Saturday, February 28, 2009

You can't have too many...

Actually you can. I've done it! I can't seem to be able to turn down a peony plant. I have 35 bushes in my garden. I'm crazy over them. Their form, their scent, their foliage, everything. I really love the pastel ones. They are such romantic flowers. They give the garden so much grace and loveliness. They mix into the the borders perfectly. When they are done with their amazing show they are happy to fade into the background the rest of the summer, letting their foliage compliment the other plants in the garden. Then, as if they haven't already done enough, they turn a beautiful color in the fall. I bring the blooms indoors by the armloads for arrangements around the house. They dry beautifully and I'm able to enjoy them all winter long. I have a particular one that drys in the vase without losing its petals. There is a picture of it dried in a tin pitcher in my post a few days ago. Its name is 'Auten's Pride' and it has the most intoxicating smell. It's a later bloomer and starts to bloom after most of my others are starting to fade. I have dried one's that I've kept for more than a year until they're so dusty they have to go. I'm sure this love affair with them will not end any time soon so I guess I'll just have to create another bed. Sorry honey!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hello there!

Hi, I've decided to start blogging to take place of my haphazard way of keeping my journal. My mother was showing me some of her journals recently and I loved how she taped pictures to the pages to reference the things that were going on in her life. All of these journals are thirty plus years old. Before scrapbooking became the rage. This blogging thing seems easier and I can share the good things in my life with all my family and friends. And I won't need as much glue. I have so many interests in life that the posts will probably be all over the place, but those who know me will get this because thats how I talk and live my life. I especially love the decorating and gardening blogs out there, and because those are a couple of my passions, I would like to focus on those mostly. I want to share a little family and other loves as well, so I think this will be a fun way to keep the memories. My writing skills leave much to be desired and I have a weird sense of humor so this will be interesting.