Friday, January 22, 2016

It's a pink kind of day

I went through some photos today that I can't remember posting before,
and since it has been too overcast here to shoot something new,
I thought I would post some of the pinks that were in some of the files.

I am finally forcing myself to paint the living room, kitchen, family room and
a bedroom, so it will be awhile before I have much new to share here :)))

Oh, how I hate to paint!
I have put it off for too long, and now it is a must.

Like it or not,
I will be climbing up and down the ladder,
(I always fall off it at least once in the process)
sometimes even with a can in my hand))

dripping paint all over the place
(because I am messy that way),

going to the store with paint in my hair,
and probably in my painting clothes too,

living on smoothies and salads because I won't
want to cook in all the chaos,

Oh yes,
and there will be a little swearing going on as well.


I don't know, 
maybe it will go faster than I think it will and I won't have to do too much swearing 
and maybe bake some cookies in the middle of it all.
I will let you know how it goes.

Sending hugs your way!!!