Sunday, December 11, 2011

How I decked my halls

it took me awhile,
but I finally got the decorating done.

 I love how the Christmas decor turns the house into a totally different place.

I have kept it very simple this year.

 Enjoying every minute of it.

That is after I dug it all out of the shed and brought it in and then piled
everything in the middle of the living room and stared at it
for three days waiting to be inspired.

And after sending Dale to the mountains to get some little 
Douglas Fir trees to decorate with.

Yes, I know it is against the law in Idaho to just go dig trees in the forest, 
but not if you have friends who own the land they are on.

The little Nativity that my daughter made me in the third grade.

My cheesy little garland of plastic bells hang in the gothic church
window frame. Sometimes I just love cheesy.

The next three pictures are of the mantle above the wood stove.

 I used all of the vintage books in the house that had red covers and 
my little wire trees and silver balls and garland. 

Little feather wreath in the mudroom.

Some of the vignettes around the house.

The iron angel brought in from the garden to reside in the house until next Spring
wearing his annual Christmas necklace.

 My paperwhite bulbs planted too late to bloom by Christmas, but pretty none the less.

 Now for my favorite thing.
And that would be the Christmas baking!