Friday, August 22, 2014

cutting the late August roses

We have had tons of rain lately, which is badly needed, so I knew that I had better cut many of the
roses and enjoy them in the house since they wouldn't fair well in the downpours we've been having.
I took my little bucket out and cut lots in a bed near the back door. 
I snapped a few photos (in horrible light) before making bouquets to put around the house because 
I thought they looked kind of pretty all wild looking.  

The light pink rose is Morden Blush and the darker pink is Guy de Maupassant.


No sunshine in sight for better light to take pictures, and too lazy to use the tripod, I was able
to capture a few shots of the bouquets.

Morden Blush and Annabelle hydrangea in an enamel pitcher.

My computer finally gave up the ghost, so I have been unplugged for what seems like
a month (about 10 days, but it felt like a month :),
so it feels great to get a post done and get back
to blogging.

Wishing you all a great weekend!!!!!!


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

LOVELY images as always...such love in your pic's. So happy you are back...I was just thinking of you...and there you were... at the top of my blogs list posting again !!! God is so Kind.

I found a pic on the web today that made me think of you. Come on over and see it.

bobbie said...

Beautiful flowers and arrangements ~
Too funny, 'cause we've had no rain a'tall! Just lovely cooler temps...
Enjoy ~

Kristin_Texas said...

I am still in envy over all your gorgeous flowers. I miss having pretty gardens. (The 100+ degree heat, lack of rain and most especially the grasshoppers are the culprits). If I ever have another garden I'll never take it for granted. I know it sounds mushy, but a garden really does feed one's soul.

And I know what you mean about being unplugged. After Hurricane Ike a while back we had no electricity for over two weeks, and for most of last year we had virtually no internet at all. (Living out in the boonies). I remember how, after Hurricane Ike, when everything came back on I felt like I was hooked up to a grid. Lol! I FINALLY felt like I had rejoined civilization.


Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Oh how I would love a bunch of those for my little home..your so very lucky!! Hope you are well and happy...must get back into the swing of things!!! xo

Pondside said...

Is there any rose prettier than a pink rose? You seem to have every sweet shade of pink. Our rose bushes are having a second flowering, but since there are only three in total, and each has only two or three roses, there's hardly a bouquet! What beautiful photos you made - a wonderful dreamy quality about them that will carry you through the winter to come.

Angela said...

Simply beautiful.

Mimi Sue said...

Your roses are so beautiful! Love the sweet peas too. Every winter I think I should plant some in the spring but never seem to get around to it. Love their sweet scent. Mimi

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I envy you your rain, it is so hot and dry here and alas no rose blooms in sight. Yours are absolutely exquisite.

Diane said...

I can just smell all of those gorgeous roses! Glad to hear you're getting rain, we are too, tonight. Read again your article in WWC and felt like I had a visit with you. Diane

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I'm not normally a pink person but those dark pink roses are a perfect color and absolutely gorgeous. Your photos are always sigh worthy. Very dreamy and relaxing. How lovely to just walk outside and cut so many beautiful flowers. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

Victorian1885 said...

Beautiful post June... your roses are to die for...
The weather has really cooled here in The Netherlands this past week and we can't believe our seven week Home Exchange is almost coming to an end. What a wonderful experience we have had...
Enjoy the rest of your summer my friend...

Seawashed said...

Oh my your roses are breathtaking. You have such an abundance too. You should set up a flower stand to sell them. I would drive to the country to buy a bundle of your roses.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

So, so beautiful June ….. I just wish that I had that many roses to bring into the house. I have had quite a few vases full from my St. Swithuns rose { I really pruned that the other day and hope that I haven't killed it !!! } Yesterday, I cut some of my hydrangeas to bring in as they are all turning such beautiful colours.
Your home always looks so pretty June and, although you say that the light wasn't good, it always looks so bright and light. The back of our house is pretty dark. Victorian houses are often dark.
I love your arch, your rusty, shabby gate and, basically, everything in your home !!!
Hope that the rain stops soon.
Wishing you continued connection and a lovely weekend. Much love. XXXX

Home and Lifestyle said...

Dear June,

We also have a rainy week, it seems like autumn has arrived. I don't like that at all...I like it so much to be in our garden!

Your photos of the roses are so wonderful!!

Have a good weekend! Hugs, Ingrid

Dorthe said...

My dear June,
so life has started again, but now without my dear mother, whom died 16/8 . I try to relax, and that means being on your beautiful blog, watching all the stunning sweet roses.
Thank you for your loving comment ,earlier, my friend, I`m glad you are back after the unplugged time.
Hugs from Dorthe

The Rustic Victorian said...

What a wonderful post June! I too cut flowers just before a rain. Ya just want to have a party after.
My new small lilacs are putting up tiny violet blooms, yea! Maybe in the spring they will bloom...I think it is strange to see this at this time of year... hummm... I wasn't expecting any color for 2-3 years. It seems lovely odd, but I have not had them before. I have them in pots to develop a strong root before I ground them ,,,they came in a plastic bag packed with sawdust. Maybe it is the miracle grow soil... or just a miracle!
It has been in the 90's here in Alabama, I hope you are having a nice summer and all your plants, and family are happy.
Take care!


