Friday, March 30, 2012

House and studio photos...

I snapped a few photos around the house and in the studio when I started my Spring cleaning
 and thought I would post a few today.
Nothing's changed much, but I was in the mood to share some corners and views
that I liked as I cleaned away the dust.

A favorite linen fabric I sewed into a pillow...
don't know the maker or the name of the linen, but it looks so cottage.
I've had the yardage for years. 

Lots of rain here lately, 
and it's hard to keep white things white when muddy paws
are around.
Jackson and T.T. Rabbit's favorite place in the house is on our bed.

A lavender sachet bought at my favorite shop Rebecca's.

dried lily of the valley in a little silk coin purse.

A little re-arranging in the entry and living room.

As you can see, Jackson is not camera shy.

We've had such a light and sunny Winter this year. It has 
truly been beautiful this year.

The past two weeks have been rainy and mostly cloudy, and although
I love the sun, I also enjoy rain when we get it.
I am in a part of Idaho where rain doesn't happen often, so it's a welcome change.

The studio has also gotten a good cleaning and straightening.
(looked like a bomb had gone off in there)
it always looks like a bomb went off  : )

The only reason it is still clean this weekend is because on Monday --Thursday
I left home to go see my mom, sister, and daughter for a few days on the other
side of the state : )

I love fussing with this shelf and I'm always adding or taking away something on it.

 I have a bad case of writer's block and haven't been able to sit and write an interesting post in
weeks and weeks and weeks.
I think I have been too busy to think about anything interesting and heartfelt.
I'm sure it will pass and I'll be going on and on about something.

I have been working on so many
projects all Winter and when I do that I don't do anything else
but think of finishing and starting something new.

This has actually been one of the most productive Winter's for me on record : )
 Someday soon I will show you a little of what I have gotten accomplished.

Most of what I've been doing however is finishing up house projects like painting, organizing
and de-cluttering and I promise you won't have to be
exposed to all of that,
but I have also done some projects and sewing in this studio of mine.
I am thankful everyday for a sweet husband who wanted this for me and made it happen.
I never take it for granted when I walk through it's doors.

I would like to share a couple of giveaways that I was lucky enough to win.
First was a giveaway hosted by Janet Coon of Shabby Fu Fu.
It was a 50 dollar gift certificate to the Post Road Vintage shop.
I have now known Janet for sometime as I know many of you have, and I
remember her being one of the very first blogs I found when I was
introduced to blogging. I have learned so much from you Janet and thank you for the many
inspired posts you have authored.

Thank you so much Janet!

The next giveaway was from Terri at the beautiful blog Artful Affirmations.
I so enjoy Terri's blog and the art she creates.

What a beautifully wrapped gift!
 Don't you love the little doily under the lovely paper rose and ribbon?
Nothing cuter than a pink rooster tag!!!

but then....
just look at what I won!!!!

Love, Love, Love It!!!

Thank you so much Terri.
The bracelet is all the perfect colors for Spring!
I will really enjoy wearing this!!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bragging Rights

Pardon me while I do a little bragging.

 There is nothing on this earth that I love more than my children
and their children.

and that is why we drove 12 hours in the car so we could be there when this
little guy was born.

Briana with baby Jace

Geesh! It's a long way to drive.
Do you know how many potty stops there
are in a 12 hr drive?
Too many!
Why is it every time you stop to go, you buy something more to make you need to go again? 

Allena and Ella with their new baby brother

The C-section was scheduled for 
March 2nd, giving Dale and I plenty of time to plan the trip so we could be there
for the big event. 
We made the drive in one day, and I was so surprised that Landon did as well as he did.
He has never been on this long a drive and he did so well.

On Friday we were all up early and at the hospital by 7:30 to welcome our 10th grandchild. 
Dale and I wanted to be there so we could help get the children back and forth so 
they could be a part of it all. 
What a special experience it was to be there 
and to see the children welcome their new baby brother.

Jace Beau Kelsey weighed in at 7-14 and I do believe he is the cutest little baby on the planet.
(I'm a granny after all) of course I think that  ; ))

I think Ella agrees with gram.

Our little Ella is four

While we were there spending time with our family I was able to snap some photos
of our other grands.
 It's hard to grasp how fast they are all growing up.

Anton is sixteen this year and is the oldest of the family and our firstborn grandchild.

This boy is so darn funny!!!!
He is really a wonderful young man.

Briana comes next in the family and is fourteen, soon to be fifteen.

Briana enjoys so many of the things I do.
You say the word yard sale to this girl and she is right there!!!

Allena is 12.
Dale and I have always called her Cindy Lou Who,
because when she was a little girl she looked just like the little girl in The Grinch.

She looks so much like her mom did at this age except Season's eyes are blue.

Lorin is 9 and was named after my father.
She is such a joy to have around if you have the energy to keep up with her.

Her batteries never run down.

She always knows what I'm going to do even before I do it : )

It may have been a long tiring trip, but oh so worth every mile.
I miss all of them already and I've only been home two days.
Darn them for moving farther away!


Some of my overseas friends asked if I would post about my feature in Romantic Homes
since it is not sold in their countries.

It was in the March issue.
It was so exciting because I was told that they wanted to feature my blog
in the 'site seeing' section. Beth Livesay had asked for several photos from my blog
and I thought she would pick three or four and that would be that.
I hadn't seen the magazine when some of you where e-mailing and telling me
that I was in two different sections of the issue. I then was pretty eager
to get to the nearest store to find a copy, but since I live so far away
from where magazines are sold I couldn't justify a trip to town to just buy a magazine : )

So when I heard my neighbor was going to town I asked if she could pick me up a copy.
And she did.

When I saw my living room on the pages, I have to say it was kind of an odd experience.
I live in the space everyday and never thought of it being so WHITE!
I really do have color in the space...
(not tons, but some)
but in print it looks so WHITE  :o

Then when I turned the page I remembered again why I love it white...
in the Summer when I walk outside, I am bombarded with color.

Lots and lots of color.

So coming indoors to my mostly white space
is a calming experience when the garden is in bloom.

I want to thank Beth Livesay for giving me the opportunity of being part of
the March Romantic Homes.

It's just one of those things you never imagine until it happens.

I'm done bragging now.

until the next grand baby is born!