miss Gracie's" sales. It's so dangerous for me to be a participant....I usually spend more than I make, shopping all of the wonderful vendors that participate. I sooooo wanted to go to the Farm Chicks this year, but I was getting ready for the sale. I hope to go next year, your photos of the treasures at the Farm Chicks.....gorgeous.
♥ Toni

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Gorgeous photos and flowers!

Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

Dear June, your poppies looks so beautiful, especially the pink one!!!
Have a nice day,
Hugs, Yvonne

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

What pretty pretty poppies, June. In my garden I'm enJOYing the salmon beauties too!
Your garden is very beauty- and colorful, love it!
Hugs for a sweet super Summer week. xx

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I would hang out in the garden with you anytime! I love when you take us out there with you to see whats blooming. Beautiful!

Kim-Fille de Fleur said...

Simply beautiful, I would like to order postcards of your fleurs. Could you start selling them? I know 64 people just today who would buy some! Really June your garden is just so beautiful and you so are you! Thanks for stopping by the other day, oh how I wish we could meet over your garden gate......
I will go to farm chicks someday you will see.

valerie said...

Wow,I love your garden! What an amazing space you have created for you and your family. What is the acreage and how much of it have you designed so to speak.I can plant and grow just about anything but poppies. I love them but cannot seem to get more than one season from them. They never reseed for me, even here in sunny California. I love that your favorite poppy color is the one you pulled from a mystery box. The garden is always full of surprises in the spring.Thanks for sharing.

Ruth @ Camellia Rose said...

I am a gardener who loves looking at photos of flowers :) Thanks for sharing your lovely pics - they give me inspiration and ideas for things to plant in my own patch! I totally agree that the garden is one of the most creative places a person can spend their time. Happy gardening!

Anonymous said...

Everything is so beautiful. I think I will concentrate on getting some colored poppies. They are beautiful & I have just the place for them!!
Have a Great Day!!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh my! All your beautiful flowers are wonderful. Poppies are so delicate and cheerfull. Love this post!

Unknown said...

I get VERY excited when you show pictures of your gorgeous garden!!! *Stunning* SO beautiful June! Someday I can only dream of having a garden as pretty as yours!

Hugs ~

:) T

Barbara said...

I never grew poppies when I had a garden. AfFter looking at your photos, I am wondering why! The colors are wonderful.
I used to have bushes of viburnum carlesii around my porch...the fragrance was divine. It went all through the house.
Love the photos, June. Keep them coming!

Country Girl said...

The poppies are exquisite. What a beautiful garden you have! How comforting this must be to be able to see this on a daily basis. You are blessed.

butiksofie said...

Dear June!Wow you have so many poppeis in your garden?!!!Looks stunning! I love the pibk ones a lot!Hughs ANja

paperbird said...

I want to come live in your garden- I could set up a tiny cottage. I would be very quite and even help you weed! What a gorgeous yard- my idea of heaven.

Trisha said...

Wow! I love your blog! I love your flowers! I love your home! I love your pictures-I just love it all. You are definitely an inspiration to a new blogger like me...I only wish I had half your creativity and eye for fabulous. Thanks for your wonderfulness...I can't wait for more!

wendy said...

I absolutely LOVE Adore flowers. Thanks for sharing. I am so jealous of your garden.
I HOPE/wonder If I'll ever get my yard to that point.
It is still such VIRGIN yard.
And/.....we plan to move in a few years to British Columbia, so I will probably never SEE my yard in the vision I have for it.
Oh well
I will live vicariously throug YOURS

Poppies are lovely!!!!!!

wendy said...

I absolutely LOVE Adore flowers. Thanks for sharing. I am so jealous of your garden.
I HOPE/wonder If I'll ever get my yard to that point.
It is still such VIRGIN yard.
And/.....we plan to move in a few years to British Columbia, so I will probably never SEE my yard in the vision I have for it.
Oh well
I will live vicariously throug YOURS

Poppies are lovely!!!!!!

Candy said...

A quite calm mixed with a gitty feeling, that doesn't make sense but after floating through your garden and viewing all the shopping pics, each pic is a delight.
Poppies...oh that's my fav, no that one is...that's what I would say as each blossom scroll upon my screen. You don't just have a green thumb, you are green from the tip of your head to the tips of your toes.
I said it before but 'What a delight!'
My post? those were some honkin' pearls we had on ;-)

Unknown said...

G'morn, sweet friend ~ Have a beautiful & safe 4th.
Hugs, Marydon

Blue Canoe Reloaded said...

Hope you enjoyed the "mirror" you got from us at Farm Chicks, we really enjoyed meeting you ...We talked to Christie Repasy at a baby shower last weekend .she said she was a blogging friend of yours!! It is a small world...also enjoyed your Blog!!!

Unknown said...

i love poppies...i love flowers...i LOVE your photographs!! :)
(And I "thank you" for always leaving such sweet words on my blog! :))

Privet and Holly said...

June, I am so ENVIOUS at your green thumb! But so thankful that you are kind enough to share your gorgeous images! I've tried several times to grow poppies and had pretty much thrown in the towel....but I'm re-inspired to try it again, as your are just amazing! I'd love to go to Farm Chicks next year ~ my folks live in Washington State ~ just depends on the timing, since this year it was so close to the end of the school year. Your gardens are simply amazing ~ BRAVO for making your dream a reality!
xx Suzanne

Rostrose said...