Patty @ That's So Pretty said...

What a lovely and refreshing post June. Enjoyed it, thank you for sharing.

farmhouse-story said...

love all of the different pink roses, june! i wish i had this many roses to bring in...might need to plant more roses this fall:) happy weekend!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Just stunning June!
I think you need your own gardening show on HGTV!!

Junebug said...

What a great gift this morning. Too wake up, coffee in hand, and fine my beautiful blog friend with a wonderful post of roses. Oh do I love roses!! All flowers are my favorite but roses are close to the top.
The sun is coming up so I must finish my last sip and head out to the garden. Best time of the day! Take care dear June for this June is going to have a wonderful day and wishing you the same!! Hugs!

Privet and Holly said...

June, you seem to
make any light work
for you -- these are
really serene, yet full
of life at the same time : )

I need to take my bucket
to my cutting garden and
do a lot of trimming, but
I am always torn between
bringing my flowers in to
enjoy, or leaving them to
admire in the garden!

xo Suzanne

Marrianna said...

I think the lighting looks just perfect, as always, in your images. Your roses and your home look so peaceful and welcoming. Thank you for sharing with us, your blog followers.

Marrianna in Flagstaff AZ USA

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

My eye does not catch the "horrible light" in your photos that you mentioned, June. It all looks perfectly gorgeous to me!!! It must be pure heaven to have their beauty and scent indoors as well as out.
Have a beautiful weekend!

My name is Riet said...

Hi Dear June.
Your rosés are stunning just like your photo,s. Your Home must smell like heaven with all these rosés in beautiful vases. Wonderful.
Have a nice weekend my friend.
Hugs from Riet

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

These photos all take my breath away! Every last one. I can't even imagine having this luxury of roses in my yard. Isn't it wonderful to have badly needed rain? We feel so lucky in ABQ!

Unknown said...

Beautiful flowers and arrangements.Your chairs are perfect now!! Where did you find your fabric??
comfort and luxury with the Imboh Armchair

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good afternoon my friend! Tell me it is not so....late August? YES! It feels so strange to me because I start school on Monday! WHat a glorious summer of roses and other fabulous blooms, and your photos again show the life and love of a great gardener's landscape. HUGS! Anita

Madelief said...

Love the colours of your roses June. They look absolutely enchanting! Wish mine were still as pretty as yours, but I think autumn has started in Holland already....

Happy weekend!

Madelief x

Janneke said...

We had an early summer, but also an early autumn. The garden is on retour. You still have so many lovely roses in bloom, your pictures are so romantic, I really do love this style.

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Sweet June! Beautiful....I am so glad I have a pinterest board just for your beautiful things.
Wishing you a wonderful resting Sunday!
Ciao Baci Rita

Custom Comforts said...

Your roses are so exceptionally beautiful! They look like spring and I wish it was. So not looking forward to winter after the brutal one we just had. Most of us here in Ohio are still traumatized from it, including our roses.
So thank you immensely for capturing yours in such stunning photos.

Katherine said...

The roses are beautiful - I really like this type of rose in particular.
We have had a weird summer, no other way to describe it. There is a lot of green but not an abundance of blooms. So thank you for sharing these lovelies.


Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Gorgeous! Thank you for brightening my day with your beautiful photos!

chateau chic said...

You grow the most spectacular roses, June! I don't know how you do it...but it just seems so easy for you to infuse your home with the beauties from your garden. Every photo is to be savored.
Mary Alice

zooperson said...

Beautiful, beautiful roses and photos. They are stunning just strune on the table so casual yet so artful, and the foliage looks unblemished in any way. No bugs there?

Lululiz said...

Stunning photographs, elegant and romantic and utterly charming.

Anonymous said...

While autumn has come so quickly here in Holland, I am enjoying your pictures very much. Love that wild arangements of the beautiful roses.
Hugs, Peetje

Bente said...

Your roses are gorgeous. Love your beautiful photos, June.

Hugs from here

Unknown said...

Hea girlfriend, I don't know how you can grow such a perfect flower. I bet you have that same effect on everything you touch.


Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...


Low Tide High Style said...

Glad you are plugged back in and able to share such beauty with us! Have a wonderful week, and enjoy the quiet that rainy days can bring!

xo Kat

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Just got home from a weekend with friends in Connecticut, so I have missed out on my favorite blogs. I always adore your posts, set in your home and gardens of beauty and grace, June your roses are delicate with their colors that are soft and pretty. Your photos always capture the sweetness of flowers you grace your home with. I linger in your photographs that capture their essence.

Unknown said...

