Monday, June 13, 2011

A little bit of patching up to do...

I would like to start this post off with a thank you.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments I got on my last post.
I feel so grateful that I was able to write and have my feelings understood.
I wanted to also thank those who left sweet words for me that have no blog and no way for
me to get back to you for the beautiful messages you left for me.

I will also be taking a little blogging break after I post this,
but will be back to visit with you all soon.

You remember I had my gall bladder out in January?

Well one of the incisions (the one below my bust line)
didn't close, in fact got bigger and now is causing some problems for me.

(Like making me look like a 56 year old with child)

I will be having surgery the first of next week to have a mylar mesh patch put over the incision.

Yep...just like patching a flat on a bike tire!
OK, maybe not 'just like', but close.

The real bummer is that I can't do much of anything for 8 weeks.

8 WEEKS????
Are you kidding me!!!!

But you can bet I will be a good little girl this time.
(evidently wasn't as good as I should have been last time)
Thus the hole in my gut!

The rest of this week will be spent getting the garden ready for the gardener
to neglect it for the next 8 WEEKS!!!

Do you think I can do it?

I have a plan.

I am determined to wear white
(or something akin to it)

everyday for 8 Weeks!!!
(or something akin to it)

Do you think I sound a little upset?
I am just a little,
but I will make the best of it.

 At least now I will have plenty of time to visit all my favorite blogs!


The garden smells so good right now.

And these are the reason why!

  The first six pictures here are of the President Lincoln lilac that I love so much.

Smells like Heaven
and looks unlike any other lilac in the garden. 

Isn't she a lovely little thing???
oops, 'he' (President Lincoln I mean)

This is the Sensation lilac.
Not very fragrant, but so unique.

(this picture is for you M)

Here is the Beauty of Moscow lilac.

I think when the crab apples bloom is my favorite time in the garden.
You can't go outside without being knocked over by the scent of them.
 Red Jade weeping crab apple

The next few pictures are of one of the Centurion crab apple trees.
This was about two weeks ago before the blooms opened.

Then a few days later.

Now fully opened and spreading their beauty everywhere!

I love this bloom!!!!

I have to come back soon to show you the lily of the valley and a few other things
 that are starting to bloom.
 Maybe I can even get Dale to take some pictures of me in my all white attire
(so as not to do any dirt moving)
pretending to garden.

Of course I have a lot more photos of the lilacs on my garden blog Grace Gardens

Since that blog is where I journal the progress of the garden, that is where I will
be posting most of the photos of the progress in the garden.

Do you think I can make a gardener out of Dale day in the coming days?
I sure hope so!

and I will let you know how the slashing goes.

See you soon!