Saturday, July 9, 2016

A plethora of pinks

The peonies came and went and I already miss their pretty flouncy blooms!

They are such show-offs that I can't help but give them a lot of
time in front of the camera.

They were everywhere!
I savored them, I hoarded them, I photographed them
and then finally when I had my full of them,
I sold some of them.

reflection in the mirror across the room

white peonies in the background are Duchesse de Neumours (very fragrant)
pink peonies Sarah Bernhardt (my favorite pink)

I can't remember the name of this pink peony, but it is a lovely one too,
a little deeper pink than Sarah

I need to look up the name of this one.
I love that it has this hint of yellow in the outer petals.

a pink that's blooming now in the garden is this pretty Strawberry foxglove
I love this foxglove, because it is perennial and not biannual.
The biannual don't work out here because I seem to always
pull up the new seedlings when doing my first weeding and
so I never see them again.

I also have an apricot and a yellow variety of the perennial foxglove.

My little grandson made this birdhouse for me as a cub scout project
and I love it!  I noticed while taking this photo that it has residents this year.
Last year. no birds--could it have been the paint fumes???,
because Ellis (the carpenter) and Maddie (the carpenter's cousin)
used a whole quart of white paint on it : ) of course most of it was on them
and the ground))
It's my favorite birdhouse in the garden!

Out by the pasture fence we have a rose growing that I planted
a few years ago called John Davis (one of the hardy Canadian roses).
I LOVE this rose!
The perfect pink, and I love it's rambling nature.
It grows along the pole fence between the clothesline and pasture.

The old gate hanging here came from an elderly man's front walk that used to live here
in town and when he passed away, a friend who had been care taking his place
asked if I wanted the old gate before everything was torn down.
Of course I did!
I love these old gates.

Thanks to everyone who reads here!
Blogging is such a joy for me and the people I've connected with
are truly a gift!