Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bye bye beautiful...

The peonies are now done blooming for the year
 and all I have to remind me of them are the pictures.

Hundreds of pictures, I might add.

This is a photo of our reading room.

I have never read in this room. lol!
My husband sometimes reads his Western Horseman magazine in here.
Does that count?
The only reason it got the name reading room is that there used to be a huge bookcase
in here filled with all the books in the house.
It was way too large for the room  and found another home with one of our daughters.

This is where all the children gather when they come to get away from the adults.
No, I don't worry too much that it is all white because that is an Ikea sofa/chaise and I bought
two slipcovers.
One for when the children come, and one for...
hmmmm...I'm not sure what it's for. lol!
I guess it's for when the other one is so shabby that it can't even qualify as chic.

This room is where you will usually find my husband when he has a show he wants to watch
or a nap he wants to take.

And no, pink doesn't seem to bother him at all!

 Peonies in the gazebo

Peonies to welcome you at the front door.

By the bed

Me thinks there could never be a more beautiful flower.
Many come close, but this one is
Queen in my garden!

Thank you all for letting me share today!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Peonies everywhere!

The garden has been bringing it's bounty of blooms to us lately. It is such a pleasure to
walk out in it every morning and see what is new.
All gardeners know that you miss so much if you don't take every opportunity
walk around in the different light throughout the day. So many changes happen
over the course of a few days.

Even now as I write this the peonies are fading away.

Here are a few pictures I have taken while they were at their peak.

I know a few of you will have seen two or three of these pictures on my garden blog,
so forgive me for repeating myself.
But I just can't help myself.

I have one of those personalities that becomes easily addicted to things. I would maybe even
use the word 'rabid'. lol!
When I find something I love, I have to have more than one.
Yes, I am one of those who can never eat just one cookie, one soda,
one french fry,
or one potato chip. (and that's why they are seldom brought into the house)
(chips, I mean)
This is how I am with peonies!


They just give, and give, and give.


I even had to take some to the gazebo on a beautiful sunny day.

As I am sure you have all noticed by now, I love the pastel colors of these blooms and am attracted
to fabrics in the same hues.

They remind me of cotton candy.

I love huge bouquets of peonies because of the statement they make.

And this is not all.
I will be back to share more of my obsession soon.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

So far behind, I think I might be first!

You know that saying?
I'm so far behind, I think I'm first!

Well that seems to be my life lately.
Here I am finally with some things I've been meaning to share here.

Gifts from Lili M.

My trip to Rebecca's (my favorite little antique shop nearby)

and the fact that I was published in the latest Somerset Life.

Awhile ago I was contacted by Somerset Life and asked if they could use
one of the pictures of my collage tags from my blog
 in an upcoming issue.
 I was excited that they had even found my blog in this huge community
of blogs, and I said, 'of course you can'!!!
I just didn't think it would be so soon.

Thank you so much Somerset Life for the opportunity to be part of your
beautiful publication!

Now on to Rebecca's.

This little shop is only open twice a year.
A few days over the 4th of July and Labor Day weekend.
I look forward to it every year.

The setting is in Rebecca's beautiful yard in Bellevue, Idaho.

I would love this urn sitting in my garden!
Maybe one day I will talk her into selling it.

Inside the little shop are all the things I love.

I'll just be quiet now and let you look around a bit.

Last year over Labor Day, I met a woman named Leslie  
who designs and creates jewelry from vintage pieces
and sells in Rebecca's little shop.
Her pieces are so beautiful and I was thrilled to hear that she has
opened an online shop and sells there as well. 
Leslie also has an etsy shop by the same name. 
I thought I would share some of the photos I took of her pieces while shopping.
It wasn't easy getting good pictures in the light there and all the people
that were crowded around her jewelry, but I waited and would snap a few here and there 
when I got the chance.
I love unique vintage jewelry, and these are some of the loveliest I've seen.  

Really beautiful! Don't you think?
I just wish the light would have been better in the shop to give you a true picture.

I want to share some of the pretty things that Lili M has been sending my way lately.
 If you remember,
I won her lottery of something wonderful in the mail
for a whole year. 

Aren't these little shoes and post cards so pretty?
I will smile and remember you Lili, everytime I get my keys to the house.

I just received the beautiful floral card this week. It is stunning.
My picture doesn't do it justice.

And before these, came this beautiful collage made by my sweet friend Lili herself
all the way from the Netherlands.

It is such  a lovely collage made by a dear friend from far away.
I have to let you know Lili, what a gift it has been for me to get to know you over these past
years blogging. I think I connected with your wonderful sense of humor first.
Anyone who knows Lili, knows about her interesting and beautiful life, but it's the way she
writes about it that got me hooked on her blog.
That, and the fact that I covet (I know it's a sin) her house!!!!

And now I have this to place in my own home to remind me of my funny faraway friend!

The peonies are blooming and I have been taking many, many photos everyday of
them to share here and on the garden blog.

Soon, very soon...I will have my head back on straight and my act together.
But I will still be behind. lol!