Tuesday, August 25, 2015

rose love

roses-----I love 'em

can't seem to get enough of 'em

I always seem to take and share too many photos for one post, but it's just so hard not to

 so here are some of the bouquets I've been enjoying lately

even when they are sitting in front of a very dirty kitchen window

Colette rose in a pitcher in the living room

especially when paired with a pot of Limelight hydrangeas

the rose bushes themselves have been badly chewed on by a lot of bugs this year,
so they look pretty sad by the end of summer
but they still produce enough blooms for beautiful bouquets

a little messy abandon going on in this part of the garden

but I kind of like messy!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

snaps around the house

A few things in the house caught my eye, so I got the camera out to snap a
few of them to post today.

of course it was going to mean fresh and dried flowers because those
are the things I love most.

Inside the cabinet behind the roses are some more of my favorite things.

like this dance recital invite from my 3 little granddaughters who are now
17, 15 & 12

below is a darling little photo of my 'laughing angel' Landon when
he was 2

in the picture below are all of the children on a family vacation
~where have the years gone?~ 
now they all have children these ages of their own

I also have this photo of my grandfather and his sisters in Tennessee hanging
 in the cabinet to remind me of my roots 
(and because I love that he hung his hat on the mule before the photo was taken)

dried daffodils from the garden

This same cabinet has gone from house to studio and back to house again.
I think it should stay here awhile 
(because I'm pretty sure Dale will make sure it does :))))
It's one heavy cabinet.

I love collecting little books with pretty jackets

of course there would be dried peonies somewhere in this post...right

I love how the daffodils dry
I just leave them standing in the vase and let them dry completely.

the dry air here is perfect for drying flowers---and skin :)

a little reflection of another cabinet brought in from the studio, now hanging
in the family room

same mirror different angle into living room

a thrift store painting in a bedroom

even the bathroom had something to offer

a little rose wreath I made from tiny dried garden roses last year
I think they were from the rose 'The Fairy'

tins on the shelf

Have a wonderful weekend to all of you who read here!
and thanks for stopping by

sending hugs your way...