Dearest June! I habe a very busy time now, but I'm so happy that I didn't miss this posting! Amazing, your poppie and the other garden-treasueres - love each of them!!!
Big warm Hugs, Traude

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

I for one am right there with you in the garden! Your poppies are just stunning! I have gotten all caught up with edible gardening this year... I must get back to the pretties too! Thanks for the reminder! (: xxxVicki

Kateyed said...

What amazing shades of color! I literally dropped my jaw on the peachy pink...then the cerise...then the one you like best that has a touch of lavender. Our Minnesota gardens aren't this creative!

Thanks for the wonderful treat!


Muggensteekjes said...

Hello dear June,
I just walked in your garden and there was so much to look and smell at. Loved!!!the poppies with their amazing colours and the lovely scent of the lilacs...mmmmmh....heavenly. And the one poppy with no name, well I think it has to be called 'beautiful miss June' I think it is the perfect name for a perfect coloured poppy.
Thank you for let me walk in your lovely garden June, I've enjoyed every minute.
Hugs, Ingrid.

The Tin Rabbit said...

I would want to be in your garden all the time inspiring and beautiful! Poppies have to be one of the most beautiful flowers! Simply gorgeous!

Bonnie said...

These are amazing!

My Grama's Soul said...

Your garden took my breath away~!!!









Lisa said...

"Poppy's, poppy's will put them to sleep". - Wicked witch of the West

PS 89 Comments! Dang June!

Rosie said...

oh dearest this post is magnificent!!! I just want to stroll through your lovely garden with you.
Had a great little get it's back to reality with guests arriving tomorrow, and camping gear in the foyer...where is that Cinderella, when you need her...Oh, ya... I'M CINDERELLA...will chat later...missed you Rosie

Alaina said...

June, I love the colors of you poppies. I have several snowball trees and I just love them too, I only wish the blooms would last longer. Have a wonderful 4th.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh JUNIE! You live in heaven on earth! How beeee-u-ti-fulllllll... Love all of your posies... Especially the darker pink lilac. I have a little miniature lilac here, but would so love to have something BIG! My hubbs would kill me if I came home with one more plant. YIKES.


Natasha Burns said...

Hi June,
I'm back again :)
Wanted to say thanks for stopping by and giving your input re the text size on my blog. I've found out about another program, Live Writer, that allows me more flexibility, which is just great! So it's got the in between sizes, and easy picture uploading and resizing all in one program. You might like to try it and see what you think, it's easy to use and I love it!
Natasha :)

Ana said...

*Sigh* Drip, drip...That's me drooling over your beautiful garden...Hee, hee...Seriously though, I can certainly see why this is a place you love to create in. So much beauty and inspiration. How could you not? Love all the flowers, but those white hydrangeas are still my favorite. Loved hanging out in your garden today. Wishing you a fun, safe and very happy 4th of July weekend my dear friend.

Much love,

Georgianna said...

Magnificent photos – love every one of them and your garden is a dream come true. So happy you stopped by so I could find your blog. – g

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest June,

Your poppies are just stunning and your entire garden and property if unbelievable! You have a real, real, top-notch home and garden and ANIMALS!!! I remember asking you if Smoke and his friends were yours and that yes, these are your critters! What a feast of fun and wonder God has blessed you with to share with everyone! And thank you lovely lady, for your kind compliments on my writing. My trip to California was magical. Every bit of it was more than I expected!

Have a great weekend dearest! Anita

J. Wecker Frisch said...

Hi June - I'm trying to catch up today. I had no time for visiting my blogging friends in June. I've missed much I see here. These poppies are beautiful! And I enjoyed reading about the history of your property. How very nice.

Suzanne said...

June, your garden is gorgeous. I love the poppies, my neighbor has some pretty pink ones and each year I tell myself I need to ask her for some seeds! Thanks for the reminder.
Happy 4th of July!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Thinking about you today so wanted to stop by and say hello.
I hope that you had a very nice 4th of July.
I still can not get over how beautiful your gardens are and the poppies are just too lovely

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

Hello sweet June...thank you so much for sharing these beautiful images and stories of your gardens and life. It is such a joy to look through your eye at and for the beauty that is to be found within our lives...with and through your gentle spirit and good heart.
Blessings and good thoughts to you and your family.

Rosie said...

Oh my little June Bug...such a long day...just wanted to stop by for a wee bit of pretty, before I crawl into bed...sweet dreams dear Rosie

Lovey said...

I would get lost in this lovely...isn't God miraculous? Such bloom...

Holly Loves Art said...

You are living the DREAM, Dear June. I am in awe over these amazing photos. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Junie Girl, Your photos are just breathtaking.... I could hang out in your beautiful yard all day. My peonies are done and over with.... they certainly don't last, but yours are gorgeous- loving the colors you have. You mention drying them out, you know I'm going to try to do that next year.

Sorry about not coming around as much leaving comments.... However I browse quickly thinking I'll be back, but then I forget.

Well I'm here and I enjoyed myself very much like all ways.... your post are always a delight to see!

Love & Hugs*

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Oh I messed up.... the word is always.... I think I'm losing it because I see myself doing this quite often.

Peonies & Magnolias said...

I love hanging out in your garden, it is always such a treat to walk through your beautiful flowers.