So so gorgeous. I have morgen blush roses too and are my favorite! Thanks for the gorgeous pictures. I always
l * o * v * e seeing your garden beauty.

Mary W said...

When I look at the pictures I seem to take a deep breath (hoping to catch a sweet smell, I guess) and instantly calm falls over me for the short time it takes to look over your post. It feels like having nice music play and although very short, its like a tiny vacation for my mind and eyes. Thank you for these gorgeous posts. I love that pair of cutting shears! They look like art too.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi June,

Your gorgeous roses around your beautiful home always make such a wonderful show. Thanks for showing us all the beauty and for making a great start to my day!

Happy week

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I always, always enjoy your beautiful photos, June. Your home is on my top ten favorites and your flowers are always an inspiration. Always.

Thank you for the beauty that you share.


karen said...

You complain about your lighting, however I loved these photos! The light made them look even softer. So pretty June! I loved them all.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Breathtaking June! We have had lots of rain here also. The garden is loving it, but my roses were already not fairing too well this year.

Unknown said...

beautiful pictures!

Susan Shull said...

June, your pictures are just dreamy! You inspire me!

R's Rue said...


angie said...

hallo, june, ich freu mich immer, wenn von ihnen ein neuer post erscheint!!! die bilder sind wie immer ein traum!!! alles liebe von angie

Anonymous said...

Very, very nice arrangements of your roses!M.H. said...

Oh WOW What beautiful roses! And the way you photograph them is amazing. Just gorgeous:) Have a beautiful weekend:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

flowersandhome said...

Your photos are great June! There's no bad light in sight. Your pictures are always full of softness and loveliness. I haven't been blogging much either, haven't even spent that much time on the computer and it's not broke ;) but it's been a hectic summer, there's been nothing but rain for a month and there's just nothing to show or tell. Bit of a dull summer really. Your home and flowers are anything but that! Love, love, love it when you share your home and garden with us. I so enjoy it!
Thank you!

Things and Thoughts said...

Dearest June, your beautiful roses are shining in your stylish, cosy house. Pure romance and so much freshness. Your photos are precious,it's always a pleasure to look at. I thank you for the sweetest words you leave on my blog, I think your comments are of the most interesting and nice I receive.
Warm wishes

Anne said...

Beautiful roses June! Love that tall pitcher!

deb said...

have a wonderful weekend june ♥

Blondie's Journal said...

June...your roses are simply stunning...I think because you offer them up in such profusion, everything looks so abundant. LOVE!!! And it doesn't hurt that they are the perfect shade of pink! :)

Thanks for your comment. In the true realm of things...I'm pretty much in a situation where I'm inclined to have guests whether I'd like to or not. Thankfully those days do end at some point! And I have learned I can retire to my room for a long nap and no one misses me! :)

Jane xxxx

Jennifer said...

It must be so wonderful to have such a profusion of roses that you can fill the house with them. You photos are always such a treat June!

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Just caught up with all your beautiful roses Darling June. They really are gorgeous, and you are right just having flowers in a room does somehow make everything look a lot better. Way back when we used to be able to go on holiday, the first thing I always did was to buy some flowers to put in our hotel room.
So good to be back on the WorldWeb of Friends again, take care dearest friend.

Much hugging xx

Bumpkin Hill said...

oh your roses are just so so so beautiful. I was just feeling a little down and thought to myself "which blog always lifts my spirits" and your name came into my head :) Thanks for the pick up. Catherine xx

Cindy said...

Ahhhhh... these are such luscious photos of your roses. I just sat here and savored every picture. I must find the Morden Blush rose. I love the softness of the color. So pretty.


Rostrose said...

Dearest & sweetest June,
♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥:
your post is one of the most romantic I've seen for the last months! Lots and lots of pretty roses, safed from the rain - the
pure abundance of flowers! We had tons of rain in August, too - but it wasn't really needed sooo much rain)...
[Please keep your fingers crossed: On Saturday we will accompany the teams of the Ebreichsdorf-Classic-Car-Race again and we hope that it will not be raining on this day!!!]

I can understand that 10 days without computer seems to be a very, very long time ;o))
Warmest hugs to you, my dear!
♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥:

HWIT BLOGG said...

Beautiful...lovely...your pictures are stunning, as always!
Have a great week, take care!

Ivy and Elephants said...

I wish we had smell vision, I know it must sell heavenly. Your arrangements are always so lovely the flowers must fight to get picked by you!

The Spanish Dahlia said...

Hi June darling ~

I cant tell you how excited I get when I drop in to visit your blog ! Your vignettes always make my heart full of joy !!! Your gardens have done beautifully I must say. Mine have not.... Usually I get an amazing end of September into October flush of tons of blooms. Im only getting onesie twosies. Weve had so much rain, I thought they'd perform better. Well, maybe next year they will do much much better. I have really enjoyed coming to visit you and all of your dreamy vignettes so much.
Enjoy fall and all of its amazing bursts of color my dear.
XOXO ~ Steph