Friday, September 29, 2017


Remember me????
I have a lot of excuses about why I dropped off the edge of Blogland,
but not one of them is very good,
so I'll just say that I felt like doing a post today 😍💕
Thank you to all who have messaged me to see if everything was fine.
It is!
Every time I would think about doing a post, I would just go blank.
I had a lot of pics to share, but no words to go with them, so I would just go
post them on Instagram instead.
Today, I decided these pics are getting so old that I had better share them before
another months rolls by.

I thought this little teacup full of apple blossoms and lily of the valley was a good opener.

Then the lilacs bloomed

...and peonies

I have to share a couple of photos of the crabapples in bloom.
I wait and wait for them to bloom and fill the air with their scent.

This next crabapple tree is Snowdrift.
Pure white blossoms totally cover this tree ever year.
The scent of them is absolutely amazing!
I think when it's in the bud stage it looks like it's covered in bubble gum😍

the weeping Red Jade


I love the little Ballerina roses

a few of the summer roses

If you've made it all the way to the end of this very picture laden post,
then thank you very much! I
I have so much more to share, but must save it for another day.

I've missed you  all so much and hoping that all my wonderful friends
are well and safe from the devastating storms and quakes of late.