Sunday, July 27, 2014


I love how cut roses brought into a room have the power to beautify in
 such a way that no other adornment can.
You can almost feel a sudden sense of life and a feeling of peace infuse the space.

the roses in this pot are Guy de Maupassant

Just having them sitting here in the living room makes me more contented
with everything else in it.
They have a way of making everything else look prettier somehow.

A pretty Mary rose in the kitchen window is a reminder of how much I love summer
and the garden I have about me outside it.
It's just a plain windowsill until you place a vase of roses in it.

One of the roses that have been blooming in the garden lately is this Colette rose below.
It has finished it's first bloom cycle and soon will bloom again and all 
through the fall.

This is Morden Ruby
(a large shrub rose in a border by the horse fence)

The rose below (can't remember it's name) has a beautiful bloom,
but the bush is a scrawny thing in my garden.

The rose below is one of the many John Cabot roses in the garden. Love it!

Beautiful Persian Yellow rose blooms.

A simple, but beautiful rose bloom is the Red Leaf rose.
The bloom my be understated, but the color of the foliage is not!
It's a must in this garden.

One of my Adelaide Hoodless roses in the front border.

Two more large Adelaide Hoodless rose shrubs in the garden fill it with a
lovely light scent in the evenings.

And lastly in this post is this little shrub rose named
Marie Victorin.
 Marie Victorin in a vase with Scabiosa and Lady's Mantle. 
I want to thank you all who follow and read here.
Thank you for letting me share my flower and garden images and a few thoughts
about life.
Isn't blogging wonderful?

Monday, July 7, 2014

Garden blooms

Not a lot of words today.
Except to say that summer has been awesome so far!


Just wanting to show some of the blooms from the June garden.
The month of June brought an explosion of color to Grace Gardens.
The peonies were amazing!


I need to move so many of them because some are sitting in too much shade,
so this will be on my to do list later this season.
I enjoyed the bountiful blooms so much, knowing that I won't have as many next year
because of moving some. 
They may sit and sulk a couple of years after I plant them, but I divided 
some two years ago and I was surprised but the amount of blooms the new ones had this year.


The clematis are going a little crazy right now.
I LOVE these wonderful vines!

How many are too many, I wonder?

The Idaho state flower- the Syringa ((mock orange) or Philadelphus lewisii
has just finished blooming in my garden.
Such an intoxicating scent and pretty little flower. This blooms all over in 
my part of Idaho. It grows mainly as a small shrub in the wild and drier areas
but can grow about 6' to 8' under irrigation.

Bye-bye peonies for another year!
For a few more views of what's been blooming here just click on the first photo on my sidebar to
go to my garden blog.
Wishing you all a wonderful week!